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Hi, I’m Anna, I create the content on this website, and on the YouTube channel, LIVING WELLNESS – MANIFEST. I am a believer in love, I believe that it is the most powerful force in the universe! I see love as a transformative prayer, that when it captures our hearts, has the power to transform our lives, and in my opinion, nothing is as sweet as love, romance, commitment and finding your soulmate!

Alignment instructions for love:

Specific alignment instructions for love: 

Love and passion comes from tapping into creativity at this moment

This is a moment to moment creativeness, so tap into fun and ease, you might want to draw or write a poem, or garden, or cook meals or bake or paint rocks literally just tap into your bliss, following your joy. This is what aligns with romantic love, because it is BEING in the moment. It is a joy. Love notices the fresh smell of the morning air. Love hears the chirping of the birds. Love brings laughter to your relationships and interactions. Love relishes in seeing happy couples walking hand in hand. Love tuck into bed at night at peace with the world because everything is alright.

Manifest romantic love now, by being in the state of romantic love, now. Change your state immediately, right at this very moment.

Love and lasting relationships, long term relationships, come from being present in this moment (with a loving focus). So that means exactly this, pining for someone is the opposite of being in the moment. Be present with what you are doing right now, be present with the people who you are with right now. This is presence.

 Marriage happiness comes from finding moments to be present in.

 Planning ahead for the next weekend, or planning a trip, or planning for a dinner out. Plan ahead to create future moments to be present in. To receive love from someone who you are not in contact with, give unselfishly, of the quality of unconditional love, to someone who needs it.  A meal to a homeless person. Unselfish and unconditional means that you gave with no agenda, so don’t give with an ulterior motive that it will manifest love for you, because then it is no longer unconditional or unselfish. This is a vibration, and vibrations can’t be faked. 

Also, if you harm anyone and you think it doesn’t matter, that harm will find its way back to you,  somehow,  maybe through your person.

Love is so important in our lives, and it’s natural to want it.

From a pure heart ANYTHING can be accomplished. If your desire is your specific person, but you have broken up, and you keep thinking negatively about them,  you can only go back and forth between being together again and breaking up again. Romance is intensely blissful and bliss is natural to life, and to find it, you have to let go completely of any negative thoughts about your person.  Manifesting anything,  including a specific person, involves you manifesting a state. 

If you can’t stop thinking about your person, you have to make sure that you only think loving thoughts. This puts you in a loving state.

When we shift states we shift into a parallel reality, and even though it is identical looking,  it is not identical.  There are an infinite number of paths to take in every single moment and your state of being determines the path and your thoughts determine your state. Think loving thoughts. Watch romantic movies if it helps you to shift state.

Open the avenues for love to flow into you by being loving, loveable, by being love. Abiding in love. If you are all alone and you have no one to give love to, give it to someone who has even less or is more alone than you.  Just open up that channel, open the channel of love somehow, so that it can start flowing.  Love is our most natural state, but in our hurts we have closed ourselves off to it. 

The bible tells us that we can be specific in our prayer request, and even gives examples of specific prayers that god answers. When so two or more agree. You can begin by agreeing with your own thoughts. Allow your thoughts to be positive about manifesting in general, and if you have heard that you can’t manifest a specific person, again, agree that the Bible tells you that you can be specific.

Love is free of judgment,  love is playful, live is attentive and appreciation, love is excitement over the unknown and anticipation of the unfolding of the relationship.  

Love is not fear or doubt or indecisiveness…. 

Love makes the world sparkling, beautiful and perfectly magical.  

Love doesn’t measure tit for tat, it assumes that you are stable and secure already, and on a stable foundation, and it gives freely. 

Love is one part detachment due to trust, and more parts embracement and commitment due to a trust in the unconditional connection to spirit. Fearless commitment is called embracing. You need to manifest both states of detachment and commitment,  fearlessly,  simultaneously. 

The bible tells us that fear, doubt and indecision will destroy the manifestation, so heal the past if it intrudes on your present. There is nothing to fear, and the state of detachment is void of fear, the state of commitment is void of doubt and void of indecision! 

The state of detachment is also a state of surrender.  

Surrender is void of resistance and opens the channels for serendipity,  creativity, and even what we call miracles. 

Can you manifest love? The Bible tells us that ” whatsoever things you desire, whatever you have asked for in prayer believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Pretty straight forward instructions, so stop questioning it.

Also, to understand it from a Biblical perspective: When the Holy Spirit places in need or a desire upon your heart, agree with him. Yield your will to his and begin to make your requests known to the Lord. As you pray you will be given a  vision, a glimpse. This Vision will always be in line  with God’s word. This is a state of trust and faith, and it is void of fear, void of doubt and void of  indecision. 

There’s nothing too small, there’s nothing too big, there’s nothing too miraculous, and there’s nothing too specific. The only part that you need to do is to ask and believe. Again, straight forward instructions , Be Still, and know that I am God!














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