Are you segment intending or are you messing with the middle, how to tell the difference | Manifesting | Law of Assumption

Are you segment intending or are you messing with the middle, how to tell the difference | Manifesting |Law of Assumption

“But I’ll tell you one thing, do not concern yourself with the means. Always go to the end. Dwell in the end, and you will hurt no one. But if you try to devise the means, you are, well, messing the whole thing up…. You want to be happily married.  All right, go to the end. You are happily married.” – Neville Goddard  

This Quote is from Neville’s lecture called  “Power”, and it sums up the importance of NOT messing with the middle. Going to the end, the end being you enjoying the result that you actually want, vs you  being in the process of achieving your hopes and dreams. The end result can be anything that you want, but basically, it is the completion of what you actually want, and the sensation of  satiety, of extinguished hunger around that topic.  Building a positive image and imaginal scene aka future memory, of yourself as you are now satisfied and have dropped all importance around this topic, because that is what happens as soon as a desire is fulfilled.

If I could at this very moment imagine myself into a state – any state at all – and dwell in it, well now, what is “dwelling in it”?  Well, I’m dwelling in it.  Well, that’s Christ!  And that is the resurrecting power of the universe.  So, if I remain in a state, I will resurrect it and objectify it in my world. But I have to select it and enter the state.

(Live in the end)

Neville Goddard

We can see how easy the instructions are, just skip all the hoopla and feel into the sensation of living your life as the self that you will be, the married you, the CEO you, the homeowner you. The human tendency is to fantasize about the end, or to pine for it, or to dwell on how impossible the desire is for us to achieve, they are so out of our league, or out of our budget, our confidence may tell us that we are anything BUT CEO material.  All of those are also states and they are states that we dwell in. Changing the dwelling state is the goal, and that takes some amount of effort, but it does not take any amount of manipulation or specific action. 

What would you feel like if now you were the man that you want to be? How would you see the world if things were as you desire them to be?

Neville Goddard

That should be enough quotes for one blog post!

Now, none of these quotes said;

“If you could talk to this individual, and convince them to set up a meeting with one of the higher ups in the organization, and if you bing muffins, then you could do a fantastic presentation representing your own skills, and at some point you might inch your way to the CEO position.” Sure, it might play out that way, but listen, that stuff is unplannable, the stuff that serendipity and being at the right place at the right time is made of, is simply being confident in your end state, unshakeable in the end.

Believing is seeing.

At no point do you have to think things like;  If you lose 20 pounds you will be desirable enough for a man, and at that point you might stand a chance out there. No, you are probably perfect the way you are, and also, dwelling in the end, means to enjoy in your minds eye, the feeling of being loved and cherished, of hanging out together and being desired and appreciated, and when you meet the right person they will especially love your body type exactly the way it is. This is dwelling in the end, and the other things are what is called “messing with the middle” “We are always imagining ahead of our evidence,” and the most creative thing in a human being  is  our ability to believe a thing into being, to make a thing “matter”, to turn into matter our strong beliefs. If you don’t want it to turn it to matter, don’t think that it matters. Carefully we can separate ourselves from the beliefs that we don’t want to turn into matter. If imagining creates reality, what are you imagining?  Day by day, we learn more and more to resist imagining the bad news, the impossibilities, the offenses and the hurts, and the sad backstory that explains our failures and rejections. Not messing with the middle means that you are already good enough.

Sometimes people get messing with the middle mixed up with goal setting, or segment intending. 

When I plan my life, which is something I have done many many times, through school, to start my career, to advance my career, and all sorts of things, now I am applying it to this blog and Youtube, these steps of making goals, setting a one year goal and a five year goal and a ten year goal is a wonderful thing to do, it gives direction to your day, and really keeps anxiety away. If you have never made these types of goals, and yes, you can set goals in EVERY area of life, I highly recommend doing it. Print your goals out and hang them up on the fridge or some place visible. This is also called segment intending, and you can absolutely manifest smaller partial goals, and that is not the same as messing with the middle. The difference is that messing with the middle is creating qualifiers from your belief system, and giving things meaning that it inherently does not have, and segment intending is just simple planning. Planning is good, manipulating is not.

That about sums it up! 

Sticking to the end result causes a smooth and problem free bridge, and manipulating, and messing with the middle causes a crazy ride, and unwanted circumstances. 

Go to the end and you will hurt no one!

Dr Anna Bäck

Imagination creates

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