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Law Of Assumption is a way of living that is devoted to bringing God down to earth, rather than elevating humans to heaven. It’s accessible from all or any religion, or no religion. You can come to the Law of Assumption from any field, any religion, and any science.

Dr Anna Bäck

I am different from other coaches!

Introducing “Living Wellness – Manifest” by Dr. Anna Bäck, your ultimate companion on the journey to total well-being and personal transformation. As a manifestation coach, NLP coach, hypnotherapist, trauma specialist, mental wellness, and mindfulness coach, I am dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to create positive and lasting change in their lives. With this unique approach, my wisdom has proven to be the answer in many cases where years of conventional therapy was not effective.

. Through comprehensive education and mentoring, I offer practical strategies and techniques that are designed to support anyone, regardless of their current circumstances or perceived challenges.

Whether you are seeking to overcome limiting beliefs, manage stress, improve relationships, enhance self-confidence, or achieve personal and professional goals, “Living Wellness – Manifest” provides you with the guidance and support you need. I believe that everyone has the power to shape their own reality and manifest their deepest desires, and my mission is to help you tap into that limitless potential within you.

By combining the principles of manifestation, The Law of Assumption, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnotherapy, trauma healing, mental wellness, and mindfulness, I offer a holistic approach to personal growth and transformation. You will learn how to reprogram your mind, release negative patterns, and cultivate a positive mindset that aligns with your true desires.

No matter how challenging your circumstances may seem, “Living Wellness – Manifest” provides a roadmap for achieving true wellness and living a life of purpose, abundance, and joy. It is time to unlock your full potential and manifest the life you deserve.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Join me and discover the power of “Living Wellness – Manifest.” Together, we will create a life filled with happiness, fulfillment, and limitless possibilities.

Let’s manifest your dreams into reality!

Experience profound transformation as I devote my undivided attention to truly listen, support, and uplift you. Together, we’ll awaken the extraordinary power within you, making you feel empowered, radiant, and invincible—truly embodying the divine God or Goddess that you are.

Prepare to put knowledge into action as I guide you to create rapid and remarkable change in your life. No challenge is too great, no obstacle too daunting, and no trauma too overwhelming. I am here to elevate your soul to the elevated status of “I am the creator,” regardless of the circumstances. With boundless possibilities at our disposal, nothing is beyond reach—no situation is too complex, irreparable, or unique. Brace yourself for a journey where anything is possible.

I have helped thousands of people regain balance in every area

Who can get coaching?

Coaching is available for anyone seeking to manifest desired outcomes in various areas of life. Whether it’s relationships, including specific person connections, dream job/career aspirations, health, or financial abundance, I am here to guide you. Together, we will explore solutions, overcome obstacles, and harness the power of the Law of Attraction, supported by deep spiritual knowledge and a solid foundation in mental health.

With expertise in detox and relapse prevention, I am dedicated to your well-being and vigilant of any self-harming behaviors. My ultimate goal is to shift your mindset, bringing you to a new state of understanding and truth. Throughout this transformative journey, remember that you are the shining star, and I am your joyful and loving teacher, here to support your growth and success.

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Email questions are perfect for addressing Law of Attraction (LOA) inquiries, while face-to-face sessions are ideal for exploring deeper emotional and mental struggles. Choose the method that best suits your needs, and together we’ll navigate your journey towards manifestation and holistic well-being.

Allow up to three days for your email coaching answer, explain as much as possible in your email, I will reply in writing or audio.

What type of coaching should I get?

Discover the perfect coaching experience tailored just for you! Whether you choose my email coaching packages or engaging 50-minute Zoom sessions, get ready to unlock your true potential.

Together, we’ll identify your blocks, create personalized autosuggestions, and develop a game plan that propels your manifestations forward.

And that’s not all—I’m here to provide insightful answers to all your burning questions along the way.

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★ Dr. Anna Bäck, is dedicated to empowering and transforming lives. With a Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and herbology, Dr. Bäck’s knowledge runs deep, embracing ancient wisdom and holistic healing practices. But that’s not all.

She also holds a Kundalini Yoga Teaching Certificate, enabling her to guide individuals on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and inner transformation. Dr. Bäck’s passion for empowering others led her to attain certifications in NLP coaching, hypnotherapy, trauma specialization, mental wellness, and mindfulness coaching. These comprehensive qualifications reflect her dedication to providing a holistic approach that encompasses mind, body, and soul.

While Dr. Bäck’s approach remains grounded, connected and inviting. With warmth and empathy, she creates a safe space for growth and healing. Join Dr. Bäck on a transformative journey where ancient wisdom and modern techniques converge,

“Consciousness is lifeless without divine feminine energy, Shiva is a corpse without Shakti. There is nowhere where the Divine Feminine, is not. She is consciousness made manifest. This is my celebration of the Goddess within”

— Anna Bäck,

Dive into my BLOG posts and videos to learn how to suspend your disbelief, create rips in the matrix, how to shrink time, and quantum jump. THIS is the new normal!

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