Is There A Divine Selection? YES Another Get Rid Of A Third Party Article!

Is There A Divine Selection?

When you send out real love, real love will return to you.

“Pure, unselfish love draws to itself its own; it does not need to seek or demand. Scarcely anyone has the faintest conception of real love.”

Florence Scovel Shinn

Ahead of Neville Goddard, is another author who blazed trails in America; Florence Scovel Shinn’s book, The Game Of Life and How To Play it was published in 1925, 

The Game of Life and How to Play It was a pioneer  of self-help literature mostly based on  positive thinking and a brand new mind tool called demonstrations, which we now call affirmations. Florence Scovel Shinn’s style of creating demonstrations was brilliant, and she crafted them in a self-hypnotic way, similar to my style of generating Autosuggestions for my clients. Specific, containing all necessary changes, and  detailed. 

Florence Scovel Shinn belongs to a group of New Thought teachers who were informed by the Bible, others at the time, were informed by Eastern mysticism and you can see the traces and evidence of that in various teachings. Neville Goddard was taught by a Rabbi, and this is why he has such a unique approach compared to the vast majority of New Thought teachers. 

Florence Scovel Shinn had her own experiences as a healer, although her profession was as an illustrator. She became known for her abilities, informed by passages from the Bible and theories of human nature and the untapped power of the subconscious.

In these passages that I will share, she dives into her concept of a true and real love connection. I want to share this with you,  because Florence Scovel Shinn, like many of my readers, and most of my clients, experience this phenomenon of “divine selection”.

Florence Scovel Shinn gives an easy recipe for ensuring that you feel that you are with the right partner, the one that was made just for you. This is a refreshing take on love and a much needed perspective for anyone who feels obsessive, addicted or desperate for the specific person.  The belief in someone meant just for you, makes love more meaningful to most of us. 

Her “demonstration” stories have a miraculous feel to them, and in truth, a feeling that our love was brought to us in some miraculous way, by the hand of God, makes us believe more strongly in the divinity of the love connection. 

If you are caught in a mindset that has you question if it is “meant to be”, or if this is your soulmate, divine selection or divinely appointed partner, then this chapter can help you release worry, and manifest with faith

The Divine Design – The Word is Your Wand – Florence Scovel Shinn


There is a Divine Design for each man!

Just as the perfect picture of the oak is in the acorn, the divine pattern of his life is in the super-conscious mind of man.

In the Divine Design there is no limitation, only health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression.

So on man’s pathway there is always a Divine Selection. Each day he must live according to the Divine Plan or have unhappy reactions.

For example: A woman moved into a new apartment which she had almost furnished, when the thought came to her: “On that side of the room should stand a Chinese cabinet!

Not long after, she was walking by an antique shop. She glanced in and there stood a magnificent Chinese cabinet about eight feet high, elaborately carved.

She entered and asked the price. The salesman said it was worth a thousand dollars but the woman who owned it was willing to take less. The man added: “What will you offer for it?” The woman paused and the price “Two hundred dollars” came into her mind, so she answered: “Two hundred dollars.” The man said he would let her know if the offer were satisfactory.

She did not want to cheat anyone or get anything which was not rightfully hers, so going home she said repeatedly: “If it’s mine I can’t lose it and of it isn’t mine, I don’t want it.” It was a snowy day and she said she emphasized her words by kicking the snow from right to left, clearing a pathway to her apartment.

Several days had lapsed when she was notified that the woman was willing to sell the cabinet for two hundred dollars.

There is a supply for every demand, from Chinese cabinets to millions of dollars.

“Before ye call I shall answer,” but, unless it is the Divinely Selected cabinet or millions they would never bring happiness.

“Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” (Psalm 127-1.)

AFFIRMATIONS (Florence Scovel Shinn)

  1. I let go of everything not divinely designed for me, and the perfect plan of my life now comes to pass.
  2. What is mine by Divine Right can never be taken from me.
  3. God’s perfect plan for me is built upon a rock.
  4. I follow the magic path of intuition and find myself in my Promised Land, under grace.
  5. My mind, body, and affairs are now molded according to the Divine pattern within.
  6. “God is the only power, and that power is within me. There is only one plan, God’s plan, and that plan now comes to pass.”
  7. “I give thanks that I now bring forth from the Universal Substance everything that satisfies all the righteous desires of my heart.”
  8. The divine Design of my life now comes to pass. I now fill the place that I can fill, and no one else can fill. I now do the things which I can do, and no one else can do.
  9. I am fully equipped for the Divine Plan of my life; I am more than equal to the situation.
  10. All doors now open for happy surprises, and the Divine Plan of my life is speeded up under grace.

Excerpt from: The Game Of Life And How To Play It.

Real love is selfless and free from fear. It pours itself out upon the object of its affection, without demanding any return. Its joy is in the joy of giving. Love is God in manifestation, and the strongest magnetic force in the universe. Pure, unselfish love draws to itself its own; it does not need to seek or demand. Scarcely anyone has the faintest conception of real love. Man is selfish, tyrannical or fearful in his affections, thereby losing the thing he loves. Jealousy is the worst enemy of love, for the imagination runs riot, seeing the loved one attracted to another, and invariably these fears objectify if they are not neutralized.

For example: A woman came to me in deep distress. The man she loved had left her for other women, and said he never intended to marry her. She was torn with jealousy and resentment and said she hoped he would suffer as he had made her suffer; and added, “How could he leave me when I loved him so much?”

I replied, “You are not loving that man, you are hating him,” and added, “You can never receive what you have never given. Give a perfect love and you will receive a perfect love.

“Perfect yourself on this man. Give him a perfect, unselfish love, demanding nothing in return, do not criticise or condemn, and bless him wherever he is.”

She replied, “No, I won’t bless him unless I know where he is!” “Well,” I said, “that is not real love.”

“When you send out real love, real love will return to you, either from this man or his equivalent, for if this man is not the divine selection, you will not want him. As you are one with God, you are one with the love which belongs to you by divine right.”

Several months passed, and matters remained about the same, but she was working conscientiously with herself. I said, “When you are no longer disturbed by his cruelty, he will cease to be cruel, as you are attracting it through your own emotions.”

Then I told her of a brotherhood in India, who never said, “Good morning” to each other. They used these words: “I salute the Divinity in you.” They saluted the divinity in every man, and in the wild animals in the jungle, and they were never harmed, for they saw only God in every living thing. I said, “Salute the divinity in this man, and say, ‘I see your divine self only. I see you as God sees you, perfect, made in His image and likeness.’”

She found she was becoming more poised, and gradually losing her resentment. He was a Captain, and she always called him “The Cap.”

One day, she said, suddenly, “God bless the Cap wherever he is.”

I replied: “Now, that is real love, and when you have become a ‘complete circle,’ and are no longer disturbed by the situation, you will have his love, or attract its equivalent.”

I was moving at this time, and did not have a telephone, so was out of touch with her for a few weeks, when one morning I received a letter saying, “We are married.”

At the earliest opportunity, I paid her a call. My first words were, “What happened?”

“Oh,” she exclaimed, “a miracle! One day I woke up and all suffering had ceased. I saw him that evening and he asked me to marry him. We were married in about a week, and I have never seen a more devoted man.”

There is an old saying: “No man is your enemy, no man is your friend, every man is your teacher.”

So one should become impersonal and learn what each man has to teach him, and soon he would learn his lessons and be free.

The woman’s lover was teaching her selfless love, which every man, sooner or later, must learn.

The Law of Assumption, a nondual self inquiry practice does not operate on a belief that there even IS an outer force that determines above our heads, what is or isn’t meant for us, rather we ourselves determine these things by our conscious or unconscious imagination. Still, nearly all individuals have such a strong anchor in this dualistic belief system that it comes as a great relief to be able to assign divine selection to our desires. ”It is God’s will” is an unbreakable force, something strong and sturdy to lean your manifestation on. So IS your specific person the divine selection? This is up to you. Find the feeling of THIS is MY ONE. THIS person, I love. My home, my souls other half. Then you can be sure that it is your divine selection. 

WHO decides if it is meant to be?

No matter what your manifestation is, be it a love interest, a new career choice, a cross country move, a certain amount of money, you name it, there is no outer individual that can ever determine if it is “meant to be” for you, or if it is your “divine selection”; However, YOU can easily determine if you want this to be meant for you or not. Making the decision to have, is the same as creating something to be meant for you. I struggled with these concepts, and finally made the leap in my consiousness that everyone outside of myself are simply seeing, believing and judging based on their own beliefs, beliefs that are shaped by their cultural conditioning, unrelated to me.

You are the one who has to give yourself permission, no one else, but if it helps to align God’s divine selection with your desires, then you can use Florence Scovel Shinn’s teachings on the divine selection.

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