The Art of Manifesting Total Losers: A Tongue-in-Cheek Guide

The Art of Manifesting Total Losers: A Tongue-in-Cheek Guide


So, you’ve decided to try your hand at manifesting, huh? Well, forget about attracting success, abundance, or happiness! Let’s take a cheeky detour and explore the art of manifesting total losers. Because, why not? After all, life is all about balance, and sometimes, attracting a complete and utter mess into your life can be oddly satisfying. Buckle up, folks! This guide will show you how to manifest that special someone who’s a true champion of chaos.

1. Embrace Your Inner Chaos Conductor:

To manifest a total loser, you’ve got to embrace your inner chaos conductor. Throw out all those positive affirmations and replace them with self-sabotaging thoughts. Tell yourself that you’re destined for failure, and watch the magic unfold!

2. Focus on All the Wrong Things:

Forget about setting meaningful goals or working towards self-improvement. Instead, obsess over trivial matters and let your life revolve around drama and gossip. Remember, attracting a total loser requires a laser focus on all the wrong things.

3. Embody the Energy of Desperation:

The key to manifesting a total loser lies in desperation. Act like you can’t survive without them, even if they bring nothing but chaos and drama. Cling onto their every word and ignore all red flags.

4. Run from Self-Love and Acceptance:

To manifest a total loser, self-love and acceptance must be banished from your life. Be your own worst critic, constantly compare yourself to others, and let imposter syndrome reign supreme.

5. Seek Validation from External Sources:

Don’t waste your time seeking internal validation; go all out for external validation. Rely on others to determine your worth and let their opinions dictate your every move.

6. Attract Drama with Drama:

They say like attracts like, so it’s time to unleash the drama queen within you. Stir up conflicts, overreact to the smallest issues, and watch how drama magnetically draws in your total loser.

7. Set Unrealistic Expectations:

To manifest a total loser, set the bar impossibly high for others while having low expectations for yourself. After all, nothing says “loser magnet” like being unreasonably demanding.

8. Ignore All Warning Signs:

Red flags? What red flags? Turn a blind eye to any signs of trouble and convince yourself that everything will magically work out. Denial is your best friend!

9. Put Others on a Pedestal:

Idealize the person you want to attract, placing them on a pedestal while ignoring their flaws and toxic traits. Because, who needs a healthy dose of reality anyway?

10. Believe You Don’t Deserve Better:

Above all, believe that you don’t deserve better. Tell yourself that a total loser is the best you can do, and settling for less is the way to go.


So there you have it – the ultimate guide to manifesting a total loser. Remember, life is all about balance, and sometimes, embracing a little chaos can be oddly entertaining. However, as you’ve probably guessed, this blog post is all in good fun. In reality, I encourage you to focus on attracting positivity, growth, and healthy relationships into your life. Manifest wisely and remember that you deserve the best, not the worst! Happy manifesting, or should we say, happy unmanifesting of total losers!

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