Stop breadcrumbing behavior | Manifest sp

Stop breadcrumbing behavior | Manifest sp

Should I manifest a breadcrumbing specific person? Or should I manifest new and healthy love?

Your questions answered in this video:

Basics of manifesting | Neville Goddard | Changing the quality of desire to an intention and a choice


How you manifest one thing Is how you manifest all things, I know this has been debated, but I will show you what I mean, so that you can bring home ALL your desires.

How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things
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To better understand you have to know first of all that YOUR self image tells the story of how you see yourself AND how you see yourself informs you of what choices you are allowed to make.

I will give you an example:

if you are 600 pounds and can not get out of bed your story and self image will inform you of what you are allowed to choose in life, and only if you,

a. conform to your preprogrammed beliefs that can you make different choices

b. change your preprogramming and decide that the programming world of pendulums will conform to you, that you can make different choices.

It might seem to you that you are trapped in that body of beliefs, but that is not the case, if you are unable to manifest chances are that you have not allowed yourself to make the choice to have yet 

How you see yourself is how you act

it is propelled by invisible motivators

Most people have absolutely no clue of what their motivators are.

One example i narcissists that are propelled by fame and recognition

some people with other labels and letter are propelled by the one true love

others with yet other label are driven by solitude and safety

Some people are propelled by honor.

You might not  know what your motivating propeller is and that  is okay, that is not my point, because  you can bridge this gap anyway, but if you do know, you can replicate this motivator by superimposing it on your desire.

How you see yourself self-generates your internal visions of your future, and these subconscious visions determine how you act. This is our autopilot imaginal scenes so to speak.

Psychology will have you believe these labels, and that “society creates you” but manifesting is not bound to a single earthly thing, so you are free to transcend all of this with a simple decision to have. That every human is a product of suffering and reward, and as an adult that reward behavior is still your propeller, BUT this is exactly the programming that you are free to reprogram. If we chose NOT to, we are in fact nothing but a product of upbringing. You have free will, and it si to be used for the purpose of blazing your own trail.

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One of the biggest problem areas in making a decision to have,  that I see, is with SP, but it can happen in any area, for anyone, and the example of the 600 pound person is perfect because you will finally understand the difference between desire and making a choice.

If you want to lose weight, and you go on various diets, you try a cabbage diet, or you try the keto, and then after a week or thirty days you give up, and then you try a different method then you have not made the choice yet. It is a half assed decision, but that is called indecision, and indecision is a handbrake on manifesting. YOu have to let the handbrake up, to go forward, you have to make the choice. Once you make the choice that you want to be healthy FOR LIFE, the weight starts to come off. You have suddenly decided to be a different person, a healthy person, someone who sees the self differently, and this lifestyle change is what the people who manifest sps donät do. You might even be asking questions like “how do I DO self love so that I can get….” this is not a one hundred percent commitment to yourself, this is a half commitment, it is indecision, and it is NOT a choice. It is what we do when we have NOT decided yet. Oh I’ll try this fad for a minute and then I’ll see. NO it has to become a choice for you. I love this person, there are no other feelings allowed in me, no other options exist, it is a turning point, and a 100 percent commitment, and this is called a life choice,not a fad. Nothing that you do until you “get” them and then stop. This is a new you. 

“And Elijah came near to all the people and said, “How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him.”

 “But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.”

I used to treat patients for pain, and I would often assign them a one year practice with yoga if the situation warranted, and then after that,  a ten year practice, and why would I do that? It  is because most people try yoga one or two or three  times and then say that it didn’t work. 

IT didn’t work.

Sound familiar?

Have YOU said that about your manifesting.

There is NO IT that works, it is YOU that works. Either you make a design or you are in indecision. One or the other, and as soon as the design is made, your whole mindset shifts, you fear and worry disappears and your mind frees up and aligns with who you are, and suddenly the hunches start to flow. Suddenly you are ALLOWED to take the right actions.

It is a change that you make for life. A new life. How you see yourself informs you of the choices that you CAN make in life. CAN you choose to be with the one you love? If not, why is that? Because you feel guilt or shame, and that you are not worthy.

  1. We get what we choose, not what we wish.
  2. We make the choice by intention, not by desiring.
  3. You have to choose to not be your own enemy, by declaring yourself to be the chosen one.

How do you change the quality of your beliefs, so that your desire becomes your choice?

The whole universe is pure vibration, and particles and matter do not exist, in its truest sense. Only vibrations are real, even a seemingly solid object like a mountain can be examined on a vibrational level, and this is how quantum entanglement works. Our mental states are also vibrational, and we align with certain “states” energetically.

The energy of desiring is different from the energy of having made a choice, a decision, or an intention.  

AND Each soul has its own individual paths of unique truth and alignment  (the path of complete self-realization). 

To get there, you need to stop your attempts of being like someone else, stop attempts of repeating another person’s scenario, and to recognize the magnificence of your own individuality. You have to be daring to turn your mind to your unique soul. Do not be afraid to break stereotypes of pendulums that scream: “do as I do” and “be like everyone else.”

Changing a desire to a choice is as much a renunciation of who you are NOT, as it is a decision to have.  False modesty, guilt and shame and inferiority complexes keep us from making the decision to have because we have fallen for criticism by manipulators that we have to “pay” for what we desire. The only payment that we actually have to make, is with an equal energy, so if you are resisting making the intent to have, and staying in the desire and in th  wish unfulfilled, you will pay accordingly with an equal energy of unworthiness or  punishment. Only you can choose that you are worthy, and that you don’t have to pay for any imaginary crimes, and for you to stop paying you have to make the decision to have.

I want to give you a personal story to illustrate the shift from wishes to choice. I used to live in a different town, and I liked it fine there, but in 2015 a massive increase in homelessness hit, and a skid row was built in just two short months. Boxes, tents, tarps lined the sidewalks, and drugs and protitution and deaths increased. Initially I sort of wanted to fix the problem, I wanted to be active in my community in solving this, but one day, I just woke up and realized that sometimes these problems never get solved and then I would spend my whole life surrounded by a dangerous, ugly and depressing skid row. I decided to move.

I thought about where to go, and I decided where I wanted to live, and it was in one of the most expensive and popular zip codes. It was out of my price range, but the decision was made, and my mental energy shifted from problem solving, and wishing things were better, to a choice. The skid row did not bother me anymore, my sight was set higher, and I got what I wanted. This is the difference. The freeing up of the mental energy that is misguided while you are desiring, wishing and hoping, makes the manifestation fall in your lap. This happens because now you are suddenly aligned with YOUR truth. This whole time, I had never truly enjoyed the city where I lived, not an outright dislike perhaps, until the skid row popped up, but after I decided to move, I made the decision to love where I lived, and this choice changed my vague indecisiveness into an intention.

The soul of each and every person has a unique individual set of attributes that characterize it, and your uniqueness is also your purpose. Your purpose is NOT to play small. Decide now that you are worthy.

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Imagine the story about David and Goliath, how little David is up against a giant. You might be up against a giant, and if you are, you have to decide now, that you are able. That God supplies what you are lacking. David was too small to win, but he won nonetheless, and this is the result of a choice. I will go and fight the giant, in spite of what your circumstances are telling you, you have what it takes to achieve your desire, this is built into us. The desire and its fulfillment is buried in the same seed and our job is merely to accept that the desire belongs to us, and that we are worthy. 

Imagine eons ago, when humanity were cavemen, or even before that. We existed on a level of consciousness similar to animals, on instinct mostly. Imagine now if we had questioned and second guessed every desire, every pang of hunger and every lust for sex, we would have died out. The same is still true today, our desire drives evolution forward and continues our existence, but beyond that, it also drives us closer and closer to realizing our true identity as godself. Without desire, we don’t go through the natural human steps of evolution, and we go extinct. We are here for a simple reason, to receive. Decide NOW that you are worthy.

Imagine that the stories of the Bible are actually telling you to go big or go home, and try to see these stories  in a new light. Imagine for example that the story of Joseph in the well is a story about a bridge of events, towards his purpose, becoming king.  This is the most epic bridge of events ever, and throughout, Joseph never questions the rightness of his path. He is betrayed by his envious brother, thrown in a well, sold as a slave, betrayed again by whats her name, and on and on the story goes, but one day, he is made King, and one day, he gets to host his brothers who now need him. He remains calm and unattached to both guilt, shame, pride, ego and everything else that is an energetic deviance from the INTENT TO RECEIVE. Be like Joseph,  when someone tries to make you feel guilt. Be like Joseph when your own mind tries to make you feel guilt. Your desire is put into your heart, don’t talk yourself out of it, keep speaking validation to your heart. Declare now that your desire is a decision. A choice and an intent. This releases the miracle into your life, it belongs in your life, but our fear and manipulations, and our false belief that there is some kind of hoop you have to jump through to become deserving reduces this miracle to a mere magic trick. The fruit of your decision to have, is good, and the fruit of your indecision is lack.

Are you holding yourself back from your desires because your “you are up against a giant” or  “your 12 older brothers have told you that you are insignificant?”  Are you  stuck in the well right now, or a slave to the Pharao

What is enslaving your mind?

 And what imaginary crimes are you feeling guilty about? This guilt is stopping you from making the decision of turning a desire into an intent.  Into a choice.

In james 4 it says:

You do not have because you do not ask God. 

When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives

The wrong motive is for example, “the fad diet” that I used in the beginning to illustrate, it is a fake choice, a noncommittal choice

You need to make a 100 percent choice that THIS is what I want, this is my choice, and let go of manipulation, let go of half choices, let go of  “i’ll do it for a day and if it doesn’t work it means this doesn’t work”

It only works  when you decide that this is your choice.

In Taoism, manifesting is called “ effortless effort” but it only becomes effortless once you free up your mental energy by making the choice, because the mental energy that it takes to argue for your limitations is enormous. It eats up most of your energy.

The world might tell you that you are a byproduct of the situation you are in,  but don’t buy into it, you are not, you are a product of your own imagination. 

Free your imagination from its prison by making the choice to have.

Are you just asking for a little bit better than the misery that you are in? 

Are you tempering your heart’s desires so that you can shrink it down,  so that you CAN  “believe”?  This is a mental adjustment of the true desire, which comes from the heart. Keep your mental limitations away from your heart space.   Our minds are not capable of figuring out the inner workings of how desires are ultimately fulfilled, so all the mind  does is put resistance and time in the way.  This is how we create our own obstacles.  Of course there are no actual obstacles, only what we created from our disbelief.

This mental tempering of desire is NOT why you are here, your purpose, or multitude of purposes, has nothing to do with what is or isn’t possible, but only with what “sparks joy”.  Simply put, you are here to BE YOU, all out, not ashamed to ask. We are told; ASK, and you shall receive, but then we don’t ask…You have not because you ask not.  Instead we stack all the reasons against ourselves for why we should not have what we clearly know that we are wishing, hoping and dreaming for.   Does the wish disappear because you are afraid to go for it?  No.   If anything it gets even stronger.   You do NOT have to drop everything and throw yourself head first into a potentially failing endeavor, no, again we are told ASK. Ask, and it is given. So ask already. This implies absolutely NO ACTION on your part, just an intent to receive.   We love to play it small, it suits our ego’s, strangely enough. “Oh I could never” …. “I am so much more humble and unassuming than that”.  Playing it small is the opposite of humble, and it is caused by an original feeling of guilt. This guilt is false, and you are worthy. Decide now that you are worthy.

When negative events happen we tend to “run and hide”  immediately, so quick to believe that something “isn’t meant to be”, but remember Joseph then, in those times when you seem to fail, when you have made your choice, and you run into difficulties.  The difficulty is part of your path, decide now that it is there to create a new skill in you, overcome it and stay on your path.

My stepdad comes to my  mind. It was  in the late 80s I think.   He came home from work one day, he was an engineer, he had a great job, with a great salary.  Little did I know that he had harbored a greater dream inside of him, a vision of something a little different…He came home one afternoon, with the news that he had been laid off. A great silence immediately settled as we stared at him with serious faces. To our surprise,  instead of disappointment, he shouted for joy, and he did one of those cartoon jump kicks that showed us clearly that this is actually  what he wanted.  I thought he might have a psychotic break for a moment, but it quickly became obvious that he had bigger plans for life and this was the opportunity he had been waiting for, and what followed was his path to business ownership and making six figures, and then seven figures. A perfect bridge of events. The work that he put into growing his business was significant, and he did it with an energy that I didn’t know he had.

Have faith the size of a mustard seed and you will bring this home.

 “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. “ -Jesus

Do you believe that you have to script, that you have to do affirmations? That if you miss a day of doing your methods “it” will fail? It doesn matter if you fail every day in your methods there is NOT ONE SINGLE THING that you can DO.  You do not DO, you make the choice, the choice is the faith the size of the mustard seed. You do not know the way, you do not know the how, this is embedded into your choice the same way that the mustard plant is embedded into the seed. It does not matter if you can’t see what you should do next, because soon enough your path unfolds before you, and that is when you know the next step. If the next step seems wrong to you, the giant is to big, or your twelve brothers to mean, then YOU are the one who is stopping your own manifestation. Make the choice to have, and then go. Whatever comes your way next is part of your path so don’t cave in just because it LOOKS to you like a failure.

The mustard seed has to break when it sprouts, maybe the seed believes momentarily that it has failed. Maybe it hurts to break. Maybe it fears that it is over, and it will never become anything after all.   Moments later it sprouts, but the seed did not know that, this is the path that it would take. Your choice will put you on the path of your new timeline, and don’t be afraid of your new timeline.

Feeling is the secret

“Be careful of your moods and feelings, for there is an unbroken connection between your feelings and your visible world.”

— Neville Goddard

This quote breaks the stereotypes that many try to perpetuate about Neville’s teachings. Clearly he recognizes the importance of feelings and emotions, he states in no uncertain terms. What you allow yourself to indulge in, is essentially “what you think matters” and if you think it matters the transformation into your world is a fact.

How do you react to the events in your life? 

Correct yourself if you have been a drama queen until now. How do you react when you are in a storm, small or big?

Experiment by taking the tiger by the tail, using a conceptual idea of  “you and your world”.

Because YOU are both the image and the reflection, you can use your reflection to your advantage, by using an idea of “Me and my world are …..” 

For example, “me and my world are going to make this video”, or “me and my world are going to get ready for work”, “me and my world are going to get on the subway:” begin to  use this concept throughout the day,  every day for one week. 

Even go so far to put it on the calendar so that you don’t forget. Put reminders for yourself throughout the day so that whatever you are doing when the reminder goes off, you can take inventory, “me and my world are preparing for this meeting”.   I  want you to get used to being in control  of your creation, understand where you begin and end, understand that you are bigger than just your body.   After this  routine  starts to become a habit,  incorporate your intentions into it, that is, your choices.   Your manifestations.  If you desire to be a famous rockstar, then “ me and my world are becoming a famous rockstar”  or  if you are manifesting a new house “ Me and my world are buying a house”.   You can do both the end result, and the process there, it is fine to interchangeably say “are” and “becoming”.  “Me and my world are getting married” and  “Me and my world are happily married”  can both be used.

This is informing your nervous system of a definite qualitative change within you.  You know that you create your world, so you are comfortably commanding it.  Furthermore, your desire is no longer a mere hope, wish, or daydream, it is now a decision.   As a decision,  for you, the CEO of your life,  it will happen because that is how decisions  play out.  A decision is an obvious step towards fulfillment. A decision HAS to be made, no matter how small.  A decision if it will be chicken or burgers for dinner HAS to be made, otherwise there will be no dinner. I decided to eat taquitos for dinner. That means sometime today I’ll pick up some salsa and some guacamole from the store, so that I have everything I need to make dinner. This is a decision, a choice, and as such it will happen. You don’t need to maintain or persist in the feeling of desire, it will come and go naturally, maybe as you think about dinner you get a little hungry and you look forward to it, but you don’t force this. This type of desre has changed energetic quality, and this brings it home, it is aligned with anticipation, not hopeless daydreaming. You don’t have to worry about the traditional  LOA conundrums such as DO I DROP IT OR DO I PERSIST??  You have made a decision.   A decision comes to pass.

THIS simple shift will make a BIG difference for you.

Neville Goddard Says:

“Determined imagination is the beginning of all successful operation. The imagination, alone, is the means of fulfilling the intention.”

-Neville Goddard

This determination that he is talking about  is the choice, and then the intent to have. It is that simple. It doesn’t matter what you think or do in between, you don’t have to be viding high, you don’t have to be exclusively positive, you just go about everything during your days naturally, because it comes to you through an avenue that is perfectly natural. Everything lines up, and you just make sure to take actions that are unrelated, whatever your day presents to you, count on it being for the benefit of your choice, regardless of how “opposite” it looks. It is never the opposite, it is always correct. Be relaxed in this. You decided already for taquitos for dinner, and it doesn’t matter if there is a crisis at work, deal with life as it comes, it has nothing to do with anything. Everything is lined up in your favor, and we don’t see the whole picture, so sometimes it looks opposite, but know that it is not, it is for you, and it is going in the right direction. Your heart never lies to you, it is incapable of deceit, so going towards your heart’s desire is ALWAYS safe.

“If you will assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact.”

-Neville Goddard

There is more than one reason for this but the most important one that most people completely forget is that your desire happens to be intrinsically linked with your gifts, and your unique abilities. Copying someone else’s abilities and  desires, or trying to be someone you’re not makes you path very difficult,  and it makes us feel unfulfilled regardless of how much wealth it seems to be to someone else. I wish I could convey to you how often people have achieved absolute success, but on someone else’s terms, and they are deeply unhappy. You were equipped with your desires for a reason. Let your personality shine, and decide today that you are worthy. Nobody can be you like you can be you. This kick starts a blessing, a chain of events, or a bridge of events as Neville Goddard calls it, that can not be stopped by any seeming outer force. You can think of it as if it is mean to be even. You are not accidentally given your desires, you have those desires to fulfill your own unique truth, call it lifepath. Your lifepath is waiting for you, already made, just waiting for you to step onto it.

 “Believe that you are what you want to be.”

-Neville Goddard

This quote sums up the belief that you are worthy. What is the reason for us being so quick to talk ourselves out of what we actually CAN have what we want?   Imagine if we do that to our friends or loved ones? What if you were as negative to your friends as you are to yourself, if they tell you that they hope for something. Will you tell them that they can never have that, they are too fat, too broke, too ugly or too stupid? No? Well, we do sneaky little versions of this to ourselves ALL THE TIME. It is time for you to celebrate yourself, maybe you are too ub=gly and too stupid but so what? Do you know how many ugly people think that they are God’s gift to mankind? I’m not saying to be arrogant, of course, but I am saying, accept your own greatness by noticing your strengths, and by knowing that you are worthy, just because you are here. Whatever flaws you have that you have used as reasons stacked against yourself are not at all flaws, they are part of you and other people might wish that they were just like you.

“The world is yourself pushed out.  Ask yourself what you want and then give it to yourself! Do not question how it will come about; just go your way knowing that the evidence of what you have done must appear, and it will.”

-Neville goddard

“A change of feeling is [the same as] a change of destiny.”

— Neville Goddard

“Assume the feeling of your wish [having been] fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows.”

— Neville Goddard

“You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it.”

— Neville Goddard

“Your assumption, to be effective, cannot be a single isolated act, it must be a maintained attitude of the wish fulfilled.”

— Neville Goddard

 “It is not what you want that you attract, you attract what you believe to be true.”

— Neville Goddard

 “Man’s chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness.”

— Neville Goddard

To accomplish the task of creating a dwelling place, the state of the “wish fulfilled”, one would need to “take the material world and elevate and connect it to God.” This means that whatever you see around you that you don’t like, transform the quality of this in your imagination until it becomes like the fulfilled desire, and this is the same as “elevating and connecting it to God”.

Claim what is yours with the will to have. The intention is the power, and it has to be neutral and free of resistance, not unlike going to the grocery store and picking out items. It is a simple choice and an intent. Imagine if you went to the store for groceries, and when there, you started to  think that you have to ‘have a strong desire” to buy oranges, and that you had to persist in your affirmations…  This is how many approach manifesting. 

Getting stuck in this useless energy wasting resistance mode, drop importance and approach it like a more mundane activity.  Don’t be afraid that it won’t come, have a different plan laid out in case it doesn’t work so that you are not plagued with fear, that creates even more resistance. Make peace with potential failure, and then go ahead and act in the way that most naturally follows next. DO NOT WAIT, you need to take some type of action, towards something, otherwise you create EVEN MORE resistance. Don’t take “false” action, that is don’t manipulate or finagle the outcome, rather take any natural action based on your current moment. 

Dwelling in the state of the wish fulfilled, is the same as the sort of indifferent state of having basically anything that you currently have, in other words, there is no desire there. Think of something that you now have that you previously desired, and how you rarely if ever even give it any thought at all.

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Trauma informed Non-Dual counseling

Trauma informed
Nondual counseling

Nondual therapy is inspired by the nondual spiritual traditions, such as Taoism, Advaita Vedanta, and Buddhism. Nondual therapy is not, a religious modality, nonduality is a scientific approach,  and anyone can benefit. 

Many experiences take place from birth where we disconnect, become disembodied, fragmented or dissociated from ourselves, from our self worth, and from our self identity.  Nondual therapy sessions can help you uncover and express your authentic self, by unravelling and  softening painful experiences, reframing your self-concepts. We manifest who we are, not what we want, and who you are is a God/Goddess waiting to step into power.

The power of oneness

Instead of seeking answers or solutions, instead of problem solving or talk therapy, nondual therapy and somatic awareness  is focused on revealing the beliefs and stories you create that cause pain . False beliefs and destructive storytelling, once  recognised for what they are naturally give space for a more connected self, and wellbeing surfaces naturally.

This isn’t about trying to change yourself but about coming home to self. 

If you have previously been held back by your traumatic past, when you feel safe and held with compassion, your nervous system will relax. You will experience inner peace,  trust, and self confidence and  joy.

All of us have an inner guide, a divinity, a  divine security guard that protects our hearts and our emotions, and in mindfulness practices we discover, nurture and sustain this divine center until we begin to trust its guidance.

The unconditional power of love

Power does not hide away in shame, power does not  hurt others out of fear. It does not punish or even make sense. It simply IS. We have been given a spirit of power, love and of a sound mind.  Reclaiming personal power is humanity’s greatest quest today, and nondual practices is an equal portion of power and og love.


Discovering your personal power means no masks to hide behind, no victim story to keep you small, no arrogance to keep you distant, and no avoiding of your truth and purpose.

When the victimized feminine stops misusing her power through defensiveness and blaming, or by  co-dependently hoping for something  to change, the feminine, can find her own truth, her own authority through the audacity of self validation. .

The feminines  vulnerability and her strength is found through her body, and her heart, 

When the victimized masculine is healed and no longer reacts to disrespect, or uses strength without heart, he can claim his deepest power too, through empathy.

reconnecting mind-heart and heart-soul

Nondual  Tantra says that nothing that can be said in words, and that our minds are not capable of understanding sufficiently the absolute truth. 


Daring to enter back into the body after  dissociating due to trauma is a as magical as it is frightening, as mystical as it is terrifying, the direct experience of the sacred reality, an expanded conscious, happens in a loving gently relationship with the energy of the physical body.


The body is not an obstacle to healing, it is the path,  the body is not impure or associated with sin, but serves as an instrument to experience the sacredness in everything.  Our senses serve us and are not there just to get rid of them or to suppress them. 


Nondual trauma therapy connects the disembodied emotions to the body, and puts the brain back online again.


Healing the mind begins with the heart and the body. 

The movement of positive thinking is ultimately meaningless if “thinking” is disconnected from the body. 

The mind merely directs our story, it is our heart and our senses that give our stories meaning and life.

Happiness is found in the agreement between mind-heart-senses.


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Rumi’s Eternal Love Poems

Rumi’s Eternal Love Poems

Be in love with life

Your Love is the source of passion

for all the Love there is.

It burns my soul, night and day.

Don’t look for the ashes,

you won’t find any, 

they are all inside of me,

layers upon layers,

all inside of me.

Even a sea of passions and seductions

could not wash these ashes away.

Wait until I am dead,

if they open me up, you will find

a thousand eyes,

staring you in the face.

YES you can change your specific person | It is a GOOD thing 💕

Vlog: Watch it on YouTube!

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Do THIS when it feels IMPOSSIBLE | Manifest ANYWAY!

Can’t imagine the end? Segment intend instead!

You probably already know that you are supposed to go to “The End”, and imagine a scene that could only happen after you get your desired manifestation. Sometimes that end is too hard to imagine. Since you have been taught to go to the end, you still try to  push for that. But you don’t know what the end will feel like, so you feel like it’s impossible Let’s say that you have now education, and you are working at 7 – 11 or something, but you want to be CEO at Tesla, but you feel like a loser.

So…. now you can’t imagine the end, because you are busy imagining that you are a loser.

Your imagination creates, so no matter what you want or hope for, your imagination is that you perceive yourself as a loser, and this is what keeps manifesting for you. It is not that easy to shift out of that slump, and if your goal feel so far away, or it feels like such a slim chance, like being CEO of Tesla, you will continue to not be able to “generate an imagination of the end”, as long as you are also imagining that you are a loser.

OR….You might be a completely different personality, a go getter, and if you are convinced that personality wins, all day and every day, and if you believe that education means nothing, but hard work and great work ethics win over a degree, like a yuppie of the 80s, then you can EASILY generate an imagination that might VERY WELL land you the gig as CEO of Tesla. Your personality is as much a part of your imagination about yourself as anything else, and personality is changeable.

If this yuppie go-getter personality seems too far off for you, then you can use segment intending.

non dual tantra as loa manifest love

(This is where people get mixed up with not wanting to mess with the middle, but segment intending is not messing with the middle. It is still just using intentions to manifest, which by the way is the simplest and quickest manifestation technique anyway. An intention generates an automatic image of the end result.)

To segment intend you simply intend the next most obvious step to take. If you can’t do THAT either, then break it down even more. Sit down and break things down into smaller and smaller and smaller goals, until you are able to imagine yourself actually doing it. Small goals are great goals!. Let’s say you start with the end goal; CEO of tesla. Now what education do you think you need? What education do you need to get accepted into? What schools could this happen at, is it online or in person? What papers do you need to gather to apply to these schools, and keep breaking the smaller steps into as many small steps as you need to, and when there are no more smaller steps to take, finally outline all the steps on a paper. 

Now each step is your next segment, so instead of going straight for imagining CEO at tesla, imagine your next intention, will it be to gather the documents that you need to go to school? Great, imagine that. You can now suddenly probably more easily imagine yourself with your suit on, looking powerful. Each intention will feel manageable now, and a natural imagination arises suddenly. Now you are no longer subconsciously imaging that you are a loser.

When you manifest, you gather momentum, and if the goal feels impossible to imagine it is like you gather up a lot of momentum for collision. If you have no clue what direction to go, a lot of momentum can easily head for a halt. If you know where to direct your momentum you will continue to imagine a smooth ride.

Momentum and intention should match. If there is a tiny segment goal and your exuberance and positive vibration is bigger you will deflate like a balloon, and in that case make the goal bigger, and better.

Adjust your end state based on your belief in your abilities, and allow for this to change from day to day. Try  to not start a battle with yourself because you can’t imagine the end, rather allow for the ease of the next segment. Can’t imagine that “really really big thing” right now? That is fine, so imagine organizing yourself towards the next segment, get back in control, and your state will instantly shift out of panic or looser state, and you will be in a state of accomplished and competent, and oh, by the way, that state is exactly what the ceo of Tesla is in!

Imagine the next most logical step.

Is the marriage too far off, and do you have bad memories of marriage? Try to segment intend, and manifest nice and safe dates where you are treated right, and imagine an end when you are courted properly. 

If you were rejected, imagine that you feel so good that you don’t really care about the rejection anymore because you got your groove back independently of a partner. Then imagine that you are pursued or courted, and asked out. Then imagine that there is a lot of romantic interest in you. It is okay to go in baby steps so that you don’t veer off the road, it is okay to go at lightning speeds too, and to manifest bigger and better but it all depends on yourself and the state that you are in.

It all depends on the momentum that you are able to gather, and it depends on how you can stay the course and not drive into a ditch. If you are going too fast and you do drive into a ditch it is totally fine, just see it as a learning experience from your Godself. Maybe you want to be able to pull this off in an “instant manifestation” kind of way and you are learning, you are segment intending your way towards that end as well!


If you go too big, and your manifestation feels out of reach, you will automatically start to active imaginations about possible failures and all of your shortcomings, and yes, those imaginations are instant manifestations as well. Shrink your end goal to a size that gives you confidence but challenges you. If on the other hand you decide to go bigger, better and more fantastic, if  you feel excited about the greater end goal, your momentum will get you there! Just don’t give up on yourself just because you can’t get a feel for your end state, just segment intend every step of the way, shrink the end goal to a bite sized snack, do that for as long as you need to.  There is no true end anyway, the true end is the next end that you CAN imagine, it is a false belief that it has to be only certain things like “after the job promotion”, “after you own the business”, “after you get married” etc, but the only true end is death, and surely that is not an end we need to imagine lol!

The end can be “going to get burgers together with an sp”, the end can be to “establish interest” in the first place, especially if you have been very a insecure person. The end can be monogamy if you have had a hard time with that before, and the end of marriage is too scary to think about. Go segment to segment, and do it as slow as you need to, because in the end you will have received you manifestation faster, because slow and steady wins the race, and this is like the story of the tortoise and the hare.

Segment is different from messing in the middle, in the way that messing with the middle is “problem solving” and trying to figure out the how.

You can stay in a vibrationally still place where you allow “the how” to unfold, without finagling, or you can segment intend, trying to hammer every bit into place. Manifesting is equal to doing nothing BUT intending, and then staying in that vibration of having intended and in the state of ” it is already done”. (Sometimes there is some amount of problem solving to be done, and in that case, that can be your first segment intended, but commit to actually solving the problem then. Like this: Get a paper out, draw a line down the middle, and write a yes on one side and a no on the other for the problem that you want to solve. Give yourself 5 or 10 minutes, and jot down all the pro’s and con’s and the side with the most reasons wins. DONE.

Problem solving is a skill that many people don’t have, and sure, it does make a difference in your life, and it also makes a difference in your manifesting, because if you can learn how to do this, you can return to “being in the state of the wish fulfilled”

BUT. Problem solving is not manifesting, manifesting is trusting in the mystery that fuses two atoms together to create a molecule. You want a hydrogen and two oxygens fused so that you can have a sip of water, but are you  REALLY going to go out there to fuse them before you drink water? Or do you just trust in the mystery that created water out of atoms so that you can drink?  You need the faith and stillness to manifest, not problem solving.

You need to dwell on the sabbath.

It is already done.

Drink the water. 

Play with this idea today:

How much doing actually belongs to you?

Is there even ONE SINGLE THING that you can create?

No, all you can do is  intend.

The fusing of atoms, you can not accomplish that, no matter how much you plan or worry or manipulate.

If you can’t manifest imagining your end, it is because you can’t give up your belief in your own history, and this belief will change when you learn how to live in the end of your smaller segments. You will change, and you can observe your change.  

There is a surprising amount of old-school new-thought teachers that include action steps in the manifesting methods, and I have read most of these teachings. It is safe to say that Neville Goddard stands out as the teacher who grasped the concepts, and clearly explained that manifesting is a non-action method.

Yes you will take actions because that is life, it is full of living! But manifesting is equal to living in the sabbath.

On the seventh day God rested, and that is us.

We are on the seventh day, and we are resting. So be in the sabbath. Whatever helps you give up the struggle and rest and be still, whatever helps you be in the sabbath, do that. Size your goal after your internal ability to rest in that goal. Remember the only true end is the grave so you get to decide for yourself what end you want to manifest now, if your end is to “wake up happy tomorrow” fantastic, it is a perfect end, so do that.

If your end is establishing a liveable community on the planet Mars, fantastic, it is a perfect end, life in that sabbath.

You don’t have to stay stuck in your old state, you are free to give up struggling anytime, and to be in the wish fulfilled, in the sabbath, immediately.

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Can I change my specific person to be faithful to me? Viewer Question

Manifestations happen ALL THE TIME.

This is an answer to a viewer question:

I found out that my sp wants to be with others in intimate way for a living, can I manifest him not wanting to do this for a living and just be with me?”

Manifestations are happening all the time, right now.

Now, and now, and now.

And also now.

Everything, and I mean literally everything is a manifestation, constantly, and it never stops. This means that everything that we entertain in our minds is on the conveyor belt RIGHT NOW, soon it will show up, somehow, someway, but when it does we are always bewildered! How did I manifest THAT? I didn’t want that, I never THOUGHT that I wanted THAT?  So why did it show up?

Not only is everything a manifestation (It is made manifest, so it MUST be a manifestation, and you are tho operant power so it isn’t somebody else’s manifestation) everything manifests instantly.

Now. And Now. And now.

Our perception is SMALL, and that is why we don’t get it. If we widen and broaden our perspective, and reverse engineer our life, we can see that everything manifests literally.

Our current circumstances have the possibility to drastically change instantly, IF we drastically change our thoughts, so you can observe the instant manifestation in real time. The only reason we think it takes a certain amount of time, is because we don’t drastically change our thoughts!

Try it!

Try the LULLABY METHOD, just as an experiment. Keep saying Thank you! Over and over again for two hours, and see what happens. This is my “ladder experiment”. You will prove to yourself that manifesting is real, and your doubts will cease.

When we see the outside circumstances, we are focused on a mirage.  We want that projection, but since it is a mirage, it runs away and disappears. There is NO manifesting that is happening “out there” and your specific person is not doing anything to you, you are projecting.

If you can stop projecting your current small view on the specific person, that is your own idea of them that you are projecting out, and if you can change your thoughts about them, expand your view of them, you will have an instant change.

You would have to stop being reactive to what you believe ‘they’ are doing, this is what we meant by not reacting to circumstance. This of it instead as reacting to a mirage in the desert. It is YOUR OWN DISTORTED VIEW. The amount of time it takes to change someone is the amount of time that it takes for you to erase your current perception of them, and replace it with a positive expanded view. And by the way. THIS is love! Being able to give someone the gift of seeing them for who they truly are, that is love. If you want to continue your idea of “they did this, and they are bad, they are cheating” and “They just have to change in all of these ways and then I will love them”, that is NOT love. We think that a “tit for tat exchange of favors” is love, because that is what we have been taught, but no, consistently maintaining an expanded view point of someone, without reacting to unwanted behavior, that is love.

I have changed people dramatically, from narcissist to amazing and generous, and so can you. 

Imagine if you raised your children with the same narrow viewpoint that you offer your specific person? Some people do, and those children end up in therapy, because why? Because THEY DIDN’T FEEL LOVED! That is all the proof that you need to know, that that style of love is never experienced as love.  If you want your love to be received as love by the mirage, you have to dig in a little deeper into your heart, and pull out a bigger and better view of our specific person, keep that view, even when they are showing you something else. This is how you create the change that you want.

If you want them to be committed to you, then see only that. If you want them to be faithful, then experience them as only that.

If they are not, you have perceived that BEFORE the rejection or cheating happened. It is always that way because that is universal law.

If you don’t change your mind about them they will not change.

You have already been manifesting the whole entire time, now you just need to do it deliberately and consciously. You have to manifest a whole new and completely different version of them. Most people try to “manifest the exact same version” and that ends up in a back and forth, how and cold behavior.  That ends up as breaking up and getting back together over and over again, you have decided to change your mind completely about them, and then the behavior will stop!

Dr Anna Bäck

I found out that my sp wants to be with others in intimate way for a living, can I manifest him not wanting to do this for a living and just be with me?
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non dual tantra as loa manifest love
Non-Dual Tantra Manifest Love Course

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Divine Love | Creating the true Twin Flame connection | Build true love with the right foundation | Manifest a specific person

Divine Love | Creating the Twin Flame connection | Build true love with the right foundation | Manifest a specific person

Is there such a thing as a Twin Flame connection? What is a Twin Flame? Is it a divine connection or is it just an excuse for a toxic relationship to go on?

These questions are very valid, there are thousands of people who are wondering if their estranged lover is their twin flame, and who can’t move on and level up, even if that would be the healthiest and safest thing to do, and there are thousands of others who give up on a love that just needed a little bit of realistic work to get back on track but we have been sold this pil that love should be easy, or else it isn’t “real love” Real love takes work. Sometimes.

Love is not a one size fits all.

non dual tantra as loa manifest love
Non-Dual Tantra Manifest Love Course

In order to get the most of this post please also read: Circumstances , and The subconscious mind.

Let’s answer some of these questions and more importantly, let’s learn how to create a divine love connection.

I am assuming that you have a basic knowledge by now, of the law of assumption, if not, bookmark this page and come back to it if you didn’t feel like you understood it. Don’t worry, a lot of this information has taken me years to fully understand!

The technique; Using the EGO, to enhance the divine feminine principle

Yes you read that correctly, this is where you will learn how to make friends with you ego, and how to use it as a tool to check itself. It’s time to stop the war on the ego, it is a necessary tool for us humans, that is why we have it, and as long as we are smart about how to use it, and as long as we have an equal measure of compassion along side of it, there is no issue with the ego. Enough said about that I think. The ego is only an obstacle to enlightenment, but we are manifesting something different. We are manifesting love! Lets’ face it, a massive ego is unattractive and repelling, but this is why will learn how to use it to check ourselves!

Using the egoic aspect to check itself in order to enhance the divine feminine principle is the best tool that you will ever have in your manifesters tool box, if you want to create a Twin Flame connection, or if you believe that you have met your twin flame. (If you are in an estranged or toxic relationship, and you feel that this is a twin flame, then read this blog post as well, since you will need to go through obsession detox first.) The addiction developed in an abuse cycle is a real addiction, and as an addict you need to recover or you will just throw yourself into the toxic cycle again.

Up until now you might have believed things like “you only have one twin flame”, or “”the twin flame triggers an awakening” but now that you have learned that you manifest your reality out of the contents in your subconscious mind, you will begin to understand that the appearance of a twin flame (or a toxic abuse cycle) is just a way for you to show yourself the inner contents of your own mind. Nothing was ever created by an outer universe or God to trigger you, or to teach you a lesson. There is NO such thing. Because of the principal idea of oneness, the Twin Flame is simply you giving yourself an opportunity to return to oneness, (not that we can truly ever leave) and to remember that comfortable bliss state of all knowing, all positive, all zenful bliss. We all long for that, we forgot that love is ourselves, we go numb or fill up with dreary thoughts, or painful emotions, we dissociate and we forget who we truly are. Now you have understood that it is a natural longing, and that it is programmed into our very nature, and nobody exists without this fundamental desire. The creator already knows the answer, since creation is finished, and the beginning of time is already finished, as well as the end of time, so the outcome was good, we all returned to our oneness consciousness, and we recognized God in ourselves, and God in our fellow human sisters and brothers. God is not testing us, he already knows. We are giving ourselves opportunities that’s all. I realize that some people have never experience this incredible love that we call Twin Flame, but chances are that you have. And you want it back.

The recognition that we want to create a greater love than our previous idea of seeking fulfilment through love in the usual way, is a natural part of the human/divine journey. We are all marching in the same direction, towards total well being. This is a comforting thought, at least it should be, and an even better thought, is that total wellbeing is ours for the taking now, today, and we don’t have to wait.

Creating a higher connection requires overcoming our problems and perfecting our approach to love. It does not involve changing our partner, no matter how much we may want that, and any change that we want to see begins with ourselves, and this expands us. No one to change but self. Our consciousness expands, through expanding our love, and this positive change positively effects our relationship. This is the way that our relationship becomes the lab where we get to create a twin flame, or soulmare, or divine relationship. Divine relationships are made, by ourselves, by a greeter part of ourselves communicating to a smaller part of ourselves.

We all want to be loved and valued, cherished and respected, and this is caused by our ego, and this desire is natural. This is why the war on ego is unnecessary and useless. Each of us are unique though, and we are more or less drawn to different things and interests, and it also changes and fluctuates over time, and as we fulfill one desire we develop new desires. One desire is fulfilled and a new one develops. If we go stagnant and numb, we stop developing additional desires, and the natural process of creation comes to a dreary halt. Sometimes we connect with a partner or lover when we have a mutual desire, and our consciousness exist in the same state, but later we diverge, and develop different desires and interests, or life places different demands on us, or one person stays behind in the same state, and the other continues to grow and develop , and continues to consciously create themselves into newer states, so how do we maintain our love then? From our old state maybe we were satisfied with dating and courting and if problems hit at that time, the leap into manifesting from the end state seems to big of a gap. What then? You are stuck in a so called runner and chaser situation, wich by the way is not a real thing, it is just a state, nothing more and nothing less.

In the old paradigm, people just let the love die. Or people who were married, they maintained a marriage without any love in it, or they divorced. Today people are facing more issues, there is ghosting and i don’t know what else.

We are in a new paradigm, and we have brand new tools.

Many people who divorce stay singel for years or decades after, and breakups and divorces are not a great solution to creating a greater love. We need to learn how to create a divine love, in order to experience it. If we passively assume that it is just going to always be there, we will probably be disappointed.

We have to find a shared space, a space where we can come together, and it is created by a mutual desire for love and connection. This understanding is something that you can create all on your own, since your consciousness is what creates in your universe. Eventually, we both also need to participate in this creation. At some point, we will need reckon with the fact that we also have each our own egoic needs and this is necessary to admit before a divine love can be created. It is like an addict who needs to admit that they are an addict before they can get sober. It is not such a big deal though, you just have to admit that you have your own desires that are driven by a purely selfish desire for fulfilment. We are all the same in that way even if what we desire is fully altruistic, it is still desired from the part of ourselves that is seeking personal fulfillment (through altruism). Nevertheless, this is a relationship, and it is a love relationship, so we must come clean with ourselves about our egoic needs and demands because this is what creates our unreasonable demands on one another. This does not mean that we will not have our needs met. We are just finding a new way to go about it.

Most of our impulses in love relationships were picked up from a failing system, from our parents, or from movies or books that portray love in a false way without the part that actually involves going through the difficult times in a way that creates this divinity between us, and so we have to learn as we go to try rise above those impulses, or become another statistic. Another divorce, another serial dater, another long term single parent.

Love is grown to divine love by withstanding difficult times, when we dare to see our partner and their needs, in those times when we feel that our needs should be met, we again grow. Our love grows and expands, and this creates a split in reality, and levels us up. This is a quantum jump, into a greater love. Every situation that we overcome, and rise above, rises us above the old realty, and brings us closer to a divine love.

It isn’t about the outcome, it is about our intention. Think about it. The creator doesn’t need our actions, the creator has no need for us to DO anything, “he” can do it by himself, but rather it is our intention to generate love upon our partner that increases the love that is divine. I don’t mean in action, I don’t mean to cater to, to smother, or to become a doormat, I mean in INTENTION. The intention to always see the bigger picture, and being willing to do what it takes to refuse that narrow angry, fear based, hate filled or bitter view of our partner and to do what it takes to see the greater expanded version of them that includes the infatuation and bubble love that you fell in love with, under all circumstances. “The creator” also want this, our love, our connection between all of us, that is all.

The creation becomes, because of our intention. Not because of our actions. Our intention to maintain an infatuation and an adoration of your partner, and an image of them adoring you in the midst of your fights, this creates a divine love, a Twin flame. This means that you have to do the exact OPPOSITE of what you always do. When you go don’t go down the negative path, you have to level up, maintain a greater view, and your love will expand. Your ego will feel justified in going down the same old same old path but this is where your willpower and willingness to do what it takes comes into play. Now you can use your ego to check your own ego, to bring total focus to love and only love, to fairytale love and everything that you have been told doesn’t exist. This is a decision made deliberately and your ego is the only thing strong enough to decide to follow through with living in the end of lala land!

Your ego will overcome the resistance when nothing else will! When you are focused in love, love transmutes all thing to become like itself. The divine principle is non action, is intention only, and this work is internal. Turning your whole situation around by focusing on love, dropping the fear, and knowing that the work is already done, creation is already finished, and any negative feeling that you have is only a protective cover for the love that you are feeling. Every time that you feel a negative emotion (in any situation) realize that that is just covering the love that is underneath, so you can use your ego to call it out.

-No, that is not fear, that is love!

-No that is not bittenes, that is love!

– No, that is not anger, that is love!

This invisible love is not a metaphor, it is not a “peace love and understanding hippie” teaching, this is real, there is only love connecting us all, and our only challenge is to uncover that love, and what better person to practice on than your own partner, lover or twin flame.

Thi Bible interprets this false covering over the love as “The devil” and that is all that it is, a dark cover, but your ego is strong enough to uncover this love. This is why I started this post by saying that the war on ego need to end, and the only thing to do is to make sutre that we have an equal measure of love and compassion alongside it.

Rising above yourself, and being willing to do what it takes to reorient towards love creates divine love

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Master GODSTATE and ALIGNMENT | Manifesting and The structure of the divine particle | Feeling It Real

The structure of the divine particle:

The structure of our consciousness is non material, and has nothing to do with our Physical being. 

In the spiritual perception of reality there is no separation, from Godstate there is a clear vision of oneness, a complete clarity that we are all one thing. There are only answers, and no questions.

One and the same. 

One consciousness. 

Separation is the illusion of our physical body, but our spiritual body, our consciousness,  does not suffer from this illusion, although consciousness is attached to every unit of our physical body, it is also unattached.

There is a particle of light, an illumination, or enlightenment, in every cell of our body.

There is a divine particle in everything,

 Not necessarily  of equal measure, but there IS.

This particle is not part of the manifest universe. The divine particle is attached to nature,to the world, or the manifest universe, but it is also unattached.

Everything has an illumined particle. 

Even hell, if there is such a thing, and there is because we create it, still has a particle of illumined divine particle. 


Why does this matter? 

This illumined particle is what gives desire. 

How is that though? 

Well it drives out desire to discover who we are, what our purpose is and ultimately it drives our desire for liberation. (enlightenment)

Ego driven desires, and the desire for the ego to yield to enlightenment are both desires. 

Our consciousness, the divine particle, gives our direction, the desire is the direction where we always go. 

The divine particle is  in everyone of us, in every cell,  every cell has its own consciousness,  in every fiber that makes your physical, mental , emotional, and spiritual body. 

This divine particle  is always calling us.

It is calling us to a very special place but we can not see that place, and our descent into this body is a veil. The veil obscures both the calling and the divine particle itself, and our only view to it now is through our desires. It seems like a strange route to take, but mostly because we are not used to thinking in this way, we are used to a religious doctrine that says that the opposite path is virtuous, abstinence form earthly pleasures. This causes guilt, ans is a block to our alignment and growth.

Our view from this vantage point causes the divine particle to sit exactly in our blind spot.

No matter how bad we think it is in the moment, we still have contact with this divine particle, and the only contact we have is through our desires.   

Our desire for something, anything, be it material or physical, or egoic, or sexual, or for human connection is only the next step on a path that takes all of us to the same place, which is unity consciousness.

Because we ARE one.

This is how our unity consciousness first evolves, through our desires! One day, we see oneness, and no separation at all, and at that point the love is complete, and the compassion encomapssses all offfemses that have ever been committed, there is no thought of forgiveness, because it is just self going through various stages of consciousness.

The nature of all dual reality is desire. 


There is a level of creation that is not operated by desire, non-dual, that is pure consciousness, awareness, bliss, and there is a concept of the unstruck sound, the sound of the reverberations of a  heart beat.  It is the fulfilled and satiated  desire. The vanishing of hunger after you take a bite. This is not accomplished by abstinence of the desire, but a learning of how to focus our attention.

Our  desires CHANGE depending on our level of consciousness 

Our desire CHANGES depending on our state.

Our level of consciousness  can also be expressed as our state, and our desires change depending on our state. A state is an attitude of mind, and it can also be expressed as a level of consciousness. A state of mind. The state creates our focus, and we can change states by using our focus on what we want.

So the desire drives us forward, at first only within the current state, but eventually we want more, we outgrow our comfort zone and we want out, we want to expand. We learn how to focus our attention and we have learned how to change our state.

Every state has its own set of desires.

There is no state that does not have desires, except the fulfilment of a desire!

God state follows after a willingness to focus our attention only on the fulfillment of our desire.

Our five senses communicate our desire to us.

The five senses, sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, can never sense the divine center. This is what is meant by the veil of separation. This illusion of separation is caused by our five senses, and our five senses can not detect the divine center. 

The divine center is always hidden behind the veil, but we can know its presence through our desires.

We can use our five senses to align with Godstate by removing focus from what the five senses are actually telling us, and instead giving attention to seeking internally for joy, love and bliss. This makes us discover the divine center, and this creates alignment, and this awakens us to Godstate and our creative power!

Our desire for love is also call from our divine center, and when we fall in love we get a glimpse of this divine center, we see what we look like through the eyes of the divine center,  in a powerful experience, and yet it is only a small fragment of the love that is the love of the divine center.  These loving desires are bringing us closer and closer to our divine center. If we understand this correctly, the loving encounters we experience are there to help us get closer to this bigger love. We get closer to the bigger love by beginning to become love, and leaning closer and closer to more love.

If love came and went, it is a sign from a greater part of yourself to a smaller part of yourself that you are now capable of growing this love from within, using no other tool but your own inner guide towards a sensation of joy, love, and bliss. You are now able to generate Godstate from within with only a shift in focus.

Alignment is a state of mastery.

This is forms the basis of all ancient teachings, no single teachings own this concept, rather it is a truth that runs like a red thread from the far east to near east, and eventually found its way to the west

This desire is our divine center calling us. 

It is not us calling it, it was calling us all along.

Our spiritual experience begins with a call from our divine center.

We desire to  fill our need for food and sex etc and then our other desires of wealth and power and an easy life!  We can desire rest, and a nap, or a new dress, or a sexy lover, or smarter children. Underneath it all there is still a desire to know love, to know ourselves, to understand why we are here.

We can find ourselves in hundreds of states, each with its own set of desires.

Never at any point should there be a judgment of our own inner guidance system, this is the lie of the matrix for the past couple of thousands of years but this is not longer a static matrix. You are free to level up now!

More and more people  can see through the veil, and they suddenly experience blissful love and oneness.

We can develop this ability to be in Godstate, we can begin to correct our focus and our attention, and level up, and correct it again, and focus our attention, and level up. We do this thousands of times. 

Life is NOTHING but the appeasement of hunger. And God and ONLY God gives me DIFFERENT hungers.” -Neville Goddard

Love is the path. Bliss is also the path. That is why desire is the path, the focused attention on the fulfilled desire. One is a stepping stone to the next. The object of the desire is always only a stepping stone towards the developing the skill of aligning from within.

Once we understand this we can skip and go straight to following our bliss. 

⭐ Leaning into joy. 


⭐Bliss seaking.

We DO know how to do that, just seek for a good feeling, lean a little closer to that feeling and a little closer

Manifesting our desires becomes a matter of leaning into our joy.

Following a breadcrumb trail of bliss!

We are not the doer in this, we just shift state. 

All desires are born out of the state we are in, and the fastest way to move out of an undesired state, is to be joy seeking.

This is the quantum jump. You walk from one set of desires into another. From one room to the next.  

This is done by the sixth sense, our consciousness, by our joy-seeking.

By basking in good.

In our imagination, we can pretend to be in another state, and feel as if that is real, imagine a new set of sensory input, imagine seeing what we desire to see, hearing what we desire to hear, and so on, and generate a state from our internal sense, our consciousness. 

This shifts our state, we align, and level up, and the more we learn how to do this the closer we get to know this divine particle, our consciousness. Bliss.

The state is the state of a the fulfilment of a greater love than we have ever experienced, it is fulfilment of the desire and that is why it is desireless.

The shortcut is through internally imagining yourself to be in a state of Bliss and a greater love already. 

You might not get it perfect but practice makes perfect.

 This is the path of love, and bliss.




Try this, Tonight, when you fall asleep, try falling asleep in the wish fulfilled, by imagining a greater bliss,  a greater joy, or the best news you ever  had, or the feelings of the romance of a lifetime. Create the feeling within, this night and every night, and sleep in that bliss, little by little you will find yourself in Godstate.

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Manifesting | Circumstances are created by you, for you, for you to level up to your desire. Split reality and Perfect Love.

Manifesting | Circumstances are created by you, for you, for you to level up to your desire. Split reality and Perfect Love.

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This Manifest Love Course is filled with actionable tools, and while taking this course you will feel a sense of bliss and empowerment, as you discover your true nature as a powerful creator.   This course guides you in a concise and empathetic manner.

You may be feeling hopeless but no matter what happened, no matter what they said to ou, no matter what you have learned in life about rejection,  no matter what  the circumstances are , you can manifest your specific person.

Leveling up is the same as quantum jumping. Everytime that we don’t react to circumstances we level up. Every time we level up we quantum jump and become closer to being the person that we have always desired to be.

When I FINALLY understood that I have created the circumstances of 3d myself, by myself, for myself, so that I can see clearly where I need to LEVEL UP, It changed everything, and now I am purely GRATEFUL for every time I can see clearly what the mirror shows.

Everytime that you find yourself in undesired circumstances, and you don’t give into the egos false ideas of “bad” or “unpleasant” etc and we use the circumstance for personal advances, we split our reality in two, and the old reality, is left behind and you rise into a new reality where you have leveled up, quantum jumped, and this goes on and on thousands and thousands of times through out life until we have reached our perfect desire which is pleasure and an easy life.

The easiest way to level up fast is to feel pleasure and feel the state of an easy life NOW. Immediately, and get started on the leveling up today.

Abraham Hicks describes exactly this, and in the Law of Assumption this is known as EIYPO, which means that the world is our mirror. The mirror shows us ourselves, and where we need to improve.

The reason why that works is because an perfect life is everyone’s trues desire. An easy life, and a pleasurable life with minimum amount of effort exerted, and we can straight there by skipping all the middle states, by just embracing the feeling of pleasure.

Everyone wants true love in their life, but not everyone knows how to go about having that true love, and the reason is so simple, we haven’t been taught how to experience true love, and yet, by our very nature, love is created by our nature and it is our connection to another that causes us to level up and quantum jump. It is like using love to build a new reality, above the old reality, a quantum jump!

To to this we have to learn how to rise above situations.

Let’s get back to the world is our mirror. Our partner is a perfect mirror for us and that means that we have endless opportunities to practice leveling up and quantum jumping again and again, to practice empathy when we feel rejected, or anger, and make an effort to see them in a positive light. Every time we succeed, our reality splits in two again, and again we level up and rise above and find ourselves in a new time line of more perfection.

These are not lessons, this is not caused by the universe, this is cause by ourselves and it doesn’t stop until we have the perfection that is our natural desire, until we have revealed our entire ego, and until we have corrected it and made room for love instead. Love is a higher connection. Eventually both parties in a relationship has to participate int is but not every step of leveling up is taken together, that wouldn’t be rising above, that would be tit for tat. If the connection stays, eventually it has to be mutual, otherwise it ends. All relationships have ups and downs but rather than judging those down, we can use that time to deepen our love. true love is the ability to self reflect, to grow, to level up, and to build more empathy for our partner when thins are NOT perfect. This kind of love has depth, a truly deep connection, because every time we had a problem, we used it to strengthen the connection. Everytime we used circumstances to level up, we split reality again and build stronger love above that old love, and eventually this leads us to our own true love wich we experience within

This works for all relationships, I learned this from my Grandmother, but it is especially perfect to practice on our romantic partner. The relationship changes this way, and they appear to change but in reality you both stay as you, true to you, but now even more true, and the result is that they seem to have changed.

Dr Anna Bäck

man and woman holding hands walking on seashore during sunrise
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives

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