The important secret of Kabbalah that Law Of Assumption FORGETS

The important secret of Kabbalah that Law Of Assumption FORGETS:

The big Kabbalah secret that often gets lost in the shuffle, especially in the world of Law of Assumption, is simple yet profound: You must be receptive.

The Receptive Mode & Abraham Hicks?

While Abraham Hicks talks a lot about the receptive mode, it’s something that die-hard Neville Goddard enthusiasts often shy away from, as it may sound too much like ‘woo-woo’ or ‘Law of Attraction’ jargon. But let me tell you, Law of Assumption takes a page straight out of Kabbalah’s playbook, and receptivity is the game-changer here.

You are God’s vessel, he wants to pur blessings into you:

Think of it this way: Kabbalah teaches us about the importance of the ‘vessels’ – vessels for receiving blessings. These ‘vessels’ can be anything that you have created – situations, opportunities, people, or simply your own mindset. The key is not to limit yourself by anticipating exactly how these blessings will come to you; instead, be ready to receive in whatever form they may arrive.

Picture these ‘vessels’ as avenues to receive blessings. You don’t need to have the entire roadmap of how your blessings will reach you – you just need to believe that they can and will. Get ready by removing the ‘lids’ from your vessels – these lids can be your doubts, fears, or limiting beliefs. Being receptive means embracing a mindset of sensitivity, cheerfulness, and gratitude for what you already have.

Arrogance and ego is a lid blocking your vessels

It also involves adopting an attitude of humility. A giant ego can act like a tight-fitting lid on your vessel, hindering the flow of blessings. Fear, on the other hand, is like turning your vessels upside down and spilling out the goodness you already possess. A Big Ego is NOT Kabbalah mode. It si NOT Law of Assumption mode. It is NOT receptive mode. Do you want to experience something greater? Remove your ego, and humble yourself, expect something greater than you could have imagined. You are NOT the giver here, you are the…..receiever of blessings. Humility.

Gratitude & Humility opens your vessels

To be truly receptive is to understand that the Creator of the universe desires nothing more than to shower you with abundant blessings. It’s about suspending your self, stepping aside, and making room for the divine to flow through. In this state of openness and receptivity, you’ll find that blessings pour in from every direction.

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