Manifesting DONT’S

So, what do you leave out of your manifesting?

Maybe the stuff we need to leave out of the manifesting process is the most important part of the manifesting process….

Let’s say you are baking a cake…

You need some ingredients.

Flour, eggs, fat, butter, sugar, salt, milk, and baking soda.

This ingredient list creates a basic cake. But maybe you want a lemon cake, so you add lemon zest.

Well, maybe you also think about adding raisins so you throw in some raisins. Then you think about carrots and so you throw in some carrots. Then you think about beans, and rice, and tomatoes, and then some steak.

Now you have a mess. This cake is going to be the worst cake anyone has ever baked, but oh well, this is “just the way it is”. (That is what we say about our unconscious manifestation, unaware that it is we, ourselves, that caused them)

close up photography of cake with flower decor
Photo by Daria Shevtsova

A whole lot of people do exactly this when they are manifesting. They know what they want, and the do the imaginal scene. But later in the day, they think about something different, something new, something else, and now there is a new imaginal scene shaping up in the mind. Playing out in the imagination, creating inner conversations. As time goes by, new thoughts come, new and contradictory fantasies and fears. All of these extra thoughts might be the ingredients that you do NOT want to put in the cake. These thoughts are representing everything to leave out of your manifesting. If you keep on adding these thoughts in then you will end up with a mess.

The ability to deny the unwanted thoughts space in our minds increases concentration and focus on the end state. The increased focus on the end state begins to shift out most common dwelling place, and when the end state is our most common dwelling place our manifestation is done.

The existence of raisins, carrots, beans, rice tomatoes and steak are real, AND Just like those undesired cake ingredients, our thoughts may in fact be real, they might be important, and they might be true , and they might be factual things that are going on in the world, or in our own life, but they are not what you want and they need to be left out of the ingredients of your mind for your manifestation to come through the way that you want it to. The thought might be about a person, and it might be negative and it might be true, but if the thoughts are not supporting the end state, they are delaying the manifestation. The thought can be as perfect of a representation of the truth as you can ever find, but unless those thoughts are also found in your end state, they are just like adding raisins, carrots, beans and rice to your cake mix. A big mess.

Leaving the ” truth” out of your manifesting is as important as leaving raisins, carrots, beans and rice out of your cake.

If you want a cake as the finished product, this is what you have to do. Just because you thought of raisins, you do not add raisins. Leave them out. If you are manifesting love, then you only think of love. If instead you start to think about the last partner you were with who gave you the silent treatment, and eventually ghosted you, then you are not thinking of only love. You are adding raisins and carrots, and beans and rice to your cake.

Manifesting love is no exception to this, and manifesting a specific person is the same. Keep the focus on love, and only love.

Thinking about how they hurt you, is not love. Ruminating on the break up is not love. Wondering if there is a third party is not love. Jealousy is not love. Possessiveness and insecurities is not love.

Love is the knowing that you are loved and loveable. Completely. This is all you need.

Understand that you attract into your life who you are, not what you want. Knowing that you are loved, and loveable IS LOVE, and it attracts into your life WHO YOU ARE which is love.

Love removes jealousy, possessive, fear, anger. Love makes us a team, two peas in a pod, no matter how different we are we become a perfect fit because of love. If there is jealousy, anger, possessives etc. then there are raisins and carrots in the cake and you will have a mess, but you won’t have love. Who is it that has to become love then, to manifest love? It is you. We manifest what we are. You have to love yourself the way you are. Just the way you are now, not the way you become after you lose weight or stabilize your finances. Now. Imperfect and flawed.

All obstacles to love our created by ourselves, by adding in ingredients that we don’t want. The solution is not to focus more on the unwanted. On the raisins. The solution is to only see love. The love of God (spirit) in ourselves. If you can believe that you are loved, then another can believe in their love for you.

Dr Anna Bäck

manifest magazine

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