Everyone is yourself pushed out! All questions answered!

The moment you think of influence, you reduce a miracle to magic. All the people in the world are only yourself pushed out.”  – Neville Goddard

Everyone is yourself pushed out

This concept has been described in so many ways, in so many traditions, (Vedanta, other nondual teachings, Tantra, Taoism etc)  but the specific term  “Everyone is Yourself Pushed Out “ was coined by Neville Goddard, so therefore people associate the whole concept with Neville.

Neville Quotes:

“This whole vast moving world , you are moving it.”

-Neville Goddard

EIYPO is not a separate and optional part of the Law of Assumption, and The law of Assumption is not a separate and optional part of life. It just is. Gravity just is. Gravity is, and EIYPO is. It is a mirrored and reflected universe. Your only visible contact with your divinity, while in this body, is the mirror reflection of the world. You can see that and THAT is EIYPO. You can sense and experience God from within, but you can’t see this I AM.

“The whole vast world is no more than man’s imagining pushed out. I must qualify that by saying that the world outside of man is dead, but Man is a living soul, and it responds to man, yet man is sound asleep and does not know it. The Lord God placed man in a profound sleep, and as he sleeps the world responds as in a dream, for Man does not know he is asleep, and then he moves from a state of sleep where he is only a living soul to an awakened state where he is a life-giving Spirit. And now he can himself create, for everything is responding to an activity in man which is Imagination. “The eternal body of man is all imagination; that is God himself.” (Blake)

-Neville Goddard

Every person you meet is actually you! (and God, according to Vedanta you and God are one and the same) The WORLD is dead, but all souls are God’s living soul, and you and I are one and the same. Treating all people first of all as if they are yourself, because they are, is the Golden Rule, and once you have awoken from the deep sleep, you see all as God, with so much love that it is beyond explanation. People have tried to describe this love, people like Rumi, and the ancient sages, and more recent sages too! 

“A very effective way to bring good tidings to another is to call before your mind’s eyes the subjective image of the person you wish to help and have him affirm that which you desired him to do. Mentally hear him tell you he has done it. This awakens within him the vibratory correlate of the state affirmed, which vibration persists until its mission is accomplished. It does not matter what it is you desire to have done, or whom you select to do it. As soon as you subjectively affirm that it is done, results follow.”

-Neville Goddard

The above is a beautiful example of how a saint actually operates behind the scenes. Have you ever stood in the presence of a saint? I have. There is an acceleration of the spiritual progress that is insane and wonderful, there is nothing else like it, the influence that they can assert due to havening “awakened” from the “sleep” is powerful, but you are powerful too. If you have a chance to go see a legit saint or Guru, GO, you will thank yourself later, and you’ll be able to experience EIYPO in real time, first hand!

“Failure can result only if you fail to accept the truth of your assertion or if the state affirmed would not be desired by the subject for himself or another. In the latter event, the state would realize itself in you, the operator.”

-Neville Goddard

See, now you can begin to understand that if you wish any kind of harm or control over another, how that just falls right back on you (if they don’t accept the lie that you projected) “God has not given a spirit of fear, but of POWER, and LOVE and of a SOUND MIND, so if you are experiencing fear, you have fallen for the lie.  You can excerpt control over others ONLY as much as they are willing to fall for the illusion. Are they deeply asleep? Then yes you can probably control them. Are they wide awake to their divinity? Not likely that you can control them, and your wishes for harm will come right back to you. Test it if you want, but I wouldn’t.

“The seemingly harmless habit of “talking to yourself” is the most fruitful form of prayer.

A mental argument with the subjective image of another is the surest way to pray for an argument.

You are asking to be offended by the other when you objectively meet.”

-Neville Goddard

This quote is  most important of all Neville’s quotes for all of those who are manifesting a specific person but REFUSE to change your thoughts about them, allowing your negative backstory free reign to spiral in your mind. Inner conversations create. What you think creates, what you feel, you attract, and what you imagine you become. This negativity ruminating in your mind, if not accepted by your sp, falls back on you and you alone. You manifest your own negativity. You MUST change your mind about someone that you want to see shape up.  Everyone comes into the world with a positive life purpose, your specific person is no exception, so let go of the negativity that you are holding against them.  Why keep true love away from the two of you, wouldn’t you both be happier the very moment you allow them to be the loving and wonderful person that they truly are?

“As mental arguments produce conflicts, so happy mental conversations produce corresponding visible states of good tidings. Man creates himself out of his own imagination.”

-Neville Goddard

People, although they also are “God in drag” are nonetheless also just a reflection of ourselves, because the state of mind that you insist on believing in, is the colored lens that you see them through. You don’t see them as they are, if you did, you would only see love and perfection, you see them AS YOU ARE. After you have judged them as flawed, your own illusion continues to recreate, whereas as soon as you choose to see their divinity, you would see your own divinity. The choice is yours, you can see the, as the deeply flawed version that serves you to feel self justification, or you can drop all that and remember that they are the light of God, and immediately your concept of self would change to Godlike. Practice makes perfect.

“If the state desired is for yourself and you find it difficult to accept as true what your senses deny, call before your mind’s eye the subjective image of a friend and have him mentally affirm that you are already that which you desire to be. This establishes in him, without his conscious consent or knowledge, the subconscious assumption that you are that which he mentally affirmed, which assumption, because it is unconsciously assumed, will persist until it fulfills its mission. Its mission is to awaken in you its vibratory correlate, which vibration when awakened in you realizes itself as an objective fact.”

-Neville Goddard 

How you see the world:

We use a tiny fraction of our brain at any given moment, a colored lens as already mentioned, and whatever has our attention fires the neurons involved in whatever it is that has our focus, be it a thought, a memory, a task using motor function or an intellectual pursuit. The rest of the brain is resting, waiting for when it is needed.  If it is ever needed…. Imagine all the things you can see if you use a telescope…..Planets and galaxies….and imagine all the things you can see if you use a microscope…tiny organisms…Now, imagine that all the telescopes and microscopes needed to see literally everything in the universe are not yet invented, and now come back to what you can see with just your eyes, right here and now in front of your nose. It is a TINY fraction of all that exists.  Our senses are very limited, and our brain capacity in any given moment is equally limited. 

What we see is also colored by what we have experienced and learned so far in life, and this is what creates our own particular focus. If I experienced fear then I expect scary situations, if I experienced safety  then I expect safe situations. This is the basis for the assumptions that you automatically make, without even thinking about it. In the 70s when I was a kid there was a toy called a view-master stereoscope, it was like a vr-headset, and it had a “reel” of 14 images (7 pairs) and it had childrens movies or stories on the images, and some had vacation images sort of like an alternative to a postcard. This was invented in the 30s, and it was revolutionary in many ways, to be able to bring to life stories and far away places in your own home. We view our own life through a stereoscope already, it is impossible to not have a distorted view of reality, it is the way we are created, our senses together with the interpretation of our brain, gives us the view-master version of reality. Imagine that every moment that you are living is another slide in a view master. If you want to experience a different reality, you need new reels for your view-master. Successfully dissolving the importance of an old and unwanted reel and replacing it with a wanted reel, pust you on a new timeline. A new timeline is the same as a quantum jump.

The way we see other people is the same way, we see them with the distortion of a reel between us, and if we are looking at unwanted behavior, we need a new reel.

Childhood imprinting: 

This is an example of how we create our reels for our own personal view-master. I grew up in a remote area, away from cities or villages, and I felt very comfortable alone in the woods, but felt some amount of stress in larger cities, I felt uncomfortable around people. Because I was a little bit older when I started mingling with people, I was very shy. I still have a belief about crowds, and groups of people, and I still feel better in the wild than in a city. This is an example of how everyone or everything is yourself pushed out is created in the first place.

It doesn’t matter what it is that you were imprinted with during childhood, good or bad, it is a natural part of you that runs on autopilot, propelling your subconscious even if it is opposite of what you said you wanted, and it does this until we decide to stop it.  There is an infinite variety to this type of base belief. If your family owned a green volkswagen when you were five years old, and you struggled with car sickness as a child, you might really hate volkswagens and green cars. This imprint stops when you decide to stop it. NLP has many great techniques to dissolve imprints.

Why is is a good thing to start to control your beliefs:

You know your beliefs by examining what you experience because it is your mirror. You are asleep in the world, not understanding who you are, and your only clue to who you are is the mirror reflection. Pay attention to the reflection and reverse engineer your belief system, how did the belief get there, and when? Change the belief by using your mind to your advantage, not your disadvantage.

For example; You created your specific person before you even met them. If you fell in love, you were head over heels in love, and you only had eyes for each other. Both of you had this belief, a belief in love and a belief that you can be loved just the way you are, and you believed that there is someone out there just for you. You met. You instantly recognized that you were a perfect match, and your view-master now took on a rose colored hue, everyone is beautiful, even the freeway traffic is a blessing and there is a loving reason for every event and every circumstance. This is infatuation, romantic love.

Later, you got to know each other better, and your old beliefs started to infiltrate you view-master slides, distorting reality, and suddenly you didn’t think that this person was made for you anymore, instead they became irritating, not affectionate enough, or too good looking or not good looking enough, or they don’t try very hard to make you happy, or they are a workaholic and don’t spend enough time with you, or they don’t take care of their looks 24/7 so you have to see them in sweats and without makeup. These things are now part of the manifestation emanating from you. You are STILL manifesting your specific person, but now it is less desirable to you. 

This is an action step, but I think you can understand how incredibly important it is to not get into a rut, to not start taking each other for granted, and if you have been there, then you too know how quickly things go downhill from there. Keeping each other really special in each other’s eyes becomes more and more important the longer you are together, but have you considered that the energetic component of this is part of Law of Assumption? What was it that drove each other wild in the beginning? It was something intangible, wasn’t it? That same intangible energy still exists, but if you have buried it under a wall of programmed beliefs, hidden it behind and ultimatum, or just simply gotten bored and complacent thinking that another person is supposed to provide all the passion while you become lazy in your assumptions. Those lazy states, where you put it all on the other person, create too, It is not just the action that causes this, but also your state, that causes conflict or even a break up. If you think that you can withhold your energetic appreciation and still continue to receive what you need from them, then you’ll probably be sad when the connection fades, and the warmth is gone…. You have to continue to assume the same thing, even if you hit bumps on the way, even if circumstances are difficult sometimes. This is how the Law of Assumption operates, and how EIYPO works, it is nonjudgmental, it doesn’t pick and choose, it delivers according to your assumptions consistently.

Years ago I was attacked by four big dogs, two were rottweilers, and it was terrifying, I thought that it was my last moment. Although I have overcome my PTSD and I can pet dogs now, to this day, if there is a dog on the loose in the neighborhood, it is going to find me ha! I haven’t managed to shake the expectation that dogs can show up randomly and alone when I am out for my walk. (Now that I write it, I think I can do more to change this belief, but my point is that when there is an assumption, it will show up. )

Everyone has their own version of what is threatening and what is safe, or what is easy and what is difficult, or what comes natural and what you have to really struggle for. 

When life is consistently showing up in a way that is opposite of what we want, it is a good idea to sit down with the opposites, write them out, and see if there is a different belief that you could adopt.

My dog attack, for example, I can sit down, and write what it is that I believe about dogs being on the loose, and see if I can turn that around to form a new belief.  This can be done with everything that shows up differently from your wishes. Another way is to use the NLP of turning memories black and white and pushing them into the distance. Remember that everything that keeps showing up as an obstacle is actually your own manifestation that you want to clear and overcome, and it is NOT a test by God or the universe.

If you had a negative experience, for example as a kid, where something happened that you can’t forget. Let’s say your dad came home extremely late one christmas, and he had missed all of christmas and he only came home to tell the family that he was leaving again, he left, and the next thing you found out that he had had an affair with someone and his mistress had given birth to their baby, your half sibling, on christmas eve. Now you have a feeling of dread everytime Christmas rolls around and you go into a depression. If on the other hand this never happened, and all your childhood christmases were very happy, then you feel excitement and anticipation as christmas draws near. This is how we develop or own View-Master, and how our slides in life are created.  In order for these slides to dissolve, you have to replace them with a different slide, one that you create in your imagination, or over time through positive experiences that erase that negative one. Chances are that your negative slide causes some havoc in your life though, maybe around the holidays but maybe also around extended family situations, maybe you can’t think that a step parent could ever be a good thing based on your own personal View-Master slide. Now imagine that another kid had a horrible dad who was abusive, and then later on after his biological dad was finally gone his mom met someone who was calm and attentive, this person will develop a slide that step parents are like saviors for suffering children. Either way, there is nothing about it that is true, it is just your own view-finder slide.  If you do nothing to try to dissolve your own negative slides, they can stand between you and your manifestation like a block. You have been manifesting a specific person, someone you love very much, and they love you too, but they have kids, and eventually, when the time comes to move the relationship forward to marriage, you self-destruct, because of your christmas incident. That is how the whole world is yourself pushed out works, your assumptions created by your personal viewfinder have to dissolve so that you can bridge that gap between you and your happy ever after.

The Puppet Master:

Some people take this concept and become megalomaniacs, but remember that megalomania is a state too, and your consciousness pushes out the your state, and eventually the consequences too show up too. There are some people who don’t care about consequences and they sort of believe that they are above others and it is possible to never have any consequences for people like that, but the vast majority of us, no matter how bad or good, or how selfish or altruistic, do believe in consequences, experience normal guilt and worry if we will get caught if we do something wrong. If you feel that you are doing something wrong, most likely you will experience some situations that reflect your guilty conscience. 

Other people think that EIYPO means  that they have a right to control others because others are “not real”, but this is also a state of mind, and an assumption.  People can feel it if you have interpreted EIYPO that way,  as if you can make people do what you want them to do against their will, and let me explain exactly where you have gone wrong if you believe yourself to be a “puppet master”.  People are yourself pushed out, mirrors, so they reflect your own disempowered beliefs. If instead of trying to control your own projection, you instead turn your attention around to dissolving your beliefs that created them to be that way, you don’t have to control them. For example, if you believe that you need to control them or you will ever get what you want, change that belief to something that serves yo better. Change a belief that you need to hustle to get ahead to: all opportunities come knocking on your door because you are that desirable, or if you believe that there are lots of other third parties and you have to “change” him or her, turn your focus around to yourself and dissolve your pattern of believing that there is competition in love. There is no competition. Once your idea of your own self worth becomes more solid, this fearful mindset will no longer exist and you will not create people to reject you anymore.

I have personal experience with someone trying to make me fall in love with him, and to be fair, he was also “me pushed out”. This person was so incredibly unattractive to me, I can’t quite explain how repulsive his personality was to me, both his looks and his personality.  Crude, dumb, and selfish…

His belief that he needed to manipulate me, and do what was probably occult rituals, to “get” me worked as a “law of repelling” on me.  At the end of the day, it is our state, and our assumption about ourself that manifests as the world of circumstance around us, nothing else.  I don’t care how many magic spells you do, how many times you send energy into water bottles and drink it, I don’t care if you script every hour of every day or if you do  the 369 method, it is only your own body of beliefs and your assumption about yourself and the world that creates. Only. I think that he felt himself to be repulsive, and this is what continued to manifest from him.  I was not the only woman to reject him.   A sort of all pervasive negativity just oozed from him, almost like a smell.  Self rejection.  The state of mind that we are in manifests. THIS is everyone is yourself pushed out. What you believe will become true for you.

If you believe that your methods manifest, they will, but only up to a point.  You can not VIOLATE anyone’s free will WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE.  What this means is that you are going about this the wrong way, like the guy trying to get me.  What you need to do is to DISSOLVE the part of you that is creating them to show up in a way that you don’t like.  

Read that again. 

You need to identify the pattern in you that for example is showing you a mirror world of women who are unattainable, and out of your league so that you don’t have to try to force them to be with you. This understanding will revolutionize your world. 

“The moment you think of influence, you reduce a miracle to magic. All the people in the world are only yourself pushed out.

– Neville Goddard 

Stop problem solving:

What are some patterns that are playing on repeat in your life? 

Change that part of you to believe something different, something that supports you and nurtures your wellbeing.  If for example you have a repeat pattern of women running from you, then get to work on revising the past that created this imprint. ALL women will run from you until you change your beliefs and your assumptions about yourself. 

EIYPO means that every person that you meet is actually you, so if women are running away from you, and not towards you, this means that you are running from that part of yourself that was emotionally hurt and attributed meaning to your own lack of worth when the imprinting took place. The same is true if job opportunities are running from you, and if money is running from you.  By changing the slides in your view-master, so that you come to accept that you are acceptable the way you are right now warts and all, and if you can accept that all people are flawed but they can be loved anyway, have money anyway, have a rocking career anyway, then  you have in essence dissolved the pattern. It will end. You will no longer repel the good that belongs to you by virtue of you being born.

Imagine, that you have had a break up, and now you are trying to “problem solve” the situation and figure out what went wrong.

This is an assumption about yourself, that you somehow have to solve issues in order to be in a relationship with your specific person.  You don’t have to do anything like that, but you do have to mind your state. 

Your state should be one of loving acceptance of yourself, not one of having to figure out why this break up happened. It happened, accept it.  Acceptance releases the resistance that you are building up, and it gives you a clean slate so to speak, to work with. The clean slate being your own state of mind.  Instead of wondering what went wrong, your focus should be on what part of you manifests these situations.  Do you believe that relationships can never work, do you believe that everyone leaves you, do you believe that the world is just unfair and other people get the good relationships or the good situations, all the opportunities, and all the favorable windfall? Do you believe that you are too fat to be a famous singer? Do you believe that when you put your foot in the mouth that one time and your career dwindled, you destroyed all your opportunities going forward?  Do you believe that because you are shy or kind,  that you are always forgotten or friend zoned, Do you believe that are you not good enough the way you are?  Whatever you believe  about yourself, and about them and about the situation it is almost certainly wrong. 

I have experienced such massive misunderstandings in life, in various relationships and situations, later finding out sometimes how extremely differently we experienced the same conversation or situation. 

 Acceptance will allow space for someone else’s experience to be what it was, and there is nothing you have to do right now to try to figure it out. It will resolve itself somehow, just rest in that knowledge. If you take any actions from this state, it will not ultimately lead you to your desired outcome, which is goodness, success, love, acceptance, or  a stable and harmonious relationship. There is a concept of “grace” in Christianity that perfectly corrects this state. Believe in grace and you automatically believe in the eternal worthiness of yourself.

Shift the focus back to yourself, and away from problem solving, because your state pushes out, and your angry, resentful, fearful,  or hurt thoughts keep that timeline in place. That timeline that always  ends in a break up, or in another rejection.   Living from the end of acceptance and harmony will open doors for communication down the line, and it will shift you over to a different timeline. 

Whatever your belief about yourself is that leads to unwanted situations, that belief is not true, there is nothing wrong with you, yes you are imperfect but it IS acceptable to be imperfect. You have personality traits that are special and unique to you, that people love and are drawn to, and it is better to focus on your good traits than to blame yourself for the not so perfect traits. Just become aware of the ways that you reject yourself, and start to let that go by shifting focus to your good traits. Become aware of this and dissolve the old story, because this is ultimately never about another person, this is about what is active inside, and it will project onto whoever is in your life.

There is a saying: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent! Revoke consent, and feel yourself deserving and worthy.

Test it!

The “famous” ladder test is how I first heard of Neville Goddard! I never actually tried to “climb the ladder”, because it sounded kind of dumb to me, I don’t know if in Neville’s day ladders were an important feature of life lol! But I couldn’t muster up enough interest to attempt it, but I DID want to put this to the test so I created my own “ladder experiment”. I have a facebook, but I don’t have a lot of friends on there and I don’t usually generate a lot of likes for my posts or pictures, and I don’t care, my interest in spending lots of time on facebook in artificial conversations is minimal. However, I decided that I would put a new profile picture and test it this way. I decided to get 220 likes, which was a LOT more than what I usually get, and three days later it was clear to me that EIYPO had worked. I had exactly 220 likes, and what is interesting is that if there was for a moment 221, a little while later one like would disappear, and it stayed consistently at 220 likes. Of course I have tested it with other things too, but that was my first test. You can test it yourself, with something that you don’t have any resistance to.

Something that is one big giant  “whatever” for you. If you have any strong desire for it,  don’t test it with that because strong desire is equal to resistance, and until you have learned more about how to neutralize your state of desire into a state of intention, you will not be able to prove EIYPO with that particular thing. You have to discover the state of “not caring” around your strong desires, because a fulfilled desire is instantly satisfied. Think of the creep that was trying to manifest me to be his, and how much resistance he built up….and how he only succeeded in pushing me further and farther away, to the point where he is blocked on every platform, and will never see me physically in person again. That is how repelling a strong desire can be.

Once you have tested it don’t just straight to your BIGGEST desire, because you still have resistance around that, but rather learn by testing how to be in a “I don’t care state”, and eventually you will get the hang of it, and you can go on to your really really big desires.

Happy manifesting!

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Do THIS when it feels IMPOSSIBLE | Manifest ANYWAY!

Can’t imagine the end? Segment intend instead!

You probably already know that you are supposed to go to “The End”, and imagine a scene that could only happen after you get your desired manifestation. Sometimes that end is too hard to imagine. Since you have been taught to go to the end, you still try to  push for that. But you don’t know what the end will feel like, so you feel like it’s impossible Let’s say that you have now education, and you are working at 7 – 11 or something, but you want to be CEO at Tesla, but you feel like a loser.

So…. now you can’t imagine the end, because you are busy imagining that you are a loser.

Your imagination creates, so no matter what you want or hope for, your imagination is that you perceive yourself as a loser, and this is what keeps manifesting for you. It is not that easy to shift out of that slump, and if your goal feel so far away, or it feels like such a slim chance, like being CEO of Tesla, you will continue to not be able to “generate an imagination of the end”, as long as you are also imagining that you are a loser.

OR….You might be a completely different personality, a go getter, and if you are convinced that personality wins, all day and every day, and if you believe that education means nothing, but hard work and great work ethics win over a degree, like a yuppie of the 80s, then you can EASILY generate an imagination that might VERY WELL land you the gig as CEO of Tesla. Your personality is as much a part of your imagination about yourself as anything else, and personality is changeable.

If this yuppie go-getter personality seems too far off for you, then you can use segment intending.

non dual tantra as loa manifest love

(This is where people get mixed up with not wanting to mess with the middle, but segment intending is not messing with the middle. It is still just using intentions to manifest, which by the way is the simplest and quickest manifestation technique anyway. An intention generates an automatic image of the end result.)

To segment intend you simply intend the next most obvious step to take. If you can’t do THAT either, then break it down even more. Sit down and break things down into smaller and smaller and smaller goals, until you are able to imagine yourself actually doing it. Small goals are great goals!. Let’s say you start with the end goal; CEO of tesla. Now what education do you think you need? What education do you need to get accepted into? What schools could this happen at, is it online or in person? What papers do you need to gather to apply to these schools, and keep breaking the smaller steps into as many small steps as you need to, and when there are no more smaller steps to take, finally outline all the steps on a paper. 

Now each step is your next segment, so instead of going straight for imagining CEO at tesla, imagine your next intention, will it be to gather the documents that you need to go to school? Great, imagine that. You can now suddenly probably more easily imagine yourself with your suit on, looking powerful. Each intention will feel manageable now, and a natural imagination arises suddenly. Now you are no longer subconsciously imaging that you are a loser.

When you manifest, you gather momentum, and if the goal feels impossible to imagine it is like you gather up a lot of momentum for collision. If you have no clue what direction to go, a lot of momentum can easily head for a halt. If you know where to direct your momentum you will continue to imagine a smooth ride.

Momentum and intention should match. If there is a tiny segment goal and your exuberance and positive vibration is bigger you will deflate like a balloon, and in that case make the goal bigger, and better.

Adjust your end state based on your belief in your abilities, and allow for this to change from day to day. Try  to not start a battle with yourself because you can’t imagine the end, rather allow for the ease of the next segment. Can’t imagine that “really really big thing” right now? That is fine, so imagine organizing yourself towards the next segment, get back in control, and your state will instantly shift out of panic or looser state, and you will be in a state of accomplished and competent, and oh, by the way, that state is exactly what the ceo of Tesla is in!

Imagine the next most logical step.

Is the marriage too far off, and do you have bad memories of marriage? Try to segment intend, and manifest nice and safe dates where you are treated right, and imagine an end when you are courted properly. 

If you were rejected, imagine that you feel so good that you don’t really care about the rejection anymore because you got your groove back independently of a partner. Then imagine that you are pursued or courted, and asked out. Then imagine that there is a lot of romantic interest in you. It is okay to go in baby steps so that you don’t veer off the road, it is okay to go at lightning speeds too, and to manifest bigger and better but it all depends on yourself and the state that you are in.

It all depends on the momentum that you are able to gather, and it depends on how you can stay the course and not drive into a ditch. If you are going too fast and you do drive into a ditch it is totally fine, just see it as a learning experience from your Godself. Maybe you want to be able to pull this off in an “instant manifestation” kind of way and you are learning, you are segment intending your way towards that end as well!


If you go too big, and your manifestation feels out of reach, you will automatically start to active imaginations about possible failures and all of your shortcomings, and yes, those imaginations are instant manifestations as well. Shrink your end goal to a size that gives you confidence but challenges you. If on the other hand you decide to go bigger, better and more fantastic, if  you feel excited about the greater end goal, your momentum will get you there! Just don’t give up on yourself just because you can’t get a feel for your end state, just segment intend every step of the way, shrink the end goal to a bite sized snack, do that for as long as you need to.  There is no true end anyway, the true end is the next end that you CAN imagine, it is a false belief that it has to be only certain things like “after the job promotion”, “after you own the business”, “after you get married” etc, but the only true end is death, and surely that is not an end we need to imagine lol!

The end can be “going to get burgers together with an sp”, the end can be to “establish interest” in the first place, especially if you have been very a insecure person. The end can be monogamy if you have had a hard time with that before, and the end of marriage is too scary to think about. Go segment to segment, and do it as slow as you need to, because in the end you will have received you manifestation faster, because slow and steady wins the race, and this is like the story of the tortoise and the hare.

Segment is different from messing in the middle, in the way that messing with the middle is “problem solving” and trying to figure out the how.

You can stay in a vibrationally still place where you allow “the how” to unfold, without finagling, or you can segment intend, trying to hammer every bit into place. Manifesting is equal to doing nothing BUT intending, and then staying in that vibration of having intended and in the state of ” it is already done”. (Sometimes there is some amount of problem solving to be done, and in that case, that can be your first segment intended, but commit to actually solving the problem then. Like this: Get a paper out, draw a line down the middle, and write a yes on one side and a no on the other for the problem that you want to solve. Give yourself 5 or 10 minutes, and jot down all the pro’s and con’s and the side with the most reasons wins. DONE.

Problem solving is a skill that many people don’t have, and sure, it does make a difference in your life, and it also makes a difference in your manifesting, because if you can learn how to do this, you can return to “being in the state of the wish fulfilled”

BUT. Problem solving is not manifesting, manifesting is trusting in the mystery that fuses two atoms together to create a molecule. You want a hydrogen and two oxygens fused so that you can have a sip of water, but are you  REALLY going to go out there to fuse them before you drink water? Or do you just trust in the mystery that created water out of atoms so that you can drink?  You need the faith and stillness to manifest, not problem solving.

You need to dwell on the sabbath.

It is already done.

Drink the water. 

Play with this idea today:

How much doing actually belongs to you?

Is there even ONE SINGLE THING that you can create?

No, all you can do is  intend.

The fusing of atoms, you can not accomplish that, no matter how much you plan or worry or manipulate.

If you can’t manifest imagining your end, it is because you can’t give up your belief in your own history, and this belief will change when you learn how to live in the end of your smaller segments. You will change, and you can observe your change.  

There is a surprising amount of old-school new-thought teachers that include action steps in the manifesting methods, and I have read most of these teachings. It is safe to say that Neville Goddard stands out as the teacher who grasped the concepts, and clearly explained that manifesting is a non-action method.

Yes you will take actions because that is life, it is full of living! But manifesting is equal to living in the sabbath.

On the seventh day God rested, and that is us.

We are on the seventh day, and we are resting. So be in the sabbath. Whatever helps you give up the struggle and rest and be still, whatever helps you be in the sabbath, do that. Size your goal after your internal ability to rest in that goal. Remember the only true end is the grave so you get to decide for yourself what end you want to manifest now, if your end is to “wake up happy tomorrow” fantastic, it is a perfect end, so do that.

If your end is establishing a liveable community on the planet Mars, fantastic, it is a perfect end, life in that sabbath.

You don’t have to stay stuck in your old state, you are free to give up struggling anytime, and to be in the wish fulfilled, in the sabbath, immediately.

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Manifesting Love Takes COURAGE!

“The second quality to be called to discipleship is Andrew or courage. As the first quality, faith in oneself, is developed it automatically calls into being its brother, courage. Faith in oneself, which asks no man’s help but quietly and alone appropriates the consciousness of the quality desired and in spite of reason or the evidence of his senses to the contrary continues faithful patiently waiting in the knowledge that his unseen claim if sustained must be realized such faith develops a courage and strength of character that are beyond the wildest dreams of the undisciplined man whose faith is in things seen.

The faith of the undisciplined man cannot really be called faith. For if the armies, medicines or wisdom of man in which his faith is placed be taken from him, his faith and courage go with it. But from the disciplined one the whole world could be taken and yet he would remain faithful in the knowledge that the state of consciousness in which he abides must in due season embody itself. This courage is Peter’s brother Andrew, the disciple, who knows what it is to dare, to do and to be silent.” – Neville Goddard

Mending a relationship takes courage, saying “I am sorry” first takes courage, being the first one to reach out after a period of estrangement takes courage. All of those are action steps, and we all know, probably first hand, how difficult it can be to be the first one to extend an olive branch, but what I am going to talk about here is the courage to believe.

non dual tantra as loa manifest love
Non-Dual Tantra Manifest Love Course

Have you been burned by love?

Have you been destroyed by love, with nothing recognizable left within you?

Have you numbed out because love hurts so bad, you just can’t stand to feel anymore?

I assure you, you are not alone. I have been there, and I have peeled myself off the ground several times, and I have dared to love again.

If you are going to master manifesting love, you have to learn how to rise again, every time. You have to rise from the ashes a thousand times. 

A relationship can go through changes upon changes, you can face illness, and death can happen, and every time, you have to get up again and believe.

Believing in love is an act of rebellion these days, nothing is as popular as being an independent person, and nothing will lead you to falling for the illusion of separation as quickly as a false faith in independence. We are oneness, and our quest is for harmony, not division, and this is an act of defiance of the current cultural individualistic and egoistic approach to live on earth. Love is the only truth.  Everything else is false. And yet we keep learning and teaching the opposite!

Believe in love, and you will see for yourself how internally you will put up a fight! All of our resistance comes from within, but don’t worry, you’ll manifest resistance from without as well. 


As the first quality, faith in oneself, is developed it automatically calls into being its brother, courage.”

“The faith of the undisciplined man cannot really be called faith. For if the armies, medicines or wisdom of man in which his faith is placed be taken from him, his faith and courage go with it.”

Our faith disappears as soon as we have been sufficiently challenged! Our circumstances mirrored rejection, betrayal, abandonment or worse, where did our faith go then?  If you can keep your faith when everything shows you the opposite, you have developed courage. 

from the disciplined one the whole world could be taken and yet he would remain faithful in the knowledge that the state of consciousness in which he abides must in due season embody itself”

Manifesting a specific person will require you to have the courage to stabilize in your state regardless of what comes your way.

When it comes to manifesting love everyone and their mother has an opinion, but you know what matters? Your own desires. That is it, nothing else. 

Let me give you a few examples of difficult marriages, and you will see that your situation isn’t any worse.

Marriage one.  Newly married, wife finds out that husband is actually a sex addict and a serial cheater. She is a big hearted life loving hippie mama who doesn’t CARE, because she loves him, and together they do sex and love addicts anonymous. After a rocky road for a few  years, they start to level out and do better and better. Fast forward 20 years, their children are growing up, they bought ranch land, they travel, they laugh and they are happier than ever before. Happy marriages take tons of work sometimes, is  it worth it? That is up to you to decide.

Marriage two.  A piano tuner,  British, married and American woman moved to Los Angeles. They are happy and have their first child. She starts cheating, then she leaves. He still loves her and hopes that she will come back. She does, and they are happy again and have another child.  She finds another guy, agai, and leaves and this time has a baby with the other man. Things don’t work out, and the piano tuner is still in love with her, patiently waiting for her to come back yet again, this time with another man’s child in tow. She comes back. This time she stays, and they are still happily married, all children grown and they are now grandparents.

I have hundreds of stories like this, where you think that they would have buckled under the circumstances, but love covers all transgressions, so it is up to you. Is it love you are feeling or is it not? 

Love takes courage. It isn’t for the weak. In a lifetime you will go through so many ups and downs, you might have trauma, you might switch political beliefs, you might join a new religion. There are so many things that we and our partner might go through but the only thing that matters is, do you love them?

If the answer is yes, then there will be times when you have to call on the mental faculty represented by Andrew the disciple (the discipline of courage) Faith in the tough times. Anyone can have faith when things are looking up, how hard is that? But it takes courage to believe when everything has gone wrong.

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Awakening conscious creation consciousness empowerment healing law of assumption law of attraction manifest manifestation manifestation techniques MANIFESTING manifest love Manifest your dreams mindfulness mindset shift neville goddard personal growth positive thinking self-discovery self-improvement specific person Spiritual growth spirituality

Manifesting DONT’S

So, what do you leave out of your manifesting?

Maybe the stuff we need to leave out of the manifesting process is the most important part of the manifesting process….

Let’s say you are baking a cake…

You need some ingredients.

Flour, eggs, fat, butter, sugar, salt, milk, and baking soda.

This ingredient list creates a basic cake. But maybe you want a lemon cake, so you add lemon zest.

Well, maybe you also think about adding raisins so you throw in some raisins. Then you think about carrots and so you throw in some carrots. Then you think about beans, and rice, and tomatoes, and then some steak.

Now you have a mess. This cake is going to be the worst cake anyone has ever baked, but oh well, this is “just the way it is”. (That is what we say about our unconscious manifestation, unaware that it is we, ourselves, that caused them)

close up photography of cake with flower decor
Photo by Daria Shevtsova

A whole lot of people do exactly this when they are manifesting. They know what they want, and the do the imaginal scene. But later in the day, they think about something different, something new, something else, and now there is a new imaginal scene shaping up in the mind. Playing out in the imagination, creating inner conversations. As time goes by, new thoughts come, new and contradictory fantasies and fears. All of these extra thoughts might be the ingredients that you do NOT want to put in the cake. These thoughts are representing everything to leave out of your manifesting. If you keep on adding these thoughts in then you will end up with a mess.

The ability to deny the unwanted thoughts space in our minds increases concentration and focus on the end state. The increased focus on the end state begins to shift out most common dwelling place, and when the end state is our most common dwelling place our manifestation is done.

The existence of raisins, carrots, beans, rice tomatoes and steak are real, AND Just like those undesired cake ingredients, our thoughts may in fact be real, they might be important, and they might be true , and they might be factual things that are going on in the world, or in our own life, but they are not what you want and they need to be left out of the ingredients of your mind for your manifestation to come through the way that you want it to. The thought might be about a person, and it might be negative and it might be true, but if the thoughts are not supporting the end state, they are delaying the manifestation. The thought can be as perfect of a representation of the truth as you can ever find, but unless those thoughts are also found in your end state, they are just like adding raisins, carrots, beans and rice to your cake mix. A big mess.

Leaving the ” truth” out of your manifesting is as important as leaving raisins, carrots, beans and rice out of your cake.

If you want a cake as the finished product, this is what you have to do. Just because you thought of raisins, you do not add raisins. Leave them out. If you are manifesting love, then you only think of love. If instead you start to think about the last partner you were with who gave you the silent treatment, and eventually ghosted you, then you are not thinking of only love. You are adding raisins and carrots, and beans and rice to your cake.

Manifesting love is no exception to this, and manifesting a specific person is the same. Keep the focus on love, and only love.

Thinking about how they hurt you, is not love. Ruminating on the break up is not love. Wondering if there is a third party is not love. Jealousy is not love. Possessiveness and insecurities is not love.

Love is the knowing that you are loved and loveable. Completely. This is all you need.

Understand that you attract into your life who you are, not what you want. Knowing that you are loved, and loveable IS LOVE, and it attracts into your life WHO YOU ARE which is love.

Love removes jealousy, possessive, fear, anger. Love makes us a team, two peas in a pod, no matter how different we are we become a perfect fit because of love. If there is jealousy, anger, possessives etc. then there are raisins and carrots in the cake and you will have a mess, but you won’t have love. Who is it that has to become love then, to manifest love? It is you. We manifest what we are. You have to love yourself the way you are. Just the way you are now, not the way you become after you lose weight or stabilize your finances. Now. Imperfect and flawed.

All obstacles to love our created by ourselves, by adding in ingredients that we don’t want. The solution is not to focus more on the unwanted. On the raisins. The solution is to only see love. The love of God (spirit) in ourselves. If you can believe that you are loved, then another can believe in their love for you.

Dr Anna Bäck

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Awakening conscious creation consciousness empowerment healing law of assumption law of attraction manifest manifestation manifestation techniques MANIFESTING manifest love Manifest your dreams mindfulness mindset shift neville goddard personal growth positive thinking self-discovery self-improvement specific person Spiritual growth spirituality Visualization

Brainwaves | Hemi Sync | Meditation | Hypnosis | Divine Guidance

Brainwaves | Hemi Sync | Meditation | Hypnosis | Divine Guidance

Brain waves are, essentially, the evidence of electrical activity produced by your brain. When a group of neurons sends a burst of electrical pulses to another group of neurons, it creates a wave-like pattern.

These waves are measured in speed cycles per second, which we describe as Hertz (Hz). Depending on how awake and alert you are, the waves might be very fast, or they might be very slow. They can and do change, based on what you’re doing and how you’re feeling.

The fastest brain waves are waves known as gamma waves. 

Gamma waves tend to measure above 35 Hz — and in fact, they can oscillate as fast as 140 Hz.

Gamma waves are evidence that you’ve achieved peak concentration. In other words, when you’re intensely focused and your brain is actively engaged in solving a problem, this is when your brain is likely producing gamma waves. Gamma waves help you process high levels of information.


Dr. Dawson Church in his book Mind to Matter explains that specific gamma frequency bands are associate with unique effects:

  • 75 Hz is epigenetic:  Triggers anti-inflammatory protein production.
  • 50 Hz is regenerative: The body produces stem cells that are capable of becoming muscle, bone, skin.
  • 75 Hz – 125 Hz is bone-building.

How do you get there though?

1. Mindfulness

You can boost your gamma wave production by meditating. Focusing your attention on your breathing may also help, as does chanting!

People who focused on their breath during yoga, experienced greater increases in gamma wave production, than they did during the meditation part of their practice! Basically, the correct ratio of concentration and relaxation has to be met.

2. Learn

One easy way to naturally increase gamma brain waves is by learning.

Gamma spikes when you’re learning, connecting information, or integrating it into your life.

Any material will do, but the point is to actually be learning, not mindlessly reading and not dumb scrolling.

3. Be In The Moment

Ever so elusive, being in the moment sounds like it is just a buzzword until one day you find yourself in the moment. It is hard to explain this, but try to find yourself in the moment by enjoying the moment.

5. Become a musical virtuoso

Musicians are the other group known for their consistent and extraordinary gamma, because musical practice enters them into a flow state. I remember practicing the piano, and after an hour or so, the keyboard would shrink, and time expand, and that is the entrance into gamma state.

Their brains adapt and that flow state becomes a conditioned response to picking up an instrument!

So you don’t play an instrument?

What about listening to music?

When it comes to gamma rays, it is only when playing, but you can start learning now, you don’t have to be proficient at playing, just diligent at practicing. Or chose one of the other methods!

6. Listen to Binaural Beats

This method is completely passive. You put on headphones and and go about your day. Ces’t tout.

Binaural beats is a special audio tracks created exclusively for the purpose of shiftin your brain into gamma mode.

However, they only work with headphones and earphones, because a different sound frequency is played into each ear. The brain makes an adjustment of the frequencies of this sound by averaging the two frequencies into one, and this produces the gamma waves.

7. Put your body in The Zone

From a body perspective, gamma brainwave mode relies on a very interesting bodily state that is most often called The Zone. You cannot enter into a gamma brainwave state when you’re physically tense. You have to be energetic, but not tense. The same as in yoga, concentrated, yet relaxed. Many challenging physical activities will get you there.

a woman surfing on sea
Photo by Jess Loiterton

8. Be non- judgmental

In a gamma brainwave state, you are pushing to the limit of your mental, perceptive and intuitive capacity. Everything is open and you are receiving high levels of information, not putting out information not producing opinions. All of your senses are taking in data especially your sixth sense. You engage completely non-judgmentally with what’s happening around you, so practice being non-judgmental.

9. Gratitude and compassion

This step is an essential companion of the gamma brainwave state, so skip right ahead to gratitude by practicing it all the time, in fact, love, compassion and gratitude might be all you need to produce gamma waves.

Different brain waves:


If your doctor evaluates your brain with an EEG while you’re awake, alert, and engaged, the predominant waves will be beta waves. These waves tend to measure in the 12 to 38 Hz range.


When you’re awake but feeling quiet and contemplative, that’s when alpha waves tend to rise to the occasion. Alpha brain waves are situated in the middle of the spectrum of brain waves. They tend to measure between 8 and 12 Hz.


Theta waves are the brain waves that occur in the 3 to 8 Hz range. They can occur when you’re sleeping, but they tend to be more dominant when you’re deeply relaxed or in a meditative state.


Deep dreamless sleep produces a type of brain wave known as the delta wave. These waves are low and slow. An EEG would measure these waves in the 0.5 and 4 Hz range.


Gamma brainwaves move through your brain, they sweep across your brain from front to back, beginning in the prefrontal cortex where thinking occurs and sweeping back through the sensory areas.

Gamma is the elusive holy grail of cognition, only accessible by slowing down.

Gamma waves lead to Increased memory recall, heightened senses, sharper focus faster processing speed, enhanced creativity, energy, it is nature’s Xanax and Prozac. Gamma waves gives us a greater quality of life. Gamma waves leads us straight to divine guidance, spiritual downloads and massive amounts of creative inspiration.

How long and how much?

In general, there is no limit to how long you can listen binaural beats. Since binaural beats have various frequencies, they are designed to be applied for specific purposes . Each session should be no longer than 90 minutes which allows your brain to refresh and rejuvenate. 

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Awakening conscious creation consciousness healing law of assumption law of attraction manifest manifestation MANIFESTING manifest love Manifest your dreams mindfulness neville goddard personal growth self-discovery specific person

“I had an amazing day today”

“I had an amazing day today”

Manifesting a specific person seems to evoke a host of upset feelings in about 50 % of the Law of assumption community. The reason must be, because they don’t yet understand the law, how it works, and that it is always working, and that the unfavorable circumstance is also a creation, it is just that it is an unconscious creation.

A specific person can be any relationship.

One person I know, was struggling because she had lost contact with her grown daughter. Well not exactly lost contact, but she had been explicitly told that she was no longer welcome in her daughters life. She was aware that while she had been in no contact, she had had grandchildren, and her hearts was breaking at the loss of contact with her own daughter and grandchildren that she had never met.

This is also a specific person situation. Every time I met her she talked about this, retold the story and solidified it more. The more she talked about it the more reasons she found to feel guilt and shame, and the more she resented her daughter. As we talked, I told her that she had the power to change this, single handedly, and that she didn’t need her daughter approval, or anyone else in the world, to agree with her, she alone held the power to turn this around, and this was long before I even knew about the law of assumption, or that our consciousness creates our entire world.

I talked to her about letting go of resentment, and forgiving, and also about saying that she is sorry to her daughter, because even though she wanted to be self righteous and say that “she had done nothing wrong”, it didn’t matter, because her daughter felt wronged, and that was all that mattered. Saying you are sorry when someone feels wronged is an act of love.

Now that I understand law of assumption, I also know that her own inner arguments kept this rift alive, and the guilty consciousness that she had, was expressed out , or pushed out, and the way to help a guilty conscious is to apologize, and also to listen, to hear what the other person felt was wrong, and to take steps to improve and not repeat the same mistake.

It didn’t matter how many times she tried to tell me and others that she was the victim in this story, because her true feelings were showing up as her world of circumstance, and she felt that she had done wrong.

I told her to apologize to her daughter, in a text message, since her daughter didn’t want to hear from her, and then, from then on and going forward, act as if everything was going to be fine, inwardly. Encouraged her to let go of the past, and to start each day with the hope and expectation that she can build a relationship only in the now, I told her to send a text message to her once in a while, perhaps once a week or less, but just a short message, a message that just kept in contact, saying “I love you”, or “hope that you are well”, and nothing else. I told her that she can in fact just leave all the resentment behind once and for all, and this way she would never make her daughter feel bad or guilty again.

In hindsight, this was a Neville method called “acting as if”, and this is a method that I have personal experience with. It works.

The last time I saw this woman, she was back in full contact with her daughter and her grand children, and she had just celebrated a birthday party for one of the grand children, she was so happy and radiant, and she had pretty much forgotten about how she had resented before. And that is how shifting states work. You forget the old state.

I share this specific person story to let you know that it is your own story about the other person that keeps the UNWANTED state alive. Every day that you retell that story you “blow life into its nostrils” of that story. The day that you decide that your story is in your hands, and yours alone, then you can begin to change it. Tell the story that you want to tell, and begin to live from the end by “acting as if”

I have my own experience with completely changing a relationship that was very important to me, and I am so glad that I didn’t listen to everyone who thought it couldn’t be done.

“The one who says it can’t be done should not interrupt the one doing it’.

Chinese proverb

To think that there is such a thing as a law, which is really just a way to frame the concept that our own consciousness creates, shapes and manifests the possibilities and circumstances of our own world. Our own front row seat to this show. Our own perspective. To think that this assumption of who we are can create literally anything and everything between heaven and earth, including physical healing, material wealth, success, fame and you name it, but NOT our relationships is absurd. We absolutely create our relationships too, and we are single handedly exclusively responsible for how we think about theses relationships. Thumper even knew about this ( in Bambi) when he says “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all”.

Every old scripture tells us this. Even as far back as the Yoga Sutra’s are we told to not maintain negative thought about anyone. Neville Goddard takes it one step further, and maintains that not only should we not maintain unloving thoughts, but we are responsible for thinking loving thoughts about everyone we meet, and to be sure, he includes not just random strangers who have fallen upon some misfortune, but also those closest to us. Our parents, our children, our spouses and our friends. No specific person is ever excluded form the law of assumption.

To take any expectation out of a relationship that you are changing, release them from all of your negative thoughts, and every time you are tempted to go back to resentment, anger, hurt, or bitterness, imagine yourself going to be at night thinking to yourself: “I had an amazing day today”, and begin to feel that feeling immediately. If you had an amazing day, then why not embrace the day right away?

I start every morning with imagining myself sitting down on the side of the bed, thinking to myself, “I had an amazing day today”, it creates an expectation, an expansive and open feeling, an anticipation of what good might happen, and that is a feeling of “Felling it real”

Feeling is the secret

Neville Goddard

Dr Anna Bäck

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Is Neuro Linguistic Programming also Law of Assumption?

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is a great tool in mental health counseling, in relationship counseling, and in goal setting.

NLP provides a simple step by step process to reframing memories or beliefs that block our progress and cause stagnation in life or a tendency to stay toxic situations. 

NLP helps us to become aware of the subconscious patterns that are expressed in both our language and our behavior. NLP can help change these patterns when applicable. 

NLP can identify when an individual is unconsciously in a victim state of mind, and it ca help to shift us out of that state, and into an empowered state, a state of mind where solutions become available.

NLP can help PTSD or past trauma memories by creating a distance between the memory scene, and ourselves, and this takes most of the fear and the emotional charge out of the memory.


NLP techniques are action-oriented. Unlike talk therapy, NLP focuses on the how to reach goals, fell better, improve relationships. How can you react differently to your beliefs, to your thoughts and emotions? NLP helps you identify how your life can benefit you, and not just slip by.


Imagery training, sometimes called mental rehearsal, or visualization is one of the classic neuro-linguistic programming techniques. It’s an excellent exercise for beginners because it is incredibly easy for anyone. The key is to create a short scene of yourself performing an action successfully – whether that action is an athletic performance or a personal relationship achievement or a business goal. Imagine how you would feel, and what your senses would experience, feel yourself natural, confident, determined, and comfortable. Be as detailed as possible. NLP techniques like this are essential for creating absolute certainty in yourself and your abilities.


When you’re ready for more advanced NLP techniques, use the NLP swish. First, create a vivid picture in your mind of something you don’t want. Make it big and bright. Then create a vivid picture of what you want to replace it with, making it small and dull. Now reverse them: Bring the image of what you want into the foreground, making it brighter and brighter. Add triumphant music and motion. Throw the image you don’t want into the background, turning it gray and colorless. Repeat this reversal three to five times. You’ll train your brain to amplify positives and weaken negatives.


Modeling is one of the NLP training techniques that has gained the most attention from successful entrepreneurs, athletes and more. It’s based on the law of assumption, where attention goes energy flows. What you focus upon you move toward. Surround yourself with people who have achieved the success you want and focus on modeling their behaviors. Surround yourself with information and input that supports who you want to become.


According to the 7-38-55 Rule, just 7% of your message is communicated through words. Your tone of voice contributes 38%, and your body language communicates a full 55% of your message. Mirroring is an NLP technique that uses body language to make instant trusting connections and to build rapport with anyone. When you’re talking to someone, mirror your body language to theirs. You can also change the words or dialect you choose to use to match their vocabulary. The other person will automatically find you more trustworthy.


An affirmation is a phrase you repeat to yourself about your beliefs and goals. In NLP this is taken a step further, by changing your physiology as well as your words to create a state of total confidence. Get yourself into peak state by embodying what you’re saying with all the intensity you can. NLP techniques like affirmations are an effective way to reprogram your mind and create empowering beliefs. Involve your whole body and energy in this.

These are just a few of the techniques that might be used in a coaching session. Neuro-linguistic programming also starts with a set of presuppositions that complement results coaching, particularly the belief that the meaning we assign to our experiences is everything. It takes the approach that “failure is feedback” and if we find the lesson and get back up, failure is worth it.

Most of all, neuro-linguistic programming believes anything is possible, and that we can change our lives. we can do, have, and be exactly what we wish!

So what is neuro-linguistic programming? It’s a behavioral method that uses the Law of Assumption and other methods as a power of reframing our circumstance, it helps people overcome their limiting beliefs and create new empowering ones.

Neuro Linguistic Programming are easy action steps that focuses on solutions, outcome and possibilities, with methods like “imaginal scenes” “revision” and “affirmations”

Manifest The Impossible!

Manifest The Impossible!

Do you feel like it is impossible to manifest, or that your desire is impossible?

I saw someone ask a question about manifesting a lottery win, the question was about if is “lack or poverty mindset”, to try to manifest winning the lottery. He had seen many coaches suggesting that it is poverty mindset, and had advised that is it a bad idea to manifest winning the lottery.

So here is the thing, the lack mindset is only if you think that the only way that you could ever have money is if you won the lottery, (but even so, you can still manifest that) but remember too, that the whole point is to manifest YOUR DESIRES, not someone else’s desires. And certainly not what you do NOT desire….

A lot of people want to manifest abundance and an easy free lifestyle and they do, furthermore many people who are celebrities have knowledge of manifesting and LOA, and many used LOA to get where they are. The same thing goes for athletes and breaking athletic records and so on. It is done in the mind before it is done on earth. It is replayed in the mind many many times before it takes place in real life.

Now if you think that your manifestation is impossible you should take comfort in the fact that that is the very point of it.

Now if you think that your manifestation is impossible you should take comfort in the fact that that is the very point of it.

IT IS A FACT that it is manifestation precisely BECAUSE it is impossible. If it was possible you would just do it of your own accord. You wouldn’t need manifesting. You wouldn’t need Law of Assumption. Now you have heard about manifesting so USE it for your IMPOSSIBLE desires and your desires that you DON”T DESERVE! That is what it is for.

This is HOW we are God.

Be it , Do the impossible!

Think about athletic wins for example, if it was possible to break that world record everyone would already have done it. It is precisely because it is impossible that it is manifesting, or LOA, and everything that you think is impossible, that you desire, is waiting for you to take on the challenge, to materialize it in a magical way, into your world, so don’t loose hope.

In fact remind yourself that it is a GOOD thing that it is impossible, this is perfect, because IMPOSSIBLE that is the exact right ingredient for this!

BUT REMEMBER that you can not care so much about your manifestation that you are tormented by lack thoughts of it. You can’t think that this is “the only way for you to be happy”. This is the lack consciousness that you have to watch out for, not the fact that your desire is an impossibility. The impossibility is a piece of cake for the universe to deliver, the lack thoughts are the only block. If you want a lottery win, that is perfect, you will have it, but don’t NEED IT, don’t clamor for it.

The reason for why this needing clamoring and “oh I wish I could have that but i’ll never happen” has to go is that  you can not command a power or a circumstance that has power over you. It  is law.

One of you is God.

It is either you, or the circumstance. If you relinquish all your omnipotence to the “world of Cesar” as Neville calls it, that is, the 3d world you are no longer God of your circumstance. Only one of you will have the power.

 You must  have command, command equals FAITH. 

Have complete faith, and remember, you can not be addicted to your desire, you have to have dominion over it and when you do, you can command it. If you are addicted to your desire it has dominion over you.

Also this is why prayers have a high fail rate, if prayed with a sense of lack of control and lack of faith, then you have not given the God of your understanding enough power over the thing which you pray for, and again, you are at its mercy, this is the same mechanism as addiction, and only when you regain power can you overcome the addiction to believing in circumstance, and command them.  If you could pray in a way that you decree what you want it would be a different story. A decree is a command, and that is faith


Your desire cannot ever become an addiction or you will always be below it in power, and won’t be able to manifest this. If this has happened and you are recognizing that now, don’t worry.


Take power back.

This is done in a moments shift of consciousness.

Gain dominion.

Have no fears and don’t be a slave to your desires, no, command. Decree.

It is a power structure. Become Godlike and command your desire, not the other way around.

There are advanced manifesting techniques that you will never be able to harness as song as you allow yourself to have other Gods (god of circumstance)  and even if to some degree you are able to use these techniques, this is when they either backfire or it won’t work, or you don’t want it once it comes.

Being addicted to anything including circumstances is the same as NOT BEING GOD. 

For example. Adolf Hitler who knew all this knowledge, he knew THE LAW, and his manifestation of the “thousand year kingdom” only lasted five years, and ended with a cyanide pill in a bunker. He was addicted to his megalomania, he was not in control. His megalomania was in control of him.

You have to not care.

Lets talk about how to rise out of this predicament, and manifest our dreams instead of addictions!

First of all, there is a common trait among most people, almost all of us, when we have learn about manifesting, we try to manifest in little tiny increments, and bits and pieces of what we want. We are still afraid to “go for it”. For example, if you want a beautiful lifelong romance, you might be stuck trying to manifest a text message… Or, you want to be financially independent, but you are manifesting a 25 cent raise at work….

We have to learn how to go TO THE END. The end of the wish FULFILLED. Instead of dreaming smaller and with fear, dream bigger. Go to the whole entire completion of what you actually want, not breadcrumb. Don’t go smaller, go bigger, always go bigger, but let go of all sense of need , and decide to be fine right now, right here and now, and if you never ever get your desire, you would still be fine, otherwise you have given your GOD power away TO THE DESIRE.

You are God. The desire is not God.

So go big!

Happy manifesting.

Dr. Anna Bäck

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