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Quantum Healing Codes and How to Use Them!

The Little Book of Light Codes Healing Symbols for Life Transformation

Divine healing codes are a quantum tool used for healing. In other words, they
change reality on a quantum level. The basic premise of divine healing codes is
that numbers are nature’s way of communicating and that everything can be
explained with numbers. For example, the Fibonacci sequence of numbers is a
geometrical proportion that is found everywhere in nature, from how flowers grow
to the shape of the universe.

The order goes as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 and on to infinity.

Each number is the sum of the previous two. This series of numbers is known as
the Fibonacci numbers or the Fibonacci sequence. The ratio between the numbers
(1.618034) is frequently called the golden ratio or golden number. And, this
sequence appears in nature often enough to prove that it reflects some naturally
occurring patterns.

If you were to look at the seeds in the center of a sunflower, you would see what
appears as spiral patterns curving left and right. And if you were to count these
spirals, your total will always be a Fibonacci number. You can also decipher spiral
patterns that reflect the Fibonacci sequence in pinecones, fruits and vegetables
such as pineapples and cauliflower, trees, sea life, within honeybee colonies and
even in humans.

If you were to look at yourself in the mirror, you would see that most of your body
parts follow the numbers one, two, three and five. One nose, two eyes, three
segments to each limb, five fingers and toes. The proportions and measurements of
the human body can also be divided up in terms of the golden ratio. And DNA
molecules follow this sequence, measuring 34 angstroms long and 21 angstroms
wide for each full cycle of the double helix.

The Little Book of Light Codes Healing Symbols for Life Transformation

This ratio exists because the particular growth patterns associated evolved as the
most effective. For example, in plants it may mean maximum exposure for light or
maximum space for seed arrangement. So, you may see how nature has perfectly
designed itself. And if we were to tap into these quantum healing codes and use
them to our advantage, how we may also be able to perfectly design our bodies and mental states.

Although we understand communication through words, numbers,
mathematics and formulas have existed since the beginning of time, and they will
keep existing whether we understand them or not. Let’s look at how these quantum
healing codes are said to work.

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Quantum Healing Codes

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