Healing from within | Vlog | and 23 Suggestions for self love

23 Suggestions for self love

  1. Talk to and about yourself with love.
  2. Prioritizing yourself.
  3. Trusting yourself, try with small things and notice how it feels
  4. Being true to yourself, if you feel triggered, speak to yourself example, “I feel scared, but right now I am doing my best to become grounded”
  5. Being nice to yourself. Keep an appointment with yourself every day where you speak nice things to yourself, anything you can think of works, thank yourself for all the nice things that you are.
  6. Setting healthy boundaries. It is a learning curve, sometimes you will get it right and sometimes you won’t, try setting boundaries daily.
  7. Remember that you don’t have to be healed to treat yourself with love and you don’t have to become perfect, ever.
  8. Remind yourself that there might be unrealistic demands of you, and that you do not need to meet ANY unrealistic expectations, for example, a partner that thinks that you should be better by now. You are doing your best, at a pace that you are able to, and that is enough. You are something that all people are, imperfectly perfect. Your perfection lies in your flaws. 
  9. Nothing is more healing than gratitude, find something every day that you are grateful for, it can be the smallest thing, be grateful for your hands that work, for your feet that can keep you standing, for your legs that can walk etc
  10. Practice letting go of control consciously. Imagine letting go of what your breath does once it has been inhaled. Notice that it takes care of itself without your interference. Make a note of every time that you are comfortably letting go of control.
  11. Try something that you worry is too selfish. Do it anyway.
  12. Practice making mistakes. Example, get a cup out of your cupboard and drop it on the floor, say :oops I made a mistake, be okay with the mistake, and clean it up and let go.
  13. Learn how to check in with your emotions frequently, remember that emotions are usually just a one word expression and not a long rant. Long rants are ruminating thoughts and are different from emotions. Emotions can be expressed by looking into your body, not your head. It might feel tight in your chest, or you might feel that your stomach hurts. Seek for a word that might express that tension, for example, “I feel dread”, or I fell terrified” or I feel frozen” or you might feel fine, or you might feel comfort.
  14. Start to take a good look at your social circle, and notice who is loving, who is supportive, notice if someone is bringing you down, and start spending less time with those that don’t support you. Remind yourself that you don’t owe them anything, and ditch them if they don’t contribute anything positive to your life. 
  15. Remind yourself daily to eat as healthy as possible
  16. As mentioned above, reconnecting with your body is the most healing activity you can do, so beside for the already mentioned activities, get moving in other ways, go for walks, bike rides, jogs, lift weights, dance, or swim.
  17. Start to love your body. Begin with your toes, and your feet, your legs your hips, your stomach your back your arms your head etc, talk to each body part with love. Be unconditional with each body part.
  18. Start being creative, pain a picture, if you don’t know how to paint, paint a bad picture, or, write an awful poem, write five songs about your ordeals, don’t try to make it “be good” just work on self-expression.
  19. If you have been doing tough love on yourself, stop it immediately, and do nurturing love, self-soothe by singing songs to yourself, or soothing self talk as if you were a little baby. Mother yourself instead.
  20. Celebrate milestones, if you did not get triggered by something that previously triggered you, celebrate yourself in any way that you want. Small wins matter!
  21. Start journaling, and use the revision technique to explore what your wants are.
  22. Be realistic and accepting of your true emotions, nobody is happy 24/7 and you are a trauma survivor. If you feel depressed, accept that and know that it is fine to be depressed. Talk to yourself about how if is totally fine to feel depressed, talk to yourself about how feelings don’t last forever, and that soon enough you will experience a happy moment. 
Manifest it!

A daily manifesting schedule to stay inspired on your path, based on the Law of Assumption, and new thought manifesting teachings such as Neville Goddard and Florence Scovel Shinn.

Keeping a daily practice of gratitude, visions, hopes and dreams, and goals, decisions and intentions as well as successes keeps your mind focused on the "wish fulfilled'.

Basics of manifesting | Neville Goddard | Changing the quality of desire to an intention and a choice


How you manifest one thing Is how you manifest all things, I know this has been debated, but I will show you what I mean, so that you can bring home ALL your desires.

How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things
Photo by cottonbro

To better understand you have to know first of all that YOUR self image tells the story of how you see yourself AND how you see yourself informs you of what choices you are allowed to make.

I will give you an example:

if you are 600 pounds and can not get out of bed your story and self image will inform you of what you are allowed to choose in life, and only if you,

a. conform to your preprogrammed beliefs that can you make different choices

b. change your preprogramming and decide that the programming world of pendulums will conform to you, that you can make different choices.

It might seem to you that you are trapped in that body of beliefs, but that is not the case, if you are unable to manifest chances are that you have not allowed yourself to make the choice to have yet 

How you see yourself is how you act

it is propelled by invisible motivators

Most people have absolutely no clue of what their motivators are.

One example i narcissists that are propelled by fame and recognition

some people with other labels and letter are propelled by the one true love

others with yet other label are driven by solitude and safety

Some people are propelled by honor.

You might not  know what your motivating propeller is and that  is okay, that is not my point, because  you can bridge this gap anyway, but if you do know, you can replicate this motivator by superimposing it on your desire.

How you see yourself self-generates your internal visions of your future, and these subconscious visions determine how you act. This is our autopilot imaginal scenes so to speak.

Psychology will have you believe these labels, and that “society creates you” but manifesting is not bound to a single earthly thing, so you are free to transcend all of this with a simple decision to have. That every human is a product of suffering and reward, and as an adult that reward behavior is still your propeller, BUT this is exactly the programming that you are free to reprogram. If we chose NOT to, we are in fact nothing but a product of upbringing. You have free will, and it si to be used for the purpose of blazing your own trail.

a man playing guitar for a woman
Photo by Cedric Fauntleroy

One of the biggest problem areas in making a decision to have,  that I see, is with SP, but it can happen in any area, for anyone, and the example of the 600 pound person is perfect because you will finally understand the difference between desire and making a choice.

If you want to lose weight, and you go on various diets, you try a cabbage diet, or you try the keto, and then after a week or thirty days you give up, and then you try a different method then you have not made the choice yet. It is a half assed decision, but that is called indecision, and indecision is a handbrake on manifesting. YOu have to let the handbrake up, to go forward, you have to make the choice. Once you make the choice that you want to be healthy FOR LIFE, the weight starts to come off. You have suddenly decided to be a different person, a healthy person, someone who sees the self differently, and this lifestyle change is what the people who manifest sps donät do. You might even be asking questions like “how do I DO self love so that I can get….” this is not a one hundred percent commitment to yourself, this is a half commitment, it is indecision, and it is NOT a choice. It is what we do when we have NOT decided yet. Oh I’ll try this fad for a minute and then I’ll see. NO it has to become a choice for you. I love this person, there are no other feelings allowed in me, no other options exist, it is a turning point, and a 100 percent commitment, and this is called a life choice,not a fad. Nothing that you do until you “get” them and then stop. This is a new you. 

“And Elijah came near to all the people and said, “How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him.”

 “But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.”

I used to treat patients for pain, and I would often assign them a one year practice with yoga if the situation warranted, and then after that,  a ten year practice, and why would I do that? It  is because most people try yoga one or two or three  times and then say that it didn’t work. 

IT didn’t work.

Sound familiar?

Have YOU said that about your manifesting.

There is NO IT that works, it is YOU that works. Either you make a design or you are in indecision. One or the other, and as soon as the design is made, your whole mindset shifts, you fear and worry disappears and your mind frees up and aligns with who you are, and suddenly the hunches start to flow. Suddenly you are ALLOWED to take the right actions.

It is a change that you make for life. A new life. How you see yourself informs you of the choices that you CAN make in life. CAN you choose to be with the one you love? If not, why is that? Because you feel guilt or shame, and that you are not worthy.

  1. We get what we choose, not what we wish.
  2. We make the choice by intention, not by desiring.
  3. You have to choose to not be your own enemy, by declaring yourself to be the chosen one.

How do you change the quality of your beliefs, so that your desire becomes your choice?

The whole universe is pure vibration, and particles and matter do not exist, in its truest sense. Only vibrations are real, even a seemingly solid object like a mountain can be examined on a vibrational level, and this is how quantum entanglement works. Our mental states are also vibrational, and we align with certain “states” energetically.

The energy of desiring is different from the energy of having made a choice, a decision, or an intention.  

AND Each soul has its own individual paths of unique truth and alignment  (the path of complete self-realization). 

To get there, you need to stop your attempts of being like someone else, stop attempts of repeating another person’s scenario, and to recognize the magnificence of your own individuality. You have to be daring to turn your mind to your unique soul. Do not be afraid to break stereotypes of pendulums that scream: “do as I do” and “be like everyone else.”

Changing a desire to a choice is as much a renunciation of who you are NOT, as it is a decision to have.  False modesty, guilt and shame and inferiority complexes keep us from making the decision to have because we have fallen for criticism by manipulators that we have to “pay” for what we desire. The only payment that we actually have to make, is with an equal energy, so if you are resisting making the intent to have, and staying in the desire and in th  wish unfulfilled, you will pay accordingly with an equal energy of unworthiness or  punishment. Only you can choose that you are worthy, and that you don’t have to pay for any imaginary crimes, and for you to stop paying you have to make the decision to have.

I want to give you a personal story to illustrate the shift from wishes to choice. I used to live in a different town, and I liked it fine there, but in 2015 a massive increase in homelessness hit, and a skid row was built in just two short months. Boxes, tents, tarps lined the sidewalks, and drugs and protitution and deaths increased. Initially I sort of wanted to fix the problem, I wanted to be active in my community in solving this, but one day, I just woke up and realized that sometimes these problems never get solved and then I would spend my whole life surrounded by a dangerous, ugly and depressing skid row. I decided to move.

I thought about where to go, and I decided where I wanted to live, and it was in one of the most expensive and popular zip codes. It was out of my price range, but the decision was made, and my mental energy shifted from problem solving, and wishing things were better, to a choice. The skid row did not bother me anymore, my sight was set higher, and I got what I wanted. This is the difference. The freeing up of the mental energy that is misguided while you are desiring, wishing and hoping, makes the manifestation fall in your lap. This happens because now you are suddenly aligned with YOUR truth. This whole time, I had never truly enjoyed the city where I lived, not an outright dislike perhaps, until the skid row popped up, but after I decided to move, I made the decision to love where I lived, and this choice changed my vague indecisiveness into an intention.

The soul of each and every person has a unique individual set of attributes that characterize it, and your uniqueness is also your purpose. Your purpose is NOT to play small. Decide now that you are worthy.

sensual model with blooming daffodils on dark background
Photo by Masha Raymers

Imagine the story about David and Goliath, how little David is up against a giant. You might be up against a giant, and if you are, you have to decide now, that you are able. That God supplies what you are lacking. David was too small to win, but he won nonetheless, and this is the result of a choice. I will go and fight the giant, in spite of what your circumstances are telling you, you have what it takes to achieve your desire, this is built into us. The desire and its fulfillment is buried in the same seed and our job is merely to accept that the desire belongs to us, and that we are worthy. 

Imagine eons ago, when humanity were cavemen, or even before that. We existed on a level of consciousness similar to animals, on instinct mostly. Imagine now if we had questioned and second guessed every desire, every pang of hunger and every lust for sex, we would have died out. The same is still true today, our desire drives evolution forward and continues our existence, but beyond that, it also drives us closer and closer to realizing our true identity as godself. Without desire, we don’t go through the natural human steps of evolution, and we go extinct. We are here for a simple reason, to receive. Decide NOW that you are worthy.

Imagine that the stories of the Bible are actually telling you to go big or go home, and try to see these stories  in a new light. Imagine for example that the story of Joseph in the well is a story about a bridge of events, towards his purpose, becoming king.  This is the most epic bridge of events ever, and throughout, Joseph never questions the rightness of his path. He is betrayed by his envious brother, thrown in a well, sold as a slave, betrayed again by whats her name, and on and on the story goes, but one day, he is made King, and one day, he gets to host his brothers who now need him. He remains calm and unattached to both guilt, shame, pride, ego and everything else that is an energetic deviance from the INTENT TO RECEIVE. Be like Joseph,  when someone tries to make you feel guilt. Be like Joseph when your own mind tries to make you feel guilt. Your desire is put into your heart, don’t talk yourself out of it, keep speaking validation to your heart. Declare now that your desire is a decision. A choice and an intent. This releases the miracle into your life, it belongs in your life, but our fear and manipulations, and our false belief that there is some kind of hoop you have to jump through to become deserving reduces this miracle to a mere magic trick. The fruit of your decision to have, is good, and the fruit of your indecision is lack.

Are you holding yourself back from your desires because your “you are up against a giant” or  “your 12 older brothers have told you that you are insignificant?”  Are you  stuck in the well right now, or a slave to the Pharao

What is enslaving your mind?

 And what imaginary crimes are you feeling guilty about? This guilt is stopping you from making the decision of turning a desire into an intent.  Into a choice.

In james 4 it says:

You do not have because you do not ask God. 

When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives

The wrong motive is for example, “the fad diet” that I used in the beginning to illustrate, it is a fake choice, a noncommittal choice

You need to make a 100 percent choice that THIS is what I want, this is my choice, and let go of manipulation, let go of half choices, let go of  “i’ll do it for a day and if it doesn’t work it means this doesn’t work”

It only works  when you decide that this is your choice.

In Taoism, manifesting is called “ effortless effort” but it only becomes effortless once you free up your mental energy by making the choice, because the mental energy that it takes to argue for your limitations is enormous. It eats up most of your energy.

The world might tell you that you are a byproduct of the situation you are in,  but don’t buy into it, you are not, you are a product of your own imagination. 

Free your imagination from its prison by making the choice to have.

Are you just asking for a little bit better than the misery that you are in? 

Are you tempering your heart’s desires so that you can shrink it down,  so that you CAN  “believe”?  This is a mental adjustment of the true desire, which comes from the heart. Keep your mental limitations away from your heart space.   Our minds are not capable of figuring out the inner workings of how desires are ultimately fulfilled, so all the mind  does is put resistance and time in the way.  This is how we create our own obstacles.  Of course there are no actual obstacles, only what we created from our disbelief.

This mental tempering of desire is NOT why you are here, your purpose, or multitude of purposes, has nothing to do with what is or isn’t possible, but only with what “sparks joy”.  Simply put, you are here to BE YOU, all out, not ashamed to ask. We are told; ASK, and you shall receive, but then we don’t ask…You have not because you ask not.  Instead we stack all the reasons against ourselves for why we should not have what we clearly know that we are wishing, hoping and dreaming for.   Does the wish disappear because you are afraid to go for it?  No.   If anything it gets even stronger.   You do NOT have to drop everything and throw yourself head first into a potentially failing endeavor, no, again we are told ASK. Ask, and it is given. So ask already. This implies absolutely NO ACTION on your part, just an intent to receive.   We love to play it small, it suits our ego’s, strangely enough. “Oh I could never” …. “I am so much more humble and unassuming than that”.  Playing it small is the opposite of humble, and it is caused by an original feeling of guilt. This guilt is false, and you are worthy. Decide now that you are worthy.

When negative events happen we tend to “run and hide”  immediately, so quick to believe that something “isn’t meant to be”, but remember Joseph then, in those times when you seem to fail, when you have made your choice, and you run into difficulties.  The difficulty is part of your path, decide now that it is there to create a new skill in you, overcome it and stay on your path.

My stepdad comes to my  mind. It was  in the late 80s I think.   He came home from work one day, he was an engineer, he had a great job, with a great salary.  Little did I know that he had harbored a greater dream inside of him, a vision of something a little different…He came home one afternoon, with the news that he had been laid off. A great silence immediately settled as we stared at him with serious faces. To our surprise,  instead of disappointment, he shouted for joy, and he did one of those cartoon jump kicks that showed us clearly that this is actually  what he wanted.  I thought he might have a psychotic break for a moment, but it quickly became obvious that he had bigger plans for life and this was the opportunity he had been waiting for, and what followed was his path to business ownership and making six figures, and then seven figures. A perfect bridge of events. The work that he put into growing his business was significant, and he did it with an energy that I didn’t know he had.

Have faith the size of a mustard seed and you will bring this home.

 “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. “ -Jesus

Do you believe that you have to script, that you have to do affirmations? That if you miss a day of doing your methods “it” will fail? It doesn matter if you fail every day in your methods there is NOT ONE SINGLE THING that you can DO.  You do not DO, you make the choice, the choice is the faith the size of the mustard seed. You do not know the way, you do not know the how, this is embedded into your choice the same way that the mustard plant is embedded into the seed. It does not matter if you can’t see what you should do next, because soon enough your path unfolds before you, and that is when you know the next step. If the next step seems wrong to you, the giant is to big, or your twelve brothers to mean, then YOU are the one who is stopping your own manifestation. Make the choice to have, and then go. Whatever comes your way next is part of your path so don’t cave in just because it LOOKS to you like a failure.

The mustard seed has to break when it sprouts, maybe the seed believes momentarily that it has failed. Maybe it hurts to break. Maybe it fears that it is over, and it will never become anything after all.   Moments later it sprouts, but the seed did not know that, this is the path that it would take. Your choice will put you on the path of your new timeline, and don’t be afraid of your new timeline.

Feeling is the secret

“Be careful of your moods and feelings, for there is an unbroken connection between your feelings and your visible world.”

— Neville Goddard

This quote breaks the stereotypes that many try to perpetuate about Neville’s teachings. Clearly he recognizes the importance of feelings and emotions, he states in no uncertain terms. What you allow yourself to indulge in, is essentially “what you think matters” and if you think it matters the transformation into your world is a fact.

How do you react to the events in your life? 

Correct yourself if you have been a drama queen until now. How do you react when you are in a storm, small or big?

Experiment by taking the tiger by the tail, using a conceptual idea of  “you and your world”.

Because YOU are both the image and the reflection, you can use your reflection to your advantage, by using an idea of “Me and my world are …..” 

For example, “me and my world are going to make this video”, or “me and my world are going to get ready for work”, “me and my world are going to get on the subway:” begin to  use this concept throughout the day,  every day for one week. 

Even go so far to put it on the calendar so that you don’t forget. Put reminders for yourself throughout the day so that whatever you are doing when the reminder goes off, you can take inventory, “me and my world are preparing for this meeting”.   I  want you to get used to being in control  of your creation, understand where you begin and end, understand that you are bigger than just your body.   After this  routine  starts to become a habit,  incorporate your intentions into it, that is, your choices.   Your manifestations.  If you desire to be a famous rockstar, then “ me and my world are becoming a famous rockstar”  or  if you are manifesting a new house “ Me and my world are buying a house”.   You can do both the end result, and the process there, it is fine to interchangeably say “are” and “becoming”.  “Me and my world are getting married” and  “Me and my world are happily married”  can both be used.

This is informing your nervous system of a definite qualitative change within you.  You know that you create your world, so you are comfortably commanding it.  Furthermore, your desire is no longer a mere hope, wish, or daydream, it is now a decision.   As a decision,  for you, the CEO of your life,  it will happen because that is how decisions  play out.  A decision is an obvious step towards fulfillment. A decision HAS to be made, no matter how small.  A decision if it will be chicken or burgers for dinner HAS to be made, otherwise there will be no dinner. I decided to eat taquitos for dinner. That means sometime today I’ll pick up some salsa and some guacamole from the store, so that I have everything I need to make dinner. This is a decision, a choice, and as such it will happen. You don’t need to maintain or persist in the feeling of desire, it will come and go naturally, maybe as you think about dinner you get a little hungry and you look forward to it, but you don’t force this. This type of desre has changed energetic quality, and this brings it home, it is aligned with anticipation, not hopeless daydreaming. You don’t have to worry about the traditional  LOA conundrums such as DO I DROP IT OR DO I PERSIST??  You have made a decision.   A decision comes to pass.

THIS simple shift will make a BIG difference for you.

Neville Goddard Says:

“Determined imagination is the beginning of all successful operation. The imagination, alone, is the means of fulfilling the intention.”

-Neville Goddard

This determination that he is talking about  is the choice, and then the intent to have. It is that simple. It doesn’t matter what you think or do in between, you don’t have to be viding high, you don’t have to be exclusively positive, you just go about everything during your days naturally, because it comes to you through an avenue that is perfectly natural. Everything lines up, and you just make sure to take actions that are unrelated, whatever your day presents to you, count on it being for the benefit of your choice, regardless of how “opposite” it looks. It is never the opposite, it is always correct. Be relaxed in this. You decided already for taquitos for dinner, and it doesn’t matter if there is a crisis at work, deal with life as it comes, it has nothing to do with anything. Everything is lined up in your favor, and we don’t see the whole picture, so sometimes it looks opposite, but know that it is not, it is for you, and it is going in the right direction. Your heart never lies to you, it is incapable of deceit, so going towards your heart’s desire is ALWAYS safe.

“If you will assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact.”

-Neville Goddard

There is more than one reason for this but the most important one that most people completely forget is that your desire happens to be intrinsically linked with your gifts, and your unique abilities. Copying someone else’s abilities and  desires, or trying to be someone you’re not makes you path very difficult,  and it makes us feel unfulfilled regardless of how much wealth it seems to be to someone else. I wish I could convey to you how often people have achieved absolute success, but on someone else’s terms, and they are deeply unhappy. You were equipped with your desires for a reason. Let your personality shine, and decide today that you are worthy. Nobody can be you like you can be you. This kick starts a blessing, a chain of events, or a bridge of events as Neville Goddard calls it, that can not be stopped by any seeming outer force. You can think of it as if it is mean to be even. You are not accidentally given your desires, you have those desires to fulfill your own unique truth, call it lifepath. Your lifepath is waiting for you, already made, just waiting for you to step onto it.

 “Believe that you are what you want to be.”

-Neville Goddard

This quote sums up the belief that you are worthy. What is the reason for us being so quick to talk ourselves out of what we actually CAN have what we want?   Imagine if we do that to our friends or loved ones? What if you were as negative to your friends as you are to yourself, if they tell you that they hope for something. Will you tell them that they can never have that, they are too fat, too broke, too ugly or too stupid? No? Well, we do sneaky little versions of this to ourselves ALL THE TIME. It is time for you to celebrate yourself, maybe you are too ub=gly and too stupid but so what? Do you know how many ugly people think that they are God’s gift to mankind? I’m not saying to be arrogant, of course, but I am saying, accept your own greatness by noticing your strengths, and by knowing that you are worthy, just because you are here. Whatever flaws you have that you have used as reasons stacked against yourself are not at all flaws, they are part of you and other people might wish that they were just like you.

“The world is yourself pushed out.  Ask yourself what you want and then give it to yourself! Do not question how it will come about; just go your way knowing that the evidence of what you have done must appear, and it will.”

-Neville goddard

“A change of feeling is [the same as] a change of destiny.”

— Neville Goddard

“Assume the feeling of your wish [having been] fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows.”

— Neville Goddard

“You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it.”

— Neville Goddard

“Your assumption, to be effective, cannot be a single isolated act, it must be a maintained attitude of the wish fulfilled.”

— Neville Goddard

 “It is not what you want that you attract, you attract what you believe to be true.”

— Neville Goddard

 “Man’s chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness.”

— Neville Goddard

To accomplish the task of creating a dwelling place, the state of the “wish fulfilled”, one would need to “take the material world and elevate and connect it to God.” This means that whatever you see around you that you don’t like, transform the quality of this in your imagination until it becomes like the fulfilled desire, and this is the same as “elevating and connecting it to God”.

Claim what is yours with the will to have. The intention is the power, and it has to be neutral and free of resistance, not unlike going to the grocery store and picking out items. It is a simple choice and an intent. Imagine if you went to the store for groceries, and when there, you started to  think that you have to ‘have a strong desire” to buy oranges, and that you had to persist in your affirmations…  This is how many approach manifesting. 

Getting stuck in this useless energy wasting resistance mode, drop importance and approach it like a more mundane activity.  Don’t be afraid that it won’t come, have a different plan laid out in case it doesn’t work so that you are not plagued with fear, that creates even more resistance. Make peace with potential failure, and then go ahead and act in the way that most naturally follows next. DO NOT WAIT, you need to take some type of action, towards something, otherwise you create EVEN MORE resistance. Don’t take “false” action, that is don’t manipulate or finagle the outcome, rather take any natural action based on your current moment. 

Dwelling in the state of the wish fulfilled, is the same as the sort of indifferent state of having basically anything that you currently have, in other words, there is no desire there. Think of something that you now have that you previously desired, and how you rarely if ever even give it any thought at all.

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Trauma informed Non-Dual counseling

Trauma informed
Nondual counseling

Nondual therapy is inspired by the nondual spiritual traditions, such as Taoism, Advaita Vedanta, and Buddhism. Nondual therapy is not, a religious modality, nonduality is a scientific approach,  and anyone can benefit. 

Many experiences take place from birth where we disconnect, become disembodied, fragmented or dissociated from ourselves, from our self worth, and from our self identity.  Nondual therapy sessions can help you uncover and express your authentic self, by unravelling and  softening painful experiences, reframing your self-concepts. We manifest who we are, not what we want, and who you are is a God/Goddess waiting to step into power.

The power of oneness

Instead of seeking answers or solutions, instead of problem solving or talk therapy, nondual therapy and somatic awareness  is focused on revealing the beliefs and stories you create that cause pain . False beliefs and destructive storytelling, once  recognised for what they are naturally give space for a more connected self, and wellbeing surfaces naturally.

This isn’t about trying to change yourself but about coming home to self. 

If you have previously been held back by your traumatic past, when you feel safe and held with compassion, your nervous system will relax. You will experience inner peace,  trust, and self confidence and  joy.

All of us have an inner guide, a divinity, a  divine security guard that protects our hearts and our emotions, and in mindfulness practices we discover, nurture and sustain this divine center until we begin to trust its guidance.

The unconditional power of love

Power does not hide away in shame, power does not  hurt others out of fear. It does not punish or even make sense. It simply IS. We have been given a spirit of power, love and of a sound mind.  Reclaiming personal power is humanity’s greatest quest today, and nondual practices is an equal portion of power and og love.


Discovering your personal power means no masks to hide behind, no victim story to keep you small, no arrogance to keep you distant, and no avoiding of your truth and purpose.

When the victimized feminine stops misusing her power through defensiveness and blaming, or by  co-dependently hoping for something  to change, the feminine, can find her own truth, her own authority through the audacity of self validation. .

The feminines  vulnerability and her strength is found through her body, and her heart, 

When the victimized masculine is healed and no longer reacts to disrespect, or uses strength without heart, he can claim his deepest power too, through empathy.

reconnecting mind-heart and heart-soul

Nondual  Tantra says that nothing that can be said in words, and that our minds are not capable of understanding sufficiently the absolute truth. 


Daring to enter back into the body after  dissociating due to trauma is a as magical as it is frightening, as mystical as it is terrifying, the direct experience of the sacred reality, an expanded conscious, happens in a loving gently relationship with the energy of the physical body.


The body is not an obstacle to healing, it is the path,  the body is not impure or associated with sin, but serves as an instrument to experience the sacredness in everything.  Our senses serve us and are not there just to get rid of them or to suppress them. 


Nondual trauma therapy connects the disembodied emotions to the body, and puts the brain back online again.


Healing the mind begins with the heart and the body. 

The movement of positive thinking is ultimately meaningless if “thinking” is disconnected from the body. 

The mind merely directs our story, it is our heart and our senses that give our stories meaning and life.

Happiness is found in the agreement between mind-heart-senses.


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Do Nothing Manifest Everything | Anything is possible to manifest

If you want that really big thing, Do this |  Manifesting Mastery.

In my video this week, I talk about doership, letting go, and finding the sweet spot called “flow state” or “do-nothing’ to manifest that REALLY BIG THING.

Do you think that you have to affirm more and dig in deeper to your toolbox when things aren’t going your way?

Maybe you are the persist persist persist personality….

Or have you been told that you have to believe?

Or raise your vibration?

In Taoism, manifesting or the law of assumption is known as the “do-nothing” method, and this much closer to what you have to actually do.  Nothing.

If you are still putting in a ton of effort then you might be missing this bit of understanding.

All things are already made manifest and you don’t actually have to create anything. Nothing is outside of self out there somewhere in space so you don’t have to attract anything either. Imagine that all of reality, all of time from beginning to end, is already made, and imagine that all possible versions of yourself are already in existence ready to be embodied by your consciousness. There is a version of you that is enjoying the freedom of wealth and there is a version of you who is struggling with the fear of not being able to pay the bills, and many versions in between.

If you have experienced yourself in two different stages of progress you know that you feel different before and after.  If you got a degree, then there was the you before who was studying and turning down social events so that you could stay up all night reading reference books, and there is the you who is experiencing the freedom of making more money and being able to treat your friends to dinner or a night out after. 

This is not the same as “changing” it is you being a different version of yourself, and you are free to embody any version you want regardless of circumstances and that is the essence of manifesting. There is nothing to attract and nothing to create.

The power lies within your ability to accept something as true right here and now and nothing else, and how you get there, well that is up to you. 

You can say affirmations.

Or not.

You can create a vision board.

Or not.

You can listen to subliminals and all night meditations.

Or not.

Can you accept it as true now? Then you are done, and you can go ahead and “do nothing”

Manifest perfection by building your dream from the inside & WHY circumstances don’t matter

Manifest perfection by building your dream from the inside | VLOG

Manifesting is not a magic spell, but it is magical so don’t forget to add the magical ingredient!

Manifesting is not a magic spell but there is magic to be discovered and that magic is found in your inner connection to source, to God, to eternally expanding conscious awareness and unconditional love. Yes that is all within reach always 100% of the time, but instead of focusing on what we want, we turn our focus outward and react. This is opposite of using the magic of manifesting!

“YOUR IMAGINATION is able to do all that you ask in proportion to the degree of your attention. All progress, all fulfillment of desire depend upon the control and concentration of your attention.

Attention may be either attracted from without or directed from within.”

Attention is attracted from without when you are consciously occupied with the external impressions of the immediate present.

Your attention is directed from within when you deliberately choose what you will be preoccupied with mentally.

It is obvious that, in the objective world, your attention is not only attracted by, but is constantly directed to external impressions.

But, your control in the subjective state is almost nonexistent, for in this state, attention is usually the servant and not the master – the passenger and not the navigator – of your world.

There is an enormous difference between attention directed objectively and attention directed subjectively, and the capacity to change your future depends on the latter.

When you are able to control the movements of your attention in the subjective world, you can modify or alter your life as you please. But this control cannot be achieved if you allow your attention to be attracted constantly from without.

Concentrate on those thoughts or moods which you deliberately determine. Then those things that now restrict you will fade and drop away.

The day you achieve control of the movements of your attention in the subjective world, you are master of your fate.

You will no longer accept the dominance of outside conditions or circumstances.

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Master GODSTATE and ALIGNMENT | Manifesting and The structure of the divine particle | Feeling It Real

The structure of the divine particle:

The structure of our consciousness is non material, and has nothing to do with our Physical being. 

In the spiritual perception of reality there is no separation, from Godstate there is a clear vision of oneness, a complete clarity that we are all one thing. There are only answers, and no questions.

One and the same. 

One consciousness. 

Separation is the illusion of our physical body, but our spiritual body, our consciousness,  does not suffer from this illusion, although consciousness is attached to every unit of our physical body, it is also unattached.

There is a particle of light, an illumination, or enlightenment, in every cell of our body.

There is a divine particle in everything,

 Not necessarily  of equal measure, but there IS.

This particle is not part of the manifest universe. The divine particle is attached to nature,to the world, or the manifest universe, but it is also unattached.

Everything has an illumined particle. 

Even hell, if there is such a thing, and there is because we create it, still has a particle of illumined divine particle. 


Why does this matter? 

This illumined particle is what gives desire. 

How is that though? 

Well it drives out desire to discover who we are, what our purpose is and ultimately it drives our desire for liberation. (enlightenment)

Ego driven desires, and the desire for the ego to yield to enlightenment are both desires. 

Our consciousness, the divine particle, gives our direction, the desire is the direction where we always go. 

The divine particle is  in everyone of us, in every cell,  every cell has its own consciousness,  in every fiber that makes your physical, mental , emotional, and spiritual body. 

This divine particle  is always calling us.

It is calling us to a very special place but we can not see that place, and our descent into this body is a veil. The veil obscures both the calling and the divine particle itself, and our only view to it now is through our desires. It seems like a strange route to take, but mostly because we are not used to thinking in this way, we are used to a religious doctrine that says that the opposite path is virtuous, abstinence form earthly pleasures. This causes guilt, ans is a block to our alignment and growth.

Our view from this vantage point causes the divine particle to sit exactly in our blind spot.

No matter how bad we think it is in the moment, we still have contact with this divine particle, and the only contact we have is through our desires.   

Our desire for something, anything, be it material or physical, or egoic, or sexual, or for human connection is only the next step on a path that takes all of us to the same place, which is unity consciousness.

Because we ARE one.

This is how our unity consciousness first evolves, through our desires! One day, we see oneness, and no separation at all, and at that point the love is complete, and the compassion encomapssses all offfemses that have ever been committed, there is no thought of forgiveness, because it is just self going through various stages of consciousness.

The nature of all dual reality is desire. 


There is a level of creation that is not operated by desire, non-dual, that is pure consciousness, awareness, bliss, and there is a concept of the unstruck sound, the sound of the reverberations of a  heart beat.  It is the fulfilled and satiated  desire. The vanishing of hunger after you take a bite. This is not accomplished by abstinence of the desire, but a learning of how to focus our attention.

Our  desires CHANGE depending on our level of consciousness 

Our desire CHANGES depending on our state.

Our level of consciousness  can also be expressed as our state, and our desires change depending on our state. A state is an attitude of mind, and it can also be expressed as a level of consciousness. A state of mind. The state creates our focus, and we can change states by using our focus on what we want.

So the desire drives us forward, at first only within the current state, but eventually we want more, we outgrow our comfort zone and we want out, we want to expand. We learn how to focus our attention and we have learned how to change our state.

Every state has its own set of desires.

There is no state that does not have desires, except the fulfilment of a desire!

God state follows after a willingness to focus our attention only on the fulfillment of our desire.

Our five senses communicate our desire to us.

The five senses, sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, can never sense the divine center. This is what is meant by the veil of separation. This illusion of separation is caused by our five senses, and our five senses can not detect the divine center. 

The divine center is always hidden behind the veil, but we can know its presence through our desires.

We can use our five senses to align with Godstate by removing focus from what the five senses are actually telling us, and instead giving attention to seeking internally for joy, love and bliss. This makes us discover the divine center, and this creates alignment, and this awakens us to Godstate and our creative power!

Our desire for love is also call from our divine center, and when we fall in love we get a glimpse of this divine center, we see what we look like through the eyes of the divine center,  in a powerful experience, and yet it is only a small fragment of the love that is the love of the divine center.  These loving desires are bringing us closer and closer to our divine center. If we understand this correctly, the loving encounters we experience are there to help us get closer to this bigger love. We get closer to the bigger love by beginning to become love, and leaning closer and closer to more love.

If love came and went, it is a sign from a greater part of yourself to a smaller part of yourself that you are now capable of growing this love from within, using no other tool but your own inner guide towards a sensation of joy, love, and bliss. You are now able to generate Godstate from within with only a shift in focus.

Alignment is a state of mastery.

This is forms the basis of all ancient teachings, no single teachings own this concept, rather it is a truth that runs like a red thread from the far east to near east, and eventually found its way to the west

This desire is our divine center calling us. 

It is not us calling it, it was calling us all along.

Our spiritual experience begins with a call from our divine center.

We desire to  fill our need for food and sex etc and then our other desires of wealth and power and an easy life!  We can desire rest, and a nap, or a new dress, or a sexy lover, or smarter children. Underneath it all there is still a desire to know love, to know ourselves, to understand why we are here.

We can find ourselves in hundreds of states, each with its own set of desires.

Never at any point should there be a judgment of our own inner guidance system, this is the lie of the matrix for the past couple of thousands of years but this is not longer a static matrix. You are free to level up now!

More and more people  can see through the veil, and they suddenly experience blissful love and oneness.

We can develop this ability to be in Godstate, we can begin to correct our focus and our attention, and level up, and correct it again, and focus our attention, and level up. We do this thousands of times. 

Life is NOTHING but the appeasement of hunger. And God and ONLY God gives me DIFFERENT hungers.” -Neville Goddard

Love is the path. Bliss is also the path. That is why desire is the path, the focused attention on the fulfilled desire. One is a stepping stone to the next. The object of the desire is always only a stepping stone towards the developing the skill of aligning from within.

Once we understand this we can skip and go straight to following our bliss. 

⭐ Leaning into joy. 


⭐Bliss seaking.

We DO know how to do that, just seek for a good feeling, lean a little closer to that feeling and a little closer

Manifesting our desires becomes a matter of leaning into our joy.

Following a breadcrumb trail of bliss!

We are not the doer in this, we just shift state. 

All desires are born out of the state we are in, and the fastest way to move out of an undesired state, is to be joy seeking.

This is the quantum jump. You walk from one set of desires into another. From one room to the next.  

This is done by the sixth sense, our consciousness, by our joy-seeking.

By basking in good.

In our imagination, we can pretend to be in another state, and feel as if that is real, imagine a new set of sensory input, imagine seeing what we desire to see, hearing what we desire to hear, and so on, and generate a state from our internal sense, our consciousness. 

This shifts our state, we align, and level up, and the more we learn how to do this the closer we get to know this divine particle, our consciousness. Bliss.

The state is the state of a the fulfilment of a greater love than we have ever experienced, it is fulfilment of the desire and that is why it is desireless.

The shortcut is through internally imagining yourself to be in a state of Bliss and a greater love already. 

You might not get it perfect but practice makes perfect.

 This is the path of love, and bliss.




Try this, Tonight, when you fall asleep, try falling asleep in the wish fulfilled, by imagining a greater bliss,  a greater joy, or the best news you ever  had, or the feelings of the romance of a lifetime. Create the feeling within, this night and every night, and sleep in that bliss, little by little you will find yourself in Godstate.

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 Do you have  a wounded inner child? Manifesting and Post traumatic growth

 Do you have  a wounded inner child? Manifesting Post traumatic growth

Trauma is not a memory, a memory has no tangible physical existence in and of itself, trauma is a physical reaction. A memory that has lodged itself into the cells and fibers and spaces of the physical body. Setting the body free during times of triggers creates a new program for the body calls. We don’t cognitively know or understand trauma triggers, our only cues that there is a trauma memory is our feelings of unsafety when no direct danger is nearby. Trauma makes a home in the subconscious program. We don’t have conscious access to it.

Our body tells us about it.

Our minds are not cognitively involved in this process, as a matter of fact, our cognition glitches and goes offline when we are triggered. The wounded inner child comes out. If you  have a healthy inner child, the child still feels safe in times of stress, and you find cognitively healthy ways to cope with it, and that is that. The wounded inner child immediately feels its life threatened and comes out to take over.

Beginning with today, you are shaping a new future, free from physical responses such a shut down, freeze, please and appease or stockholm syndrome, and chronic or explosive fight or flight.

Post traumatic growth

  • Are you manifesting but you are feeling strong inner resistance at the same time?
  • People keep talking about manifesting their desires but what you are feeling is more of a panicky desperation, and less of a desire

If this is you,  you are not alone, and  if you can’t get it right, even if you  have all the tools to check yourself, there is light at the end of the tunnel

 Let’s  make an intention before we go on:

“I intend to not have my energy tied up to this resistant or painful past anymore. I intend to release this energy now, and to move forward in harmony with my inner joy.

(By the way, At the bottom of my videos, I leave contact information for people to reach out for help if they feel emotionally or psychologically hurt.  It is important to address every issue at its own level.)

The “inner child” is made up of the memories and impressions in your subconscious mind from your younger self. When you were a child you had experiences that formed the current mental shortcuts. If we grow up in a safe environment, we develop something called emotional intelligence, and we have the ability to address problems as they arise, we develop a sense of agency, we are empowered, and know how to handle a variety of stressful situations.  On the other hand, if the child grows up in an unsafe environment, if it has to develop its own survival skills, it never develops emotional intelligence, and when the individual encounters stressful situations in the future it becomes flooded with stress chemicals, it never develops the feeling of safety, and instead feels out of control during stressful events. The adult is unable to identify and assess the strategies to handle stressful situations, their reaction is instead to make the flooding of the out of control emotions stop. This makes us feel usafe, and to function on a fear driven autopilot. This is a state.

We don’t understand why we over react, shut down, go into depression, or act immature and impulsive, or  lash out. This is a state. 

We don’t understand why we have overwhelming anxiety. This is a state.

Sometimes we develop an adaptive child, this is like an adult, a survival mechanism, but this is still an inner child and not truly a mature adult. This adaptive child is all work and no play, can experience no spontaneity, destroy intimate  relationships, and is a highly effective workaholic.This is a state.

The state can only experience what exists within that state.

These behaviors were created to survive the life of the child. Nature levels us up, and grows us when we play, play is nature’s indicator that we are ready to evolve. This child never felt safe enough to play, and is still stuck in the unsafe past. This is a state. I know that I am repeating myself, it is time to fully understand the concept of state, and to heal the inner child, and to do that this child needs to feel safe enough to play.

The inner child wants to feel safe enough to come out to lay. Tapping into play, creativity, and just simple fun makes the inner child start to feel safe. 

If you act immature, impulsive or if you just run away from stressful situations, because that is how the inner child got out of scary situations in the past, but now you are an adult and you want to have healthy relationships, but you just don’t have the skills to identify and cope with your emotions that are flooding, then learning how to identify feelings, and learning how to handle them, or becoming in touch with your emotions, will help the inner child feel safe. It is now safe to have emotions, so allowing emotions to be experienced without trying to run away from them, and just sitting with them in unconditional love for yourself and your emotions will heal the inner child and start to feel safe. This will help the inner child learn how to make itself feel better.This is a state.

Sometimes we just feel a sense of blah, and this inner child is not feeling safe to have emotions, and this is an indication that we need to get in touch with our feelings, and to allow those emotions and sit with them with unconditional love. This is a state.

Sometimes the inner child becomes hypervigilant or shuts down its empathy, and this inner child is fine alone, but is unable to be with other people. This makes the adult unable to identify emotions in others accurately, and so does not know how to respond to others, this inner child grew up with a lot of dysfunction, and can’t respond appropriately to stress situations and was not able to develop empathy or emotional intelligence. This inner child has developed its own skills, but during stress,  their executive skills go off line and they go into emotional responses. This is a state.

If we can tap into the inner child, and learn how to respond to the inner child when it is being triggered, then you can respond to it.  Learning how to respond to the inner child with the loving care of a safe parent, reparenting yourself will help your inner child feel safe. Emotionally your ability to tap into the inner wonder of a child, will give the ability to find happiness in just about anything, and this is a state. 

Become aware of the child-like impulses,and following your creative and fun ideas can start to make the inner child feel safe. Make a schedule, to let your inner child out to play every day. This inner child has learned that life is now safe. If you never let the inner child out to play, your life will continue to be drab and lifeless. Manifestation is all about creativity, but if your inner child is wounded and scared, manifesting is all about despair, panic and resistance. This is a state.

Learn how to see things from new eyes, look at different angles, expand your view point, learn how to ask why not?  A happy and safe child is not at all concerned with what it is told can not happen, learn how to see possibilities beyond the impossible. Manifesting is all about envisioning the impossible, just like a happy and safe child does.  Start with asking “why not” more often, and see things from the other’s viewpoint.  Become a wide eyed inner child, filled with wonder. This is a state.

These things begin to heal the inner child, and you will feel safe to express your inner creativity, your inner play, and you will begin to feel safe with your emotions and you will validate your emotions. Consistently check in with your inner child so that it can learn that it is safe. Validate the inner child, even if objectively there is no threat, if it starts to get triggered, and figure out how to respond to it. This is a state.

The wounded inner child begins to feel safe by theses things:

  • Play
  • Validation
  • Expanded view point

To play, find time for even the smallest amount of creativity, or non productive activity, have no goal. Paint, sing, dance, build, watch ants, fly a kite, build legos, line up rocks in a formation, jump up and down, or roll down a hill, paint rocks or bead a necklace.  Play equals safety, and play is natures sign that it is time for growth,

Validate all emotions, no feelings are too big, too wrong, too mean, too painful, too inappropriate or too unevolved. Welcome all emotions with a loving heart, and sit with your inner child, reparent it and let it cry, let it be angry and don’t ask it to be any different. Just validate its feelings, and love it anyway. Validating emotions signals safety.

An expanded view point begins to see things through the eyes of a child, childlike wonder  – “I wonder”. It is safe if it can see another’s point of view. This is safety. Seeing another point of view is a signal of safety.

Love your neighbor as yourself

Manifesting love.

The only problem with loving someone as oneself,  is that it means nothing to someone who has endured prolonged trauma, and hasn’t healed. There is no self love there. This is  the basis and foundation for all successful LOA, and without it we can commit an unreasonable amount of self harm, unwittingly, unintentionally, manifesting through a broken lens, never understanding how to shift out of a  trauma state, and into a playful creative, loving, or  joyous state. Without understanding ourselves, we feel more and more frustrated and broken the more we try to manifest. We DO love others!  Why won’t it work?   This recipe of loving your neighbor as yourself only works once we start loving ourselves.  

This is the reason why we get stuck in toxic trauma bonded relationships, and even after break up want that toxicity back. The healed inner child validates its emotions, and knows that this is not a love relationship. This is a state of self love.

When we talk about manifesting, the single most important thing to remember is that what we call  The Law of Assumption, is in fact a law,  and existed before this term was coined.   “Law of assumption” is a name we gave to something  that existed long before we gave it a name.  The basis for this concept is thousands of years old, and has gone by many names over time. This is not exactly a spiritual belief system, it is more of a function of the universe. 

The law dictates one important thing. – We are always seeking our desires.  Always. When  our basic needs are not met, we seek happiness in the outside circumstances. Our basic needs are for food, safety, and love, but  it is the very same mechanism, our desires, that ultimately causes us to turn inward, toward what will give us lasting happiness. Inner peace. Self validation.   The levels of consciousness are different but the quality of desire is the same. 

Understanding the quality of desire vs the quality of resistance helps us shift state. Using the skills above, to heal the wounded inner child, we can shift state, and discover NEW desires, desires that are playful, joyous and filled with wonder.

 When we understand how to transcend  our previous wounds, we can use our relationships as a stepping stool towards honing in on greater and greater states of wonder, and our  relationships should be part of honing in on this.

We are all driven by the exact same mechanism, and the only difference is the level of consciousness that we find ourselves in , and this is what is called a state. 

When the wounded inner child stays wounded it is hard to feel safe in the world, and it can not see beyond its own unsafe state. This leap into the unknown takes some faith and courage, and that is what all manifesting is. A leap into the unknown.

Making a shift away from grasping at what you don’t want, more unsafe and toxic experiences, and refocusing your attention on the qualities within you that you want to experience, is working with the law of assumption, rather than trying to work against it. The more you fight what you don’t want the more it digs in.

Lets remember the intention we made at the beginning:

“I intend to not have my energy tied up to this resistant or painful past anymore. I intend to release this energy now, and to move forward in harmony with my inner joy.

It is so easy to think that just talking about our struggles, or venting, or discovering that we even have past trauma is all we need, but we also need to do the work.

The work is:

  • Play
  • Validation
  • Expanded view point

When we see any negative in the world around us, and use this as a stepping stone towards a greater manifestation we have learned how to play. 

When we experience emotions of any kind and still keep our loving focus, and continue to validate ourselves, we have learned self love.

When we  see beyond the narrow viewpoint of the negative black and white thinking, we can see gray areas as well as possibilities and positives, then we have learned to expand our viewpoint.

Our healing has begun.

Let’s make another intention:

“I intend to l use my inner conversations to soothe myself, and I intend to reparent myself.”

Emotional intelligence is exactly what it sounds like. It is helpful in times of stress because it gives you agency, methods to cope with stressful situations and in safe ways,  in ways that do not cause PTSD or trauma. 

Knowing this is half the battle.

None of this is insurmountable, and remember that God / Universe /Source / Creator  is the doer, and you are the intender.  

You don’t have to “do” the healing, you just have to intend.

Our identity is our life. 

What would you do if you didn’t have the identity of being traumatized? 

Have you considered doing what you would be doing  do if you had the identity of having been raised wholesome, respected, loved unconditionally, appreciated for simply being here in this world and not for any accomplishments, if your creative expressions in this world had been received with interest and excitement and support, if your emotional outbursts like anger or frustration or sadness had been met with equanimity, recognition, acknowledgment, and unconditional love?

Let’s play with that imagination. 

A healthy and integrated inner child comes out when you tap into it, and when it is appropriate. The healthy inner child Likes to play, for plays sake, likes to follow whims and creative endeavors, likes to  banter, likes to dance, to sing  songs, and ride on the grocery cart, the healthy inner child simply likes to celebrate life. The healthy and integrated inner child taps into awe, wonder, miracles and serendipity,  and finds happiness in a breath of fresh air, or in  seeing butterflies. Think of a child absorbed in building legos, or stacking blocks, or watching ants. Yes as an adult it is not always appropriate to let out the inner child but nurturing this quality  is a sign to our consciousness that it is time for you to level up. Our consciousness is our creative imagination and this is alo our creative power.

Just like a healthy child doesn’t care what it has been told it can’t do, so does your inner consciousness not recognize any cant’s,  it wants to play, expand and grow. Let it play.

This is part of the quantum jump methods that take you from your old man state to your new man state. This is why we need to heal. Healing is a quantum jump.

Healing your inner child lets it  out to play again, and now you are ready to play, and when you start to play you become a master. A master at what you do.

Consistently check on your inner child, consistently validate your inner child, consistently expand your view point. 

If your inner child is  scared, see yourself picking it up and holding it in your arms.

Imagine a body filled with movements that are free, that are joyous and expansive, that show off and shine, that give presence and connection freely and generously.

Imagine your body posture standing tall and open, with uncrossed arms, with an open chest and heart area, with your head held high. Imagine a smile so radiant, imagine a laughter that releases butterflies and rainbows! Imagine dancing.

Imagine your palms turned out, welcoming and receptive. Imagine hugging people more tightly. Imagine facing them completely and giving a big tight squeeze, not one of those standoffish sideways non hugs.  

Imagine hearing sounds that please you, people talking and laughing, the wind soothing breezes, the birds chirping, imagine noticing people holding hands and feeling your heart beat faster for them from happiness, imagine finding things in nature and wanting to make an art project out that, imagine waking up in the morning and throwing your arms out and saying ahhh what amazing day today will be! Imagine noticing that the sunrise is so beautiful! . 

Notice these things now.

This is manifestation. 

This is how we manifest, we notice, we appreciate, we zero in on, we focus our attention. 

Before we allow healing to happen, before we are brave enough to release this grip of this total identity, we make all of our life choices out of that state. 

The trauma state. 

We make our career choices from that state, we decide on our financial capabilities from that state, we choose our circle of friends from that state, and lastly, we choose our life partner or partners from that state. Whilst you are in a state of trauma, or traumatized, or even the state of survivor, there is no possible way to see out of that state and peer into another state. 

Our state shapes our life.

The longer you choose to carry around this burden of an identity as a trauma survivor, the longer you are keeping your true identity as  joyous away from yourself, your purpose in life is always out of your sight, and no matter how much you try to understand what your purpose is here on this planet you won’t. That insight does not exist in the traumatized state. 

Your partner will reflect what you believe that you deserve from the state you are in,  and you may hold yourself in poverty because you hold onto this identity. 

When you decide that enough is enough, and you have become so uncomfortable in this “old man” state,  you will finally begin to make these changes within you that are necessary.  

Of course, some of the life that you have built around you will no longer fit. 

Your friends, your social circle although you spent so much of your time with them might feel toxic now, maybe they drink and party every time you get together and you don’t want to abuse yourself like that anymore. 

Maybe your partner who has never committed and only thrown you breadcrumbs until now will feel inadequate. 

Many people get scared of healing at this point and many quit here, and find that it is more comfortable to stay in the safe zone, the old man state, unwilling to outgrow these toxic people.

This is natural.

Let healing happen in natural spurts, when you can’t stand the old state anymore, you will make the changes, you will do the healing work.  By then you will be ready to let go of some of that. You will be  ready to embrace a new you, a you that has permission to walk in this world happy and whole. That says it is fine if an old toxic friend no longer likes you, a you who is willing to walk away from a non-committal relationship.

You might find that you want to change religious or political beliefs too,  here but no matter what you do about that, try to stay the course of facing your inner desires, because this isn’t about adopting yet another identity or persona, it is not about  finding a different false identity to cling to, this is about you giving yourself permission to be all that you can be.  

Your identity needs to remain free from the dead world of circumstances, otherwise you will never be able to become the operant power in your universe. Liberate yourself from the need to belong to any belief system at all.

Let’s make another intention now:

“I intend to improve my input,  in order to improve my output. I intend to reduce negative input through my eyes, I intend to reduce negative input through my ears, I intend to reduce negative input through my speech, and I intend to reduce negative input through my touch.  I intend to reduce negative input through my thoughts, and through the  negative plotting of my mind. When I control my five senses they become avenues that create more stability, peace and happiness within.  I choose to see good”

Dr Anna Bäck

mother and and her daughter hugging each other on white background
Photo by Irina Demyanovskikh

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Healing Trauma | A Revision Meditation | cPTSD |

Healing Trauma | A Revision Meditation | cPTSD |

What can you use the revision method for? Well, just about anything. Small things and big things. Things that happened today, and decades old trauma.

Change Your Destiny Using NLP and Revision to heal trauma is the most effective and life altering method for trauma healing, Meditation, sleep meditations, mindfulness exercises, and positive affirmations are all useful tools for healing from past trauma, but this method gets a little deeper, still gentle, but with very radical results. Let Your Teachings in LOA become a working part of your healing, for lasting life changing results Trauma can be very serious.

Please seek support from professional help if you are struggling.

Download and own without interruption of ads: https://tinyurl.com/yzx6ncaw

Awakening becomingthegoddess bliss Divine Feminine enlightenment GATEWAY Goddess healing innerhealing Kerala law of assumption LivingWellness manifest manifestation MANIFESTING manifest love Manifest your dreams meditation neville goddard selfworth soulawakening specific person starseeds thetimeisnow universallove

9 things to stop doing to level up your manifesting

9 things to stop doing to level up your manifesting, Video

Downloads, Meditations and Subliminals:

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Heal Toxic Shame | Trauma Bond | Guided meditation for self love | Ho’oponopono

Heal Toxic Shame | Trauma Bond | Guided meditation for self love | Ho’oponopono

Move beyond the trauma or abuse, find the other side of healing.

Find wellbeing.

Find the real you again.

This is who you were meant to be, free from trauma, free from shame.

This meditations is intended to heal you deeply, to the very core

Manifesting Love Course

non dual tantra as loa manifest love

This Manifest Love Course is filled with actionable tools, and while taking this course you will feel a sense of bliss and empowerment, as you discover your true nature as a powerful creator.   This course guides you in a concise and empathetic manner.

You may be feeling hopeless but no matter what happened, no matter what they said to ou, no matter what you have learned in life about rejection,  no matter what  the circumstances are , you can manifest your specific person.

Book Coaching Here:

Awakening becomingthegoddess bliss Divine Feminine enlightenment GATEWAY Goddess healing Kerala law of assumption manifest manifestation MANIFESTING manifest love Manifest your dreams meditation neville goddard soulawakening specific person thetimeisnow