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The third party.

Because the third party is you pushed out it will help you manifest your specific person! 

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It sounds crazy, but this is actually a good thing, because a third party is just like triggers, that help you figure out where the wound is so that you can heal, so do ALL unwanted circumstances help you correct the inner projection, your beliefs about yourself, once and for all. If you haven’t watched my video on how to use negative circumstances to level up your manifesting, it will explain why bad things are actually good things in disguise if you understand how to use it to quantum jump.

The way to manifest love is to focus your imagination on how happy you are together, this means that  there is no thought at all of another person, and no jealousy or insecurity and of course the way to remove a third party is by completely ignoring them.  Maybe you have already imagined your happy end, and instead here you are with a third party, and you definitely didn’t want this. However, This is the path that you had to take to reach your end, and that is why it is a good thing.

Just like all unwanted circumstances, the third party is NOT the problem, you don’t have to do anything at all about the third party. It is a creation from yourself, by yourself, FOR your own benefit. So that is good news. 

You can’t get to where you want to be unless you discover and correct your beliefs about yourself, or your beliefs about relationships in general, or about your specific person, and this is the natural path that you had to take. This is a great time to shift to a better version of yourself, and this is a leveling up process that is necessary to embody for all manifesting, regardless of what it is or how long you have been doing this. Using negative circumstances in your favor is everything!

Ultimately, you will find yourself in a relationship where you don’t even remember anything about a third party, and your assumption should be there now, and that means that you have to not care about anything that is taking place right now, because ultimately, you won’t even remember it. 

(When I met my husband he was dating several other women, but I didn’t think about it. I didn’t care, I just accepted what he said and a week later he dumped them all).  I was not at all concerned, I didn’t care what he was doing when I wasn’t around, and he shaped himself up on his own accord.  When you don’t care about something it is SO EASY  to manifest because it is easy to let go. Letting go is when the manifestation can begin to materialize.  But because you think that everything has gone wrong when you end up broken up, and with a third party,  you care excessively, you are in pain, and you do everything BUT let go, and you certainly care.

We live in an assumed reality, so you created this third party by your assumptions, and now going forward you will avoid the creation of competition. There is no competition because there is only you, you are in competition with yourself, which is silly.  Your true nature is divine, and your divine nature is everything, oneness.  The identity you have assumed is not set in stone, it is changeable and it is meant to change, to grow, to level up, and to harmonize with your whole creation. You might think that it is too hard to just accept that this is your creation, and to create a completely different version of yourself that does not create third parties but think of how many times you have changed already in your life. You changed from child to adult and went through a whole teenage awkward phase in between, and yet here you are completely different from the child you once were.  I’m not saying that you are going to change, you are divine, remember, so you are perfect the way you are, but you are going to harmonize more with your inner self, and with your projection, which is YOUR creation. 

Choosing to embody the state of already being in a stable and harmonious relationship, means a complete and total disregard for a third apart, they don’t matter, so don’t think about them. If you want to create a reality where this is true, you have to embody it now. Choose your end result at a point where you are completely happy and at peace, don’t chose an end where they have to apologize and beg on their knees to get you back, (now that might happen, but this is not the outcome), and it does not embody the end state of stable, happy and harmonious love so that is not a guaranteed part of your manifestation. The parallel reality that you end up in is not a full manifestation of what you desire, if you only focus on an apology, because you are still in the same mentality, the same state of mind, the same parallel reality. The reality where you don’t have competition doesn’t remember anything about a break up or a third party that is painful or upsetting.  Don’t get stuck on an apology.

The reality where you don’t look back on reality where you feel anger or resentment is farther into the future, and you feel stability and  harmony, you feel how lucky you are to be with him, and how he feels lucky to be with you.

There is no thought of anything negative in the past, somehow that all got solved to your satisfaction, otherwise you wouldn’t be so happy together.

This is exactly how all manifesting works, and there is no other way.

It is a lot easier to manifest a cup of coffee, or small things. It is easier to manifest just about anything that you don’t strongly feel anything one way or another about, because there isn’t a bunch of beliefs or a negative story backing up all the reasons for why you shouldn’t have it. You don’t feel that someone prettier will get to that coffee first.

This is where the crux is for you and the third party, you have a belief that there is some reason why it is better for YOUR love to end up with the third party instead. Is it better if the person after you in line at Starbucks ends up with your cup of coffee as well?  No. 

This situation is nothing but a golden opportunity to clean up and correct your beliefs around competition, and about your worth. Maybe there are cultural beliefs that you have subscribed to, there are many cultures that believe that romance is a struggle, or that pining and suffering in silence is a sign of how much you love someone, and many other weird ideas. There are cultures where men have to be macho or they will be rejected, cultures where women have to be modest or they are “too much’ Cultures where women have to look super young and be socially famous or they are not desirable. All of these cultural beliefs are false and if you have fallen into believing that you will not be desired because you fall short in your one culture’s nonsensical beliefs, then clean that up now.  We don’t know that this is weird until we examine it and decide to leave that behind by embodying a new state. Imagine the cup of coffee cup, if you made such weird and complex beliefs about your morning coffee! LET IT GO. YOU are perfect the way you are.

The fact that you have created a third party is perfect because you can now realize that whatever you are feeling about that,  is exactly the backstory belief that created them. 

Nothing else created them. You did, with your beliefs.

 Maybe you came from a family that went through cheating, maybe your dad left your mom for someone else and made you feel uncared for, unsafe, or a lack of stability, or maybe you feel like love leaves you sad and heartbroken. This is a perfect time to clean this up. None of these back stories are true, and none of them should continue forward with you. 

You are safe, you create, you can create stability. You create and project all of reality from within. You can create something different. Your specific person can be recreated from within as a very sweet and tender loving person who only has eyes for you.

Some people are only drawn to players, and unavailable people.  This doesn’t mean anything about you or your personality, and it doesn’t mean anything about the specific person (player) either, it is just caused by your past input, or programmed beliefs about yourself. If we use a coffee analogy again, it is like saying that if you always drink coffee that is too weak up until now because you never tasted a strong cup of coffee, that it means that you are a failure or that you aren’t good enough to have strong coffee, you just decide that you will have strong coffee from now on. It doesn’t matter at all if you have a weak cup of coffee in front of you right now. Before you didn’t know better but now you do. You were made aware and now your rules for the kind of coffee you want has changed. Before you believed that there was competition, or that all men were players, or that relationships end in cheating, or that romantic love hurts. You can’t manifest a different love as long as you haven’t corrected that state. The version of you that believes that love is harmonious and stable, loving and continuously renewed sensually exists at the same time as that other version of you. Remember my husband who had several girlfriends when we met? That changed so fast. There is no such thing as a player, they only exist as long as insecure people think that that is all they deserve. By the way, I was a player too once, so I know exactly how this state works. Don’t fall for someone else’s version of reality, just know your worth, and everyone else will too.

Now, perhaps for the first time in your life, you can believe that romantic love is sweet, stable and harmonious, and  that marriages are happy,  and are for happily ever after, and that anyone who was a player falls in love with you and wants to change their ways when they meet you. This is Neville Goddard’s EIYPO concept, and this is how you use this awareness the right way. This begins with self, and most people go about this the wrong way and instead focus too much on the other person, and try to change them. There is no need to even try, because if you are the type of person who men always fall in love with they change on their own, if you are the person who a player leaves all their current lovers for then they make the change on their own. This is the right order of operations so to speak.

You want to be the most beautiful woman they have ever laid eyes on, or you want them to listen to you attentively, to want to want you, to long for you when they are away, and to desire to send you longing and desiring texts all day long, you want them to not be able to keep their hands off you, and to wine and dine you, or you want them to respect you and admire you, or to want to get down on one knee. This person is created within you, and is sustained, nurtured and maintained within you too. Build your person from the inside, but most of all imagine how you feel with this version. What do you talk about, how do you react if you see them react to another woman’s status. You have to be the person who doesn’t even notice. 

There is no problem solving in this, you don’t have to rehash the old back story, remember that this only happened so that you could STOP rehashing the back story. That was your own manifestation caused by exactly that backstory that you keep telling. The more you tell it the longer you keep manifesting it. There is no competition, there is only you. That situation is just yourself pushed out. 

When I was a kid one of my brothers would always be in a competition with me, it didn’t; matter what we were doing it was always a competition, if we were eating breakfast he would have a race who would eat faster, and i was not competing. I ate slow, and I ignored him. He was in a competition with himself, and that is exactly what you are if you have created a life that has third parties, in a competition with yourself, and nobody else is even competing. You are frustrated, and you never win. Just be like me as a child and eat your breakfast slowly and ignore them. Ignore the third party.

The other thing that you guys do that you have to STOP, is stop using the term third party. This is the first thing that I noticed in LOA groups, is that you guys have created your own negative manifesting language. Labels should only be used to your benefit, so either you don’t mention the third party, or you call them an ex, but drop the label, because labeling manifests. If you call yourself a wife or husband, then that manifests as well, so choose your labels wisely, and forget about all the negative relationship terms that you have learned in life so far, you don’t need them anymore, only use positive labels. 

As you guys might know I have a history working in trauma healing, and one technique of many that I have used to lessen the emotional effects of a flashback is to turn the triggering “scenes” or the flashback into black and white, and to push it into the distance until it disappears. If you have images in your mind that bother you, you can use this imagery technique, so make the third party turn into black and white, and see them disappear into the distance, further and farther away until they are a little dot on the horizon,  and then disappear. By the way this works for all triggering memories. After it is gone you can replace it with a better image, maybe an image of you and your love after you have been reunited for a while, in an embrace, loving, comfortable, so happy, laughing at banter, or kissing, and make that image vivid in color, bring it closer to yourself and merge it with your heart This rewires the brain to not go to its usual pathways ot negative memories or negative thoughts. Brain rewiring is known as neuroplasticity, it means that the usual activities of the brain have a comfortable groove, a path that it always takes out of habit, and if you want your brain to do something new, something more wholesome, you have to force the new pathway into place. This is useful for everyone who manifests losing competitions regularly. 

Imagine you are the only bright shining sun in the universe, there is only one, only you everything revolves around you and your sustenance. Goodness is simply revolving around you because you are such a bright light.

When it comes to doership, you simply must give it up.  

Recreating your self image, and letting go is the ONLY thing that rests on your physical shoulders, everything else is done FOR you. Accept this as fact. There is nothing to do but to start receiving, and to stop repelling, and you repel by trying to go after them, by trying to take them and energetically force them to be with you, but remember the end state, where you are harmoniously and stable together because both of you love to be together?  

Every single ex always comes back, but if you don’t know how to receive love that comes toward you, you will end up in the same boat again, with another break up and insecurities and a third party. 

 It is NORMAL to be this  version of you, it is not manipulation, and it is not a game and it doesn’t matter if you are no contact. This is a lifestyle change, and one that will create incredibly happy stable and harmonious relationships from now on. You won’t have to go through these constant upheavals anymore, you get to relax and feel like a normal human being who doesn’t read posts like this!

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