No Belief No Problem | The Law of Assumption Works Anyway

No Belief No Problem | The Law of Assumption Works Anyway

When you find yourself in a state of disbelief, there’s no need to worry. Instead, try this approach:

Efforting occurs when we attempt to accomplish something solely through our own efforts, disregarding the power of nature or a higher force.

Allow me to illustrate this with an example:

Instead of manifesting your dreams, imagine that you are learning to play the piano. You dedicate years to practicing scales, playing each note slowly, exerting excessive force on every key. Each note is treated as if it were not part of a harmonious melody.

Gradually, through perseverance, your brain and fingers establish a connection—a neural pathway. And then, one day, if you have practiced diligently, a beautiful melody emerges from the piano. Each note is gently touched, with the perfect amount of pressure, emphasizing only where it is intended. Most notes flow effortlessly, resembling a cascade of pearls falling from a necklace and gracefully dancing across the floor. They roll, dance, and sing.

Before this moment, there was effort. This effort is known as practice. However, in this moment, it becomes a dance—a flowing expression of the pianist’s heart to yours. It transcends the mere mechanics of fingers and eardrums, and breathes life into the melody.

The process of manifesting and believing follows a similar trajectory. You diligently work and employ various methods, mindfully practicing each day. You replace unwanted thoughts with your own specific imaginal scenes or ideal self-images. You reframe spiraling thoughts, interrupting them with tailored autosuggestions and engaging in inspired inner dialogues.

It requires daily commitment. There will be moments when you don’t believe and doubt creeps in. But then, one day, unexpectedly, it all flows effortlessly, like a dance or a melodious piano tune. You tap into your inner communication with your divine self, becoming aware of how your mind muddles the waters. You repeatedly sweep away limiting beliefs, like an organized and persistent secretary tidying up a cluttered inbox.

No more. You no longer invest belief in fleeting thoughts. You no longer force yourself to believe in an external god, force, or universe. Suddenly, you believe because you recognize that the only thing you ever needed to believe in was yourself.

And so, you enter a state of flow. You have arrived.

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