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Remove a third party LOA made easy

The 3 MAIN manifesting steps are as follows:

  1. GET CLARITY! Know what you want, or figure it out. WHAT do you actually want? This shouldn’t be that hard.
  2. Create a SHORT imaginal scene without content.
  3. Let go, aka Live in the end, aka DON’T DWELL ON STUFF. AKA, stop telling the old story already.

But you have a third party you say, well guess what? YOU MANIFESTED THAT out of your own insecurities! Congratulations, because now you know that manifesting works, it worked perfectly to create your worst fears. 

So here are some “sub-steps” that you can take to figure yourself out:

  • Understand yourself.
  • Remove limiting thoughts.
  • Be clear about what you want. AGAIN.
  • ASK and it is given, did you state it? Have you spoken your claim?
  • Make consistent efforts. Daily practice makes perfect. Every morning, meditate for a bit, do your imaginal scene before getting up, say your affirmation statement, have your mind tools ready to go when your thoughts start to spiral.
  • Believe in yourself. No matter what, figure this out!
  • Practice positive affirmations. YES they work.
  • Acknowledge and appreciate small wins. Celebrate every win, and even the failures, because they are still proof that you manifest.

How long do you have to  “catch the feeling of the wish fulfilled”?  Well it is hard to say, but anyone who has “caught the mood” can tell you that very very quickly things start to fall into place. Abraham Hicks, for what it is worth, made up the 17 second rule.

What is the 17 Second Rule? The 17 second rule states that when you focus on a thought for 17 seconds, you activate the vibration of the thought. You become magnetic to “that”. And when you focus on a thought for 68 seconds, the vibration becomes powerful enough to manifest itself in real life. BOOM.

Can you sustain your end state for 68 seconds? It is only a little more than a minute.

WHAT should you do about a third party then?


The reason is, as you can see in the manifesting steps, that there is not one single step that says you should focus on what you don’t want. You have to learn how to stop obsessing about negativity and lack, that is all, and however you work out how to not dwell on everything that you don’t want, do that. Do what it takes. Take up a hobby. Start a charity organization. Become a stock broker, I don’t care

WHAT you do, but do this:

  1. Be true to yourself
  2. STOP imagining the opposite outcome. You gotta stop.
  3. STOP retelling your sad story on social media. Every time you do that you solidify your belief in this nonsense even more. Write a happy story. Write your success story. Write it today.

If you haven’t cleared up the very first step: GET CLARITY, then start here: 

This journaling book has sections included for scripting, revising, taking inventory of success, keeping an attitude of gratitude, and dream journaling!

Maybe you have had an idea of what you want in the past but it has changed? It is possibele, it happens ALL THE TIME!

Take inventory of your manifestations to see if you have changed and even want the same things you used to want? Nothing wrong with changing your mind, it would be foolish to keep manifesting the same old thing if in fact you have evolved way past that. So sit down with a pen and paper and ask yourself what you truly want.

Remember to never be in a chasing energy, or a competition. That stuff manifests right back to you with breakups and third parties, so if you have problems obsessing, then work on yourself first of all. Nobody is going to want to be with you if you are energetically draining to be around.

REVISE your past, because if you are operating from a LACK MENTALITY, then you for sure have stuff to revise. What happened in your life in your childhood that you still believe in? Are you unlovable? Just begin your revision of “unlovable” and so on. No amount of “affirming for xyz” will work if you continue to live in a state of unlovable or unworthy. You have to heal that baggage.  This pattern will play out on repeat until YOU change. 

Do you have to let go of people in YOUR life? Probably. Do you have exes that you reach out to when you are emotionally needy? Do you have “friends” who love to hear you repeat your problem story to them, do they even wish for your happiness? Do you have to heal a rift in your own family dynamics? Get to work on those things and remember that you manifest your world based on who you are on the inside, so work on the INSIDE of YOU. Bad relationship patterns cause a tremendous amount of energy to be lost, plus it is a distraction from your life purpose, and a detour of your actual manifestation, stay on course by fostering only good relationships period.

Your EGO is the big bad block if you have a third party, and this humiliation will keep happening until you CORRECT your ego, not meaning “getting rid of your ego”. Not at all. The ego is your friend if you understand how to correct it. Your ego leads you forward in life, and gives you grounding energy and an identification – I AM. Not until you are ready to put on saffron robes and go live in a mountain top cave, are you ready to eliminate the ego, BUT if you are manifesting humiliation, then your egos is simultaneously too fragile and to inflated, so come to grips with your actual self with. You are already deserving, by being your authentic self, and no, you do not need to become arrogant about it. There is a golden middle ground here, a healthy self esteem that recognizes that you and everyone else are on their path, and that path is fine. Work on letting go of offenses, and irritations, and work on self-approval.

It is ALL within. Everything that you experience is already within you, do not be afraid to examine all of your weird beliefs. Those beliefs can only hurt you when you are unconscious of them, but as soon as you take a good look at it, the hidden becomes revealed, and the resistance that you persisted in just evaporates. Take my revision course. IT WILL HELP YOU, it will people you forward light speed.

Get your love back by turning the tables, so whatever obsession you have, let that go, and assume that that is how THEY are feeling about YOU. Then cut out all your dwelling on the third party. Assume that THEY are jealous of who YOU might be with instead. Every time you think of writing your sad story in discord, decide that they are the ones writing a sad story about missing you instead, and so on. Stop this chasing it is off putting and you know it.

GO ALL IN. Learn more about commitment and the BEAUTY of commitment, by committing to YOUR wholesome, stable, secure, confident and bad-ass self.

If you have questions, get my email coaching or one on one coaching, I am here to help.

This is BY FAR the most common question, so count on more posts coming about third parties, and here is the final FACT: THEY DON’T EXIST outside of your imagination, it is all generated from within.

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