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Open Your Mind to Receive 


Catherine Ponder

Catherine Ponder The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

Why should you deliberately open your mind to receive? 

Because most of us have endured a pinched, narrow existence for no good reason. We have blocked our good from getting through to us in the process. 

There’s nothing divine about a pinched existence. 

There’s nothing divine about a narrow, limited way of life. It proves nothing but the foolishness and ignorance of man who actually lives in a universe of lavish abundance. 

Anyone who lives a pinched, narrow existence is not expressing his or her true nature. 

He is only cheating himself. If this has happened to you, there is something you can do about it! The word “receive” means “to accept.” 

Psychologists tell us that we can have anything we can mentally accept, but that we must mentally accept it first. A great part of the act of receiving is to accept the good you want mentally rather than fighting it mentally. A well-meaning young businessman said to me at a book-autographing party: “Are all of those success stories in your books factual? Aren’t some of them fabricated?” “Why do you ask?” was my reply. “Because they sound too good to be true.” “

Just how long have you been reading about the power of prosperous thinking?” I inquired. “Oh, only about a month.” he said. That explained his disbelief. He was still so conditioned to the limited beliefs of the world that he had not yet learned that “nothing is too good to be true.” I explained that for every success story that gets into my books, there are scores of others that do not. 

The results of prosperous thinking are so numerous I cannot possibly relate them all. 

(And those reported to me are only a fraction of the happy experiences people have had who used the ideas suggested). This young man was still trying to open his mind to receive. He was trying to mentally accept the belief that unlimited good is his heritage. To help him do so, I suggested he speak forth this well-known statement for at least five minutes a day: “NOTHING IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. NOTHING IS TOO WONDERFUL TO HAPPEN. NOTHING IS TOO GOOD TO LAST.” 

How a Housewife Prospered 

Catherine Ponder The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

A housewife said, “Although I have studied the power of prosperous thinking for years and have had great improvement in my life from that philosophy, I recently discovered something I had been doing wrong. I had been saying I was on a ‘fixed income.’ I had been trying to bring more financial income to me in a certain way. 

I had not opened my mind to the possibility of unlimited supply coming to me in unlimited ways. “When I realized my mistake, I spoke these words over and over aloud for a long time: ‘I am receiving. I am receiving now. I am receiving all the wealth that the universe has for me now.’ “Within a few hours, I received a telephone call from the new cable television company in town, inviting me to come in and discuss the possibility of doing a number of children’s shows for them on material I had already developed for handicapped children and for slow learners.” “I went for the interview and this job is now assured. It is one that will bring a considerable income to me. 

As I continued speaking the word of receiving, my retired husband’s business quickly picked up. A number of customers appeared with furniture for him to repair. These jobs will keep him busy and happy for some time.” This word continued to daily speak the word that she was receiving. 

Later she reported “Money seems to be coming to me from all points of the universe. I have just sold a children’s film which will be shown in schools as an entertainment feature for kindergarten and for underprivileged youngsters. 

Also, a film on games for children which I made months ago has now been marketed and orders are beginning to flow into the distributor. 

All this happened after I began daily to open my mind to receive.” 

How She Made $30,000 Her First Year in Business 

Pathways To Tremendous Success

Most of us have heard a great deal about giving but not nearly enough about receiving. 

At the Christmas Season, the emphasis is usually on giving, giving, giving. The result is that many people have a hang-up about receiving. 

Giving is only one-half of the law of increase. Receiving is the other half. 

We can give and give, but we may unbalance the law unless we also expect to receive. Many people unbalance the law by not expecting to receive and so they do not. As related earlier in Open Your Mind to Prosperity, a very beautiful and fashionably-dressed lady once said to me, 

When I first took up the study of prosperous thinking, I prospered so much so quickly that it startled me. 

I had just gotten a divorce and had only a few months living expenses on hand. I decided to take a chance and use that money to go into business on a shoestring.

“I expected to make between $4,000 and $6,000 the first year from my new business. Instead I made between $4,000 and $6,000 during the first few months. I made $30,000 that first year in business, and I will probably make at least $50,000 this year.” 

My reason for repeating this lady’s story here is because of her last statement. She said “My greatest problem has been in trying not to feel guilty about receiving so much.” It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, and it should be your good pleasure to receive it. 

Why a Manufacturer Failed 

Don’t Look Back

A recent newspaper story reported on a manufacturer of T-shirts who had gone bankrupt. 

The news story showed why: Thinking it a joke, he had placed this slogan on the back of each T-shirt: Money isn’t everything.” 

This man could not mentally accept the idea of prosperity in the form of money. He had not opened his mind to receive, so of course he did not. 

Conversely, perhaps you’ve heard the other quip, “Money isn’t everything. There is also hunger, misery and poverty.” 

You must be careful what you notice, talk about, or give your attention to, because that is what you are identifying with, and that is what you will bring into your life. Whatever you notice, you are inviting into your life. 

Whatever you talk about, you are inviting into your life. Whatever you identify with in your thoughts, words and actions, you are inviting into your life. 

If you notice, talk about and identify with war, crime, disease, financial problems, inharmony, this is what you are inviting into your own life. 

Through the law of mind action it will come. 

How a Restaurateur Identified with Failure 

Activate Your Merkaba and Reach a Higher Consciousness

There once was a man who thought he was about to go broke in the restaurant business. 

He invited me to eat in his restaurant. When I walked in, I could see one obvious reason why business was not good. His restaurant had such a dismal, uninviting atmosphere. I suggested he brighten it up if he wanted people to come there to relax and to eat. 

On my way out I discovered another reason why business was not good. Near the cash register was a “joke sign” which read, “This is a non-profit business. We didn’t plan for it to be. It just worked out that way.” The joke was on that man. 

He had mentally identified with “non-profit” and that was what he had attracted. I suggested he throw away that sign and stop talking about lack if he wanted to prosper. Identification with a certain state of mind will bring that state of mind and affairs to you, so be careful. 

What you notice, give your attention to, talk about, and get all worked up over emotionally is what you are inviting into your life – whether you mean to or not. 

Open your mind to receive by noticing, giving attention to, and talking about what you want to bring into your life – nothing else. 

How One Man Made a Comeback from Illness When He Identified with Good 

I once dined with a famous metaphysician at his “hill house” overlooking Los Angeles. 

While on a lecture trip in that area, I was surprised to receive his invitation to dinner because I knew that he had undergone serious surgery just a few weeks previously. 

Many who knew him were predicting that he would be forced to retire because of his health. Nevertheless, when I arrived at his beautiful home for dinner, he greeted me pleasantly. 

Other friends soon joined us and we had a happy evening together, as we chatted and reminisced about many things. His recent surgery was never mentioned. The state of his health was not discussed. 

In spite of all the dire predictions, this man made a tremendous comeback in his health and his career. He was soon accepted by an even more prestigious church than he then served. 

Next, he wrote several books on which he lectured on a round-the-world trip. I had the pleasure of serving as one of the guest ministers in his thriving church while he was away. 

For a number of years thereafter he continued going strong. He spoke several times a week in his own church and elsewhere. He had a daily radio program, a dial-a-prayer ministry, and, on occasion and television show. He still wrote a book a year. 

Only fifteen years later did he finally retire. 

When he passed on at the age of eighty-six, he had out-lived most of his relatives, friends and co-workers of long standing. More than two decades ago, when everyone said he was through, this man deliberately opened his mind to receive an inflow of health by identifying with the good.

 He made a comeback (when “they” said it couldn’t be done) by concentrating on happy, pleasant things rather than by dwelling on the dreary operations he had just experienced. 

How to Identify with Your Source 

Activate Your Merkaba and Reach a Higher Consciousness

Open your mind to receive by telling God what you want instead of constantly telling people. 

Telling people what you want can dissipate your good because God is the source of your supply – not people.

 Although people, ideas, and opportunities are all channels of your supply, God is the source because He creates those ideas and opportunities. 

Through the law of mind action, He helps attract the appropriate people and circumstances to you to help expedite those ideas and opportunities through which your good can come to pass. 

A statement you will want to use often to help you identify with your source of good is this: “I DO NOT DEPEND ON PERSONS OR CONDITIONS FOR MY GOOD. GOD IS THE SOURCE OF MY SUPPLY AND GOD PROVIDES HIS OWN AMAZING CHANNELS OF GOOD TO ME NOW.” 

The First Kind of Giving 


Giving is the first step in receiving. When you want to receive, give! 

However, there are three kinds of giving. All three are equally necessary to your long term growth and success. 


Give to God, put him first financially. Why? As explained in Buddhism and elsewhere, this is the first quality to be developed in your character on the road to Enlightenment. Many conscientious people study self-help methods galore, yet do not receive the benefits from them that they should because they ignore this first step. Various schemes have been suggested for getting rich quick. 

Most of them fail because they are based on “getting” – not “giving.” They have no spiritual basis. The reason many people fail to receive their good in life is because they do not practice giving or returning impersonally to the universe in a systematic basis a portion of all that the universe shares with them. 

Two businessmen in Chicago once told me that they held the local franchise on one of the most famous success courses in America, one that cost thousands of dollars to take. Though they prospered for a time, they eventually went broke. 

They finally realized why: Their course had only emphasized “getting” – not “giving.” 

Their course had not taught the spiritual side of prosperity. It had not taught its students to tithe their way to prosperity by returning to the universe a tenth of all they received. It was only after these two businessman found their way into one of the local New Thought churches and began to put God first financially, that their financial affairs stabilized and they began to permanently prosper. When any person withholds that which belongs to the universe, his life is thrown out of balance, and he experiences lack in some form. It may be lack of supply, lack of health, lack of love, lack of spiritual understanding, or lack of direction in his life. It is only as we let go of our littleness that we can expand into the larger life. 

So it is not enough to say that you believe God is the source of your supply (as previously suggested). 

You must prove that you believe God is the source of your supply by first sharing with Him. This keeps you in touch with a universal source of abundance. 

The billionaire Solomon pointed out why the wise use this ancient success method and what it could mean to you when he advised: “Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase. So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy vats shall overflow with new wine.” (Proverbs 3:9, 10) 

The Second Kind of Giving 

Give to yourself. 

Yes, open the mind to receive by giving to yourself, because all progress begins with self improvement. It is just as possible to over give to others as it is to under-give to yourself. 

Over-giving to others and undergiving to yourself unbalances the law and keeps your good from coming through. 

You must first give your attention to the improvement and development of yourself before you can possibly help others. You cannot possibly give to others unless you first have something to give. 

You must first have strength, wisdom, and substance before you can share these qualities with others. 

There are those misguided people who think it is selfish to emphasize self improvement first. But it is only after self- improvement that you are capable of helping others. When you do just the opposite, when you over-give to others and under-give to yourself, you feel depleted and you are. This causes within you a sense of lack which is degrading and limiting. 

Because of this, over-giving to others is self-defeating. It accomplishes nothing constructive. 

Psychologists talk about the sin of parents who over-give to their children. This suppresses their children’s talents and it overworks the parents. Such over-giving harms everyone concerned. In the recent “age of permissiveness,” we have witnessed the damaging results of overgiving parents in their confused, bewildered children. 

Conversely my own father reluctantly gave as little as possible to his children. The philosophy of under-giving had been a part of his upbringing. It caused us many hardships, and it took me years to overcome the poverty-consciousness that resulted. 

So let us seek to strike a happy balance. The philosophers of old advised “To thine own self be true.” 

Give something to yourself right away. It might be a new book you wish to read, an item of clothing or jewelry, or something for your home or office. It might be a treat of going out to dinner, to the theater, to a party, or taking a vacation. It might be the deliberate setting aside of some daily time for prayer, meditation and inspirational study. It might be something; big or small, tangible or intangible. 

The Third Kind of Giving Third. 

After giving to God and to yourself, then give something to someone else. 

After you give something to someone else, bless whatever it is that you give. 

Bless the person or persons to whom you gave it. Then release both the gift and the recipient. 

Any man, woman, or child can transform his life by transforming what he gives out – what he gives to God, what he gives to himself, and what he gives out to others. 

When you aren’t sure what to give to others, that is the time to declare, “I GIVE UNDER DIVINE DIRECTION.”

 Then watch the hunches and ideas that come. You’ll be shown what to give, where, and to whom. 

Many of the blessings you want most are within your reach! By your acts of giving, you open the way to attract the blessings you desire. These blessings have probably been waiting to reach you, but they were blocked by your own lack of giving.

 There was no free channel through which they could pass. 

By giving under divine direction, you open a channel through which these blessings are freed to arrive. 

An early prosperity teacher of mine often said, “First give to God. Then give to mankind as God directs.” 

The One Who Did Not Prepare to Receive Suffered Lack 


After you give to God, yourself and others, then get ready to receive! 

You can get ready to receive by preparing to receive. There are those who say, “I give, but I do not expect to receive.” And they do not. 

An unhappy lady explained, “I teach a private prosperity class in my home, but I do not take an offering. I give, but I do not believe I should expect to receive.” And she didn’t, but she resented not receiving. She should have resented not receiving, because she was unbalancing the law of increase by giving, giving, giving, and by not opening the way to receive. It was pointed out to this lady that it was fine to teach such a class, but that she was not only short-changing herself, she was also short-changing her students by giving them the impression they could get something for nothing. She should either have charged handsomely for her course, or opened the way right there in class for her students to prove the law of increase by extending an invitation to them to give generous tithes and offerings in appreciation for the priceless instruction they were receiving. 

She was cheating herself and she was cheating them by her fearful attitude. 

The One Who Prepared to Receive Prospered 

 It is reported that in the early days of the Unity movement, a visiting metaphysician spoke to the workers employed by the Unity School of Christianity at their headquarters then located in Kansas City, Missouri. 

The guest speaker was introduced by Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore. Early in his talk, this well-meaning but somewhat self-righteous speaker said, “In my ministry, we do not pass the offering plate. 

We leave one at the back of the room and if anyone wishes to give something, the plate is available. But I do not stress giving.” According to the oft-repeated report, that’s as far as he got! 

Charles Fillmore walked up to the lecturer and said, “You may think and teach what you wish in your organization, but in this one, we believe in passing the plate because we know the law of giving and receiving. Not only do we pass the plate in our meetings, but each plate is always filled to overflowing. Students of Practical Christianity want to give so they can prosper, and so they can help this movement to prosper.“ 

It is little wonder that Mr Fillmore later became known as one of “the pioneers of positive thinking” or that the Unity movement, which he co-founded, became a successful organization which has inspired millions over the years. 

You can see how a contrast in attitudes brought a contrast in results. One teacher did not believe in teaching the universal law of giving and receiving and did not. Her students were few. The other teacher did believe in teaching the universal law of giving and receiving, and he became head of a prosperous organization that has helped countless people around the world. 

You can give up any false ideas you may have had about receiving. Your receiving doesn’t stop anyone else’s receiving. 

We live in a lavish universe and there’s plenty for all. 

manifest magazine

How Preparing for Wealth Attracted It 

The owner of a charm school was widowed with small children to support. 

People kept saying, “She is a lovely girl, but no one wants to marry someone with all those children. That’s too much financial responsibility to assume.” This attractive widow paid no attention to that kind of talk. 

She taught prosperity principles in her charm course. She told her students they must develop a prosperous consciousness in order to become charming and successful in every phase of their lives. She did everything that occurred to her personally to prepare to receive a better way of life. 

She bought a striking gold designer’s suit which she constantly wore. It cost $200, which was a huge sum for such an item 23 years ago. Once a week she invited me to dine with her, always in the best restaurants, though sometimes she barely had the price of our lunch. 

Did the act of preparing for greater good attract it to her? 

She married a widower of third-generation wealth. He had four children, he helped raise her three, and later they had one of their own: a total of eight children. 

While everyone around her was talking lack and limitation, she was quietly preparing for just the opposite, and what she prepared for, she got! 

I find it interesting that none of the people who tried to mentally limit her future ever attracted wealth to themselves – not through hard work, marriage, or a “windfall.” The limited thoughts they meant for her they unwittingly attached to themselves. 

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Prepare by Speaking the Word of Receiving 

Many people’s prayers are not answered because they keep asking in prayer, but they do not follow through by getting read to receive.

After you prepare to receive, you are then ready to for the next step: Speak the word of receiving (as did the housewife early in this chapter). 

When you daily declare that you are receiving, your words make a believer out of your subconscious mind which then starts working with you to help make it so. 

The way to avoid a pinched, narrow way of life is to deliberately speak the word of receiving. Declare daily: “I AM RECEIVING. I AM RECEIVING NOW. I AM RECEIVING ALL THE WEALTH THAT THE UNIVERSE HAS FOR ME NOW.” 

A businessman started doing this, and within one year his income became eight times what it had been. 

Another businessman says he has received unexpected checks of $1,000 or more every time he has consistently declared: “ALL THAT IS MINE BY DIVINE RIGHT NOW COMES TO ME SPEEDILY, RICHLY, FREELY. I AM RECEIVING NOW.” 

LOVe is all you need!

Release is the Final Step 

As a teacher of practical mysticism recently said, “Students of prosperity need to know when to release the inner work they have done, then relax, so that outer results can come.” There are resting places in mental action. “There is a time to fish and time to dry your nets.” 

On various occasions during my life, greater good has come to me – after long periods of inner work – when I felt guided to release it all to its perfect results. Several books have gotten finished after I did this. 

Happy changes in location and work, a better income, larger homes, have all appeared after I worked inwardly, then turned loose, relaxed and let go. So after speaking the word of receiving for a period, then declare that you have received, and release it. 

Assume that greater good is already yours, since you have claimed it on the inner plane. This helps that good to appear on the outer plane as visible results in rich appropriate form under divine timing. When you have reached this point of release, declare: “IT IS FINISHED. IT IS DONE. I GIVE THANKS THAT I HAVE RECEIVED, AND THAT MY GOOD APPEARS IN RICH APPROPRIATE FORM UNDER DIVINE TIMING.” 

As you relax and let go, this process can open the way for unlimited results. 


1. The word “receive” means “to accept.” Psychologists tell us we can have anything we mentally accept, but we must be able to mentally accept it first. 

2. Most of us have heard a lot about giving but not enough about receiving. Many people have a hang-up about receiving. 

3. Giving is only one-half of the law. Receiving is the other half. Many people unbalance the law by over-giving. Many people unbalance the law by not expecting to receive. 

4. It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, it should be your good pleasure to receive it. 

5. What you notice and talk about, you are inviting into your life. What you identify with in your thoughts, words and actions, you are inviting into your life. 

6. Open your mind to receive by identifying with the good. 

7. Open your mind to receive by telling God what you want, instead of telling people. Telling people what you want can dissipate your good. People are channels, but God is the source.

8. When you want to receive, give. There are three kinds of giving. All are necessary: (a) Give to God. Put Him first financially. This is the first quality to be developed on the road to Enlightenment. (b) Give to yourself. Self-improvement is necessary before you can help others improve. (c) Give something to someone else. 

9. Get ready to receive. Prepare to receive. 

10. Next, daily speak the word of receiving. This gains the cooperation of your thought and feeling nature which then begins to work for you. Finally, declare that you have received, and then release it. This causes your accumulated good to move from the invisible plane and to become visible results. 

Affirmations by Catherine Ponder

I do not depend upon persons or conditions for my prosperity. I bless persons or conditions as channels of my prosperity but, God is the source of my supply. God provides his own amazing channels of supply to me now.

I am the rich child of a loving father so I dare to prosper now.

I dissolve in my own mind and in the minds of all others, any idea that my own can be withheld from me. No person, thing or event can keep that from me which the universe has for me now.

My financial income cannot be limited now. The rich substance of the universe now frees me from all financial limitations.

I know that release is magnetic. Through the act of release, I draw to myself my own. I now fully and freely release. I loose and let go. I let go and grow. I let go and trust.

I now let go of worn-out things, worn-out conditions, and worn-out relationships. Divine order is now established and maintained in me and my world.

All that has offended me, I forgive. Within and without, I forgive. Things past, things present, things future, I forgive. I forgive everything and everybody who can possibly need forgiveness in my past and present. I forgive positively everyone. I am free, and they are free too. All things are cleared up between us, now and forever.

Vast improvement comes quickly in every phase of my life now. Every day in every way, things are getting better and better for me now.

I invite the wealth of the universe to manifest riches in my financial income now. I am rich in mind and manifestation now.

I am beautifully and appropriately supplied, clothed, housed and transported with the rich substance of the universe now.

I have a large, steady, dependable, permanent financial income now. Every day in every way I am growing more and more financially prosperous now.

Large sums of money, big happy financial surprises and rich appropriate gifts now come to me under grace in perfect ways for my personal use and I use them wisely.

I give thanks for a quick and substantial increase in my financial income now.

I use the positive power of the Christ mind with wisdom, love and good judgment in handling all my financial affairs now.

I am now rich, well and happy and every phase of my life is in divine order now.

I praise my world now. My world is full of charming people who lovingly help me in everyway.

Everything and everybody prospers me now, and I prosper everything and everybody now.

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Your Faith Is Your Fortune | Neville Goddard Book and Audiobook

Your Faith Is Your Fortune | Neville Goddard Book and Audiobook

Neville Goddard Collection

Chapter One



Verily, verily, I say unto you, before Abraham was, I AM. – John 8:58

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” [John 1:1].

In the beginning was the unconditioned awareness of being, and the unconditioned awareness of being became conditioned by imagining itself to be something, and the unconditioned awareness of being became that which it had imagined itself to be; so did creation begin.

By this law – first conceiving, then becoming that conceived – all things evolve out of No-thing; and without this sequence there is not anything made that is made.

Before Abraham or the world was – I AM. When all of time shall cease to be – I AM. I AM the formless awareness of being conceiving myself to be man. By my everlasting law of being I am compelled to be and to express all that I believe myself to be.

I AM the eternal No-thingness containing within my formless self the capacity to be all things.

I AM that in which all my conceptions of myself live and move and have their being, and apart from which they are not.

I dwell within every conception of myself; from this withinness, I ever seek to transcend all conceptions of myself. By the very law of my being, I transcend my conceptions of myself, only as I believe myself to be that which does transcend.

I AM the law of being and beside ME there is no law. I AM that I AM.

Neville Goddard Collection Of Books

Neville Goddard was born in Barbados on February 19, 1905, to Joseph Nathaniel and Wilhelmina Goddard. He immigrated to New York City c. 1922, where he initially worked as a ballet and ballroom dancer. In 1931, he began to study under an Ethiopian rabbi named Abdullah, who introduced him to Kabbalah

Neville Goddard teaches us that the human creates reality just by imagining rather than trying to change outside circumstances, that it is only the creation of the mind of what you desire, as well as everything you see, is created by the mind first whether you are conscious of it or not. IMAGINATION IS YOUR PERSONAL GOD.

Chapter Two

You Shall Decree

[Thou shalt also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you; And light will shine on your ways. Thou shalt decree a thing, and it I shall come to thee, and light shall shine in thy ways. – Job 22:28]

So shall My word be that goeth forth out of My mouth; it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. – Isaiah 55:11

Man can decree a thing and it will come to pass.

Man has always decreed that which has appeared in his world. He is today decreeing that which is appearing in his world and he shall continue to do so as long as man is conscious of being man.

Nothing has ever appeared in man’s world, but what man decreed that it should. This you may deny; but try as you will, you cannot disprove it for this decreeing is based upon a changeless principle.

Man does not command things to appear by his words, which are, more often than not, a confession of his doubts and fears.

Decreeing is ever done in consciousness.

Every man automatically expresses that which he is conscious of being. Without effort or the use of words, at every moment of time, man is commanding himself to be and to possess that which he is conscious of being and possessing.

This changeless principle of expression is dramatized in all the Bibles of the world. The writers of our sacred books were illumined mystics, past masters in the art of psychology. In telling the story of the soul, they personified this impersonal principle in the form of a historical document both to preserve it and to hide it from the eyes of the uninitiated.

Today, those to whom this great treasure has been entrusted, namely, the priesthoods of the world, have forgotten that the Bibles are psychological dramas representing the consciousness of man; in their blind forgetfulness, they now teach their followers to worship its characters as men and women who actually lived in time and space.

When man sees the Bible as a great psychological drama, with all of its characters and actors as the personified qualities and attributes of his own consciousness, then – and then only – will the Bible reveal to him the light of its symbology.

This Impersonal principle of life which made all things is personified as God.

This Lord God, creator of heaven and earth, is discovered to be man’s awareness of being.

If man were less bound by orthodoxy and more intuitively observant, he could not fail to notice in the reading of the Bibles that the awareness of being is revealed hundreds of times throughout this literature.

To name a few: “I AM hath sent me unto you” [Exodus 3:14]. “Be still and know that I AM God” [Psalm 46:10]. “I AM the Lord and there is no other God” [“I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside Me”, Isaiah 45:5; “I am the LORD your God, And there is no other”, Joel 2:27]. “I AM the shepherd” [“I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth His life for the sheep”, John 10:11; “I am the good shepherd, and know My sheep, and am known of Mine”, John 10:14;]. “I AM the door” [“I am the door: by Me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture”, John 10:9; “Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep”, John 10:7]. “I AM the resurrection and the life” [John 11:25]. “I AM the way” [“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one cometh to the Father but through Me”, John 14:6]. “I AM the beginning and the end” [“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last”, Revelation 22:13; “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, Which is, and Which was, and Which is to come, the Almighty”, Revelation 1:8].

I AM; man’s unconditioned awareness of being is revealed as Lord and Creator of every conditioned state of being.

If man would give up his belief in a God apart from himself, recognize his awareness of being to be God (this awareness fashions itself in the likeness and image of its conception of itself), he would transform his world from a barren waste to a fertile field of his own liking.

The day man does this he will know that he and his Father are one, but his Father is greater than he. He will know that his consciousness of being is one with that which he is conscious of being, but that his unconditioned consciousness of being is greater than his conditioned state or his conception of himself.

When man discovers his consciousness to be the impersonal power of expression, which power eternally personifies itself in his conceptions of himself, he will assume and appropriate that state of consciousness which he desires to express; in so doing he will become that state in expression.

“Ye shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass” can now be told in this manner: You shall become conscious of being or possessing a thing and you shall express or possess that which you are conscious of being.

The law of consciousness is the only law of expression.

“I AM the way”. “I AM the resurrection”.

Consciousness is the way as well as the power which resurrects and expresses all that man will ever be conscious of being.

Turn from the blindness of the uninitiated man who attempts to express and possess those qualities and things which he is not conscious of being and possessing; and be as the illumined mystic who decrees on the basis of this changeless law. Consciously claim yourself to be that which you seek; appropriate the consciousness of that which you see; and you too will know the status of the true mystic, as follows:

I became conscious of being it. I am still conscious of being it. And I shall continue to be conscious of being it until that which I am conscious of being is perfectly expressed.

Yes, I shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass.

Neville Goddard Collection

Chapter Three


Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. – John 8:32

“Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.

The truth that sets man free is the knowledge that his consciousness is the resurrection and the life, that his consciousness both resurrects and makes alive all that he is conscious of being.

Apart from consciousness, there is neither resurrection nor life.

When man gives up his belief in a God apart from himself and begins to recognize his awareness of being to be God, as did Jesus and the prophets, he will transform his world with the realization, “I and My Father are one” [John 10:30], but “My Father is greater than I” [John 14:28].

He will know that his consciousness is God and that which he is conscious of being is the Son bearing witness of God, the Father.

The conceiver and the conception are one, but the conceiver is greater than his conception. Before Abraham was, I AM. Yes, I was aware of being before I became aware of being man, and in that day when I shall cease to be conscious of being man I shall still be conscious of being.

The consciousness of being is not dependent upon being anything.

It preceded all conceptions of itself and shall be when all conceptions of itself shall cease to be. “I AM the beginning and the end”. That is, all things or conceptions of myself begin and end in me, but I, the formless awareness, remain forever.

Jesus discovered this glorious truth and declared Himself to be one with God, not the God that man had fashioned, for He never recognized such a God.

Jesus found God to be His awareness of being and so told man that the Kingdom of God and Heaven were within [Luke 17:21,23].

When it is recorded that Jesus left the world and went to His Father [“He was received up into heaven”, Mark 16:19, Luke 24:51], it is simply stating that He turned His attention from the world of the senses and rose in consciousness to that level which He desired to express.

There He remained until He became one with the consciousness to which He ascended. When He returned to the world of man, He could act with the positive assurance of that which He was conscious of being, a state of consciousness no one but Himself felt or knew that He possessed.

Man who is ignorant of this everlasting law of expression looks upon such happenings as miracles.

To rise in consciousness to the level of the thing desired and to remain there until such level becomes your nature is the way of all seeming miracles. “And I, if I be lifted up, I shall draw all men unto Me” [“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me”, John 12:32]. If I be lifted up in consciousness to the naturalness of the thing desired, I shall draw the manifestation of that desire to me.

“No man comes unto Me save the Father within Me draws him” [John 6:44], and “I and My Father are one” [John 10:30].

My consciousness is the Father who draws the manifestation of life to me. The nature of the manifestation is determined by the state of consciousness in which I dwell. I am always drawing into my world that which I am conscious of being.

If you are dissatisfied with your present expression of life, then you must be born again [John 3:7]. Rebirth is the dropping of that level with which you are dissatisfied and rising to that level of consciousness which you desire to express and possess.

You cannot serve two masters [Matthew 6:24, Luke 16:13] or opposing states of consciousness at the same time.

Taking your attention from one state and placing it upon the other, you die to the one from which you have taken it and you live and express the one with which you are united.

Man cannot see how it would be possible to express that which he desires to be by so simple a law as acquiring the consciousness of the thing desired.

The reason for this lack of faith on the part of man is that he looks at the desired state through the consciousness of his present limitations. Therefore, he naturally sees it as impossible of accomplishment.

One of the first things man must realize is that it is impossible, in dealing with this spiritual law of consciousness, to put new wine into old bottles or new patches on old garments [Matthew 9:16,17; Mark 2:21,22; Luke 5:36-39].

That is, you cannot take any part of the present consciousness into the new state. For the state sought is complete in itself and needs no patching. Every level of consciousness automatically expresses itself.

To rise to the level of any state is to automatically become that state in expression. But, in order to rise to the level that you are not now expressing, you must completely drop the consciousness with which you are now identified.

Until your present consciousness is dropped, you will not be able to rise to another level.

Do not be dismayed. This letting go of your present identity is not as difficult as it might appear to be.

The invitation of the scriptures, “To be absent from the body and be present with the Lord” [2 Corinthians 5:8, 1 Corinthians 5:3, Colossians 2:5], is not given to a select few; it is a sweeping call to all mankind. The body from which you are invited to escape is your present conception of yourself with all of its limitations, while the Lord with whom you are to be present is your awareness of being.

To accomplish this seemingly impossible feat, you take your attention away from your problem and place it upon just being. You say silently but feelingly, “I AM”. Do not condition this awareness but continue declaring quietly, “I AM – I AM”. Simply feel that you are faceless and formless and continue doing so until you feel yourself floating.

“Floating” is a psychological state which completely denies the physical. Through practice in relaxation and willfully refusing to react to sensory impressions, it is possible to develop a state of consciousness of pure receptivity. It is a surprisingly easy accomplishment. In this state of complete detachment, a definite singleness of purposeful thought can be indelibly engraved upon your unmodified consciousness. This state of consciousness is necessary for true meditation.

This wonderful experience of rising and floating is the signal that you are absent from the body or problem and are now present with the Lord; in this expanded state you are not conscious of being anything but I AM – I AM; you are only conscious of being.

When this expansion of consciousness is attained, within this formless deep of yourself, give form to the new conception by claiming and feeling yourself to be that which you, before you entered into this state, desired to be. You will find that within this formless deep of yourself all things appear to be divinely possible. Anything that you sincerely feel yourself to be while in this expanded state becomes, in time, your natural expression.

And God said, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters” [Genesis 1:6]. Yes, let there be a firmness or conviction in the midst of this expanded consciousness by knowing and feeling I AM that, the thing desired.

As you claim and feel yourself to be the thing desired, you are crystallizing this formless liquid light that you are into the image and likeness [Genesis 1:26] of that which you are conscious of being.

Now that the law of your being has been revealed to you, begin this day to change your world by revaluing yourself. Too long has man held to the belief that he is born of sorrow and must work out his salvation by the sweat of his brow. God is impersonal and no respecter of persons [Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11]. So long as man continues to walk in this belief of sorrow, so long will he walk. In a world of sorrow and confusion, for the world in its every detail is man’s consciousness crystallized.

In the Book of Numbers it is recorded, “There were giants in the land and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and we were in their sight as grasshoppers” [13:33].

Today is the day, the eternal now, when conditions in the world have attained the appearance of giants. The unemployed, the armies of the enemy, business competition etc. are the giants which make you feel yourself to be a helpless grasshopper.

We are told we were first in our own sight helpless grasshoppers and because of this conception of ourselves were to the enemy helpless grasshoppers.

We can be to others only that which we are to ourselves.

Therefore, as we revalue ourselves and begin to feel ourselves to be the giant, a center of power, we automatically change our relationship to the giants, reducing these former monsters to their true place, making them appear to be the helpless grasshoppers.

Paul said of this principle, “It is to the Greeks (or the so-called wise men of the world) foolishness; and to the Jews (or those who look for signs) a stumbling block” [“For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom: But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block, and unto the Greeks foolishness; But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men”, 1 Corinthians 1:22-25]; with the result that man continues to walk in darkness rather than awake to the realization, “I AM the light of the world” [Matthew 5:14; John 8:12].

Man has so long worshiped the images of his own making that at first he finds this revelation blasphemous, but the day man discovers and accepts this principle as the basis of his life, that day man slays his belief in a God apart from himself.

The story of Jesus’ betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane is the perfect illustration of man’s discovery of this principle. We are told, the crowds armed with staves and lanterns sought Jesus in the dark of night.

Neville Goddard Collection

As they inquired after the whereabouts of Jesus (salvation), the voice answered, “I AM”; whereupon the entire crowd fell to the ground. On regaining their composure, they again asked to be shown the hiding place of the savior and again the savior said, “I have told you that I AM, therefore if ye seek Me, let all else go” [John 18:8].

Man in the darkness of human ignorance sets out on his search for God, aided by the flickering light of human wisdom.

As it is revealed to man that his I AM or awareness of being is his savior, the shock is so great, he mentally falls to the ground, for every belief that he has ever entertained tumbles as he realizes that his consciousness is the one and only savior.

The knowledge that his I AM is God compels man to let all others go for he finds it impossible to serve two Gods. Man cannot accept his awareness of being as God and at the same time believe in another deity.

With this discovery, man’s human ear or hearing (understanding) is cut off by the sword of faith (Peter) as his perfect disciplined hearing (understanding) is restored by (Jesus) the knowledge that I AM is Lord and Savior.

Before man can transform his world, he must first lay this foundation or understanding. “I AM the Lord [and there is none else”, Isaiah 45:5].

Man must know that his awareness of being is God.

Until this is firmly established so that no suggestion or argument of others can shake him, he will find himself returning to the slavery of his former belief.

“If ye believe not that I AM He, ye shall die in your sins” [John 8:24].

Unless man discovers that his consciousness is the cause of every expression of his life, he will continue seeking the cause of his confusion in the world of effects, and so shall die in his fruitless search.

“I AM the vine and ye are the branches” [John 15:5].

Consciousness is the vine and that which you are conscious of being is as branches that you feed and keep alive. Just as a branch has no life except it be rooted in the vine, likewise things have no life except you be conscious of them.

Just as a branch withers and dies if the sap of the vine ceases to flow towards it, so do things and qualities pass away if you take your attention from them; because your attention is the sap of life which sustains the expression of your life.

Neville Goddard Collection

Chapter Four


I have told you that I AM; if therefore ye seek Me, let these go their way. – John 18:8

As soon then as He had said unto them, I AM, they went backward and fell to the ground. – John 18:6

Today there is so much said about Masters, Elder Brothers, Adepts and initiates that numberless truth seekers are being constantly misled by seeking these false lights.

For a price, most of these pseudo-teachers offer their students initiation into the mysteries, promising them guidance and direction. Man’s weakness for leaders, as well as his worship of idols, makes him an easy prey of these schools and teachers.

Good will come to most of these enrolled students; they will discover after years of awaiting and sacrificing that they were following a mirage.

They will then become disillusioned in their schools and teachers, and this disappointment will be worth the effort and price they have paid for their fruitless search.

They will then turn from their worship of man and in so doing discover that which they are seeking is not to be found in another, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within [Luke 17:21].

This realization will be their first real initiation.

The lesson learned will be this: There is only one Master and this Master is God, the I AM within themselves.

“I AM the Lord thy God who led thee out of the land of darkness; out of the house of bondage” [Exodus 20:2, Deuteronomy 5:6].

I AM, your awareness, is Lord and Master and besides your awareness there is neither Lord nor Master.

You are Master of all that you will ever be aware of being.

You know that you are, do you not? Knowing that you are is the Lord and Master of that which you know that you are.

You could be completely isolated by man from that which you are conscious of being; yet you would, in spite of all human barriers, effortlessly draw to yourself all that you were conscious of being.

The man who is conscious of being poor does not need the assistance of anyone to express his poverty. The man who is conscious of being sick, though isolated in the most hermetically sealed germ-proof area in the world, would express sickness.

There is no barrier to God, for God is your awareness of being.

Regardless of what you are aware of being, you can and do express it without effort.

Stop looking for the Master to come; he is with you always. “I AM with you always, even unto the end of the world” [Matthew 28:20].

You will from time to time know yourself to be many things, but you need not be anything to know that you are.

You can, if you so desire, disentangle yourself from the body you wear; in so doing, you realize that you are a faceless, formless awareness and not dependent on the form you are in your expression.

You will know that you are; you will also discover that this knowing that you are is God, the Father, which preceded all that you ever knew yourself to be.

Before the world was, you were aware of being and so you were saying “I AM”, and I AM will be, after all that you know yourself to be shall cease to be.

There are no Ascended Masters. Banish this superstition.

You will forever rise from one level of consciousness (master) to another; in so doing, you manifest the ascended level, expressing this newly acquired consciousness.

Consciousness being Lord and Master, you are the Master Magician conjuring that which you are now conscious of being.

“For God (consciousness) calleth those things which be not as though they were” [Romans 4:17]: things that are not now seen will be seen the moment you become conscious of being that which is not now seen.

This rising from one level of consciousness to another is the only ascension that you will ever experience.

No man can lift you to the level you desire. The power to ascend is within yourself; it is your consciousness.

You appropriate the consciousness of the level you desire to express by claiming that you are now expressing such a level.

This is the ascension. It is limitless, for you will never exhaust your capacity to ascend.

Turn from the human superstition of ascension with its belief in masters, and find the only and everlasting master within yourself.

“Far greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world” [1John 4:4]. Believe this.

Do not continue in blindness, following after the mirage of masters. I assure you your search can end only in disappointment.

“If you deny Me (your awareness of being), I shall deny you also” [Matthew 10:33]. “Thou shalt have no other God beside ME” [Isaiah 45:5; Joel 2:27]. “Be still and know that I AM God”

[Psalm 46:10]. “Come prove me and see if I will not open you the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it” [Malachi 3:10].

Do you believe that the I AM is able to do this?

Then claim ME to be that which you want to see poured out.

Claim yourself to be that which you want to be and that you shall be.

Not because of masters will I give it unto you, but, because you have recognized ME (yourself) to be that, I will give it unto you for I AM all things to all.

Jesus would not permit Himself to be called Good Master. He knew that there is but one good and one master. He knew this one to be His Father in Heaven, the awareness of being. “The Kingdom of God” (Good) and the Kingdom of Heaven are within you [Luke 17:21].

Your belief in masters is a confession of your slavery. Only slaves have masters.

Change your conception of yourself and you will, without the aid of masters or anyone else, automatically transform your world to conform to your changed conception of yourself.

You are told in the Book of Numbers that there was a time when men were in their own eyes as grasshoppers and because of this conception of themselves, they saw giants in the land. This is as true of man today as it was the day it was recorded. Man’s conception of himself is so grasshopper-like, that he automatically makes the conditions round about him appear gigantic; in his blindness he cries out for masters to help him fight his giant problems.

Jesus tried to show man that salvation was within himself and warned him not to look for his savior in places or people.

If anyone should come saying look here or look there, believe him not, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within you [Luke 17:21].

Jesus not only refused to permit Himself to be called Good Master, He warned his followers, “Salute no man along the highway” [“and greet no man along the way”, Luke 10:4; 2Kings 4:29]. He made it clear that they should not recognize any authority or superior other than God, the Father.

Jesus established the identity of the Father as man’s awareness of being. “I and My Father are one, but My Father is greater than I” [John 10:30 & John 14:28]. I AM one with all that I am conscious of being. I AM greater than that which I am aware of being. The creator is ever greater than his creation.

“As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be lifted up” [John 3:14]. The serpent symbolizes man’s present conception of himself as a worm of the dust, living in the wilderness of human confusion. Just as Moses lifted himself from his worm-of-the-dust conception of himself to discover God to be his awareness of being, “I AM hath sent me” [Exodus 3:14], so must you be lifted up. The day you claim, as did Moses, “I AM that I AM” [Exodus 3:14], that day your claim will blossom in the wilderness.

Your awareness is the master magician who conjures all things by being that which he would conjure. This Lord and Master that you are can and does make all that you are conscious of being appear in your world.

“No man (manifestation) cometh unto Me save My Father draw him and I and My Father are one” [“No man can come to Me, except the Father which hath sent Me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day”, John 6:44; “My Father, which gave them Me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of My Father‟s hand. I and My Father are one”, John 10:29, 30]. You are constantly drawing to yourself that which you are conscious of being. Change your conception of yourself from that of the slave to that of Christ.

Don’t be embarrassed to make this claim; only as you claim, “I AM Christ”, will you do the works of Christ.

“The works I do ye shall do also, and greater works than these shall ye do, for I go unto my Father” [“Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father”, John 14:12]. “He made Himself equal with God and found it not robbery to do the works of God” [Philippians 2:6].

Jesus knew that anyone who dared to claim himself to be Christ would automatically assume the capacities to express the works of his conception of Christ.

Jesus also knew that the exclusive use of this principle of expression was not given to Him alone.

He constantly referred to His Father in Heaven.

He stated that His works would not only be equaled but that they would be surpassed by that man who dared to conceive himself to be greater than He (Jesus) had conceived Himself to be.

Jesus, in stating that He and His Father were one but that His Father was greater than He, revealed His awareness (Father) to be one with that which He was aware of being.

He found Himself as Father or awareness to be greater than that which He as Jesus was aware of being.

You and your conception of yourself are one.

You are and always will be greater than any conception you will ever have of yourself.

Man fails to do the works of Jesus Christ because he attempts to accomplish them from his present level of consciousness.

You will never transcend your present accomplishments through sacrifice and struggle.

Your present level of consciousness will only be transcended as you drop the present state and rise to a higher level.

You rise to a higher level of consciousness by taking your attention away from your present limitations and placing it upon that which you desire to be. Do not attempt this in day-dreaming or wishful thinking, but in a positive manner.

Claim yourself to be the thing desired. I AM that; no sacrifice, no diet, no human tricks.

All that is asked of you is to accept your desire. If you dare claim it, you will express it.

Meditate on these: “I rejoice not in the sacrifices of men” [probably Malachi 1:10]. “Not by might nor by power, but by my spirit [Zecharian 4:6]. “Ask and you shall receive” [Matthew 7:7, Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24, Luke 11:9, John 15:7, John 16:24]. “Come eat and drink without price” [probably Isaiah 55:1].

The works are finished. All that is required of you to let these qualities into expression is the claim – I AM that. Claim yourself to be that which you desire to be and that you shall be.

Expressions follow the impressions, they do not precede them. Proof that you are will follow the claim that you are, it will not precede it.

“Leave all and follow Me” [Matthew 8:22; 9:9; Luke 5:27] is a double invitation to you.

First, it invites you to turn completely away from all problems and, then, it calls upon you to continue walking in the claim that you are that which you desire to be.

Do not be a Lot’s wife who looks back and becomes salted [Genesis 19] or preserved in the dead past.

Be a Lot who does not look back but who keeps his vision focused upon the promised land, the thing desired.

Do this and you will know that you have found the master, the Master Magician, making the unseen the seen through the command, “I AM THAT”.

florence scovel shinn

Florence Scovel Shinn was born September 24, 1871 in Camden, New Jersey and she was an American artist and book illustrator who became a New Thought spiritual teacher and metaphysical writer in her middle years.

In New Thought circles, Shinn is best known for her first book, The Game of Life and How to Play It (1925). She expressed her philosophy as: The invisible forces are ever working for man who is always “pulling the strings” himself, though he does not know it. Owing to the vibratory power of words, whatever man voices, he begins to attract.

Chapter Five


But whom say ye that I AM? – Matt. 16:15

“I AM the Lord; that is My name; and My glory will I not give to another” [Isaiah 42:8]. “I AM the Lord, the God of all Flesh” [Jeremiah 32:27].

This I AM within you, the reader, this awareness, this consciousness of being, is the Lord, the God of all Flesh.

I AM is He that should come; stop looking for another. As long as you believe in a God apart from yourself, you will continue to transfer the power of your expression to your conceptions, forgetting that you are the conceiver.

The power conceiving and the thing conceived are one but the power to conceive is greater than the conception.

Jesus discovered this glorious truth when He declared, “I and My Father are one, but My Father is greater than I” [John 10:30 & John 14:28].

The power conceiving itself to be man is greater than its conception. All conceptions are limitations of the conceiver.

“Before Abraham was, I AM” [John 8:58]. Before the world was, I AM.

Consciousness precedes all manifestations and is the prop upon which all manifestation rests.

To remove the manifestations, all that is required of you, the conceiver, is to take your attention away from the conception. Instead of “Out of sight, out of mind”, it really is “Out of mind, out of sight”.

The manifestation will remain in sight only as long as it takes the force with which the conceiver – I AM – originally endowed it to spend itself. This applies to all creation from the infinitesimally small electron to the infinitely great universe.

“Be still and know that I AM God” [Psalm 46:10].

Yes, this very I AM, your awareness of being, is God, the only God. I AM is the Lord – the God of all Flesh – all manifestation.

This presence, your unconditioned awareness, comprehends neither beginning nor ending; limitations exist only in the manifestation. When you realize that this awareness is your eternal self, you will know that before Abraham was, I AM.

Begin to understand why you were told, “Go thou and do likewise” [Luke 10:37].

Begin now to identify yourself with this presence, your awareness, as the only reality.

All manifestations but appear to be; you as man have no reality other than that which your eternal self, I AM, believes itself to be.

“Whom do you say that I AM?” [Matthew 16:15, Mark 8:29, Luke 9:20].

This is not a question asked two thousand years ago. It is the eternal question addressed to the manifestation by the conceiver.

It is your true self, your awareness of being, asking you, its present conception of itself, “Who do you believe your awareness to be?”

This answer can be defined only within yourself, regardless of the influence of another.

I AM (your true self) is not interested in man’s opinion.

All its interest lies in your conviction of yourself.

What do you say of the I AM within you? Can you answer and say, “I AM Christ”?

Your answer or degree of understanding will determine the place you will occupy in life.

Do you say or believe yourself to be a man of a certain family race, nation etc.? Do you honestly believe this of yourself?

Then life, your true self will cause these conceptions to appear in your world and you will live with them as though they are real.

“I AM the door” [John 10:9]. “I AM the way” [John 14:6]. “I AM the resurrection and the life” [John 11:25]. “No man (or manifestation) cometh unto My Father save by Me” [“I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me”, John 14:6].

The I AM (your consciousness) is the only door through which anything can pass into your world.

Stop looking for signs. Signs follow; they do not precede. Begin to reverse the statement, “Seeing is believing”, to “Believing is seeing”. Start now to believe, not with the wavering confidence based on deceptive external evidence but with an undaunted confidence based on the immutable law that you can be that which you desire to be. You will find that you are not a victim of fate but a victim of faith (your own).

Only through one door can that which you seek pass into the world of manifestation. “I AM the door”. Your consciousness is the door, so you must become conscious of being and having that which you desire to be and to have. Any attempt to realize your desires in ways other than through the door of consciousness makes you a thief and a robber unto yourself.

Any expression that is not felt is unnatural. Before anything appears, God, I AM, feels itself to be the thing desired; and then the thing felt appears. It is resurrected; lifted out of the nothingness.

Neville Goddard Collection

I AM wealthy, poor, healthy, sick, free [or] confined were first of all impressions or conditions felt before they became visible expressions.

Your world is your consciousness objectified. Waste no time trying to change the outside; change the within or the impression; and the without or expression will take care of itself.

When the truth of this statement dawns upon you, you will know that you have found the lost word or the key to every door.

I AM (your consciousness) is the magical lost word which was made flesh in the likeness of that which you are conscious of being.

I AM He. Right now, I am overshadowing you, the reader, my living temple, with my presence, urging upon you a new expression. Your desires are my spoken words. My words are spirit and they are true and they shall not return unto me void but shall accomplish where unto they are sent [“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it”, Isaiah 55:11]. They are not something to be worked out.

They are garments that I, your faceless, formless self, wear. Behold! I, clothed in your desire, stand at the door (your consciousness) and knock. If you hear my voice and open unto me (recognize me as your savior), I will come in unto you and sup with you and you with me [“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me”, Revelation 3:20].

Just how my words, your desires, will be fulfilled, is not your concern. My words have a way ye know not of [John 4:32]. Their ways are past finding out [Romans 11:33].

All that is required of you is to believe. Believe your desires to be garments your savior wears. Your belief that you are now that which you desire to be is proof of your acceptance of life’s gifts. You have opened the door for your Lord, clothed in your desire, to enter the moment you establish this belief.

“When ye pray, believe that ye have received and it shall be so” [Mark 11:24]. “All things are possible to him who believes” [Mark 9:23].

Make the impossible possible through your belief; and the impossible (to others) will embody itself in your world.

All men have had proof of the power of faith. The faith that moves mountains is faith in yourself.

No man has faith in God who lacks confidence in himself. Your faith in God is measured by your confidence in yourself. “I and My Father are one” [John 10:30], man and his God are one, consciousness and manifestation are one.

And God said, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters” [Genesis 1:6]. In the midst of all the doubts and changing opinions of others, let there be a conviction, a firmness of belief, and you shall see the dry land; your belief will appear.

The reward is to him that endureth unto the end [“But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved”, Matthew 24:13]. A conviction is not a conviction if it can be shaken. Your desire will be as clouds without rain unless you believe.

Your unconditioned awareness or I AM is the Virgin Mary who knew not a man [Luke 1:34] and yet, unaided by man, conceived and bore a son. Mary, the unconditioned consciousness, desired and then became conscious of being the conditioned state which she desired to express, and in a way unknown to others, became it. Go and do likewise; assume the consciousness of that which you desire to be and you, too, will give birth to your savior.

When the annunciation is made, when the urge or desire is upon you, believe it to be God’s spoken word seeking embodiment through you. Go, tell no man of this holy thing that you have conceived. Lock your secret within you and magnify the Lord [Luke 1:46], magnify or believe your desire to be your savior coming to be with you.

When this belief is so firmly established that you feel confident of results, your desire will embody itself. How it will be done, no man knows. I, your desire, have ways ye know not of [John 4:32]; my ways are past finding out [Romans 11:33]. Your desire can be likened to a seed, and seeds contain within themselves both the power and the plan of self-expression. Your consciousness is the soil. These seeds are successfully planted only if, after you have claimed yourself to be and to have that which you desire, you confidently await results without an anxious thought.

If I be lifted up in consciousness to the naturalness of my desire, I shall automatically draw the manifestation unto me.

Consciousness is the door through which life reveals itself. Consciousness is always objectifying itself.

To be conscious of being or possessing anything is to be or have that which you are conscious of being or possessing. Therefore, lift yourself to the consciousness of your desire and you will see it automatically outpicture itself.

To do this, you must deny your present identity. “Let him deny himself” [Mark 8:34]. You deny a thing by taking your attention away from it. To drop a thing, problem or ego from consciousness, you dwell upon God – God being I AM.

Be still and know that I AM is God [Psalm 46:10].

Believe, feel that I AM; know that this knowing one within you, your awareness of being, is God.

Close your eyes and feel yourself to be faceless, formless and without figure. Approach this stillness as though it were the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. This attitude will assure your success.

When all thought of problem or self is dropped from consciousness because you are now absorbed or lost in the feeling of just being I AM, then begin in this formless state to feel yourself to be that which you desire to be, “I AM that I AM”.

The moment you reach a certain degree of intensity so that you actually feel yourself to be a new conception, this new feeling or consciousness is established and in due time will personify itself in the world of form.

This new perception will express itself as naturally as you now express your present identity.

To express the qualities of a consciousness naturally, you must dwell or live within that consciousness. Appropriate it by becoming one with it. To feel a thing intensely, and then rest confidently that it is, makes the thing felt appear within your world.

“I shall stand upon my watch” [Habakkuk 2:1] “and see the salvation of the Lord” [2 Chronicles 20:17]. I shall stand firmly upon my feeling, convinced that it is so, and see my desire appear.

“A man can receive nothing (no thing) except it be given him from Heaven” [John 3:27]. Remember, heaven is your consciousness; the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

This is why you are warned against calling any man Father; your consciousness is the Father of all that you are.

Again you are told, “Salute no man on the highway” [Luke 10:4; 2 Kings 4:29]. See no man as an authority. Why should you ask man for permission to express when you realize that your world, in its every detail, originated within you and is sustained by you as the only conceptional center?

Your whole world may be likened to solidified space mirroring the beliefs and acceptances as projected by a formless, faceless presence, namely, I AM. Reduce the whole to its primordial substance and nothing would remain but you, a dimensionless presence, the conceiver.

The conceiver is a law apart. Conceptions under such law are not to be measured by past accomplishments or modified by present capacities for, without taking thought, the conception in a way unknown to man expresses itself.

Go within secretly and appropriate the new consciousness. Feel yourself to be it, and the former limitations shall pass away as completely and as easily as snow on a hot summer’s day.

You will not even remember the former limitations; they were never part of this new consciousness.

This rebirth Jesus referred to when he said to Nicodemus, “Ye must be born again” [John 3:7], was nothing more than moving from one state of consciousness to another.

“Whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do” [John 14:13; similarly, John 15:16; John 16:23]. This certainly does not mean to ask in words, pronouncing with the lips the sounds, God or Christ Jesus, for millions have asked in this manner without results.

To feel yourself to be a thing is to have asked for that thing in His name. I AM is the nameless presence. To feel yourself to be rich is to ask for wealth in His name.

I AM is unconditioned. It is neither rich nor poor, strong nor weak. In other words, in HIM there is neither Greek nor Jew, bond nor free, male nor female. These are all conceptions or limitations of the limitless, and therefore names of the nameless.

To feel yourself to be anything is to ask the nameless, I AM, to express that name or nature”.

“Ask whatsoever ye will in My name by appropriating the nature of the thing desired and I will give it unto you”.

Neville Goddard Collection

Chapter Six


For if ye believe not that I AM, ye shall die in your sins. – John 8:24.

“All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made” [John 1:3].

This is a hard saying for those trained in the various systems of orthodox religion to accept, but there it stands.

All things, good, bad and indifferent, were made by God. “God made man (manifestation) in His own image; in the likeness of God made He him” [Genesis 1:27]. Apparently adding to this confusion, it is stated, “And God saw that his creation was good” [Genesis 1:31].

What are you going to do about this seeming anomaly? How is man going to correlate all things as good when that which he is taught denies this fact?

Either the understanding of God is erroneous or else there is something radically wrong with man’s teaching.

“To the pure all things are pure” [Titus 1:15]. This is another puzzling statement. All the good people, the pure people, the holy people, are the greatest prohibitionists. Couple the foregoing statement with this one, “There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus” [“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, Who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit”, Romans 8:1], and you get an impassable barrier to the self-appointed judges of the world. Such statements mean nothing to the self-righteous judges blindly changing and destroying shadows. They continue in the firm belief that they are improving the world.

Man, not knowing that his world is his individual consciousness outpictured, vainly strives to conform to the opinion of others rather than to conform to the one and only opinion existent, namely, his own judgment of himself.

When Jesus discovered His consciousness to be this wonderful law of self-government, He declared, “And now I sanctify Myself that they also might be sanctified through the truth” [“And for their sakes I sanctify Myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth”, John 17:19].

He knew that consciousness was the only reality, that things objectified were nothing more than different states of consciousness.

Jesus warned His followers to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven (that state of consciousness that would produce the thing desired) and all things would be added to them [Matthew 6:33].

He also stated, “I AM the truth” [John 14:6]. He knew that man’s consciousness was the truth or cause of all that man saw his world to be.

Jesus realized that the world was made in the likeness of man. He knew that man saw his world to be what it was because man was what he was.

In short, man’s conception of himself determines that which he sees his world to be.

All things are made by God (consciousness) and without him there is nothing made that is made [John 1:3].

Creation is judged good and very good because it is the perfect likeness of that consciousness which produced it.

To be conscious of being one thing and then see yourself expressing something other than that which you are conscious of being is a violation of the law of being; therefore, it would not be good. The law of being is never broken; man ever sees himself expressing that which he is conscious of being.

Be it good, bad or indifferent, it is nevertheless a perfect likeness of his conception of himself; it is good and very good.

Not only are all things made by God, all things are made of God. All are the offspring of God. God is one. Things or divisions are the projections of the one. God being one, He must command Himself to be the seeming other for there is no other.

The absolute cannot contain something within itself that is not itself. If it did, then it would not be absolute, the only one.

Commands, to be effective, must be to oneself. “I AM that I AM” is the only effective command.

“I AM the Lord and beside Me there is none else” [Isaiah 45:5; Joel 2:27].

You cannot command that which is not. As there is no other, you must command yourself to be that which you would have appear.

Let me clarify what I mean by effective command. You do not repeat like a parrot the statement, “I AM that I AM”; such vain repetition would be both stupid and fruitless.

It is not the words that make it effective; it is the consciousness of being the thing which makes it effective.

When you say, “I AM”, you are declaring yourself to be. The word that in the statement, “I AM that I AM”, indicates that which you would be. The second “I AM” in the quotation is the cry of victory.

This whole drama takes place inwardly with or without the use of words.

Be still and know that you are.

This stillness is attained by observing the observer.

Repeat quietly but with feeling, “I AM – I AM”, until you have lost all consciousness of the world and know yourself just as being.

Awareness, the knowing that you are, is Almighty God; I AM.

After this is accomplished, define yourself as that which you desire to be by feeling yourself to be the thing desired: I AM that. This understanding that you are the thing desired will cause a thrill to course through your entire being. When the conviction is established and you really believe that you are that which you desired to be, then the second “I AM” is uttered as a cry of victory. This mystical revelation of Moses can be seen as three distinct steps: I AM; I AM free; I really AM!

It does not matter what the appearances round about you are like. All things make way for the coming of the Lord. I AM the Lord coming in the appearance of that which I am conscious of being. All the inhabitants of the earth cannot stay my coming or question my authority to be that which I AM conscious that I AM [“All the inhabitants of the earth are as nothing, and He doeth according to His will in the armies of Heaven and among all the inhabitants of the earth; and none can stay His hand, nor say unto Him, ‚What doest Thou?‟”, Daniel 4:35].

“I AM the light of the world” [John 8:12], crystallizing into the form of my conception of myself.

Consciousness is the eternal light, which crystallizes only through the medium of your conception of yourself.

Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.

Now you will realize why Jesus sanctified Himself instead of others [Ioan 17:19], why to the pure all things are pure [Titus 1:15], why in Christ Jesus (the awakened consciousness) there is no condemnation [Romani 8:1].

Awake from the sleep of condemnation and prove the principle of life. Stop not only your judgment of others but your condemnation of yourself.

Hear the revelation of the enlightened, “I know and am persuaded by the Lord Christ Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself, but to him that seeth anything to be unclean to him it is unclean” [Romans 14:14], and again, “Happy is the man who condemneth himself not in that which he alloweth” [“Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth”, Romans 14:22].

Stop asking yourself whether or not you are worthy or unworthy to claim yourself to be that which you desire to be. You will be condemned by the world only as long as you condemn yourself.

You do not need to work out anything.

The works are finished.

The principle by which all things are made and without which there is not anything made that is made is eternal.

You are this principle.

Your awareness of being is this everlasting law.

You have never expressed anything that you were not aware of being and you never will.

Assume the consciousness of that which you desire to express.

Claim it until it becomes a natural manifestation. Feel it and live within that feeling until you make it your nature.

Here is a simple formula. Take your attention from your present conception of yourself and place it on that ideal of yours, the ideal you had heretofore thought beyond your reach. Claim yourself to be your ideal, not as something that you will be in time, but as that which you are in the immediate present.

Do this, and your present world of limitations will disintegrate as your new claim rises like the phoenix from its ashes.

“Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s” [2 Chronicles 20:15].

You do not fight against your problem; your problem will only live as long as you are conscious of it.

Take your attention away from your problem and the multitude of reasons why you cannot achieve your ideal.

Concentrate your attention entirely upon the thing desired.

“Leave all and follow me” [Matthew 8:22; 9:9; Luke 5:27].

In the face of seemingly mountainous obstacles, claim your freedom.

The consciousness of freedom is the Father of freedom.

It has a way of expressing itself which no man knows.

“Ye shall not need to fight in this battle. Set yourself, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you” [2 Chronicles 20:17].

“I AM the Lord”.

I AM (your consciousness) is the Lord. The consciousness that the thing is done, that the work is finished, is the Lord of any situation.

Listen carefully to the promise, “Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: Set yourself, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you” [2 Chronicles 20:17].

With you!

That particular consciousness with which you are identified is the Lord of the agreement.

He will without assistance establish the thing agreed upon on earth.

Can you, in the face of the army of reasons why a thing cannot be done, quietly enter into an agreement with the Lord that it is done?

Can you, now that you have found the Lord to be your awareness of being, become aware that the battle is won?

Can you, no matter how near and threatening the enemy seems to be, continue in your confidence, standing still, knowing that the victory is yours?

If you can, you will see the salvation of the Lord. Remember, the reward is to the one who endures [Matthew 24:13].

Stand still [Psalm 46:10].

Standing still is the deep conviction that all is well; it is done. No matter what is heard or seen, you remain unmoved, conscious of being victorious in the end.

All things are made by such agreements, and without such an agreement, there is not anything made that is made [John 1:3]. “I AM that I AM” [Exodus 3:14].

In Revelations, it is recorded that a new heaven and new earth shall appear [21:1].

John, shown this vision, was told to write, “It is done” [21:6].

Heaven is your consciousness and earth its solidified state.

Therefore, accept as did John – “It is done”.

All that is required of you who seek a change is to rise to a level of that which you desire; without dwelling upon the manner of expression, record that it is done by feeling the naturalness of being it.

Here is an analogy that might help you to see this mystery.

Suppose you entered a motion-picture theater just as the feature picture came to its end. All that you saw of the picture was the happy-ending. Because you wanted to see the entire story, you waited for it to unfold again. With the anti-climactic sequence, the hero is displayed as accused, surrounded by false evidence, and all that goes to wring tears from the audience. But, you, secure in the knowledge of the ending, remain calm with the understanding that, regardless of the seeming direction of the picture, the end has already been defined.

In like manner, go to the end of that which you seek; witness the happy end of it by consciously feeling you express and possess that which you desire to express and possess; and you, through faith, already understanding the end, will have confidence born of this knowledge.

This knowledge will sustain you through the necessary interval of time that it takes the picture to unfold.

Ask no help of man; feel, “It is done”, by consciously claiming yourself to be, now, that which as man you hope to be.

Chapter Seven


Not My will, but Thine, be done. – Luke 22:42.

“Not My will, but Thine, be done” [Luke 22:42; “O My Father, if this cup may not pass away from Me, except I drink it, Thy will be done”, Matthew 26:42; “Nevertheless not what I will, but what Thou wilt”, Mark 14:36]. This resignation is not one of blind realization that “I can of Myself do nothing, the Father within Me, He doeth the work” [“I can of Mine own Self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and My judgment is just; because I seek not Mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent Me”, John 5:30; “Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of Myself: but the Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works”, John 14:10].

When man wills, he attempts to make something which does not now exist appear in time and space.

Too often we are not aware of that which we are really doing.

We unconsciously state that we do not possess the capacities to express.

We predicate our desire upon the hope of acquiring the necessary capacities in future time. “I AM not, but I will be”.

Man does not realize that consciousness is the Father which does the work, so he attempts to express that which he is not conscious of being.

Such struggles are doomed to failure; only the present expresses itself.

Unless I am conscious of being that which I seek, I will not find it.

God (your awareness) is the substance and fullness of all.

God’s will is the recognition of that which is, not of that which will be.

Instead of seeing this saying as “Thine will be done”, see it as “Thy will is done”.

The works are finished.

The principle by which all things are made visible is eternal.

“Eyes have not seen nor ears heard, neither hath it entered into the hearts of men, the things which God hath prepared for those who love the law” [“Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him”, 1 Corinthians 2:9-10]

. When a sculptor looks at a formless piece of marble he sees, buried within its formless mass, his finished piece of art. The sculptor, instead of making his masterpiece, merely reveals it by removing that part of the marble which hides his conception.

The same applies to you. In your formless awareness lies buried all that you will ever conceive yourself to be.

The recognition of this truth will transform you from an unskilled laborer who tries to make it so to a great artist who recognizes it to be so.

Your claim that you are now that which you want to be will remove the veil of human darkness and reveal your claim perfectly; I AM that.

God’s will was expressed in the words of the Widow, “It is well”.

Man’s will would have been, “It will be well”. To state, “I shall be well”, is to say, “I am ill”.

God, the Eternal Now, is not mocked by words or vain repetition.

God continually personifies that which is.

Thus, the resignation of Jesus (who made Himself equal with God) was turning from the recognition of lack (which the future indicates with “I shall be”) to the recognition of supply by claiming, “I AM that; it is done; thank You, Father”.

Now you will see the wisdom in the words of the prophet when he states, “Let the weak say, I AM strong”, Joel 3:10.

Man in his blindness will not heed the prophet’s advice; he continues to claim himself to be weak, poor, wretched and all the other undesirable expressions from which he is trying to free himself by ignorantly claiming that he will be free from these characteristics in the expectancy of the future.

Such thoughts thwart the one law that can ever free him.

There is only one door through which that which you seek can enter your world. “I AM the door” [John 10:9].

When you say, “I AM”, you are declaring yourself to be, first person, present tense; there is no future.

To know that I AM is to be conscious of being.

Consciousness is the only door.

Unless you are conscious of being that which you seek, you seek in vain.

If you judge after appearances, you will continue to be enslaved by the evidence of your senses.

To break this hypnotic spell of the senses, you are told, “Go within and shut the door” [“But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly”, Matthew 6:6; “Enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast”, Isaiah 26:20; “And when thou art come in, thou shalt shut the door upon thee and upon thy sons”, 2Kings 4:4; “He went in therefore, and shut the door upon them twain, and prayed unto the Lord”, 2Kings 4:33].

The door of the senses must be tightly shut before your new claim can be honored.

Closing the door of the senses is not as difficult as it appears to be at first.

It is done without effort.

It is impossible to serve two masters at the same time [Matthew 6:24, Luke 16:13].

The master man serves is that which he is conscious of being. I am Lord and Master of that which I am conscious of being.

It is no effort for me to conjure poverty if I am conscious of being poor.

My servant (poverty) is compelled to follow me (conscious of poverty) as long as I AM (the Lord) conscious of being poor.

Instead of fighting against the evidence of the senses, you claim yourself to be that which you desire to be.

As your attention is placed on this claim, the doors of the senses automatically close against your former master (that which you were conscious of being).

As you become lost in the feeling of being (that which you are now claiming to be true of yourself), the doors of the senses once more open, revealing your world to be the perfect expression of that which you are conscious of being.

Let us follow the example of Jesus who realized, as man, He could do nothing to change His present picture of lack.

He closed the door of His senses against His problem and went to His Father, the one to Whom all things are possible [Matthew 19:26; Mark 9:23; 10:27; 14:36; Luke 18:27; Acts 8:37].

Having denied the evidence of His senses, He claimed Himself to be all that, a moment before, His senses told him He was not.

Knowing that consciousness expresses its likeness on earth, He remained in the claimed consciousness until the doors (His senses) opened and confirmed the rulership of the Lord.

Remember, I AM is Lord of all. Never again use the will of man which claims, “I will be”. Be as resigned as Jesus and claim, “I AM that”.

Chapter Eight


I am the first, and I am the last; and beside Me is no God. – Isaiah 44:6

I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage. Thou shalt have none other gods before Me. – Deut. 5:6,7

“Thou shalt have no other God beside Me”. As long as man entertains a belief in a power apart from himself, so long will he rob himself of the being that he is.

Every belief in powers apart from himself, whether for good or evil, will become the mould of the graven image worshiped.

The beliefs in the potency of drugs to heal, diets to strengthen, moneys to secure, are the values or money changers that must be thrown out of the power [Matthew 21:12; Mark 11:15; Luke 19:45; John 2:14,15] he can then unfailingly manifest that quality.

This understanding throws out the money changers Temple. “Ye are the Temple of the Living God” [1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19 “And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people”, 2 Corinthians 6:16], a Temple made without hands.

It is written, “My house shall be called of all nations a house of prayer, but ye have made it a den of thieves” [Matthew 21:13; “…for Mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people”, Isaiah 56:7].

The thieves who rob you are your own false beliefs. It is your belief in a thing not the thing itself that aids you. There is only one power: I AM He. Because of your belief in external things, you think power into them by transferring the power that you are to the external thing. Realize you yourself are the power you have mistakenly given to outer conditions.

The Bible compares the opinionated man to the camel who could not go through the needle’s eye [Matthew 19:24; Mark 10:25; Luke 18:25]. The needle’s eye referred to was a small gate in the walls of Jerusalem, which was so narrow that a camel could not go through it until relieved of its pack.

The rich man, that is the one burdened with false human concepts, cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven until relieved of his burden [Matthew 19:23] any more than could the camel go through this small gate.

Man feels so secure in his man-made laws, opinions and beliefs that he invests them with an authority they do not possess.

Satisfied that his knowledge is all, he remains unaware that all outward appearances are but states of mind externalized.

When he realizes that the consciousness of a quality externalizes that quality without the aid of any other or many values and establishes the one true value, his own consciousness.

“The Lord is in His holy temple” [Habakkuk 2:20].

Consciousness dwells within that which it is conscious of being.

I AM is the Lord and man, his temple.

Knowing that consciousness objectifies itself, man must forgive all men for being that which they are.

He must realize that all are expressing (without the aid of another) that which they are conscious of being.

Peter, the enlightened or disciplined man, knew that a change of consciousness would produce a change of expression.

Instead of sympathizing with the beggars of life at the temple’s gate, he declared, “Silver and gold have I none (for thee), but such as I have (the consciousness of freedom), give I unto thee” [Acts 3:6].

“Stir up the gift within you” [“Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee”, 2 Timothy 1:6].

Stop begging and claim yourself to be that which you decide to be. Do this and you too will jump from your crippled world into the world of freedom, singing praises to the Lord, I AM.

“Far greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world” [“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world”, 1 John 4:4].

This is the cry of everyone who finds his awareness of being to be God.

Your recognition of this fact will automatically cleanse the temple, your consciousness, of the thieves and robbers, restoring to you that dominion over things, which you lost the moment you forgot the command, “Thou shalt have no other God beside ME”.

Chapter Nine

The Foundation Stone

Let every man take heed how he buildeth thereon. For other foundations can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now if man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble; every man‟s work shall be made manifest; for the day shall declare it. – 1Cor. 3:10-13

The foundation of all expression is consciousness.

Try as man will, he cannot find a cause of manifestation other than his consciousness of being.

Man thinks he has found the cause of disease in germs, the cause of war in conflicting political ideologies and greed. All such discoveries of man, catalogued as the essence of Wisdom, are foolishness in the eyes of God.

There is only one power and this power is God (consciousness).

It kills; it makes alive; it wounds; it heals; it does all things, good, bad or indifferent.

Man moves in a world that is nothing more or less than his consciousness objectified.

Not knowing this, he wars against his reflections while he keeps alive the light and the images which project the reflections.

“I AM the light of the world” [John 8:12].

I AM (consciousness) is the light.

That which I am conscious of being (my conception of myself) – such as “I am rich”, “I am healthy”, “I am free” – are the images.

The world is the mirror magnifying all that I AM conscious of being.

Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror. Man’s attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. Leave the mirror and change your face. Leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself. The reflection then will be satisfactory.

Freedom or imprisonment, satisfaction or frustration can only be differentiated by the consciousness of being.

Regardless of your problem, its duration or its magnitude, careful attention to these instructions will in an amazingly short time eliminate even the memory of the problem.

Ask yourself this question: “How would I feel if I were free?” The very moment you sincerely ask this question, the answer comes.

No man can tell another the satisfaction of his desire fulfilled.

It remains for each within himself to experience the feeling and joy of this automatic change of consciousness.

The feeling or thrill that comes to one in response to his self-questioning is the Father state of consciousness or Foundation Stone upon which the conscious change is built.

Just how this feeling will embody itself no one knows, but it will; the Father (consciousness) has ways that no man knows [Romans 11:33]; it is the unalterable law.

All things express their nature. As you wear a feeling, it becomes your nature.

It might take a moment or a year – it is entirely dependent upon the degree of conviction. As doubts vanish and you can feel “I AM this”, you begin to develop the fruit or the nature of the thing you are feeling yourself to be.

When a person buys a new hat or pair of shoes, he thinks everyone knows that they are new. He feels unnatural with his newly acquired apparel until it becomes a part of him. The same applies to the wearing of the new states of consciousness.

When you ask yourself the question, “How would I feel if my desire were at this moment realized?” the automatic reply, until it is properly conditioned by time and use, is actually disturbing.

The period of adjustment to realize this potential of consciousness is comparable to the newness of the wearing apparel.

Not knowing that consciousness is ever outpicturing itself in conditions round about you, like Lot’s wife, you continually look back upon your problem and again become hypnotized by its seeming naturalness [Genesis 19].

Heed the words of Jesus (salvation): “Leave all and follow Me” [Matthew 4:19; Matthew 8:22; Matthew 16:24; Matthew 19:21; Mark 1:17; Mark 8:34; Mark 10:21; Luke 9:23; Luke 18:22]. “Let the dead bury the dead” [Matthew 8:22; Luke 9:60].

Your problem might have you so hypnotized by its seeming reality and naturalness that you find it difficult to wear the new feeling or consciousness of your savior.

You must assume this garment if you would have results.

The stone (consciousness) which the builders rejected (would not wear) is the chief cornerstone, and other foundations no man can lay.

Chapter Ten


Take heed therefore how ye hear; for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have. – Luke 8:18

The Bible, which is the greatest psychological book ever written, warns man to be aware of what he hears; then follows this warning with the statement, “To him that hath it shall be given and to him that hath not it shall be taken away”.

Though many look upon this statement as one of the most cruel and unjust of the sayings attributed to Jesus, it still remains a just and merciful law based upon life’s changeless principle of expression.

Man’s ignorance of the working of the law does not excuse him nor save him from the results.

Law is impersonal and therefore no respecter of persons [Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11].

Man is warned to be selective in that which he hears and accepts as true.

Everything that man accepts as true leaves an impression on his consciousness and must in time be defined as proof or disproof.

Perceptive hearing is the perfect medium through which man registers impressions.

A man must discipline himself to hear only that which he wants to hear, regardless of rumors or the evidence of his senses to the contrary.

As he conditions his perceptive hearing, he will react only to those impressions which he has decided upon.

This law never fails.

Fully conditioned, man becomes incapable of hearing other than that which contributes to his desire.

God, as you have discovered, is that unconditioned awareness which gives to you all that you are aware of being.

To be aware of being or having anything is to be or have that which you are aware of being.

Upon this changeless principle all things rest.

It is impossible for anything to be other than that which it is aware of being.

“To him that hath (that which he is aware of being) it shall be given”. Good, bad or indifferent – it does not matter – man receives multiplied a hundredfold that which he is aware of being. In keeping with this changeless law, “To him that hath not, it shall be taken from him and added to the one that hath”, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. You can only magnify that which you are conscious of being.

All things gravitate to that consciousness with which they are in tune.

Likewise, all things disentangle themselves from that consciousness with which they are out of tune.

Divide the wealth of the world equally among all men and in a short time, this equal division will be as originally disproportioned. Wealth will find its way back into the pockets of those from whom it was taken.

Instead of joining the chorus of the have-nots who insist on destroying those who have, recognize this changeless law of expression. Consciously define yourself as that which you desire.

Once defined, your conscious claim established, continue in this confidence until the reward is received.

As surely as the day follows the night, any attribute, consciously claimed, will manifest itself.

Thus, that which to the sleeping orthodox world is a cruel and unjust law becomes to the enlightened one of the most merciful and just statements of truth.

“I am come not to destroy but to fulfill” [Matthew 5:17]. Nothing is actually destroyed. Any seeming destruction is a result of a change in consciousness.

Consciousness ever fills full the state in which it dwells.

The state from which consciousness is detached seems to those not familiar with this law to be destructive.

However, this is only preparatory to a new state of consciousness.

Claim yourself to be that which you want filled full.

“Nothing is destroyed. All is fulfilled”.

“To him that hath it shall be given”

Chapter Eleven


Behold, a virgin shall be with child and shall bring forth a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is God with us. – Matthew 1:23

One of the most controversial statements in the New Testament concerns the virgin conception and subsequent birth of Jesus, a conception in which man had no part. It is recorded that a Virgin conceived a Son without the aid of man, then secretly and without effort gave birth to her conception.

This is the foundation upon which all Christendom rests.

The Christian world is asked to believe this story, for man must believe the unbelievable to fully express the greatness that he is.

Scientifically, man might be inclined to discard the whole Bible as untrue because his reason will not permit him to believe that the virgin birth is physiologically possible, but the Bible is a message of the soul and must be interpreted psychologically if man is to discover its true symbology.

Man must see this story as a psychological drama rather than a statement of physical fact. In so doing, he will discover the Bible to be based on a law which, if self-applied, will result in a manifested expression transcending his wildest dreams of accomplishment. To apply this law of self-expression, man must be schooled in the belief and disciplined to stand upon the platform that “all things are possible to God” [Matthew 19:26; Mark 9:23; 10:27; 14:36; Luke 18:27; Acts 8:37].

The outstanding dramatic dates of the New Testament, namely, the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus, were timed and dated to coincide with certain astronomical phenomena.

The mystics who recorded this story noticed that at certain seasons of the year beneficial changes on earth coincided with astronomical changes above.

In writing this psychological drama, they have personified the story of the soul as the biography of man.

Using these cosmic changes, they have marked the Birth and Resurrection of Jesus to convey that the same beneficial changes take place psychologically in the consciousness of man as he follows the law.

Even to those who fail to understand it, the story of Christmas is one of the most beautiful stories ever told.

When unfolded in the light of its mystic symbology, it is revealed as the true birth of every manifestation in the world.

This virgin birth is recorded as having taken place on December 25th or, as certain secret societies celebrate it, on Christmas Eve, at midnight of December 24th.

Mystics established this date to mark the birth of Jesus because it was in keeping with the great earthly benefits this astronomical change signifies.

The astronomical observations which prompted the authors of this drama to use these dates were all made in the northern hemisphere; so from an astronomical point of view, the reverse would be true if seen from the southern latitudes.

However, this story was recorded in the north and therefore was based on northern observation.

Man very early discovered that the sun played a most important part in his life, that without the sun, physical life as he knew it could not be.

So these most important dates in the story of the life of Jesus are based upon the position of the sun as seen from the earth in the northern latitudes.

After the sun reaches its highest point in the heavens in June, it gradually falls southward, taking with it the life of the plant world so that by December almost all of nature has been stilled.

Should the sun continue to fall southward, all nature would be stilled unto death.

However, on December 25th, the sun begins its great move northward, bringing with it the promise of salvation and life anew for the world. Each day, as the sun rises higher in the heavens, man gains confidence in being saved from death by cold and starvation, for he knows that as it moves northward and crosses the equator all nature will rise again, will be resurrected from its long winter sleep.

Our day is measured from midnight to midnight, and, since the visible day begins in the east and ends in the west, the ancients said the day was born of that constellation which occupied the eastern horizon at midnight. On Christmas Eve, or midnight of December 24th, the constellation Virgo is rising on the eastern horizon.

So it is recorded that this Son and Savior of the world was born of a virgin.

It is also recorded that this virgin mother was traveling through the night, that she stopped at an inn and was given the only available room among the animals and there in a manger, where the animals fed, the shepherds found the Holy Child.

The animals with whom the Holy Virgin was lodged are the holy animals of the zodiac. There in that constantly moving circle of astronomical animals stands the Holy Mother, Virgo, and there you will see her every midnight of December 24th, standing on the eastern horizon as the sun and savior of the world starts his journey northward.

Psychologically, this birth takes place in man on that day when man discovers his consciousness to be the sun and savior of his world. When man knows the significance of this mystical statement, “I am the light of the world” [Matthew 5:14; John 8:12], he will realize that his I AM, or consciousness, is the sun of his life, which sun radiates images upon the screen of space. These images are in the likeness of that which he, as man, is conscious of being. Thus qualities and attributes which appear to move upon the screen of his world are really projections of this light from within himself.

The numberless unrealized hopes and ambitions of man are the seeds which are buried within the consciousness or virgin womb of man. There they remain like the seeds of earth, held in the frozen waste of winter, waiting for the sun to move northward or for man to return to the knowledge of who he is. In returning he moves northward through recognition of his true self by claiming “I AM the light of the world”.

When man discovers his consciousness or I AM to be God, the savior of his world, he will be as the sun in its northern passage.

All hidden urges and ambitions will then be warmed and stimulated into birth by this knowledge of his true self.

He will claim that he is that which heretofore he hoped to be.

Without the aid of any man, he will define himself as that which he desires to express.

He will discover that his I AM is the virgin conceiving without the aid of man, that all conceptions of himself, when felt, and fixed in consciousness, will be embodied easily as living realities in his world.

Man will one day realize that this whole drama takes place in his consciousness, that his unconditioned consciousness or I AM is the Virgin Mary desiring to express, that through this law of self-expression he defines himself as that which he desires to express and that without the help or cooperation of anyone he will express that which he has consciously claimed and defined himself as being.

He will then understand: why Christmas is fixed on December 25th, while Easter is a movable date; why upon the virgin conception the whole of Christendom rests; that his consciousness is the virgin womb or bride of the Lord receiving impressions as self-impregnations and then without assistance embodying these impressions as the expressions of his life.

Chapter Twelve


I AM the Resurrection and the Life; he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. – John 11:25

The mystery of the crucifixion and the resurrection is so interwoven that, to be fully understood, the two must be explained together for one determines the other. This mystery is symbolized on earth in the rituals of Good Friday and Easter. You have observed that the anniversary of this cosmic event, announced every year by the church, is not a fixed date as are other anniversaries marking births and deaths, but that this day changes from year to year, falling anywhere from the 22nd day of March to the 25th day of April.

The day of resurrection is determined in this manner. The first Sunday after the full moon in Aries is celebrated as Easter. Aries begins on the 21st day of March and ends approximately on the 19th day of April. The sun’s entry into Aries marks the beginning of Spring. The moon in its monthly transit around the earth will form sometime between March 21st and April 25th an opposition to the sun, which opposition is called a full moon. The first Sunday after this phenomenon of the heavens occurs is celebrated as Easter; the Friday preceding this day is observed as Good Friday.

This movable date should tell the observant one to look for some interpretation other than the one commonly accepted. These days do not mark the anniversaries of the death and resurrection of an individual who lived on earth.

Seen from the earth, the sun in its northern passage appears at the Spring season of the year to cross the imaginary line man calls the equator. So it is said by the mystic to be crossified or crucified that man might live. It is significant that soon after this event takes place, all nature begins to arise or resurrect itself from its long Winter’s sleep. Therefore, it may be concluded that this disturbance of nature, at this season of the year, is due directly to this crossing. Thus, it is believed that the sun must shed its blood on the Passover.

If these days marked the death and resurrection of a man, they would be fixed so that they would fall on the same date every year as all other historical events are fixed, but obviously this is not the case.

These dates were not intended to mark the anniversaries of the death and resurrection of Jesus, the man.

The scriptures are psychological dramas and will reveal their meaning only as they are interpreted psychologically.

These dates are adjusted to coincide with the cosmic change which occurs at this time of the year, marking the death of the old year and the beginning or resurrecting of the new year or Spring. These dates do symbolize the death and resurrection of the Lord; but this Lord is not a man; it is your awareness of being.

It is recorded that He gave His life that you might live, “I AM come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly” [John 10:10]. Consciousness slays itself by detaching itself from that which it is conscious of being so that it may live to that which it desires to be.

Spring is the time of year when the millions of seeds, which all Winter lay buried in the ground, suddenly spring into visibility that man might live; and, because the mystical drama of the crucifixion and resurrection is in the nature of this yearly change, it is celebrated at this Spring season of the year; but, actually, it is taking place every moment of time.

The being who is crucified is your awareness of being. The cross is your conception of yourself. The resurrection is the lifting into visibility of this conception of yourself.

Far from being a day of mourning, Good Friday should be a day of rejoicing, for there can be no resurrection or expression unless there is first a crucifixion or impression.

The thing to be resurrected in your case is that which you desire to be.

To do this, you must feel yourself to be the thing desired.

You must feel “I AM the resurrection and the life of the desire”.

I AM (your awareness of being) is the power resurrecting and making alive that which in your awareness you desire to be.

“Two shall agree on touching anything and I shall establish it on earth” [“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven, Matthew 18:19].

The two agreeing are you (your awareness – the consciousness desiring) and the thing desired. When this agreement is attained, the crucifixion is completed; two have crossed or crossified each other.

I AM and THAT – consciousness and that which you are conscious of being – have joined and are one; I AM now nailed or fixed in the belief that I AM this fusion.

Jesus or I AM is nailed upon the cross of that.

The nail that binds you upon the cross is the nail of feeling.

The mystical union is now consummated and the result will be the birth of a child or the resurrection of a son bearing witness of his Father.

Consciousness is united to that which it is conscious of being.

The world of expression is the child confirming this union.

The day you cease to be conscious of being that which you are now conscious of being, that day your child or expression shall die and return to the bosom of his father, the faceless, formless awareness.

All expressions are the results of such mystical unions.

So the priests are correct when they say that true marriages are made in heaven and can only be dissolved in heaven.

But let me clarify this statement by telling you that heaven is not a locality; it is a state of consciousness.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you [Luke 17:21].

In heaven (consciousness) God is touched by that which he is aware of being. “Who has touched me? For I perceive virtue has gone out of me” [“Who touched me? And Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me”, Luke 8:45,46; Mark 5:30].

The moment this touching (feeling) takes place, there is an offspring or going-out-of-me into visibility taking place.

The day man feels “I AM free”, “I AM wealthy”, “I AM strong”, God (I AM) is touched or crucified by these qualities or virtues.

The results of such touching or crucifying will be seen in the birth or resurrection of the qualities felt, for man must have visible confirmation of all that he is conscious of being.

Now you will know why man or manifestation is always made in the image of God.

Your awareness imag [in ]es and out-pictures all that you are aware of being.

“I AM the Lord and besides me there is no God” [Isaiah 45:5,6].

“I AM the Resurrection and the Life” [John 11:25].

You shall become fixed in the belief that you are that which you desire to be. Before you have any visible proof that you are, you will, from the deep conviction which you have felt fixed within you, know that you are; and so, without waiting for the confirmation of your senses, you will cry, “It is finished” [John 19:30].

Then, with a faith born of the knowledge of this changeless law, you will be as one dead and entombed; you will be still and unmoved in your conviction and confident that you will resurrect the qualities that you have fixed and are feeling within you.

Chapter Thirteen


And as we have borne the image of the earthly, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly. – 1Cor. 15:49

Your consciousness or your I AM is the unlimited potential upon which impressions are made.

I’m-pressions are defined states pressed upon your I AM.

Your consciousness or your I AM can be likened to a sensitive film. In the virgin state, it is potentially unlimited.

You can impress or record a message of love or a hymn of hate, a wonderful symphony or discordant jazz. It does not matter what the nature of the impression might be; your I AM will, without a murmur, willingly receive and sustain all impressions.

Your consciousness is the one referred to in Isaiah 53:3-7.

“He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from Him, He was despised, and we esteemed Him not”.

“Surely He hath borne our grieves, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem Him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted”.

“But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed”.

“All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all”.

“He was oppressed, and He was afflicted,

yet He opened not his mouth:

He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter

and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb,

so He openeth not His mouth.

” Your unconditioned consciousness is impersonal; it is no respecter of persons [Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11].

Without thought or effort, it automatically expresses every impression that is registered upon it. It does not object to any impression that is placed upon it for; although it is capable of receiving and expressing any and all defined states, it remains forever an immaculate and an unlimited potential.

Your I AM is the foundation upon which the defined state or conception of yourself rests; but it is not defined by, nor is it dependent on, such defined states for its being.

Your I AM neither expands nor contracts; nothing alters or adds to it. Before any defined state was, IT is. When all states cease to be, IT is. All defined states or conceptions of yourself are but ephemeral expressions of your eternal being.

To be impressed is to be I’m-pressed (I AM pressed – first person – present tense). All expressions are the result of I’m-pressions. Only as you claim yourself to be that which you desire to be will you express such desires.

Let all desires become impressions of qualities that are, not of qualities that will be. I’m (your awareness) is God and God is the fullness of all, the Eternal NOW, I AM.

Take no thought of tomorrow; tomorrow’s expressions are determined by today’s impressions.

“Now is the accepted time” [2Cor. 6:2, Isa. 49:8]. “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” [Matthew 4:17]. Jesus (salvation) said, “I am with you always” [Matthew 28:20]. Your awareness is the savior that is with you always; but, if you deny Him, He will deny you also [Matei 10:33; Luca 12:9]. You deny Him by claiming that He will appear, as millions today are claiming that salvation is to come; this is the equivalent of saying, “We are not saved”.

You must stop looking for your savior to appear and begin claiming that you are already saved, and the signs of your claims will follow.

When the widow was asked what she had in her house, there was recognition of substance; her claim was a few drops of oil [4Kings 4:1-6]. A few drops will become a gusher if properly claimed.

Your awareness magnifies all consciousness.

To claim that I shall have oil (joy) is to confess that I have empty measures.

Such impressions of lack produce lack.

God, your awareness, is no respecter of persons [Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11]. Purely impersonal, God, this awareness of all existence, receives impressions, qualities and attributes defining consciousness, namely, your impressions.

Your every desire should be determined by need. Needs, whether seeming or real, will automatically be fulfilled when they are welcomed with sufficient intensity of purpose as defined desires.

Knowing that your awareness is God, you should look upon each desire as the spoken word of God, telling you that which is.

“Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of?” [Isaiah 2:22].

We are ever that which is defined by our awareness. Never claim, “I shall be that”. Let all claims from now on be, “I AM that I AM”. Before we ask, we are answered. The solution of any problem associated with desire is obvious. Every problem automatically produces the desire of solution.

Man is schooled in the belief that his desires are things against which he must struggle. In his ignorance, he denies his savior who is constantly knocking at the door of consciousness to be let in (I AM the door).

Would not your desire, if realized, save you from your problem?

To let your savior in is the easiest thing in the world.

Things must be, to be let in.

You are conscious of a desire; the desire is something you are aware of now.

Your desire, though invisible, must be affirmed by you to be something that is real.

“God calleth those things which be not (are not seen) as though they were” [Romans 4:17].

Claiming I AM the thing desired, I let the savior in.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me” [Revelation 3:20].

Every desire is the savior’s knock at the door.

This knock every man hears.

Man opens the door when he claims, “I AM He”. See to it that you let your savior in.

Let the thing desired press itself upon you until you are I’m-pressed with nowness of your savior; then you utter the cry of victory, “It is finished” [John 19:30].

Chapter Fourteen


In whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands; in putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by circumcision of Christ. – Col. 2:11

Circumcision is the operation which removes the veil that hides the head of creation.

The physical act has nothing to do with the spiritual act.

The whole world could be physically circumcised and yet remain unclean and blind leaders of the blind.

The spiritually circumcised have had the veil of darkness removed and know themselves to be Christ, the light of the world.

Let me now perform the spiritual operation on you, the reader.

This act is performed on the eighth day after birth, not because this day has any special significance or in any way differs from other days, but it is performed on this eighth day because eight is the figure which has neither beginning nor end.

Furthermore, the ancients symbolized the eighth numeral or letter as an enclosure or veil within and behind which lay buried the mystery of creation.

Thus, the secret of the operation on the eighth day is in keeping with the nature of the act, which act is to reveal the eternal head of creation, that changeless something in which all things begin and end and yet which remains its eternal self when all things cease to be.

This mysterious something is your awareness of being. At this moment you are aware of being, but you are also aware of being


This someone is the veil that hides the being you really are.

You are first conscious of being, then you are conscious of being man. After the veil of man is placed upon your faceless self, you become conscious of being a member of a certain race, nation, family, creed etc.

The veil to be lifted in spiritual circumcision is the veil of man.

But before this can be done, you must cut away the adhesions of race, nation, family and so on.

“In Christ there is neither Greek nor Jew, bond nor free, male nor female” [“…a renewal in which there is no distinction between Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and freeman, but Christ is all, and in all”, Colossians 3:11].

“You must leave father, mother, brother and follow me” [“If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple”, Luke 14:26].

To accomplish this you stop identifying yourself with these divisions by becoming indifferent to such claims. Indifference is the knife that severs. Feeling is the tie that binds.

When you can look upon man as one grand brotherhood without distinction of race or creed, then you will know that you have severed these adhesions.

With these ties cut, all that now separates you from your true being is your belief that you are man.

To remove this last veil, you drop your conception of yourself as man by knowing yourself just to be.

Instead of the consciousness of “I AM man”, let there be just “I AM” – faceless, formless and without figure.

You are spiritually circumcised when the consciousness of man is dropped and your unconditioned awareness of being is revealed to you as the everlasting head of creation, a formless, faceless all-knowing presence.

Then, unveiled and awake, you will declare and know that – I AM is God and beside me, this awareness, there is no God.

This mystery is told symbolically in the Bible story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. It is recorded that Jesus laid aside his garments and took a towel and girded himself. Then, after washing his disciples’ feet, he wiped them with the towel wherewith he was girded. Peter protested the washing of his feet and was told that unless his feet were washed he would have no part of Jesus. Peter on hearing this replied, “Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head”. Jesus answered and said, “He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit” [John 13:1-10].

Common sense would tell the reader that a man is not clean all over just, because his feet are washed. Therefore, he should either discard this story as fantastic or else look for its hidden meaning.

Every story of the Bible is a psychological drama taking place in the consciousness of man, and this one is no exception. This washing of the disciples’ feet is the mystical story of spiritual circumcision or the revealing of the secrets of the Lord.

Jesus is called the Lord. You are told that the Lord’s name is I AM – Je Suis. “I AM the Lord that is my name”, Isaiah 42:8. The story states that Jesus was naked save for a towel which covered his loins or secrets. Jesus or Lord symbolizes your awareness of being whose secrets are hidden by the towel (consciousness of man). The foot symbolizes the understanding which must be washed of all human beliefs or conceptions of itself by the Lord.

As the towel is removed to dry the feet, the secrets of the Lord are revealed.

In short, the removing of the belief that you are man reveals your awareness as the head of creation. Man is the foreskin hiding the head of creation. I AM the Lord hidden by the veil of man.

Chapter Fifteen


Let not your heart be troubled;

ye believe in God,

believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many mansions;

if it were not so, I would have told you.

I go to prepare a place for you.

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself;

that where I am, there ye may be also. – John 14:1-3

“Let not your heart be troubled; ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also”.

The ME in whom you must believe is your consciousness, the I AM; it is God.

It is also the Father’s house containing within itself all conceivable states of consciousness.

Every conditioned state of consciousness is called a mansion.

This conversation takes place within yourself.

Your I AM, the unconditioned consciousness, is the Christ Jesus speaking to the conditioned self or the John Smith consciousness.

“I AM John”, from a mystical point of view, is two beings, namely, Christ and John.

So I go to prepare a place for you, moving from your present state of consciousness into that state desired.

It is a promise by your Christ or awareness of being to your present conception of yourself that you will leave your present consciousness and appropriate another.

Man is such a slave to time that, if after he has appropriated a state of consciousness which is not now seen by the world and it, the appropriated state, does not immediately embody itself, he loses faith in his unseen claim; forthwith he drops it and returns to his former static state of being.

Because of this limitation of man, I have found it very helpful to employ a specified interval of time in making this journey into a prepared mansion.

“Wait but a little while” [Job 36:2].

We have all catalogued the different days of the week, months of the year and seasons. By this, I mean you and I have said time and again, “Why, today feels just like Sunday” or “-Monday” or “-Saturday”. We have also said in the middle of Summer, “Why, this feels and looks like the Fall of the year”.

This is positive proof that you and I have definite feelings associated with these different days, months and seasons of the year. Because of this association, we can at any time consciously dwell in that day or season which we have selected.

Do not selfishly define this interval in days and hours because you are anxious to receive it, but simply remain in the conviction that it is done – time, being purely relative, should be eliminated entirely – and your desire will be fulfilled.

This ability to dwell at any point in time permits us to employ time in our travel into the desired mansion.

Now I (consciousness) go to a point in time and there prepare a place. If I go to such a point in time and prepare a place, I shall return to this point in time where I have left; and I shall pick up and take you with me into that place which I have prepared, that where I AM, there ye may also be.

Let me give you an example of this travel.

Suppose you had an intense desire. Like most men who are enslaved by time, you might feel that you could not possibly realize so large a desire in a limited interval. But admitting that all things are possible to God, believing God to be the ME within you or your consciousness of being, you can say,

“As John, I can do nothing; but since all things are possible to God and God I know to be my consciousness of being, I can realize my desire in a little while.

How my desire will be realized I do not (as John) know, but by the very law of my being I do know that it shall be”.

With this belief firmly established, decide what would be a relative, rational interval of time in which such a desire could be realized.

Again, let me remind you not to shorten the interval of time because you are anxious to receive your desire; make it a natural interval. No one can give you the time interval. Only you can say what the natural interval would be to you. The interval of time is relative, that is, no two individuals would give the same measurement of time for the realization of their desire.

Time is ever conditioned by man’s conception of himself.

Confidence in yourself as determined by conditioned consciousness always shortens the interval of time.

If you were accustomed to great accomplishments, you would give yourself a much shorter interval in which to accomplish your desire than the man schooled in defeat.

If today were Wednesday and you decided that it would be quite possible for your desire to embody a new realization of yourself by Sunday, then Sunday becomes the point in time that you would visit.

To make this visit, you shut out Wednesday and let in Sunday. This is accomplished by simply feeling that it is Sunday. Begin to hear the church bells; begin to feel the quietness of the day and all that Sunday means to you; actually feel that it is Sunday.

When this is accomplished, feel the joy of having received that which on Wednesday was but a desire. Feel the complete thrill of having received it, and then return to Wednesday, the point in time you left behind you.

In doing this, you created a vacuum in consciousness by moving from Wednesday to Sunday. Nature, abhorring vacuums, rushes in to fill it, thereby fashioning a mould in the likeness of that which you potentially create, namely, the joy of having realized your defined desire.

As you return to Wednesday, you will be filled with a joyful expectancy, because you have established the consciousness of that which must take place the following Sunday.

As you walk through the interval of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, nothing disturbs you regardless of conditions, because you predetermined that which you would be on the Sabbath and that remains an unalterable conviction.

Having gone before and prepared the place, you have returned to John and are now taking him with you through the interval of three days into the prepared place that he might share your joy with you, for where I AM, there ye may also be.

Chapter Sixteen


And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness. – Gen. 1:26

Having discovered God to be our awareness of being and this unconditioned changeless reality (the I AM) to be the only creator, let us see why the Bible records a trinity as the creator of the world.

In the 26th verse of the first chapter of Genesis, it is stated, “And God said, Let Us make man in Our image”.

The churches refer to this plurality of Gods as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

What is meant by “God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit” they have never attempted to explain for they are in the dark concerning this mystery.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three aspects or conditions of the unconditioned awareness of being called God.

The consciousness of being precedes the consciousness of being something. That unconditioned awareness which preceded all states of awareness is God – I AM.

The three conditioned aspects or divisions of itself can best be told in this manner:

The receptive attitude of mind is that aspect which receives impressions and therefore may be likened to a womb or Mother.

That which makes the impression is the male or pressing aspect and is therefore known as Father.

The impression in time becomes an expression, which expression is ever the likeness and image of the impression; therefore this objectified aspect is said to be the Son bearing witness of his Father-Mother.

An understanding of this mystery of the trinity enables the one who understands it to completely transform his world and fashion it to his own liking.

Here is a practical application of this mystery.

Sit quietly and decide what it is you would like most to express or possess. After you have decided, close your eyes and take your attention completely away from all that would deny the realization of the thing desired; then assume a receptive attitude of mind and play the game of supposing by imagining how you would feel if you were now to realize your desire.

Begin to listen as though space were talking to you and telling you that you are now that which you desire to be.

This receptive attitude is the state of consciousness that you must assume before an impression can be made.

As this pliable and impressive state of mind is attained, then begin to impress upon yourself the fact that you are that which you desired to be by claiming and feeling that you are now expressing and possessing that which you had decided to be and to have.

Continue in this attitude until the impression is made.

As you contemplate, being and possessing that which you have decided to be and to have, you will notice that with every inhalation of breath a joyful thrill courses through your entire being.

This thrill increases in intensity as you feel more and more the joy of being that which you are claiming yourself to be.

Then in one final deep inhalation, your whole being will explode with the joy of accomplishment and you will know by your feeling that you are impregnated by God, the Father.

As soon as the impression is made, open your eyes and return to the world that but a few moments before you had shut out.

In this receptive attitude of yours, while you contemplated being that which you desired to be, you were actually performing the spiritual act of generation so you are now on your return from this silent meditation a pregnant being bearing a child or impression, which child was immaculately conceived without the aid of man.

Doubt is the only force capable of disturbing the seed or impression; to avoid a miscarriage of so wonderful a child, walk in secrecy through the necessary interval of time that it will take the impression to become an expression.

Tell no man of your spiritual romance. Lock your secret within you in joy, confident and happy that some day you will bear the son of your lover by expressing and possessing the nature of your impression.

Then will you know the mystery of “God said, Let Us make man in Our image”.

You will know that the plurality of Gods referred to is the three aspects of your own consciousness and that you are the trinity, meeting in a spiritual conclave to fashion a world in the image and likeness of that which you are conscious of being.

Chapter Seventeen


When thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. – Matt. 6:6

What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. – Mark 11:24

Prayer is the most wonderful experience man can have.

Unlike the daily murmurings of the vast majority of mankind in all lands who by their vain repetitions hope to gain the ear of God, prayer is the ecstasy of a spiritual wedding taking place in the deep, silent stillness of consciousness.

In its true sense prayer is God’s marriage ceremony. Just as a maid on her wedding day relinquishes the name of her family to assume the name of her husband, in like manner, one who prays must relinquish his present name or nature and assume the nature of that for which he prays.

The gospels have clearly instructed man as to the performance of this ceremony in the following manner:

“When ye pray go within in secret and shut the door and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly” [Matthew 6:6].

The going within is the entering of the bridal chamber. Just as no one but the bride and groom are permitted to enter so holy a room as the bridal suite on the night of the marriage ceremony, likewise no one but the one who prays and that for which he prays are permitted to enter the holy hour of prayer. As the bride and groom on entering the bridal suite securely shut the door against the outside world, so too must the one who enters the holy hour of prayer close the door of the senses and entirely shut out the world round about him.

This is accomplished by taking the attention completely away from all things other than that with which you are now in love (the thing desired).

The second phase of this spiritual ceremony is defined in these words, “When ye pray, believe that ye receive, and ye shall receive”.

As you joyfully contemplate being and possessing that which you desire to be and to have, you have taken this second step and are therefore spiritually performing the acts of marriage and generation.

Your receptive attitude of mind while praying or contemplating can be likened to a bride or womb for it is that aspect of mind which receives the impressions.

That which you contemplate being is the groom, for it is the name or nature you assume and therefore is that which leaves its impregnation; so one dies to maidenhood or present nature as one assumes the name and nature of the impregnation.

Lost in contemplation and having assumed the name and nature of the thing contemplated, your whole being thrills with the joy of being it. This thrill, which runs through your entire being as you appropriate the consciousness of your desire, is the proof that you are both married and impregnated.

As you return from this silent meditation, the door is once more opened upon the world you had left behind. But this time you return as a pregnant bride.

You enter the world a changed being and, although no one but you knows of this wonderful romance, the world will, in a very short while, see the signs of your pregnancy, for you will begin to express that which you in your hour of silence felt yourself to be.

The mother of the world or bride of the Lord is purposely called Mary, or water, for water loses its identity as it assumes the nature of that with which it is mixed; likewise, Mary, the receptive attitude of mind, must lose its identity as it assumes the nature of the thing desired.

Only as one is willing to give up his present limitations and identity can he become that which he desires to be.

Prayer is the formula by which such divorces and marriages are accomplished. “Two shall agree as touching anything and it shall be established on earth” [Matthew 18:19].

The two agreeing are you, the bride, and the thing desired, the groom.

As this agreement is accomplished, a son bearing witness of this union will be born. You begin to express and possess that which you are conscious of being.

Praying, then, is recognizing yourself to be that which you desire to be rather than begging God for that which you desire.

Millions of prayers are daily unanswered because man prays to a God who does not exist.

Consciousness being God, one must seek in consciousness for the thing desired by assuming the consciousness of the quality desired. Only as one does this will his prayers be answered.

To be conscious of being poor while praying for riches is to be rewarded with that which you are conscious of being, namely, poverty.

Prayers, to be successful, must be claimed and appropriated. Assume the positive consciousness of the thing desired.

With your desire defined, quietly go within and shut the door behind you. Lose yourself in your desire; feel yourself to be one with it; remain in this fixation until you have absorbed the life and name by claiming and feeling yourself to be and to have that which you desired.

When you emerge from the hour of prayer, you must do so conscious of being and possessing that which you heretofore desired.

Chapter Eighteen


And when He had called unto Him His twelve disciples, He gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease. – Matt. 10:1

The twelve disciples represent the twelve qualities of mind which can be controlled and disciplined by man.

If disciplined, they will at all times obey the command of the one who has disciplined them.

These twelve qualities in man are potentials of every mind. Undisciplined, their actions resemble more the actions of a mob than they do of a trained and disciplined army. All the storms and confusions that engulf man can be traced directly to these twelve ill-related characteristics of the human mind in its present slumbering state.

Until they are awakened and disciplined, they will permit every rumor and sensuous emotion to move them.

When these twelve are disciplined and brought under control, the one who accomplishes this control will say to them, “Hereafter I call you not slaves, but friends” [“Henceforth I call you not servants for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth but I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard of My Father I have made known unto you”, John 15:15].

He knows that from that moment on, each acquired disciplined attribute of mind will befriend and protect him.

The names of the twelve qualities reveal their natures. These names are not given to them until they are called to discipleship.

They are: Simon, who was later surnamed Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon the Canaanite and Judas [Matthew 10; Mark 1; Mark 3; Luke 6].

The first quality to be called and disciplined is Simon, or the attribute of hearing.

This faculty, when lifted to the level of a disciple, permits only such impressions to reach consciousness as those which his hearing has commanded him to let enter. No matter what the wisdom of man might suggest or the evidence of his senses convey, if such suggestions and ideas are not in keeping with that which he hears, he remains unmoved. This one has been instructed by his Lord and made to understand that every suggestion he permits to pass his gate will, on reaching his Lord and Master (his consciousness), leave its impression there, which impression must in time become an expression.

The instruction to Simon is that he should permit only dignified and honorable visitors or impressions to enter the house (consciousness) of his Lord. No mistake can be covered up or hidden from his Master, for every expression of life tells his Lord whom he consciously or unconsciously entertained.

When Simon, by his works, proves himself to be a true and faithful disciple, then he receives the surname of Peter, or the rock, the unmoved disciple, the one who cannot be bribed or coerced by any visitor. He is called by his Lord Simon Peter, the one who faithfully hears the commands of his Lord and besides which commands he hears not.

It is this Simon Peter who discovers the I AM to be Christ, and for his discovery is given the keys to heaven, and is made the foundation stone upon which the Temple of God rests.

Buildings must have firm foundations and only the disciplined hearing can, on learning that the I AM is Christ, remain firm and unmoved in the knowledge that I AM Christ and beside ME there is no savior.

The second quality to be called to discipleship is Andrew, or courage.

As the first quality, faith in oneself, is developed, it automatically calls into being its brother, courage.

Faith in oneself, which asks no man’s help but quietly and alone appropriates the consciousness of the quality desired and – in spite of reason or the evidence of his senses to the contrary continues faithful-patiently waiting in the knowledge that his unseen claim if sustained must be realized – such faith develops a courage and strength of character that are beyond the wildest dreams of the undisciplined man whose faith is in things seen.

The faith of the undisciplined man cannot really be called faith. For if the armies, medicines or wisdom of man in which his faith is placed be taken from him, his faith and courage go with it. But from the disciplined one the whole world could be taken and yet he would remain faithful in the knowledge that the state of consciousness in which he abides must in due season embody itself. This courage is Peter’s brother Andrew, the disciple, who knows what it is to dare, to do and to be silent.

The next two (third & fourth) who are called are also related.

These are the brothers, James and John, James the just, the righteous judge, and his brother John, the beloved.

Justice to be wise must be administered with love, ever turning the other cheek and at all times returning good for evil, love for hate, non-violence for violence.

The disciple James, symbol of a disciplined judgment, must, when raised to the high office of a supreme judge, be blindfolded that he may not be influenced by the flesh nor judge after the appearances of being. Disciplined judgment is administered by one who is not influenced by appearances.

The one who has called these brothers to discipleship continues faithful to his command to hear only that which he has been commanded to hear, namely, the Good.

The man who has this quality of his mind disciplined is incapable of hearing and accepting as true anything – either of himself or another – which does not on the hearing fill his heart with love.

These two disciples or aspects of the mind are one and inseparable when awakened.

Such a disciplined one forgives all men for being that which they are. He knows as a wise judge that every man perfectly expresses that which he is, as man, conscious of being.

He knows that upon the changeless foundation of consciousness all manifestation rests, that changes of expression can be brought about only through changes of consciousness.

With neither condemnation nor criticism, these disciplined qualities of the mind permit everyone to be that which he is. However, although allowing this perfect freedom of choice to all, they are nevertheless ever watchful to see that they themselves prophesy and do – both for others and themselves – only such things which when expressed glorify, dignify and give joy to the expresser.

The fifth quality called to discipleship is Philip.

This one asked to be shown the Father. The awakened man knows that the Father is the state of consciousness in which man dwells, and that this state or Father can be seen only as it is expressed.

He knows himself to be the perfect likeness or image of that consciousness with which he is identified.

So He declares, “No man has at any time seen My Father; but I, the Son, who dwelleth in His bosom have revealed Him; [“No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him”, John 1:18]; therefore, when you see Me, the Son, you see My Father, for I come to bear witness of My Father” [“If ye had known Me, ye should have known My Father also: and from henceforth ye know Him, and have seen Him”, John 14-7; “Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known Me, Philip? he that hath seen Me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father? Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of Myself: but the Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works. Believe Me that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me: or else believe Me for the very works‟ sake, John 14:9-11].

I and My Father, consciousness and its expression, God and man, are one.

This aspect of the mind, when disciplined, persists until ideas, ambitions and desires become embodied realities. This is the quality which states “Yet in my flesh shall I see God” [Job 19:26].

It knows how to make the word flesh [John 1:14], how to give form to the formless.

The sixth disciple is called Bartholomew.

This quality is the imaginative faculty, which quality of the mind when once awake distinguishes one from the masses.

An awakened imagination places the one so awakened head and shoulders above the average man, giving him the appearance of a beacon light in a world of darkness.

No quality so separates man from man as does the disciplined imagination.

This is the separation of the wheat from the chaff. Those who have given most to Society are our artists, scientists, inventors and others with vivid imaginations.

Should a survey be made to determine the reason why so many seemingly educated men and women fail in their after-college years or should it be made to determine the reason for the different earning powers of the masses, there would be no doubt but that imagination played the important part.

Such a survey would show that it is imagination which makes one a leader while the lack of it makes one a follower.

Instead of developing the imagination of man, our educational system oftentimes stifles it by attempting to put into the mind of man the wisdom he seeks. It forces him to memorize a number of text books which, all too soon, are disproved by later text books.

Education is not accomplished by putting something into man; its purpose is to draw out of man the wisdom which is latent within him. May the reader call Bartholomew to discipleship, for only as this quality is raised to discipleship will you have the capacity to conceive ideas that will lift you beyond the limitations of man.

The seventh is called Thomas.

This disciplined quality doubts or denies every rumor and suggestion that are not in harmony with that which Simon Peter has been commanded to let enter.

The man who is conscious of being healthy (not because of inherited health, diets or climate, but because he is awakened and knows the state of consciousness in which he lives) will, in spite of the conditions of the world, continue to express health.

He could hear, through the press, radio and wise men of the world that a plague was sweeping the earth and yet he would remain unmoved and unimpressed. Thomas, the doubter – when disciplined – would deny that sickness or anything else which was not in sympathy with the consciousness to which he belonged had any power to affect him.

This quality of denial – when disciplined – protects man from receiving impressions that are not in harmony with his nature. He adopts an attitude of total indifference to all suggestions that are foreign to that which he desires to express. Disciplined denial is not a fight or a struggle but total indifference.

Matthew, the eighth, is the gift of God.

This quality of the mind reveals man’s desires as gifts of God.

The man who has called this disciple into being knows that every desire of his heart is a gift from heaven and that it contains both the power and the plan of its self-expression.

Such a man never questions the manner of its expression. He knows that the plan of expression is never revealed to man for God’s ways are past finding out [Romans 11:33].

He fully accepts his desires as gifts already received and goes his way in peace confident that they shall appear.

The ninth disciple is called James, the son of Alphaeus.

This is the quality of discernment. A clear and ordered mind is the voice which calls this disciple into being.

This faculty perceives that which is not revealed to the eye of man. This disciple judges not from appearances for it has the capacity to function in the realm of causes and so is never misled by appearances.

Clairvoyance is the faculty which is awakened when this quality is developed and disciplined, not the clairvoyance of the mediumistic séance rooms, but the true clairvoyance or clear seeing of the mystic. That is, this aspect of the mind has the capacity to interpret that which is seen. Discernment or the capacity to diagnose is the quality of James the son of Alphaeus.

Thaddaeus, the tenth, is the disciple of praise, a quality in which the undisciplined man is woefully lacking.

When this quality of praise and thanksgiving is awake within man, he walks with the words, “Thank you, Father”, ever on his lips.

He knows that his thanks for things not seen opens the windows of heaven and permits gifts beyond his capacity to receive to be poured upon him.

The man who is not thankful for things received is not likely to be the recipient of many gifts from the same source.

Until this quality of the mind is disciplined, man will not see the desert blossom as the rose. Praise and thanksgiving are to the invisible gifts of God (one’s desires) what rain and sun are to the unseen seeds in the bosom of the earth.

The eleventh quality called is Simon of Canaan.

A good key phrase for this disciple is “Hearing good news”. Simon of Canaan, or Simon from the land of milk and honey, when called to discipleship, is proof that the one who calls this faculty into being has become conscious of the abundant life. He can say with the Psalmist David, “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over” [Psalm 23:5]. This disciplined aspect of the mind is incapable of hearing anything other than good news and so is well qualified to preach the Gospel or Good-spell.

The twelfth and last of the disciplined qualities of the mind is called Judas.

When this quality is awake, man knows that he must die to that which he is before he can become that which he desires to be.

So it is said of this disciple that he committed suicide, which is the mystic’s way of telling the initiated that Judas is the disciplined aspect of detachment.

This one knows that his I AM or consciousness is his savior, so he lets all other saviors go.

This quality – when disciplined – gives one the strength to let go.

The man who has called Judas into being has learned how to take his attention away from problems or limitations and to place it upon that which is the solution or savior.

“Except ye be born again, you cannot in anywise enter the Kingdom of Heaven” [“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”, John 3:3]. “No greater love hath man than this, that he give his life for a friend” [“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”, John 15:13].

When man realizes that the quality desired, if realized, would save and befriend him, he willingly gives up his life (present conception of himself) for his friend by detaching his consciousness from that which he is conscious of being and assuming the consciousness of that which he desires to be.

Judas, the one whom the world in its ignorance has blackened, will, when man awakes from his undisciplined state, be placed on high for God is love and no greater love has a man than this – that he lay down his life for a friend.

Until man lets go of that which he is now conscious of being, he will not become that which he desires to be; and Judas is the one who accomplishes this through suicide or detachment.

These are the twelve qualities which were given to man in the foundation of the world.

Man’s duty is to raise them to the level of discipleship. When this is accomplished, man will say, “I have finished the work which thou gavest Me to do. I have glorified Thee on earth and now, o, Father, glorify Thou Me with Thine own Self with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was” [John 17:4, 5].

Neville Goddard Collection

Chapter Nineteen


In Him we live and move, and have our being. – Acts 17:28

Psychically, this world appears as an ocean of light containing within itself all things, including man, as pulsating bodies enveloped in liquid light.

The Biblical story of the Flood [Genesis 6-8] is the state in which man lives.

Man is actually inundated in an ocean of liquid light in which countless numbers of light-beings move.

The story of the Flood is really being enacted today.

Man is the Ark containing within himself the male-female principles of every living thing.

The dove or idea which is sent out to find dry land is man’s attempt to embody his ideas. Man’s ideas resemble birds in flight – like the dove in the story, returning to man without finding a place to rest.

If man will not let such fruitless searches discourage him, one day the bird will return with a green sprig. After assuming the consciousness of the thing desired, he will be convinced that it is so; and he will feel and know that he is that which he has consciously appropriated, even though it is not yet confirmed by his senses.

One day man will become so identified with his conception that he will know it to be himself, and he will declare, “I AM; I AM that which I desire to be (I AM that I AM)”. He will find that, as he does so, he will begin to embody his desire (the dove or desire will this time find dry land), thereby realizing the mystery of the word made flesh.

Everything in the world is a crystallization of this liquid light. “I AM the light of the world” [John 8:12, John 9:5, John 12:46].

Your awareness of being is the liquid light of the world, which crystallizes into the conceptions you have of yourself.

Your unconditioned awareness of being first conceived itself in liquid light (which is the initial velocity of the universe). All things, from the highest to the lowest vibrations or expressions of life, are nothing more than the different vibrations of velocities of this initial velocity; gold, silver, iron, wood, flesh etc., are only different expressions or velocities of this one substance-liquid light.

All things are crystallized liquid light; the differentiation or infinity of expression is caused by the conceiver’s desire to know himself.

Your conception of yourself automatically determines the velocity necessary to express that which you have conceived yourself to be.

The world is an ocean of liquid light in countless different states of crystallization

Neville Goddard Collection

Chapter Twenty


Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. – Genesis 2:7

As thou knowest not what is the way of the spirit, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child: even so thou knowest not the works of God who maketh all/Just as you don’t know how the breath of life enters the limbs of a child within its mother‟s womb, you also don’t understand how God, who made everything, works. – Ecclesiastes 11:5

And it came to pass after these things, that the son of the woman, the mistress of the house, fell sick; and his sickness was so sore, that there was no breath left in him. 1Kings 17:17

And he (Elisha) went up, and lay upon the child, and put his mouth upon his mouth, and his eyes upon his eyes, and his hands upon his hands: and stretched himself upon the child; and the flesh of the child waxed warm. 2Kings 4:34

But after the three and a half days, the breath of life from God came into them, and they stood on their feet; and great fear fell upon those who were watching them. – Revelation 11:11]

Did the Prophet Elijah [and/or Elisha] really restore to life the dead child of the Widow?

This story, along with all the other stories of the Bible, is a psychological drama which takes place in the consciousness of man.

The Widow symbolizes every man and woman in the world; the dead child represents the frustrated desires and ambitions of man; while the prophet, Elijah [and/or Elisha], symbolizes the God power within man, or man’s awareness of being.

The story tells us that the prophet took the dead child from the Widow’s bosom and carried him into an upper room. As he entered this upper room he closed the door behind them; placing the child upon a bed, he breathed life into him; returning to the mother, he gave her the child and said, “Woman, thy son liveth” [“See, thy son liveth”, 1Kings 17:23 and 2Kings 4:36].

Man’s desires can be symbolized as the dead child.

The mere fact that he desires is positive proof that the thing desired is not yet a living reality in his world.

He tries in every conceivable way to nurse this desire into reality, to make it live, but finds in the end that all attempts are fruitless.

Most men are not aware of the existence of the infinite power within themselves as the prophet.

They remain indefinitely with a dead child in their arms, not realizing that the desire is the positive indication of limitless capacities for its fulfillment.

Let man once recognize that his consciousness is a prophet who breathes life into all that he is conscious of being, and he will close the door of his senses against his problem and fix his attention – solely on that which he desires, knowing that by so doing, his desires are certain to be realized.

He will discover recognition to be the breath of life, for he will perceive – as he consciously claims himself to be now expressing or possessing all he desires to be or to have – that he will be breathing the breath [sic!] of life into his desire.

The quality claimed for the desire (in a way unknown to him) will begin to move and become a living reality in his world.

Yes, the Prophet Elijah [and/or Elisha] lives forever as man’s limitless consciousness of being, the widow as his limited consciousness of being and the child as that which he desires to be.

Neville Goddard Collection

Chapter Twenty One


Thy God whom thou servest continually; He will deliver thee. – Daniel 6:16

The story of Daniel is the story of every man. It is recorded that Daniel, while locked in the lions’ den, turned his back upon the hungry beasts; and with his vision turned toward the light coming from above, he prayed to the one and only God. The lions, who were purposely starved for the feast, remained powerless to hurt the prophet. Daniel’s faith in God was so great that it finally brought about his freedom and his appointment to a high office in the government of his country [Daniel 6:13-28].

This story was written for you to instruct you in the art of freeing yourself from any problem or prison in the world.

Most of us on finding ourselves in the lions’ den would be concerned only with the lions, we would not be thinking of any other problem in the whole wide world but that of lions; yet we are told that Daniel turned his back upon them and looked toward the light that was God. If we could follow the example of Daniel while threatened with any dire disaster such as lions, poverty or sickness, if, like Daniel, we could remove our attention to the light that is God, our solutions would be similarly simple.

For example, if you were imprisoned, no man would need to tell you that what you should desire is freedom. Freedom or rather the desire to be free would be automatic.

The same would be true if you found yourself sick or in debt or in any other predicament.

Lions represent seemingly unsoluble situations of a threatening nature.

Every problem automatically produces its solution in the form of a desire to be free from the problem.

Therefore, turn your back upon your problem and focus your attention upon the desired solution by already feeling yourself to be that which you desire.

Continue in this belief, and you will find that your prison wall will disappear as you begin to express that which you have become conscious of being.

I have seen people, apparently hopelessly in debt, apply this principle, and, in but a very short time, debts that were mountainous were removed. I have also seen those whom doctors had given up as incurable apply this principle and, in an incredibly short time, their so-called incurable disease vanished and left no scar.

Look upon your desires as the spoken words of God and every word of prophecy of that which you are capable of being. Do not question whether you are worthy or unworthy to realize these desires. Accept them as they come to you. Give thanks for them as though they were gifts. Feel happy and grateful for having received such wonderful gifts. Then go your way in peace.

Such simple acceptance of your desires is like the dropping of fertile seed into an ever-prepared soil.

When you drop your desire in consciousness as a seed, confident that it shall appear in its full-blown potential, you have done all that is expected of you. To be worried or concerned about the manner of their unfolding is to hold these fertile seeds in a mental grasp and, therefore, to prevent them from really maturing to full harvest.

Don’t be anxious or concerned as to results. Results will follow just as surely as day follows night.

Have faith in this planting until the evidence is manifest to you that it is so. Your confidence in this procedure will pay great rewards. You wait but a little while in the consciousness of the thing desired; then suddenly, and when you least expect it, the thing felt becomes your expression. Life is no respecter of persons [Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11] and destroys nothing; it continues to keep alive that which man is conscious of being.

Things will disappear only as man changes his consciousness. Deny it if you will, it still remains a fact that consciousness is the only reality and things but mirror that which you are conscious of being.

The heavenly state you seek will be found only in consciousness for the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

Your consciousness is the only living reality, the eternal head of creation. That which you are conscious of being is the temporal body that you wear.

To turn your attention from that which you are aware of being is to decapitate that body; but, just as a chicken or snake continues to jump and throb for a while after its head has been removed, likewise qualities and conditions appear to live for a while after your attention has been taken from them.

Man, not knowing this law of consciousness, constantly gives thought to his previous habitual conditions and, through being attentive to them, places upon these dead bodies the eternal head of creation; thereby he reanimates and re-resurrects them.

You must leave these dead bodies alone and let the dead bury the dead [Matthew 8:22, Luke 9:60].

Man, having put his hand to the plough (that is, after assuming the consciousness of the quality desired), by looking back, can only defeat his fitness for the Kingdom of Heaven [Luke 9:62].

As the will of heaven is ever done on earth, you are today in the heaven that you have established within yourself, for here on this very earth your heaven reveals itself.

The Kingdom of Heaven really is at hand. Now is the accepted time. So create a new heaven, enter into a new state of consciousness and a new earth will appear.

Neville Goddard Collection

Chapter Twenty Two


They went forth, and entered into a ship, and that night they caught nothing. – John 21:3

And He said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes. – John 21:6

It is recorded that the disciples fished all night and caught nothing. Then Jesus appeared upon the scene and told them to cast their nets again, but, this time, to cast them on the right side. Peter obeyed the voice of Jesus and cast his nets once more into the waters. Where but a moment before the water was completely empty of fish, the nets almost broke with the number of the resulting catch [John 21:3-6].

Man, fishing all through the night of human ignorance, attempts to realize his desires through effort and struggle only to find in the end that his search is fruitless. When man discovers his awareness of being to be Christ Jesus, he will obey its voice and let it direct his fishing. He will cast his hook on the right side; he will apply the law in the right manner and will seek in consciousness for the thing desired. Finding it there, he will know that it will be multiplied in the world of form.

Those who have had the pleasure of fishing know what a thrill it is to feel the fish upon the hook. The bite of the fish is followed by the play of the fish; this play, in turn, is followed by the landing of the fish.

Something similar takes place in the consciousness of man as he fishes for the manifestations of life.

Fishermen know that if they wish to catch big fish, they must fish in deep waters; if you would catch a large measure of life, you must leave behind you the shallow waters with its many reefs and barriers and launch out into the deep blue waters where the big ones play.

To catch the large manifestations of life you must enter into deeper and freer states of consciousness; only in these depths do the big expressions of life live.

Here is a simple formula for successful fishing.

First, decide what it is you want to express or possess. This is essential.

You must definitely know what you want of life before you can fish for it. After your decision is made, turn from the world of sense, remove your attention from the problem and place it on just being, by repeating quietly but with feeling, “I AM”.

As your attention is removed from the world round about you and placed upon the I AM, so that you are lost in the feeling of simply being, you will find yourself slipping the anchor that tied you to the shallows of your problem; and effortlessly you will find yourself moving out into the deep.

The sensation which accompanies this act is one of expansion. You will feel yourself rise and expand as though you were actually growing. Do not be afraid of this floating, growing experience for you are not going to die to anything but your limitations.

However, your limitations are going to die as you move away from them for they live only in your consciousness.

In this deep or expanded consciousness, you will feel yourself to be a mighty pulsating power as deep and as rhythmical as the ocean. This expanded feeling is the signal that you are now in the deep blue waters where the big fish swim. Suppose the fish you decided to catch were health and freedom; you begin to fish in this formless pulsating depth of yourself for these qualities or states of consciousness by feeling “I AM healthy” – “I AM free”.

You continue claiming and feeling yourself to be healthy and free until the conviction that you are so possesses you.

As the conviction is born within you, so that all doubts pass away and you know and feel that you are free from the limitations of the past, you will know that you have hooked these fish.

The joy which courses through your entire being on feeling that you are that which you desired to be is equal to the thrill of the fisherman as he hooks his fish.

Now comes the play of the fish. This is accomplished by returning to the world of the senses.

As you open your eyes on the world round about you, the conviction and the consciousness that you are healthy and free should be so established within you that your whole being thrills in anticipation.

Then, as you walk through the necessary interval of time that it will take the things felt to embody themselves, you will feel a secret thrill in knowing that in a little while that which no man sees, but that which you feel and know that you are, will be landed.

In a moment when you think not, while you faithfully walk in this consciousness, you will begin to express and possess that which you are conscious of being and possessing; experiencing with the fisherman the joy of landing the big one.

Now, go and fish for the manifestations of life by casting your nets in the right side.

Neville Goddard Collection

Chapter Twenty Three


Let these sayings sink down into your ears; For the Son of Man shall be delivered into the hands of men. – Luke 9:44

“Let these sayings sink down into your ears, for the Son of Man shall be delivered into the hands of men”. Be not as those who have eyes that see not and ears that hear not.

Let these revelations sink deep into your ears, for after the Son (idea) is conceived, man with his false values (reason) will attempt to explain the why and wherefore of the Son’s expression, and in so doing, will rend him to pieces.

After men have agreed that a certain thing is humanly impossible and therefore cannot be done, let someone accomplish the impossible thing; the wise ones who said it could not be done will begin to tell you why and how it happened. After they are all through tearing the seamless robe [John 19:23] (cause of manifestation) apart, they will be as far from the truth as they were when they proclaimed it impossible. As long as man looks for the cause of expression in places other than the expresser, he looks in vain.

For thousands of years, man has been told, “I AM the resurrection and the life” [John 11:25]. “No manifestation cometh unto me save I draw it” [John 6:44], but man will not believe it.

He prefers to believe in causes outside of himself.

The moment that which was not seen becomes seen, man is ready to explain the cause and purpose of its appearance.

Thus, the Son of Man (idea desiring manifestation) is constantly being destroyed at the hands of (reasonable explanation or wisdom) man.

Now that your awareness is revealed to you as cause of all expression, do not return to the darkness of Egypt with its many gods. There is but one God. The one and only God is your awareness.

“And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing. And He doeth according to His will in the army of Heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth and none can stay His hand, or say unto him what doest Thou?” [“All the inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing, But He does according to His will in the host of heaven And among the inhabitants of earth; And no one can ward off His hand Or say to Him, „What have You done?‟”, Daniel 4:35].

If the whole world should agree that a certain thing could not be expressed and yet you became aware of being that which they had agreed could not be expressed, you would express it.

Your awareness never asks permission to express that which you are aware of being. It does so, naturally and without effort, in spite of the wisdom of man and all opposition.

“Salute no man by the way” [“Carry no money belt, no bag, no shoes; and greet no one on the way”, Luke 10:4; 2Kings 4:29].

This is not a command to be insolent or unfriendly, but a reminder not to recognize a superior, not to see in anyone a barrier to your expression.

None can stay your hand or question your ability to express that which you are conscious of being.

Do not judge after the appearances of a thing, “for all are as nothing in the eyes of God” [“All the nations are as nothing before Him, They are regarded by Him as less than nothing and meaningless”, Isaiah 40:17].

When the disciples through their judgment of appearances saw the insane child [Mark 9:17-29; Luke 9:37-43], they thought it a more difficult problem to solve than others they had seen; and so they failed to achieve a cure.

In judging after appearances, they forgot that all things were possible to God [Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27].

Hypnotized as they were by the reality of appearances, they could not feel the naturalness of sanity.

The only way for you to avoid such failures is to constantly bear in mind that your awareness is the Almighty, the all-wise presence; without help, this unknown presence within you effortlessly out-pictures that which you are aware of being.

Be perfectly indifferent to the evidence of the senses, so that you may feel the naturalness of your desire, and your desire will be realized.

Turn from appearances and feel the naturalness of that perfect perception within yourself, a quality never to be distrusted or doubted. Its understanding will never lead you astray.

Your desire is the solution of your problem. As the desire is realized, the problem is dissolved.

You cannot force anything outwardly by the mightiest effort of the will. There is only one way you can command the things you want and that is by assuming the consciousness of the things desired.

There is a vast difference between feeling a thing and merely knowing it intellectually.

You must accept without reservation the fact that by possessing (feeling) a thing in consciousness, you have commanded the reality that causes it to come into existence in concrete form.

You must be absolutely convinced of an unbroken connection between the invisible reality and its visible manifestation. Your inner acceptance must become an intense, unalterable conviction which transcends both reason and intellect, renouncing entirely any belief in the reality of the externalization except as a reflection of an inner state of consciousness. When you really understand and believe these things, you will have built up so profound a certainty that nothing can shake you.

Your desires are the invisible realities which respond only to the commands of God. God commands the invisible to appear by claiming himself to be the thing commanded. “He made Himself equal with God and found it not robbery to do the works of God” [Philippians 2:6].

Now let this saying sink deep in your ear: BE CONSCIOUS OF BEING THAT WHICH YOU WANT TO APPEAR.

neville's own voice

Chapter Twenty Four


Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember? – Mark 8:18

True clairvoyance rests, not in your ability to see things beyond the range of human vision, but rather in your ability to understand that which you see.

A financial statement can be seen by anyone, but very few can read a financial statement. The capacity to interpret the statement is the mark of clear seeing or clairvoyance.

That every object, both animate and inanimate, is enveloped in a liquid light which moves and pulsates with an energy far more radiant than the objects themselves, no one knows better than the author; but he also knows that the ability to see such auras is not equal to the ability to understand that which one sees in the world around about him.

To illustrate this point, here is a story with which the whole world is familiar, yet only the true mystic or clairvoyant has ever really seen it.


The story of Dumas’ “Count of Monte Cristo” is, to the mystic and true clairvoyant, the biography of every man.


Edmond Dantés, a young sailor, finds the captain of his ship dead. Taking command of the ship in the midst of a storm-swept sea, he attempts to steer the ship into a safe anchorage.


Life itself is a storm-swept sea with which man wrestles as he tries to steer himself into a haven of rest.


On Dantés is a secret document which must be given to a man he does not know, but who will make himself known to the young sailor in due time. This document is a plan to set the Emperor Napoleon free from his prison on the Isle of Elba.


Within every man is the secret plan that will set free the mighty emperor within himself.


As Dantés reaches port, three men (who by their flattery and praise have succeeded in worming their way into the good graces of the present king), fearing any change that would alter their positions in the government, have the young mariner arrested and committed to the catacombs.


Man in his attempt to find security in this world is misled by the false lights of greed, vanity and power.

Most men believe that fame, great wealth or political power would secure them against the storms of life. So they seek to acquire these as the anchors of their life, only to find that in their search for these they gradually lose the knowledge of their true being. If man places his faith in things other than himself, that in which his faith is placed, will in time destroy him; at which time he will be as one imprisoned in confusion and despair.


Here in this tomb, Dantés is forgotten and left to rot. Many years pass. Then one day, Dantés (who is by this time a living skeleton) hears a knock on his wall. Answering this knock, he hears the voice of one on the other side of the stone. In response to this voice, Dantés removes the stone and discovers an old priest who has been in prison so long that no one knows the reason for his imprisonment or the length of time he has been there.


Here behind these walls of mental darkness, man remains in what appears to be a living death. After years of disappointment, man turns from these false friends, and he discovers within himself the ancient one (his awareness of being) who has been buried since the day he first believed himself to be man and forgot that he was God.


The old priest had spent many years digging his way out of this living tomb only to discover that he had dug his way into Dantés’ tomb. He then resigns himself to his fate and decides to find his joy and freedom by instructing Dantés in all that he knows concerning the mysteries of life and to aid him to escape as well.

Dantés, at first, is impatient to acquire all this information; but the old priest, with infinite patience garnered through his long imprisonment, shows Dantés how unfit he is to receive this knowledge in his present, unprepared, anxious mind. So, with philosophic calm, he slowly reveals to the young man the mysteries of life and time.


This revelation is so wonderful that when man first hears it he wants to acquire it all at once; but he finds that, after numberless years spent in the belief of being man, he has so completely forgotten his true identity that he is now incapable of absorbing this memory all at once. He also discovers that he can do so only in proportion to his letting go of all human values and opinions.


As Dantés ripens under the old priest’s instructions, the old man finds himself living more and more in the consciousness of Dantés. Finally, he imparts his last bit of wisdom to Dantés, making him competent to handle positions of trust. He then tells him of an inexhaustible treasure buried on the Isle of Monte Cristo.


As man drops these cherished human values, he absorbs more and more of the light (the old priest), until finally he becomes the light and knows himself to be the ancient one. I AM the light of the world.


At this revelation, the walls of the catacomb which separated them from the ocean above cave in, crushing the old man to death. The guards, discovering the accident, sew the old priest’s body into a sack and prepare to cast it out to sea. As they leave to get a stretcher, Dantés removes the body of the old priest and sews himself into the bag. The guards, unaware of this change of bodies, and believing him to be the old man, throw Dantés into the water.


The flowing of both blood and water in the death of the old priest is comparable to the flow of blood and water from the side of Jesus as the Roman soldiers pierced him, the phenomenon which always takes place at birth (here symbolizing the birth of a higher consciousness).


Dantés frees himself from the sack, goes to the Isle of Monte Cristo and discovers the buried treasure. Then, armed with this fabulous wealth and this superhuman wisdom, he discards his human identity of Edmond Dantés and assumes the title of the Count of Monte Cristo.


Man discovers his awareness of being to be the inexhaustible treasure of the universe. In that day, when man makes this discovery, he dies as man and awakes as God.

Yes, Edmond Dantés becomes the Count of Monte Cristo. Man becomes Christ.

Neville Goddard Collection

Chapter Twenty Five



The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.


My awareness is my Lord and Shepherd. That which I AM aware of being is the sheep that follow me. So good a shepherd is my awareness of being, it has never lost one sheep or thing that I AM aware of being.

My consciousness is a voice calling in the wilderness of human confusion; calling all that I AM conscious of being to follow me.

So well do my sheep know my voice, they have never failed to respond to my call; nor will there come a time when that which I am convinced that I AM will fail to find me.

I AM an open door for all that I AM to enter.

My awareness of being is Lord and Shepherd of my life. Now I know I shall never be in need of proof or lack the evidence of that which I am aware of being. Knowing this, I shall become aware of being great, loving, wealthy, healthy and all other attributes that I admire.


He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.


My awareness of being magnifies all that I am aware of being, so there is ever an abundance of that which I am conscious of being.

It makes no difference what it is that man is conscious of being, he will find it eternally springing in his world.

The Lord’s measure (man’s conception of himself) is always pressed down, shaken together and running over.


He leadeth me beside the still waters.


There is no need to fight for that which I am conscious of being, for all that I am conscious of being shall be led to me as effortlessly as a shepherd leads his flock to the still waters of a quiet spring.


He restoreth my soul; He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake.


Now that my memory is restored – so that I know I AM the Lord and beside me there is no God – my kingdom is restored.

My kingdom – which became dismembered in the day that I believed in powers apart from myself – is now fully restored.

Now that I know my awareness of being is God, I shall make the right use of this knowledge by becoming aware of being that which I desire to be.


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me.


Yes, though I walk through all the confusion and changing opinions of men, I will fear no evil, for I have found consciousness to be that which makes the confusion. Having in my own case restored it to its rightful place and dignity, I shall, in spite of the confusion, outpicture that which I am now conscious of being. And the very confusion will echo and reflect my own dignity.


Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.


In the face of seeming opposition and conflict, I shall succeed, for I will continue to outpicture the abundance that I am now conscious of being.

My head (consciousness) will continue to overflow with the joy of being God.


Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.


Because I am now conscious of being good and merciful, signs of goodness and mercy are compelled to follow me all the days of my life, for I will continue to dwell in the house (or consciousness) of being God (good) forever.

Chapter Twenty Six


Then cometh Jesus with them unto a place called Gethsemane, and saith unto the disciples, Sit ye here, while I go and pray yonder. – Matt. 26:36

A most wonderful mystical romance is told in the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, but man has failed to see the light of its symbology and has mistakenly interpreted this mystical union as an agonizing experience in which Jesus pleaded in vain with His Father to change His destiny.

Gethsemane is, to the mystic, the Garden of Creation – the place in consciousness where man goes to realize his defined objectives. Gethsemane is a compound word meaning to press out an oily substance: Geth, to press out, and Shemen, an oily substance.

The story of Gethsemane reveals to the mystic, in dramatic symbology, the act of creation.

Just as man contains within himself an oily substance which, in the act of creation, is pressed out into a likeness of himself, so he has within himself a divine principle (his consciousness) which conditions itself as a state of consciousness and without assistance presses out or objectifies itself.

A garden is a cultivated piece of ground, a specially prepared field, where seeds of the gardener’s own choice are planted and cultivated.

Gethsemane is such a garden, the place in consciousness where the mystic goes with his properly defined objectives. This garden is entered when man takes his attention from the world round about him and places it on his objectives.

Man’s clarified desires are seeds containing the power and plans of self-expression and, like the seeds within man, these, too, are buried within an oily substance (a joyful, thankful attitude of mind).

As man contemplates being and possessing that which he desires to be and to possess, he has begun the process of pressing out or the spiritual act of creation.

These seeds are pressed out and planted when man loses himself in a wild, mad state of joy, consciously feeling and claiming himself to be that which he formerly desired to be.

Desires expressed, or pressed out, result in the passing of that particular desire.

Man cannot possess a thing and still desire to possess it at one and the same time. So, as one consciously appropriates the feeling of being the thing desired, this desire to be the thing passes – is realized.

The receptive attitude of mind, feeling and receiving the impression of being the thing desired, is the fertile ground or womb which receives the seed (defined objective).

The seed which is pressed out of a man grows into the likeness of the man from whom it was pressed.

Likewise, the mystical seed, your conscious claim that you are that which you heretofore desired to be, will grow into the likeness of you from whom and into whom it is pressed.

Yes, Gethsemane is the cultivated garden of romance where the disciplined man goes to press seeds of joy (defined desires) out of himself into his receptive attitude of mind, there to care for and nurture them by consciously walking in the joy of being all that formerly he desired to be.

Feel with the Great Gardener the secret thrill of knowing that things and qualities not now seen will be seen as soon as these conscious impressions grow and ripen to maturity.

Your consciousness is Lord and Husband [Isaiah 54:5]; the conscious state in which you dwell is wife or beloved. This state made visible is your son bearing witness of you, his father and mother, for your visible world is made in the image and likeness [Genesis 2:26] of the state of consciousness in which you live; your world and the fullness thereof are nothing more or less than your defined consciousness objectified.

Knowing this to be true, see to it that you choose well the mother of your children – that conscious state in which you live, your conception of yourself.

The wise man chooses his wife with great discretion. He realizes that his children must inherit the qualities of their parents and so he devotes much time and care to the selection of their mother. The mystic knows that the conscious state in which he lives is the choice that he has made of a wife, the mother of his children, that this state must in time embody itself within his world; so he is ever select in his choice and always claims himself to be his highest ideal.

He consciously defines himself as that which he desires to be.

When man realizes that the conscious state in which he lives is the choice that he has made of a mate, he will be more careful of his moods and feelings. He will not permit himself to react to suggestions of fear, lack or any undesirable impression. Such suggestions of lack could never pass the watch of the disciplined mind of the mystic, for he knows that every conscious claim must in time be expressed as a condition of his world – of his environment.

So, he remains faithful to his beloved, his defined objective, by defining and claiming and feeling himself to be that which he desires to express. Let a man ask himself if his defined objective would be a thing of joy and beauty if it were realized.

If his answer is in the affirmative, then he may know that his choice of a bride is a princess of Israel, a daughter of Judah, for every defined objective which expresses joy when realized is a daughter of Judah, the king of praise.

Jesus took with Him into His hour of prayer His disciples, or disciplined attributes of mind, and commanded them to watch while He prayed, so that no thought or belief that would deny the realization of His desire might enter His consciousness.

Follow the example of Jesus, who, with His desires clearly defined, entered the Garden of Gethsemane (the state of joy) accompanied by His disciples (His disciplined mind) to lose Himself in a wild joy of realization.

The fixing of His attention on His objective was His command to His disciplined mind to watch and remain faithful to that fixation. Contemplating the joy that would be His on realizing His desire, He began the spiritual act of generation, the act of pressing out the mystical seed – His defined desire. In this fixation He remained, claiming and feeling Himself to be that which He (before He entered

Gethsemane) desired to be, until His whole being (consciousness) was bathed in an oily sweat (joy) resembling blood (life), in short, until His whole consciousness was permeated with the living, sustained joy of being His defined objective.

As this fixation is accomplished so that the mystic knows by his feeling of joy that he has passed from his former conscious state into his present consciousness, the Passover or Crucifixion is attained.

This crucifixion or fixation of the new conscious claim is followed by the Sabbath, a time of rest. There is always an interval of time between the impression and its expression, between the conscious claim and its embodiment. This interval is called the Sabbath, the period of rest or non-effort (the day of entombment).

To walk unmoved in the consciousness of being or possessing a certain state is to keep the Sabbath.

The story of the crucifixion beautifully expresses this mystical stillness or rest. We are told that after Jesus cried out, “It is finished!” [John 19:30], He was placed in a tomb. There He remained for the entire Sabbath.

When the new state or consciousness is appropriated so you feel, by this appropriation, fixed and secure in the knowledge that it is finished, then you, too, will cry out, “It is finished!” and will enter the tomb or Sabbath, an interval of time in which you will walk unmoved in the conviction that your new consciousness must be resurrected (made visible).

Easter, the day of resurrection, falls on the first Sunday after the full moon in Aries. The mystical reason for this is simple. A defined area will not precipitate itself in the form of rain until this area reaches the point of saturation; just so the state in which you dwell will not express itself until the whole is permeated with the consciousness that it is so – it is finished.

Your defined objective is the imaginary state, just as the equator is the imaginary line across which the sun must pass to mark the beginning of spring. This state, like the moon, has no light or life of itself; but will reflect the light of consciousness or sun – “I am the light of the world” [Matthew 5:14; John 8:12; John 9:5; John 12:46] – “I am the resurrection and the life” [John 11:25].

As Easter is determined by the full moon in Aries, so, too, is the resurrection of your conscious claim determined by the full consciousness of your claim, by actually living as this new conception.

Most men fail to resurrect their objectives because they fail to remain faithful to their newly defined state until this fullness is attained.

If man would bear in mind the fact that there can be no Easter or day of resurrection until after the full moon, he would realize that the state into which he has consciously passed will be expressed or resurrected only after he has remained within the state of being his defined objective.

Until his whole self thrills with the feeling of actually being his conscious claim, in consciously living in this state of being it, and only in this way, will man ever resurrect or realize his desire.

Chapter Twenty Seven


Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you. – Joshua 1:3

The majority of people are familiar with the story of Joshua capturing the city of Jericho.

What they do not know is that this story is the perfect formula for Victory, under any circumstances and against all odds.

It is recorded that Joshua was armed only with the knowledge that every place that the sole of his foot should tread upon would be given to him; that he desired to capture or tread upon the city of Jericho but found the walls separating him from the city impassable.

It seemed physically impossible for Joshua to get beyond these massive walls and stand upon the city of Jericho. Yet, he was driven by the knowledge of the promise that, regardless of the barriers and obstacles separating him from his desires, if he could but stand upon the city, it would be given to him.

The Book of Joshua further records that instead of fighting this giant problem of the wall, Joshua employed the services of the harlot, Rahab, and sent her as a spy into the city. As Rahab entered her house, which stood in the midst of the city, Joshua – who was securely barred by the impassable walls of Jericho – blew on his trumpet seven times. At the seventh blast, the walls crumbled and Joshua entered the city victoriously.

To the uninitiated, this story is senseless.

To the one who sees it as a psychological drama, rather than as a historical record, it is most revealing.

If we would follow the example of Joshua, our victory would be similarly simple.

Joshua symbolizes to you, the reader, your present state; the city of Jericho symbolizes your desire, or defined objective.

The walls of Jericho symbolize the obstacles between you and the realization of your objectives. The foot symbolizes the understanding; placing the sole of the foot upon a definite place indicates fixing a definite psychological state.

Rahab, the spy, is your ability to travel secretly or psychologically to any place in space. Consciousness knows no frontier. No one can stop you from dwelling psychologically at any point, or in any state in time or space.

Regardless of the physical barriers separating you from your objective, you can, without effort or help of anyone, annihilate time, space and barriers.

Thus, you can dwell, psychologically, in the desired state. So, although you may not be able to tread physically upon a state or city, you can always tread psychologically upon any desired state. By treading psychologically, I mean that you can now, this moment, close your eyes and after visualizing or imagining a place or state other than your present one, actually FEEL that you are now in such a place or state. You can feel this condition to be so real that upon opening your eyes you are amazed to find that you are not physically there.

A harlot, as you know, gives to all men that which they ask of her. Rahab, the harlot, symbolizes your infinite capacity to psychologically assume any desirable state without questioning whether or not you are physically or morally fit to do so.

You can today capture the modern city of Jericho or your defined objective if you will psychologically re-enact this story of Joshua; but to capture the city and realize your desires, you must carefully follow the formula of victory as laid down in this book of Joshua.

This is the application of this victorious formula as a modem mystic reveals it today:

First: define your objective (not the manner of obtaining it) – but your objective, pure and simple; know exactly what it is you desire so that you have a clear mental picture of it.

Secondly: take your attention away from the obstacles which separate you from your objective and place your thought on the objective itself.

Thirdly: close your eyes and FEEL that you are already in the city or state that you would capture. Remain within this psychological state until you get a conscious reaction of complete satisfaction in this victory. Then, by simply opening your eyes, return to your former conscious state.

This secret journey into the desired state, with its subsequent psychological reaction of complete satisfaction, is all that is necessary to bring about total victory.

This victorious psychical state will embody itself despite all opposition. It has the plan and power of self-expression.

From this point forward, follow the example of Joshua, who, after psychologically dwelling in the desired state until he received a complete conscious reaction of victory, did nothing more to bring about this victory than to blow seven times on his trumpet.

The seventh blast symbolizes the seventh day, a time of stillness or rest, the interval between the subjective and objective states, a period of pregnancy or joyful expectancy.

This stillness is not the stillness of the body but rather the stillness of the mind – a perfect passivity, which is not indolence but a living stillness born of trust in this immutable law of consciousness.

Those not familiar with this law or formula for victory, in attempting to still their minds, succeed only in acquiring a quiet tension, which is nothing more than compressed anxiety.

But you, who know this law, will find that after capturing the psychological state which would be yours if you were already victoriously and actually entrenched in that city, will move forward towards the physical realization of your desires.

You will do this without doubt or fear, in a state of mind fixed in the knowledge of a pre-arranged victory.

You will not be afraid of the enemy, because the outcome has been determined by the psychological state that preceded the physical offensive; and all the forces of heaven and earth cannot stop the victorious fulfillment of that state.

Stand still in the psychological state defined as your objective until you feel the thrill of Victory.

Then, with confidence born of the knowledge of this law, watch the physical realization of your objective.

… Set your self, stand still and watch the salvation of the Law with you…

Out Of This World | Neville Goddard | Book and Audiobook

Out Of This World | Neville Goddard | Book and Audiobook

Neville Goddard Collection

Out Of This World

Chapter One


―And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe.‖ – John 14:29

MANY persons, myself included, have observed events before they occurred; that is, before they occurred in this world of three dimensions. Since man can observe an event before it occurs in the three dimensions of space, life on earth must proceed according to plan, and this plan must exist elsewhere in another dimension and be slowly moving through our space.

If the occurring events were not in this world when they were observed, then, to be perfectly logical, they must have been out of this world.

And whatever is there to be seen before it occurs here must be “Predetermined” from the point of view of man awake in a three-dimensional world.

Thus the question arises: ―Are we able to alter our future?

My object in writing these pages is to indicate possibilities inherent in man, to show that man can alter his future; but, thus altered, it forms again a deterministic sequence starting from the point of interference – a future that will be consistent with the alteration.

The most remarkable feature of man’s future is its flexibility.

It is determined by his attitudes rather than by his acts.

The cornerstone on which all things are based is man’s concept of himself. He acts as he does and has the experiences that he does, because his concept of himself is what it is, and for no other reason. Had he a different concept of self, he would act differently. A change of concept of self automatically alters his future: and a change in any term of his future series of experiences reciprocally alters his concept of self.

Man’s assumptions which he regards as insignificant produce effects that are considerable; therefore man should revise his estimate of an assumption, and recognize its creative power.

All changes take place in consciousness. The future, although prepared in every detail in advance, has several outcomes.

At every moment of our lives we have before us the choice of which of several futures we will choose.

There are two actual outlooks on the world possessed by every-one – a natural focus and a spiritual focus. The ancient teachers called the one “the carnal mind,” the other “the mind of Christ.”

We may differentiate them as ordinary waking consciousness – governed by our senses, and a controlled imagination – governed by desire.

We recognize these two distinct centers of thought in the statement: “The natural man receiveth not the things of the spirit of God for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them for they are spiritually discerned” [1 Corinthians 2:14].

The natural view confines reality to the moment called now. To the natural view, the past and future are purely imaginary.

The spiritual view, on the other hand, sees the contents of time. It sees events as distinct and separated as objects in space. The past and future are a present whole to the spiritual view. What is mental and subjective to the natural man is concrete and objective to the spiritual man.

The habit of seeing only that which our senses permit, renders us totally blind to what we otherwise could see.

To cultivate the faculty of seeing the invisible, we should often deliberately disentangle our minds from the evidence of the senses and focus our attention on an invisible state, mentally feeling it and sensing it until it has all the distinctness of reality.

Earnest, concentrated thought focused in a particular direction shuts out other sensations and causes them to disappear.

We have but to concentrate on the state desired in order to see it.

The habit of withdrawing attention from the region of sensation and concentrating it on the invisible develops our spiritual outlook and enables us to penetrate beyond the world of sense and to see that which is invisible.

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen” – Romans 1:20.

This vision is completely independent of the natural faculties. Open it and quicken it! Without it, these instructions are useless, for “the things of the spirit are spiritually discerned.”

A little practice will convince us that we can, by controlling our imagination, reshape our future in harmony with our desire. Desire is the mainspring of action. We could not move a single finger unless we had a desire to move it. No matter what we do, we follow the desire which at the moment dominates our minds. When we break a habit, our desire to break it is greater than our desire to continue in the habit.

The desires which impel us to action are those that hold our attention. A desire is but an awareness of something we lack or need to make our life more enjoyable.

Desires always have some personal gain in view, the greater the anticipated gain, the more intense is the desire. There is no absolutely unselfish desire. Where there is nothing to gain there is no desire, and consequently no action.

The spiritual man speaks to the natural man through the language of desire.

The key to progress in life and to the fulfillment of dreams lies in ready obedience to its voice.

Unhesitating obedience to its voice is an immediate assumption of the wish fulfilled. To desire a state is to have it.

As Pascal has said, ―You would not have sought me had you not already found me. Man, by assuming the feeling of his wish fulfilled, and then living and acting on this conviction, alters the future in harmony with his assumption.

Assumptions awaken what they affirm.

As soon as man assumes the feeling of his wish fulfilled, his four-dimensional self finds ways for the attainment of this end, discovers methods for its realization.

I know of no clearer definition of the means by which we realize our desires than to experience in imagination what we would experience in the flesh were we to achieve our goal.

This experience of the end wills the means.

With its larger outlook the four-dimensional self then constructs the means necessary to realize the accepted end.

The undisciplined mind finds it difficult to assume a state which is denied by the senses.

Here is a technique that makes it easy to encounter events before they occur, to “call things which are not seen as though they were” [Romans 4:17]. People have a habit of slighting the importance of simple things; but this simple formula for changing the future was discovered after years of searching and experimenting.

The first step in changing the future is desire – that is: define your objective – know definitely what you want.

Secondly: construct an event which you believe you would encounter following the fulfillment of your desire – an event which implies fulfillment of your desire – something that will have the action of self predominant.

Thirdly: immobilize the physical body and induce a condition akin to sleep – lie on a bed or relax in a chair and imagine that you are sleepy; then, with eyelids closed and your attention focused on the action you intend to experience – in imagination – mentally feel yourself right into the proposed action – imagining all the while that you are actually performing the action here and now. You must always participate in the imaginary action, not merely stand back and look on, but you must feel that you are actually performing the action so that the imaginary sensation is real to you.

It is important always to remember that the proposed action must be one which follows the fulfillment of your desire; and, also, you must feel yourself into the action until it has all the vividness and distinctness of reality.

For example: suppose you desired promotion in office. Being congratulated would be an event you would encounter following the fulfillment of your desire. Having selected this action as the one you will experience in imagination, immobilize the physical body, and induce a state akin to sleep – a drowsy state – but one in which you are still able to control the direction of your thoughts – a state in which you are attentive without effort. Now, imagine that a friend is standing before you. Put your imaginary hand into his. First feel it to be solid and real, then carry on an imaginary conversation with him in harmony with the action. Do not visualize yourself at a distance in point of space and at a distance in point of time being congratulated on your good fortune. Instead, make elsewhere here, and the future now. The future event is a reality now in a dimensionally larger world; and, oddly enough, now in a dimensionally larger world, is equivalent to here in the ordinary three-dimensional space of everyday life.

The difference between feeling yourself in action, here and now, and visualizing yourself in action, as though you were on a motion-picture screen, is the difference between success and failure.

The difference will be appreciated if you will now visualize yourself climbing a ladder. Then with eyelids closed imagine that a ladder is right in front of you and feel you are actually climbing it.

Desire, physical immobility bordering on sleep, and imaginary action in which self feelingly predominates, here and now, are not only important factors in altering the future, but they are essential conditions in consciously projecting the spiritual self. If, when the physical body is immobilized we become possessed of the idea to do some thing – and imagine that we are doing it here and now and keep the imaginary action feelingly going right up until sleep ensues – we are likely to awaken out of the physical body to find ourselves in a dimensionally larger world with a dimensionally larger focus and actually doing what we desired and imagined we were doing in the flesh.

But whether we awaken there or not, we are actually performing the action in the fourth-dimensional world, and we will re-enact it in the future, here in the third-dimensional world.

Experience has taught me to restrict the imaginary action, to condense the idea which is to be the object of our meditation into a single act, and to re-enact it over and over again until it has the feeling of reality. Otherwise, the attention will wander off along an associational track, and hosts of associated images will be presented to our attention. In a few seconds they will lead us hundreds of miles away from our objective in point of space, and years away in point of time.

If we decide to climb a particular flight of stairs, because that is the likely event to follow the realization of our desire, then we must restrict the action to climbing that particular flight of stairs. Should our attention wander off, we must bring it back to its task of climbing that flight of stairs and keep on doing so until the imaginary action has all the solidity and distinctness of reality. The idea must be maintained in the field of presentation without any sensible effort on our part. We must, with the minimum of effort, permeate the mind with the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Drowsiness facilitates change because it favors attention without effort, but it must not be pushed to the stage of sleep, in which we shall no longer be able to control the movements of our attention, but rather a moderate degree of drowsiness in which we are still able to direct our thoughts.

A most effective way to embody a desire is to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and then, in a relaxed and sleepy state, repeat over and over again, like a lullaby, any short phrase which implies fulfillment of our desire, such as “Thank you” as though we addressed a higher power for having done it for us.

If, however, we seek a conscious projection into a dimensionally larger world, then we must keep the action going right up until sleep ensues.

Experience in imagination, with all the distinctness of reality, what would be experienced in the flesh were you to achieve your goal; and you shall, in time, meet it in the flesh as you met it in your imagination.

Feed the mind with premises – that is, assertions presumed to be true, because assumptions, though unreal to the senses, if persisted in, until they have the feeling of reality, will harden into facts. To an assumption all means which promote its realization are good. It influences the behavior of all by inspiring in all the movements, the actions, and the words which tend towards its fulfillment.

To understand how man molds his future in harmony with his assumption we must know what we mean by a dimensionally larger world, for it is to a dimensionally larger world that we go to alter our future. The observation of an event before it occurs implies that the event is predetermined from the point of view of man in the three-dimensional world. Therefore, to change the conditions here in the three dimensions of space we must first change them in the four dimensions of space.

Man does not know exactly what is meant by a dimensionally larger world, and would no doubt deny the existence of a dimensionally larger self.

He is quite familiar with the three dimensions of length, width and height, and he feels that if there were a fourth dimension, it should be just as obvious to him as the dimensions of length, width and height.

A dimension is not a line; it is any way in which a thing can be measured that is entirely different from all other ways.

That is, to measure a solid fourth-dimensionally, we simply measure it in any direction except that of its length, width and height.

Is there another way of measuring an object other than those of its length, width and height?

Time measures my life without employing the three dimensions of length, width and height.

There is no such thing as an instantaneous object. Its appearance and disappearance are measurable.

It endures for a definite length of time. We can measure its life span without using the dimensions of length, width and height.

Time is definitely a fourth way of measuring an object.

The more dimensions an object has, the more substantial and real it becomes. A straight line, which lies entirely in one dimension, acquires shape, mass and substance by the addition of dimensions. What new quality would time, the fourth dimension, give which would make it just as vastly superior to solids as solids are to surfaces and surfaces are to lines?

Time is a medium for changes in experience because all changes take time. The new quality is changeability.

Observe that if we bisect a solid, its cross section will be a surface; by bisecting a surface, we obtain a line; and by bisecting a line, we get a point. This means that a point is but a cross section of a line, which is, in turn, but a cross section of a surface, which is, in turn, but a cross section of a solid, which is, in turn, if carried to its logical conclusion, but a cross section of a four-dimensional object.

We cannot avoid the inference that all three-dimensional objects are but cross sections of four-dimensional bodies. Which means: when I meet you, I meet a cross section of the four-dimensional you – the four-dimension self that is not seen.

To see the four-dimensional self I must see every cross section or moment of your life from birth to death and see them all as coexisting.

My focus should take in the entire array of sensory impressions which you have experienced on earth plus those you might encounter.

I should see them, not in the order in which they were experienced by you, but as a pres-ent whole.

Because change is the characteristic of the fourth dimension, I should see them in a state of flux as a living, animated whole.

If we have all this clearly fixed in our minds, what does it mean to us in this three-dimensional world?

It means that, if we can move along time’s length, we can see the future and alter it as we so desire.

This world, which we think so solidly real, is a shadow out of which and beyond which we may at any time pass.

It is an abstraction from a more fundamental and dimensionally larger world – a more fundamental world abstracted from a still more fundamental and dimensionally larger world and so on to infinity.

The absolute is unattainable by any means or analysis, no matter how many dimensions we add to the world.

Man can prove the existence of a dimensionally larger world simply by focusing his attention on an invisible state and imagining that he sees and feels it. If he remains concentrated in this state, his present environment will pass away, and he will awaken in a dimensionally larger world where the object of his contemplation will be seen as a concrete objective reality.

Intuitively I feel that, were he to abstract his thoughts from this dimensionally larger world and retreat still farther within his mind, he would again bring about an externalization of time. He would discover that every time he retreats into his inner mind and brings about an externalization of time, space becomes dimensionally larger. And he would, therefore, conclude that both time and space are serial, and that the drama of life is but the climbing of a multitudinous dimensional time block.

Scientists will one day explain why there is a Serial Universe.

But in practice how we use this Serial Universe to change the future is more important.

To change the future, we need only concern ourselves with two worlds in the infinite series, the world we know by reason of our bodily organs, and the world we perceive independently of our bodily organs.

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Neville Goddard was born in Barbados on February 19, 1905, to Joseph Nathaniel and Wilhelmina Goddard. He immigrated to New York City c. 1922, where he initially worked as a ballet and ballroom dancer. In 1931, he began to study under an Ethiopian rabbi named Abdullah, who introduced him to Kabbalah

Neville Goddard teaches us that the human creates reality just by imagining rather than trying to change outside circumstances, that it is only the creation of the mind of what you desire, as well as everything you see, is created by the mind first whether you are conscious of it or not. IMAGINATION IS YOUR PERSONAL GOD.

Chapter Two


Men believe in the reality of the external world because they do not know how to focus and condense their powers to penetrate its thin crust.

This book has only one purpose – the removing of the veil of the senses – the traveling into another world.

To remove the veil of the senses we do not employ great effort; the objective world vanishes by turning our attention away from it.

We have only to concentrate on the state desired in order to mentally see it, but to give it reality so that it will become an objective fact, we must focus attention upon the invisible state until it has the feeling of reality.

When, through concentrated attention, our desire appears to possess the distinctness and feeling of reality, we have given it the right to become a visible concrete fact.

If it is difficult to control the direction of your attention while in a state akin to sleep, you may find gazing fixedly into an object very helpful. Do not look at its surface but into and beyond any plain object such as a wall, a carpet, or any other object which possesses depth.

Arrange it to return as little reflection as possible. Imagine then that in this depth you are seeing and hearing what you want to see and hear until your attention is exclusively occupied by the imagined state.

At the end of your meditation, when you awake from your ―controlled waking dream,‖ you feel as though you had returned from a great distance.

The visible world which you had shut out returns to consciousness and by its very presence informs you that you have been self-deceived into believing that the object of your contemplation was real.

But, if you know that consciousness is the one and only reality, you will remain faithful to your vision, and by this sustained mental attitude confirm your gift of reality, and prove that you have the power to give reality to your desires that they may become visible concrete facts.

Define your ideal and concentrate your attention upon the idea of identifying yourself with your ideal. Assume the feeling of being it, the feeling that would be yours were you already the embodiment of your ideal. Then live and act upon this conviction. This assumption, though denied by the senses, if persisted in, will become fact. You will know when you have succeeded in fixing the desired state in consciousness by simply looking mentally at the people you know.

In dialogues with yourself you are less inhibited and more sincere than in actual conversations with others, therefore the opportunity for self-analysis arises when you are surprised by your mental conversations with others.

If you see them as you formerly saw them, you have not changed your concept of self, for all changes of concepts of self result in a changed relationship to your world.

In your meditation allow others to see you as they would see you were this new concept of self a concrete fact. You always seem to others an embodiment of the ideal you inspire. Therefore, in meditation, when you contemplate others, you must be seen by them mentally as you would be seen by them physically were your concept of self an objective fact; that is, in meditation you imagine that they see you expressing that which you desire to be.

If you assume that you are what you want to be your desire is fulfilled, and, in fulfillment, all longing is neutralized. You cannot continue desiring what you have already realized. Your desire is not something you labor to fulfill, it is recognizing something you already possess. It is assuming the feeling of being that which you desire to be. Believing and being are one.

The conceiver and his conception are one, therefore that which you conceive yourself to be can never be so far off as even to be near, for nearness implies separation. “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth‖ [Mark 9:23].

Being is the substance of things hoped, the evidence of things not yet seen [cf. Hebrews 11:1].

If you assume that you are what you want to be, then you will see others as they are related to your assumption

If, however, it is the good of others that you desire, then, in meditation, you must represent them to yourself as already being that which you desire them to be.

It is through desire that you rise above your present sphere and the road from longing to fulfillment is shortened as you experience in imagination what you would experience in the flesh were you already the embodiment of the ideal you desire to be.

I have stated that man has at every moment of time the choice before him which of several futures he will encounter; but the question arises; ―How is that possible when the experiences of man, awake in the three-dimensional world, are predetermined?” as his observation of an event before it occurs implies. This ability to change the future will be seen if we liken the experiences of life on earth to this printed page.

Man experiences events on earth singly and successively in the same way that you are now experiencing the words of this page.

Imagine that every word on this page represents a single sensory impression. To get the context, to understand my meaning, you focus your vision of the first word in the upper left-hand corner and then move your focus across the page from left to right, letting it fall on the words singly and successively. By the time your eyes reach the last word on this page you have extracted my meaning. Suppose, however, on looking at the page, with all the printed words thereon equally present, you decided to rearrange them. You could, by rearranging them, tell an entirely different story; in fact; you could tell many different stories.

A dream is nothing more than uncontrolled four-dimensional thinking, or the rearrangement of both past and future sensory impressions. Man seldom dreams of events in the order in which he experiences them when awake.

He usually dreams of two or more events which are separated in time, fused into a single sensory impression; or, in his dream, he so completely rearranges his single waking sensory impressions that he does not recognize them when he encounters them in his waking state.

For example; I dreamed that I delivered a package to the restaurant in my apartment building. The hostess said to me, ―You can’t leave that there‖; whereupon, the elevator operator gave me a few letters and as I thanked him for them, he, in turn, thanked me. At this point, the night elevator operator appeared and waved a greeting to me.

The following day, as I left my apartment, I picked up a few letters which had been placed at my door. On my way down I gave the day elevator operator a tip and thanked hem for taking care of my mail; whereupon, he thanked me for the tip. On my return home that day I overheard a doorman say to a delivery man, ―You can’t leave that there.‖ As I was about to take the elevator up to my apartment, I was attracted by a familiar face in the restaurant, and, as I looked in, the hostess greeted me with a smile. Late that night I escorted my dinner guests to the elevator and as I said good-bye to them, the night operator waved good-night to me.

By simply rearranging a few of the single sensory impressions I was destined to encounter, and by fusing two or more of them into single sensory impressions, I constructed a dream which differed quite a bit from my waking experience.

When we have learned to control the movements of our attention in the four-dimensional world, we shall be able to consciously create circumstances in the three-dimensional world.

We learn this control through the waking dream, where our attention can be maintained without effort, for attention minus effort is indispensable to changing the future. We can, in a controlled waking dream, consciously construct an event which we desire to experience in the three-dimensional world.

The sensory impressions we use to construct our waking dream are present realities displaced in time or the four-dimensional world. All that we do in constructing the waking dream is to select from the vast array of sensory impressions those, which, when they are properly arranged, imply that we have realized our desire. With the dream clearly defined we relax in a chair and induce a state of consciousness akin to sleep – a state, which, although bordering on sleep, leaves us in conscious control of the movements of our attention. When we have achieved that state, we experience in imagination what we would experience in reality were this waking dream an objective fact. In applying this technique to change the future it is important always to remember that the only thing which occupies the mind during the waking dream is the waking dream, the predetermined action which implies the fulfillment of our desire.

How the waking dream becomes physical fact is not our concern.

Our acceptance of the waking dream as physical reality wills the means for its fulfillment.

Let me again lay the foundation of changing the future, which is nothing more than a controlled waking dream.

Define your objective–know definitely what you want.

Construct an event which you believe you will encounter following the fulfillment of your desire – something which will have the action of self predominant – an event which implies the fulfillment of your desire.

Immobilize the physical body and induce a state of consciousness akin to sleep; then, mentally feel yourself right into the proposed action – imagining all the while that you are actually performing the action here and now so that you experience in imagination what you would experience in the flesh were you now to realize your goal.

Experience has convinced me that this is the perfect way to achieve my goal.

However, my own many failures would convict me were I to imply that I have completely mastered the movements of my attention.

I can, however, with the ancient teacher say: “This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize.” [Philippians 3:13,14.]

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Chapter Three


“Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” – John 8:32

Men claim that a true judgment must conform to the external reality to which it relates. This means that if I, while imprisoned, suggest to myself that I am free and succeed in believing that I am free, it is true that I believe in my freedom; but it does not follow that I am free for I may be the victim of illusion.

But, because of my own experiences, I have come to believe in so many strange things that I see little reason to doubt the truth of things that are beyond my experience.

The ancient teachers warned us not to judge from appearances because, said they, the truth need not conform to the external reality to which it relates.

They claimed that we bore false witness if we imagined evil against another – that no matter how real our belief appears to be – how truly it conforms to the external reality to which it relates – if it does not make free the one of whom we hold the belief, it is untrue and therefore a false judgment.

We are called upon to deny the evidence of our senses and to imagine as true of our neighbor that which makes him free. ―Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

To know the truth of our neighbor we must assume that he is already that which he desires to be. Any concept we hold of another that is short of his fulfilled desire will not make him free and therefore cannot be the truth.

Instead of learning my craft in schools where attending courses and seminars is considered a substitute for self-acquired knowledge, my schooling was devoted almost exclusively to the power of imagination.

I stayed for hours imagining myself to be other than that which my reason and my senses dictated until the imagined states were vivid as reality – so vivid that passer-by became but a part of my imagination and acted as I would have them. By the power of imagination my fantasy led theirs and dictated to them their behavior and the discourse they held together while I was identified with my imagined state.

Man’s imagination is the man himself, and the world as imagination sees it is the real world, but it is our duty to imagine all that is lovely and of good report [Philippians 4:8]. “For the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart” [1 Samuel 16:7]. “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” [Proverbs 23:7].

In meditation, when the brain grows luminous, I find my imagination endowed with the magnetic power to attract to me whatsoever I desire. Desire is the power imagination uses to fashion life about me as I fashion it within myself.

I first desire to see a certain person or scene, and then I look at though I were seeing that which I want to see, and the imagined state becomes objectively real. I desire to hear, and then I listen as though I were hearing, and the imagined voice speaks that which I dictate as though it had initiated the message.

I could give you many examples to prove my arguments, to prove that these imagined states do become physical realities; but I know that my examples will awaken in all who have not met the like or who are not inclined towards my arguments, a most natural incredulity. Nevertheless, experience has convinced me of the truth of the statement, “He calleth those things which be not as though they were.” Romans 4:17

For I have, in intense meditation, called things that were not seen as though they were, and the unseen not only became seen, but eventually became physical realities.

By this method – first desiring and then imagining that we are experiencing that which we desire to experience – we can mold the future in harmony with our desire. But let us follow the advice of the prophet and think only the lovely and the good, for the imagination waits on us as indifferently and as swiftly when our nature is evil as when it is good. From us spring forth good and evil. ―I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil.‖ Deuteronomy 30:15

Desire and imagination are the enchanter’s wand of fable and they draw to themselves their own affinities. They break forth best when the mind is in a state akin to sleep.

I have written with some care and detail the method I use to enter the dimensionally larger world, but I shall give one more formula for opening the door of the larger world.

“In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction.” Job 33:15,16

In dream we are usually the servant of our vision rather than its master, but the internal fantasy of dream can be turned into an external reality.

In dream, as in mediation, we slip from this world into a dimensionally larger world, and I know that the forms in dream are not flat two-dimensional images which modern psychologists believe them to be. They are substantial realities of the dimensionally larger world, and I can lay hold of them. I have discovered that, if I surprise myself dreaming, I can lay hold of any inanimate or stationary form of the dream – a chair – a table – a stairway – a tree – and command to awake, while firmly holding on the object of the dream, I am pulled through myself with the distinct feeling of awakening from dream. I awaken in another sphere holding the object of my dream, to find that I am no longer the servant of my vision but its master, for I am fully conscious and in control of the movements of my attention. It is in this fully conscious state, when we are in control of the direction of thought, that we call things that are not seen as though they were. In this state we call things by wishing and assuming the feeling of our wish fulfilled.

Unlike the world of three dimensions where there is an interval between our assumption and its fulfillment, in the dimensionally larger world there is an immediate realization of our assumption. The external reality instantly mirrors our assumption. Here there is no need to wait four months till harvest [see John 4:35]. We look again as though we saw, and lo and behold, the fields are already white to harvest.

In this dimensionally larger world ―Ye shall not need to fight, set yourselves, stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord with you‖, 2 Chronicles 20:17. And because that greater world is slowly passing through our three-dimensional world, we can by the power of imagination mold our world in harmony with our desire.

Look as though you saw; listen as though you heard; stretch forth your imaginary hand as though you touched…. And your assumptions will harden into facts.

To those who believe that a true judgment must conform to the external reality to which it relates, this will be foolishness and a stumbling block [1 Corinthians 1:23].

But I preach and practice the fixing in consciousness of that which man desires to realize. Experience convinces me that fixed attitudes of mind which do not conform to the external reality to which they relate and are therefore called imaginary – “things which are not” – will, nevertheless, “bring to nought things that are” [1 Corinthians 1:28].

I do not wish to write a book of wonders, but rather to turn man’s mind back to the one and only reality that the ancient teachers worshipped as God.

All that was said of God was in reality said of man’s consciousness so we may say, “that, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in his own consciousness” [1 Corinthians 1:31; 2 Corinthians 10:17,18; “But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth Me, that I am the LORD which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth”, Jeremiah 9:24].

No man needs help to direct him in the application of this law of consciousness. “I am” is the self-definition of the absolute. The root out of which everything grows. “I am the vine” [John 15:1; 15:5].

What is your answer to the eternal question, “who am I?”

Your answer determines the part you play in the world’s drama. Your answer – that is, your concept of self – need not conform to the external reality to which it relates. This great truth is revealed in the statements, “Let the weak say, I am strong.” Joel 3:10

Look back over the good resolutions with which many past new years are encumbered. They lived a little while and then they died. Why? Because they were severed from their root. Assume that you are that which you want to be.

Experience in imagination what you would experience in the flesh were you already that which you want to be. Remain faithful to your assumption, so that you define yourself as that which you have assumed.

Things have no life if they are severed from their roots, and our consciousness, our “I AM-ness” is the root of all that springs in our world.

“If we believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins” – John 8:24 –, that is, if I do not believe that I am already that which I desire to be, then I remain as I am and die in my present concept of self.

There is no power, outside of the consciousness of man, to resurrect and make alive that which man desires to experience.

That man who is accustomed to call up at will whatever images he pleases, will be, by virtue of the power of his imagination, master of his fate.

―I am the resurrection, and the life; he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.John 11:25

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

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Chapter Four


“And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.” John 17:19

The ideal we serve and strive to attain could never be evolved from us were it not potentially involved in our nature.

It is now my purpose to retell and to emphasize an experience of mine printed by me two years ago. I believe these quotations from “THE SEARCH” will help us to understand the operation of the law of consciousness, and show us that we have no one to change but self.

“Once in an idle interval at sea I meditated on, “the perfect state,” and wondered what I would be, were I of too pure eyes to behold inequity, if to me all things were pure and were I without condemnation. As I became lost in this fiery brooding, I found myself lifted above the dark environment of the senses. So intense was feeling I felt myself a being of fire dwelling in a body of air. Voices as from a heavenly chorus, with the exaltation of those who had been conquerors in a conflict with death were singing, “He is risen– He is risen,” and intuitively I knew they meant me.

Then I seemed to be walking in the night. I soon came upon a scene that might have been the ancient Pool of Bethesda for in this place lay a great multitude of impotent folk –blind, halt, withered – waiting not for the moving of the water as of tradition, but waiting for me. As I came near, without thought or effort on my part they were, one after the other, molded as by the Magician of the Beautiful. Eyes, hands, feet – all missing members – were drawn from some invisible reservoir and molded in harmony with that perfection which I felt springing within me. When all were made perfect, the chorus exulted, “It is finished.” Then the scene dissolved and I awoke.

I know the vision was the result of my intense meditation upon the idea of perfection, for my meditations invariably bring about union with the state contemplated. I had been so completely absorbed within the idea that for a while I had become what I contemplated, and the high purpose with which I had for that moment identified myself drew the companionship of high things and fashioned the vision in harmony with my inner nature. The ideal with which we are united works by association of ideals to awaken a thousand moods to create a drama in keeping with the central idea.

My mystical experiences have convinced me that there is no way to bring about the outer perfection we seek other than by the transformation of ourselves.

In the divine economy nothing is lost. We cannot lose anything save by descent from the sphere where the thing has its natural life. There is no transforming power in death and, whether we are here or there, we fashion the world that surrounds us by the intensity of our imagination and feeling, and we illuminate or darken our lives by the concepts we hold of ourselves. Nothing is more important to us than our conception of ourselves, and especially is this true of our concept of the dimensionally great One within us.

Those who help or hinder us, whether they know it or not, are the servants of that law which shapes outward circumstances in harmony with our inner nature. It is our conception of ourselves which frees or constrains us, though it may use material agencies to achieve its purpose.

Because life molds the outer world to reflect the inner arrangement of our minds, there is no way of bringing about the outer perfection we seek other than by the transformation of ourselves. No help cometh from without; the hills to which we lift our eyes are those of an inner range. It is thus to our own consciousness that we must turn as to the only reality, the only foundation on which all phenomena can be explained. We can rely absolutely on the justice of this law to give us only that which is of the nature of ourselves.

To attempt to change the world before we change our concept of ourselves is to struggle against the nature of things. There can be no outer change until there is first an inner change. As within, so without. I am not advocating philosophical indifference when I suggest that we should imagine ourselves as already that which we want to be, living in a mental atmosphere of greatness, rather than using physical means and arguments to bring about the desired change. Everything we do, unaccompanied by a change of consciousness, is but futile readjustment of surfaces. However we toil or struggle, we can receive no more than our assumptions affirm. To protest against anything which happens to us is to protest against the law of our being and our rulership over our own destiny.

The circumstances of my life are too closely related to my conception of myself not to have been formed by my own spirit from some dimensionally larger storehouse of my being. If there is pain to me in these happenings, I should look within myself for the cause, for I am moved here and there and made to live in a world in harmony with my concept of myself.

Intense meditation brings about a union with the state contemplated, and during this union we see visions, have experiences and behave in keeping with our change of consciousness. This shows us that a transformation of consciousness will result in a change of environment and behavior.

All wars prove that violent emotions are extremely potent in precipitating mental rearrangements. Every great conflict has been followed by an era of materialism and greed in which the ideals for which the conflict ostensibly were waged are submerged.

This is inevitable because war evokes hate which impels a descent in consciousness from the plane of the ideal to the level where the conflict is waged. If we could become as emotionally aroused over our ideals as we become over our dislikes, we would ascend to the plane of our ideal as easily as we now descend to the level or our hates.

Love and hate have a magical transforming power, and we grow through their exercise into the likeness of what we contemplate. By intensity of hatred we create in ourselves the character we imagine in our enemies. Qualities die for want of attention, so the unlovely states might best be rubbed out by imaging “beauty for ashes and joy for mourning” [Isaiah 61:3] rather than by direct attacks on the state from which we would be free.

“Whatsoever things are lovely and of good report, think on these things” [Philippians 4:8], for we become that with which we are en rapport.

There is nothing to change but our concept of self. As soon as we succeed in transforming self, our world will dissolve and reshape itself in harmony with that which our change affirms.

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Your Invisible Power | Genevieve Behrend 

Your Invisible Power 


Genevieve Behrend 

Published in 1921, now in the public domain

This content is published to LivingWellnessCoaching.Com and may distributed freely


These pages have been written with purpose and hope that their suggestions may furnish you a key to open up the way to the attainment of your desires, and to explain that Fear should be entirely banished from your effort to obtain possession of the things you desire. 

This presupposes, of course, that your desire for possession is based upon your aspiration for greater liberty. For example, you feel that the possession of more money, lands or friends will make you happier, and your desire for possession of these things arises from a conviction that their possession will bring you liberty and happiness. In your effort to possess you will discover that the thing you most and ultimately need is to “Be,” always (not spasmodically) your best self -that self which understands that the mistakes of those you love are simply misunderstandings. 

Your feeling that greater possessions, no matter of what kind they may be, will, of themselves bring you contentment or happiness, is a misunderstanding. 

No person, place or thing can give you happiness. 

They may give you cause for happiness and a feeling of contentment, but the joy of Living comes from within. Therefore, it is here recommended, rather than otherwise, that you should make the effort to obtain the things which you feel will bring you joy, provided, as previously stated, that your desires are in accord with the joy of Living. 

It is also desired, in this volume, to suggest the possibilities in store for all who make persistent effort to understand the Law of Imagination and make practical application of this knowledge on whatever plane he or she may be. 

The word “effort,” as here employed, is not intended to convey the idea of strain. All study and meditation should be without strain or tension. It has been my endeavor to show that by starting at the beginning of the creative action or the mental picture, certain corresponding results are sure to follow. “While the laws of the Universe cannot be altered, they can be made to work under specific conditions, thereby producing results for individual advancement which cannot be obtained under the spontaneous working of the law provided by Nature.” However far the suggestions I have given you of the possibilities in store for you through imagining may carry you beyond your past experience, they nowhere break the continuity of the law of cause and effect. 

If through the suggestions here given anyone is brought to realize that their mind is a center through and in which “all power there is” is in operation, simply waiting to be given direction in the one and only way through which it can take specific action (and this means reaction in concrete or physical form), then the mission to which this book is dedicated has been fulfilled. 

Try to remember that the picture you think, feel and see is reflected into the Universal Mind, and by the natural law of reciprocal action must return to you in either spiritual or physical form. Knowledge of this law of reciprocal action between the individual and the Universal Mind opens to you free access to all you may wish to possess or to be. It must be steadfastly borne in mind that all this can only be true for the individual who recognizes that they derive their power to make an abiding mental picture from the All-Originating Universal Spirit of Life (God), and can be used constructively only so long as it is employed and retained in harmony with the Nature of the Spirit which originated it. 

To insure this there must be no inversion of the thought of the individual regarding their relationship to this Universal Originating Spirit which is that of a son or daughter, through which the parent mind acts and reacts. Thus conditioned, whatever you think and feel yourself to be; the Creative Spirit of Life is bound to faithfully reproduce in a corresponding reaction. This is the great reason for picturing yourself and your affairs as you wish them to be as existing facts (though invisible to the physical eye), and live in your picture. An honest endeavor to do this, always recognizing that your own mind is a projection of the Originating Spirit, will prove to you that the best there is, is yours in all your ways

Chapter 1 

Order of Visualization 

The exercise of the imagining faculty keeps your mind in order, and attracts to you the things you need to make life more enjoyable in an orderly way. If you train yourself in the practice of deliberately picturing your desire and carefully examining it, you will soon find your thoughts and desires come and proceed in a more orderly procession than ever before. 

Having reached a state of ordered mentality you are no longer in a constant state of mental hurry. Hurry is Fear and consequently destructive. In other words, when your understanding grasps the power to visualize your heart’s desire and hold it with your will, it attracts to you all things requisite to the fulfillment of that picture by the harmonious vibrations of the law of attraction. 

You realize that since Order is Heaven’s first law, and visualization places things in their natural element, then it must be a heavenly thing to visualize.

Everyone imagines, whether they know it or not. Imagining is the great secret of Success. The conscious use of this great power attracts to you greatly multiplied resources, intensifies your wisdom, and enables you to make use of advantages which you formerly failed to recognize. We now fly through the air, not because anyone has been able to change the laws of Nature, but because the inventor of the flying machine learned how to apply Nature’s laws and, by making orderly use of them, produced the desired result. 

So far as natural forces are concerned, nothing has changed since the beginning. There were no airplanes in “the Year One,” because those of that generation could not conceive the idea as a practical working possibility. “It has not yet been done” was the argument, “and it cannot be done.” Yet the laws and materials for practical flying machines existed then as now. 

Troward tells us that the great lesson he learned from the airplane and wireless telegraphy is the triumph of principle over precedent, and the working of an idea to its logical conclusion in spite of accumulated testimony of all past experience.

With such an example before you, can you not realize that still greater secrets may be disclosed? Also “That you hold the key within yourself, with which to unlock the secret chamber that contains your heart’s desire? All that is necessary in order that you may use this key and make your life exactly what you wish it to be, is a careful inquiry into the unseen causes which stand back of every external and visible condition. Then bring these unseen causes into harmony with your conception, and you will find that you can make practical working realities of possibilities which at present seem but fantastic dreams.” We all know that the balloon was the forefather of the airplane. 

In 1766 Henry Cavendish, an English nobleman, proved that hydrogen gas was seven times lighter than atmospheric air. From that discovery the balloon came into existence, and from the ordinary balloon the dirigible, a cigar-shaped airship, was evolved. Study of aeronautics and the laws of aerial locomotion of birds and projectiles led to the belief that mechanism could be evolved by which heavier-than-air machines could be made to travel from place to place and remain in the air by the maintenance of great speed which would overcome by propulsive force the ordinary law of gravitation. 

Professor Langley of Washington who developed much of the theory which others afterward improved was subjected to much derision when he sent a model airplane up only to have it bury its nose in the muddy water of the Potomac. But the Wright Brothers, who experimented in the latter part of the Nineteenth Century, realized the possibility of traveling through the air in a machine that had no gas bag. They saw themselves enjoying this mode of transportation with great facility. It is said that one of the brothers would tell the other (when their varied experiments did not turn out as they expected): “It’s all right, brother, I can see myself riding in that machine, and it travels easily and steadily.” Those Wright Brothers knew what they wanted, and kept their pictures constantly before them. 

In imagining, or making a mental picture, you are not endeavoring to change the laws of Nature. You are fulfilling them. 

Your object in imagining is to bring things into regular order both mentally and physically. When you realize that this method of employing the creative power brings your desires, one after another, into practical material accomplishment, your confidence in the mysterious but unfailing law of attraction, which has its central power station in the very heart of your word/picture, becomes supreme. Nothing can shake it. You never feel that it is necessary to take anything from anybody else. You have learned that asking and seeking have receiving and finding as their correlatives. 

You know that all you have to do is to start the plastic substance of the Universe flowing into the thought-molds your picturedesire provides. 

Chapter 2 

How To Attract To Yourself The Things You Desire 

The power within you which enables you to form a thought picture is the starting point of all there is. In its original state it is the undifferentiated formless substance of life. 

Your thought picture forms the mold (so to speak) into which this formless substance takes shape. Imagining, or mentally seeing things and conditions as you wish them to be, is the condensing, the specializing power in you that might be illustrated by the lens of a magic lantern. 

The magic lantern is one of the best symbols of this imaging faculty. It illustrates the working of the Creative Spirit on the plane of the initiative and selection (or in its concentrated specializing form) in a remarkably clear manner. 

This picture slide illustrates your own mental picture -invisible in the lantern of your mind until you turn on the light of your will. That is to say, you light up your desire with absolute faith that the Creative Spirit of Life, in you, is doing the work. By the steady flow of light of the will on the Spirit, your desired picture is projected upon the screen of the physical world, an exact reproduction of the pictured slide in your mind. 

Imagining without a will sufficiently steady to inhibit every thought and feeling contrary to your picture would be as useless as a magic lantern without the light. On the other hand, if your will is sufficiently developed to hold your picture in thought and feeling, without any “ifs,” simply realizing that your thought is the great attracting power, then your mental picture is as certain to be projected upon the screen of your physical world as any pictured slide put into the best magic lantern ever made. 

Try projecting the picture in a magic lantern with a light that is constantly shifting from one side to the other, and you will have the effect of an uncertain will. It is as necessary that you should always stand back of your picture with a strong, steady will, as it is to have a strong steady light back of a picture slide. 

 The joyous assurance with which you make your picture is the very powerful magnet of Faith, and nothing can obliterate it. 

You are happier than you ever were, because you have learned to know where your source of supply is, and you rely upon its never-failing response to your given direction. When all is said and done, happiness is the one thing which every human being wants, and the study of visualization enables you to get more out of life than you ever enjoyed before. Increasing possibilities keep opening out, more and more, before you.

 A business man once told me that since practicing visualization and forming the habit of devoting a few minutes each day to thinking about his work as he desired it to be in a large, broad way, his business had more than doubled in six months. 

His method was to go into a room every morning before breakfast and take a mental inventory of his business as he had left it the evening before, and then enlarge upon it. He said he expanded and expanded in this way until his affairs were in remarkably successful condition. He would see himself in his office doing everything that he wanted done. His occupation required him to meet many strangers every day. In his mental picture he saw himself meeting these people, understanding their needs and supplying them in just the way they wished. This habit, he said, had strengthened and steadied his will in an almost inconceivable manner. Furthermore, by thus mentally seeing things as he wished them to be, he had acquired the confident feeling that a certain creative power was exercising itself, for him and through him, for the purpose of improving his little world. When you first begin to visualize seriously, you may feel, as many others do, that someone else may be forming the same picture you are, and that naturally would not suit your purpose. Do not give yourself any unnecessary concern about this. Simply try to realize that your picture is an orderly exercise of the Universal Creative Power specifically applied. Then you may be sure that no one can work in opposition to you. The universal law of harmony prevents this. Endeavor to bear in mind that your mental picture is Universal Mind exercising its inherent powers of initiative and selection specifically. God, or Universal Mind, made man for the special purpose of differentiating Himself through him. Everything that is, came into existence in this same way, by this self-same law of self-differentiation, and for the same purpose. First the idea, the mental picture or the prototype of the thing, which is the thing itself in its incipiency or plastic form. 

The Great Architect of the Universe contemplated Himself as manifesting through His polar opposite, matter, and the idea expanded and projected itself until we have a world -many worlds. Many people ask, “But why should we have a physical world at all?” The answer is: Because it is the nature of originating substance to solidify, under directivity rather than activity, just as it is the nature of wax to harden when it becomes cold, or plaster of paris to become firm and solid when exposed to the air. Your picture in this same Divine substance in its fluent state taking shape through the individualized center of Divine operation, your mind; and there is no power to prevent this combination of spiritual substance from becoming physical form. It is the nature of Spirit to complete its work and an idea is not complete until it has made for itself a vehicle. Nothing can prevent your picture from coming into concrete form except the same power that gave it birth – yourself. 

Suppose you wish to have a more orderly room. You look about your room and the idea of order suggests boxes, closets, shelves, hooks and so forth. The box, the closet, the hooks, all are concrete ideas of order. Vehicles through which order and harmony suggest themselves. 

Chapter 3 

Relation Between Mental And Physical Form 

Some persons feel that it is not quite proper to visualize for things. “It’s too material” they say. But material form is necessary for the self-recognition of spirit from the individual standpoint. And this is the means through which the creative process is carried forward. Therefore, far from matter being an illusion and something that ought not to be (as some metaphysical teachers have taught), matter is the necessary channel for the self-differentiation of spirit. However, it is not my desire to lead you into lengthy and tiresome scientific reasoning in order to remove the mystery of visualization and to put it upon a logical foundation. Naturally, each individual will do this in his own way. My only wish is to point out to you the smoothest way I know, which is the road on which Troward guides me. I feel sure you will conclude as I have, that the only mystery in connection with imagining is the mystery of life taking form, governed by unchangeable and easily understood laws. 12 We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and imagining is one of the greatest of these powers. It brings other possibilities to our observation. When we pause to think for a moment, we realize that for a cosmos to exist at all, it must be the outcome of a cosmic mind, which binds “all individual minds to a certain generic unities of action, thereby producing all things as realities and nothing as illusions.” If you will take this thought of Troward’s and meditate upon it without prejudice, you will surely realize that concrete material form is an absolute necessity of the creative process, also “that matter is not an illusion but a necessary channel through which life differentiates itself.” If you consider matter in its right order as the polar opposite to Spirit, you will not find any antagonism between them. On the contrary, together they constitute one harmonious whole. And when you realize this you feel, in your practice of imagining, that you are working from cause to effect, from beginning to finish. In reality your mental picture is the specialized working of the originating spirit. One could talk for hours on purely scientific lines, showing, as Troward says, “that raw material for the formation of the solar systems is universally distributed throughout all space. Yet investigation shows that while the Heavens are studded with millions of suns, there are spaces that show no signs of cosmic activity. This being true, there must be something which started cosmic activity in certain places, while passing over others in which the raw material was equally available. At first thought one might attribute the development of cosmic energy to the etheric particles themselves. Upon investigation, however, we find this to be mathematically impossible in a medium which is equally distributed throughout space, for all its particles are in equilibrium, therefore no one particle possesses in itself a greater power of originating motion than the other. Thus we find that the initial movement, though working in and through the particles of primary substance, is not the particles themselves. It is this something we mean when we speak of Spirit. The same power that brought universal substance into existence will bring your individual thought or mental picture into physical form. There is no difference of kind in the power. The only difference is a difference of scale. The power and the substance themselves are the same. Only in working out your mental picture it has transferred its creative energy from the universal to the scale of the particular, and is working in the same unfailing manner from its specific center, your mind.

 Chapter 4

 Operation Of Your Mental Picture 

THE operation of a large telephone system may be used as a simile. The main or head central subdivides itself into many branch centrals, every branch being in direct connection with its source and each individual branch recognizing the source of its existence, reports all things to its central head. Therefore, when assistance of any nature is required, new supplies, difficult repairs to be done or what not, the branch in need goes at once to its central head. It would not think of referring its difficulties (or its successes) to the main central of a telegraph system (though they belong to the same organization). 

These different branch centrals know that the only remedy for any difficulty must come from the central out of which they were projected. If we, as individual branches of the Universal Mind, would refer our difficulties in the same confident manner to the source from which we were projected, and use the remedies that it has provided, we would realize what Jesus meant when he said, “Ask and ye shall receive.” Our every equipment would be met. Surely the Father must supply the child. The trunk of the tree cannot fail to provide for its branches. Everything animate or inanimate is called into existence or outstandingness by a power which itself does not stand out. 

The power that creates the mental picture, the originating spirit substance of your pictured desire does not stand out. It projects the substance of itself that is a solidified counterpart of itself, while it remains invisible to the physical eye. Only those will ever appreciate the value of imagining who are able to realize Paul’s meaning when he said “The worlds were formed by the word of God. Things which are seen are not made of things which do appear.” 

There is nothing unusual or mysterious in the idea of your pictured desire coming into material evidence. It is the working of a universal natural Law. The world was projected by the self-contemplation of the Universal Mind, and this same action is taking place in its individualized branch which is the Mind of Man. Everything in the whole world has its beginning in mind and comes into existence in exactly the same manner from the hat on your head to the boots on your feet. All are projected thoughts, solidified.

 Your personal advance in evolution depends upon your right use of the power of imagining, and your use of it depends on whether you recognize that you, yourself, are a particular center through and in which the originating spirit is finding ever new expression for potentialities already existing within itself. This is evolution; this continual unfolding of existing though outwardly invisible things. 

Your mental picture is the force of attraction that evolves and combines the originating substance into specific shape. Your picture is the combining and evolving powerhouse, so to speak, through which the originating Creative Spirit expressed itself. Its creative action is limitless, without beginning and without end, and always progressive and orderly. “It proceeds stage by stage, each stage being a necessary preparation for the one to follow.” Now let us see if we can get an idea of the different stages by which the things in the world have come to be. Troward says, “If we can get at the working principle which is producing these results, we can very quickly and easily give it personal application. 

First, we find that the thought of originating life or Spirit about itself is its simple awareness of its own being and this produced a primary ether, a universal substance out of which everything in the world must grow. Troward also tells us that “though this awareness of being is a necessary foundation for any further possibilities, it is not much to talk about.” 

It is the same with individualized spirit, which is yourself. Before you would entertain the idea of making a mental picture of your desire as being at all practical, you must have some idea of your being, of your “I am,” and just as soon as you are conscious of your “I-am-ness” you begin to wish to enjoy the freedom which this consciousness suggests. 

You want to do more and be more, and as you fulfill this desire within yourself, localized spirit begins conscious activities in you. The thing you are most concerned with is the specific action of the creative spirit of life, universal mind specialized. The localized God-germ in you is your personality, your individuality, and since the joy of absolute freedom is the inherent nature of this God-germ, it is natural that it should endeavor to enjoy itself through its specific center. And as you grow in the comprehension that your being, your individuality, is God particularizing Himself, you naturally develop Divine tendencies. 

You want to enjoy life and liberty. You want freedom in your affairs as well as in your consciousness, and it is natural that you should. Always with this progressive wish there is a faint thought-picture. As your wish and your recognition grow into an intense desire, this desire becomes a clear mental picture. 

For example, a young lady studying music wishes she had a piano in order to practice at home. She wants the piano so much that she can mentally see it in one of the rooms. She holds the picture of the piano and indulges in the mental reflection of the pleasure and advantage it will be to have the piano in the corner of the living room. One day she finds it there just as she had pictured it. 

As you grow in understanding as to who you are, where you came from, and what the purpose of your being is, how you are to fulfill the purpose for which you are intended, you will more and more afford a center through which the creative spirit of life can enjoy itself. And you will realize that there can be but one creative process filling all space, which is the same in its potentiality whether universal or individual. Furthermore, all that there is, whether on the plane of the visible or invisible, had its origin in the localized action of thought or a mental picture, and this includes yourself, because you are universal spirit localized, and the same creative action is taking place through you. 

Now you are no doubt asking yourself why there is so much sickness and misery in the world. If the same power and intelligence which brought the world into existence is in operation in the mind of man, why does it not manifest itself as strength, joy, health and plenty? If one can have one’s desires fulfilled by simply making a mental picture of that desire, holding on to it with the will, and doing without anxiety, on the outward plane, whatever seems necessary to bring the desire into fulfillment, then there seems no reason for the existence of sickness and poverty. Surely no one desires either. The first reason is that few persons will take the trouble to inquire into the working principle of the laws of life. If they did they would soon convince themselves that there is no necessity for the sickness and poverty that we see about us. They would realize that imagining is a principle and not a fallacy. There are a few who have found it worthwhile to study this simple, though absolutely unfailing law that will deliver them from bondage. However, the race as a whole is not willing to give the time required for this study. It is either too simple, or too difficult. They may make a picture of their desire with some little understanding of imagining for a day or two, but more frequently it is for an hour or so. But if you will insist upon mentally seeing yourself surrounded by things and conditions as you wish them to be, you will understand that the creative energy sends its plastic substance in the direction indicated by the tendency of your thoughts. Herein lies the advantage of holding your thought in the form of a mental picture. 

The more enthusiasm and faith you are able to put into your picture, the more quickly it will come into visible form, and your enthusiasm is increased by keeping your desire secret. The moment you speak it to any living soul, that moment your power is weakened. 

Your power, your magnet of attraction is not so strong, and consequently cannot reach so far. The more perfectly a secret between your mind and outer self is guarded, the more vitality you give your power of attraction. 

One tells one’s troubles to weaken them, to get them off one’s mind, and when a thought is given out, its power is dissipated. Talk it over with yourself, and even write it down and at once destroy the paper. However, this does not mean that you should strenuously endeavor to compel the power to work out your picture on the special lines that you think it should. That method would soon exhaust you and hinder the fulfillment of your purpose. 

A wealthy relative need not necessarily die or someone lose a fortune on the street to materialize the $10,000 that you are mentally picturing. One of the doormen in the building in which I live heard much of the mental picturing of desires from visitors passing out of my rooms. The average desire was for $500. He considered that five dollars was more in his line and began to visualize it, without the slightest idea of where or how he was to get it. My parrot flew out of the window, and I telephoned to the men in the courtyard to get it for me. One caught it and it bit him on the finger. The doorman, who had gloves on, and did not fear a similar hurt, took hold of it and brought it up to me. I gave him five one-dollar bills for the service. This sudden reward surprised him. He enthusiastically told me that he had been imagining for just $5, merely from hearing that others visualized. He was delighted at the unexpected realization of his mental picture.

All you have to do is to make such a mental picture of your heart’s desire, hold it cheerfully in place with your will, always conscious that the  same Infinite Power which brought the universe into existence brought you into form for the purpose of enjoying itself in and through you. And since it is all life, love, light, power, peace, beauty and joy, and is the only creative power there is, the form it takes in and through you depends upon the direction given it by your thought indicator. In you it is undifferentiated, waiting to take any direction given it as it passes through the instrument that it has made for the purpose of self-distribution. 

It is this power which enables you to transfer your thoughts from one form to another. The power to change your mind is the individualized universal power taking the initiative, giving direction to the fluent substance contained in every thought. It is the simplest thing in the world to give this highly sensitive plastic substance any form you will through imagining. 

Anyone can do it with a small expenditure of effort. Once you really believe that your mind is a center through which the plastic substance of all there is in your world, takes involuntary form, the only reason why your picture does not always materialize is because you have introduced something antagonistic to the fundamental principle. Very often this destructive element is caused by the frequency with which you change your pictures. 

After many such changes you decide that your original desire is what you want after all. Upon this conclusion you begin to wonder why, “being your first picture,” it hasn’t materialized. The plastic substance with which you are mentally dealing is more sensitive than the most sensitive photographer’s film. If, in taking a picture, you suddenly remembered you had already taken a picture on that same plate, you would not expect a perfect result of either picture. 

On the other hand, you may have taken two pictures on the same plate unconsciously. When the plate has been developed, and the picture comes into physical view, you do not condemn the principle of photography, nor are you puzzled to understand why your picture has turned out so unsatisfactorily. You do not feel that it is impossible for you to obtain a good, clear picture of the subject in question. You know that you can do so, by simply starting at the beginning, putting in a new plate, and determining to be more careful while taking your picture next time. 

These lines followed out, you are sure of a satisfactory result. If you will proceed in the same manner with your mental picture, doing your part in a correspondingly confident frame of mind, the result will be just as perfect. The laws of imagining are as infallible as the laws governing photography. In fact, photography is the outcome of imagining. Again, your results in imagining and your desires may be imperfect or delayed through the misuse of this power, owing to the thought that the fulfillment of your desire is contingent upon certain persons or conditions. 

The originating principle is not in any way dependent upon any person, place or thing. It has no past and knows no future. The law is that the originating creative principle of life is “the universal here and everlasting now.” It creates its own vehicles through which to operate. Therefore, past experience has no bearing upon your present picture. So do not try to obtain your desire through a channel that may not be natural for it, even though it may seem reasonable to you. 

Your feeling should be that the thing, or the consciousness which you so much desire, is normal and natural, a part of yourself, a form for your evolution. If you can do this, there is no power to prevent your enjoying the fulfillment of the picture you have in hand, or any other. 

Chapter 5 

Expressions from Beginners 

HUNDREDS of people have realized that “imagining is an Aladdin’s lamp to him with a mighty will.” General Foch says that his feelings were so outraged during the Franco Prussian war in 1870 that he visualized himself leading a French army against the Germans to victory. He said he made his picture, smoked his pipe and waited. This is one result of imagining we are all familiar with. 

A famous actress wrote a long article in one of the leading Sunday papers last winter, describing how she rid herself of excessive body fat and weight by seeing her figure constantly as she wished to be. A very interesting letter came to me from a doctor’s wife while I was lecturing in New York. She began with the hope that I would never discontinue my lectures on visualization, making humanity realize the wonderful fact that they possess the method of liberation within themselves. 

Relating her own experience, she said that she had been born on the East Side of New York in the poorest quarter. From earliest girlhood she had cherished a dream of marrying a physician some day. This dream gradually formed a stationary mental picture. The first position she obtained was in the capacity of a nursemaid in a physician’s family. Leaving this place she entered the family of another doctor. The wife of her employer died, and in time the doctor married her, the result of her long pictured yearning. After that both she and her husband conceived the idea of owning a fruit farm in the South. They formed a mental picture of the idea and put their faith in its eventual fulfillment. The letter she sent me came from their fruit farm in the South. 

It was while at the farm that the doctor’s wife wrote me. Her second mental picture had seen the light of materialization. Many letters of a similar nature come to me every day. 

The following is a case that was printed in the New York Herald last May: Atlantic City, May 5 She was an old woman, and when she was arraigned before Judge Clarence Goldenberg in the police court today she was so weak and tired she could hardly stand. The judge asked the court attendant what she was charged with. “Stealing a bottle of milk, Your Honor,” repeated the officer. “She took it from the doorstep of a downtown cottage before daybreak this morning.” “Why did you do that?” Judge Goldenberg asked her. “I was hungry,” the old woman said. “I didn’t have a cent in the world and no way to get anything to eat except to steal it. I didn’t think anybody would mind if I took a bottle of milk.” “What’s your name?” asked the judge. “Weinberg,” said the old woman, “Elizabeth Weinberg.” Judge Goldenberg asked her a few questions about herself. Then he said: “Well, you’re not very wealthy now, but you’re no longer poor. I’ve been searching for you for months. I’ve got $500 belonging to you from the estate of a relative. I am the executor of the estate.” Judge Goldenberg paid the woman’s fine out of his own pocket, and then escorted her into his office, where he turned her legacy over to her and sent a policeman out to find her a lodging place. 

I learned later that this little woman had been desiring and mentally picturing $500, while all the time ignorant of how it could possibly come to her. But she kept her vision and strengthened it with her faith. 

In a recent issue of Good Housekeeping there was an article by Addington Bruce entitled “Stiffening Your Mental Backbone.” It is very instructive, and would benefit anyone to read it. He says, in part: “Form the habit of devoting a few moments every day to thinking about your work in a large, broad imaginative way, as a vital necessity to yourself and a useful service to society.” Huntington, the great railway magnate, before he started building his road from coast to coast, said that he took hundreds of trips all along the line before there was a rail laid. It is said that he would sit for hours with a map of the United States before him and mentally travel from coast to coast just as we do now over his fulfilled mental picture. 

It would be possible to call your attention to hundreds of similar cases. The best method of picturing to yourself that which you may desire is both simple and enjoyable, if you once understand the principle back of it well enough to believe it. First and above everything else, be sure of what it is you really want. Then specialize your desire along these lines. 

Chapter 6 

Suggestions for Making Your Mental Picture 

Perhaps you want to feel that you’ve lived to some purpose. You want to be content and happy, and you feel that with good health and with successful business you could enjoy this state of mind. After you have decided once and for all that this is what you want, you proceed to picture yourself healthy, and your business just as great a success as you can naturally conceive it growing into. The best time for making your definite picture is just before breakfast and before retiring at night. 

As it is necessary to give yourself plenty of time, it may be necessary to rise earlier than is your usual habit. Go into a room where you will not be disturbed, meditate for a few moments upon the practical working of the law of imagining, and ask yourself, “How did the things about me first come into existence? How may I find it helpful to get more quickly in touch with the invisible supply?” 

Someone felt that comfort would be better expressed and experienced by sitting on a chair than on the floor. The very beginning of the meditation, the chair, was the desire to be at ease. With this came the picture of some sort of a chair. The same principle applies to the hat and the clothes that you wear. 

Go carefully into this thought of the principle back of the thing. Establish it as a personal experience; make it a fact to your consciousness. If you are thorough in this, you will find yourself in the deep consciousness beneath the surface of your own thought-power. Then open a window, take about ten deep breaths, and during the time draw a large imaginary circle of light around you. 

As you inhale (keeping yourself in the center of this circle of light) see great rays of light coming from the circle and entering your body at all points, centralizing itself at your solar plexus. Hold the breath a few moments at this central light of your body (the solar plexus) then slowly exhale. As you do this mentally, see imaginary rays, or sprays, of light going up through the body and down and out through the feet. Mentally spray your entire body with this imaginary light. When you have finished the breathing exercise, sit in a comfortable upright chair and mentally know there is but one life, one substance, and this life substance of the universe is finding pleasure in self-recognition in you. 

Repeat some affirmation of this kind, until you feel the truth and reality of the words that you are affirming. Then begin your picture. Whether your desire is for a state of consciousness or a possession, large or small, begin at the beginning. If you want a house, begin by seeing yourself in the kind of house you desire. Go all through it, taking careful note of the rooms, where the windows are situated, and such other details as help you to feel the reality of your concept. You might change some of the furniture and look into some of the mirrors just to see how healthy, wealthy and happy you look. 

Go over your picture again and again until you feel the reality of it, then write it all down just as you have seen it, with the feeling that, “The best there is, is mine. There is no limit to me, because my mind is a center of divine operation” and your picture is as certain to come true, in your physical world, as the sun is to shine. 

Chapter 7 

Things to Remember In Using Your Thought Power for the Production of New Conditions, 

1. Be sure to know what conditions you wish to produce. Then weigh carefully to what further results the accomplishment of your desire will lead. 

2. By letting your thoughts dwell upon a mental picture, you are concentrating the creative spirit to this center, where all its forces are equally balanced. 

3. Imagining brings your objective mind into a state of equilibrium which enables you to consciously direct the flow of spirit to a definitely recognized purpose and to carefully guide your thought from including a flow in the opposite direction. 

4. You must always bear in mind that you are dealing with a wonderful potential energy -which is not yet differentiated into any particular mold, and that by the action of your mind you can differentiate it into any specific mold that you will. Your picture assists you to keep your mind fixed on the fact that the inflow of this creative energy is taking place. Also by your mental picture you are determining the direction you wish the sensitive creative power to take, and by doing this the externalization of your picture is a certainty. 

5. Remember when you are imagining properly that there is no strenuous effort on your thoughts to hold your thought-forms in place. Strenuous effort defeats your purpose, and suggests the consciousness of an adverse force to be fought against, and this creates conditions adverse to your picture. 

6. By holding your picture in a cheerful frame of mind, you shut out all thoughts that would disperse the spiritual nucleus of your picture. Because the law is creative in its action, your pictured desire is certain of accomplishment. 

7. The seventh and great thing to remember in imagining is that you are making a mental picture for the purpose of determining the quality you are giving to the previously undifferentiated substance and energy rather than to arrange the specific circumstances for its manifestation. That is the work of creative power itself. It will build its own forms of expression quite naturally, if you will allow it, and save you a great deal of needless anxiety. What you really want is expansion in a certain direction, whether of health, wealth, or whatnot, and so long as you get it (as you surely will, if you confidently hold to your picture) what does it matter whether it reaches you by some channel which you thought you could count upon, or through some other of whose existence you had no idea. You are concentrating energy of a particular kind for a particular purpose. Bear this in mind and let specific details take care of themselves, and never mention your intention to anyone. Remember always, that Nature from her clearly visible surface to her most arcane depths is one vast storehouse of light and good entirely devoted to your individual use. 

Your conscious Oneness with the great Whole is the secret of success and when once you have fathomed this you can enjoy your possession of the whole or a part of it at will, because by your recognition you have made it, and can increasingly make it yours. Never forget that every physical thing, whether for you or against you, was a sustained thought before it was a thing. Thought as thought is neither good nor bad, it is creative action and always takes physical form. Therefore, the thoughts you dwell upon become the things you possess or do not possess. 

Chapter 8 

Why I Took Up The Study Of Mental Science 

I have frequently been questioned about my reasons for taking up the study of Mental Science, and as to the results of my search, not only in knowledge of principles, but also in the application of that knowledge to the development of my own life and experience. Such inquiries are justifiable, because one who essays the role of a messenger and teacher of psychological truths can only be effective and convincing as he or she has tested them in the laboratory of mental experience. 

This is particularly true in my case, as the only personal pupil of Thomas Troward, the greatest Master of Mental Science of the present day, whose teaching is based upon the relation borne by the Individual Mind toward the Universal Creative Mind which is the Giver of Life, and the manner in which that relation may be invoked to secure expansion and fuller expression in the individual life. The initial impulse toward the study of Mental Science was an overwhelming sense of loneliness. In every life there must come some such experiences of spiritual isolations as, at that period, pervaded my life. Notwithstanding the fact that each day found me in the midst of friends, surrounded by mirth and gaiety, there was a persistent feeling that I was alone in the world. I had been a widow for about three years, wandering from country to country, seeking for peace of mind. The circumstances and surroundings of my life were such that my friends looked upon me as an unusually fortunate young woman. Although they recognized that I had sustained a great loss when my husband died, they knew that he had left me well provided for, free to go anywhere at pleasure, and having many friends. Yet, if my friends could have penetrated my innermost emotions, they would have found a deep sense of emptiness and isolation. 

This feeling inspired a spirit of unrest that drove me on and on in fruitless search upon the outside for that which I later learned could only be obtained from within. 

I studied Christian Science, but it gave me no solace, though fully realizing the great work the Scientists were doing, and even having the pleasure and privilege of meeting Mrs. Eddy personally. But it was impossible for me to accept the fundamental teachings of Christian Science and make practical application of it. 

When about to abandon the search for contentment and resign myself to resume a life of apparent amusement, a friend invited me to visit the great Seer and Teacher, Abdul Baha. After my interview with this most wonderful of men, my search for contentment began to take a change. 

He had told me that I would travel the world seeking the truth, and when I had found it would speak it out. The fulfillment of the statement of this Great Seer then seemed to be impossible. But it carried a measure of encouragement, and at least indicated that my former seeking had been in the wrong direction. I began in a feeble and groping way to find contentment within myself, for had he not intimated that I should find the truth. That was the big thing, and about the only thing I remember of our interview. A few days later, upon visiting the office of a New Thought practitioner, my attention was attracted to a book on his table entitled “The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science,” by Thomas Troward. It interested me to see that Troward was a retired Divisional judge from Punjab, India. I purchased the book, thinking I would read it through that evening. 

Many have endeavored to do the same thing, only to find, as I did, that the book must be studied in order to be understood, and hundreds have decided, just as I did, to give it their undivided attention. After finding this treasure book I went to the country for a few days, and while there studied the volume as thoroughly as I could. It seemed extremely difficult, and I decided to purchase another book of Troward’s, in the hope that its study might not require so much of an effort. Upon inquiry I was told that a subsequent volume, “The Dore Lectures,” was much the simpler and better of the two books. When I procured it, I found that it must also be studied. It took me weeks and months to get even a vague conception of the meaning of the first chapter of Dore, which is entitled “Entering Into the Spirit of It.” I mean by this that it took me months to enter into the spirit of what I was reading. But in the meantime a paragraph from page 26 arrested my attention, as seeming the greatest thing I had ever read. I memorized it and endeavored with all my soul to enter into the spirit of Troward’s words. The paragraph reads: “My mind is a center of Divine operation. 

The Divine operation is always for expansion and fuller expression, and this means the production of something beyond what has gone before, something entirely new, not included in the past experience, though proceeding out of it by an orderly sequence of growth. Therefore, since the Divine cannot change its inherent nature, it must operate in the same manner with me; consequently, in my own special world, of which I am the center, it will move forward to produce new conditions, always in advance of any that have gone before.” It took an effort on my part to memorize this paragraph, but in the endeavor toward this end the words seemed to carry with them a certain stimulus. Each repetition of the paragraph made it easier for me to enter into the spirit of it. The words expressed exactly what I had been seeking for. 

My one desire was for peace of mind. I found it comforting to believe that the Divine operation in me could expand to fuller expression and produce more and more contentment -in fact, a peace of mind and a degree of contentment greater than I had ever known. The paragraph further inspired me with deep interest to feel that the life-spark in me could bring into my life something entirely new. I did not wish to obliterate my past experience, but that was exactly what Troward said it would not do. The Divine operation would not exclude my past experience, but proceeding out of them would bring some new thing that would transcend anything that I had ever experienced before. Meditation on these statements brought with it a certain joyous feeling. What a wonderful thing it would be if I could accept and sincerely believe, beyond all doubt, that this one statement of Troward’s was true. Surely the Divine could not change its inherent nature, and since Divine life is operating in me, I must be Divinely inhabited, and the Divine in me must operate just as it operates upon the Universal plane. This meant that my whole world of circumstances, friends and conditions would ultimately become a world of contentment and enjoyment of which “I am the center.” This would all happen just as soon as I was able to control my mind and thereby provide concrete center around which the Divine energies could play. Surely it was worth trying for. If Troward had found this truth, why not I? 

The idea held me to my task. Later I determined to study with the man who had realized and given to the world so great a statement. It had lifted me from my state of despondency. The immediate difficulty was the need for increased finances. 

Chapter 9 

How I Attracted To Myself Twenty Thousand Dollars 

In the laboratory of experience in which my newly revealed relation to Divine operation was to be tested, the first problem was a financial one.

My income was a stipulated one, quite enough for my everyday needs. But it did not seem sufficient to enable me to go comfortably to England where Troward lived, and remain for an indefinite period to study with so great a teacher as he must be. So before inquiring whether Troward took pupils or whether I would be eligible in case he did, I began to use the paragraph I had memorized. Daily, in fact, almost hourly, the words were in my mind: “My mind is a center of Divine operation, and Divine operation means expansion into something better than has gone before.” 

From the Edinburgh Lectures I had read something about the Law of Attraction, and from the Chapter of “Causes and Conditions” I had gleaned a vague idea of imagining. So every night, before going to sleep, I made a mental picture of the desired $20,000. Twenty $1,000 bills were counted over each night in my bedroom, and then, with the idea of more emphatically impressing my mind with the fact that this twenty thousand dollars was for the purpose of going to England and studying with Troward, I wrote out my picture, saw myself buying my steamer ticket, walking up and down the ship’s deck from New York to London, and, finally, saw myself accepted as Troward’s pupil. 

This process was repeated every morning and every evening, always impressing more and more fully upon my mind Troward’s memorized statement: “My mind is a center of Divine operations.” I endeavored to keep this statement in the back part of my consciousness all the time with no thought in mind as how the money might be obtained. 

Probably the reason why there was no thought of the avenues through which the money might reach me was because I could not possibly imagine where the $20,000 would come from. So I simply held my thought steady and let the power of attraction find its own ways and means. One day while walking on the street, taking deep breathing exercises, the thought came:

 “My mind is surely a center of Divine operation. If God fills all space, then God must be in my mind also; if I want this money to study with Troward that I may know the truth of Life, then both the money and the truth must be mine, though I am unable to feel or see the physical manifestations of either; still,”

 I declared, 

“It must be mine.” 

While these reflections were going on in my mind, there seemed to come up from within me the thought: “I am all the substance there is.” Then, from another channel in my brain the answer seemed to come, “Of course, that’s it; everything must have its beginning in mind. The “I” the Idea, must be the only one and primary substance there is, and this means money as well as everything else. My mind accepted this idea, and immediately all the tension of mind and body was relaxed. There was a feeling of absolute certainty of being in touch with all the power Life has to give. All thought of money, teacher, or even my own personality, vanished in the great wave of joy which swept over my entire being. I walked on and on with this feeling of joy steadily increasing and expanding until everything about me seemed aglow with resplendent light. Every person I passed was illuminated as I was. 

All consciousness of personality had disappeared, and in its place there came that great and almost overwhelming sense of joy and contentment. That night when I made my picture of the twenty thousand dollars it was with an entirely changed aspect. 

On previous occasions, when making my mental picture, I had felt that I was waking up something within myself. This time there was no sensation of effort. I simply counted over twenty thousand dollars. Then, in a most unexpected manner, from a source of which I had no consciousness at the time, there seemed to open a possible avenue through which the money might reach me. At first it took great effort not to be excited. It all seemed so wonderful, so glorious to be in touch with supply. But had not Troward cautioned his readers to keep all excitement out of their minds in the first flush of realization of union with Infinite supply, and to treat this fact as a perfectly natural result that had been reached through our demand? This was even more difficult for me than it was to hold the thought that “all the substance there is, I am; I (idea) am the beginning of all form, visible or invisible.” Just as soon as there appeared a circumstance which indicated the direction through which the twenty thousand dollars might come, I not only made a supreme effort to regard the indicated direction calmly as the first sprout of the seed I had sown in the absolute, but left no stone unturned to follow up that direction by fulfilling my part. By so doing one circumstance seemed naturally to lead to another, until, step-by-step, my desired twenty thousand dollars was secured. 

To keep my mind poised and free from excitement was my greatest effort. This first concrete fruition of my study of Mental Science as expounded by Troward’s book had come by a careful following of the methods he had outlined. In this connection, therefore, I can offer to the reader no better gift than to quote Troward’s book, “The Edinburgh Lectures,” from which may be derived a complete idea of the line of action I was endeavoring to follow. In the chapter on Causes and Conditions he says: “To get good results we must properly understand our relation to the great impersonal power we are using. It is intelligent, and we are intelligent, and the two intelligences must cooperate. 

We must not fly in the face of the Law expecting it to do for us what it can only do through us; and we must therefore use our intelligence with the knowledge that it is acting as the instrument of a greater intelligence; and because we have this knowledge we may and should cease from all anxiety as to the final result. In actual practice we must first form the ideal conception of our object with the definite intention of impressing it upon the universal mind -it is this thought that takes such thought out of the region of mere casual fancies -and then affirm that our knowledge of the Law is sufficient reason for a calm expectation of a corresponding result, and that therefore all necessary conditions will come to us in due order. 

We can then turn to the affairs of our daily life with the calm assurance that the initial conditions are either there already or will soon come into view. If we do not at once see them, let us rest content with the knowledge that the spiritual prototype is already in existence and wait till some circumstance pointing in the desired direction begins to show itself. It may be a very small circumstance, but it is the direction and not the magnitude that is to be taken into consideration. 

As soon as we see it we should regard it as the first sprouting of the seed sown in the Absolute, and do calmly, and without excitement, whatever the circumstances seem to require, and then later on we shall see that this doing will in turn lead to a further circumstance in the same direction, until we find ourselves conducted, step by step, to the accomplishment of our object. In this way the understanding of the great principle of the Law of Supply will, by repeated experiences, deliver us more and more completely out of the region of anxious thought and toilsome labor and bring us into a new world where the useful employment of all our powers, whether mental or physical, will only be an unfolding of our individuality upon the lines of its own nature, and therefore a perpetual source of health and happiness; a sufficient inducement, surely, to the careful study of the laws governing the relation between the individual and the Universal Mind. To my mind, then as now, this quotation outlines the core and center of the method and manner of approach necessary for coming in touch with Infinite supply. At least it, together with the previously quoted statement, “My mind is a center of Divine operation,” etc., constituted the only apparent means of attracting to myself the twenty thousand dollars. 

My constant endeavor to get into the spirit of these statements, and to attract to myself this needed sum, was about six weeks, at the end of which time I had in my bank the required twenty thousand dollars. 

This could be made into a long story, giving all the details, but the facts, as already narrated, will give you a definite idea of the magnetic condition of my mind while the twenty thousand dollars was finding its way to me. 

Chapter 10

How I Became The Only Personal Pupil Of The Greatest Mental Scientist Of The Present Day 

As soon as the idea of studying with Troward came to me, I asked a friend to write to him for me, feeling that perhaps my friend could put my desire in better or more persuasive terms than I could employ. To all the letters written by this friend I received not one reply. This was so discouraging that I would have completely abandoned the idea of becoming Troward’s pupil except for the experience I had that day on the street when my whole world was illuminated, and I remembered the promise “All things whatsoever thou wilt, believe thou hast received, and thou shalt receive.” With this experience in my mind, my passage to England was arranged, notwithstanding the fact that apparently my letters were ignored. We wrote again, however, and finally received a reply, very courteous though very positive.

Troward did not take pupils; he had no time to devote to a pupil. Notwithstanding this definite decision, I declined to be discouraged because of the memory of my experience upon the day when the light and the thought came to me, “I am all the Substance there is.” I seemed to be able to live that experience over at will, and with it there always came a flood of courage and renewed energy. We journeyed on to London, and from there telegraphed Troward, asking for an interview. The telegram was promptly answered by Troward setting a date when he could see us this time Troward was living in Ruan Manor, a little-out-of-the-way place in the southern part of England, about twenty miles from a railway station. We could not find it on the map, and with great difficulty Cook’s Touring Agency in London, located the place for us.

There was very little speculation in my mind as to what Troward would say to me in this interview. There always remained the feeling that the truth was mine; also that it would grow and expand in my consciousness until peace and contentment were outward as well as inward manifestations of my individual life. We arrived at Troward’s house in a terrific rainstorm, and were cordially received by Troward himself, whom I found, much to my surprise, to be more the type of a Frenchman than an Englishman (I afterward learned that he was a descendant of the Huguenot race), a man of medium stature, with rather a large head, big nose, and eyes that fairly danced with merriment.

After we had been introduced to the other members of the family and given a hot cup of tea, we were invited into the living room where Troward talked very freely of everything except my proposed studies. It seemed quite impossible to bring him to that subject. Just before we were leaving, however, I asked quite boldly: “Will you not reconsider your decision to take a personal pupil? I wish so much to study with you,” to which he replied with a very indifferent manner that he did not feel he could give the time it would require for personal instruction, but that he would be glad to give me the names of two or three books which he felt would not only be interesting but instructive to me. He said he felt much flattered and pleased that I had come all the way from America to study with him, and as we walked out through the lane from his house to our automobile his manner became less indifferent, a feeling of sympathy seemed to touch his heart, and he turned to me with the remark: “You might write to me, if so inclined, after you get to Paris, and perhaps, if I have time in the autumn, we could arrange something, though it does not seem possible now.” I lost no time in following up his very kind invitation to write.

My letters were all promptly and courteously answered, but there was never a word of encouragement as to my proposed studies. Finally, about two months later, there came a letter with the question in it: “What do you suppose is the meaning of this verse in the 21st Chapter of Revelation?” “16. And the city lieth foursquare and the length is as large as the breadth; and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.” Instinctively I knew that my chance to study with Troward hung upon my giving the correct answer to that question. The definition of the verse seemed utterly beyond my reach.

Naturally, answers came to my mind, but I knew intuitively that none was correct. I began bombarding my scholarly friends and acquaintances with the same question. Lawyers, doctors, priests, nuns and clergymen, all over the world, received letters from me with this question in them. Later answers began to return to me, but intuition told me that none was correct. All the while I was endeavoring to find the answer for myself, but none seemed to come. I memorized the verse in order that I might meditate upon it. I began a search of Paris for the books Troward had recommended to me, and after two or three days’ search we crossed the River Seine to the Ile de Cite to go into some of the old bookstores there. They were out of print, and these were the best places to find them in. Finally we came upon a little shop that had the books there. These were the last copies the man had, consequently the price was high. While remonstrating with the clerk, my eye rested upon the work of an astrologer, which I laughingly picked up and asked: “Do you think Prof. would read my horoscope?” The clerk looked aghast at the suggestion, and responded, “Why, no, Madame, this is one of France’s greatest astrologers. He does not read horoscopes.” In spite of this answer, there was a persistent impulse within me to go to the man. The friend who had accompanied me in my search for the books remonstrated with me, and tried in every way to dissuade me from going to the famous astrologer, but I insisted, and she went with me. When we came to his office I found it somewhat embarrassing to ask him to read my horoscope. Nevertheless, there was nothing to do but put the question.

Reluctantly, the Professor invited us into his paper-strewn study, and reluctantly, and also impatiently, asked us to be seated. Very courteously and coldly he told me that he did not read horoscopes. His whole manner said, more clearly than words could, that he wished we would take our departure. My friend stood up. I was at a great loss what to do next, because I felt that I was not quite ready to go. Intuition seemed to tell me there was something for me to gain there. Just what it was I was unable to define, so I paused a moment, much to my friend’s displeasure, when one of the Professor’s enormous Persian cats jumped into my lap. “Get down, Jack!” the Professor shouted. “What does it mean?” he seemed to ask himself. Then with a greater interest than he had hitherto shown in me, the Professor said with a smile: “Have never known that cat to go to a stranger before, Madame; my cat pleads for you.” I, also, now feel an interest in your horoscope, and if you will give me the data it will give me pleasure to write it out for you.” There was a great feeling of happiness in me when he made this statement. He concluded by saying: “I do not feel that you really care for your horoscope.” The truth of this statement shocked me, because I did not care about a horoscope, and could not give any reason why I was letting him do it. “However,” he said, “May I call for your data next Sunday afternoon?” On Sunday afternoon at the appointed time, the Professor arrived, and I was handing him the slip of paper with all the data of my birth, etc., when the idea came to me to ask the Professor for the answer to the question about the 16th verse of the 21st Chapter of Revelation. The thought was instantly carried into effect, and I found myself asking this man what he thought this verse meant. Without pausing to think it over he immediately replied “it means: The city signifies the truth, and the truth is non-invertible; every side from which you approach it is exactly the same.” Intuitively and undoubtingly I recognized this answer as the true one, and my joy knew no bounds, because I felt sure that with this correct answer in my possession, Troward would accept me as his pupil in the fall.

As the great astrologer was leaving, I explained to him all about my desire to study with Troward, how I had come from New York City for that express purpose, seemingly to no avail, until the answer to this test question had been given to me by him.

He was greatly interested and asked many questions about Troward, and when asked if he would please send me his bill, he smilingly replied, “Let me know if the great Troward accepts you as his pupil,” and bade me good afternoon. I hastened to my room to send a telegram to Troward giving my answer to the question about the 16th verse of the 21st Chapter of Revelation. There was an immediate response from Troward that said: “Your answer is correct. Am beginning a course of lectures on The Great Pyramid In London. If you wish to attend them, will be pleased to have you, and afterward, if you still wish to study with me, I think it can be arranged.” On receipt of this reply preparations were at once made to leave Paris for London.

I attended all the lectures, receiving much instruction from them, after which arrangements were made for my studying with Troward. Two days before leaving for Cornwall I received the following letter from Troward clearly indicating the line of study he gave me: 

31 Stanwick Road, W. Kensington, England, 

November 8, 1912. 

Dear Mrs. Behrend, I think I had better write you a few lines with regard to your proposed studies with me, as I should be sorry for you to be under any misapprehension and so to suffer any disappointment. I have studied the subject now for several years, and have a general acquaintance with the leading features of most of the systems which, unfortunately, occupy attention in many circles at the present time, such as Theosophy, The Tarot, The Kabala, and the like, and I have no hesitation in saying that, to the best of my judgment, all sorts and descriptions of so called occult study are in direct opposition to the real life-giving Truth, and, therefore, you must not expect any teaching on such lines as these. 

We hear a great deal these days about Initiation; but, believe me, the more you try to become a so-called “Initiate ” the further you will put yourself from living life. I speak after many years of careful study and consideration when I say that the Bible and its Revelation of Christ is the one thing really worth studying, and that is a subject large enough in all conscience, embracing, as it does, our outward life and of everyday concerns, and also the inner springs of our life and all that we can in general terms conceive of the life in the unseen after putting off the body at death. You have expressed a very great degree of confidence in my teaching, and if your confidence is such that you wish, as you say, to put yourself entirely under my guidance, I can only accept it as a very serious responsibility, and should have to ask you to exhibit that confidence by refusing to look into such so-called “Mysteries” as I would forbid you to look into.

I am speaking from experience; but the result will be that much of my teaching will appear to be very simple, perhaps to some extent dogmatic, and you will say you have heard much of it before. Faith in God, Prayer and Worship, approach to the Father through Christ – all this is in a certain sense familiar to you; and all I can hope to do is perhaps to throw a little more light on these subjects, that they may become to you, not merely traditional words, but present living facts. I have been thus explicit as I do not want you to have any disappointment, and also I should say that our so-called course of study will be only friendly conversations at such times as we can fit them in, either you coming to our house, or I to yours, as may be most convenient at the time.

Also, I will lend you some books that will be helpful, but they are very few, and in no sense occult. Now, if all this falls in with your ideas, we shall, I am sure, be very glad to see you at Ruan Manor, and you will find that the residents there, though few, are very friendly and the neighborhood very pretty. But, on the other hand, if you feel that you want some other source of learning, do not mind saying so, only you will never find any substitute for Christ. I trust you will not mind my writing you like this, but I do not want you to come all the way down to Cornwall, and then be disappointed. With kindest regards, Yours sincerely, (Signed) T. TROWARD. This copy of Troward’s letter, to my mind, is the greatest thing I can give you.

Chapter 11 

How To Bring The Power In Your Word Into Action 

In your every word there is the power germ that expands and projects itself in the direction your word indicates, and ultimately develops into physical expression. For example, you wish to establish joy in your consciousness. Just repeat the word “joy” secretly, persistently and emphatically. 

The joy germ begins to expand and project itself until your whole being is filled with joy. This is not a mere fancy, but a truth. Once you experience this power, you will “daily prove that these facts have not been fabricated to fit a theory, but the theory has been built up by careful observation of facts.” 

Everyone knows that joy comes from within. Another may give you cause for joy, but no one can be joyous for you. Joy is a state of consciousness, and consciousness is purely Troward says, “Mental.” Mental faculties always work under something which stimulates them, and this stimulus may come either from without, through the external senses, or from within by the consciousness of something not perceptible on the physical plane. 

The recognition of this interior source of stimulus enables you to bring into your consciousness any state you “desire.” Once a thing seems normal to you, it is as surely yours, through the law of growth and attraction, as it is yours to know addition after you have the conscious use of figures. 

This method of repeating the word makes the word in all of its limitless meaning yours, because words are the embodiment of thoughts, and thought is creative, neither good nor bad, simply creative. This is the reason why Faith builds up and Fear destroys. “Only believe, and all things are possible unto you.” It is Faith that gives you dominion over every adverse circumstance or condition. It is your word of faith that sets you free, not faith in any specific thing or act, but simple Faith in your best self in all ways. It is because of this ever-present creative power within the heart of the word that makes your health, your peace of mind and your financial condition a reproduction of your most habitual thought. 

Try to believe and understand this, and you will find yourself Master of every adverse circumstance or condition, a Prince of Power.

Chapter 12 

How To Increase Your Faith 

But, you ask – How can I speak the word of Faith when I have little or no faith? 

Every living thing has faith in something or somebody. 

It is the quality of the creative energy in the positive Faith thought which gives it vitality, not the form it takes. Even intense fear is alive with faith. You fear smallpox because you believe it possible for you to contract it. You fear poverty and loneliness because you believe them possible for you. 

It is your habitual tendency of thought that reappears in your mind, your body and your affairs, not the occasional thought upon some specific line or desire. It is the Faith which understands that every creation had its birth in the womb of thought -words that gives you dominion over all things, your lesser self included, and this feeling of faith is increased and intensified through observing what it does. 

This observation is the observation of your state of consciousness when you did, not when you hoped you might, but feared it was too good to be true. How did you feel that time when you simply had to bring yourself into a better frame of mind and did, or you had to have a certain thing and got it? Live these experiences over again and again (mentally) until you really feel in touch with the self that knows and does, and the best there is, is yours. 

Chapter 13 

The Reward Of Increased Faith 

Because you have expanded your faith into the faith and laws of the universe that know no failure, your faith in the best of yourself (the principle of life in you) has brought you into conscious realization that you are not a victim of the universe, but a part of it. 

Consequently, there is that within yourself which is able to make conscious contact with the universal principle of law and power, and enables you to press all the particular laws of nature, whether visible or invisible, into serving your particular demand or desire, and thereby you find yourself Master, not a slave of any situation. 

Troward tells us that this Mastering is to be “accomplished by knowledge, and the only knowledge which will afford this purpose in all its measureless immensity is the knowledge of the personal element in universal spirit” and its reciprocity to our own personality. In other words, the words you think, the personality you feel yourself to be, are all reproductions in miniature or specialized God “or universal spirit.” All your word-thoughts were God word-forms before they were yours. The words you use are the instruments, channels, through which the creative energy takes shape. Naturally, this sensitive creative power can only reproduce in accordance with the instrument through which it passes. 

All disappointments and failures are the result of endeavoring to think one thing and produce another. This is just as impossible as it would be for an electric fan to be used for lighting purposes, or for water to flow through a crooked pipe in a straight line. The water must take the shape of the pipe through which it flows. Even more truly this sensitive, invisible, fluent substance must reproduce outwardly the shape of the thought-word through which it passes. This is the law of its nature; therefore, it logically follows, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” Hence, when your thought or word-form is in correspondence with the Eternal constructive and forward movement of the Universal Law, then your mind is the mirror in which the infinite power and intelligence of the universe sees itself reproduced, and your individual life becomes one of harmony. 

Chapter 14 

How To Make Nature Respond To You 

It should be steadily borne in mind that there is an intelligence and power in all nature and all space that is always creative and infinitely sensitive and responsive. 

The responsiveness of its nature is two-fold: it is creative and amenable to suggestion. Once the human understanding grasps this all-important fact, it realizes the simplicity of the law of life. All that is necessary is to realize that your mind is a center of Divine operation, and consequently contains that within itself which accepts suggestions, and expect all life to respond to your call, and you will find suggestions which tend to the fulfillment of your desire coming to you, not only from your fellowmen, but also from the flowers, the grass, the trees and the rocks which will enable you to fulfill your heart’s desire, if you act upon them in confidence on this physical plane. 

“Faith without works is dead,” but Faith with Works sets you absolutely free. 

Chapter 15 

Faith With Works – What It Has Accomplished 

It is said of Tyson, the great Australian millionaire, that the suggestion to “make the desert land of Australia blossom as the rose” came to him from a modest little Australian violet while he was working as a bushman for something like three shillings a day. He used to find these friendly little violets growing in certain places in the woods, and something in the flower touched something akin to itself in the mind of Tyson, and he would sit on the side of his bunk at night and wonder how flowers and vegetable life could be given an opportunity to express itself in the desert land of Australia. 

No doubt he realized that it would take a long time to save enough money to put irrigation ditches in the desert lands, but his thought and feeling were sure it could be accomplished, and if it could be done, he could do it. If there was a power within himself that was able to capture the idea, then there must be a responsive power within the idea itself that could bring itself into a practical physical manifestation. He resolutely put aside all questions as to the specific ways and means which would be employed in bringing his desire into physical manifestation, and simply kept his thought centered upon the idea of making fences and seeing flowers and grass where none existed. Since the responsiveness of reproductive creative power is not limited to any local condition of mind, his habitual meditation and mental picture set his ideas free to roam in an infinitude, and attract to themselves other ideas of a kindred nature. Therefore, it was not necessary for Tyson to wait and see his ideas and desires fulfilled, until he had saved from his three shillings a day enough money to irrigate the land, for his ideas found other ideas in the financial world which were attuned in sympathy with themselves, and doors of finance were quickly opened. All charitable institutions are maintained upon the principle of the responsiveness of life. If this were not true, no one would care to give, simply because another needed. 

The law of demand and supply, cause and effect, can never be broken. Ideas attract to themselves kindred ideas. Sometimes they come from a flower, a book or out of the invisible. You are sitting or walking, intent upon an idea not quite complete as to the ways and means of fulfillment, and behold along comes another idea, from no one can tell where, and finds friendly lodging with your idea, one idea attracting another, and so on until your desires are physical facts. You may feel the necessity for an improvement in your finances, and wonder how this increase is to be brought about, when there seems suddenly to come from within the idea that everything had its birth in thought, even money, and your thoughts turn their course. 

You simply hold to the statement or affirmation that the best, and all there is, is yours. 

Since you are able to capture ideas from the Infinite through the instrument of your intuition, you let your mind rest upon that thought knowing full well that this very thought will respond to itself. 

Your inhibition of the thought of doubt and feeling of anxiety enables the reassuring ideas to establish themselves and attract to themselves “I can ” and “I will ” ideas, which gradually grow into physical form of the desire in mind. In the conscious use of the universal power to reproduce your desires in physical form, three facts should be borne in mind: 

First – All space is filled with a creative power. 

Second – This creative power is amenable to suggestion. 

Third – It can only work by deductive methods. 

As Troward tells us, this last is an exceedingly important point, for it implies that the action of the ever-present creative power is in no way limited by precedent. It works according to the essence of the spirit of the principle. In other words, this universal power takes its creative direction from the word you give it. Once man realizes this great truth, it becomes the most important of all his consideration with what character this sensitive reproductive power is invested. It is the unvarying law of this creative life principle that “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” If you realize the truth that the only creative power can be to you only what you feel and think it to be, it is willing and able to meet your demands. 

Troward says, “If you think your thought is Powerful, then your Thought is Powerful.”

 “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” is the law of life, and the creative power can no more change this law than an ordinary mirror can reflect back to you a different image than the object you hold before it. 

“As you think so are you” does not mean “as you tell people you think” or “as you would wish the world to believe you think.” It means your innermost thoughts, that place where no one but you knows. “None can know the Father save the son” and “No one can know the son but the Father.” Only the reproductive creative spirit of life knows what you think until your thoughts become physical facts and manifest themselves in your body, your brain or your affairs. 

Then everyone with whom you come into contact may know, because the Father, the intelligent creative energy which heareth in secret, hears your most secret thoughts, rewards you openly, reproduces your thoughts in physical form. “As you think you know that is what you become” should be kept in the background of your mind constantly. This is watching and praying without ceasing, and when you are not feeling quite up to par to physically pray. 

 Chapter 16 

Suggestions As To How To Pray Or Ask, Believing You Have Already Received

 Scientific Thinking – Positive Thought Suggestions for Practical Application: 

Try, through careful, positive, enthusiastic (though not strenuous) thought, to realize that the indescribable, invisible substance of life fills all space; that its nature is intelligent, plastic, subjective substance. 

Five o’clock in the morning is the best time to go into this sort of meditation. 

If you will retire early every night for one month, before falling asleep impress firmly upon your subjective mind the affirmation “My Father is the ruler of all the world, and is expressing His directing power through me,” you will find that the substance of life takes form in the molds of your thoughts. 

Do not accept the above suggestion simply because it is given to you. Think it over carefully until the impression is made upon your own subconscious mind understandingly. 

Rise every morning, as was suggested before, at five o’clock, sit in a quiet room in a straight-backed chair, and think out the affirmation of the previous evening, and you will realize and be able to put into practice your princely power with the realization to some extent, at least, that your mind really is a center through which all the creative energy and power there is taking form. 

Scientific Prayer: 

The Principle Underlying Scientific Prayer In prayer for a change in condition, physical, mental or financial for yourself or another, bear in mind that the fundamental necessity for the answer to prayer is the understanding of the scientific statement: “Ask, BELIEVING YOU HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED and you shall receive” This is not as difficult as it appears on the surface, once you realize that everything has its origin in the mind, and that which you seek outwardly, you already possess. 

No one can think in the future. 

Your thought of a thing constitutes its origin. THEREFORE The Thought Form of the Thing is already Yours as soon as you think it. Your steady recognition of this Thought Possession causes the thought to concentrate, to condense, to project itself and to assume physical form. 

To Get Rich Through Creation:

The recognition or conception of new forces of wealth is the loftiest aspiration you can take into your heart, for it assumes and implies the furtherance of all noble aims. Items to be remembered about 

Prayer for Yourself or Another: 

Remember that that which you call treatment or prayer is not, in any sense, hypnotism. It should never be your endeavor to take possession of the mind of another. Remember that it should never be your intention to make yourself believe that which you know to be untrue. You are simply thinking into God or First Cause with the understanding that – “If a thing is true at all, there is a way in which it is true throughout the Universe.” Remember that the Power of Thought works by absolutely scientific principles. These principles are expressed in the language of the statement: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” This statement contains a world of wisdom, but man’s steady recognition and careful application of the statement itself is required to bring it into practical use. Remember that the principles involved in being as we think in our heart are elucidated and revealed by the law “As you sow, you shall reap.” Remember that your Freedom to choose just what you will think, just what thought possession you will affirm and claim constitutes God’s gift to you. It shows; How:

First Cause has endowed every man with the Power and Ability to bring into his personal environment whatever he chooses. 

Cause and Effect in reference to Getting: 

If you plant an ACORN, you get an OAK. If you sow a GRAIN OF CORN, you reap a stalk and MANY Kernels of Corn. 

You always get the manifestation of that which you consciously or unconsciously AFFIRM and CLAIM, habitually declare and expect, or in other words “AS YOU SOW” Therefore, sow the seeds of I AM…I OUGHT….I CAN…I WILL REALIZE that because you ARE you OUGHT, that because you OUGHT, you CAN, that because you CAN, you DO. 

The manifestation of this Truth, even in a small degree, gives you the indisputable understanding that DOMINION IS YOUR CHARTER RIGHT You are an Heir of First Cause, endowed with all the power He has. 

God has given you everything. ALL is yours, and you know that all you have to do is to reach out your mental hand and take it. This Formula may serve as a pattern to shape your own Prayer or Affirmation into God for the benefit of another or yourself. If for another, you speak the Christian name of the person you wish to help, then dismiss their personality entirely from your consciousness. Intensify your thought by meditating upon the fact that there is that in you which finds the way, which is the Truth and is the Life. You are affirming this fact, believing that since you are thinking this, it is already yours. Having lifted up your feeling to the central idea of this meditation, you examine your own consciousness to see if there is ought which is unlike God. If there is any feeling of fear, worry, malice, envy, hatred, or jealousy, turn back in your meditation to Cleanse your Thought through the affirmation that God’s Love and Purity fill all space including your heart and soul. Reconcile your thoughts with the Love of God, always remembering that You are made in the Image and Likeness of Love. Keep this Cleansing thought in mind until you feel that you have freed your consciousness entirely of all thoughts and feelings other than Love and Unity with all Humanity 

Then if denials do not disturb you, deny all that is unlike your desired manifestation. This accomplished, you almost overlay your denial with the affirmative thought that: You are made in the Image and Likeness of God and that you already have your desire fulfilled in its first, its original spiritual or thought-form. 

Closing of Prayer: 

Prayer as a method of thought is a deliberate use of the Law which gives you the Power of Dominion over everything which tends in any way to hamper your perfect liberty. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN LIFE THAT YOU MAY ENJOY IT MORE AND MORE FULLY The steady recognition of this Truth makes you declare yourself a PRINCE OF POWER. 

You recognize, accept and use this power as A CHILD OF A KING AND HENCE DOMINION IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT Then when you feel the light of this great Truth flooding your consciousness -open the flood-gates of your soul in Heartfelt Praise that you have the understanding that….THE CREATOR AND HIS CREATION ARE ONE. 

Also that the Creator is continually creating through his creation. Close your treatment in the happy assurance that the Prayer which is fulfilled is not a form of supplication but a steady habitual affirming that The Creator of all Creation is operating Specifically through you, therefore THE WORK MUST BE PERFECTLY DONE – YOUR MIND IS A CENTER OF DIVINE OPERATION. 

Hints for Application and Practice: 

For every five minutes given to reading and study of the theories of Mental Science, spend fifteen minutes in the use and application of the knowledge acquired. 

1. Spend one minute in every twenty-four hours in conscientiously thinking over the specification that must be observed in order to have your prayers answered. 

2. Practice the steady recognition of desirable thought possession for two periods of fifteen minutes each every day. Not only time yourself each period to see how long you can keep a given conception before your mental vision, but also keep a written record of the vividness with which you experience your mental image. Remember that your mental senses are just as varied and trainable as your physical ones. 

3. Spend five minutes every day between 12 noon and 1 o’clock with a mental search for new sources of wealth. 

Chapter 17 

Things to Remember 

Remember that the greatest Mental Scientist the world has ever known (Jesus Christ, the Man) said all things are possible unto you. 

Also the “things I do you can do.” 

Did he tell the truth? 

Jesus did not claim to be more divine than you are. He declared the whole human race children of God. By birth he was no exception to this rule. The power he possessed was developed through His personal effort. He said you could do the same if you would only believe in yourself. 

A great idea is valueless unless accompanied by physical action. God gives the idea; man works it out upon the physical plane. 

All that is really worthwhile is contentment. Self-command alone can produce it. The soul and body are one. Contentment of mind is contentment of soul, and contentment of soul means contentment of body. 

If you wish health, watch your thoughts, not only of your physical being, but your thoughts about everything and everybody. With your will keep them in line with your desire, and outwardly act in accordance with your thoughts, and you will soon realize that all power both over thoughts and conditions has been given to you. 

You believe in God. Believe in yourself as the physical instrument through which God operates. 

Absolute dominion is yours when you have sufficient self-mastery to conquer the negative tendency of thoughts and actions. 

Ask yourself daily: “What is the purpose of the power which put me here?” “How can I work with the purpose for life and liberty in me?” Upon having decided these questions, endeavor hourly to fulfill them. 

You are a law unto yourself. If you have a tendency to overdo anything, eat, drink or blame circumstances for your misfortunes, conquer that tendency with the inward conviction that all power is yours outwardly. 

Eat less, drink less, blame circumstances less, and the best there is will gradually grow in the place where the worst seemed to be. 

Always remember that all is yours to use, as you will. 

You can if you will: if you will you do. 

God the Father blesses you with all He has to give. Make good Godly use of it. 

The reason for greater success when you first began your studies and demonstrations in Mental Science is that your joy and enthusiasm at the simple discovery of the power within was greater than you have been able to put into your understanding later. 

With increased understanding put increasing joy and enthusiasm, and the results will correspond.

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Manifesting | How To Get On A Positive Timeline (Quantum Jump)

THE WAVE OF SUCCESS according to Vadim Zeland

Reality Transurfing

Metaphors such as “The BlueBird of Happiness” and “The Wheel of Fortune” have quite a material basis. It is well known that success and failure follow one another, like bad days and good days. How do we exclude bad days from our lives? 

Your thoughts are coming back to you like a boomerang. 

The Opposite of a Pendulum!

Now it’s time to check your homework. 

What pendulums could be called constructive? The answer is – none. 

It may sound like a paradox, but that is really the case. Don’t be offended, dear Reader, the question was meant to be provocative. The main and only goal of any pendulum is to get energy from its adherents. If it can’t get any energy, it will stop. A pendulum can only be constructive to itself, but never to you. What is so constructive or creative about something that takes energy from you? 

Of course, different pendulums are destructive to different degrees. For example, it’s hard to imagine that a beach volleyball club would take up arms against a club of ice swimming enthusiasts. Then again, a volleyball membership could never really ruin your life. However, the pendulum of the volleyball club is also feeding on energy from its adherents, and if they get bored with playing beach volleyball, the club will die. But this is nothing compared to being a gang member, where your freedom and even your life could be taken away. 

You could object: if I go to a fitness club where I am only focusing on myself, then how can I be giving away energy to the pendulum? It doesn’t matter if you are only focused on yourself or not, you are still required to follow certain rules in the fitness club. You can do whatever you want back at your own place, but at the fitness club, all members are acting in the same way by following the rules established by the system, and thus they give away collective energy to the pendulum of the fitness club. If all members of the club would run away, the pendulum would no longer receive any energy, and so it would stop. 

You could ask the question in a different way: are there energy structures that don’t need your energy? Actually, there are. One of them is the wave of success or a coincidence that is fortunate for you personally. Every person has his own waves of success. It is often the case that you have a little luck and then comes an entire wave of other pleasant and unexpected events. As if you’re having a run of good luck in your life. Waves such as this don’t appear every day, only if you were pleasantly surprised and got into a good mood the first time. “The Wheel of Fortune” and “The BlueBird of Happiness” are not just abstract metaphors. 

The wave of success is basically an accumulation of life tracks. 

Everything can be found in the space of variations, including these gold veins. If you’ve found the outer line of such a gold vein and caught some luck, you could automatically glide on to other lines of accumulated fortune, where new lucky circumstances await you. But if, after your first success, bad luck rears its ugly head again, it means a destructive pendulum has led you away from the gold vein. 

The wave of success brings happiness without taking any of your energy. It can be compared to an ocean wave that carries an exhausted swimmer to the shore. The wave of success transfers you to your happy life tracks. 

The wave, just like a pendulum, couldn’t care less about your fate, but it doesn’t need your energy either. If you want to – get on the wave and swim with it, if you don’t want to – the wave will pass you by without feeling sorry for you. 

The wave of success is a temporary structure, as it doesn’t feed on the energy of others. Therefore, it will eventually fade out, kind of like the ocean waves crashing on the shore. 

The wave of success could appear in the form of good news. It carries information from other life tracks. These echoes are interpreted on the current life track as good news. 

Your task is to grab on to this fine thread and pull yourself up to the life track where the good news came from. That life track will now not only have good news for you, but fortunate circumstances as well. 

It may seem that the wave of success comes and goes. In fact this wave doesn’t move at all, it doesn’t gather any energy and it doesn’t get weaker. We adopted the term “wave” in our model just to make it easier to understand. 

As mentioned, the wave of success is static in the space of variations, as an accumulation of favorable tracks. You are the one moving from one life track to another, so to you this “vein” appears as a wave because you grab it, by letting it into your life, or you get further away from it, carried away by the pendulums. 

The wave is not interested in you and it is therefore easy to miss – it will pass you by and won’t come back. This has given rise to the general belief that the bluebird of happiness is difficult to catch. In reality, you don’t have to make any effort in order to surf this wave. It’s all only a matter of choice. 

If you welcome the wave into your life, it will be with you. 

If you give in to the influence of destructive pendulums and get yourself imbued with their negative energy, you will move away from the wave of success. 

That is how people always act: “we don’t treasure what we have until it’s gone”. The bird of happiness doesn’t mind at all pecking seeds from your hand. You don’t have to catch it. As long as you don’t chase it away, it will be more than enough. 

Reality Transurfing

This is one of the most paradoxical features of the freedom of choice. People can actually choose happiness and success for themselves. And at the same time they’re not free from pendulums that carry people away from the wave of success. We are yet again returning to our previous topic. In order to get the freedom of choice for yourself, it is necessary to reject dependence on pendulums . 

We also have the right to be free from the influence of pendulums that are not “ours”. Only one thing remains – to find out how we can obtain these rights. 

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The Boomerang 

Most people have thoughts constantly running around in their head. If the thinking process is not controlled then negative thoughts and worries will prevail. The things we are most worried about are things that we fear; things that we find irritating or upsetting and things that make us feel depressed or dissatisfied. This is how destructive pendulums have been influencing the shape of the human psyche over thousands of years. 

These pendulums maintain fear in man, in order to successfully manipulate him. This is exactly why people are vaguely aware of what they want, while they know exactly what they do not want. Allowing the negative “thought-mixer” to take over (that is when you are mulling over everything that is bad, complaining and having generally pessimistic thoughts) means to join the game of a destructive pendulum, and to radiate energy at its frequency. 

This is a rather unfavorable habit. It would really benefit you to replace it with another habit – having conscious control over your thoughts. Whenever your mind is not occupied with anything in particular – for example, when you are on a train or a bus, or when you are out taking a walk, or doing something that doesn’t require special concentration or attention – put positive thoughts in your head. Don’t think about what you were not able to get – think about what you want to get, and you will get it. 

Suppose that you don’t like the house you live in. You are telling yourself: “I’m fed up with this place. Everything about this place irritates me. But once I move to a new home, then I’ll be happy. Meanwhile, I just can’t help myself….oh, how I hate this place!” Keep in mind that with thoughts like that it’s impossible to get what you want. Even if you are about to move to a new and better place, your new house will bring you many disappointments. Fair enough, you’ll say, but I’m leaving this dump and moving to a luxurious villa! What disappointments could be waiting for me there? You don’t have to worry about that. The more despise you feel towards the little house that has given you shelter these many years, the more unpleasant surprises will await you in your new quarters. And these unpleasant surprises will be of the most varied kind. The taps won’t work, the paint will start to peel, walls will start caving in, the neighbors will annoy you – in short, all those things will happen that need to happen in order to maintain the parameters of your negative radiation. 

Whether it’s the new house or the old one – what difference does it make? There will always be life tracks with all possible inconveniences where you will be just as dissatisfied as before. 

The space of variations has many luxurious houses where you will nonetheless feel like you are in hell. And if you don’t have anywhere to move to yet, then you will remain in this hated situation for sure. After all, you’re not tuned to the frequency of the life track where the house of your dreams awaits you. 

At the moment, you’re thinking about what you don’t like, so you’re giving off negative energy and this energy fits perfectly with the life track you are at now. 

Therefore, you’re stuck there until the frequency of your radiation changes. And this is not too difficult to do. 

Manifesting and acceptance:

First of all, accept your present situation as it is and get rid of your dissatisfaction and resentment. You can always find something good in everything and in any situation. Even the smallest things in life can be a source of joy. 

So, you don’t like the house you’re living in, but you can at least be grateful to it. After all, it has sheltered you. It is rainy and windy outside, and the house is the one to endure that, while keeping you safe and warm. Doesn’t this deserve some kind of recognition? 

If you are grateful for what you have now, if you experience love towards all those things surrounding you, things that make your life easier, then you will be giving off positive energy. Then, if you want to, you could count on an improvement of your living conditions. And when you are moving away, be sure to thank everything that surrounded you before in your old house. 

Even things that you throw away deserve your gratitude. In these moments, you are transmitting positive vibrations to the surrounding world, and these vibrations will definitely come back to you. 

Second of all, start thinking about the house that you would like to have. This is more difficult to do than to get irritated with things around you.

But then, it’s also more useful. What is a better thing to do? To react as usual, like an oyster to external irritants, or to make a little effort and change your habits? Look at real estate advertisements that feature photographs and prospects of potential future homes, visit interior design stores and look for furniture that you would like to have in your house. In other words, let all your thoughts be preoccupied with what you wish to have. 

We always possess things and encounter situations that have a powerful grip on our thoughts.

Our thoughts always return to us like a boomerang. There are so many examples that could illustrate how a negative attitude can ruin one’s life. Let’s say you are planning a vacation in a warm country. But where you live now, the weather is absolutely terrible. You’re walking the streets, the cold wind is making you shiver and the rain is soaking your clothes. It is, of course, hard to be overly joyous in such weather. So, at least try to be neutral, ignoring this destructive pendulum. 

If you are actively expressing your dissatisfaction with the weather, then you are accepting the pendulum and you are making it swing higher. You are telling yourself: “Well, soon I’ll be going to a warm country and I’ll be so happy in the sun and in the warm sea. But as for now, damn this swamp!” Thus, with such an attitude you’re not tuned to the life track where heavenly relaxation is waiting for you. You won’t get there. You already have your plane ticket, you say? Well, so what? You’ll only get to your destination, but either bad weather or some other misfortune will be waiting for you there. However, everything will be great if you only get tuned into a positive frequency. 

It’s obviously not enough to prevent negative energy from getting to you. You yourself need to avoid radiating such energy.

For example, you were very annoyed and you yelled at someone. You can be sure that as a result some sort of problem will follow. In the present situation, the parameters of your radiation match the life track where you are annoyed. So, that’s exactly where you will be “transported”.

On these tracks, the density of unpleasant situations is higher than average. Don’t try to calm yourself with the justification that this unpleasant situation was actually unavoidable. I don’t need to try to convince you or to prove anything to you. Just watch how new unfortunate events seem to follow any negative reaction that you have. The conclusion from all of this is very simple and clear: you will always find yourself on the life tracks that correspond to your energy radiation. 

If you let negative energy in, unpleasant things will happen in your life. If you radiate negative energy, it will return to you like a boomerang, only this time as problems. 

The Transmission 

Instead of accepting a game with destructive pendulums, look for pendulums where the game will be of use to you. This means acquiring a habit of paying attention to everything that is good and positive. As soon as you see, read or hear something good, pleasant, or reassuring – attach this to your thoughts and feel happy. 

Imagine that you are walking in a forest: there are pretty flowers, but there are also poisonous thorns. Which do you choose? If you pick some elderberry flowers, bring them home and put them in a vase, you’ll soon have a headache. 

Why would you ever need that? It’s just as harmful reacting to destructive pendulums. It would be better to pick some jasmine blossoms, enjoy them and take in their pleasant aroma. 

Bring everything positive into your life, and soon you’ll have more and more good news and nice opportunities.

So you’ve been inspired and felt joy, but then everyday life dragged you down once again. 

The holidays are over and working days are approaching. How to keep the festive feeling?

First, remember it. Out of habit, we plunge into colorless everyday life, forgetting about the nice things in life and so it stops bringing us pleasure. This is a bad habit.

Pendulums make us forget. We need to maintain the little flame of celebration in us and we have to cherish that feeling.

Simply observe how life changes for the better, grasp for the tiniest straw of joy, look for good signs everywhere and in everything. 

This is, at least, not a boring thing to do.

You need to remember that every minute that you spend with Transerfing, you are consciously moving closer towards your dream, and that means you are controlling your own destiny. 

This notion alone will instill you with calm, confidence and joy, and thus you’ll always be on holiday. Once the feeling of being on holiday has become a habit, then you will always find yourself on top of the wave of success. 

Be happy with everything you have in the present moment. I am not simply asking you to be happy by definition.

Sometimes circumstances are such that it’s very difficult to be satisfied with life. But from an entirely practical point of view, expressing your dissatisfaction with something is a pretty unconstructive thing to do. 

After all, wouldn’t you really want to be on the life track where everything is working out perfectly for you? How will you ever get there if your radiation is full of discontent? 

The frequency of such radiation corresponds exactly to the life tracks that are bad for you, so the situation will be quite the opposite of what you really wanted.

The good tracks are characterized by the fact that when you are on them you feel good and your thoughts are filled with joy and satisfaction. 

Good news is not too exciting and is soon forgotten. Bad news, on the other hand, stirs up quite a response because it informs about a potential threat. Don’t let bad news into your heart and hence, into your life as well. Shut yourself off to bad news and open yourself to good news. 

Any positive change should be recognized and carefully cherished. These are the forerunners of the wave of success. As soon as you hear even the smallest piece of encouraging news, don’t forget about it immediately, as you used to do, but do the exact opposite – savor it, talk about it, pursue it. Think over this piece of news from all possible angles, take joy in it, build hypotheses on it and expect a positive development. In this way, you will be thinking on the frequency of the wave of success, tuning into its parameters.

 As a result, there will be more and more good news and life will get better. This is not mysticism and this is not a quality of the human psyche to filter information in different ways, like when a pessimist looks at the world through dark glasses, while an optimist looks at the world through rose colored glasses. 

This is reality: you are moving to the life track that corresponds to the parameters of your thoughts. Being on good terms with yourself and the surrounding world, you are transmitting harmonious emanations to the surrounding world. You are creating around yourself an area of harmonious vibrations where everything is turning out successfully. A  positive attitude always leads to success and creation. 

Negativism, on the other hand, is always destructive and is always aimed at devastation. 

For example, there’s a category of people who are looking for problems but not for their solutions. They are always ready to discuss difficulties in a lively manner and find all kinds of new problems. Such people usually have trouble actually suggesting a real way out, because from the very beginning they are tuned not to the solution itself, but to the search for more difficulties. 

Their fixation on the hunt for problems brings these in abundance, but the situation remains unsolved. The readiness to look for and criticize the bad sides of things always brings the corresponding fruits: a great deal of harm but no benefit. Look around and you’ll definitely find people like that. They’re not especially good people or especially bad people. They are simply sitting firmly on the hook of destructive pendulums. Most people treat any unwanted event in their lives with hostility. Usually, an unwanted event to us is an event that is not part of our own original script. And the opposite is also true – we only believe something to be successful if it corresponds to our expectations. 

Let’s say that a man misses his plane and is very upset about this. Little does he know that the plane is going to crash. But it can also be the other way around, when a man misses out on a fantastic opportunity just because it was not part of his plan or it was simply inconceivable. The worse a person thinks about the surrounding world, the worse this world gets, at least for this person. The more he gets upset over his lack of success, the more failures will come his way. “As a man sows, so shall he reap.” If a person chooses to live his life  with a pessimistic view on things, then every day he’ll be practicing Transerfing in reverse: he is sliding along the life track, where real hell is waiting for him. 

Assume the position that is the exact opposite: rejoice in your misfortunes just out of spite, try to find something useful in your problems – this is always possible. A glass is not half-empty, it is half-full. There is a trivial saying, “It’s all for the best” and it works like a charm, if that is what you really believe. 

You have to be stubborn in maintaining your positive attitude, refusing old habits of always getting upset and depressed for any reason.

Every misfortune is, at the very least, a good lesson that makes you stronger and more experienced. Take joy in everything good that is happening in your world, and it will turn into pure paradise. Of course, this is a very unusual way of behaving. But your goal is also very unusual – to become a genie that grants his wishes. How can you achieve this, using ordinary methods? 

Reality Transurfing

Reacting positively is a difficult thing to do at first, because the old habit of reacting negatively to the undesired is strongly rooted in us.

The main thing is to learn to remember that whenever an unfortunate event happens, it is a pendulum trying to hook you. As soon as you remember that you are able to make a conscious choice: to give away your energy to the pendulum, having splashed out all of your negative emotions, or leave it empty handed and thereby gain a victory.

If you did remember, the fall through or extinguishing the pendulum will already be easy. 

We always unconsciously give away our energies to the pendulum. As was already mentioned, pendulums pull us by the strings of our feelings, and our habits form the lever that sets in motion the thought capture mechanism. 

Even after having read this  chapter and having set the goal to remember the foul game of the pendulum, you will again react negatively to the unwanted. Then, of course, you will realize that in that moment you simply forgot about it and were acting unconsciously, out of habit. Nonetheless, as soon as you have remembered in time, the situation will be entirely under your control. 

You’ll smirk to yourself: “Ah, it’s you, pendulum? Well, it won’t be that easy for you to hook me up this time.” You’re no longer a puppet on a string. You are free to make the conscious decision of either accepting or rejecting the pendulum. If you use this method with a high level of persistence and determination, eventually the new habit will replace the old. But meanwhile, pendulums will try to get to you in every possible way. You’ll notice how, as if on purpose, a whole lot of annoying little nuisances will start popping up in your life. Don’t despair, because the problems will mostly be  of a petty kind. If you won’t give up and if you will learn to remember, your victory will be very impressive, you’ll see. 

And this is what could happen: next time you encounter the wave of success, a pendulum won’t be able to carry you away from it. Hence, the bird of happiness will stay in your hands. And in order to lure it in, you must give off positive energy all around you. 

That is, you should not only be an exclusively positive receiver, but a positive transmitter as well. As a result, the world around you will be changing very quickly for the better. 

You will be able to glide easily onto more and more successful life tracks. In the end, the wave of success will come to you, sweeping you along with it and bringing you directly to success. But don’t be thinking that Transerfing is only limited to gliding on the wave of success. These are only the first steps. Many more extraordinary discoveries are waiting ahead. 

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 Magic Rituals 

In conclusion of this chapter, let’s look at one particular example where the method of tuning into the frequency of the wave of success is used. In various situations, people sometimes unknowingly try to tune into the wave’s frequency. For example, in the beginning of the day, sellers are prepared to give the first customer a significant discount. 

They intuitively feel that the first customer is very important – it’s necessary to get things going, to initiate the trade and once the first sale has been made this can be achieved. 

In the language of Transerfing, it means tuning into the frequency of a track for successful trading. It would be difficult to simply focus one’s thoughts on the frequency. 

But the first customer gives real hope and faith, and the tuning thus happens on its own. The seller gets on the wave of successful trading and emanates thought energy with corresponding parameters. He himself believes that his goods will sell out quickly and he needs only mention this to a customer, who then immediately gets “caught” by this radiation and obediently makes the purchase, convinced that he got really lucky today. 

Let’s take one more example. Market sellers often perform a peculiar magic ritual – they touch their merchandise with money. Of course, this action on its own is absolutely deprived of power, therefore there is no real magic taking place. However, if the seller believes in the power of the ritual, his belief alone will help him tune into the frequency of successful trading. The actual tuning occurs on a subconscious level. The seller’s mind is only aware of what is happening on the outside: the ritual works but for some unknown reason. And it actually does work, not by itself, but as stage props. 

The main part is played by the actor’s thought energy. 

Almost every profession has a similar “magic” ritual for different situations. People believe in these rituals and use them successfully, in order to tune into the frequency of successful life tracks and to get on top of the wave of success. 

Actually, it’s not important what people believe in – in the magic quality of the ritual or in the tuning process. As you know, the only important thing is the practical result. 


  • The wave of success is an accumulation of favorable tracks in the space of variations. 
  • The flow of fortunate events follows only if you have been inspired by the first success. Destructive pendulums take you away from the wave of success.  
  • Having freed yourself from the pendulums, you get the freedom of choice. 
  • Receiving and transmitting negative energy, you create your own hell. 
  • Receiving and transmitting positive energy, you create your own heaven. 
  • Your thoughts always return to you like a boomerang. 
  • Pendulums won’t throw you off the wave, if you have the habit of remembering. 
  • The habit of remembering is formed through a systematic practice
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Escape ANY Negative TIMELINE with Vadim Zeland’s Transerfing Concept of Pendulums!

Reality Transurfing


Groups of people thinking in the same direction create information based energy structures called pendulums. These structures will eventually begin to develop independently. Pendulums create their own laws and make people obey them. What people don’t realize is that they are unwillingly acting in the interests of these pendulums. How do we get out of the suggestion that sticks to us like glue? 

Rent yourself out.

Destructive Pendulums 

Ever since we were kids we’ve been taught to submit ourselves to someone else’s will: performing our duties, serving our country, our families, the political party, the company we work in, the government and even serving ideas…We’ve been taught to submit to everyone else’s will, as long as our own will had the lowest priority. 

Everybody has more or less a sense of obligation, responsibility, necessity and guilt. Everybody in one way or another “serves” in various groups and organizations like one’s family, society, educational institutions, one’s working place, one’s political party, and the government and so on. All these structures are born and start to develop, when a separate group of people starts thinking and acting in the same way.

 Then, new people join the organization/ group and the structure grows, gaining strength, forcing its members to follow established rules until it reaches a point, where the structure is able to subjugate large social groups to its will. On the level of material realization, energy structures consist of people (united by common goals) and material objects such as buildings, constructions, furniture, equipment, technology and so on. But what is the process that enables structures, such as those mentioned above, to be formed? 

A structure is created when thoughts of a group of people are focused in one direction. Thus, the parameters of their thought energy become identical. Thought energy of independent individuals merges into one flow. Hence, in the middle of the energy ocean, an independent information based energy structure is created that is called the energy pendulum. This structure starts living its own life, and makes those that took part in its creation obey its laws.

 But why are these structures called pendulums? 

Because the higher and faster a pendulum swings, the more people – adherents – feed it with their energy. 

Every pendulum has its own characteristic frequency of vibrations. For example, you can make the swings go high up in the air only by applying a force of a certain frequency. That type of frequency is called resonance. If the number of a pendulum’s adherents decrease, the pendulum’s swinging will slow down and eventually its swinging motion will be extinguished. When there are no more adherents to swing the pendulum, it will stop and as an entity, it will die.

Here are several examples of “dead” pendulums: ancient pagan religions, stone tools and ancient forms of weaponry, old fashion trends and vinyl records – in other words, everything that existed before and is no longer in use.

You’re probably surprised – can all these things really be pendulums? 

Yes, any structure, whose particular features were shaped by people’s thought energy, is a pendulum. 

You could say that in general all living beings that are able to radiate energy in one direction will eventually form an energy pendulum.

Here are examples of pendulums that exist in nature and wildlife: colonies of bacteria, populations of living creatures, schools of fish, herds of animals, woodlands, prairies, ant colonies and so on. 

Any structures consisting of living organisms that are of a relatively homogenous and well-ordered nature can form pendulums. And since every living organism represents an energy unit, it can also be considered a pendulum. So, when these pendulum units group together and start swinging in unison they create a group pendulum. It stands over its adherents like a separate and independent superstructure. It will make up rules for its adherents, in order to keep them together but also to attract new ones. 

Such a structure is self-governing in the sense that it develops independently, according to its own laws. Its adherents don’t know that they are acting by the laws of the pendulum, and not of their free will. 

For example, a bureaucratic apparatus develops as a self-governing structure, independent of the will of its separate officials. Influential officials could, of course, make certain independent decisions, but these decisions cannot be in conflict with the laws of the system. Otherwise, such an advocate would be rejected. 

Even a single person, who is already a pendulum by himself, isn’t always aware of his own motivations. 

One example of such a person is the energy vampire.

Any pendulum is destructive by its nature. This is because it takes energy from its adherents and establishes power over them. 

The destructiveness of a pendulum is evident in the fact that it doesn’t care about the fate of its individual adherents. 

The pendulum  has only one goal – to maintain a constant flow of energy from its individual adherents, and whether this will benefit or harm an individual adherent is of no concern to the pendulum. 

If a person is under the influence of a system, he has to live his life in accordance with the system’s laws. Otherwise, the system will chew him up and spit him out. 

Being under the influence of a destructive pendulum can easily ruin one’s life. To break free from the pendulum and not suffer any losses as a result is usually a very difficult thing to do. If a person is lucky, he will find his own place in the system, where he will feel like a fish in the water. Being an adherent, the person gives his energy to the pendulum, and the pendulum, in return, provides him with an environment where this person is able to live. 

But as soon as an adherent starts breaking the rules of a given structure, the frequency of his thought energy is no longer in sync with the resonance frequency of the pendulum. The pendulum is no longer getting any energy from this adherent. 

This results in the pigheaded adherent being thrown out of the system or even destroyed. 

If a person is brought to a place that is far away from his most favorable tracks, then life in the structure of an alien pendulum turns into a living hell or simply into a depressing and boring existence. 

Such a pendulum is nothing but destructive to the adherent, and the person falling under its influence loses his freedom. He has to live by the laws forced upon him and serve as a cog in a huge machine whether he likes it or not. 

Yet, a man can be under the patronage of a pendulum and achieve outstanding results. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and other similar figures were all favorites of destructive pendulums. 

Nonetheless, the pendulum doesn’t care about the welfare of its adherents, and it uses them solely for its own purposes. 

When Napoleon was asked if he had ever been truly happy, he was able to number only a few days out of his entire life. 

Pendulums use refined methods to attract new adherents that fly to them, like moths to a flame. How often do people, seduced by a pendulum’s advertising tricks, wander away from their happiness that was all the time right in front of them!

People join the army and perish there. People enroll in educational institutions and, in vain, master professions that are not really theirs. People find jobs that feel alien, but that are supposedly prestigious. They work and find themselves swamped with problems. They bring strangers into their lives and end up suffering. 

So, a pendulum’s activity very often leads to the destruction of destinies of its individual adherents.

Reality Transurfing

 Although, the pendulum is trying to hide its true motives, pretending to be virtuous and goodhearted. The most dangerous thing for a person who has fallen under the influence of a destructive pendulum is the fact that the pendulum takes its victim away from those life tracks where he would find true happiness.

Let’s outline the defining characteristics of a pendulum: 

A pendulum feeds on the energy of its adherents and thereby amplifies its swinging. 

A pendulum tries to attract as many supporters as possible, so that it can receive as much energy as possible.

A pendulum sets its group of adherents against all other groups (Look at us! We are better than they are). 

A pendulum is aggressive in blaming all those that don’t want to become its adherents, and it tries to win them over, neutralize them or remove them all together. 

A pendulum puts on good-looking and attractive masks, it covers itself up with noble aims and plays on people’s emotions, in order to justify its own actions and win over as many adherents as possible. 

One could say that a pendulum is an “egregore” (golem) by nature, but that is a rather narrow definition, of course. The concept of an “egregore” does not reflect the entire spectrum of possible interactions between man and energy based information structures – pendulums.

Pendulums play a much greater role in people’s lives than it is customary to believe. 

It is possible to illustrate how a pendulum consumes energy from its adherents by using the following example. Imagine a full stadium, where a dramatic game of soccer is taking place, things are getting tense, fans are raging… 

Suddenly, one player makes an unforgivable mistake and because of that his team loses the game. A storm of anger descends from the fans upon the player – they’re ready to tear him apart. Can you imagine what a huge mass of negative energy lands on the head of this unfortunate player? 

You’d think that having suffered such a monstrous blow, he would die right there on the spot. But that doesn’t happen. Instead, he’s alive and healthy, although somewhat crushed by feelings of guilt. 

Then where did all the negative energy go? 

Well, the pendulum harvested it. If it had not done so, the person at whom the crowd aimed its anger would have died, while the glorified star would have flied up to the sky. I won’t be the judge of whether the pendulum is an animated being or simply an energy form. Whatever the case, it is of no importance to the transerfing method. 

The important thing is to be able to recognize a pendulum and to avoid participating in its games, unless there is something you can gain from such an interaction. It is very easy to recognize a destructive pendulum, as it has one defining feature. It is always competing with other energy structures just like itself, fighting for control over people. 

A pendulum has only one goal – to capture as many adherents as possible, in order to get as much energy as possible. 

The more aggressive a pendulum acts in its fight for adherents, the more destructive it is, meaning that it poses a threat to the fate of an individual person. 

Someone might object that there are, after all, charitable organizations, societies for nature preservation, animal welfare organizations and others. What is so destructive about them?

The fact is that they, no matter how you see it, feed on your energy and do not care about somebody else’s happiness or welfare, and this is destructive for you personally. 

They ask you to be merciful to others while they remain indifferent to your welfare.

 If this is okay with you, and you feel truly happy doing charity work, then this might be your calling, and you have found your pendulum. But, please, be honest with yourself. 

Perhaps you are just wearing the mask of a charitable giver. Are you actually giving your energy and money away for the welfare of others and doing it with all your heart, or are you just putting on a charity show, so that you will seem like a better person? 

Destructive pendulums have taught people not to choose their own destiny. 

After all, if a person was truly free in his choice he would be independent. Then he wouldn’t be attracted to pendulums and wouldn’t become one of their adherents. 

Our mind is so used to the  idea that our fate is our lot in life, making it very hard for us to believe that it is possible to choose the fate that we would like to have. 

It is very advantageous for pendulums to keep their adherents under control. Therefore, they come up with all sorts of ways to manipulate their adherents. 

The following passages give clear examples of how this is done. 

If you make a cult, movement or a school out of transerfing it could also become a pendulum.

 Different pendulums vary, of course, in their degree of destructiveness. transerfing, even in a worst-case scenario would be much less destructive than its counterparts would. This is because it does not serve some external and general goal, but rather it exists exclusively for the good of every single individual. Therefore, such a pendulum would be very unusual, kind of like an individualist society with people who are busy focusing exclusively on their own individual destinies. 

 By the way, here is a homework assignment for you: what pendulums could be called constructive? 

But why on Earth am I telling you all of this? 

I am doing this because I have to explain to you what it means to choose your fate and how to actually do that. 

Have patience, dear Reader. Some of the things we’ve been talking about are not that easy to get your head around, but gradually a clear picture will emerge. 

The Battle of the Pendulums 

The main defining feature of a destructive pendulum is that it aggressively seeks to destroy other pendulums, so that it can drag people over to its side. 

To accomplish this, the pendulum will always try to set its adherents against adherents of other pendulums: “We are good, while they are not like us! They are bad!” 

People who are drawn into this battle lose their way and start following false goals, which they mistakenly believe to be their own. 

This is how the destructiveness of pendulums becomes apparent. Fighting other adherents is fruitless and ruins lives, those of people you “fight” and your own. 


Let’s take an extreme example of the battle for adherents – war. 

In order to convince its own adherents to go to war, the pendulum will put forward arguments that correspond to the specific historical era. The most primitive method, often used in history, was to simply order people to get back what was “rightfully” theirs by force.

 As societies became more civilized, arguments acquired forms that were more refined. One nation declares itself the most progressive and developed, while others are declared to be backwards. A noble aim is then to bring these undeveloped people to a higher level, and if they object – apply force. 

And modern conceptions of war appear to go along the following lines: a beehive hangs on a tree in the forest. Wild bees live there, producing honey and raising their young. But then a pendulum approaches the hive, and announces to its own adherents: “These are wild bees, they are very dangerous and therefore they must be destroyed or, at least, we have to destroy their hive. You don’t believe me? Just watch!” The pendulum pokes around inside the hive with a stick. The bees fly out and start stinging the pendulum’s adherents. And the pendulum triumphantly exclaims: “See, I told you so! Look how aggressive they are! They have to be destroyed.” It does not matter what kind of slogans are used to justify wars and revolutions, their purpose is always the same – to serve in the battle of pendulums for adherents. 

These battles can take on different forms, but their sole goal is basically to get as many adherents as possible. New energy is a vital necessity for the pendulum. Without it, the pendulum will stop, and thus cease to exist as an entity. Therefore, the battle of the pendulums is a natural and unavoidable battle for their existence.

 Right after wars and revolutions follow other forms of battle that may be less aggressive but which are severe nonetheless. 

Examples of such battles are: the struggle for market domination, the rivalry of political parties, economic competition, all possible forms of marketing, advertising campaigns, ideological propaganda and so on. 

The living environment is made out of pendulums.

 Therefore, you will find competition in every possible domain of modern living. There is competition everywhere, on all possible levels, starting with political and governmental disputes and ending with competition between clubs and among single individuals.

The new, the unusual, the incomprehensible always paves its way with difficulty.

Why is that? 

Is it simply because new concepts take time to settle in our head?

The main reason is that the old pendulums would be at a loss if a new pendulum and another rival would enter the stage and start dragging people towards him. For instance, internal combustion engines make a significant contribution to pollution in the cities and they could have been replaced a long time ago. 

After all, many alternative and pollution-free engines have been developed throughout the years, and should be used instead. However, this would be a threat to the existing pendulums of oil corporations, and these are still very strong.

Therefore, they won’t allow some inventors to take them off the stage.

So, it comes down to the fact that these monstrous pendulums, which represent large oil corporations, are literally buying up patents of alternative engines only to keep them secret.

At the same time, they are trying to convince the world of the low efficiency of these new inventions. When building their structure on the material plane, pendulums strengthen their position with financial means, buildings, equipment, and, of course, with human resources. At the top of these human pyramids, pendulums place their favorites.

These are leaders of all ranks and functions, anyone from junior managers to presidents of governments. They do not have to possess any special or outstanding qualities at all. Usually, those adherents are made leaders whose combination of traits fits perfectly within the pendulum’s structure.

The chosen favorite may believe that he has achieved great things in life only because of his personal qualities. It is true, but only to a certain degree. The self organizing structure of the pendulum plays the greatest role in promoting its favorites. If the parameters or traits of the favorite no longer correspond to the needs of the system, then the favorite will be removed with no regard for his welfare.

The battle of the pendulums is destructive for their adherents, because as they are serving a higher goal they think that they are doing it because they really believe in it. Personal beliefs of adherents tend to be in the tight grip of a pendulum. 

As soon as a person tunes into the pendulum’s frequency, an interaction takes place on the energy level between him and the pendulum. The frequency of an adherent’s thought energy is fixed and maintained by the pendulum’s own energy. The person is now trapped in a feedback loop. The adherent transmits thought energy on the pendulum’s frequency, while the pendulum in turn grants a little bit of energy to the adherent, as to maintain the pendulum’s influence over the person. 

On the level of material realization, such pendulum-adherent interactions can be seen in everyday life situations. For example, the pendulum of a political party starts an election campaign, catches on to an adherent and feeds him with a little energy delivered in the shape of good feelings such as appreciation, satisfaction, dignity and importance. The adherent believes that he has the situation under control and that he can make his own choices. But, as a matter of fact, he was chosen by the pendulum that now has control over him. 

On the surface, however, this situation has a different appearance – the adherent believes that he is doing what he wants to do. Nevertheless, in this case, the adherent’s will has been invisibly and artificially forced upon him by the pendulum. The adherent is thus placed in the pendulum’s information field, where he is spending time with others like him, discussing “hot” topics and so on. In that way the adherent establishes energy connections with the pendulum and fixes his own energy within the structure. 

Eventually, the adherent may realize that the pendulum’s activity does not live up to his expectations, so he starts to resent or doubt his former idol and thus, his frequency slips out of the pendulum’s grip. The tightness of the pendulum’s grip depends on how powerful the pendulum is. In some cases, the pendulum will simply allow its adherents to leave, while in other cases, such a heretic will be deprived of his freedom or even his life. How a pendulum traps the frequency of its adherents can be illustrated by the following example.

Say, you’re singing to yourself. 

Then all of the sudden, somebody starts playing a different song on high volume. So, as you are hearing this new melody, it will be very difficult for you to continue singing your song to yourself. 

For the purposes of Transerfing, the specific details behind the interaction process between a pendulum and its adherent are not important.

We’ll investigate this interaction, using a simplified model and everyday situations as examples. This will be quite sufficient for our purposes. Nobody will be able to explain to us in great detail and with a high degree of accuracy how things really happen, because then one could ask the question: and what does it really actually mean? 

And this discussion could go on forever, just like the infinite process of acquiring knowledge.

It’s an unrewarding task all together. So, we will have to settle for something smaller.

We should be happy that we are nonetheless capable of understanding at least something. 

Now, let’s see how pendulums manipulate their adherents. 

 Puppet Strings 

Let’s ask ourselves a question: how can pendulums force their adherents to freely give up their energy?

Big and powerful pendulums can, for example, force their adherents to act according to specific rules.

But how do weaker pendulums do it? 

When a person doesn’t have the power to force another to do something, he presents a valid argument and tries to convince and persuade the other person by promising a desirable outcome. These are all rather weak methods of persuasion that can only be found in a human society, where people are removed from the forces of nature. 

Pendulums also use these methods sometimes, but they have a weapon that is much more powerful than that. 

Pendulums are energy based information structures. Therefore, they obey the powerful and indisputable laws of existence and act in accordance with these.

In order for a person to give away his energy to a pendulum, his thought energy must be of the same frequency as the pendulum’s resonance frequency. For this to happen, it’s not necessary for a person to consciously direct his thoughts towards the pendulum. As you probably know, a great deal of what people think and do happens unconsciously. 

And this particular property of the human mind is what pendulums often take advantage of. Hence, pendulums manage to get energy not only from their adherents but also from their most enthusiastic opponents. 

You can probably guess by now how that works. 

Imagine a group of elderly sitting on a park bench, complaining and criticizing their government. They are not adherents of the government’s pendulum, because they hate the government for many reasons.

But what is happening?

The elderly are cursing the government, saying how incompetent, corrupt, cynical and stupid it is. So, what they are actually doing is that they are producing a lot of thought energy at the frequency of this pendulum. To be honest, the pendulum couldn’t care less from which side you push it to make it swing. Both positive and negative energy will do, as long as the frequency of a person’s thought energy is resonant with the pendulum’s frequency. 

Thus, a pendulum’s biggest problem is to get to people, to hit them where it hurts in whatever way possible, as long as the pendulum or anything related to it occupies their mind

. Once the concept of mass media was developed, the methods of pendulums have become increasingly refined. 

People become quite addicted to mass media.

Have you noticed how they mostly mention bad things in the news? These programs give rise to strong emotions like agitation, fear, irritation, anger and envy. It is the journalists’ job to attract your attention.

The means of mass media, being pendulums themselves, are serving pendulums that are even more powerful. The supposed purpose is free access to any information. The actual purpose is quite different – it is to tune in as many people as possible to the frequencies of specific pendulums.

One of a pendulum’s most favorite methods of getting access to your energy is to get you off balance. If you are off balance, you begin to “swing” on the frequency of the pendulum, by doing so you will be swinging the pendulum itself.

 Let’s suppose that the prices have gone up. You don’t like it, so you react in a negative way – you would feel annoyed, and you would probably complain and talk about it with your friends. And that would be a perfectly normal reaction. But this is exactly what the pendulum wants. 

You are radiating negative energy at the pendulum’s frequency into the world.

The pendulum will harvest this energy, which will only make the pendulum swing higher, resulting in the situation with the prices getting increasingly worse in the real world. At this point, the pendulum is controlling you like a puppeteer is controlling its puppet, and the firmest string to pull you by is fear, the most ancient and strongest feeling there is. It does not really matter what it is you are afraid of exactly, but if your fear is somehow connected to an aspect of the pendulum, the pendulum will get your energy. Anxiety and being nervous are somewhat weaker threads, but they are nonetheless strong enough to pull at and get you jumping. 

These feelings are very good at fixating thought energy radiations on a pendulum’s frequency. If something is bothering you, it would be hard for you to get our mind off it and focus on something entirely different. Feeling guilty would be another very efficient way for a pendulum to pump energy out of you. 

Feelings of guilt are forced on us already in our childhood. It’s a very convenient method of manipulation. “If you’re guilty, then you have to do as I tell you.” It is very unpleasant to live with guilt, and therefore people try to get rid of these feelings.

 But how? 

You redeem your fault by either accepting your punishment or working off your debt. Both alternatives imply submission, obedience and a specific way of thinking.

The call of duty is a particular form of guilt.

To have a duty means that one is obliged to do something. As a result, “the guilty”, both the true ones and the ones that are made to believe that they are guilty, are walking around with their heads hanging, bringing the pendulums their energy on a plate. Inducing feelings of guilt by suggestion is the most favorite weapon of manipulators, and we shall return to it at a later point in this book. 

All possible human psychological complexes should be noted, in particular:

 The inferiority complex: 

I am not attractive, 

I don’t have any abilities or talents,

 I am not particularly bright or clever,

 I don’t know how to communicate with people or how to be around them, 

I’m not worthy etc. 

The complex of guilt: I’m guilty of something, everyone is judging me and I have to bear my cross. 

The warrior complex: I have to be cool, I declare war on myself and on everybody else, I will fight for my place under the sun, I will take what is mine by force. 

The truth-lover complex: I will show that I am right and everyone else is wrong, whatever it takes. 

These and other complexes are personal keys to the energy of separate individuals.

 A pendulum, by hitting on a vulnerable spot, is zealously pumping the energy out of this person. You can continue naming the strings by which the pendulums control their puppets:

justice, pride, vanity, honor, love, hate, greed, generosity, curiosity, interest, hunger, as well as other feelings and needs. 

Your feelings and interest allow the flow of thoughts to be fixed in one direction. If a particular subject doesn’t provoke any interest or emotion, then it’s very hard to focus on it. Therefore, pendulums are able to capture the flow of thoughts by pressing the right buttons like the particular feelings and needs of a specific person. 

As a rule, people have a standard way of reacting to negative external sources of irritation. Negative news provokes discontent, alarming news provokes a reaction of worry or fear, having been offended provokes dislike and so on. 

Habits function as the switch that sets the mechanism of capture in motion. 

For example, the habit of getting irritated or worried with little cause is the same as reacting to a provocation. 

Basically, it is the same as reacting negatively to a negative source of irritation. 

A person could be aware of the fact that negative thoughts and actions won’t lead to anything good, however he would still make the same mistakes out of habit. In this way, habits often create problems and force us to act inefficiently, and yet they are difficult to get rid of.

Habits are illusions of comfort. One has more trust in what is familiar. Anything new causes worry and fear. The old and familiar have already been proven to work through experience. It is like an old armchair, in which you sit down to relax after work. Maybe a new one would be better, but the old one is more comfortable.

Comfort is characterized by such concepts as convenience, trust, positive experience and predictability. New things possess these qualities to a much lower degree, thus it takes a lot of time for a new habit to turn into an old one. So, we’ve looked at the methods of influence that pendulums use on people. 

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Can a man escape from the influence of a pendulum? 

 We’ll be talking about methods of escape further on. Still, it often happens that someone stands up to the pendulum that has enslaved him and openly opposes it. 

In any battle between a man and a pendulum, the man will always suffer a defeat. 

A pendulum can only be defeated by other pendulums. One man can’t do anything. If a man is no longer obeying the pendulum and he gets into a fight with it, he will only lose energy. In the best case, the man will be thrown out of the system, while in the worst case – he will be crushed.

 An adherent that had the guts to break the rules set by the pendulum, will be proclaimed an outlaw. 

On the surface of the real world, the man will be convicted or condemned for his actions.

 In reality, it is not the man’s action that makes him guilty, but rather the fact that he has gone out of control and is no longer a source of energy for the pendulum. 

 Why is it that “a fault confessed is half redressed”? Because the man who accepts the feeling of guilt is completely ready to submit himself to the pendulum’s rule. For the pendulum, the actual remorse of the adherent for the act committed doesn’t mean anything. Only the restored control over the adherent is of any importance. 

The pendulum will immediately be much nicer to you, if you give it the opportunity to manipulate you. And if the guilty one does not submit to the pendulum, then he can be removed, because there is nothing more to gain from him. 

The true motives of the pendulum are usually veiled by moral principles, saying that a person that has shown remorse is not such an evil person after all. 

You can easily distinguish whether moral principles are at work or the interests of the system have been infringed upon, if you only keep in mind what pendulums look like and what their true goals are. 

You Always Get What You Don’t Want As mentioned before, pendulums can get energy from their adherents as well as from their opponents. But loss of energy is only half the trouble. If a pendulum is destructive enough, both the adherent’s welfare and future fate will get damaged. 

Every person is from time to time confronted with negative information or undesirable events. All of this is just a provocation of the pendulums. A man doesn’t want these things in his life, but always reacts in one of two ways. If the information doesn’t affect him very much, he won’t pay much attention to it, and will forget about it soon enough. But if the provocative information irritates or frightens him, that is there is something very relevant to him in this information, then a capture of thought energy takes place: the man is caught in the pendulum’s noose and is tuned to the pendulum’s resonance frequency.

You probably know what happens next. 

The man starts feeling angry, he is outraged, worried, afraid, vigorously expressing his dissatisfaction. 

Basically, he is actively radiating energy on the frequency of the destructive pendulum.

The pendulum does not harvest all of the energy.

Some of it goes to particular sectors in the space of variations. 

The parameters of the man’s thought energy are such that he is transported to the sector in the space of variations where everything he wants to avoid exists in abundance.

As you might remember, if a man’s thought energy is fixed on a certain frequency, he is transported to the corresponding life track. In this case, the pendulum is destructive to his adherent, because it is fixating his frequency, using the noose of capture. 

Let’s say that you turn a deaf ear to any information regarding catastrophes and natural disasters. After all, if you are not affected by it, why the unnecessary stress? Usually in this case, a natural disaster will happen somewhere else, but you will personally be on a life track where you are not a victim of a disaster, but an observer. 

The track, where you would be a victim, is left behind. 

And the opposite is true as well, if you allow information about disasters and unfortunate events to affect you, you will moan and talk about it with your friends. In that case, it is very possible that you will soon be transferred onto a life track, where you will be a victim of a disaster yourself. 

It turns out that the stronger your desire to avoid something, the greater the risk that you will get it. 

Actively fighting what you do not want is the same as doing your best to make this very thing a part of your life. 

You don’t even have to do anything special in order to transport yourself to the undesirable life tracks. It is quite enough to think negative thoughts and add emotions to them. 

For example, you don’t want bad weather, and so you think about how you don’t like the rain.

Noisy neighbors are bothering you and you’re constantly fighting with them or you quietly despise them in your heart.

You are afraid of something and this makes you very anxious. 

You’re sick and tired of your day job and so you savor the feeling of hatred towards your job. What you actively don’t want, like things that you are afraid of, things that you hate or despise, will follow you everywhere.

There are, of course, many other things you would like to avoid, but those things don’t bother you as much at the moment. In that case, those things won’t crawl into your life, they simply won’t happen.

But as soon as you allow the undesirable affect, feeling hatred and starting to cherish the negative feeling, the unwanted will definitely materialize in your life. 

The only way to remove the unwanted from your life is in freeing yourself from the influence of the pendulum that has trapped your thought energy.

And from now on resist its provocations and not be a part of this game.

There are two methods of escaping a pendulum’s grip:

making it fall through

or extinguishing it.

Let’s look in more detail at how this is done.

The Fall Through of a Pendulum Fighting a Pendulum is useless.

As has been mentioned above, fighting it means feeding it with your energy. 

The first and most important condition for success is refusal to fight with it. 

First, the more you are trying to fight off the annoying things in your life, the more actively they will pursue you. You could forever keep saying, “Just leave me in peace! Everyone, leave me alone!” You think that you are defending yourself against the annoying pendulums, but you are actually feeding them with your energy and thus, they stick to you even more.

Second, you don’t have the right to condemn or change anything in this world.

You have to accept everything like you would accept an artwork at an exhibition, no matter whether you like it or not. There may be many pictures at the exhibition that may not seem too appealing to you.

However, it would never occur to you to demand that they would be taken away. 

Once you’ve recognized the right of the pendulum to exist, you have the right to leave it alone, to resist falling under its influence. 

But the main thing is to avoid getting into a fight with it – don’t blame it, don’t get angry with it, don’t lose your temper, because all this would mean your participation in the pendulum’s game. 

Do the exact opposite, quietly accept the pendulum as something given, as an unavoidable evil, and then leave. If you show any aversion, you will be giving your energy to the pendulum. 

Before exploring what it means to choose, we have to learn how to say no. 

People, in general, have a vague idea of what they want. But everyone knows for sure what they don’t want. Striving to free themselves from undesirable things or events, many act in such a way that they get the exact opposite.

In order to say no, it’s necessary to accept.

The word “accept” in this context does not mean that you should embrace it and make it a part of yourself, but rather that you should admit to yourself that everyone has the right to exist, and then pass by indifferently. 

To accept and to let go means to let things pass through you and to wave goodbye to them as they leave.

The opposite would be to accept things and to keep them close by, and then to become attached to them or try to resist them.

If you are being pestered by thoughts about things you dislike, those very things will find their way into your life. Imagine that somebody doesn’t like apples. He simply hates them, they make him sick. This person could just ignore them, but he cannot come to terms with the thought that there are such disgusting things as apples in his world. They irritate him every time he lays eyes on them, and he actively talks about his aversion. This is what happens on the material plane. However, on the energy plane, the man is greedily pouncing on the apples, stuffing his mouth with them, chewing noisily, and trying to scream how much he hates them, he is stuffing his pockets full of apples, he is choking on them and again starts complaining about how sick he is of them. It does not occur to the man that he can simply  throw the apples out of his life if he doesn’t want them. 

Whether you love or hate something has no meaning. 

The main thing is that if your thoughts are preoccupied with the object of your feelings, the energy of your thoughts will fix on a certain frequency and you will thus, be captured by a pendulum and transported to a corresponding life track, where the loved or hated object exists in abundance. 

If you don’t want to have a certain thing in your life, then stop thinking about it, pass this particular thing by indifferently, and it will disappear from your life.

 To throw something out of your life does not mean you should avoid it, but simply ignore it. 

To avoid something means to allow it passage into your life, but at the same time actively try to free yourself from it.

To ignore something means not to react to it in any way and, consequently, not to have it in your life. 

Imagine that you are a radio receiver. Every day you wake up and listen to a station that you really hate, that is the world around you. So, just tune yourself into a different frequency!

It can appear that placing an iron curtain between you and the world would protect you from undesirable pendulums. 

This is nothing but an illusion. 

When you are in this iron shell, you are telling yourself: “I am a blank wall. I don’t see anything, I don’t hear anything, I don’t know anything and I don’t speak to anyone. There is no access to me.” In order to maintain such a protective field, it’s necessary to spend energy and quite a lot of it actually.

A person that is intentionally trying to shut himself off from the world is constantly on the edge. Besides everything else, the energy of a protective field is tuned into the frequency of that pendulum, against which your protection was built in the first place. And this is exactly what the pendulum wants. It does not care at all whether you give him your energy with pleasure or with anger, as long as you give it to the pendulum. 

What could then serve as protection against a pendulum? 


If I am empty, no pendulum will be able to catch on to me. I am not joining the pendulum’s game, but I am not trying to defend myself against the pendulum either.

I simply ignore it. 

The energy of the pendulum flies past me, without touching me and disappears into space. The pendulum’s game doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t affect me. In relation to the pendulum, I am empty. 

The pendulum’s main objective is to attract as many adherents as possible to get their energy. If you ignore a pendulum, it will leave you alone and switch over to other people. This is because the pendulum can only affect someone that accepts its game, in other words, someone who starts radiating thought energy on the frequency of the pendulum.

Let’s take the most basic example. 

A barking dog is chasing you. If you turn around to face it, the dog will bark even louder. If you will take the dog seriously and start to wrangle with it, the dog will continue running after you for quite a while. After all it is the dog’s aim to find someone to have a row with.

But if you simply ignore the dog, it will look for another object. And do notice that it will never occur to the dog to feel insulted because you wouldn’t pay any attention to it. The dog is so absorbed with its goal of getting energy that it can’t possibly think about something else.

 Now, you could substitute the dog with a troublemaker, and the given model would work the same way. 

 If someone is annoying you, try the model of a destructive pendulum on him. He’ll probably be a perfect match. 

If you cannot quiet the “troublemaker”, then simply refrain from reacting to his provocations – ignore him. He won’t leave you alone until you stop giving him your energy. 

You can give the energy directly to him by getting into a fight with him, or indirectly by silently hating him. To stop giving away your energy means to stop thinking at all about the troublemaker. Just throw him out of your head.

Simply tell to yourself: “Oh, never mind him!” – and he will be gone from your life. However, it is often the case that you simply can’t ignore the pendulum. 

For example, the boss calls you on the carpet. Simply refusing, or trying to defend yourself would in both cases mean a loss of energy, because in both situations you would be fighting the pendulum. In such cases, you can act as if you are taking part in the pendulum’s game. 

The main thing is to keep in mind that you are just pretending to play the pendulum’s game. 

Imagine a burly fellow raising his sledgehammer at you and striking a blow. You have nothing against it, you are not defending yourself and you are not attacking him. In this moment, you simply step aside and the big fellow, along with his sledgehammer, hits an empty spot. 

This means that the pendulum can’t catch on to you and thus, it falls through empty space. 

The same principle lies at the heart of aikido – a type of martial arts. 

The following is what literally happens in aikido: the attacker is taken by the arm and brought along with the defender, as if the defender is casually seeing him off, and then the attacker is released without any force from the defender, and is sent flying in the same direction in which he was aiming in the first place. 

The whole secret is that the defender has nothing against the attack. He agrees with the attacker’s way, walks together with him for a while, and then lets go of him. The energy of the attacker falls through into empty space, because if the defender is “empty” there is nothing to catch on to. 

So, what is the technique behind this soft approach? 

Basically, you respond to the pendulum’s first attack with agreement, and then you diplomatically step aside or unobtrusively direct the pendulum’s movement to where you want it. 

For example, your eager boss wants to load you with work and demands, all excited, that you do it exactly the way he wants it to be done. You know that it needs to be done differently or you even believe that this task is not your responsibility in the first place. If you will start objecting, arguing and defending yourself, your boss will, in the strictest way, ask for your obedience. After all, he has made a decision, and you’re defying him.

Do the exact opposite. Listen carefully to what your boss is saying, agree with everything he says, let the pendulum exhaust its first impulse. Then gently start discussing the details of the job with him. At this moment, you have accepted the energy of your boss and radiate at his frequency. His impulse has not met any opposition and will therefore subside for the time being. 

Don’t tell him that you know better how this job should be done, don’t say no to the job and don’t argue with him. Just ask for his advice, ask him how you could do the job faster and better or how perhaps another employee could do it even better. By doing this, you are swinging along with the pendulum, but you are doing it consciously, not participating in its game, but as if observing it from the outside. 

The pendulum swings, completely absorbed with the game. And it is the pendulum’s game – it is making the decision, and people agree with it and consult it for advice. You’ll see that the energy,  previously directed at you, will be turned away from you, towards another solution or towards somebody else, who will do the job. 

Hence, for you personally, the pendulum will fall through. 

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Extinguishing a Pendulum 

There can be situations where you cannot make the pendulum fall through

That is, you cannot simply ignore or escape it. 

I had a friend once that was this really nice and good-hearted guy, but he was also gifted with incredible physical strength. So we were going on a tram one night, and there was this group of bullies looking for trouble, – a real destructive pendulum. 

There were quite a few of them, all as one, feeding each other with negative energy and all convinced that they are above any law. In order for their energy to multiply, they would constantly need to bother other people that would react to their provocations and thus, give them their energy. So, this angry looking bunch started bothering my friend, probably because the kind and peaceful expression on his face suggested he wouldn’t be too much trouble. They tried in every way to pick a fight with him, insulting and taunting him, but he remained silent and didn’t react to any of the provocations – in other words, he tried to make the pendulum fall through. Neither did I interfere, because I knew that he had nothing to fear, but the bullies were really out on a limb. Finally, my friend couldn’t stand it any longer, so he got up and headed for the exit, but the most impudent adherent blocked his way. Then my friend, who by now was cornered, grabbed the punk by the scruff of the neck, and delivered a hideous blow to his head. The victim’s face was instantly made into a bloody mess. The remaining heroes were dumbfounded with amazement and fear. My friend turned and grabbed the next one, but that one started mumbling with a trembling voice: “Tha-a-t’s enough, man…..enough…..dooon’t.” 

The energy of the pendulum was instantly extinguished, and its adherents, still taken aback, were slowly moving backwards, and finally tumbled out of the tram. Of course, lucky are those that can stand up for themselves.

But if you are not one of them, what then? 

If you have nowhere to run, then you can stop the pendulum by doing something out of the ordinary, something that no one would expect from you. 

Somebody told me of a case like that.

Once, a pack of “fearless” street gang members cornered a fellow and were about to beat him  up. Then he approached the leader of the gang, staring at him with an insane look in his eyes, and said, “So what should I break: your nose or your jaw?”

A question like that was clearly out of context (it did not fit the script) and the gang leader was for a moment taken aback.

Then the fellow cried out with unhealthy enthusiasm “Or maybe I’ll just tear your ear off!” and grabbed him by the ear with his hand. The leader of the gang gave out an agonizing cry. The entire show that the gang was so used to putting on was now ruined. The gang leader was now not even thinking about beating somebody up, only one thought was tormenting him – how to free his ear from the tight grip of the madman. The gang let the guy go, as they thought him to be a nutcase, and the guy in return escaped the bloodshed. 

So there you go, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you know the usual course of events, do something surprising – no matter  what – something that does not fit into the standard development of events. 

The pendulum will be extinguished. 

The thing is, as long as you are acting according to a given scenario, you accept the pendulum’s game and give away your energy on that frequency. But if your frequency is very different from that of a pendulum, you and the pendulum will be in dissonance, and thus, you’ll throw it off rhythm. 

At the same time, you shouldn’t be asking for trouble if you are dealing with a pendulum that has nothing to lose. 

If you are attacked by a person that is trying to rob you, it’s better to give him the money right away. Some people even carry a ten-dollar bill for occasions such as this. For instance, if the robber is a drug addict or he is mentally ill, he could easily end your life, even if you are a master of the martial arts. Therefore, you are much better off not dealing with people like that at all, as you wouldn’t with a rabid dog. Otherwise, your death would be unwarranted and absurd.

 Having a sense of humor and a creative imagination can be very helpful in extinguishing a pendulum. 

Turn your irritation into a game.

For example, you are annoyed with the massive amount of people on the street or on the bus, and everyone is in a hurry and makes it difficult for you to make your way. 

Now imagine that you are at a bird bazaar in Antarctica. All these people around you are actually penguins, waddling, fussing and pottering about in a very funny way. And who would you be? You would be penguin as well. After this transformation, the people around you would instill liking and curiosity in you, rather than annoyance. 

Of course, it’s hard to control yourself when you are mad with rage. At these moments, the hardest thing of all is to remember that this is only a pendulum trying to draw energy from you.

 Don’t give in to its provocations. 

The pendulum is like a vampire, it uses its own form of anesthesia that is your habit of reacting negatively to a nuisance.

 Even now, having read these lines, you could in a couple of minutes get distracted and answer an unwanted phone call with an irritated voice.

But if you make it your aim to acquire the habit of remembering about the pendulum, soon enough you will develop immunity against its provocations. 

Notice that when you come across annoying situations and react to them with irritation, dissatisfaction and other negative emotions, the negative situation that provoked these emotions will instantly get worse and you are in for more trouble. This is how the pendulum swings higher and higher.

And you are the one pushing it. So, do the exact opposite – either don’t react at all or react in an inappropriate way. 

For example, you can meet annoyances with false enthusiasm or even  with moronic delight. This is how you extinguish a pendulum. 

You’ll see that the pendulum will not continue its provocations. As you remember, the habit of negatively reacting to annoying situations is the lever that sets the pendulum’s capture mechanism in motion, so that the pendulum can get to your thought energy.

Such a habit will fade away if you play your own game, in which you deliberately make the following substitutions:

fear – confidence, gloom – enthusiasm, resentment – indifference, irritation – joy.

At least try to react “inappropriately” to small nuisances. What do you have to lose? It might be a ridiculous thing to do, but if you play the game this way the pendulum will not stand a chance. This gaming style seems ridiculous only because the pendulums have trained us to play the games that are of benefit only to them. 

Now, try forcing the pendulum to play your game – you will enjoy the game and you will discover to your great surprise what a  powerful technique it is. 

The working principle is this: radiating thought energy at a frequency different from the resonance frequency, you get in dissonance with the pendulum. Thus, for you personally, the pendulum is extinguished and therefore leaves you in peace. 

There is another interesting method of gently extinguishing the pendulum.

If someone is bothering you, making a problem for you, try to determine what that person needs. 

Now imagine this person having what he needs.

This could be health, confidence or peace of mind. If you think about it, these are the three main things that we all need, in order to feel satisfaction.

So think about, what does this person really need right now? Suppose that your boss shouted at you. Maybe he’s tired or he is having problems at home? Then he needs some peace of mind. Imagine him relaxing in an armchair in front of the TV, or by a fireplace, fishing with a rod on the river, or maybe having a beer with his friends. Do you know what he likes to do?

Perhaps his bosses have been pushing and pressing him, and he is afraid of taking on more responsibility? Then he needs some confidence. Imagine him skiing like a pro, driving around in a sports car, or being at a party where he is the center of attention. Perhaps he is ill and in pain? Imagine that he is happy and healthy, swimming in the ocean, riding a bicycle, playing football. 

Of course, it’s better to imagine him doing what he likes to do. But you don’t have to guess, don’t worry. It’s quite enough to imagine this person in a situation where he is satisfied.

So what is actually happening here? Your boss suddenly appears on the scene and has only problems in hold for you. (Instead of your boss, it could be a robber or anyone else that means trouble). Distract yourself from whatever trouble he is bringing you.

Thus, from the very beginning, you refrain from putting your head into the frequency-capturing noose. Now imagine this person getting exactly what he needs. (What does a robber want; to eat, to drink or to get high?) Visualize an image where this person gets his satisfaction. If you’re successful, you can consider your troubles gone.

 After all, the pendulum didn’t simply begin to swing on its own. Something got it out of balance. The pendulum is, consciously or unconsciously, looking for something that will restore its balance.

 And suddenly the energy of your thoughts on a certain frequency restores, although indirectly, the pendulum’s balance. It will instantly substitute its aggression with goodwill. What? You find it hard to believe? Go on and test it!

So, basically what happens when you apply the above technique is that you extinguish the pendulum. 

A pendulum-man approaches you with a problem and you solve the problem, not in an obvious way, but on the energy plane. You gave the pendulum your energy, but only a tiny piece of it, in comparison to what you could have lost. In addition, you’ve done a good deed – you’ve helped someone in need, if only temporarily. 

The interesting thing is that this person will later have a different, friendlier attitude towards you. He will never be able to guess why he is feeling comfortable in your company. Let that be your little secret. 

This technique can be successfully used in situations when you need to get something from somebody, and that particular person is busy with his own problems and isn’t really keen on giving you whatever it is that you want. Do you need a signature from the local official? First, “feed” him a little of your nice visualization, and he’ll do anything for you. 

Just one last thing; where do you think the energy of a damped pendulum goes? It is actually transported back to you. 

Having overcome your problem, you get stronger.

 And the next time something like this happens it will be very easy for you to find the right solution to the problem. Isn’t that the case? But if you try to fight the problem, you’ll be giving your energy to the pendulum that created the problem in the first place. 

Reality Transurfing

The techniques of making a pendulum fall through or extinguishing it, are also well known by both psychologists and psychiatrists as professional methods.

So, really these methods are nothing new. However, to somebody who is not acquainted with the methods of practical psychology, these techniques would be valuable, as they bring clarity and understanding to what psychological defense is and how it works. 

Simple Solutions to Complicated Problems 

If you were able to extinguish a pendulum or make it fall through, you would as well be able to solve all kinds of possible problems. 

This problem could be a complicated life situation, a conflict, an unfavorable circumstance, a difficulty or simply a task. There are simple solutions to all complicated problems. 

The key to solving a problem is always somewhere on the surface, the only question is how to spot it. The pendulum that has created the problem for you will get in the way of you seeing the key to the problem. The goal of a destructive pendulum is to get energy from you. In order to accomplish this, it has to fix the frequency of your radiating thoughts on the problem. 

This is very easy to do, if you are convinced that the problem is difficult.

If you accept these rules of the game, the pendulum will easily take you by the hand and lead you into an intricate labyrinth. 

Only later will you realize the answer was right there in front of you the whole time.

If you scare a person, worry him, confuse him or play on his fears, saying how difficult the problem is, then he will easily agree to things being complicated and so he’ll be hooked. But you don’t really have to scare people to achieve the same effect.

The public opinion is already such that many problems are considered to be difficult in nature and thus, lack simple solutions. 

Throughout life, every one of us is constantly confronted with difficulties of some kind, especially when it is something new and unfamiliar. As a result, everyone has a strongly rooted habit of facing problems with anxiety and sometimes even with reverential fear. In addition, one always weighs his abilities to handle a problem on the scales of doubt. 

Consequently, the tendency to face problems with fear is transformed into a puppet string. 

The pendulum can act either through its adherents, namely people associated with a particular problem, or it can act through non-living objects as well. The pendulum fixes the radiation of thought energy on a certain frequency and is busy sucking the energy, while the person is preoccupied with the problem. 

One would think that fixing frequency on the subject would help concentration. How could that possibly interfere with solving the problem? 

The thing is that the pendulum fixes our thoughts on a very narrow sector in the informational field, while the solution may very well be outside this sector. As a result, a person is thinking and acting within the limits of the narrow corridor and doesn’t really have the possibility to see the bigger picture. 

Unusual and intuitive solutions appear to  you precisely when you free yourself from the pendulum and get the freedom to think in another direction. The whole secret of being a genius is being free from the influence of the pendulums. While pendulums capture the ordinary people’s frequencies of thoughts, geniuses’ frequencies of thoughts can reorganize themselves independently and may enter unexplored areas of the information field.

Then how should you act in order to avoid getting into the pendulum’s capture noose? Don’t get absorbed with the problem and don’t allow the pendulum to ensnare you in its game.

Rent yourself out. 

Act as you normally would in such situations, but not as a participant in the game, but rather as an external observer.

Try looking at the situation, as if it didn’t concern you at all. Remember that the pendulums want to take you by the hand and lead you into a labyrinth. Don’t let the problem scare you, grab hold of you,  worry or confuse you. Just remember that there is a very simple solution to any problem. 

Do not accept the “difficult” interpretation imposed on you by the pendulums. 

If you have been confronted with a problem or a tricky situation, catch yourself on your attitude towards it. The problem could give rise to confusion, fear, resentment, despair and so on. 

You need to change your usual attitude towards the problem to the exact opposite, and the problem will either disappear all by itself or you will quickly find a very simple solution to it. In spite of your stereotypes and habits, see any problem not as an obstacle that you have to overcome, but rather as a part of the road you have to walk on. 

Don’t leave any space in yourself for the problem.

Be empty to the problem.

 If you have to solve a problem that requires a certain amount of thinking, don’t rush into logical reasoning right away.

Your subconscious is directly linked to the field of information. The solution to any possible problem is already there. Therefore, you should first relax, and then cast away any fear and anxiety that you may have regarding the solution. Because you do know that the solution is out there. Let go of yourself, stop the train of thoughts and try to contemplate the emptiness. It is very likely that the solution will come to you instantly, and it will probably be a very simple one. If that didn’t work, don’t get upset and turn on your thinking device. It will work the next time. 

This exercise is very useful in developing the ability to obtain intuitive knowledge. The only important thing is to make it your habit. This method really does work, if you are able to free yourself from the pendulum and “rent yourself out”.

However, this is easier said than done. 

Later in this book, you’ll discover new methods for dealing with pendulums. 

This is truly only the beginning.

 Doesn’t it  seem to you that I have taken you by the hand and I am about to lead you into a labyrinth? That’s right, be free even of the people that preach to you about your freedom. 

The Suspended State 

Having freed yourself from the influence of destructive pendulums, you acquire freedom. But freedom without a goal – is a suspended state. 

If you are preoccupied with making the surrounding pendulums fall through or extinguishing them, you are running the risk of finding yourself in a vacuum. Previous conflicts have gone somewhere else, concerns that have been annoying you have receded, arguments occur more and more rarely, anxiety and worry have disappeared. All of this happening is hardly noticeable, as if the storm is slowly quieting down. However, soon you will find out that there is a downside to it. 

If you were in the center of events before, now they seem to be happening somewhere else. 

To the people around you, you are no longer of the same importance as you used to be before and they pay less and less attention to you. You have fewer and fewer concerns, but there are no desires either.

The pressure from the external world weakens, but that doesn’t bring you any advantage. 

You have fewer problems, but no new achievements. What is happening here? 

The thing is that the entire world of man is built on pendulums.

Therefore, if a man isolates himself from them completely, he will find himself in a desert. The suspended state is not much better than being dependent on the pendulum. 

For example, children who have everything pine away, because “there’s nothing more to want.” They are suffering themselves and they pester everyone around them with their whining. 

Humankind is made in such a way that he always needs something to strive for. 

Your freedom is being free from the pendulums of others. But there are pendulums that will be of use to you personally. These are your pendulums. In other words, it’s necessary to recognize goals that have been forced on you, and in the pursuit of which you walk further and further away from your life track of happiness.

The task is, while being free, to choose those life tracks where true success and happiness await you. 

Pendulums are not an absolute evil to a person, if he is aware of his actions and the situation. You can never be entirely free from pendulums.

 The only question is how to avoid putting yourself under the influence of pendulums, and to consciously use them for your own purposes. Transerfing offers specific tools for doing this. 

To free oneself from  the influence of pendulums completely is not possible, but it’s not even necessary.

On the contrary, it is exactly the pendulums that are, in the end, responsible for turning a man’s dreams into reality. 


  • A pendulum is created by the energy of people who are thinking in the same direction. 
  • A pendulum is an energy-based information structure.
  • A pendulum fixes thought energy of an adherent onto its own frequency. 
  • A heavy battle for adherents is going on between pendulums. 
  • A destructive pendulum forces goals onto its adherents that are alien to them. 
  • A pendulum plays on people’s feelings, attracting them into its net. If you actively do not want something, it will be in your life. 
  • To free yourself from a pendulum means to throw it out of your life. 
  • To throw something out of your life means not to avoid it, but to ignore it.
  • To stop a pendulum, it’s necessary to violate the script of the game. 
  • Positive visualization will gently extinguish a pendulum-man.
  •  The energy of an extinguished pendulum is transferred to you!
  • Problems are solved by the fall through or extinguishing of pendulums, which created the problems in the first place. 
  • In order to solve problems – rent yourself out. 
  • To avoid a suspended state, you must find your own pendulums. 
  • You must develop the habit of remembering all of this.
  • The Funnel of the Pendulum 

The psyche of a man works in the following way – it reacts more to negative irritants. 

These could be undesired information, hostile actions, danger or simply negative energy. Of course, positive influences can also stir up strong emotions. But fear and rage by far excel joy and happiness in strength. 

The reason for this inequality comes from ancient times, when fear and rage were the crucial factors for survival. What is useful about joy in a context like that? It won’t help to defend oneself nor will it help to avoid danger or to get food. And then, of course, life was filled with burdens and hardship throughout the entire history of man, and brought more  grief and fear than joy and happiness.

 This was the origin of man’s tendency to more easily yield to gloomy thoughts and depression, while joy and happiness vanishes rather quickly. Have you ever heard, for example, of a normal person suffering from too much joy? However, people suffer from stress and depression quite often. 

Pendulums and, in particular, the mass media, actively make use of these peculiar features of human perception. You rarely hear anything good in the news. Usually, in a news program, it works something like this: you get hold of a negative fact, you follow up on the story with extra coverage, new details emerge, and everything is thoroughly savored and dramatized in a number of ways. 

By the very same principle, we are presented with other news: catastrophes, natural disasters, terrorist acts, armed conflicts and so  on. Notice the pattern at work here. Events develop in a spirallike manner: in the beginning there is the plot, then the story is unraveled, exposing further details, the tension is rising, then there is a culmination, emotions are already flaring to their maximum, and finally, the story comes to a conclusion – all of the energy is dissolved into space, and a temporary calm descends upon the viewers. 

Remember how the waves beat against the shore. 

The endless numbers of TV series are made by the very same principle. From an objective point of view, there is nothing special about them, all the “drama” is literally created out of thin air. Nevertheless, all you have to do is watch two or three episodes….and you’re hooked. Why? 

After all, nothing particularly interesting ever happens in these soap operas. But you’re hooked because the frequency of thought radiation is caught by the pendulum of the TV series, and your attention becomes fixed on a given sector. 

Let’s look at the mechanism that is responsible for the unwinding of the above-mentioned spiral. 

At the beginning, a man is confronted with the fact that could theoretically upset him – or not. Let’s suppose that it’s a piece of news about a negative event that took place somewhere in another country. This is the first push of the destructive pendulum. If the news somehow affects the person, he starts responding to the stimulus: he expresses his attitude to it, he lives through it. 

Meaning that in response, he is radiating energy of the same order and on the very same frequency as the first push of the pendulum. 

This person, just like many thousands of others, answered the pendulum with interest and participation. The radiation enters into resonance with the pendulum and thus, its energy has increased. The mass media continues its campaign. The man follows further development of events with interest, so the pendulum once again receives nourishment. 

This is how the pendulum entices adherents into its own net and keeps pumping energy from them. People that were interested in this piece of news allow negative energy to get to them, and thus they get involved in the game, as observers for the time being. At first glance, nothing extraordinary has happened, it’s an everyday matter. So what if a man gives a bit of his energy to feed a destructive pendulum? It practically hasn’t affected his health. 

However, in reality, radiating energy at the frequency of negative events, a man is moving to the life tracks where similar events will take place closer and closer to him. He takes part in the creation of the plot and finds himself in the action zone of the spiral, which is unwinding, spinning faster and faster, drawing him in, like a funnel. 

The interaction between the  man and the pendulum becomes tighter and tighter, and the man already accepts the above mentioned event to be an unavoidable part of his life. His attention becomes selective and everywhere new facts about similar events in different countries start popping up. 

The man discusses this news with his close friends and relatives, and they react with interest and compassion. The energy of the pendulum is growing, while the man is getting closer, by the frequency of his radiation, to the tracks where he is no longer an observer, but a direct participant in the event. Let’s define that phenomenon of being drawn into the funnel as an induced transition to a life track where the adherent becomes a victim of the destructive pendulum. 

The following process can be identified as an induced transition: you respond to the push of a destructive pendulum, the pendulum pushes back giving you a little energy from its swinging, and you get further and further involved, giving more and more energy to the pendulum. 

Consequently, an induced transition has been initiated, taking you to a life track that is by its frequency close to the swings of the pendulum. As a result, the negative event is included in the layer of this person’s life. 


Many people, in one way or another, would agree that there is a theoretical possibility for them to be in a disaster10. But not all of them allow this possibility to enter the layer of their world. 

There are people who don’t watch TV series, who aren’t interested in the news, who aren’t bothered by every little event that happens somewhere and to someone. They live in their own layers and they are adherents of other pendulums. They don’t worry when they hear that an airplane  crashed somewhere in the world. They listen to the news about events like that, while calmly chewing away at their dinner. They have enough of their own problems. 

People are more vulnerable to an induced transition if they are interested in disasters, if they get concerned and worry about disasters that happen elsewhere to other people. If the life of a man is not too packed with problems and worries, then he tries to fill this void by turning his attention to events in the layers of other people. 

Such a person regularly reads the tabloids or watches TV series, or is waiting for new information about catastrophes and natural disasters. The tabloids and TV series represent the activity of small and harmless pendulums. Adherence to them only makes up for deficiency of information, emotions and feelings. But getting interested in the destructive pendulums of catastrophes and natural disasters poses a real threat. They are strong and very aggressive. 

If a man pays attention to events like that then the frequency of thought radiation is captured in the same way as in the case with TV series. Having expressed an interest in negative information, one will always get it in abundance. 

At the beginning, he accepts the harmless role of an observer. He is, as if sitting on the stands, watching a soccer game. He gets more and more captivated by the game until he becomes an active fan. Then he runs onto the field and starts running after the ball but does not get it yet. Gradually and unnoticeably, he is drawn further into the game and finally he will even get to kick the ball. The observer has been transformed into a player, and in this case, into a victim of disaster. And how could it be otherwise? After all, disasters have become a part of the man’s life, he let them into his layer himself and he unwillingly accepted the destiny of a victim. Consequently, he materialized an unfortunate variation. 

Of course, he didn’t want to be a victim, but that’s not important. Once a man accepts the game of the pendulum, the roles are defined by the pendulum and not by the man. 

Therefore, if for many other people the given disaster is only a fatal coincidence, then to our victim it is a natural and logical end. The probability of our hero being in the wrong place at the wrong time is already higher than average. 

If you ignore the shoves of destructive pendulums, then you will never find yourself in the middle of a disaster

Let’s put it this way, the probability of you being in a disaster will be close to zero. 

You could object: but why do thousands of people die in catastrophes or natural disasters? Does this mean that they are all thinking about catastrophes at the same time? The thing is that you are not the only one living in this world. You are surrounded by lots and lots of people, who are actively working on destructive pendulums and emanating energy in the range of these pendulums. No one can completely isolate himself from this radiation. 

The field of radiation captures you and you start emanating energy on the same frequencies, without even being aware of it yourself. 

This behavior stems from ancient times, when herd instinct and group dynamics helped individuals avoid danger. That is exactly why the energy field of induced transition grows, reaching a snowballing effect, and draws you in, as into a funnel. The objective is to be as far away as possible from the center of the funnel. This means – don’t let information about catastrophes and disasters get to you, do not become interested in them, do not live through them emotionally, as if they have happened to you, do not discuss them. Basically, let any information concerning disasters pass you by.

 Note the difference: don’t avoid information just don’t let it get to you. 

As you know from the previous chapters, avoiding any encounters with a pendulum is the same thing as to look for encounters with it. When you are against something, or you really don’t want it, or express aversion to it, you are actively emanating energy on the frequency of what you want to avoid. Not letting something get to you means to ignore it, not to react to any negative information on the subject. Just shift your attention to harmless television programs and books. If you can’t refrain from reacting, then you can at least rely on your Guardian Angel. 

For example, if you are afraid of flying on airplanes, don’t fly. If there is fear in the first place, then it means that in the range of your radiation, there is a frequency which resonates with the life track on which a disaster in the air is marked out. It does not mean in any way that you will certainly get on this track, but nonetheless there is a probability of this happening. If you simply don’t think about any danger on an airplane, then there is nothing to be afraid of. 

On the contrary, if you experience unusual anxiety before getting on a plane, it would be wise to skip that flight. If it’s simply impossible for you not to fly, then you need to learn how to listen to the rustling of the morning stars. What it is and how it is done, you have yet to discover. War War breaks out in basically the exact same way as a simple fight. At first, one side tells the other its opinion on something. The other has the opposite view on things, and the opinion first expressed thus serves as a push of a destructive pendulum. The second party responds to the first push with somewhat higher amplitude. In reply to this, the first party again responds with more aggression. And so it keeps growing, until it finally comes down to a physical conflict. 

Thus, before us we have a simple and graphic image of two fighting pendulums that are, while hitting against each other, swinging higher and higher.


There are many factors responsible for the outbreak of war and revolutions, but the essence is the same. 

At first, people are told that they are living a miserable life. Everyone quickly agrees – the first action of the pendulum has been accepted.  Then the following explanation appears – other people are in the way of our people’s welfare. This stirs up righteous anger – the pendulum is now swinging. 

Then comes a provocation from one or the other side, which stirs up a storm of resentment – the pendulum has gathered force and thus, the war or revolution can begin. 

Each strike of the pendulum gives rise to a response, which only further strengthens the swinging.  Hence, the people that take part in this game are experiencing a avalanche-like transfer onto a life track where tension is mounting. 

You can only change the situation in the beginning of a conflict

Once the conflict is established, the situation is already out of control. 

When the spiral is only starting to coil, you could respond to the first lunge of the pendulum amicably or by simply stepping aside, and the pendulum will fall through or it will be extinguished. Consequently, there will be no transfer to a new branch – that is, to a new life track. 

However, if you accept the pendulum’s swings, then your frequency of radiation will approach the parameters of the spiral’s new branch – the new life track. 

Unfortunately, if an individual participant doesn’t react to the pendulum, this does not yet guarantee that he will not be drawn into a war or a revolution. If you’ve stepped into a powerful whirlpool, then no matter how you try, it will be almost impossible to get out of it. However, if the participant doesn’t accept the pendulum’s game, he will at least get additional chances to remain alive and come out of the conflict with the smallest possible losses. 

At this point you should have a good understanding of what it means to not accept war. 

You could hate it or be actively against it, fighting it. But whether you are for or against war, it’s all the same to the pendulum. It gets energy from either side. If the energy emanates at the frequency of war, a transfer takes place onto the corresponding track. You acknowledge the war, participate in it – you are on the field of battle. You fight against the war – it will consume you nonetheless. 

To not accept the pendulum means to ignore it. Of course, you can’t always ignore it – that is the danger of an induced transition. Well, it would at least be useful not to take any position, be that of an advocate or an opponent  of war. In all times, neutral governments have existed that have been standing aside, observing how entire nations destroyed one another. Look at the demonstrations and meetings where people furiously protest against war activities. 

For the pendulum, trying to unleash the fight with its own rivals, these opponents of war are just as committed and desired adherents, as supporters of the conflict. Active protest is the very same as support of war, although naive adherents are convinced of the contrary. 

Peaceful suggestions and exposing the true face and motives of the pendulum – these are the actions that can put war out. 

Do you remember the allegory with the nest of wild bees? The pendulum tells its adherents that the bees are dangerous and therefore must be destroyed. But what does the pendulum really need, maybe their honey? 


As we’ve already mentioned, there are different ways in which you can participate in the game of a pendulum – both by supporting it and by trying to reject it. The latter is, perhaps, even more dangerous, since the desire to avoid a pendulum creates an excess potential that will draw you into the funnel of transition. 

Everybody or almost everybody nowadays is afraid of losing their jobs. An induced transition to the state where you live out on the streets is very insidious indeed. 

Everything begins with the smallest and most harmless thing. This could be a rather weak first sign: you overhear that your company is not doing as good now as it did before. Or someone you know has lost his job, or there are rumors going around about redundancies, or something like that. 

On a subconscious level, invisible to you, a red light has gone off. Shortly thereafter, another signal comes – for example, inflation is on the rise. This is already putting you on your guard and, incidentally, the same is happening to others. People are starting to talk and the pendulum of unemployment is already being fed with energy. There is already news about a dip in the stock market and the general tension is mounting. Worry is quickly replaced with anxiety, and then by fear. You’re already vigorously generating energy on the frequency of a life track where you see yourself without a job. 

When you are carrying around the fear of becoming unemployed, you can count on it being as obvious as wearing a sign around your neck that said “I can be fired.” If you think that you can hide this fear, you are very mistaken. Passing gesticulations, certain intonations and inflections in your voice, can sometimes tell more than words. Having lost 350/463 confidence in yourself, you are already not as effective a worker as you were before. Things that were a piece of cake to you before are now not going too well. There is tension in your interactions with coworkers, who are in the same position as you are. You bring your nervousness home to the family and instead of supporting you, they begin to accuse and criticize you. 

That’s it, stress is developing and you are no longer a worker – there is a sign around your neck with the following words: “Ready to be fired.” The feeling of guilt is what causes your fear of being fired. This feeling of guilt is either smoldering or burning with a bright flame in your subconscious. 

Who do they usually fire first? That’s right, the worst ones. 

If you have allowed yourself to think that you could be worse than others, then that assumption by itself has put you on the black list. Turn away from the feeling of guilt. Allow yourself the luxury of being you. And if you’re not 351/463 successful, start looking for another job. The excess potential of emotional worries is scattered and dissolved through action. 

Some people start looking for a new job, as soon as they are employed. They are not doing this because they intend to change jobs immediately. Insurance brings confidence: just in case, there is an alternative option. If you are calm about your future, the action of the balancing forces won’t touch you.


 You are probably thinking that no….we can’t be talking about life tracks, when talking about contagious diseases. Somebody gets ill simply because he’s been infected. And you would be right, but only in that a person allowed himself to get infected. I certainly don’t mean to say that someone who gets ill should have walked around with a mask on – that wouldn’t have saved him anyway. 

You  don’t believe me? 

Well, I won’t be able to prove it to you by using theoretical arguments – just as I would not be able to prove anything that’s being said in this book. 

However, you wouldn’t be walking around with a mask on during a flu epidemic, just to test whether the mask is working or not

Therefore, I’ll just tell you what I know. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. So, let’s uncover the history of disease. 

The reason for your illness is your voluntary agreement to take part in the game called “Epidemic.” Everything begins with hearing that there is an epidemic – let’s say the flu is already going around somewhere. Every normal person knows that the flu is transmitted through the respiratory system. Consequently, you, like all normal people, completely allow the possibility that this could happen to anybody. Immediately, your mind starts playing the being-sick movie: you have a fever, you’re sneezing and coughing. That’s  it – from this moment on, you are already in the game, because you are emanating thought energy at the frequency of a destructive pendulum. 

You’re already subconsciously looking for confirmation that an epidemic is actually here, and your attention becomes selective. Sneezing people are all around you. They were always there, you simply didn’t notice them before. 

At work and at home, from time to time, someone will raise the subject of the flu. 

Your assumption that an epidemic approaches is being confirmed by more and more evidence. Even if you’re not particularly looking for confirmation, and the subject doesn’t particularly worry you. Somehow, confirmation takes place by itself. If, from the very beginning of the game, you have tuned yourself to the frequency of the destructive pendulum, your bonds to it will become stronger and stronger, regardless of your conscious participation. 

Well, and if you wouldn’t mind getting sick or if you feel that you’re destined to get sick, it means that you are already the most active adherent of the pendulum. Or no, you’ve decided not to get sick and you keep telling yourself that you are absolutely healthy and will not get sick. It won’t work. 

You are thinking about the illness, so you are emanating on the frequency of this illness. 

The direction of thoughts – for or against – is not important. In other words, if you try to convince yourself that you will not get sick, then from the beginning, you are allowing the possibility of getting sick, and no persuasion on your part will help you stay healthy. 

Words pronounced out loud are simply rendering air, words said to oneself are nothing at all – but belief is a powerful energy, even if it is not audible. You will not save yourself, even if you’ll run and get vaccinated. It doesn’t matter, because you are going to be ill for a period of time, one way or another. The first symptom of your illness gives you a choice: will you, after all, be sick or not? You make weak attempts to resist and finally, you face the fact that you are getting ill. This brings the final adjustment in your radiation and you move to a life track where illness assumes full control. The induced transition started from the moment the pendulum was accepted. If you truly don’t care at all about this epidemic, the transition won’t take place. Or if you are on vacation, haven’t been talking to anyone, haven’t heard any news, and know nothing about the epidemic, the pendulum won’t touch you. It will simply fall through, as if into empty space. 

Have you ever wondered why doctors don’t become infected? Many are even bold enough to work without protective masks. It’s not because they give themselves vaccines. You can’t vaccinate yourself against all illnesses. 

The thing is that doctors are also actively playing the game of the illness pendulum, but they have an entirely different role. 

By analogy, when you get the chance, watch the stewardesses on an airplane. These good fairies insistently recommend that all passengers fasten their seat belts, while they themselves fly about the cabin, as if in the event of a crash, they would simply hover in the air like hummingbirds. 

“Well, and what about babies, infected with AIDS?” – a meticulous Reader would ask. “What, they also radiate energy of transition?” 

First of all, here we are only looking at the question of an epidemic as a tendency. Second of all, I am not trying to show that infections in general don’t exist and that there is only radiation of thought energy on the frequency of illness. 

Transerfing is not a dogma and nor is it the last stop on the way to the truth. 

One should not take any idea to  be the absolute truth. We can only be looking at patterns and regularities. Truth is always “somewhere real close”, but where exactly – nobody knows. 


This is the most intensive and quickly induced transition. 

Panic among people is the most able phenomenon to highlight all the distinctive features of an induced transition. 

Firstly, the spiral coils very strongly when you panic, because a signal of real danger always sounds very convincing and a man would immediately be drawn into the game of a destructive pendulum. 

For that same reason, the pendulum increases its swinging much faster, practically like an avalanche. 

Secondly, when panicking, a man almost completely loses control over himself, which means that he turns into a sensitive receiver and at the same time into an active re-transmitter of the pendulum’s swings. And finally, the pendulum itself finds an ideal way to materialize itself, in the form of a crowd. 

Unfortunately, all these factors make it very difficult to make a pendulum fall through or to extinguish it. In moments of panic, it wouldn’t even occur to a person to think about ways of struggling with a pendulum. However, if you can get a grip on yourself and not give in to panic, then you have a very good chance of saving your own life and the lives of those close to you. 

For example, on a sinking ship, there’s always a scuffle around one of the ship’s rescue boats, while the boats nearby are empty. If one would only take a moment to look around, he would notice the empty boats. But this is precisely the insidious quality of an induced transition in that it works like a funnel, sucking everything around it into itself, making you lose sight of possible alternatives.  


 If we are to think logically, how can a simple man who was born in the slums get rich? We won’t look at the criminal way of doing it or at beautiful stories about people becoming millionaires overnight. So, reasoning based on common sense won’t lead us to any coherent conclusion. Then what is the use of ordinary logic to you? 

Transerfing can’t be put into the frame of common sense; but then again, it allows you to do what appears to be impossible. Acting logically, people get the corresponding result. If a man was born in poverty, he will find himself in poor surroundings. 

Thus, he is accustomed to it and is tuned to the energy radiation at the frequency of his own miserable life. It will be very difficult to move over onto a track of prosperity, if you feel only hatred toward your own poverty, envy toward the wealthy, and your own desire to become well-off. Or actually, no, I would say that having only these three things at your disposal, moving over to a track where you are wealthy would be practically impossible. Let’s take a look at why that is. 

Probably one of the first discoveries all children make, when coming into this life, is the following: the fact that you don’t want something, doesn’t yet mean that you will be free of it. Sometimes, the soul simply cries out in despair: “But I don’t want that! I simply hate it! Why won’t it leave me in peace? Why is this always happening to me?” In a fit of indignation, not only children, but also adults ask themselves a similar question. It is really difficult to accept the following situation: if you don’t want something, it will nonetheless happen. And if you hate it, then it will follow you wherever you go. 

You can hate your poverty, your work, your physical flaws, your neighbors, the bums on the street, alcoholics, drug addicts, dogs, thieves, criminals, the impudent young, the government … .

The more you hate something, the more you will encounter it in life. And you already know why. It gets to you, you think about it, and that means you emanate on the frequency of a life track where the thing you don’t want exists in abundance. It’s not important what polarization this radiation takes: “like it” or “don’t like it.” The second is even more effective, because the emotions are stronger. 

On the other hand, everything that is unpleasant to you would be to you a destructive pendulum, and that’s why you swing the pendulum even higher with your own emotional suffering. And finally, if you actively hate it, it means you are creating an excess potential. The balancing forces will be directed against you, because it’s easier for them to eliminate one opponent than to change the world that doesn’t suit someone. See how many harmful factors there are in a negative attitude towards life! Let’s return to the man who was born in poverty. He has a dream to get rich. But one desire alone, as you know, won’t change anything. 

You could be lounging on your sofa and lazily thinking: “It would be nice with a bowl of strawberries. But where can I get some? It’s impossible, because it’s winter now.” In practically the same way, a poor person is dreaming of getting rich. If a man is not ready to act in order to get what he wants, he won’t get it. And he doesn’t act, because he is convinced that it doesn’t matter, because nothing good will come of it. That’s a vicious circle for you. 

Desire itself doesn’t have any power. It can’t even lift a finger. 

It is your intention, your readiness to act that is responsible for lifting the finger. 

Intention also includes the readiness to have. 

A man could say, “Well, I’m really ready to have some riches! It is so simple after all, I do want to become rich!” 


Again, there is a deep abyss between “to want” and “to be ready to have”. For example, a poor person feels “like a fish out of water” in a rich environment or in an expensive shop, even if he tries with all his might to convince himself and others of the opposite. In the depths of his soul, he feels that he is not worthy of any of this. Riches don’t enter the poor fellow’s zone of comfort, and not because being rich is uncomfortable, but because he is too far away from all this. 

A new armchair is better, but then the old one is more comfortable. 

A poor person only sees the external side of wealth: luxurious houses, expensive cars, decorations, clubs… If you were to put a poor person in such an environment, he would feel uncomfortable. And if you were to give him a suitcase full of money, he would start doing all sorts of stupid things and in the end, he would lose everything. 

The frequency of energy, which he transmits, is in sharp dissonance with a wealthy life. And until the poor person puts the attributes of wealth in his comfort zone, until he learns how to feel as the owner of expensive things, he will remain poor, even if he finds buried treasure. 

Yet another obstacle on the way to wealth is envy, because, as you know, to envy someone means to be annoyed with his or her success. 

In this sense, there is nothing constructive about envy. Moreover, envy has one very strong, destructive element. A man’s psyche works in the following way: if he envies something that he would want to have, then he tries to devalue it in every possible way. 

Here is the logic behind the concept of “being green with envy”: “I envy what he has. I don’t have it and I’ll probably never have it. But how am I worse than him? So, the thing  he owns is lousy and I need it like a fish needs a bicycle.” 

This is how desire to have becomes a psychological defense and then turns into rejection.

 Rejection takes place on the subtle level, because the subconscious understands everything literally. 

Consciousness devalues the object of envy only for show, to calm itself, while the subconscious takes everything seriously. And here it does more harm than good, doing everything in its power so that the man won’t get the devalued and rejected thing. Thus, you can see what tenacious forces hold a person on a poor life track. Events unfold even more dramatically during an induced transition of a prosperous person to a poor life track. It does happen that a completely successful individual loses everything and finds himself on the street. 

The most insidious thing about this induced transition to poverty is that the spiral begins to unwind very slowly and then faster and faster, until it is impossible to stop.

 This spiral starts off with temporary financial difficulties. 

Observe – temporary financial difficulties can happen at any moment and to anybody. 

It’s such an ordinary, unavoidable thing as, say, the rain on the day when you wanted to have a picnic. If you don’t fall into rage, depression, agitation or take offense at life because of this difficulty, then the swings of the destructive pendulum will die out because you did not give your energy away to the pendulum. 

An induced transition begins only in the case of you having grabbed onto the end of the spiral. In order for the spiral to start spinning, your response to the pendulum is needed. Your first reaction to the pendulum’s push is discontent. This is for now too weak of a support for the pendulum, and if your emotions  end here, the pendulum will die out. 

Another reaction is indignation, and this feeling is stronger, so the pendulum will regain its spirit, sending you information that someone is to blame for your financial difficulties. To this second push, you’ll respond with negative comments or actions towards the guilty party.

 At this moment, the destructive pendulum has already become fully animated and thus, a new branch of the spiral is taking form: your next salary will be smaller, or prices will shoot up, or someone will suddenly demand that you repay your debt. Notice that, at the current stage, you don’t yet realize that a process is going on. It could simply be an unfortunate event. 

But in fact this is a directed process, which you induced on your own, being responsible for the swings of the pendulum. The frequency of your energy radiation is further rearranging itself from the track where you are prosperous, to the track where you are deprived and annoyed. 

Therefore, you move to the tracks corresponding to these new parameters. And thus, your situation is getting more and more serious. Bad news starts pouring in on you from everywhere: prices are rising, your company is not going well. You begin to actively discuss this negative news with close friends and relatives. These discussions are, usually, of a destructive sort – that is, they consist of complaints, discontent and aggression towards the supposed guilty parties. 

This is especially pronounced in companies where business is indeed bad. At a company like that, the day begins with the postulate that “there’s no money”, as if it were a morning prayer. At this point you have already been captured by the spiral, and your radiation is tuned to the frequency of the destructive pendulum. Because things are constantly getting worse, you’ll get ridden by anxiety. The energy of anxiety, despite its small size, is very well assimilated by the pendulum, making the pendulum bolder and bolder. In the state of anxiety, you will unavoidably be creating an excess potential all around you: discontent, aggression, depression, apathy, resentment and so on. 

Now, when the destructive pendulum has been joined by balancing forces, the situation gets out of control and starts to develop in a snowballing manner. You feel fear and let yourself run amok. It’s as if someone took you by the hands and started spinning you round and round, only to let go of you suddenly and quickly. You fly off to the side, fall down, and remain lying in shock. 

That’s a terrifying picture. But everything started with small financial difficulties. The pendulum doesn’t need your money, because it is only interested in the negative energy you are emanating when your money is melting away. As a result, when the spiral has unwounded, the 370/463 unfortunate person, in the best case, loses quite a lot, and in the worst case – everything. He is no longer of interest to the destructive pendulum – there is nothing more to take from him. 

Further on, events can be unfolding in several ways: either the unfortunate remains laying on the unsuccessful track, or he tries with difficulty to pull himself out. 

Such an induced transition can happen with individual persons as well as with large groups of people. In the latter case, as you can imagine, the spiral is not a spiral anymore, but a real whirlpool from which it’ll be very difficult to get out. 

The only way to avoid an induced transition is not to grab onto the end of the spiral, not to get involved in the game of the destructive pendulum. It’s not enough to simply know how this mechanism works. You need to constantly keep it in mind. Your Overseer must not sleep. Pull yourself together every time you accept a pendulum’s game by habit, as if  in a dream – that is, when you show discontent, indignation, anxiety, when you take part in destructive discussions and so on. 

Remember: everything that makes you react negatively is the provoking action of destructive pendulums. 

The exact same thing happens in dreams: until you realize that it is a dream, you are a puppet in someone else’s hands, and you could be tormented by nightmares. As soon as you wake up, shake off these delusions and realize the true nature of the game – that’s it, you’re the master of the situation. 

You won’t become a victim of circumstances, while everyone around you is in a zombie-like state. 


Each man creates a separate layer of the world, where he lives. 

The world of people as a whole consists of individual layers, placed on top of each other. 

When emanating negative energy, a person is making the layer of his world worse. 

Aggression is mistakenly taken to be a sign of strength and dissatisfaction is seen as a normal reaction. 

A response to a negative event induces the transfer to negative life tracks. 

An induced transition includes a negative event in an individual person’s layer. 

Don’t allow any negative information into your layer. 

“Don’t allow” means not to avoid, but to intentionally ignore and not become interested in certain kinds of information.

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