Crossing The Bridge Of Incidence Requires THIS

Crossing The Bridge Of Incidence Requires THIS

There are NOT two forces, there is only God

Inside of HUMAN, there are two forces, two opposing forces, that are summarized as God and The Devil in biblical terms. This is only a representation of our internal struggles, but NOT a factual representation of the DIVINE.

God is: Awareness, God is Love, God is Consiousness Awareness and Bliss, the Alpha and The Omega, The Wat The TRUTH, and Life… and so on. If you believ that GOD is powerless against a secondary force, you will have a hard time manifesting anything because you lack the most important ingredient for CROSSING the BRIDGE OF INCIDENTS. Thus, you become consumed with unbelief, and start taking inventory of circumstance, and you fall off.

FAITH is what gets you from here to there.

Faith in ONE force only.

Doubt and fear belong to the biblical represtation called the devil, but this only exists inside the mind of mankind, it is not a secondary iniversal power that is somhow fighting God. It is ONLY us. Belive in one power only, the I AM, and this will get you across the bridge.

You have to know that every doubt that comes up is from “the devil” that is, it is from within your own mind, you have the doubt, but God does not.

Faith includes faithfulness, it is a commtimnet of loyalty to the only power, CONSIOUSNESS, AWARENESS, BLISS and LOVE. If you fail in your committment to THIS, you do not have faith. Your actions have to be that of faithfulness to the only power: Goodness.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen


Walk by faith, not by sight, when you are on the bridge. The Bible says that when you see you don’t need to believe, it is ONLY when you DON’T see that you need to belive. The Bridge is a “dark period”, it is when you lack sight, and this is precisely when the prescription for your blindness is: FAITH.

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.


Yes, you are made in the imagae of GOD, and when you speak you create, and once you speak your command, by FAITH, what was not visible was made visible.

Therefore, when you find yourself on the bridge, and things seem dark, this is the time to apply, in action, by faithfulness and commitment; FAITH.

“By faith he left Egypt”

“I AM the Way The Tuth and Life”

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