Stop Getting in Your Own Way: The Art of Letting Go in Manifestation

Stop Getting in Your Own Way: The Art of Letting Go in Manifestation

Have you set an intention, prayed, affirmed, and diligently followed the steps of manifestation, only to find yourself frustrated with the lack of results? It’s a common struggle, and the answer might lie in a fundamental shift in mindset. When it comes to manifesting, it’s not about doing more; it’s about getting out of your own way.


As a mindset coach, I often encounter individuals who are stuck in the trap of “doership.” The belief that manifesting requires constant action and effort is a misconception that hinders the natural flow of the manifestation process. I’m not here to guide you through a series of action steps; instead, I want to emphasize the importance of adopting the right mindset.

Neville Goddard referred to this mindset shift as being in the right “state,” while the Bible calls it being “under a spirit.” The key here is to recognize that your work is done when you set the intention. Now, it’s time to trust and have faith in the process. “I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind” All other states of mind beside for POWER, LOVE and A CLEAR MIND, are false beliefs!

You’ve made the call, now get out of the way

Imagine you’ve called for an ambulance, and you see the flashing lights approaching. What’s the appropriate response? Nothing. In fact, you pull over to the side of the road, allowing the emergency vehicles to pass without interference. Similarly, in manifestation, any attempt to interfere or manipulate the process can only hinder the desired outcome.

Doership or Mindset Shift?

Manifestation is not a “doing” method; it’s a mindset method. Once you’ve set the intention, your role shifts from doing to trusting and having faith. Trying to intervene or control the situation is counterproductive. It’s like trying to push a car that’s already in motion – unnecessary and potentially harmful.

How do I let go?

The concept of letting go and allowing the divine forces to work is essential in manifestation. Manipulation, or attempting to force the manifestation through your own efforts, is not aligned with the divine. It belongs to the world of opposing forces.

So, what should you do after setting your intention? Trust and have faith. It sounds simple, yet it’s a profound shift in perspective. This doesn’t mean sitting idly by; it means finding other aspects of your life to focus on. Engage in activities that bring you joy, work on personal development, or simply enjoy the present moment. So how do you ley go? By doing something entirely different. Go read a book for example, or have dinner with a friend. It doesn’t matter so long as it isn’t micromanaging, manipulating or finagling.

So what do you need to do?

Remember, your work was done when you set the intention. Now, it’s time to step aside and let your desires unfold in a perfect way that benefits everyone it touches. Trust, have faith, and watch as your manifestations unfold effortlessly when you get out of your own way. What do you need to do? SET AN INTENTION. Speak it, affirm it, pray it. Just let your words state your intention, and then get into the state of the wish fulfilled.

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