All night, reprogram subconscious for Love | Rampage | Miracle Angel Frequency 1111 Hz

All night, reprogram subconscious for Love | Rampage | Miracle Angel Frequency 1111 Hz

Affirmations spoken :

I love the feeling of having love reflected back to me

I love feeling the adoration when you look at me

I love knowing that my existence on this planet makes you so happy

I love feeling chosen I love being engaged in deep and interesting heart to heart conversations, and

I love to laugh about everything, and I love that you make me feel young and beautiful, and WANTED, desired.

I love that you listen to me deeply, and care so so so much about me and hold me in a beautiful light.

You make me feel good enough, and that everything I do is wonderful.

You make me feel that you are in it for the long haul, and there is not a shadow of a doubt that you are 1000% committed for our lifetime.

I am loved, and safe, I am cared for. I know that we are okay and that i am here because you love me and want me here I love that you want an us that is a team, inseparable, the two that becomes greater when together

I am the MOST important thing in the universe to you above anything else. I feel loved the way I am. We are a match made in heaven and there is no order of difficulty in miracles.

I know that I am simply irreplaceable. I remember when I thought that if I Loved You freely openly and fully that I could get hurt, but now I see that you love me even more, even more deeply even more fully , and I can never get hurt because you are completely enraptured by me and my beauty, there’s nothing that you want more than my love!

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