Who do you intend to be? Be them now.

Here’s a simple truth: we’re manifesting all the time. Every single second, every thought we have is a seed of manifestation. Your entire life, leading up to this very moment, has been a series of manifestations rooted in your beliefs and assumptions. Yet, somehow we tend to make such a fuss about the concept of manifesting, when, in reality, it’s an integral part of our daily lives.

Manifestation isn’t some elusive phenomenon that only happens when we meditate or perform a specific ritual. It’s not confined to vision boards or affirmations. No, it’s much more fundamental and pervasive than that. Our thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions are constantly shaping our reality, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Consider this: when you wake up and anticipate a good day, often, things do unfold positively. That’s a form of manifestation – your positive expectations influencing your reality. On the flip side, if you start the day expecting everything to go wrong, your day often follows that negative trajectory. Again, your beliefs manifesting your reality. Pretty simlified, but even “bigger” manifestations are the result of day to day assumptions.

So don’t complicate manifestation. It’s not an exclusive club. It’s not an occasional event. It’s not woo or snake oil. It is life.

Neville Goddard’s ‘Feel It Real’ method is all about bridging this normality of life with your desires.

“The actor cannot pretend. He must enter and become the part he has agreed to play. He cannot step upon the stage knowing he is a great actor who everyone recognizes. He must lose himself in the character by leaving his personality in the dressing room and entering the stage as the character he is to portray.”

-Neville Goddard

To make this method work, fully immerse yourself in being who you want to become, and this applies even if it is a material object you want, you become the person who HAS that already. You don’t “attract it”. Feel it as if it’s real, live it,breath it, be it. It’s not a trick or a gimmick; it’s about becoming the person NOW. Feeling it real is the same as FEELING IT NORMAL.

“So when God stepped upon the stage wearing this (body), he is Neville, one hundred per cent. He had to completely forget that he was God, yet knowing that he brought with him a pattern which would erupt and his memory would return. I agreed to play the part as Neville. He and I are one..”

– Neville Goddard

Feeling it real, or; Feeling it normal, bring the person you want to be into this moment. If you are having coffee, have the coffee as THAT you. Make it mundane and normal. Feeling it real is not: High vibrations, affirmations, imaginal scenes or journaling, although you can do ALL of those things, especially if you enjoy doing them!

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