ALL manifesting is THE SAME | How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things

He who meditates on God for many days has substance in him, has divine power in him. Further, he who sings well, plays well on a musical instrument, or has mastered any one art, has in him real substance and the power of God. This is the view of the Gita. It is said in the Chandi that he who is endowed with physical beauty has in him substance and the power of God.

— Sri Ramakrishna

Are you a twin flame? How would you use your state to manifest deeper lasting love that is straight out of a fairytale?


Are you listening to videos describing toxic trauma bonds?

Do you want to manifest your dream job, your very own tailor made just for you career or business….


 You spend most of your time lamenting the sad state of affairs, the death of your small town, do you talk about nothing but the inflation, dead ends, and the impossibility for someone of your age to become anything at all?

You are in a state.

You are always in a state and you always manifest.

I make a number of videos helping people manifest and often they are tailored to people who struggle with past trauma and such. I do this because I work in the field of helping people with these things. I almost always get questions asking “if it is the same when you “manifest xy&z” …Listen..

ALL manifesting is THE SAME.

You manifest from your state, and that is it. That is the end of the manifesting instructions, you don’t have to worry what “technique” to use, it has nothing to do with it, just go with any preference, any at all. It doesn’t matter. Do what you like. This would be the end, but you guys have more questions.

When I explain in detail, in longer videos it isn’t because manifesting has changed rules. It is because there is a difference in WHAT you WANT.

Nothing about the how has changed, only the why. Why do you want something?

What changes is you.

And when you change, what you want changes, that is all.

SO let’s say I make a video about manifesting “deep love even if you are traumatized”. I am not describing a different HOW, I am describing how to move  beyond the trauma, into a new WHY.  Sometimes you ask if it is the same when you manifest a car, losing weight, or any other material things.  AGAIN nothing changes about the HOW. You manifest from the state that you are in, but I HOPE that you can see a BIG difference in why you want to lose weight vs why you want to spend your life with the one you love….

Neville Goddard explains that when you find the new state to be the one you most often revert to, you will manifest.  Assuming a state does not mean thinking about the thing you want, that is just the same old state that you were ever in. No. It means thinking from it. Assume the state of the wish fulfilled. In other words, if you are in a room and you are thinking of the direction to the front door, it will be different if you go to anew room, and you are thinking about a direction to the front door now, it will be different than if you think of directions to the same place from where you are now. Thinking FROM a state is like walking into a new room. Now the perspective has changed.

THIS is HOW you manifest. Nothing else.

You are God who “came down” to be human.

– Neville Goddard

And then it seems to never be that simple and we have more questions…. 

This is because we don’t PRACTICE shifting states, so in today’s blog I have a challenge for you. A state shifting challenge!

The first state You will practice will be a very negative state. It is just as important to know how you got into that funky state, as it is to know how to get out of the state. The way you get into a funky state is by immersing yourself in thoughts that spiral downward.

Noticing the downward spiral, I want you to start looking at bad news. Use Twitter, or MSN or Yahoo or whatever it is that always suggests news for you, and click on the most negative ones. For about 30 minutes, click away, but set a timer, and when the timer is up, stop, and take note of how you feel, and what your thoughts are revolving around.

We manifest things all the time, all day long, there’s never a moment that we do not manifest, and if we stop manifesting, the world would simply stop around us.

I know that Neville Goddard had at least one mystical experience where he described the world stopping, I had the same mystical experience, where the world simply ceased. There is never a moment that is not made manifest by your consciousness, and the way that you manifest is by taking for granted. It isn’t by visualizing things, and it isn’t by affirming for things that they manifest, it is because you have what is called faith. Another word for faith is taking it for granted.

If you take for granted that you’re going to have water every day it is the same or similar has to having faith, hat you have water. (Now taking for granted that you have a specific person could also mean that they feel like they are being taken for granted, so don’t misconstrue what I’m saying).

Let’s do another exercise of states. This time I want you to do a YouTube search for a musician called Krishna Das. Take a few hours of playing Krishna Das, and while you’re doing that, if you want to you can engage in some something artistic like drawing, or you can just lay down and listen for a few hours, it doesn’t matter what Songs, he has so many and they’re all spiritually and vibrationally so loving and so aligned with the divine. Once you’re done let’s say …. two hours….Take inventory again of your thoughts. Notice what you’re feeling. Notice what you’re thinking. It is a state… you are in a state.

This is an experiment of states.

Remember how I just talked about taking something for granted?

It is easy to manifest when you have faith 

And when you just take things for granted 

So what, nothing is special about manifesting for example clean water piped into your kitchen! This is something that we manifest, and we take it for granted, among many mundane thing!

But hold up!

Some people DON’T have that! Some people have no home, no pipes and no water!

What about those things that you DON’T take for granted, and the things that you are not able to have faith in, after all that is what you struggle with.

We’ll that is when you manifest the state.

The state is the manifestation and your job is DONE with that.

It is easy to confuse how to manifest, but again, your state manifests.

Your questions are so often centered around what you can manifest or what is okay to desire but none of that matters .

If you desire to reunite with your children that is your pressing desire. 

If you can’t stop wishing that you had a better body that is your pressing desire. 

If you met someone just once and you developed a crush. THAT is your desire.

If you desire to have someone who just needs you and adore you and dote on you that is your desire.

If you desire to have a kundalini awakening  then that is your urgent desire and want.

The desire doesn’t matter!

How do you manifest it?

By finding the state of the one who already is that person and embodying that now, today, and to be in that state and to see things from that state as often as you can.

How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things.

The state of Someone who has experienced a kundalini awakening and who has vibrationally aligned with god self, who is that person, and how do they see things from their eyes?

Manifesting is like walking into a different room and seeing things from that room.  What are they doing? What do you think you’ll do differently? Start now or it will never happen, if you don’t start now you won’t start then.

When I explain things more in depth in terms of overcoming trauma or any other mental health issue, or addiction it is not because the laws of the universe has changed and manifesting suddenly is different. It is because your WANT is different. How you manifest is always the same, but how you want changes. If you play around with getting in and out of a few states of mind then you will see relatively quickly that your own wants change along with it. If you are in a state of anger your want might be to punch someone in the face….BUT is THAT what you ACTUALLY want to manifest?  Some people do because anger is their most common dwelling place.

For other people a sense of worthlessness is the most common dwelling place.

Many people I know have a very solid sense of self, and they know their worth. They manifest their purpose in life, a dream career or they forge new paths. They create a money making career where there was none before. They meet their soulmate love. They raise their children to have the same sense of worth. This is a state of mind, their most common dwelling state.

Imagine that when you ask me if “it is okay” to manifest something that you are in a state. This state is like you think that your parent or a teacher or a pastor or someone has to approve of you. Nobody has to approve of you except yourself. Learn how to self approve.

This should be done using your own sense of clarity, your own desire for what you want your future to be like, and your own heart.

Your own sense of what makes your heart beat faster and what you wish for most prominently. There is no one outside of yourself that knows you the way you do.

I get patients all the time who say that they -have a certain feeling about their health, even though it goes against what their doctor has told them and I always explore their gut instinct together with them.

Nobody knows you like you do. Nobody can tell you if your desire for yourself is okay, only you can do that, and just to illustrate what I meant, a friend of a friend, years ago had a desire to move to a country in Afrika. I don’t remember which one, and I am not sure if I actually ever knew.  People thought that it was a stupid desire, and they never expected that he would actually do it. But one day he followed his heart and he left. He met the love of his life there, his soulmate. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction because apparently she was also the princess or queen and he became King of a village or nation in Africa. I guess people didn’t think that he was such an idiot after that, but imagine that he followed his one heart tug, and went for it. 

Imagine that your state of mind determines how you experience your own wants. Not something else. Maybe you let yourself be too influenced by general opinion. Maybe you have forgotten how to listen to yourself? Maybe you never knew? You can easily discover your true wants by putting yourself into a positive feeling state more and more often. Discovering what you like is the direction of self discovery. Discovering what you don’t like is equally valuable. Maybe you are in a state of disappointment, and this is good because you now know very well what you don’t want.  If you stay and wallow in disappointment, you continue to manifest from a state of disappointment and you will discover yet more things that you don’t like. Use it as information. What you don’t like, remove your attention from it, and place your attention on the things that you have discovered that you do like

Assuming a state comes with a shift in perspective automatically.

 You know you’re assuming that state and seeing the world from the perspective of the state of that wish fulfilled if you are feeling SATISFIED.

The wish fulfilled is YOUR wish fulfilled. Not a parent approved wish. Your genuine hearts desire because that is the only thing that will make you feel satisfied, your parents wish won’t make you feel satisfied and neither will mine or your pastors…. Just your own fulfilled wants make you feel satisfied.

Anchor your wish fulfilled into your life the way your life is right now, bring it into every mundane moment, when you brush your teeth, or when you get into your car, find a moment in your day, and anchor your wish into it. Make it normal. Feel satisfied.  

Clothe it in the “tones reality “ as Neville Goddard puts it, and feel it real. Feel it now, and feel it NORMAL.  

 Get into the state of that wonderful experience existing in your life now. Never worry about the how, and certainly don’t concern yourself with what other people might think, they are not in your head anyway,  nothing  you want is too out there. Just because it might seem so impossible to you doesn’t mean a thing.

You are not the doer of a single thing, you are the assumer of states, and that you can easily do.

Impossible to you  doesn’t mean it’s out-of-reach at all. Assume the state of it as here and now, and you will notice you start seeing the world from that perspective. You’ll feel different. Like you’re looking around a different room now, and the door is now at a different perspective than it was from another room, and that is not hard to do. That is your only job, it doesn’t get any easier than this. I’ve done it with so many things, and sometimes it is like a revolving door of manifestations that keeps coming. Imagine a conveyor belt and everything is transported to you on it.

I imagine that my dream work comes to me through head hunters and people who have heard of me, and that is exactly how it happens all the time. It isn’t hard to do, it is a lot easier than being out there hustling and being in the grind. Just allow your conveyor belt to transport things to you.

Sometimes you ask me if it is okay to want your specific person, your soulmate, forgetting that your love is in YOUR heart, not mine. This is why you need to understand that it is you WANT that changes, not  how you manifest something. How do you imagine that wanting SOMEONE, someone special, someone so special that you want to spend your life with them, is a bad thing? You only feel it is a bad thing if you have them reduced to a thing, and wanting a THING is very different from wanting that someone. Not just anyone. SOMEONE who makes your heart beat faster, and who you want to leave the comforts of single life for, someone that you will happily change your routine of just caring for yourself for. That is a beautiful, wonderful, and amazing want. Are you manifesting someone, or some thing? You know the answer for yourself.

Feeling it real is feeling it natural, and being in the state of feeling satisfaction. If you believe that you have to be hyped up, don’t worry, you don’t have to.  Seeing your wish as a dream so lofty that IT  will solve all your problems,  is NOT feeling it real. In a reality where it is manifest life is still normal, and and that reality just like in this one, there are imperfections, and this is natural. Only solving your problems will solve your problems, (and of course if that is your want then you will manifest that….)

 YES , it WILL feel like a dream when it first manifests, but it will also feel natural and life will go on pretty naturally in many ways. 

Things WILL feel greater when you have your manifestation.  OF COURSE. The sun will shine brighter, the air will be crisper, and  yet, an annoying driver will still cut you off on the freeway, and normal things still happen. Feeling it real is feeling it normal. Anchoring the want into the NOW.

How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things. The Imaginal scene: You create a scene that implies that you are now seeing FROM the perspective of this want being done and fulfilled. It has nothing to do with “visualizing” and it has nothing to do with being in a daydream. The scene can be as short a a half a second and have no content. A normal glimpse of a want already fulfilled.

What does the world look like FROM that perspective? Act inwardly from that STATE and yield to that state, for “he has means and ways ye know not of.” You are not the doer, there are no techniques. YOu are not the doer. Your job is to shift states. THAT is easy.

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THE ART OF DYING | Neville Goddard Lecture | 1965

January 26, 1965
Lecture By Neville Goddard

Tonight’s subject, the title may seem strange, I call it “The Art of Dying.” If it seems to you at the moment too spiritual, may I tell you, whatever is most profoundly spiritual you will find in the end to be most directly practical.

There’s nothing more practical in this world than that which is most profoundly spiritual, and tonight this is the art of dying. The art of dying…in the Book of John we’re told, “Greater love has no man than this that man lay down his life for his friends” (15:13). Many people have taken this passage and interpreted it as a man going into battle and offering his body to protect his friends.

It’s a noble gesture, and certainly marvelous, but that hasn’t a thing to do with this passage, not a thing to do with it. When I lay down my life for my friends, I do not step before the knife or the gun and give my body in place of theirs. This is something entirely different.

Well, how do I do it? Every kindness to another is a little death in the Divine Image. Man is only the sum of all of his beliefs, all of his impressions, that’s what I am, that’s what you are. If you want to know a man you’ve got to get behind his words, even his thoughts, to the beliefs from which they spring.

Tonight we will show you the inwardness of this law. Paul said, “Every day I die!” (1Cor. 15:31). Well, if every day I die and if today I gave this body, I couldn’t tomorrow die; but every day while I wear this body I die. Well, how do I do it? Let us turn now to Blake, one who had a clear, clear perfect vision. In his 96th Plate of Jerusalem he made the statement: “Every kindness to another is a little death in the Divine Image, nor can man exist without brotherhood.” Can’t exist but by brotherhood.

Well, how do I do it? Every kindness to another is a little death in the Divine Image. Man is only the sum of all of his beliefs, all of his impressions, that’s what I am, that’s what you are. If you want to know a man you’ve got to get behind his words, even his thoughts, to the beliefs from which they spring.

So I am the sum total of all of my beliefs. So I meet you on the street or I hear of you, so I meet you and you don’t look well, or someone writes me and they tell me that you are not well, that’s an impression.

So thereafter if I think of you that impression comes into my mind’s eye. I must learn the art of dying to that impression. I must bring you into my mind’s eye and put you into an entirely different light and see you as I ought to see you were you the one that I would love you to be. When I am self-persuaded that you are that new impression, I have died to the other impression.

So every kindness on my part, every little kindness, is a little death in the Divine Image. That Divine Image is death…it must die and die all through love. For what is the Divine Image? Listen to it carefully as Blake defines it: “Mercy, pity, peace and love is God, our Father dear; and mercy, pity, peace and love is man his child and care.”

So was it a merciful thing to do? Yes, it was merciful. Prompted by pity? Yes. Was it done lovingly? Yes. And now am I at peace because of it? Yes. Then I fulfill the Divine Image—mercy, pity, peace and love. So, I took all these aspects of the Divine Image. It was merciful to do it; why leave him distressed when I could exercise this power?

And so every time that man exercises this creative power of his lovingly, he is simply performing this little act of death. Every kindness to another is a little death in the Divine Image. This is called in scripture repentance. Repentance means “to become another person.”

Didn’t I become another person? Because if I am made up of all of my impressions, all of my beliefs, and I believe you to be injured; and that injury need not be physical, in the sense that you are physically hurt, it could be that you are financially hurt. It could be that you are now being disgraced. It could be in a thousand ways.

So if I believe this because here are the facts, I’m confronted with facts, I’m called upon to exercise my talent and put something in its place. Therefore, if I put something in its place, I’ve got to give up that impression that I hold of you. Giving it up, if I am the sum total of all of my beliefs, in giving up any belief I die. I die by giving up any belief that I now entertain.

And so, every kindness to another is a little death in the Divine Image… nor can man exist but by brotherhood. So if I don’t consider the whole vast world, this fragmented world as myself, everyone my brother, and gradually all being gathered together, reassembled into one being that is God the Father, and then I am he. For I am a fragmented being, you are, we all are.

While we are fragmented in this state, we are brothers, and by practicing this art we prepare the way to be called back into the unity that is God. In the oldest of our gospels, which is Mark, the first words put into the mouth of that central figure, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent, and believe the gospel” (Mark 1:15).

Repent! We are called upon to repent, and to repent means “a radical change of attitude towards life”; a radical change towards anything in this world, but radical right down to the root. So I meet someone in this world and they tell me their story. Having heard their story, they’ve left their impression on me because I trust them, I believe them.

Having heard exactly what is taking place in their life, if it isn’t pleasant they’ve left me with some other aspect of my own being, for they’ve given me another impression. Every impression adds to my being. Every belief is my being. I am the sum total of all that I believe. Well now as I leave them and they go their way and I go my way, it is entirely up to me. not to them, to me, to change my being and bring it back into another state.

For we are told in the 51st Psalm, “Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, O Lord”…I can’t sin against anyone but myself. Who took that impression? I did. Well, what is his name?—I AM—well, I am believing that. “Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, O Lord; therefore thy judgment was just.” Everything you do to me thereafter is just. I can’t complain, for I’ve only sinned against God, and God is I AM… because I took the impression. I saw it and seeing it, I believed it, and believing it, it’s part of my world now. I must live with it.

So from thereon I either live with it and bear the fruit of that impression, or I change it. I change it by becoming another person. So repentance in a lovely way means “to become another person.”

Because that was my being that’s the being that I am. Become another person: I don’t see him that way, I don’t see her that way, I change it in my mind’s eye; and changing it, I persuade myself of the reality of that imaginal act. I represent the individual to myself as what I would like him to be, and seeing him in that light I believe in the reality of that imaginal act. Then time proves that it’s true…she or he conformed to this imaginal act of mine. If that is true, I keep my body balanced as it were. And I am being called by my Father back into that fall from the fragmented state.

So we are told, go into the world and tell the story. Tell it to every being in the world…how they’re really living in a world made up only of their beliefs; that “All that I behold, though it appears without, it is within, in my Imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.” The whole vast world is myself pushed out, myself objectified.

What self? The self made up of all of my beliefs —I believe I was this, that and the other.

So today, may I tell you, take everyone in this world that you know, costs you nothing and, may I tell you, you don’t need to be graduated from any institution in this world to practice this art. You don’t need a degree. You don’t need any permission of anyone to say you are this, that or the other. You can do it just as you are here.

You need no one’s consent to do it, because you’re doing it anyway. You’re walking the earth just a compulsive being made up of all the things that you believe, and then you out picture them in this world.

Here we have tonight a preparation for the most fantastic funeral possibly that our generation has ever seen. We saw one which was really sheer fantasy back in ’63 when our President was assassinated, and it was solemn and majestic, really marvelous if you want drama…no question about it. But this thing you’re going to see beginning on Saturday will be the most fantastic thing that this generation has seen.

He wrote it back in ’43, when he came down with double pneumonia and he was in Cairo, he wrote the kind of funeral that he wanted. He revised it ten years later. He wanted bands, he wanted a state funeral, he wanted all these things. Alright, he will get it: He imagined it. He’s a commoner. He actually imagined this entire thing. So he out lived them all…he is the last of the big three.

So they called them the Big Three. Roosevelt went first, and Stalin followed, and all were younger; then he, the oldest of them all, and he makes his at the age of ninety. He wrote it in detail what he wanted, and he’s going to get it. He wanted to go as Wellington, as ___(??), as Nelson… everything that they did in that day today will be far, far bigger. They now estimate that 400 million will view this pageant. He conceived it.

Well, I have words for the great man—-a truly great man—-but God played that part as he plays your part. The one who came and cleaned my house yesterday, the one who played that part was God, same God that is going to play this part. And these words that ring out from scripture, “Of those born of women none is greater than John; yet I tell you that the least in the kingdom is greater than John” (Luke 7:26).

No greatness in this world means anything whatsoever, nothing! That vision of Blake in The Vision of the Last Judgment when he saw this character, Araunah, mentioned in 2nd Samuel, the 24th chapter, and he had this threshing floor and David bought it (verse 21). When the plague struck Israel it came right up to that area and stopped.

So he bought it and there he built his altar. The word Araunah means “chief or ruler.” Who could be the chief or ruler but God. And he saw Araunah with a basket pouring out all the vanities of riches and all worldly honors, all worldly honors, all the medals that are pinned upon you, like this pageantry that will begin on Saturday. He wrote it…a great man… but he was only playing a part.

He doesn’t realize that the least in the kingdom is greater than John, but the very least, and the least in the kingdom could walk this earth completely unknown. Well, who would be the one who would be the least in the kingdom unknown? Christianity is based upon the affirmation that a series of events happened in which God revealed himself in action for the salvation of man; and every act was known only to the one in whom it happened.

It could not be seen or heard by another. That one in whom it took place could be believed or disbelieved, makes no difference. But he walks the earth and if these events happen in him, or in her, he is in the kingdom. “No one born of woman is greater than John; yet I tell you, the least in the kingdom is greater than John.” So the one in whom it happens has entered the kingdom. And it need not even be known where he places the little body.

I am told today that no one really knows where Blake was buried. They know where he was born, because his father was a milliner, and so he knew the house where the children were born. But where Blake seventy years later was buried no one knows, possibly in some unknown, unmarked grave of poverty. But he saw in this perfect vision the casting out of all the vanities and riches and all worldly honors.

So what would concern you about a great, great funeral? But if you are given that way, it’s perfectly alright. And I’m quite sure you will look at it, I will, and so on Saturday undoubtedly I’ll turn the whole thing on as though I’m in a theater and watch the whole grand pageant.

You can’t take anything from him, perfectly marvelous, wonderful character that was played by God. God played that part, wonderful part. But he’s also playing your part. Don’t forget for one second that God is one, God isn’t two. So the God that played that part is not a less God than the God that plays your part.

So, all that you can hope for is to pray that this series of events marking your entrance into heaven will take place in you. Because no matter how great you are in the eyes of man, it doesn’t compare to the least in the kingdom of heaven. So let everyone seek only the kingdom.

And you’re told in the beginning it starts by practicing revision. The word is not revision; it’s called repentance, and repentance simply means “to become another person,” another person. As I stand here, if I have any impression that’s unlovely and I change it and put in its place a lovely impression, at that very moment I am another person, for I am the sum total of all of my beliefs, all of my impressions.

So any one change in my life, no matter how small it is, concerning another, and I see him as I would like to see him or I see them as I would like to see them, or I hear other than what I heard and make it something lovelier, if I persuade myself of the reality of this change of attitude, I am another person. And in that other person, alright, I became a new being.

After much multiple changing within my own world as I exercise this talent, then I am called. I can’t tell you what moment in time we’re called, because no one knows how far back we really go. You and I didn’t begin a few years ago in the mother’s womb and we don’t end in the grave.

No one ends in the grave. But we began a way back; and then when we began, everything was perfect, a fragmented being, but everything was perfect. But we’re no earthly good as powers beyond this world unless we have freedom of expression. And so, as that was granted to man he makes mistakes and he tries to overcome the other on the outside. He does all things against his fragmented self until he hears the story. That’s why it’s so very important that everyone should hear the story: The story of God becoming man that man may become God.

So we all hear it, and we’re told the beginning of it, the change is repentance. Then you’re told repentance means “a change of attitude” and the change of attitude should be radical. May I tell you, you can start now, this moment, and start doing it. It takes itself into your dream world. Your dreams are not the normal dream thereafter. You find yourself in dream not allowing yourself to be carried with the wind, not allowed in any way to be simply a thing moving across the world. You are in control of everything that you do.

The opening up of a book in dream…you know exactly what you’re doing. You know the title and you read it and you know everything is taking place in dream. It becomes that controlled by you. You’re not a victim of your wandering attention; you are in control, you are master and director of that attention. It goes right into that state. And when you depart from this world after these experiences take place in you, you leave it forever.

Yet everyone left is your fragmented self and everyone has to be redeemed. You can’t let one be lost—-“Nothing can be lost in all my holy mountain.” So when you depart having had these experiences, don’t think for one second that you have been detached from your world. It’s your world…you are the God that fragmented himself in this world, so everyone has to be redeemed. But then you will be in that controlling world as it were.

As we are told, and this is the new translation in what is known today as the New English Bible: “You’ve heard the words, ‘And the first man Adam became a living soul; the second Adam became a life-giving spirit’” (1 Cor. 15:45). But that’s not the translation today: “The first man Adam became an animate being”—-mark the words “an animate being”; “the second Adam has become a life-giving spirit.” The first an animate being…how true that translation is.

This whole vast world is animated and therefore not to be condemned. Any condemnation is to the being animating it, not to the thing animated. So the first man Adam became an animate being; the second Adam has become a life- giving spirit. After the series of events you become the life-giving spirit. So you will be above, and you’ll understand the words: “You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world” (John 8:23).

He’s telling you by the series of events within him that he becomes part of the controlling, life-giving spirit; and therefore he could cry, “Father, forgive them; they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34). Forgive every being in this world for whatever he’s done and whatever he is doing. And knowing this, change it. Forgive everyone and then in your own mind’s eye change him. He can’t help it, he just can’t help it.

For if there is any condemnation, said he, “You have no power over me unless it were given to you from above; so he who delivered me into your hands, he has the greater sin” (John 19:11). So no one can condemn me were it not given to him from above. And he takes the whole vast world and forgives it.

Now look upon the cross in this sense tonight, for this is the art of dying. Don’t see a man on a wooden cross, 2,000 years ago, hanging for three hours, and then rising three days later from a grave. See yourself in this manner—and I’m quoting now from the 6th chapter of the Book of Romans—“If we have been united with him in a death like his, we shall certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his” (Rom. 6:5).

See the change in tense? “If we have been united with him in a death like his”—-that’s past, that’s all over, our crucifixion is over; now comes the future—-“we shall be united with him in a resurrection like his.” The resurrection is taking place. As he said in his letter to Timothy, “Those who teach that the resurrection is over and past are misleading and turning people from the true faith” (2 Tim. 2:18). It isn’t over; it has started and is taking place.

Well, we’re all united with him in a death like his; all were crucified with God. Now God has risen. The first took place; and in all God is rising, in all. Everyone is rising as God…not another little being…only God is rising. So here, everyone has gone through the act of being crucified with God, and everyone shall rise, as he has already risen. He rose in one. He’s rising in all but one after one after one, and all gathered into one being. So this is the story of death: The art of dying. So he’s now on the cross, your cross, and the three days or the three hours…and mark it well in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, “On the third day, the earth rose up out of the deep” (1:9). Three is a symbol of resurrection.

You’re rising by practicing the art of revision. You are rising…every moment in time that you die…every little kindness to another is a little death in the Divine Image. So every time that you see someone in distress, and you revise it, and persuade yourself of the reality of the revision, you die. This is death.

And so everyone is on the cross, and he’s crying out, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” And every time that you actually revise any being in this world and believe in the reality of your revision, you die. So, “Every kindness to another is a little death in the Divine Image; nor can man exist but by brotherhood.”

So it’s one grand fragmented being and these are the brothers; when all are put together again and brought back into one, we are the fathers. We are The Father when united; we are the brothers in conflict when we don’t understand it.

When we begin to see the vision, we are brothers in love, and take care of everyone and lift him up in us. As we are lifted up in ourselves by revising it, we are gradually being called back into that unity that is our unity, and that unity is God the Father. So everyone is called upon to practice it. Tonight, I invite you to start it. Because no matter how great you are in this world—-you could be the richest of the rich, the most honored of the honored—- and yet if you have not had the experiences as described in scripture concerning Jesus Christ, you’re not in the kingdom.

And as we are told, “No one born of woman is greater than John; yet the least in the kingdom is greater than John,” because all the honors of the world are poured out, all the riches of the world are poured out, no matter what they are they are completely poured out. Men today not knowing this they will plan to survive the grave by building monuments to themselves, libraries to themselves, and all kinds of indulgences to themselves to perpetuate that memory in the minds of men…and all this is poured out, it means nothing. Only those who enter the kingdom of God…for that means life, to become a part of the life-giving power of the world.

So this new translation is true. You can read it in the New English Bible: “The first man Adam became animate.” I stepped into a room just like this and saw animate beings, and I thought they had life in themselves, I thought so.

At that moment I knew that their life was in me, they didn’t have it in themselves at all. Looking at them, I arrested in me that which I felt, and they were not animate…all the animation was in me. They were completely still and I examined these clay forms.

Everything known to man in this world was not so at all, even the law of gravity. Things didn’t fall that should fall. Birds in flight remained still and not one thing could bring them down, just simply still. And when I released in me that which I had arrested, they moved on and continued a seeming life in themselves…and it wasn’t there at all. So I tasted in that moment the power of the age to come.

So he speaks of the two ages, this age and that age. This age is the animate age, the first Adam; and we’re all moving toward that age where we are the operant power. And we taste it from time to time. That was a great tasting that night. But before you get to that point and taste it that way, you can experiment this way and prove you can operate it by changing within yourself attitudes.

A complete change of attitude results in corresponding changes in the outer world. And when you prove it, then you are on the way, and eventually you reach that point where you will be called one night to taste of the power. Here you do it without really knowing it, but that night you will taste it.

When you see some man stand before you who was walking and he intended to walk outside of the house and you arrested him—-not by putting your hand on him, you didn’t shoot him, you didn’t command him to stand still—you simply stopped something in yourself. As you stopped it, he stopped and he couldn’t move. Then you examine him and he isn’t alive at all, he’s dead. He was only, at that moment, an animate being, and you didn’t realize until that moment you were the cause of his animation.

Today, you are the cause of your whole vast world round about you. You’re animating everything in your world. And so you can try it. Take someone who is distressed, in your mind’s eye bring that one into your mind and represent him to yourself as you would like him to be, and see him, in time, conform to that representation. Well, didn’t you do it?

If this is the lowest level, and you do it with another, then you do it with another. Every time you do it with someone for the better of the other you died. Because, before you did it you lived to that limitation; it’s all in you.

If someone is unemployed and you know of it, well then, in you that’s an image, that’s a belief, and man is the sum total of all of his beliefs. So you die to that belief: Now you represent him to yourself as gainfully employed, he’s never had more, he’s never been better. And then he becomes gainfully employed and he’s never had more. At that moment you gave up one thing; as you gave it up, you died. And so, “Every kindness to another is a little death in the Divine Image; nor can man exist but by brotherhood.”

So this is brotherhood—-taking everyone and transforming everyone within yourself. For, “All that you behold, though it seems to be on the outside,” it isn’t really, “it’s all within, in your Imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.” And then will come that moment in time that you’ll be called to taste of the power, real power. And then you will see why the cry on the cross is so true: “Father, forgive them; they know not what they do.” They don’t know it. They are living in a world of impressions, a world of beliefs. They are the sum total of all their beliefs.

And they don’t know how to overcome it, because they have not heard the story…or having heard it they do not believe it. And the story begins on the statement: “The time is fulfilled, the kingdom of heaven is at hand; repent and believe the gospel.” That’s how it begins, “Repent!” Repent means “to become someone else, become another person”; and you always become another person at any moment in time that you change your opinion about anything in this world.

If the change of opinion sticks, if it sticks, then you died to what you formerly believed, and you don’t believe what you don’t want to believe. Believing it, you externalize it. Externalizing it, you live in an entirely different world. Experiencing this change of beliefs, one day you are called, and being called, you go through all of the experiences as described in scripture about Jesus Christ. If you read the story carefully there isn’t one thing said of Jesus Christ that was heard or seen by another…all within himself the drama unfolds.

Then he goes back into scripture and he finds confirmation for that which is taking place in him, and he tells it to the world. But he doesn’t look the type…he’s not the majestic being that they thought one should look like when he comes into the world. They are looking for him in this world…and they can’t understand the words, “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Cor. 15:50). Hasn’t a thing to do with flesh and blood.

What I look like physically hasn’t a thing to do with the being that is wearing this garment. You don’t see the being wearing this garment. No one can see the being wearing this garment. You may see flashes, you may see a moment, but you don’t see the unmasked being wearing the garment.

So if you judge by appearances then you aren’t going to see…not the real being. So when he comes into the world, he’s a normal person as we are, nothing really to rave about, nothing to write home about, no background. He doesn’t leave a monument. Today they can’t find any sepulcher where he was really buried. They’re looking in the wrong place. No matter what they build in the little area called the Near East, they haven’t found any spot where “he” walked.

So he walks in this world, clothed in garments that would disguise him. And when that moment in time is right, these experiences happen in him. As they happen in him, he knows exactly who he is; and he waits and marks his time until that moment in time when he departs, and departs for the last time, no returning. But he can’t leave his fragmented self. He joins the world of controlling the power; and not one will be missed, not one will be lost, and everyone will be brought back and redeemed into the one form which is God the Father.

So tonight, this little art of dying is a true art, and everyone must practice it. If tonight you took any one person in your world and actually changed him in your mind’s eye, and believed in the reality of this imaginal change, and then tomorrow or next week or next month he conforms to it, not only he has changed in your world, he changed because you changed; for there’s nothing on the outside.

So when he becomes the man you want him to be, it’s only because you changed first. Then you understand the words, “We love him, because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19). So we start the act of doing it within ourselves, and they only respond, they reflect, they can’t help it, and all reflect the changes in us.

Every time that change takes place in us it takes place on the outside and all these are the deaths. So we get back to that wonderful statement of Blake in the 96th Plate, “Every kindness to another is a little death in the Divine Image.” Now let us go into the Silence and bring about a little death. * * *

Before we have the questions, that book that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago finally arrived, The Future of Man. The author is considered not only a great theologian—-he was a great Jesuit, he’s gone from this world now—-but a great physicist. I read the book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

You may not agree with everything in the book, but it stimulates, it fires the mind. That’s all that a book should be good for anyway. It does jolt you from moment to moment. And so, this has just arrived, and Grace and Jack they have it tonight on the table, The Future of Man. I have found it a very fascinating book.

He was a great Jesuit…died in New York City on, I think, Easter Day, two years ago. He was silenced by the Vatican, shipped off to China, not allowed to print anything that he wrote while he lived, because it was controversial and in conflict with the policies of the Vatican. But he remained faithful to his Catholic belief and never wavered for one moment. And so he allowed the voice of the Vatican to silence him, went silently on to China, and did his duty there, brought back to France, and he came to America.

While visiting a friend in New York City on Easter Day had a heart attack and made his exit. He was seventy, just about seventy. He writes…of course it was written in French and so it’s a translation…but whoever translated did a marvelous job, beautifully done. So I can’t recommend it any higher than that. I personally was fired by the book. Now are there any questions?


A: (inaudible) The question is, “When a man sets out to be a priest, he must know that it’s not literal after years of study, and yet he teaches it?” Well, my dear, I think that is true of almost every profession, that man discovering the limitation of his own profession and finding himself beyond the point of changing professions, and living in a world of Caesar where rent must be paid and food bought, he continues to live the little lie. On the other hand, if you have all of this from above, from above the world of Caesar, you dare not violate it or you’ll be silenced forever.

So they cannot, they cannot go out and be unfrocked. Many of them are. We don’t publicize how many people leave the church, you know, we only publicize the converts. But more people who become priests and ministers of the Protestant faith and rabbis leave it than remain in it. But they are never publicized, that’s the hush-hush, because why publicize it? Some become violent. A chap came to me in New York City and he was a priest here in this state for fourteen years.

That night that he came he brought a raft of people with him, all whooping it up because he had left the Catholic Church and became violent in his opposition. Well, I didn’t approve of that at all. They were all for it, because they were opposed to it, too. And they were…I will not mention the “ism” that they joined— they were not Catholics—-but they were so glad that a Catholic priest would do what he did that they all sponsored him. They came in with rocks that big.

They had all the wealth of the world hanging on them, and they were all behind him. Well, I didn’t approve of it at all. I told them that you’ve never heard Christianity and from the platform I taught. After the meeting he said, “I never heard this before.” I was speaking that night on forgiveness. Well, he had been forgiving people for fourteen years as a priest, but he had never known the art of forgiveness.

Every time he saw them on the street thereafter he knew exactly what they confessed the day before or a year ago. He never changed any attitude in himself relative to the one that he supposedly forgave. He heard their confession and gloated in it; and then for all these years he remembered exactly what they said so he could hold it against them. He hadn’t once changed himself.

So at the end of fourteen years he went berserk, drank like a fish, and that night that he came to the meeting he was really loaded. Came back the next night, came four times, then he sent me a book that he wrote. I won’t mention his name, because, undoubtedly, you’ve heard of the book. But that I don’t call…that is not Catholicism.

If one hears the story and really believes it, you could be in any denomination in this world. I was reading today the great Disraeli and Disraeli was Prime Minister of England—- one of the greatest that England ever had—-and he became Lord Beaconsfield. Disraeli said that Christianity was the flower of Judaism.

Well, here is the great Jew making that statement. He went beyond both and saw the whole thing as an unfolding drama in the mind of man. That was Disraeli. He never gave up Judaism, any more than Paul gave up Judaism. Paul never gave up… he saw the flower appearing on the tree. What is the purpose of a tree but to bear fruit. If it is a flower-bearing tree, a flower should appear; if it is a fruit-bearing tree, the fruit should appear.

So here is the tree…well, what is the purpose of the tree? To either bear fruit or bear the flower. And Christianity is the bursting of the flower of all that was promised in Judaism. So if a priest doesn’t understand it…not everyone understands it…you’re taught it in a certain way and, alright, you believe that this thing is secular. It isn’t secular history at all, it’s salvation history.

So I don’t condemn the priest who teaches it after he happened to discover it. Maybe he is too old to start afresh, he can’t get out. But many of them leave it and lose themselves in the crowd, many of them do. A few, like Luther, well, he became the symbol of the breaking through of all things. Luther is the giant in the Christian world. He reached the point he couldn’t take it and he broke through and left his mark behind him.

But not everyone has the fire of a Luther to break through. They will just simply adjust themselves to the world. Any other questions, please? Well, do practice the art of dying…and you won’t really die. You will die and not really die. You will die to what you now believe and live to what you want to believe, and become the greater for the dying. Thank you. Goodnight.

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The Making Of Miracles | You do not have to manifest commitment, it is already done

The Making Of Miracles | You do not have to manifest commitment, it is already done

There is NO soul here, who is without a mate. Not one. Certainly not you.


I have created this word, to symbolize “who does what” in terms of manifesting.

The very idea of the Law of assumption, of “manifesting” , taps into a universal law. The law that says that: “imagination creates, or “ your assumption cretates”.

It is by far the hardest of all to grasp, I struggled  SO MUCH with this, and I recognize the same struggle in others.

Who is supposed to do what?

The YouTube viewer called Eternal abundance recently pointed out that Neville said that we don’t have to “lift a finger”, it will come to pass, and this is correct.

This means that we have to recognize that God/Universe/ Consciousness does the arranging behind the scene, and puts people in the right place at the right time and so on. God puts the oxygen next to the hydrogen and binds them so that we can have water. 

This means that our intention is enough. Our assumption is enough. Our imagination is enough.

When you wonder if you should “affirm for commitment” you have forgotten to give over doership.

This wondering, can be felt like a tension inside, a resistance in the chest, or a tightness of the shoulders. Carrying the world on the shoulders. 

Doership means that you recognize WHAT you are supposed to do, i.e., should you wash the dishes so that your family can eat off of clean plates? Yes. Should you “affirm for the water molecule formation” so that you can wash the dishes? No.

Understanding Doership means that you understand that going beyond your duty or manipulating the turn of events, is you micromanaging God. 

Who created relationships, who created male and female, who created our soul and the split of the primordial soul into two souls that fit perfectly into two human bodies at the same time in this dimension, perfectly together like puzzle pieces? God.

There is NO soul here, who is without a mate. Not one. Certainly not you.

What do you have to do to create this person? Nothing. It is already done.

Can you be open hearted enough to notice when you might have met them? If you meet them do you have to “manifest commitment” from them? No. That is ALREADY BUILT INTO THE CREATION. It is already done.

This part is already done, and when you meet someone and there is a spark of recognition, and an interest on both parts, that means that this already has the potential of marriage manifested. Everything is already made manifest. You do NOT have to create this. 

You never have to manifest all the moving parts, you never have to worry about getting commitment, this is part and parcel of your love, of the relationship, it is completely safe to assume that commitment is part of meeting this person in the first place. There is no need to work on more self love, (especially if you can’t get a handle on what that even means) There is no need to worry about a single thing. God is the doer, and this is already done. If you have met your person, then the commitment is done, but just let things take their time, let yourself get to know this person without creating tension. AT least try to wait to create tension until you are in a relationship and you know each other better….

When we meet someone who God has lined up as a potential life partner, he didn’t just FORGET the part about commitment. It is already part of the plan.

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The mirroring that we see in our love relationships begins when we begin to micromanage, and worry, and resist the natural flow. The longer we have been together, the more the relationship has become a mirror, and it can easily be a phenomenal, good, juicy, and amazing mirror. BUT if it isn’t that is FINE. This is part of what enlightenment calls “chop wood and carry water”. Just treat whatever comes up in the relationship down the line as something that is meant for you, as a stepping stone, to get you two to be closer, and for you to know yourself better, know yourself as soul, and as God. 

That is all that any of it means. 

If the tension and resistance happens within you so fast, that you are barely out of the initial dating stages yet,  and you think that you have to “manifest commitment”, then you just got a hint from yourself to work on boundaries, on self respect, on self validation, and general self care. It could be that you need to address some remnants of codependency or love addiction, or it could be something else. Are you from a divorced home and need to work on understanding what is expected of you and a partner because you didn’t naturally get that, then go ahead and find some couples who you can use as a model for a good relationship.

Everything is already created, so all you have to do is intend. All you have to do is assume that you are the person who you want to be. Who is that person? Happy, relaxed, and at easy in your relationship.

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Lifting a finger?


You DO actually have to lift a finger still though, but not in terms of taking over doership from God, he has already created this for you remember, it is done.

What you have to do is to be a GOOD partner. Obviously.  Be that as soon as possible, so if you still have a few rough spots still, like codependency, or  manipulative behavior or control issues, then work on those for the time being. There is nothing that is going to happen faster by “affirming for commitment”  THAT is God’s work, and he already did that. It is done.   The commitment is done. You can go ahead and focus on something else, like thinking about how amazing you feel when you are together.

Not lifting a finger refers to the fact that you will not have to fuse the water molecules together in order to get the water into your sink to wash the dishes so that your family has clean plates. But you still have to wash the dishes. In other words, you still have to live a normal life, so try to learn how to enjoy the journey.  

And for the specific person who prompted this video, if you have an addiction to sex, this is what you have to focus on fist. I bring this up in my free codependency course on my website. Drug and alcohol addiction, gambling addiction and sex addictions should be treated like emergencies. Dive into a twelve step group, let your prospective partners know about this when the time is right. The moment you take yourself seriously, the world will too. The moment you admit to having this problem, and that it seriously destroys your life, that is the moment your life turns around. An emergency is something that takes priority right now, in the moment. For example, if a monastery full of zen monks smell smoke and see flames coming from the monastery, they still have to run outside and call 911 no matter how zen they are. An emergency has to be handled NOW. Sex addictions should be treated like an emergency, it will destroy your life hard and fast otherwise.

So, in short, you do not ever have to manifest a commitment.

God is not waiting for you to affirm for commitment, he is waiting for you to be an okay partner for your specific person. 

Get that handled and things will move forward. 

Addicts really do have a hard time getting to the point of seeing how much it hampers your life, but if you want to become more and more like the image of God, then you have to understand that everything that you give your power away to, like an addiction,  reduces your likeness with God.

Miracles happen by following this recipe. Know who the doer really is, understand that your surroundings are mirroring what you should overcome by showing indifference and by being mindful of the correction that happens when you rise above, and when you get out of the way of God’s actions by focusing on your own actions.


Doership means that you recognize that everything is already made manifest, and you don’t have to create anything. It is done. Just do your normal human living life part. All you have to do is to INTEND.

Mirroring happens in all relationships after a while, but if you have a lot of resistance it happens faster.

Lifting a finger. You still have to chop wood and carry water. The normal stuff.

This is how miracles happen

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One more for the becoming indifferent to CIRCUMSTANCE!

One more for the becoming indifferent to CIRCUMSTANCE!

The number one, biggest obstacle that people believe stands between them and their fulfilled life is still circumstances.

The most asked question is ALWAYS about circumstances, as if one circumstance was different and was the one circumstance that actually mattered.

Your head and your heart needs to be in agreement when you manifest, the feeling of confidence, of KNOWING that this is what you are going for can only come when mind and emotions have agreed. This is why people ask “but should I manifest this sp or the divine selection”

There is no divine selection that someone else can advise you on, there is only you, and the true and genuine connection that your heart has with another soul, and your mind that agrees that this is a good person for you.

There is no outer force that decides for you  what fulfills you. Your heart knows, and your mind agrees that this is good. That is it. If the two are in agreement you become unstoppable.

Circumstances might always show you opposition, but your task is to show the opposition indifference.

You know what you want right?

Now end the arguments in your mind, and tear down the walls around your heart, this is not a time for false modesty.

This is a time to say YES! THIS is me, this is who I am, and THIS is who I am becoming.

Unconditional indifference  to opposition, and unconditional commitment to the person you want to be.

Commit and detach.

  1. Commit to yourself, to who you want to be
  2. Detach from the fear of circumstances.

TRAIN yourself in to serenity and stability, instead of the roller-coaster knee-jerk reactions

This is FAITH IN ACTION, you have to practice this daily. It doesn’t matter how many times you read something if you don’t put it to practice.

  1. You create based on who you want to be
  2. Stay the course no matter how many naysayers there are, their opinion has nothing to do with you
  3. You must want this to the extent that you are willing to forget everything that shows you the opposite.
  4. Reinforce the state of your future self in the NOW, this is the appointed hour
  5. Become this desired you today, buy the pearl.

You don’t ever need to ask anyone if you “can” manifest this or that, ONLY ask your own head and your own heart and make sure the two are in agreement.

close up shot of a woman with big smile

There is no mountain to climb

There is no opposition that is stronger than the divine in you

Show indifference to everything except your future self

Commit wholeheartedly to the you that you want to be

There is NO WAY that THAT what you desire, does not exist, simply because, if you desire it it is because it exists for you. It is universal law, it exists, and it is waiting for you.

So how do you become one with this?

According to the transformation that you make to become the “New Man

That thing that you desire, you desire it because it exists. Because it exists, it is causing you to desire it.

It exists in a state of potential.

This applies to everything that you desire.

Now you have to remove the space between you and that thing.

You have to buy the pearl, and buy into your dream of who you want to be, and NOT buy into the obstacles that suddenly appeared in your path. Those obstacles are not meant for you to cave into, you now must transform into the new you, by being indifferent to circumstances.

Are you manifesting your love? You can’t just show up to the party with a long list of demands, you also have TO BECOME that which you want to be.

Does this person or this SP awaken your fears and your insecurities? Overcome them, and overcome every challenge, transform that negativity, and you will become your long list of demands. We manifest what we are, not what we want.

If you have it to give, that means that you are now what you wanted to become. Give freely.

You are one with your desires.

You are one with your desires.

Make your will like God’s will and God will make his will like your will

Our purpose here, is to be like God

Many people are seeking for their purpose, and wondering why they are here perhaps, and whatever your direction your desire is calling you,  to do it it is in the direction of your purpose. 

Ultimately, everyone’s purpose is to “be like god” that is God’s intention, we are told that we are created in the image of God, who is all powerful, and all loving, and so on,  we are not created in the image of animals who operate on a system of instinct and survival, not on a system of desire.

You are created as one with your desire, your dreams and visions for yourself,  You are also  one with your INTERPRETATION of the desire, because you become according to your own interpretations. Your assumptions about yourself.  Your purpose is always to realize your divinity, that is everyone’s purpose, Know that the animals are created with survival instincts, and you are created with desires, hopes, and dreams.

Sometimes people hear that you “shouldn’t have any desires”  by way of Buddhism, a thoroughly misunderstood concept, with the misunderstanding dating as far back as the equally misunderstood concepts of the Bible, the birth of Christianity.   This adds an interpretation of guilt for having desires, on top of already feeling separate.  Adding guilt on top of our nature, is the opposite of manifesting in a sense, because manifesting is about adding love on top of everything, including offenses. Love covers all transgressions as they say. The reason for that saying is because that is the direction of realizing our divinity. Love covers all transgressions is the path to becoming like God.

The thing is, whether you should or shouldn’t have desire is irrelevant, because we all have different things that we want, that we hope for or dream of.

You have desires.

 End of story. 

 Everyone does. 

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We have desires for a reason, and that reason is to coax ourselves back to harmonious oneness.  We were created in the image of God not in the image of animals.  Some people call the harmonious realization of oneness,  enlightenment,  but I want to steer away from that term for our purposes, because people start chasing enlightenment as if it was just an experience to have, or a drug trip, and it is not.  

How are you already one with your desire and how is it equal to your purpose here? I want you to start thinking exactly like this: 

The root of this understanding is once again, oneness, and if oneness is all, then your desire can not be separate from you. If it is, then oneness does not exist. The idea of not desiring comes from the shift from before you have, to after you have, that is all.   Example:  First you are hungry, then you eat, after you eat you are not hungry. The unstruck sound concept is this, it is after the desire (of self realization) has been met.   After fulfillment there is a momentary satisfaction.  The reason why it is momentary is of course because we quickly desire something else. If you desire a career move after you have it you will develop another desire for yet something else.  An experience, more freedom, greater joy, or love in your life and so on.  It is our path forward in life, and our way of separating ourselves from our basic biological nature.  Our desires are an anchoring point, that connects us with our conscious awareness, it is like a light that is shining through, into our hearts and minds. Think, from now on,  of your desires as simultaneously your purpose, and as one with you

Neville Goddard’s teachings is the ”light” version of  esoteric, scientific, and spiritual teachings that date back thousands of years, and this  boiled down version that he teaches omits many things,  but the essence of one consciousness is there front and center.  

“The awareness of being as God is stated hundreds of times in the New Testament. To name but a few: “I AM the shepherd, I AM the door; I AM the resurrection and the life; I AM the way; I AM the Alpha and Omega; I AM the beginning and the end”; and again, “Whom do you say that I AM?” It is not stated, “I, Jesus, is the door. I, Jesus, is the way,” not is it said, “Whom do you say that I, Jesus, am? It is clearly stated, “I AM the way.”  The awareness of being is the door through which the manifestations of life pass into the world of form. Consciousness is the resurrecting power – resurrecting that which man is conscious of being.  Man is ever out-picturing that which he is conscious of being.  This is the truth that makes man free, for man is always self-imprisoned or self-freed. If you, the reader, will give up all of your former beliefs in a God apart from yourself, and claim God as your awareness of being – as Jesus and the prophets did – you will transform your world with the realization that,  “I and my father are one.” This statement,  “I and my father are one, but my father is greater than I, “ seems very confusing  but if interpreted in the light of what we have just said concerning the identity of God, you will find it very revealing.  Consciousness, being God, is as ‘father.’ The thing that you are conscious of being is the ‘son’ bearing witness of his ‘father.’ It is like the conceiver and its conceptions. The conceiver is ever greater than his conceptions yet ever remains one with his conception. For instance, before you are conscious of being man, you are first conscious of being.  Then you become conscious of being man.  Yet you remain as conceiver, greater than your conception – man.” 

– Neville Goddard, At Your Command

In the Bible,  we are told that we are ALL SONS OF GOD, so we can know that we are on equal footing with Jesus, and here Neville explains that we are also one and the same as “the father”, that in fact, the father is our own consciousness. 

One consciousness can be expressed as I AM God.  

This means that the entirety of creation exists potentially only, in  our consciousness, and then the question becomes, what do you WANT to express as part of your own experience. If all that is, is your mind expressing your consciousness and what you are conscious of being, why don’t you just choose to be conscious of being exactly what you want?  It is true that there are a lot of experiences  out there in the world, including  that which  we don’t desire,  and so why are those experiences happening? 

Because we accept them as true. 

We don’t have to accept anything as true that we are not fully happy with. Imagine that right now there are regimes in the world that you don’t live under, like communism, or fascism. These things are real, and yet you understand that you are not obligated to participate in that experience. This sifting and sorting of experiences that we like and don’t like is part of how we approve or deny our own world of circumstances.  Our free will gives us everything that we need to have in order  to deny unwanted life experiences, but they seem so real that we fall for the illusion.  Neville Goddard says to accept only what is “lovely”, meaning, give your attention only to what you desire, and put blinders on for everything else.

There is actually no other way for us to return to “the garden of eden”, meaning to live out an experience that is purely happy, pleasurable and easy. 

This sounds wrong to people who are taught to physically go out there and fight for justice, to change the world through action,  but the fight for justice goes nowhere if  we don’t change the contents of our conscious experience, if we don’t possess the knowledge of these spiritual/scientific concepts. We produce the conscious awareness of having to fight just the same as we possess the conscious awareness of being at peace. We are the ones who have the conscious awareness of being chosen, loved, adored and the happy star of your own life, just as much as we are the ones who have the conscious awareness of not being good enough, never chosen, and not worthy. 

An assumption that there is something that we are up against manifests circumstances that we have to fight.  A personality plays a huge role in this, and an ability to resist the temptation to fix everything will help, if you have this “fix the world” or “fix other people” or fix your specific person” personality.  Begin with putin on blinders to faults, and create an assumption that everything works out perfectly without your interference.  Think instead, that everytime you let things work out on their own, it fixes itself much faster.

In one way we are just a hologram out pictured by the one consciousness, and without that one consciousness we don’t even exist. Consciousness exists always, in undiminished form, and sometimes we interpret “becoming” more aware, or achieving greater levels of consciousness as something that is a distance away from us, or some time into the future. Like, if I meditate for 5 years, THEN I might stand a chance at higher consciousness but in actuality, it is always present in unchanging measure. There is one thing, one thing only that changes, and that is how our physical senses receive the light of this projector, or say, how we pick up on the sound of this  radio tower.  It is like consciousness is blowing air into a wooden flute, and we are the notes that emerge from the holes. We are inseparable from this air, this prana, and can not exist without it. We don’t exactly “become” enlightened” we already are, but our receivers (our senses) are filtering most of the content.  We are created this way to function as three dimensional beings, but other beings are created to function entirely differently, still, they too are sustained by the exact same consiousness. The third eye has the capacity to transmit a greater amount of this consciousness, but most people use their other senses so they don’t notice this. 

The light of consciousness shines on everyone alike, but our density of form varies, so we don’t all have the ability to notice this.  A human’s ability to experience consciousness is different from a tree, or a rock, or an angel, if you believe in those, but consciousness does not change.  Either way, the way a human being can become more aware is to follow their bliss. This does not require any particular understanding, it just means to follow your joy, follow your heart. Your heart’s desire. 

To follow your joy, you cannot simultaneously follow our urges to fix everything broken. 

The reason why people who don’t even try, get things that you drive so hard for, is that everything is already ours and the harder we try, we put a block into the natural flow. Sometimes when people are “manifesting” they are just creating delays. It is better to let go entirely. The intention technique works best for people who try too hard. Just exclaim your intention, and then fully let go.

“You cannot serve two masters or opposing states of consciousness at the same time.

Taking your attention from one state and placing it upon the other, you die to the one from which you have taken it and you live and express the one with which you are united.

Man cannot see how it would be possible to express that which he desires to be by so simple a law as acquiring the consciousness of the thing desired.” -Neville Goddaadr

How do you bridge this gap of continuously falling for the illusion, to experiencing the bliss, power, love and clarity of oneness?  You actually have an unbreakable  core bond with God, with this oneness, even if you are not able to experience this oneness at this time, and that core bond reveals itself in the form of your desires. It is the light of consciousness shining through, grab on to that light, it will take you there.  The light is shining on your joy, your relief, your acceptance or whatever emotion is a little bit better than where you are at the moment, it is like road signs have been put up for you to follow.

So in summary, you do NOT have to raise your consciousness, it is already raised. You just have to move in the direction of feeling better. 

You can have a lot of material luxury or physical wealth, if you can have nothing, it has absolutely nothing to do with how the light of consciousness is expressed through you.  Your greatest joy is a rope in the darkness.  The fact that your greatest joy is your transcendence. There is no amount of negativity in you, no amount of anxiety or fear that can block out the light of consciousness, it is still penetrating to every cell, every neuron, and every fiber of your being. If we were totally open to this light immediately from the place where you are standing it might feel like an electric shock or an epileptic seizure. 

In the Bible Abraham is symbolizing the light of consciousness, and his wife Sarah symbolizes the concentration of the physical form that receives the light.The two coexist, always. 

 Years ago, I was listening to my pastor give a sermon and he told a story of the monkey and the jar trap. He illustrated what he saw that people  experienced when he was working in addiction treatment facilities, but he also explained that this is what happens when we can’t  “let go and let God”, as the saying goes. This is the story:


 In Southeast Asia many years ago someone developed an ingenious method to catch monkeys alive and unharmed. The “Monkey Trap” they developed was very simple. The hunter would take a pot with a wide bottom and narrow opening and bury the pot in the ground to where the opening of the jar was just above the ground. In the jar the hunter would place a piece of fruit or nuts, and curiosity or hunger would attract the monkey to reach inside. The monkey reaches down into the narrow opening of the jar to grab hold of the treat, and as the monkey attempts to extract the treat from the jar, he finds that his fist full of food will not fit through the narrow opening! The monkey, excited and frustrated, may scream out as he continues to hold on to his food… but he will refuse to let go of it. The monkey sees the hunter approaching but instead of letting go of the food the monkey holds on tighter and tries harder to dislodge its arm and fist of food from the jar. Would you believe that sometimes people act just like those monkeys? People behave this way too, when we don’t believe that we are worthy of our desires, we hold on tightly when letting go would save us.   The freedom is already true for the monkey, but he holds onto the thing that will keep him trapped. We are the same, we hold on to what keeps us trapped in separation, all the while, freedom is right there.

Holding on tightly to our beliefs in potential loss, prevents our desires if from willingly entering our life, because the identity of the version of you that has the desire, is different from the identity of the version of you that thinks that you don’t have it so you have to chase it, or  hunt it down,  and put your foot on the neck of your desire and so on.  You don’t need to do anything, except consider it natural and normal that you should have what you now desire.  The energy of chasing or holding on is very opposite of the energy of simply  receiving or having.

You are the star of this show

You came here for the sole purpose of creating your best experience, one that pleases you to no end. You are not here to pay a debt, to suffer or to pay your karma, all of that is nonsense taught by people who misunderstand spirituality. You are here to overcome all that. Karma is nothing other than what we call subconscious programming, and overcoming our autopilot program is exactly what LOA is. Using our free will to create, rather than unconsciously creating as if on  autopilot.  

Whatever unconscious program we operate on before we learn about LOA is like a tunnel, and we have tunnel vision, we can see nothing else, but whether that tunnel is the tunnel of a villain or a hero, or the tunnel of a pacifist or a dictator is irrelevant from the perspective of oneness, because we are here to overcome false beliefs, regardless of what the false beliefs are.   

Every breath that you take is supporting the life your own body, not somebody else’s body, every beat of your heart is  just for you,  if your identity is that of a person who has to pay some mysterious debt until you are good enough and worthy it is as if you believed that your breath and your heartbeats supports somebody else’s body, like your neighbors.

You are here for your own experience, and there isn’t a single thing that you have to do to become worthy, because you already are worthy. You don’t have to pay a karmic debt for your breath to be absorbed by your lungs, or for your heart to beat. Rather, you have to overcome the tunnel vision of beliefs that keep you in a state of separation.  The idea of unworthiness is as flawed as if I told you that you have to pay before your heart will beat its next beat. 

The reason why it seems like there is something that you have to do before you get your desires is because you have taken on an identity of someone who is not worthy, or chosen, or good enough and the matching vibration is an experience that reveals that life experience of rejection. 

Tunnelvision. Whatever reality tunnel you live in, it is not truth, as one consciousness, it is an artificial reality that creates further belief in separateness. 

If you want to become one with your desire you have to decide that you are the most important person in your life, that is a given, from the fact that you are here living and breathing. By definition, nothing about you sustains the life of another, let’s say your neighbor, your kidney is not cleaning the body of your neighbor, just you. You are the one who is producing this show, nobody else. 

If you are struggling with a pervasive sense of unworthiness, think about your life and notice areas where you are chosen. If you have friends, nobody is forcing them to be your friend, if you had a boyfriend or girlfriend before, nobody forced them to be with you, they woke up every day of your relationship, and chose you again, and if you have a job, that employer chose you, nobody forced them to choose you. Find examples of where you are chosen, and feel the relief of noticing that these people and situations chose you, out of their free will. 

 Think of your breath, your breath is choosing you every moment. It chooses you, you don’t choose it. You might have got chosen by a pet, if you adopted a stray or went to the pound. You are actually chosen to have every one of your desires, and you just have to say yes to a desire.

 Like the adopted pet, you just have to say yes for you to take it home with you, or the friend.  .All your desires are just one yes away, and you don’t have to force the desire into your life, it is already yours, if you say yes.

You are created by a perfectionist, God, he did not make any mistakes when you were made, and you are a perfect match for your desired career, or for the love that you are dreaming of. Whatever it is, you are already a perfect match for your desire, and it is just you who can push it away for as long as you think that you have to wrestle it to the ground for some reason. Be still and become magnetic to  what is already meant for you.

Your desires ARE specifically yours

There is a story in the Bible of Isaac,  and of how his wife was manifested, a specific wife, not just any wife. She had to fulfill many  important requirements, and why not, we all have our own specifics that we feel are essential.  She would have to leave her own home country, and join him in his, and  more, she had to be  a distant relative of Isaac’s, this sounds weird to us, but this was to keep the Jewish lineage intact, so she had to be a relative, but distant enough that it wasn’t a problem, and so she had to be from a specific country, but couldn’t genetically be from that country, and she had to leave and live with him, so, to find the perfect wife, a highly-trusted servant was  sent  to travel all the way to the specific country, to their distant relatives, and find a wife there for Isaac.  I’m not going to read the story to you,  this chapter is the longest in the book of Genesis,  and is devoted to a description of the process of finding Isaac’s wife, a specific person. Clearly, being specific is important.  Furthermore, the request was that the servant should recognize the right person by way of divine signs. 

You can throw in anything that is right for you into your manifestation, after all, this is your life we are talking about, why would you NOT make your manifestations tailor made for you, and why would you not make the direction of your desires specifically and easily recognizable as yours when you find them?   I only wish all people were taught that this is inherently our birthright, to live as authentically as we can, and to not doubt in our hearts desire.  

Some things take a long time to manifest

It is easy to get discouraged when things take a long time, especially if you have watched a lot of videos that tell you that everything should manifest instantly or something is wrong with you. Everything has its own appointed hour, and there is no reason to get discouraged if you have manifested time delay.

The story of Joseph and his dreams and destiny  illustrate how  time delays, and the bridge of events is of no importance.

In this case Joseph had prophetic dreams at night, one example of his dreams were as follows:   

We (Him and his brothers who hated him out of jealousy) were binding sheaves of grain out in the field when suddenly my sheaf rose and stood upright, while your sheaves gathered around mine and bowed down to it.” 

 Now, for our purposes,  night dreams have the same meaning as the desires within you, namely, whatever interpretation you give it.  This  story about Joseph and his jealous brothers also explains how a “mirror maker”  functions in our life.

A mirror maker is anyone outside of us who we choose to believe in, it could be our circumstances or it could be a psychic or a religious leader, basically anything that we allow to shape our reality outside of ourselves.  In Joseph’s case it was his jealous brothers that helped to create the meanings for  Joseph.

Joseph’s brothers were crazy jealous of him, and every time Joseph told them of his dreams they got more and more jealous, since they interpreted the dreams to mean that Joseph would rule over them.  

In reality we have a choice of how to interpret and declare meaning, we have the power to declare any meaning we want both to dreams that we have at night, and to the dreams that are our hearts desire. We can accept or deny anything outside of ourselves.

The meaning-making rests in the hands of our own minds

When Joseph told them about his dream they were jealous and scared that he would rule over them as a king, they created this reality both for themselves, and for Joseph. Eventually they sold him to Egyptians who were traveling through, and then told their father that Joseph had been attacked and eaten by an animal. Eventually,  Joseph was sold again, this time to Potiphar, one of the Pharaoh’s officials, the captain of the guard.  Long story short, Potiphar’s wife tried unsuccessfully to seduce Joseph, and after false accusations were leveled at Joseph he was imprisoned.  Things just seem to get WORSE AND WORSE for Joseph. 

But, due to his ability to interpret Pharaoh’s dream he was made governor of Egypt, and he wisely rationed the country’s produce in preparation for a time of famine. In other words, the whole country did not starve to death because of him. During the famine his brothers  came to Egypt to plead with Joseph for supplies. They did not recognise him but after he was satisfied that they had changed their ways,  he revealed who he was to them, and then Joseph invited his father and brothers to come and settle in Egypt. 

Throughout this whole drama, Joseph is unfazed and completely aligned with his power, his love, and his clarity.  Everyone else is freaking out or reacting to circumstance, Joseph is the only one who is in his power. Chances are you will never face circumstances on that level of this story, but regardless, the ability to stay calm, cool and collected through a particularly dark seeming bridge of events separates the wheat from the chaff. 

How long did it take for Joseph to rule? At least a decade, maybe more. If it is your desire, it is worth it.

A couple more important points are revealed in the above story:

  1. Universe  is always at work to produce the fulfillment of your heart’s desire, your purpose, it is ALWAYS at work, even when it seems the opposite, and if you trust it even through the worst bridge of events, it comes as a pretty straight forward path, should you choose to rise above every circumstance with an attitude of gratitude. Love covers all transgressions.
  1. Even if other people seem to intend your demise, it will still work out perfectly for you, for your benefit, don’t get hung up on the details or the ill will of circumstances, it is STILL meant for your success. It might look like an evil plan, but it is leading you straight to your greatest good.
  1. God’s desire for us is identical to our own dream, because we are one consciousness, and even if we are totally unconscious or unawakened, we have access to our divinity by way of the dream we have for our life.  It is an unstoppable dream, which will be manifested by  grace, independent of circumstances, unless of course, we choose to become apathetic to our own dream. Make God’s will your will, and God will make your will his will, because it is one and the same, you are God.

I am God

This statement is part and parcel of the Law of Assumption, but it is not always so easy to grasp, and if you can’t don’t worry,  it is a process, and you don’t have to understand this for “it” to work. You might not know exactly how your microwave oven works, but you still can put cold food in there and turn the dial and get hot food to come out, and the Law works the same. It works even if you don’t understand it, and you are one with your desire even if you don’t understand how. 

 Our MINDS can’t always understand everything. We make the mistake of thinking that it can figure everything out, and that it is relevant to our manifestation, but it isn’t. Even the most brilliant mind can’t MAKE a miracle. Creation, at its most minute detail is an atomic fusion, and THIS we don’t have to do.   The mind is dual, it is a function of the biological body, and as such it is not capable of fully understanding the final piece of the puzzle anymore, say, an eye can see itself. AND  it doesn’t have to.

The ONE consciousness is the observer in you, and it is also the observer of the universe. It is THE ONE observer, in all, there is ONLY one consciousness.

“All things, when they are admitted, are made manifest by the light: for everything that is made manifest is light. [Ephesians 5:13] THE “LIGHT” is consciousness. Consciousness is one, manifesting in legions of forms or levels of consciousness.” – Neville Goddard

“Causes do not put the nature into motion, only the removal of obstacles takes place through them.” – Swami Veda Bharati

This means that there is nothing that you, yourself, can truly do, except for removing the obstacles that your mind creates. It is like preparatory work.  Once that is done, consciousness flows.  THE “LIGHT” is consciousness. Consciousness is one, manifesting in legions of forms or levels of consciousness.” as Nevlle said… Understand that it isn’t   you who have to flow the consciousness, it is already flowing, our disbelief is the obstacle, our doubts are the obstacle, our ruminating thoughts are the obstacle, our problem solving is even the obstacle. And why is that? Because there is no problem, and insisting on solving the problem puts the obstacle there. The problem was already solved. I express this as “doersip”, let go of doership.

  • Suppose that there is one.
  • One creator.
  • One consciousness.
  • And that is you.

We misjudge the divinity of all things that we think of as bad, as if some things were excluded from this law of one, and so this judgment upholds the existence of exactly everything that we judge. Remove your judgment, give a blessing and gratitude, and watch the so-called problem dissolve.

When we judge our desires as bad, or when we accept others’ judgment of us and our desires, or  we judge others’ desires as lesser than ours, or too  materialistic, or too shallow, or even evil, we uphold the manifestation of exactly that.

Blessing everything that we judge or fear is a big step for most  humans,  it seems counterintuitive, but eventually, a step that everyone will learn how to  take.   For example,  If Joseph’s brothers had not acted the way they did, then Joseph’s dream would not have come true, or it would have found a different roundabout way of fulfilling itself. Joseph continued to bless his brothers and to give gratitude throughout his decades-long drama.   When so-called evil happens to you,  do you thank the creator/God/Consciousness/Universe for advancing you towards your dream or do you curse the events, do you go into an immediate state of anxiety or anger?

Our desires are part and parcel of THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

Neville Goddard talks about the realization of the Christ Within, which he calls the human imagination.   

“Jesus Christ is not a man! He is not a person, but God’s plan of redemption which must be discovered and understood. To enter this world one must wear a body of flesh and blood; yet we are told that flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. It takes a spiritual body to enter that kingdom and my words are spirit! If I tell you a story that many in this audience have experienced, and you accept it, you too will experience the truth that will set you free. No man can set you free. This man called Neville is simply an agent expressing truth. It is not good enough for you to just understand it. You must believe – not in Neville – but in the truth he is expressing from this platform and his books. If I lie and you believe what I say then you can’t prove it and will remain a slave. And oh, the pain that is promised to the teacher who dares to lie and mislead those who trust him. (Read it in the Book of James.)

I am telling you what I have experienced, so I can’t lie. Jesus Christ, God’s story of salvation, has been fulfilled in me. I have experienced the birth; the discovery of God 

The majority of the people of the world will not accept my story, for they want a person on the outside as their personal savior. “ – Neville Goddard

“To know yourself is the only thing that you need to manifest anything. “To attempt to change circumstances before you change your imaginal activity, is to struggle against the very nature of things. There can be no outer change until there is first an imaginal change. Everything you do, unaccompanied by an imaginal change, is but futile readjustment of surfaces.” – Neville Goddard  

The only thing that differs between us all, between our particular desires,  is really just the level of awareness, or our amount of self-understanding that we have reached.  In reality, that is the only thing that varies; Our level of conscious awareness, and to what degree we understand ourselves. 

Our imaginal activity is generated by our interpretations of our desires. If you want love, but your interpretation of this is negative, that you are not good enough right now because you are overweight for example, then you are automatically imagining that you won’t get what you desire. An inner readjustment of your interpretation is the fastest way to open up the floodgates of your desires. 

Every individual  has the capacity to see the “return of the Christ.   Can you realize your own Christ within? The path is toward your desire, and away from duality of the mind, a continuous self correction. Your mind throws in doubt, and you self correct. 

We are created in God’s image, so we are distinctly different from other species, we are  not created in the image of animals.  We are like God, and our will happens to be identical to God’s will, but initially we identify as one of the animals, that is, a biological creature, just flesh and blood.  We are created in the image of God but  before we act like God and not like an animal,  we have to learn how to  identify as divine, and not as a mere biological being.

Becoming GOD

The way we become God, is by using our free will to align our will with God’s will, (to align with our consciousness)  This is easy, but we are not taught about this,  before we hear about this this   we are more or less aligned with biology, and are driven by our animalistic desires.  We also strongly identify with our bodies and our  minds, and we believe that we can do things on our own. 

The day that we begin to dentify with the observing consciousness within, we understand that there is not one single thing that we CAN do, that all things are done by God, by THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, and our only accomplishments when we try to interfere is a delay in God’s work. In short, we push miracles away the more we try to do on our own. 

Every time you inhale, oxygen molecules enter your lungs, and every oxygen molecule reaches the walls of the lungs, and gets picked up by four  iron atoms in the blood vessels, and forms hemoglobin molecules.  This  is the breath, the prana, it is your life. The molecular exchange gives you life a little bit longer.  Do you think that you have to MAKE this happen?  CAN you make this happen?  Just like you can do nothing to make this happen, there is not a single thing in this universe that you can make happen, on a molecular level.   WE are not the doers, and  we are not here to be problem solvers,  we are not the molecule exchangers and we can just relax and let the next breath come.  We  can just focus on the solution, because the problems are already solved. We are here to learn how to  trust that the problems are solved and to dwell in pleasure of the fulfillment of our dreams.   You do not have to be anxious, fearful or judgemental of the oxygen uptake of your blood, and you don’t have to be anxious about the perfect wellbeing of your life.

In so many ways, all ancient scriptures, and newer ones too, try to tell us to leave our cares to God, (and feel free to give the name to God that works for you, like consciousness or the universe.)  The trouble is that we don’t let go of trying to solve our problems, so we don’t let the solution come in,   we try, but most often we don’t, not fully let go, and as long as we keep on trying God can not work his miracle.

Imagine that you are a little child and you have a desire for something, and your mother knows, because she knows you and she is going to give you what you want, because she loves you. You desire ice cream, and there is one waiting for you in the freezer. Your mom has planned all along to give you the ice cream, after you are done with your dinner, this is why she bought the ice cream in the first place, but you are trying in all your childish ways to get the ice cream, you are begging her please please please, and you are even trying to sneak to the freezer on your own, to to take it. In your childish ways you are just hampering your mothers work. She is cooking your dinner, but now she is interrupted with your constant begging, and then she has to prevent you from getting into the freezer on your own. All of your actions are simply delaying your ice cream. She was going to give you your desire all along, and you will still get it, but now it’s taking a little bit longer, all because of your actions.   God is waiting to give you everything that you came here for, but you are out there on your own, thinking that you have to get your desires by hard work, or steal it like a thief in the night.   It is yours, and it was always yours, if you can chill and let God deliver it, you will be not only fulfilled, but also comforted that you are so safe, in God’s loving care.   Imagine yourself as a little toddler who has accepted that his mothers loves him through and through, and that he can comfortably wait for the ice cream, and that he can eat his dinner, and BE SURE that ice cream comes. 


Trust and surrender. 

When you are finally able to put absolute blind trust in God, you will be given everything because You are one with your desires. Make your will like God’s will and God will make his will like your will.

Make your will like your mothers will and you will have the ice cream. Her will is identical to your will, because she loves you.

When you childishly have to have things in the way that you want, you delay God’s work, you delay your manifestation. He will do it in his way, and it is alway the perfect way. 

Or imagine that you are sick and you go to the doctor, but once you are there you tell the doctor what you want your cure to be

You have to choose, either you do the path your way, or you do the path God’s way. Your will is God’s will and God’s will is your will, because you are one and the same, but God’s way is the best path there.  Don’t be anxious and fearful, the only one who doesn’t know the how is you.  The ONE CONSCIOUSNESS has a perfect path already, but you  have to chose to close your eyes to your own path and TRUST AND SURRENDER.  BLINDLY.   If you are trusting in your human power, or worse, in other people, yes, you can fail and fail again, but let go, and trust, God’s path can not fail. Remember that you don’t have to finagle the molecule exchange in your lung walls, you blindly trust that it will happen.

Not a single thinker or philosopher has ever created a miracle, there is no mind that is so brilliant that it can create the grace that is equal to receiving what you are not worthy of, only God/universe  can do this.  You can try to figure things out,  and to manipulate and finagle things into place, but all you can accomplish is the cause and effect of the natural world, only God can cause Grace. This is an undeserved gift of love, and we are all undeserving, but that means nothing.   When you let yourself create your dream in your heart and mind, and  you blindly trust that the way there is already created, you can finally abandon your anxious plotting behind, and just open your eyes to the God given path as it opens up for you. Walk that path, this is a path that Neville calls the bridge of events. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE. It can look like the wrong path to you. Walk with confidence and keep thanking God for fulfilling your desires.

Photo by Anna Shvets


Neville talks about this undeserved gift of the fulfillment of our desires in his Grace vs Law lecture:

“[And these three parts mark the great gift], called in the Bible “grace,” an unearned, unmerited gift. No one in this world is good enough to earn it; therefore, all will get it. God actually expresses to man a mercy with which man is incapable with his conscience of ever judging himself as worthy of redeeming. No man in this world with conscience and memory could ever judge himself as merciful as God does” – Neville Goddard 

The time that you have spent judging yourself or feeling unworthy can end here and now, because you manifest regardless. If you are feeling unworthy, you can just accept that and say to yourself that manifestation is above that, and it will in no way affect anything, and that on a large scale we are all unworthy anyway.

Neville also talks about the delay that we cause when we choose to put our trust in our own abilities rather than praying, or placing our trust in being in God, or universe remembering that it delivers every time:

“Now we are told that we could delay it. That’s why I find it difficult to believe that. But still it’s scripture; the 4th chapter of the Book of Hebrews, “And the good news preached unto us was also preached unto them; but it did not benefit them, because it was not mixed with faith in the hearer.” Now tonight some of you could reject it, and that may appear on the surface to delay your call and it may—I do not know. I have no assurance that you could delay it. But it would appear that rejection on the part of one because he heard it but did not accept it because it didn’t make sense to him, therefore, he rejected it. And I tell you, those who reject it—and maybe by your rejection, you delay your call—eventually you’re going to be called. Because he’ll put you through all the paces of the world until finally you have no power to reject the story when you hear it.” – Neville Goddard

Remember the example of the mother, who always intended to give her child exactly what he wanted, he just put her through extra work before she is able to give it to him, and he did this by his own doubt that his mother was already planning on giving him ice cream. 

When you are able to say no to the illusion.  When you are able to reject your own doubt and place your trust in the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS it is like you unlock another level of a video game.  Your flow opens up, and you are immediately leveled, or  up elevated to a new consciousness level, and this light of consciousness is revealed to you in a greater way. More trust is received by you, and new desires form, now they are a little more altruistic than before, you might have started to see others as yourself, or close to it. Everytime you trust in the love of the creator, you level up. This is equal to what people call a quantum jump. But at now time are you so far removed from the light of the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that you can not see a little tiny sparkle of light shining through in the form of a desire, a wish, a hope, or a dream.  

“Divine imagining and human imagining are not two powers at all, rather one. The valid distinction which exists between the seeming two lies not in the substance with which they operate but in the degree of intensity of the operant power itself.” – Neville Goddard

You understand this when you have shifted states at least once, and gone from one version of yourself and your world to another. The trust increases every time, and the intensity with which you dare to dream without casting doubts increases.  Creating the imaginal scene, completely free of doubts or questions of how this could possibly come to pass, without any fear of disappointment increases every time you have a success story of your own.

“Everything in the world owes its character to imagination on one of its various levels. “Objective reality”, writes Fichte, “is solely produced through imagination”. Objects seem so independent of our perception of them that we [tend]  to forget that they owe their origin to imagination.” – Neville Goddard

You are one with your desire, your dreams and your visions of yourself, and you are one with your INTERPRETATION of your desires.   Your purpose is to realize your divinity, so also your oneness with all, and we accomplish this by daring to believe in our dream.

The little kid who causes trouble before he gets his ice cream is imagining all the ways in which he can get the ice cream, he imagines if he cries and begs he might get it, he imagines if he sneaks to the freezer he’ll get it. He imagines that he has to take it or he won’t get it.  At the end of the day, he was creating out of his imagination but he also put the obstacles into place just as much as the ice cream itself.  The ice cream was his true desire, but he also imagined all the trouble he could go through to get it.  This is how we are with our GOD GIVEN desires. We imagine that we are not worthy, we imagine less than what we actually desire just because we are afraid to commit to our real desire.  

We want a career that is satisfying, fulfilling, rewarding and pays well for less hours worked, BUT instead we imagine how we can make the next buck, so rather than imagining the fulfillment of our desire we  imagine going to endless interviews, or we imagine NOT EVEN getting the interviews.  Sound familiar? And we do this for jobs we don’t even want! 

Imagination creates, but your desire is already a given.   Skip imagining the trouble.   Go straight to deliberately imagining nothing but the fulfillment of your desire, because there is not one single thing that you can do to become deserving or worthy.   Like Neville said, we are all unworthy but in God’s eyes he just loves to give to us ANYWAY.  

“Imagining the wish fulfilled brings about a union with that state, and during that union you behave in keeping with your imaginal change. This shows you that an imaginal change will result in a change of behavior.”

“However, your ordinary imaginal alterations as you pass from one state to another are not transformations because each of them is so rapidly succeeded by another in the reverse direction. But whenever one state grows so stable as to become your constant mood, your habitual attitude, then that habitual state defines your character and is a true transformation.

How do you do it? Self-abandonment! That is the secret. You must abandon yourself mentally to your wish fulfilled in your love for that state, and in so doing, live in the new state and no more in the old state.

You can’t commit yourself to what you do not love, so the secret of self-commission is faith — plus love.” – Neville Goddard

Our journey through the manifest world of desires towards  more spiritual desires is natural. Even when the Buddha left his wife and new born son to go and find enlightenment it he did so because of a desire, nothing else, no other reason. Our desires take us all the way to union with our consciousness. Without this drive we would not be born.  Everytime we release resistance, another level of consciousness is  revealed.  

Imagine better than the best you know.” – Neville Goddard

All that there is, is generated from consciousness, so if you look out into the world, or you flip through the news, and you wonder how the world can be in such a state, look no further than your own imagination.

 Isaac manifested his specific wife, and the Buddha his enlightenment, all desires are equal.

You are every word within yourself. 

We  create separation, loss and victimization within our minds, and  putting an end to this can only begin with our own self realization, and observing how our desires are made and fulfilled is part of our divine process, it is the very first paragraph of The Tao, to understand how we are one with our own creation, and how to detach from the dependence on the creation.   

The projection of our minds,  makes up the illusory world, and then we believe it to be real.  There is no out there that is separate from their own creation, it is all produced from the inside of us. Our job is to make the outside like the inside, to become like God.

Blessing brings blessings, and judgment keeps blessings away. 

You are one with the creator and the creation, the struggle is made up in our imagination. 

Still, surrendering is mysterious and many people don’t know how to actually go about this final step, and blind trust in the miracles of God is the way.    



 If you are trusting in your human power, yes of course,  you can fail  but let go, and trust, God’s path can not fail.  

Remember that you don’t have to finagle the molecule exchange in your lung walls, you blindly trust that it will happen. 

Surrender is blindly trusting.

 No desire is exempt from this law. It is yours, there is nothing you  can do to have or to prevent it, you can only delay by your own efforts.

Manifesting deeper love by USING OPPOSITE circumstances | Specific Person |

Ignore 3D like THIS! Manifest your specific person | You put your obstacles there by yourself

Let’s get serious about this specific person LOA stuff, there are so many different ideas floating around, but everything boils down to the simple law of assumption. 

If you have been practicing a vibration of irritation, or boredom, or jealousy, or or heart ache, or anything other than love, then this is what is showing up for you, not the other way around.

It is like Wayne Dyer said, “You’ll see it when you believe it” sort of, but the truth is that you don’t even have to believe, you just have to stop practicing the vibration of disbelief! But when this is applied toward love then there is ONLY one thing that is complete love, and that is unconditional love. We don’t love that way, at least it is extremely rare, nor do we have to. But because we don’t  know how to love, we create obstacles.

We experience the opposite of love here in this physical body because this an experience of duality, and without opposites there is no duality, there is unity, oneness.  There is no way to experience life without duality so without the opposite of love there is no love it is natural.  

Life is also natural, that is, it is of the natural world, consciousness in unity and it is undivided. Oneness. But natural life builds towards unity by using duality, and this is also how you can practice devotion to one God and still gain closeness to consciousness-god-I-Am.  There are increasing steps of getting a little closer and a little closer to oneness, and understanding that the obstacles that you face are not a problem will help you manifest greater love everytime there is a problem.

couple about to kiss
Photo by Jonathan Borba

I have said before that we place our own obstacles in our own way for our own benefit, but not so that we can learn a lesson, but rather so that we get closer to ourselves. This is more true in love than most other areas, because we go into relationships absolutely unequipped for love. We are not ready for the criticism, the anger, the fights, the rejections and all these areas where we are not set up to handle love we ruin it. Everything negative is meant to be overcome with love, but we don’t know how to practice this. We truly hardly know how to choose the right partner, so it is not surprising that once we are in a relationship we destroy what was originally a wonderful romance. 

We also think that our problems are caused by the faults of the other person, but actually the faults of the other person is our manifestation and it is also our own call for ourselves to generate love from within rather than demanding it from our shadow world, or mirror world.  If you have picked a partner who is able to work through difficulties with you, great, but if you have not, then you can manifest greater love just by your own understanding of how to transcend circumstances and overcome fights. 

Circumstances are not bad, and fights are not bad. This belief that something has gone wrong just because something seems opposite is just causing unnecessary anxiety, or even panic if you ask me because this is how I  have felt in the past. Panic, because there was a fight, panic because they did something that i couldn’t predict, or that  made me feel insecure, or even jealous.  This is just an indication that we are, obviously not, practicing unconditional love yet, and why would we be, it takes a great deal of understanding of the law of assumption to even begin to understand the REASON for practicing unconditional love. If you are new to LOA it might sound like I am telling you to be a doormat, and I am not, I am showing you the path to practicing the corrected vibration.  If you experience any negativity, it is because you have practiced feeling a vibration that is its match, and so somehow, this shows up in life, and very commonly in our relationships. Congratulations because now you can see it, and now you can practice what real love feels like. Does it feel scary?  Don’t worry, this practice can’t hurt you.

back view of a romantic elderly couple standing on the beach
Photo by Kampus Production

The goal in love can not be to not have any issues, if it is then you are preventing your partner from being themselves, and vice versa. So loving each other through fights is just perfect practice to becoming more loving.  

Even after you have a stabilized relationship without much fighting, you still need to continue to use the growth of the relationship to hone in on your unconditional love skill, and this is a  practice of scheduling in the planned fights and this is what keeps the spark alive.

You know how great make up sex is, well, you don’t have to have a fight or a break up to have great make up sex, but you do have to keep rising above your irritation, or your jealousy,  your criticism, your anger and so on. Remember NOTHING has gone wrong just because you hit a snag, rather, everything has gone right soo rejoice instead of laying on the couch crying! You have all the manifestational power in your life, so don’t suddenly fall for the reflection, and start believing that the reflection has the power. 

Remember again, this is not the same as being a doormat.

 To continue to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your sp, your differences can’t just go fully ignored, like all  peace, love and happiness, in fact the most spiritually evolved couples on the planet might not even be fully able to do that without suppressing their emotions. Suppressing emotions creates enormous resistance and resistance  creates excess energy that causes chaos, but scheduling in your disagreements for a specific time every week creates stability and a peaceful playing field for both people to grow. Suppressing emotions is basically just a way to gaslight yourself, and you might be prone to doing that already, a lot of people are, but don’t misunderstand the basic goal of transcending circumstances. You are not going to  do this with an ulterior motive, and you are not doing this to keep the peace, this is the exact opposite. You will actually address every problem that you perceive as a problem, but in a very different way, the way that nobody taught us. The way that generates more and more closeness, and a greater and greater capacity for real love.

Keep all fights on a schedule, and don’t indulge in spontaneous spur of the moment arguments, that leads to chaos and resentment, and when you do have your scheduled fight, it is a reasonable civil fight, and when time is up, then time is up, and you have to go back to being peacekeepers again. If you don’t do this and you try to force that immense infatuation feeling to be the only feeling that is fostered in the relationship, you will eventually have swung that pendulum as far as it can go, and it will swing back by itself, without you being prepared for it. You will see people who teach or coach this kind of love relationship, often experience some backsliding. The backsliding is fine, it is not an indication that anything has gone wrong, like I already said, everything has gone right but it is an unnecessary instability. Most people don’t want that level of instability in their relationships, so schedule your fights even if you believe that you are perfect at unconditional love, because I bet you, unless you are the Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda or Guru Ma or someone, you are not loving as unconditionally as you think, and that is normal. That is nature’s way. 

Some people kill off their emotions and live utterly apathetic, in order to keep the peace, but this is definitely not what is meant by transcending circumstances. I think that it is an easy misconception to make, but you know in your heart if you have built a wall around it to keep it safe. The scheduled fights would help an apathetic person to come out of their safe shell again.

We are utterly unprepared for the feelings that come up in love, because we believe that it is SUPPOSED to be only love and nothing else, but now you know, it is supposed to be everything else too. If it came up, it was meant to be for you.

Some day, we will all be Buddhas, and at that point we will have learned to transcend even the worst of the worst, just like Buddha, just like Jesus, but for now, let’s focus on the smaller offenses that we are currently capable of transcending. Oh and don’t let people on the spiritual path guilt trip you into peace, love and understanding without giving space to your emotions. This is spiritual gaslighting, and that is not equal to manifesting love. 

Your vibrational alignment happens when you stop fighting within yourself, when you stop denying yourself and when you release resistance that comes from not accepting the emotions that you have. 

The magic is  to keep a balanced opposite in the world of manifestation, or it will swing back on its own. People who experience a happy relationship for life all know how to do this innately, but everyone else thinks that everything has gone wrong when you suddenly come upon a natural feeling of all the opposites of love. 

Let’s look at what some couples who were married for decades had to say about the secret ingredient, but before we get into what you should do in your relationship, let’s take a look at what people who are serial divorcers  all say not to do:

Don’t ever be with someone because someone else pressured you to. I got married the first time because I was raised Catholic and that’s what you were supposed to do. Wrong. I got married the second time because I was miserable and lonely and thought having a loving wife would fix everything for me. Also wrong. Took me three tries to figure out what should have been obvious from the beginning, the only reason you should ever be with the person you’re with is because you simply love being around them. It really is that simple.

man hugging woman while holding umbrella
Photo by Shukhrat Umarov

Basically the most common reason for why someone felt that they were with the wrong person and their marriage failed was  “being with the person for the wrong reasons.”

Some of these wrong reasons included:

  1. Pressure from friends and family
  2. Feeling like a “loser” because they were single and settling for the first person that came along 
  3. Being together for image—because the relationship looked good on paper (or in photos), not because the two people actually admired each other. (shallow)
  4. Being young and naive and hopelessly in love and thinking that love would solve everything.
  5.  Being in a relationship to “fix” yourself. This desire to use the love of someone else to soothe your own emotional problems inevitably leads to codependency

So what do people say who were happily married for a long time:

You are absolutely not going to be gaga over each other every single day for the rest of your lives, and all this ‘happily ever after’ bullshit is just setting people up for failure. They go into relationships with these unrealistic expectations. Then, the instant they realize they aren’t ‘gaga’ anymore, they think the relationship is broken and over, and they need to get out. No! There will be days, or weeks, or maybe even longer, when you aren’t all mushy-gushy in-love. You’re even going to wake up some morning and think, “Ugh, you’re still here….” That’s normal! And more importantly, sticking it out is totally worth it, because  . . . in a day, or a week, or maybe even longer, you’ll look at that person and a giant wave of love will inundate you, and you’ll love them so much you think your heart can’t possibly hold it all and is going to burst. Because a love that’s alive is also constantly evolving. It expands and contracts and mellows and deepens. It’s not going to be the way it used to be, or the way it will be, and it shouldn’t be. I think if more couples understood that, they’d be less inclined to panic and rush to break up or divorce.

Your vibrational alignment happens when you stop fighting within yourself, when you stop denying yourself and when you release resistance that comes from not accepting the emotions that you have. 

Another happily married person says:

Happily Ever After doesn’t exist. Every day you wake up and decide to love your partner and your life—the good, the bad and the ugly. Some days it’s a struggle and some days you feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Most people will never experience deep and utterly  unconditional love precisely because they think that the “in love” emotions, the infatuation is the love and inevitably, that runs out, and when “it” runs out, so do they. The unconditional love that you long for is waiting for you, on the other side of the negative feelings you were taught do not belong in a relationship. How do you get there?

You schedule your fights, and that way you remove the chaos of the swing of the energy structure, or pendulum, as reality transurfing calls it. You fight on Thursdays, between 5 and 6, and the rest of the time you practice rising above.  For example, But do fight fair, no abuse and no low blows. Fight the way adults should fight, bring up your expectations of them, and hear them out on their expectations. Make your demand, and accept their demands. 

Why do you have to tell them your demands and expectations and listen to theirs? Because it teaches you both respect. One person who is succeeding at marriage says:

My husband and I have been together 15 years. I’ve thought a lot about what seems to be keeping us together, while marriages around us crumble (seriously, it’s everywhere . . . we seem to be at that age). The one word that I keep coming back to is “respect.” Of course, this means showing respect, but that is too superficial. Just showing it isn’t enough. You have to feel it deep within you. I deeply and genuinely respect [my husband] for his work ethic, his patience, his creativity, his intelligence, and his core values. From this respect comes everything else—trust, patience, perseverance (because sometimes life is really hard and you both just have to persevere). I want to hear what he has to say (even if I don’t agree with him) because I respect his opinion. I want to enable him to have some free time within our insanely busy lives because I respect how he spends his time and who he spends time with. And, really, what this mutual respect means is that we feel safe sharing our deepest, most intimate selves with each other.

How do you suppose you ever get to this level of respect if you are afraid to tell them what you want, and if you are afraid to hear them out about what they want?

Another man who has been happily married for decades says:

Respect yourself and your wife. Never talk badly to or about her. If you don’t respect your wife, you don’t respect yourself. You chose her—live up to that choice.

photo of a man lifting woman near body of water
Photo by Mateus Souza

Now, for everyone who have lost themselves in the circumstances, and simply can’t find the way to rise above:

Let’s recreate the first moment you fell in love, or create for the first time, if you have never fallen in love, and let’s create love at first sight.

This is the magic, but REMEMBER,  it has to keep a balanced opposite in the world of manifestation, or it will swing back on its own.

 You find excuses to be together all the time,

You finish each other’s sentences, you  feel so  safe, so grounded and secure.

You think of your sp often and you think things like “Oh, he would love this” or “I think I’ll get this for her“.

You feel like warm sunshine on bare skin, you feel like the freshness of the air is enlivening, you notice birds when they chirp, people seem so happy to you and when you see a couple holding hands you get warm inside and think of your sp,

Being in love is emboldening, and you know how to express your feelings of adoration with confidence.

Being in love feels like you want to give all of yourself to your specific person.

It feels like you’re a more whole version of yourself, not because you weren’t whole before, but because now you’ve met someone who reminds you, constantly, through their actions, words, and energy, that you are worthy of love, this is your person and you know it. 

Being  in love feels like you have a better understanding of yourself and of the world. 

You know that your specific person will guide you closer to your purpose, and  support you in your endeavors.

Being in love is  equal giving and receiving of acts of kindness, of generosity, of your very best self, you don’t hold back your respect or admiration or adoration, and you receive the same in full measure. 

Being in love is calming and satisfying it is thrilling, a little scary, and exciting.

It is unknown and  you feel  vulnerable.

You can’t wait to see the person, and they are  feeling the same thing back.

You can see that their eyes light up with joy from seeing you.

When you meet them the first time there is an instant stirring in your soul, it is an instant knowing on a  soul level, and you think to yourself, “Here he is!“, or “here she is”.

It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s sensual, it is sexual and it’s a magical, it is sweet and it is tender, and it is a  sacred connection no other soul can ignite within you.

You know that everything could go wrong, but here you are, being vulnerable and falling in love anyway. Loving in spite of it all. You are brave and take steps you wouldn’t do for anyone else.

Falling in love feels like  a bubble around you, and it protects you from the regularness of life, inside the bubble, magic takes place. 

Basics of manifesting | Neville Goddard | Changing the quality of desire to an intention and a choice


How you manifest one thing Is how you manifest all things, I know this has been debated, but I will show you what I mean, so that you can bring home ALL your desires.

To better understand you have to know first of all that YOUR self image tells the story of how you see yourself AND how you see yourself informs you of what choices you are allowed to make.

I will give you an example:

if you are 600 pounds and can not get out of bed your story and self image will inform you of what you are allowed to choose in life, and only if you,

a. conform to your preprogrammed beliefs that can you make different choices

b. change your preprogramming and decide that the programming world of pendulums will conform to you, that you can make different choices.

It might seem to you that you are trapped in that body of beliefs, but that is not the case, if you are unable to manifest chances are that you have not allowed yourself to make the choice to have yet 

How you see yourself is how you act

This is propelled by invisible motivators

Most people have absolutely no clue of what their motivators are.

One example is narcissists that are propelled by fame and recognition

some people are propelled by the one true love

others are driven by solitude and safety

Some people are propelled by honor

Who are you, and what drives you that you are unaware of?

You might not  know what your motivating propeller is and that  is okay, that is not my point, because  you can bridge this gap anyway, but if you do know, you can replicate this motivator by superimposing it on your desire.

How you see yourself self-generates your internal visions of your future, and these subconscious visions determine how you act. This is our autopilot imaginal scenes so to speak.

Psychology will have you believe that “society creates you” but manifesting is not bound to a single earthly thing, so you are free to transcend all of this with a simple decision to have.

That every human is a product of suffering and reward, and as an adult that reward behavior is still your propeller, BUT this is exactly the programming that you are free to reprogram.

If we chose NOT to, we are in fact nothing but a product of upbringing. You have free will, and it is to be used for the purpose of blazing your own trail.

One of the biggest problem areas in making a decision to have,  that I see, is with SP, but it can happen in any area, for anyone, and the example of the 600 pound person is perfect because you will finally understand the difference between desire and making a choice.

If you want to lose weight, and you go on various diets, you try a cabbage diet, or you try the keto, and then after a week or thirty days you give up, and then you try a different method then you have not made the choice yet. It is a half assed decision, but that is called indecision, and indecision is a handbrake on manifesting. You have to let the handbrake up, to go forward, you have to make the choice. Once you make the choice that you want to be healthy FOR LIFE, the weight starts to come off. You have suddenly decided to be a different person, a healthy person, someone who sees the self differently, and this lifestyle change is what the people who manifest sps don’t do. You might even be asking questions like “how do I DO self love so that I can get….” this is not a one hundred percent commitment to yourself, this is a half commitment, it is indecision, and it is NOT a choice. It is what we do when we have NOT decided yet. Oh I’ll try this fad for a minute and then I’ll see. NO it has to become a choice for you. I love this person, there are no other feelings allowed in me, no other options exist, it is a turning point, and a 100 percent commitment, and this is called a life choice, not a fad. Nothing that you do until you “get” them and then stop. This is a new you. 

“And Elijah came near to all the people and said, “How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him.”

 “But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.”

I used to treat patients for pain, and I would often assign them a one year practice with yoga if the situation warranted, and then after that,  a ten year practice, and why would I do that? It  is because most people try yoga one or two or three  times and then say that it didn’t work. 

IT” didn’t work.

Sound familiar?

Have YOU said that about your manifesting.

There is NO “IT” that works, it is YOU that works. Either you make a design or you are in indecision. One or the other, and as soon as the design is made, your whole mindset shifts, you fear and worry disappears and your mind frees up and aligns with who you are, and suddenly the hunches start to flow. Suddenly you are ALLOWED to take the right actions.

It is a change that you make for life. A new life. How you see yourself informs you of the choices that you CAN make in life. CAN you choose to be with the one you love? If not, why is that? Because you feel guilt or shame, and that you are not worthy.

  1. We get what we choose, not what we wish.
  2. We make the choice by intention, not by desiring.
  3. You have to choose to not be your own enemy, by declaring yourself to be the chosen one.

How do you change the quality of your beliefs, so that your desire becomes your choice?

The whole universe is pure vibration, and particles and matter do not exist, in its truest sense. Only vibrations are real, even a seemingly solid object like a mountain can be examined on a vibrational level, and this is how quantum entanglement works. Our mental states are also vibrational, and we align with certain “states” energetically.

The energy of desiring is different from the energy of having made a choice, a decision, or an intention.  

AND Each soul has its own individual paths of unique truth and alignment  (the path of complete self-realization). 

To get there, you need to stop your attempts of being like someone else, stop attempts of repeating another person’s scenario, and to recognize the magnificence of your own individuality. You have to be daring to turn your mind to your unique soul. Do not be afraid to break stereotypes of pendulums that scream: “do as I do” and “be like everyone else.”

Changing a desire to a choice is as much a renunciation of who you are NOT, as it is a decision to have.  False modesty, guilt and shame and inferiority complexes keep us from making the decision to have because we have fallen for criticism by manipulators that we have to “pay” for what we desire. The only payment that we actually have to make, is with an equal energy, so if you are resisting making the intent to have, and staying in the desire and in th  wish unfulfilled, you will pay accordingly with an equal energy of unworthiness or  punishment. Only you can choose that you are worthy, and that you don’t have to pay for any imaginary crimes, and for you to stop paying you have to make the decision to have.

I want to give you a personal story to illustrate the shift from wishes to choice. I used to live in a different town, and I liked it fine there, but in 2015 a massive increase in homelessness hit, and a skid row was built in just two short months. Boxes, tents, tarps lined the sidewalks, and drugs and prostitution and deaths increased. Initially I sort of wanted to fix the problem, I wanted to be active in my community in solving this, but one day, I just woke up and realized that sometimes these problems never get solved and then I would spend my whole life surrounded by a dangerous, ugly and depressing skid row. I decided to move.

I thought about where to go, and I decided where I wanted to live, and it was in one of the most expensive and popular zip codes. It was out of my price range, but the decision was made, and my mental energy shifted from problem solving, and wishing things were better, to a choice. The skid row did not bother me anymore, my sight was set higher, and I got what I wanted. This is the difference. The freeing up of the mental energy that is misguided while you are desiring, wishing and hoping, makes the manifestation fall in your lap. This happens because now you are suddenly aligned with YOUR truth. This whole time, I had never truly enjoyed the city where I lived, not an outright dislike perhaps, until the skid row popped up, but after I decided to move, I made the decision to love where I lived, and this choice changed my vague indecisiveness into an intention.

The soul of each and every person has a unique individual set of attributes that characterize it, and your uniqueness is also your purpose. Your purpose is NOT to play small. Decide now that you are worthy.

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Imagine the story about David and Goliath, how little David is up against a giant. You might be up against a giant, and if you are, you have to decide now, that you are able. That God supplies what you are lacking. David was too small to win, but he won nonetheless, and this is the result of a choice. I will go and fight the giant, in spite of what your circumstances are telling you, you have what it takes to achieve your desire, this is built into us. The desire and its fulfillment is buried in the same seed and our job is merely to accept that the desire belongs to us, and that we are worthy. 

Imagine eons ago, when humanity were cavemen, or even before that. We existed on a level of consciousness similar to animals, on instinct mostly. Imagine now if we had questioned and second guessed every desire, every pang of hunger and every lust for sex, we would have died out. The same is still true today, our desire drives evolution forward and continues our existence, but beyond that, it also drives us closer and closer to realizing our true identity as god-self. Without desire, we don’t go through the natural human steps of evolution, and we go extinct. We are here for a simple reason, to receive. Decide NOW that you are worthy.

Imagine that the stories of the Bible are actually telling you to go big or go home, and try to see these stories  in a new light. Imagine for example that the story of Joseph in the well is a story about a bridge of events, towards his purpose, becoming king.  This is the most epic bridge of events ever, and throughout, Joseph never questions the rightness of his path. He is betrayed by his envious brother, thrown in a well, sold as a slave, betrayed again by what’s her name, and on and on the story goes, but one day, he is made King, and one day, he gets to host his brothers who now need him. He remains calm and unattached to both guilt, shame, pride, ego and everything else that is an energetic deviance from the INTENT TO RECEIVE. Be like Joseph,  when someone tries to make you feel guilt. Be like Joseph when your own mind tries to make you feel guilt. Your desire is put into your heart, don’t talk yourself out of it, keep speaking validation to your heart. Declare now that your desire is a decision. A choice and an intent. This releases the miracle into your life, it belongs in your life, but our fear and manipulations, and our false belief that there is some kind of hoop you have to jump through to become deserving reduces this miracle to a mere magic trick. The fruit of your decision to have, is good, and the fruit of your indecision is lack.

Are you holding yourself back from your desires because your “you are up against a giant” or  “your 12 older brothers have told you that you are insignificant?”  Are you  stuck in the well right now, or a slave to the Pharao

What is enslaving your mind?

 And what imaginary crimes are you feeling guilty about? This guilt is stopping you from making the decision of turning a desire into an intent.  Into a choice.

In James 4 it says:

You do not have because you do not ask God. 

When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives

The wrong motive is for example, “the fad diet” that I used in the beginning to illustrate, it is a fake choice, a noncommittal choice.  A NONCHOICE.

You need to make a 100 percent choice that THIS is what I want, this is my choice, and let go of manipulation, let go of half choices, let go of  “I’ll do it for a day and if it doesn’t work it means this doesn’t work”

It only works  when you decide that this is your choice.

In Taoism, manifesting is called “ effortless effort” but it only becomes effortless once you free up your mental energy by making the choice, because the mental energy that it takes to argue for your limitations is enormous. It eats up most of your energy.

The world might tell you that you are a byproduct of the situation you are in,  but don’t buy into it, you are not, you are a product of your own imagination. 

Free your imagination from its prison by making the choice to have.

Are you just asking for a little bit better than the misery that you are in? 

Are you tempering your heart’s desires so that you can shrink it down,  so that you CAN  “believe”?  This is a mental adjustment of the true desire, which comes from the heart. Keep your mental limitations away from your heart space.   Our minds are not capable of figuring out the inner workings of how desires are ultimately fulfilled, so all the mind  does is put resistance and time in the way.  This is how we create our own obstacles.  Of course there are no actual obstacles, only what we created from our disbelief.

This mental tempering of desire is NOT why you are here, your purpose, or multitude of purposes, has nothing to do with what is or isn’t possible, but only with what “sparks joy”.  Simply put, you are here to BE YOU, all out, not ashamed to ask. We are told; ASK, and you shall receive, but then we don’t ask…You have not because you ask not.  Instead we stack all the reasons against ourselves for why we should not have what we clearly know that we are wishing, hoping and dreaming for.   Does the wish disappear because you are afraid to go for it?  No.   If anything it gets even stronger.   You do NOT have to drop everything and throw yourself head first into a potentially failing endeavor, no, again we are told ASK. Ask, and it is given. So ask already. This implies absolutely NO ACTION on your part, just an intent to receive.   We love to play it small, it suits our ego’s, strangely enough. “Oh I could never” …. “I am so much more humble and unassuming than that”.  Playing it small is the opposite of humble, and it is caused by an original feeling of guilt. This guilt is false, and you are worthy. Decide now that you are worthy.

When negative events happen we tend to “run and hide”  immediately, so quick to believe that something “isn’t meant to be”, but remember Joseph then, in those times when you seem to fail, when you have made your choice, and you run into difficulties.  The difficulty is part of your path, decide now that it is there to create a new skill in you, overcome it and stay on your path.

My stepdad comes to my  mind. It was  in the late 80s I think.   He came home from work one day, he was an engineer, he had a great job, with a great salary.  Little did I know that he had harbored a greater dream inside of him, a vision of something a little different…He came home one afternoon, with the news that he had been laid off. A great silence immediately settled as we stared at him with serious faces. To our surprise,  instead of disappointment, he shouted for joy, and he did one of those cartoon jump kicks that showed us clearly that this is actually  what he wanted.  I thought he might have a psychotic break for a moment, but it quickly became obvious that he had bigger plans for life and this was the opportunity he had been waiting for, and what followed was his path to business ownership and making six figures, and then seven figures. A perfect bridge of events. The work that he put into growing his business was significant, and he did it with an energy that I didn’t know he had.

Have faith the size of a mustard seed and you will bring this home.

 “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. “ -Jesus

Do you believe that you have to script, that you have to do affirmations? That if you miss a day of doing your methods “it” will fail? It doesn matter if you fail every day in your methods there is NOT ONE SINGLE THING that you can DO.  You do not DO, you make the choice, the choice is the faith the size of the mustard seed. You do not know the way, you do not know the how, this is embedded into your choice the same way that the mustard plant is embedded into the seed. It does not matter if you can’t see what you should do next, because soon enough your path unfolds before you, and that is when you know the next step. If the next step seems wrong to you, the giant is to big, or your twelve brothers to mean, then YOU are the one who is stopping your own manifestation. Make the choice to have, and then go. Whatever comes your way next is part of your path so don’t cave in just because it LOOKS to you like a failure.

The mustard seed has to break when it sprouts, maybe the seed believes momentarily that it has failed. Maybe it hurts to break. Maybe it fears that it is over, and it will never become anything after all.   Moments later it sprouts, but the seed did not know that, this is the path that it would take. Your choice will put you on the path of your new timeline, and don’t be afraid of your new timeline.

Feeling is the secret

“Be careful of your moods and feelings, for there is an unbroken connection between your feelings and your visible world.”

— Neville Goddard

This quote breaks the stereotypes that many try to perpetuate about Neville’s teachings. Clearly he recognizes the importance of feelings and emotions, he states in no uncertain terms. What you allow yourself to indulge in, is essentially “what you think matters” and if you think it matters the transformation into your world is a fact.

How do you react to the events in your life? 

Correct yourself if you have been a drama queen until now. How do you react when you are in a storm, small or big?

Experiment by taking the tiger by the tail, using a conceptual idea of  “you and your world”.

Because YOU are both the image and the reflection, you can use your reflection to your advantage, by using an idea of “Me and my world are …..” 

For example, “me and my world are going to make this video”, or “me and my world are going to get ready for work”, “me and my world are going to get on the subway:” begin to  use this concept throughout the day,  every day for one week. 

Even go so far to put it on the calendar so that you don’t forget. Put reminders for yourself throughout the day so that whatever you are doing when the reminder goes off, you can take inventory, “me and my world are preparing for this meeting”.   I  want you to get used to being in control  of your creation, understand where you begin and end, understand that you are bigger than just your body.   After this  routine  starts to become a habit,  incorporate your intentions into it, that is, your choices.   Your manifestations.  If you desire to be a famous rockstar, then “ me and my world are becoming a famous rockstar”  or  if you are manifesting a new house “ Me and my world are buying a house”.   You can do both the end result, and the process there, it is fine to interchangeably say “are” and “becoming”.  “Me and my world are getting married” and  “Me and my world are happily married”  can both be used.

This is informing your nervous system of a definite qualitative change within you.  You know that you create your world, so you are comfortably commanding it.  Furthermore, your desire is no longer a mere hope, wish, or daydream, it is now a decision.   As a decision,  for you, the CEO of your life,  it will happen because that is how decisions  play out.  A decision is an obvious step towards fulfillment. A decision HAS to be made, no matter how small.  A decision if it will be chicken or burgers for dinner HAS to be made, otherwise there will be no dinner. I decided to eat taquitos for dinner. That means sometime today I’ll pick up some salsa and some guacamole from the store, so that I have everything I need to make dinner. This is a decision, a choice, and as such it will happen. You don’t need to maintain or persist in the feeling of desire, it will come and go naturally, maybe as you think about dinner you get a little hungry and you look forward to it, but you don’t force this. This type of desre has changed energetic quality, and this brings it home, it is aligned with anticipation, not hopeless daydreaming. You don’t have to worry about the traditional  LOA conundrums such as DO I DROP IT OR DO I PERSIST??  You have made a decision.   A decision comes to pass.

THIS simple shift will make a BIG difference for you.

touching and sensing
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Neville Goddard Says:

“Determined imagination is the beginning of all successful operation. The imagination, alone, is the means of fulfilling the intention.”

-Neville Goddard

This determination that he is talking about  is the choice, and then the intent to have. It is that simple. It doesn’t matter what you think or do in between, you don’t have to be viding high, you don’t have to be exclusively positive, you just go about everything during your days naturally, because it comes to you through an avenue that is perfectly natural. Everything lines up, and you just make sure to take actions that are unrelated, whatever your day presents to you, count on it being for the benefit of your choice, regardless of how “opposite” it looks. It is never the opposite, it is always correct. Be relaxed in this. You decided already for taquitos for dinner, and it doesn’t matter if there is a crisis at work, deal with life as it comes, it has nothing to do with anything. Everything is lined up in your favor, and we don’t see the whole picture, so sometimes it looks opposite, but know that it is not, it is for you, and it is going in the right direction. Your heart never lies to you, it is incapable of deceit, so going towards your heart’s desire is ALWAYS safe.

“If you will assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact.”

-Neville Goddard

There is more than one reason for this but the most important one that most people completely forget is that your desire happens to be intrinsically linked with your gifts, and your unique abilities. Copying someone else’s abilities and  desires, or trying to be someone you’re not makes you path very difficult,  and it makes us feel unfulfilled regardless of how much wealth it seems to be to someone else. I wish I could convey to you how often people have achieved absolute success, but on someone else’s terms, and they are deeply unhappy. You were equipped with your desires for a reason. Let your personality shine, and decide today that you are worthy. Nobody can be you like you can be you. This kick starts a blessing, a chain of events, or a bridge of events as Neville Goddard calls it, that can not be stopped by any seeming outer force. You can think of it as if it is mean to be even. You are not accidentally given your desires, you have those desires to fulfill your own unique truth, call it lifepath. Your lifepath is waiting for you, already made, just waiting for you to step onto it.

 “Believe that you are what you want to be.”

-Neville Goddard

This quote sums up the belief that you are worthy. What is the reason for us being so quick to talk ourselves out of what we actually CAN have what we want?   Imagine if we do that to our friends or loved ones? What if you were as negative to your friends as you are to yourself, if they tell you that they hope for something. Will you tell them that they can never have that, they are too fat, too broke, too ugly or too stupid? No? Well, we do sneaky little versions of this to ourselves ALL THE TIME. It is time for you to celebrate yourself, maybe you are too ugly and too stupid but so what? Do you know how many ugly people think that they are God’s gift to mankind? I’m not saying to be arrogant, of course, but I am saying, accept your own greatness by noticing your strengths, and by knowing that you are worthy, just because you are here. Whatever flaws you have that you have used as reasons stacked against yourself are not at all flaws, they are part of you and other people might wish that they were just like you.

“The world is yourself pushed out.  Ask yourself what you want and then give it to yourself! Do not question how it will come about; just go your way knowing that the evidence of what you have done must appear, and it will.”

-Neville goddard

“A change of feeling is [the same as] a change of destiny.”

— Neville Goddard

“Assume the feeling of your wish [having been] fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows.”

— Neville Goddard

“You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it.”

— Neville Goddard

“Your assumption, to be effective, cannot be a single isolated act, it must be a maintained attitude of the wish fulfilled.”

— Neville Goddard

 “It is not what you want that you attract, you attract what you believe to be true.”

— Neville Goddard

 “Man’s chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness.”

— Neville Goddard

To accomplish the task of creating a dwelling place, the state of the “wish fulfilled”, one would need to “take the material world and elevate and connect it to God.” This means that whatever you see around you that you don’t like, transform the quality of this in your imagination until it becomes like the fulfilled desire, and this is the same as “elevating and connecting it to God”.

Claim what is yours with the will to have. The intention is the power, and it has to be neutral and free of resistance, not unlike going to the grocery store and picking out items. It is a simple choice and an intent. Imagine if you went to the store for groceries, and when there, you started to  think that you have to ‘have a strong desire” to buy oranges, and that you had to persist in your affirmations…  This is how many approach manifesting. 

Getting stuck in this useless energy wasting resistance mode, drop importance and approach it like a more mundane activity.  Don’t be afraid that it won’t come, have a different plan laid out in case it doesn’t work so that you are not plagued with fear, that creates even more resistance. Make peace with potential failure, and then go ahead and act in the way that most naturally follows next. DO NOT WAIT, you need to take some type of action, towards something, otherwise you create EVEN MORE resistance. Don’t take “false” action, that is don’t manipulate or finagle the outcome, rather take any natural action based on your current moment. 

Dwelling in the state of the wish fulfilled, is the same as the sort of indifferent state of having basically anything that you currently have, in other words, there is no desire there. Think of something that you now have, that you previously desired, and how you rarely if ever even give it any thought at all.

Dwell in the state of I already have THAT.

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Freedom For All Neville Goddard

Freedom For All Neville Goddard

By Neville Goddard | 1942

Public opinion will not long endure a theory which does not work in practice. Today, probably more than ever before, man demands proof of the truth of even his highest ideal. For ultimate satisfaction man must find a principle which is for him a way of life, a principle which he can experience as true.

I believe I have discovered just such a principle in the greatest of all sacred writings, the Bible. Drawn from my own mystical illumination, this book reveals the truth buried within the stories of the old and new testaments alike.

Briefly, the book states that consciousness is the one and only reality, that consciousness is the cause and manifestation is the effect. It draws the reader’s attention to this fact constantly, that the reader may always keep first things first.

Having laid the foundation that a change of consciousness is essential to bring about any change of expression, this book explains to the reader a dozen different ways to bring about such a change of consciousness.

This is a realistic and constructive principle that works. The revelation it contains, if applied, will set you free.

Chapter 1 – The Oneness of God

HEAR, O Israel: the Lord our God is one Lord

Hear, O Israel:

Hear, O man made of the very substance of God:

You and God are one and undivided!

Man, the world, and all within it are conditioned states of the unconditioned one, God. You are this one; you are God conditioned as man. All that you believe God to be, you are; but you will never know this to be true until you stop claiming it of another, and recognize this seeming other to be yourself.

God and man,

spirit and matter,

the formless and the formed,

the creator and the creation,

the cause and the effect —

your Father and you are one.

This one, in whom all conditioned states live and move and have their being, is your I AM —  your unconditioned consciousness.

Unconditioned consciousness is God, the one and only reality. By unconditioned consciousness is meant a sense of awareness; a sense of knowing that I AM apart from knowing who I AM; the consciousness of being, divorced from that which I am conscious of being.

I AM aware of being man, but I need not be man to be aware of being. Before I became aware of being someone, I, unconditioned awareness, was aware of being; and this awareness does not depend upon being someone. I AM self-existent, unconditioned consciousness. I became aware of being someone, and I shall become aware of being someone other than this that I am now aware of being. But I AM eternally aware of being, whether I am unconditioned formlessness or I am conditioned form.

As the conditioned state, I (man)might forget who I am, or where I am, but I cannot forget that I AM.

This knowing that I AM, this awareness of being, is the only reality.

This unconditioned consciousness, the I AM, is that knowing reality in whom all conditioned states – conceptions of myself – begin and end, but which ever remains the unknown knowing being when all the known ceases to be.

All that I have ever believed myself to be, all that I now believe myself to be, and all that I shall ever believe myself to be, are but attempts to know myself – the unknown, undefined reality.

This unknown knowing one, or unconditioned consciousness, is my true being, the one and only reality. I AM the unconditioned reality conditioned as that which I believe myself to be. I AM the believer limited by my beliefs, the knower defined by the known.

The world is my conditioned consciousness objectified. That which I feel and believe to be true of myself is now projected in space as my world. The world – my mirrored self – ever bears witness of the state of consciousness in which I live.

There is no chance or accident responsible for the things that happen to me or the environment in which I find myself. Nor is predestined fate the author of my fortunes or misfortunes. Innocence and guilt are mere words with no meaning to the law of consciousness, except as they reflect the state of consciousness itself.

The consciousness of guilt calls forth condemnation. The consciousness of lack produces poverty.

Man everlastingly objectifies the state of consciousness in which he abides, but he has somehow or other become confused in the interpretation of the law of cause and effect.

He has forgotten that it is the inner state which is the cause of the outer manifestation.

As within, so without.

– “Correspondence”, the second of The Seven Principles of Hermes Trismegistus

And in his forgetfulness, he believes that an outside God has his own peculiar reason for doing things, such reasons being beyond the comprehension of mere man. Or he believes that people are suffering because of past mistakes which have been forgotten by the conscious mind. Or again, that blind chance alone plays the part of God.

One day man will realize that his own I AM-ness is the God he has been seeking throughout the ages, and that his own sense of awareness – his consciousness of being – is the one and only reality.

The most difficult thing for man to really grasp is this: That the “I AM-ness” in himself is God. It is his true being or Father state, the only state he can be sure of. The Son, his conception of himself, is an illusion. He always knows that he IS, but that which he is, is an illusion created by himself (the Father) in an attempt at self-definition.

This discovery reveals that all that I have believed God to be I AM.

I AM the resurrection and the life”

– John 11:25

…is a statement of fact concerning my consciousness, for my consciousness resurrects or makes visibly alive that which I am conscious of being

I AM the door.

– John 10:2, 10:7, 10:9

“All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers.

– John 10:8

…shows me that my consciousness is the one and only entrance into the world of expression; that by assuming the consciousness of being or possessing the thing which I desire to be or possess is the only way by which I can become it or possess it; that any attempt to express this desirable state in ways other than by assuming the consciousness of being or possessing it, is to be robbed of the joy of expression and possession.

I AM the beginning and the end.

– Revelation 1:8, 22:13

…reveals my consciousness as the cause of the birth and death of all expression.

I AM hath sent me.

– Exodus 3:14

…reveals my consciousness to be the Lord which sends me into the world in the image and likeness of that which I am conscious of being to live in a world composed of all that I am conscious of.

I AM the Lord, and there is no God beside Me.

– Isaiah 45:5

…declares my consciousness to be the one and only Lord and beside my consciousness there is no God.

BE still and know that I AM God.

– Psalm 46:1

…means that I should still the mind and know that consciousness is God.

Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain.

– Exodus 20:7

“I AM the Lord: that is My Name.

– Isaiah 42:8

Now that you have discovered your I AM, your consciousness to be God, do not claim anything to be true of yourself that you would not claim to be true of God, for in defining yourself, you are defining God.

That which you are conscious of being is that which you have named God. God and man are one. You and your Father are one [John 10:30].

Your unconditioned consciousness, or I AM, and that which you are conscious of being, are one.

The conceiver and the conception are one. If your conception of yourself is less than that which you claim as true of God, you have robbed God [see Philippians 2:6], the Father, because you (the Son or conception) bear witness of the Father or conceiver. Do not take the magical name of God, I AM, in vain for you will not be held guiltless; you must express all that you claim yourself to be.

Name God by consciously defining yourself as your highest ideal.

Chapter 2 – The Name of God

It cannot be stated too often that consciousness is the one and only reality, for this is the truth that sets man free.

This is the foundation upon which the whole structure of biblical literature rests. The stories of the Bible are all mystical revelations written in an Eastern symbolism which reveals to the intuitive the secret of creation and the formula of escape. The Bible is man’s attempt to express in words the cause and manner of creation. Man discovered that his consciousness was the cause or creator of his world, so he proceeded to tell the story of creation in a series of symbolic stories known to us today as the Bible.

To understand this greatest of books, you need a little intelligence and much intuition – intelligence enough to enable you to read the book, and intuition enough to interpret and understand what you read.

You may ask why the Bible was written symbolically. Why was it not written in a clear, simple style so that all who read it might understand it? To these questions I reply that all men speak symbolically to that part of the world which differs from their own.

The language of the West is clear to us of the West, but it is symbolic to the East; and vice versa. An example of this can be found in the Easterner’s instruction:

If thine hand offends thee, cut it off.

– Mark 9:43

He speaks of the hand, not as the hand of the body, but as any form of expression; and thereby he warns you to turn from that expression in your world which is offensive to you.

At the same time, the man of the West would unintentionally mislead the man of the East by saying: “This bank is on the rocks.” For the expression “on the rocks” to the Westerner is equivalent to bankruptcy, while a rock to an Easterner is a symbol of faith and security.

I will like him unto a wise man who built his house upon a rock; and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon that house; and it fell not; for it was founded upon a rock.

– Matthew 7:24,25

To really understand the message of the Bible you must bear in mind that it was written by the Eastern mind and therefore cannot be taken literally by those of the West. Biologically, there is no difference between the East and the West. Love and hate are the same; hunger and thirst are the same; ambition and desire are the same; but the technique of expression is vastly different.

The first thing you must discover if you would unlock the secret of the Bible, is the meaning of the symbolic name of the creator which is known to all as Jehovah. This word “Jehovah” is composed of the four Hebrew letters – JOD HE VAU HE. The whole secret of creation is concealed within this name.

The first letter, JOD, represents the absolute state or consciousness unconditioned; the sense of undefined awareness; that all inclusiveness out of which all creation or conditioned states of consciousness come.

In the terminology of today JOD is I AM, or unconditioned consciousness.

The second letter, HE, represents the only begotten Son, a desire, an imaginary state. It symbolizes an idea; a defined subjective state or clarified mental picture.

The third letter, VAU, symbolizes the act of unifying or joining the conceiver (JOD), the consciousness desiring to the conception (HE), the state desired, so that the conceiver and the conception become one.

Fixing a mental state, consciously defining yourself as the state desired, impressing upon yourself the fact that you are now that which you imagined or conceived as your objective, is the function of VAU. It nails or joins the consciousness desiring to the thing desired. The cementing or joining process is accomplished subjectively by feeling the reality of that which is not yet objectified.

The fourth letter, HE, represents the objectifying of this subjective agreement. The JOD HE VAU makes man or the manifested world (HE), in the image and likeness of itself, the subjective conscious state. So the function of the final HE is to objectively bear witness to the subjective state JOD HE VAU.

Conditioned consciousness continually objectifies itself on the screen of space.

The world is the image and likeness of the subjective conscious state which created it.

The visible world of itself can do nothing; it only bears record of its creator, the subjective state. It is the visible Son (HE) bearing witness of the invisible Father, Son and Mother – JOD HE VAU – a Holy Trinity which can only be seen when made visible as man or manifestation.

Your unconditioned consciousness (JOD) is your I AM which visualizes or imagines a desirable state (HE), and then becomes conscious of being that state imagined by feeling and believing itself to be the imagined state. The conscious union between you who desire and that which you desire to be, is made possible through the VAU, or your capacity to feel and believe.

Believing is simply living in the feeling of actually being the state imagined – by assuming the consciousness of being the state desired. The subjective state symbolized as JOD HE VAU then objectifies itself as HE, thereby completing the mystery of the creator’s name and nature, JOD HE VAU HE (Jehovah).

JOD is to be aware; HE is to be aware of something; VAU is to be aware as, or to be aware of being that which you were only aware of. The second HE is your visible objectified world which is made in the image and likeness of the JOD HE VAU, or that which you are aware of being.

And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness.

– Genesis 1:26

Let us, JOD HE VAU make the objective manifestation (HE) in our image, the image of the subjective state.

The world is the objectified likeness of the subjective conscious state in which consciousness abides.

This understanding that consciousness is the one and only reality is the foundation of the Bible.

The stories of the Bible are attempts to reveal in symbolic language the secret of creation as well as to show man the one formula to escape from all of his own creations.

This is the true meaning of the name of Jehovah, the name by which all things are made and without which there is nothing made that is made  [John 1:3].

First, you are aware; then you become aware of something; then you become aware as that which you were aware of; then you behold objectively that which you are aware of being.

Chapter 3 – The Law of Creation

Let us take one of the stories of the Bible and see how the prophets and writers of old revealed the story of creation by this strange Eastern symbolism.

We all know the story of Noah and the Ark; that Noah was chosen to create a new world after the world was destroyed by the flood.

The Bible tells us that Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth [Genesis 6:10].

The first son is called Shem, which means name. Ham, the second son, means warm, alive. The third son is called Japheth, which means extension. You will observe that Noah and his three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth contain the same formula of creation as does the divine name of JOD HE VAU HE.

Noah, the Father, the conceiver, the builder of a new world is equivalent to the JOD, or unconditioned consciousness, I AM. Shem is your desire; that which you are conscious of; that which you name and define as your objective, and is equivalent to the second letter in the divine name (HE). Ham is the warm, live state of feeling, which joins or binds together consciousness desiring and the thing desired, and is therefore equivalent to the third letter in the divine name, the VAU. The last son, Japheth, means extension, and is the extended or objectified state bearing witness of the subjective state and is equivalent to the last letter in the divine name, HE.

You are Noah, the knower, the creator.

The first thing you beget is an idea, an urge, a desire, the word, or your first son Shem (name).

Your second son Ham (warm, alive) is the secret of FEELING by which you are joined to your desire subjectively so that you, the consciousness desiring, become conscious of being or possessing the thing desired.

Your third son, Japheth, is the confirmation, the visible proof that you know the secret of creation.

He is the extended or objectified state bearing witness of the invisible or subjective state in which you abide.

In the story of Noah it is recorded that Ham saw the secrets of his Father [Genesis 9:22], and, because of his discovery, he was made to serve his brothers, Shem and Japheth [9:25]. Ham, or feeling, is the secret of the Father, your I AM, for it is through feeling that the consciousness desiring is joined to the thing desired.

The conscious union or mystical marriage is made possible only through feeling.

It is feeling which performs this heavenly union of Father and Son, Noah and Shem, unconditioned consciousness and conditioned consciousness.

By performing this service, feeling automatically serves Japheth, the extended or expressed state, for there can be no objectified expression unless there is first a subjective impression.

To feel the presence of the thing desired, to subjectively actualize a state by impressing upon yourself, through feeling, a definite conscious state is the secret of creation.

Your present objectified world is Japheth which was made visible by Ham. Therefore Ham serves his brothers Shem and Japheth, for without feeling which is symbolized as Ham, the idea or thing desired (Shem) could not be made visible as Japheth.

The ability to feel the unseen, the ability to actualize and make real a definite subjective state through the sense of feeling is the secret of creation, the secret by which the word or unseen desire is made visible – is made flesh [John 1:14]. “And God calleth things that be not as though they were” [Romans 4:17].

Consciousness calls things that are not seen as though they were, and it does this by first defining itself as that which it desires to express, and second by remaining within the defined state until the invisible becomes visible.

Here is the perfect working of the law according to the story of Noah. This very moment you are aware of being. This awareness of being, this knowing that you are, is Noah, the creator.

Now with Noah’s identity established as your own consciousness of being, name something that you would like to possess or express; define some objective (Shem), and with your desire clearly defined, close your eyes and feel that you have it or are expressing it.

Don’t question how it can be done; simply feel that you have it. Assume the attitude of mind that would be yours if you were already in possession of it so that you feel that it is done.

Feeling is the secret of creation.

Be as wise as Ham and make this discovery that you too may have the joy of serving your brothers Shem and Japheth; the joy of making the word or name flesh.

Chapter 4 – The Secret of Feeling

The secret of feeling or the calling of the invisible into visible states is beautifully told in the story of Isaac blessing his second son Jacob by the belief, based solely upon feeling, that he was blessing his first son Esau.

– Genesis 27:1-35

It is recorded that Isaac, who was old and blind, felt that he was about to leave this world and wishing to bless his first son Esau before he died, sent Esau hunting for savory venison with the promise that upon his return from the hunt he would receive his father’s blessing.

Now Jacob, who desired the birthright or right to be born through the blessing of his father, overheard his blind father’s request for venison and his promise to Esau. So, as Esau went hunting for the venison, Jacob killed and dressed a kid of his father’s flock.

Placing the skins upon his smooth body to give him the feel of his hairy and rough brother Esau, he brought the tastily prepared kid to his blind father Isaac. And Isaac who depended solely upon his sense of feel mistook his second son Jacob for his first son Esau, and pronounced his blessing on Jacob. Esau on his return from the hunt learned that his smooth-skinned brother Jacob had supplanted him so he appealed to his father for justice; but Isaac answered and said:

Thy brother came with subtlety and hath taken away thy blessing.

– Isaiah 27:35

“I have made him thy Lord, and all his brethren have I given to him for servants.

– Isaiah 27:37

Simple human decency should tell man that this story cannot be taken literally. There must be a message for man hidden somewhere in this treacherous and despicable act of Jacob! The hidden message, the formula of success buried in this story was intuitively revealed to the writer in this manner. Isaac, the blind father, is your consciousness; your awareness of being.

Esau, the hairy son, is your present objectified world – the rough or sensibly felt; the present moment; the present environment; your present conception of yourself; in short, the world you know by reason of your objective senses. Jacob, the smooth-skinned lad, the second son, is your desire or subjective state, an idea not yet embodied, a subjective state which is perceived and sensed but not objectively known or seen; a point in time and space removed from the present. In short, Jacob is your defined objective. The smooth-skinned Jacob — or subjective state seeking embodiment or the right of birth — when properly felt or blessed by his father (when consciously felt and fixed as real) becomes objectified; and in so doing he supplants the rough, hairy Esau — or the former objectified state. Two things cannot occupy a given place at one and the same time, and so as the invisible is made visible, the former visible state vanishes.

Your consciousness is the cause of your world. The conscious state in which you abide determines the kind of world in which you live. Your present concept of yourself is now objectified as your environment, and this state is symbolized as Esau, the hairy, of sensibly felt; the first son. That which you would like to be or possess is symbolized as your second son, Jacob, the smooth-skinned lad who is not yet seen but is subjectively senses and felt, and will, if properly touched, supplant his brother Esau, or your present world.

Always bear in mind the fact that Isaac, the father of these two sons, or states, is blind. He does not see his smooth-skinned son Jacob; he only feels him.

And through the sense of feeling he actually believes Jacob, the subjective, to be Esau, the real, the objectified.

You do not see your desire objectively; you simply sense it (feel it) subjectively.

You do not grope in space after a desirable state. Like Isaac, you sit still and send your first son hunting by removing your attention from your objective world.

Then in the absence of your first son, Esau, you invite the desirable state, your second son, Jacob, to come close so that you may feel it. “Come close, my son, that I may feel you” [27:21]. First, you are aware of it in your immediate environment; then you draw it closer and closer and closer until you sense it and feel it in your immediate presence so that it is real and natural to you.

If two of you shall agree on earth as touching on any point that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father, Which is in heaven.

– Matthew 18:19

The two agree through the sense of feel; and the agreement is established on earth — is objectified, is made real.

The two agreeing are Isaac and Jacob — you and that which you desire. And the agreement is made solely on the sense of feeling.

Esau symbolizes your present objectified world whether it be pleasant or otherwise.

Jacob symbolizes any and every desire of your heart.

Isaac symbolizes your true self – with your eyes closed to the present world – in the act of sensing and feeling yourself to be or to possess that which you desire to be or to possess.

The secret of Isaac – the sensing, feeling state – is simply the act of mentally separating the sensibly felt (your present physical state) from the insensibly felt (that which you would like to be).

With the objective senses tightly shut Isaac made, and you can make the insensibly felt (the subjective state) seem real or sensibly known, for faith is knowledge.

Knowing the law of self-expression, the law by which the invisible is made visible, is not enough.

It must be applied; and this is the method of application.

First: Send your first son Esau – your present objectified world or problem – hunting. This is accomplished simply by closing your eyes and taking your attention away from the objectified limitations. As your senses are removed from your objective world, it vanishes from your consciousness or goes hunting.

Second: With your eyes still closed and your attention removed from the world round about you, consciously fix the natural time and place for the realization of your desire.

With your objective senses closed to your present environment you can sense and feel the reality of any point in time or space, for both are psychological and can be created at will.

It is vitally important that the natural time-space condition of Jacob, that is, the natural time and place for the realization of your desire be first fixed in your consciousness.

If Sunday is the day on which the thing desired is to be realized, then Sunday must be fixed in consciousness now.

Simply begin to feel that it is Sunday until the quietness and naturalness of Sunday is consciously established.

You have definite associations with the days, weeks, months and seasons of the year. You have said time and again, “Today feels like Sunday, or Monday, or Saturday” or “This feels like Spring, or summer, or Fall, or Winter.” This should convince you that you have definite, conscious impressions that you associate with the days, weeks, and seasons of the year.

Then because of these associations you can select any desirable time, and by recalling the conscious impression associated with such time, you can make a subjective reality of that time now.

Do the same with space. If the room in which you are seated is not the room in which the thing desired would be naturally placed or realized, feel yourself seated in the room or place where it would be natural. Consciously fix this time space impression before you start the act of sensing and feeling the nearness, the reality, and the possession of the thing desired. It matters not whether the place desired be ten thousand miles away or only next door, you must fix in consciousness the fact that right where you are seated is the desired place.

You do not make a mental journey; you collapse space. Sit quietly where you are and make “there-ness” “here-ness.” Close your eyes and feel that the very place where you are is the place desired. Feel and sense the reality of it until you are consciously impressed with this fact, for your knowledge of this fact is based solely on your subjective sensing.

Third: In the absence of Esau (the problem) and with the natural time-space established, you invite Jacob (the solution) to come and fill this space – to come and supplant his brother.

In your imagination see the thing desired. If you cannot visualize it, sense the general outline of it; contemplate it. Then mentally draw it close to you. “Come close, my son, that I may feel you.”

Feel the nearness of it. Feel it to be in your immediate presence. Feel the reality and solidity of it. Feel it and see it naturally placed in the room in which you are seated. Feel the thrill of actual accomplishment and the joy of possession.

Now open your eyes. This brings you back to the objective world – the rough or sensibly felt world. Your hairy son Esau has returned from the hunt and by his very presence tells you that you have been betrayed by your smooth-skinned son Jacob – the subjective, psychologically felt.

But like Isaac, whose confidence was based upon the knowledge of this changeless law, you too will say, “I have made him thy Lord and all his brethren have I given to him for servants”.

That is, even though your problems appear fixed and real, you have felt the subjective, psychological state to be real to the point of receiving the thrill of that reality. You have experienced the secret of creation for you have felt the reality of the subjective.

You have fixed a definite psychological state which in spite of all opposition or precedent will objectify itself, thereby fulfilling the name of Jacob – the supplanter.

Here are a few practical examples of this drama.

First: The blessing or making a thing real.

Sit in your living room and name a piece of furniture, rug or lamp that you would like to have in this particular room. Look at that area of the room where you would place it if you had it. Close your eyes and let all that now occupies that area of the room vanish. In your imagination see this area as empty space – there is absolutely nothing there. Now begin to fill this space with the desired piece of furniture. Sense and feel that you have it in this very area. Imagine you are seeing that which you desired to see. Continue in this consciousness until you feel the thrill of possession.

Second: The blessing or the making of a place real.

You are now seated in your apartment in New York City, contemplating the joy that would be yours if you were on an ocean liner sailing across the great Atlantic.

I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am there ye may be also.

– John 14:2-3

Your eyes are closed; you have consciously released the New York apartment and in its place you sense and feel that you are on an ocean liner. You are seated in a deck chair; there is nothing around you but the vast Atlantic. Fix the reality of this ship and ocean so that in this state you can mentally recall the day when you were seated in your New York apartment dreaming of this day at sea. Recall the mental picture of yourself seated there in New York dreaming of this day. In your imagination see the memory picture of yourself back there in your New York apartment. If you succeed in looking back on your New York apartment without consciously returning there, then you have successfully prepared the reality of this voyage.

Remain in this conscious state feeling the reality of the ship and the ocean; feel the joy of this accomplishment – then open your eyes.

You have gone and prepared the place; you have fixed a definite psychological state and where you are in consciousness there you shall be in body also.

Third: The blessing or making real of a point in time.

You consciously let go of this day, month or year, as the case may be, and you imagine that it is now that day, month or year which you desire to experience. You sense and feel the reality of the desired time by impressing upon yourself the fact that it is now accomplished. As you sense the naturalness of this time, you begin to feel the thrill of having fully realized that which before you started this psychological journey in time you desired to experience at this time.

With the knowledge of your power to bless you can open the doors of any prison – the prison of illness or poverty or of a humdrum existence.

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.

– Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:18

Chapter 5 – The Sabbath

Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day there shall be to you an holy day, a Sabbath of rest to the Lord.

– Exodus 31:15, Leviticus 23:3

These six days are not twenty-four hour periods of time.

They symbolize the psychological moment a definite subjective state is fixed.

These six days of work are subjective experiences, and consequently cannot be measured by sidereal time, for the real work of fixing a definite psychological state is done in consciousness.

The time spent in consciously defining yourself as that which you desire to be is the measure of these six days.

A change of consciousness is the work done in these six creative days; a psychological adjustment, which is measured not by sidereal time but by actual (subjective) accomplishment. Just as a life in retrospect is measured not by years but by the content of those years, so too is this psychological interval measured, not by the time spent in making the adjustment, but by the accomplishment of that interval.

The true meaning of six days of work (creation) is revealed in the mystery of the VAU, which is the sixth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and the third letter in the divine name: JOD HE VAU HE.

As previously explained in the mystery of the name of Jehovah, VAU means to nail or join.

The creator is joined to his creation through feeling; and the time that it takes you to fix a definite feeling is the true measure of these six days of creation.