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“Consciousness is lifeless without divine feminine energy, Shiva is a corpse without Shakti. There is nowhere where the Divine Feminine, is not. She is consciousness made manifest. This is my celebration of the Goddess within”

— Anna Bäck,

Who can get coaching?

Coaching is available for manifesting: relationships, including specific person, dream job/career, health, money and other areas you wish to manifest a desired outcome. I will help you explore solutions, remove all stumbling blocks for good, using the Law of Attraction (assumption) backed up by deeper spiritual knowledge, and a substantial background in mental health. I also have experience in detox and relapse prevention, which means that I am vigilant of any self harming behaviors. I will adjust your mindset to a solid understanding of your truth. My goal is to shift you to a new state. You are the star, and I am your happy loving teacher.

The Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is in your heart

I am different from other coaches!

I will take my time and REALLY listen, explain and lift you up. I will make you feel powerful, beautiful and invincible, like the God or Goddess you are.

I help you to really put things in to practice, creating fast and dramatic change.  No case is too much, too difficult or too traumatic, I will elevate your soul to its “I am the creator” status regardless. No circumstance is too difficult, to far gone or too specific, literally anything is possible.

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What type of coaching should I get?

I offer email coaching packages as well as 50 minute Zoom sessions and during these sessions I identifies your blocks and I create personalized autosuggestions, and a game plan, as well as answer your manifestation questions.

Dive into my BLOG posts and videos to learn how to suspend your disbelief, create rips in the matrix, how to shrink time, and quantum jump. THIS is the new normal!

Coaching Packages: All prices are in American dollars.

For questions, send email to with Subject Line: “Coaching”.

Allow up to three days for your answer, explain as much as possible in your email, I will reply in writing or audio.

Choose between email coaching or face to face over Zoom.

Email questions is great for LOA questions, and face to face sessions are better if there are a lot of other issues, such as emotional or mental struggles.

★ Anna has a Doctorate in TCM,  Taoist Medicine, is a Certified NLP Coach, a Licensed Acupuncturist specializing in mental health, and addiction, a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and Law of Assumption Coach.

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