Do bad thoughts manifest? Law Of Assumption

Do bad thoughts manifest? Law of Assumption

I stumbled upon a perplexing question in a Facebook group that sheds light on common misconceptions about the law of assumption. Let’s delve into this query and discover why delving into the source material, rather than relying solely on YouTubers and coaches, can lead to greater clarity.

The original question sparked a flurry of responses, showcasing how our state of mind seeks confirmation from like-minded individuals. This phenomenon isn’t confined to misery; it extends to all emotional states that crave reinforcement. Whether it’s anger or joy, we find solace in finding those who share our sentiments. This tendency often becomes an obstacle to healing and growth, fostering the persistence of a given state.

The question that ignited this discussion was:

“Do bad thoughts manifest?

Whenever I follow LOA teachers (likely Law of Attraction, not Law of Assumption), they caution that negative thoughts can manifest just like positive ones. It’s like being told not to think of a pink elephant – suddenly, that’s all you can think about. The fear of bad thoughts creates a loop of negativity. I feel trapped in this cycle, unable to escape. If the tiniest doubt can disrupt manifestation, then it seems impossible. It’s as if manifesting anything is doomed because it’s impossible to not doubt the existence of something that isn’t there. These bad thoughts even trigger physical pain almost instantly. Maybe it’s best for me to step back until I regain control. Any suggestions apart from ‘stop thinking that way’?”

This individual is seeking validation for her struggle to break free from consuming negative thoughts. Remember this: This isn’t a permanent personality trait but a state of mind that thrives on justification.(It’s worth noting that the pain triggered by these thoughts mirrors a pattern observed in prolonged structural dissociation.)

Law of Assumption Vs Law Of Attraction

Now, let’s dissect the concept of law of assumption versus law of attraction. While the latter emphasizes affirmations and steering clear of negative thoughts, the former is rooted in nondual principles. The law of assumption isn’t focused on specific techniques like the 555 method or water method. It’s about embracing a state of consciousness without attempting to attract anything. It’s about shifting one’s state to transform their circumstances.

Complex Human Minds

Every individual experiences a unique and complex world of circumstances, relationships, financial situations, health statuses, and more. Our consciousness nurtures the soil for these circumstances – this is the very essence of the law of assumption. Just like soil, water, and sunlight is for a seed, our state of mind is the nurturing force behind our experiences.

Buying the Pearl:

When we have decided to shift state, the mind has to dare to dwell on the fulfillment and completion of the desires.

(Yes the desires themselves are also generated from that old state, but it is like the lighthouse guiding you forward, on into greater states.)

Neville Goddard talks about  “buying the pearl”  (and selling our contradictory beliefs.) It is taken from a Bible verse, like all of Neville’s teachings:

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.”

The pearl represents what you want, and selling everything that he has represents every last contradictory belief that you have, the reasons that you have stacked against yourself. Neville puts it this way:

“If you think for one moment you can hold on to one little thing in the event this doesn’t work, you can’t buy the pearl. And so when I buy the pearl, I go all out and live by it. And there is no other being in this world, just this pearl, and I live by it.  This pearl is your own wonderful human Imagination.”

It’a about the intensity of focus:

But let’s address the core question: Do negative thoughts manifest in the same way as positive ones? The answer lies in understanding that thoughts contribute to our state of mind, which eventually manifests. However, thoughts aren’t replicated like a 3D printer producing identical results. Instead, they blend, creating a unique state that manifests. It’s like baking a cake – individual ingredients merge to form the final product.

Negative thoughts are addictive, reinforcing their own state. They’re designed to alert us to our current state and guide us toward transformation. The manifestation we seek demands a new version of ourselves – one that sells all beliefs contradicting our desires.

Now, some real talk about negative thoughts….

I manifested a lump sum of a hundred grand once, I did an imaginal scene, and I created a meditative trance-like state when I did it. It took two years for that money to actually come in, but number one, I thought MANY bad thoughts in those two years, and furthermore, I did not believe. I actually didn’t think about it again at all, but I was a very negative person in many ways back then. I often took inventory of what was bad in my life, and I liked to talk about it with my friends too. I mention this because I want to show proof that thinking bad thoughts does not stop a manifestation, it just colors the quality of your life. I have made videos already explaining that you don’t have to believe either. The power of though depend on their intensity of focus. Most of the time, negative thoughts don’t generate enough intensity to make or break a manifestation, but sometimes, negative thoughts take on intensity as in hatred, anger or obsession and in this case the manifestation takes a new direction. A negative direction.

So, in the grand scheme of things, negative thoughts play a role in shaping our state, which in turn influences our manifestations. It’s all a game of consciousness projecting onto the canvas of reality. Remember, it’s your consciousness that illuminates the object, creating your experiences. Change the object (thoughts) and a different experience unfolds.

Thoughts and beliefs are generated by the state that you are in, and your manifestation will come to you  in accordance with your state. So the manifestation comes, but how does it come? It comes in a way that you can believe according to your state. You don’t have to change your thoughts or your beliefs to get your manifestation, but if you want to change state, your thoughts and beliefs will change along with the state.

Let’s explain this from a nondual perspective.

All you do is manifest, there is nothing else happening, but you, here, made manifest by your consciousness, there is literally nothing but us, manifesting, so why bother being so anxious about bad thoughts? Does it matter if you thought a “bad” thought and it threw a wrench in the machinery for a second?  This is the spice of life that we are a bit addicted to. That is why we like scary movies and the thrill of fast roller coasters.  Becoming more and more Zen is a gradual process, and you get to choose your own path there, and your own pace there. If you like to think negative thoughts, then yes, it contributes to your overall life experience, but they do NOT prevent your manifestations.

Everything manifests there is nothing else. What thoughts do is contribute to the state that you are in, but you can choose not to worry about them and let them go, or you can choose to think only about the pain of bad thoughts, it is a choice. All that good or bad thoughts do is  they contribute to the “cake batter” of your state, that you are mixing, the “cake” is your state.  Your state  is a manifestation of its own, the state is a parallel reality, in an endless universe of parallel realities. 

 The state is a universe of its own where you think certain thoughts and feel different feelings and experience different circumstances and people. All of life, every last thing is nothing but consciousness, from our waking sensing experiences to our sleep, it is all consciousness. Different experiences, sure, but still all experiences are just consciousness. Consciousness, plus an object, is experience. Object without consciousness equals no experience.  The objects change, but the consciousness is the same. 

Changing objects equals different experiences. No matter what the object is, it is an object in your awareness, in your consciousness, even a mountain is still in your consciousness,  the whole universe is just an object in your consciousness. Now, The mind is also an object. The brain is an object and the mind is an object, and as such it arises from your consciousness. The thoughts without consciousness equals no experience. It is YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS that is like a projector light shining on the object, which reflects onto the screen of space that is your circumstances.  Change the object (thoughts) and a different experience will project out. That is how it works. There is no other way.

In summary:

Your state manifests the thoughts, not the other way around. Your thoughts can help you shift state if you understand this.

Law of assumption means that your assumed sense of self manifests.

Currently, you are living in your assumed reality, and you are playing with your own projection, and you are sorting, attracting and repelling the stuff of your own projection. 

You CAN manipulate the projection by deciding consciously what you will assume, but you can also relinquish all of your power and just go along the way everyone else does too. It doesn’t mean that you “stopped manifesting” it just means that you are not conscious of your own projection.

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