Don’t make THIS mistake if you are using the Law Of Assumption

Don’t make THIS mistake if you are using the Law Of Assumption


I recently peeked into a rather toxic subreddit, which truthfully subreddits tend to be, (I invite you to join the group forums that i am creating on this website, just navigate to the coaching tab, hoover, and fidn the “groups” tab at the bottom…. I promise to keep the groups toxinfree!)

But let’s get back to what caught my eye…Please be ALERT to wrong information!

The MOST  fatal mistake (out of MANY) is what I will cover here.

Do. NOT. Label somebody, somebody SPECIAL, that you are spending your time manifesting, into your life, ANY of these things:

  • AN EX

Or ANYTHING else that you don’t, in fact, want to spend the rest of your life with.


If your label is “my ex” that’s exactly what they will continue to be.

Do you want a relationship?


Tell me, what is YOUR label of them, and of yourself, if it is MARRIAGE that you want?

Are you calling them toxic in every converation? Are you SURE you want that person in your life? If you do, you better stop talking about them that way, have some boundaries regarding their treatment of you and STOP “telling it like it is.” Call them wonderful, because isn’t that what you want?

What is your end? 

Clearly define your end, do not be ambivalent. KNOW with CLARITY what you WANT.

Neville Goddard is clear, go to the end, and if your label is “my ex” then that is the end you are living from. 

You are living from the end of broken up.

How hard is THAT to manifest a relationship  from? It is like shoveling snow in a snowstorm! 

Command your speech.

Your thoughts and your speech matter, this label is an indication that your inner and outer talk is in a state of “broken up”. Your speech is God, as it states in the Bible, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word WAS God” Your word is God.

What is your aim in life? Make sure that your speech conforms to that and only that.

Imagine that you are manifesting w bouquet of roses, so you are imagining the scent of roses and burying your face into a lovely bouquet, inhaling deeply, but in the very next breath you go on social media to type out how “it isn’t working” because as soon as you opened your eyes again there were no roses? It is like people have no resilience, and if there is no instant gratification you just give up! Why? You are thought to command your speech, and yet you don’t?

The problem is not your “method” your problem is your speech

So are you doing this:?  

Are you  doing SATS and affirmations, but you keep visiting the “manifesting” communities, writing out your failures again and again…. And again…. And again… 

Everytime you talk about your difficult situation, you relabel yourself as someone who constantly struggles. If you are used to venting, this will be hard for you kno doubt. You think that you NEED to vent, and to “talk it over” with your friends. YOu think that you need to ask reddit for advice, and to type out your struggles several times, but the truth is that you never “need” to vent. You only need to become a “manifesting warrior” and stop believing in the opposite of what you want.

Guess what you are manifesting? You are manifesting your problems.  To continue to be your problems. You are not manifesting a solution.

The good news is that you can see that it works, because you are successfully manifesting your problems to continue.

Define your labels

If you want to be successful, re-label yourself from failure, or  victim, and get clear on what your label should be. Are you a success? 

Are you together with them? Decide now to re-label this. Don’t use the word ex anymore. OR if you are dealing with a THIRD PARTY, Never call them a third party, that is now their EX. 

Call them what you want them to be, call yourself what  you want yourself to be. Your speech MATTERS.

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