ALL manifesting is THE SAME | How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things

He who meditates on God for many days has substance in him, has divine power in him. Further, he who sings well, plays well on a musical instrument, or has mastered any one art, has in him real substance and the power of God. This is the view of the Gita. It is said in the Chandi that he who is endowed with physical beauty has in him substance and the power of God.

— Sri Ramakrishna

Are you a twin flame? How would you use your state to manifest deeper lasting love that is straight out of a fairytale?


Are you listening to videos describing toxic trauma bonds?

Do you want to manifest your dream job, your very own tailor made just for you career or business….


 You spend most of your time lamenting the sad state of affairs, the death of your small town, do you talk about nothing but the inflation, dead ends, and the impossibility for someone of your age to become anything at all?

You are in a state.

You are always in a state and you always manifest.

I make a number of videos helping people manifest and often they are tailored to people who struggle with past trauma and such. I do this because I work in the field of helping people with these things. I almost always get questions asking “if it is the same when you “manifest xy&z” …Listen..

ALL manifesting is THE SAME.

You manifest from your state, and that is it. That is the end of the manifesting instructions, you don’t have to worry what “technique” to use, it has nothing to do with it, just go with any preference, any at all. It doesn’t matter. Do what you like. This would be the end, but you guys have more questions.

When I explain in detail, in longer videos it isn’t because manifesting has changed rules. It is because there is a difference in WHAT you WANT.

Nothing about the how has changed, only the why. Why do you want something?

What changes is you.

And when you change, what you want changes, that is all.

SO let’s say I make a video about manifesting “deep love even if you are traumatized”. I am not describing a different HOW, I am describing how to move  beyond the trauma, into a new WHY.  Sometimes you ask if it is the same when you manifest a car, losing weight, or any other material things.  AGAIN nothing changes about the HOW. You manifest from the state that you are in, but I HOPE that you can see a BIG difference in why you want to lose weight vs why you want to spend your life with the one you love….

Neville Goddard explains that when you find the new state to be the one you most often revert to, you will manifest.  Assuming a state does not mean thinking about the thing you want, that is just the same old state that you were ever in. No. It means thinking from it. Assume the state of the wish fulfilled. In other words, if you are in a room and you are thinking of the direction to the front door, it will be different if you go to anew room, and you are thinking about a direction to the front door now, it will be different than if you think of directions to the same place from where you are now. Thinking FROM a state is like walking into a new room. Now the perspective has changed.

THIS is HOW you manifest. Nothing else.

You are God who “came down” to be human.

– Neville Goddard

And then it seems to never be that simple and we have more questions…. 

This is because we don’t PRACTICE shifting states, so in today’s blog I have a challenge for you. A state shifting challenge!

The first state You will practice will be a very negative state. It is just as important to know how you got into that funky state, as it is to know how to get out of the state. The way you get into a funky state is by immersing yourself in thoughts that spiral downward.

Noticing the downward spiral, I want you to start looking at bad news. Use Twitter, or MSN or Yahoo or whatever it is that always suggests news for you, and click on the most negative ones. For about 30 minutes, click away, but set a timer, and when the timer is up, stop, and take note of how you feel, and what your thoughts are revolving around.

We manifest things all the time, all day long, there’s never a moment that we do not manifest, and if we stop manifesting, the world would simply stop around us.

I know that Neville Goddard had at least one mystical experience where he described the world stopping, I had the same mystical experience, where the world simply ceased. There is never a moment that is not made manifest by your consciousness, and the way that you manifest is by taking for granted. It isn’t by visualizing things, and it isn’t by affirming for things that they manifest, it is because you have what is called faith. Another word for faith is taking it for granted.

If you take for granted that you’re going to have water every day it is the same or similar has to having faith, hat you have water. (Now taking for granted that you have a specific person could also mean that they feel like they are being taken for granted, so don’t misconstrue what I’m saying).

Let’s do another exercise of states. This time I want you to do a YouTube search for a musician called Krishna Das. Take a few hours of playing Krishna Das, and while you’re doing that, if you want to you can engage in some something artistic like drawing, or you can just lay down and listen for a few hours, it doesn’t matter what Songs, he has so many and they’re all spiritually and vibrationally so loving and so aligned with the divine. Once you’re done let’s say …. two hours….Take inventory again of your thoughts. Notice what you’re feeling. Notice what you’re thinking. It is a state… you are in a state.

This is an experiment of states.

Remember how I just talked about taking something for granted?

It is easy to manifest when you have faith 

And when you just take things for granted 

So what, nothing is special about manifesting for example clean water piped into your kitchen! This is something that we manifest, and we take it for granted, among many mundane thing!

But hold up!

Some people DON’T have that! Some people have no home, no pipes and no water!

What about those things that you DON’T take for granted, and the things that you are not able to have faith in, after all that is what you struggle with.

We’ll that is when you manifest the state.

The state is the manifestation and your job is DONE with that.

It is easy to confuse how to manifest, but again, your state manifests.

Your questions are so often centered around what you can manifest or what is okay to desire but none of that matters .

If you desire to reunite with your children that is your pressing desire. 

If you can’t stop wishing that you had a better body that is your pressing desire. 

If you met someone just once and you developed a crush. THAT is your desire.

If you desire to have someone who just needs you and adore you and dote on you that is your desire.

If you desire to have a kundalini awakening  then that is your urgent desire and want.

The desire doesn’t matter!

How do you manifest it?

By finding the state of the one who already is that person and embodying that now, today, and to be in that state and to see things from that state as often as you can.

How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things.

The state of Someone who has experienced a kundalini awakening and who has vibrationally aligned with god self, who is that person, and how do they see things from their eyes?

Manifesting is like walking into a different room and seeing things from that room.  What are they doing? What do you think you’ll do differently? Start now or it will never happen, if you don’t start now you won’t start then.

When I explain things more in depth in terms of overcoming trauma or any other mental health issue, or addiction it is not because the laws of the universe has changed and manifesting suddenly is different. It is because your WANT is different. How you manifest is always the same, but how you want changes. If you play around with getting in and out of a few states of mind then you will see relatively quickly that your own wants change along with it. If you are in a state of anger your want might be to punch someone in the face….BUT is THAT what you ACTUALLY want to manifest?  Some people do because anger is their most common dwelling place.

For other people a sense of worthlessness is the most common dwelling place.

Many people I know have a very solid sense of self, and they know their worth. They manifest their purpose in life, a dream career or they forge new paths. They create a money making career where there was none before. They meet their soulmate love. They raise their children to have the same sense of worth. This is a state of mind, their most common dwelling state.

Imagine that when you ask me if “it is okay” to manifest something that you are in a state. This state is like you think that your parent or a teacher or a pastor or someone has to approve of you. Nobody has to approve of you except yourself. Learn how to self approve.

This should be done using your own sense of clarity, your own desire for what you want your future to be like, and your own heart.

Your own sense of what makes your heart beat faster and what you wish for most prominently. There is no one outside of yourself that knows you the way you do.

I get patients all the time who say that they -have a certain feeling about their health, even though it goes against what their doctor has told them and I always explore their gut instinct together with them.

Nobody knows you like you do. Nobody can tell you if your desire for yourself is okay, only you can do that, and just to illustrate what I meant, a friend of a friend, years ago had a desire to move to a country in Afrika. I don’t remember which one, and I am not sure if I actually ever knew.  People thought that it was a stupid desire, and they never expected that he would actually do it. But one day he followed his heart and he left. He met the love of his life there, his soulmate. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction because apparently she was also the princess or queen and he became King of a village or nation in Africa. I guess people didn’t think that he was such an idiot after that, but imagine that he followed his one heart tug, and went for it. 

Imagine that your state of mind determines how you experience your own wants. Not something else. Maybe you let yourself be too influenced by general opinion. Maybe you have forgotten how to listen to yourself? Maybe you never knew? You can easily discover your true wants by putting yourself into a positive feeling state more and more often. Discovering what you like is the direction of self discovery. Discovering what you don’t like is equally valuable. Maybe you are in a state of disappointment, and this is good because you now know very well what you don’t want.  If you stay and wallow in disappointment, you continue to manifest from a state of disappointment and you will discover yet more things that you don’t like. Use it as information. What you don’t like, remove your attention from it, and place your attention on the things that you have discovered that you do like

Assuming a state comes with a shift in perspective automatically.

 You know you’re assuming that state and seeing the world from the perspective of the state of that wish fulfilled if you are feeling SATISFIED.

The wish fulfilled is YOUR wish fulfilled. Not a parent approved wish. Your genuine hearts desire because that is the only thing that will make you feel satisfied, your parents wish won’t make you feel satisfied and neither will mine or your pastors…. Just your own fulfilled wants make you feel satisfied.

Anchor your wish fulfilled into your life the way your life is right now, bring it into every mundane moment, when you brush your teeth, or when you get into your car, find a moment in your day, and anchor your wish into it. Make it normal. Feel satisfied.  

Clothe it in the “tones reality “ as Neville Goddard puts it, and feel it real. Feel it now, and feel it NORMAL.  

 Get into the state of that wonderful experience existing in your life now. Never worry about the how, and certainly don’t concern yourself with what other people might think, they are not in your head anyway,  nothing  you want is too out there. Just because it might seem so impossible to you doesn’t mean a thing.

You are not the doer of a single thing, you are the assumer of states, and that you can easily do.

Impossible to you  doesn’t mean it’s out-of-reach at all. Assume the state of it as here and now, and you will notice you start seeing the world from that perspective. You’ll feel different. Like you’re looking around a different room now, and the door is now at a different perspective than it was from another room, and that is not hard to do. That is your only job, it doesn’t get any easier than this. I’ve done it with so many things, and sometimes it is like a revolving door of manifestations that keeps coming. Imagine a conveyor belt and everything is transported to you on it.

I imagine that my dream work comes to me through head hunters and people who have heard of me, and that is exactly how it happens all the time. It isn’t hard to do, it is a lot easier than being out there hustling and being in the grind. Just allow your conveyor belt to transport things to you.

Sometimes you ask me if it is okay to want your specific person, your soulmate, forgetting that your love is in YOUR heart, not mine. This is why you need to understand that it is you WANT that changes, not  how you manifest something. How do you imagine that wanting SOMEONE, someone special, someone so special that you want to spend your life with them, is a bad thing? You only feel it is a bad thing if you have them reduced to a thing, and wanting a THING is very different from wanting that someone. Not just anyone. SOMEONE who makes your heart beat faster, and who you want to leave the comforts of single life for, someone that you will happily change your routine of just caring for yourself for. That is a beautiful, wonderful, and amazing want. Are you manifesting someone, or some thing? You know the answer for yourself.

Feeling it real is feeling it natural, and being in the state of feeling satisfaction. If you believe that you have to be hyped up, don’t worry, you don’t have to.  Seeing your wish as a dream so lofty that IT  will solve all your problems,  is NOT feeling it real. In a reality where it is manifest life is still normal, and and that reality just like in this one, there are imperfections, and this is natural. Only solving your problems will solve your problems, (and of course if that is your want then you will manifest that….)

 YES , it WILL feel like a dream when it first manifests, but it will also feel natural and life will go on pretty naturally in many ways. 

Things WILL feel greater when you have your manifestation.  OF COURSE. The sun will shine brighter, the air will be crisper, and  yet, an annoying driver will still cut you off on the freeway, and normal things still happen. Feeling it real is feeling it normal. Anchoring the want into the NOW.

How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things. The Imaginal scene: You create a scene that implies that you are now seeing FROM the perspective of this want being done and fulfilled. It has nothing to do with “visualizing” and it has nothing to do with being in a daydream. The scene can be as short a a half a second and have no content. A normal glimpse of a want already fulfilled.

What does the world look like FROM that perspective? Act inwardly from that STATE and yield to that state, for “he has means and ways ye know not of.” You are not the doer, there are no techniques. YOu are not the doer. Your job is to shift states. THAT is easy.

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Shakti & Tantra, an essay from Shakti and Shâkta

Is Shakti Force?

There are some persons who have thought, and still think, that Shakti means force and that the worship of Shakti is the worship of force. Thus Keshub Chunder Sen (New Dispensation, p. 108), wrote:

Four centuries ago the Shaktas gave way before the Bhaktas. Chaitanya’s army proved invincible, and carried all Bengal captive. Even to-day his gospel of love rules as a living force, though his followers have considerably declined both in faith and in morals.

Just the reverse of this we find in England and other European countries. There the Shaktas are driving the Bhaktas out of the field. Look at the Huxleys, the Tyndalls and the Spencers of the day. What are they but Shaktas, worshipers of Shakti or Force? The only Deity they adore, if they at all adore one, is the Prime Force of the universe. To it they offer dry homage. Surely then the scientists and materialists of the day are a sect of Shakti-worshipers, who are chasing away the true Christian devotees who adore the God of Love. Alas! for European Vaishnavas; they are retreating before the advancing millions of Western Shaktas. We sincerely trust, however, the discomfiture of devotion and Bhakti will be only for a time, and that a Chaitanya will yet arise in the West, crush the Shaktas, who only recognize Force as Deity and are sunk in carnality and voluptuousness, and lead natures into the loving faith, spirituality, simplichity, and rapturous devotion of the Vaishnava.

Professor Monier Williams (“Hinduism”) also called it a doctrine of Force.

Recently the poet Rabindranath Tagore has given the authority of his great name to this error (Modern Review, July, 1919). After pointing out that Egoism is the price paid for the fact of existence and that the whole universe is assisting in the desire that the “I” should be, he says that man has viewed this desire in two different ways, either as a whim of Creative Power, or a joyous self-expression of Creative Love. Is the fact then of his being, he asks, a revealment of Force or of Love? Those who hold to the first view must also, he thinks, recognize conflict as inevitable and eternal. For according to them Peace and Love are but a precarious coat of armor within which the weak seek shelter, whereas that which the timid anathematize as unrighteousness, that alone is the road to success. “The pride of prosperity throws man’s mind outwards and the misery and insult of destitution draws man’s hungering desires likewise outwards. These two conditions alike leave man unashamed to place above all other gods, Shakti the Deity of Power — the Cruel One, whose right hand wields the weapon of guile. In the politics of Europe drunk with Power we see the worship of Shakti.”

In the same way the poet says that in the days of their political disruption, the cowed and down-trodden Indian people through the mouths of their poets sang the praises of the same Shakti. “The Chandi of Kavikangkan and of the Annadamangala, the Ballad of Manasa, the Goddess of Snakes, what are they but Paeans of the triumph of Evil? The burden of their song is the defeat of Shiva the good at the hands of the cruel deceitful criminal Shakti.” “The male Deity who was in possession was fairly harmless. But all of a sudden a feminine Deity turns up and demands to be worshiped in his stead. That is to say that she insisted on thrusting herself where she had no right. Under what title? Force! By what method? Any that would serve.”

The Deity of Peace and Renunciation did not survive. Thus he adds that in Europe the modern Cult of Shakti says that the pale anaemic Jesus will not do. But with high pomp and activity Europe celebrates her Shakti worship.

“Lastly the Indians of to-day have set to the worship Europe’s Divinity. In the name of religion some are saying that it is cowardly to be afraid of wrong-doing. Both those who have attained worldly success, and those who have failed to attain it are singing the same tune. Both fret at righteousness as an obstacle which both would overcome by physical force.” I am not concerned here with any popular errors that there may be. After all, when we deal with a Shastrik term it is to the Shastra itself that we must look for its meaning. Shakti comes from the root Shak “to be able,” “to do”. It indicates both activity and capacity therefor. The world, as word, is activity. But when we have said that, we have already indicated that it is erroneous to confine the meaning of the term Shakti to any special form of activity. On the contrary Shakti means both power in general and every particular form of power. Mind is a Power: so is Matter.

Mind is constantly functioning in the form of Vritti; Reasoning, Will and Feeling (Bhava) such as love, aversion and so forth are all aspects of Mind-power in its general sense. Force is power translated to the material plane, and is therefore only one and the grossest aspect of Shakti or power. But all these special powers are limited forms of the great creative Power which is the Mother (Ambika) of the Universe. Worship of Shakti is not worship of these limited forms but of the Divine will, knowledge and action, the cause of these effects. That Mahashakti is perfect consciousness (Cidrupini) and Bliss (Anandamayi) which produces from Itself the contracted consciousness experiencing both pleasure and pain. This production is not at all a “whim”. It is the nature (Svabhava) of the ultimate.

Bliss is Love (Niratishayapremaspadatvam anandatvam). The production of the Universe is according to the Shakta an act of love, illustrated by the so-called erotic imagery of the Shastra.

The Self loves itself whether before, or in, creation.

The thrill of human love which continues the life of humanity is an infinitesimally small fragment and faint reflection of the creative act in which Shiva and Shakti join to produce the Bindu which is the seed of the Universe.

I quite agree that the worship of mere Force is Asurik and except in a transient sense futile. Force, however, may be moralized by the good purpose which it serves.

The antithesis is not rightly between Might and Right but between Might in the service of Right and Might in the service of Wrong.

To worship force merely is to worship matter.

He however who worships the Mother in Her Material forms (Sthularupa) will know that She has others, and will worship Her in all such forms. He will also know that She is beyond all limited forms as that which gives being to them all.

We may then say that Force is a gross form of Shakti, but Shakti is much more than that “here” (Iha) and the infinite Power of Consciousness “there” (Amutra). This last, the Shakti of worship, is called by the Shastra the Purnahambhava or the experience “All I am”.

An essay by John Woodruff

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Reacting to circumstances is an ADDICTION

Reacting to circumstances is an ADDICTION, and the addict can not find the desired end state, satisfaction, in temporary things.

Learn how to master your state, understanding that you are the only consciousness, and know what is an addiction vs what is a “desire”

Working in addiction, detox and relapse prevention, I discovered something. I found that the addict’s cravings and needs are deeper, because the void is deeper. The void is deeper because the spirituality of the addict is deeper. The addict among us can’t drown their pain with relationships, with food, or with the usual ways, so they reached for something heavier. Their void is deeper, and as a part of balancing forces, their spirituality is deeper. Noticing these ways that people reach for a fix, in their own way, has made me clearly understand that any disempowered relationship to any outer substance, person, or behavior, is in its own way, an addiction. The concept of “reacting to circumstances” that LOA brings up, is at its core, a call to take your power back. Nothing outside of self has any power over us, unless we assign power to it. The power to make us feel better. This is the exploration of todays post. Master your state, NO MATTER WHAT.

The deeper need is a deeper need for LOVE, for affection and for CONNECTION. A need for acceptance, a need for being seen and heard, but most of all, the need for the bliss of spiritual awakening, and oneness. This need is not obvious to the addicts, or even to most people, it is revealed to us as we go through life, either as we achieve all our dreams and still have a yearning for something, or as we encounter difficulties that force us there. But the shortcut is to go straight there. Seek first the kingdom!

Along with this need we also have the need for relating harmoniously with loved ones, especially with our partner, and, especially, but also, for harmoniously with all of humanity. Relating in a way that is not based on FEAR and DREAD, with a sense of anxiety or a sense of pressure. “I’m afraid”, “I’m afraid that I will be hurt”, “I’m afraid that you will leave me”, “I’m afraid that I will be ridiculed”, “I’m afraid to outright admit to myself what my true desires are because I might never get them”, and so on.

We have hardwired into us, the need for love that is based on the depth of connection, a love that is based on the BEAUTY of ATTACHMENT. Our cultures have had us depart quite far from this, so most people seek other things as a means to GET this connection that we need. We seek money, fame, success, beauty, and all sorts of other things that are supposed to give us love and connation. This depth of love and connection can happen in the heart that is comfortably aware of being love itself, of being continuously connected through the heart, to the divinity, at all times. It doesn’t happen through manipulation.

In this post I will talk about addictions to things, specific situations, specific person, to having things your way, and to love or relationships, and fear, anxiety, anger or ego driven demands on people, and how this is caused by an addiction to circumstances.

Love is the ultimate desire, in its unconditional and awakened form. Even if a person is unaware of this desire at this time, this is the ultimate desire for all.

In certain states of mind, this desire is replaced with the desire for things or people. This is such a common state of mind that we accept it as the norm, but we are not staying stuck in that stale old state of mind, we are on a path of discovering our divine nature.

Beginning this journey of recovering from reacting to circumstances goes through four steps:

1) love and empathy for self 

2) loving others 

3) loving the whole.

4) Understand that you are being loved by the divine, and the divine sees no division.

The summary is simply love, as a universal and unconditional force, but we begin with considering that we ourselves are part of that love.

A love that is based on the depth of connection….

A love that is based on the beauty of attachment….

Has your culture caused you to deny yourself this simple, human, desire for true harmonious connection?

The Law Of Assumption, as the current name is for these teachings of manifesting, manifesting with awareness, and understanding that our inner reflects out as our experience, forces us to look at things very differently. These teachings are eye opening, it is the bridge between spirituality, the physical experience and psychology. In some ways LOA is The missing piece. But without understanding that the unconditional love for the whole is always everyone’s true nature, whether we are aware of it in our current state, or not, this practice can make the addiction worse. The greatest reward for the happiness of discovering the nature of love, is happiness and love itself. If the only reason you hold yourself back from realizing, and from admitting your desires, is that you will not get them, listen, this is all for you. If you are chasing circumstances as if they had power to trigger you, this is for you.

Reflected consciousness:

By now, you all know about the mirrored consciousness, EIYPO, at least if you have been following this blog. Everything and everyone is a reflection, a mirror of our own consciousness. Nothing in this world is not a mirror. In your experience, you are grappling with your own reflected consciousness. In the world, we are grappling with the reelection of each others relationships. If everyone started by healing within, and then healing their relationships, and then healing THEIR view of the world, we would experience “Eden”. We all individually have the power to experience our own “Garden of Eden”. You might understand this on an intellectual level, but today we will bring this understanding into the heart space as well, because THAT is where we can personally experience our “garden of Eden” our ” kingdom of heaven”. The mind and the heart can be light years apart, so bridging this distance creates the fulfilment that you are seeking. But how?


Oneness between you and God.

Oneness between mind and body.

Oneness between your animal instincts and your divine nature.

Oneness between yourself and all of humanity.


There is one way to experience oneness and it is to become present, and to become present you must feel your own emotions, it is much easier not to feel them, to run from them. To overeat instead. To put all your focus on a specific person instead. To strive to keep up with the Joneses instead. To have a drink. To over exercise. To create an artificial sequence of events that becomes a MUST to feel relief. But all behaviors that lead outward, away from your own heart, ultimately leads away from our desired experience oneness. There is a deep bliss inside of all of us, but it is hidden under the pain of yearning in most.

These behaviors are an addiction. Not only substances and clearly negative destructive behavior is an addiction. Any dependence on the VOID, which is what the circumstances are , is an addiction.

The circumstances are the void.

There is no other void.

The world is a mirror forever reflecting what you are doing within yourself

Neville Goddard

Our divine nature located within the heart, and our divine nature is felt as satisfaction, and fulfillment, and bliss.

To not experience the void, or the feeling of being lost, to not experience knee jerk reactions and being triggered, it is necessary to turn our attention around to the heart, and this requires us becoming present. The more present, the more you will be able to experience bliss and fulfillment. You have heard this before, being present, but how?

You can’t go from a fear based relationship (to the world, or to your SP) unless you get in touch with your emotions. Getting in touch with your own emotions happens in the present moment. If you want a relationship to the world that celebrates love and connection with every neuron, then you can’t suppress and reject who you are. This doesn’t meant “sitting” with your emotions, and it doesn’t mean “purging”. It means to be present with yourself.

Manifesting is all about being present.

Manifesting is NOW.

What are you afraid of?

Ask yourself, “What do I want, what do I yearn for?

What do I need?

Don’t bury yourself under hypocrisy or spiritual bypassing.

Don’t use LOA as a means to gaslight yourself.

If you do, it will always backfire on you. Why? Because you ARE reflected consciousness, and your own lack of empathy for YOURSELF will be shown to you through your circumstances. It is like Neville said:

“Those that go searching for love only make manifest their own lovelessness, and the loveless never find love, only the loving find love, and they never have to seek for it.”

D.H Lawrence

― D.H. Lawrence

(Actually it was D. H. Lawrence that said it, but Neville quotes him.)

WE have the power to change, and by that change, our lives change. We change by understanding that states of consciousness, or states of mind contains the current experience, and a state can be changed. A change of state brings with it a change of emotions, thoughts, behaviors and so on. By changing state, the reflection also changes. The reflection is the circumstances. This is why the circumstances are the void, there is NOTHING there, it all begins within. You can learn this “the hard way” or you can choose to explore it right here and now. You are free, and have been given free will to change state at a moments notice. Nothing is required from you first.

Why is it that reacting to circumstance is an addiction?

Circumstances are YOUR mirror,

Chasing a circumstance is like chasing a mirage in the desert, it just keeps disappearing, It isn’t really there. When we seek happiness in circumstances it is the same way, the happiness just keeps disappearing, because it isn’t really there. The happiness is within, and if you seek for it there, it naturally reflects out. The reflection of happiness is cast from its own source, a source that is shining through us, and reflects onto the screen of space. Like a projector in an old school movie theater. The light bulb in the projector is our consciousness, and the movie showing is our inner that shines onto the screen of space. Behind all that, in the little room that holds the projector and the movie reel, sits a person who is operating the projector. This person does not fall for the seeming reality of the movie, he has seen it hundreds of time. THIS is your true nature. Be this person, and know that you can change the movie reel if you want to.

Attempting to change your life by becoming dependent on a certain set of circumstances, is like believing that the movie is real.

Seek first the Kingdom of God means to be aware at all times, that a lightbulb is shining a light through a projector, and to keep your focus on that.

If you DON’T “seek the Kingdom first”, then you are falling for the seeming reality of a movie.

You are chasing a mirage.

A hologram.

Another way of saying this is “Let Go”.

“When something really really really matters to you, LET IT GO!

Say to the universe:

” You know what I want. Give it to me in the path of least resistance. Give it to me the easiest way as possible.”

-Abraham Hicks

Let go of believing that circumstances have power.

You have to “love” yourself first, BUT, Yourself is the I am that creates the circumstances. The void. This self does not refer to the ego self. The egos self creates divisions, creates more circumstances, and if you try to “love yourself” from that standpoint, you have to first split yourself into two, first create a self to love, and a self that loves, otherwise, how do you love yourself? This just creates more division, and not a greater experience of oneness. Instead, just think of LOVE in a greater sense, and know that the greater love, applies to all, and that includes you.

Again: The four step thought process:

1) love and empathy for self .

2) loving others .

3) loving the whole.

4) Understand that you are being loved by the divine, and the divine sees no division.

To make this concept more accessible, and less esoteric, I will clarify how this is different from “self love”.

Everyone has their own unique definition of love, and it is related to our state of mind, our level of consciousness. I don’t use the term self love for that very reason, there are too many interpretations of love. LOA is based on the nonduality teachings of for example Vedanta, Kabbalah, and Tantra and so on, which are all teachings that transcend the concepts of the mind.

Transcending is: Love based in consciousness, not mind.

Imagine that a nondual spiritual teaching is based on oneness.

Love thy neighbors as thyself because the neighbors is thyself. Not only that, the neighbor is God. So self love is really JUST love. But a love that encompasses ALSO yourself. Imagine that you might feel love for someone else who has made a mistake, now imagine that the same love also includes yourself. You also get compassion and empathy if there is a mistake made, or if you have flaws in your personality.

When for example a person who has not had a transcendent awakening experience, is told to self love, they think of their ego self, the part of self that causes the split and the division among all of humanity in the fist place. THIS DOESN’T WORK, because THIS self, the EGO self, wants love from others, noy from self. When a person who has had an awakening experience thinks of “loving self” , they can’t because ALL is self. That is the transcendent oneness experience. There is no self from that state of consciousness, so remember that when you hear the term “self love”. All is self, and there is no self. Love is all.

It is necessary to transcend the egoic concept of self in order to experience, on an internal level, what oneness feels like, and love is all that there is from that state of consciousness.

On an egoic level, self love is yet another divide. One part of self that tries to love another part. Lets’ make the distinction now, so that you can move go through the four steps of recovering from addiction to circumstances. Instead of thinking “self love” think GRREATER love that encompasses you as well.

The word “love’ is enough in and of itself, there is no need to talk about “self love”. Just love.

If you are hurting. Love.

If your are craving. Love.

If your have been rejected, love.

If you have been cheated on, lied to and betrayed, love.

Imagine if a baby is sad and crying, you juts apply love. Love and soothing comfort, but you don’t create a division in your mind about “the baby” “I have to love the baby”. You JUST love. I want this to really sink in, because people feel a lot of confusion around the “self love” concept, and rightfully so. This is why I don’t usually use this term.

Rather than self love, just use the word love, and use it the way it would be used if an infant was crying. This way it is innate in you, a universal, instinctual and unconditional love. Just love. Whatever the problem may be, still, just love. FOR the hurting part. All parts are mistakenly identified as parts, but they are part of a whole.

When the “self love” topic is discussed, the intention is to put the oxygen mask on self first, no other mental gymnastics is needed. Fill your own cup, so that you can share from a full cup.

Today, we often hear about self care as well, and this comes down to the very basics, it isn’t harder than that. Self care is not a course you sign up for, it is not a 10 card at a hot yoga studio, although it CAN be those things too. Self care is taking a shower every day. Self care is paying the bills on time. Self care is having your own income, and going to work, or showing up for your own business as scheduled. Self care is being present with your own emotions and having empathy for yourself. Holding space for yourself.

Self care is showing empathy for your self when you are in pain, when you are crying, when you are angered, when you are jealous.

These are actionable steps, not an esoteric lofty idea of “self love”.

Showing empathy for yourself means that you give yourself space to feel the way a human feels.

What does empathy mean? It means that instead of saying “what is wrong with you“? You say: “What happened to you to make you feel this way“?

Do you blame and shame yourself?

Apply love towards the shame, and have empathy for yourself for having been hurt. Those are actionable steps of showing love.

You must have empathy for yourself before you can have empathy for another, you can never have empathy for another unless you have it for yourself, the only thing that will happen is that when they go though a difficult time, and they feel unseen, or unheard, or unloved by you and they bring it up, it will trigger your own wounds and you will respond in defensiveness. It is that simple. You will be triggered by their unhealed wounds because you refused to heal your own.

You are god, God is self. But if you are addicted to a certain type of circumstance, then you are an unhealed Godself who has built a wall around your heart. And the heart is your only access point to your Godself. You created a separation from you and your divinity, and also a separation from everyone that you want to feel a connection with.

There is no one to change but self: that self is simply your awareness, your consciousness and the world in which it lives is determined by the concept you hold of self.

Neville Goddard

Empathy for self

If you don’t create space for your pain, you will have no space for their pain.

If your SP is triggering you badly, watch what is happening in your heart and soul, and your nervous system and create space for you to heal this, Before you react to them, make sure that you have taken the log out of your own eye.

If YOU can’t go from your reptilian, limbic system brain, to your divinity, how will you show love and empathy? If you are in your reptilian brain there is no way that you can tune into the frequency of your divinity. Two different states. Do you want to develop relationships that are not based on fear?

The divine state is transcendent.

It is still a state. A state of mind, an attitude of mind, a state of consciousness.

If you are in survival mode you tune into rational or irrational consciousness. But, you can not tune into transcendent consciousness. You’ll be defensive. Angry. Afraid. Full of dread.

When you are triggered there is a tiger in the room, and it has you cornered. A wild animal has cornered you.

Some of you try to apply affirmations or techniques from that state, or you try to meditate and use all these techniques to feel better but when you are triggered, those methods don’t work. If there was a real tiger attacking you right now, would you think, “Oh, I should say my affirmations right now”? No, you would run.

When for example, your girlfriend, who is your third girlfriend since your very painful divorce that you still haven’t recovered from, asks you about how to make the combined Christmas Hannukah plans, and you get triggered, it isn’t because she is a horrible person, just like your ex wife, and all those others, no it is because you haven’t had self empathy, so you haven’t allowed space for yourself to heal from a childhood filled with trauma around divorce and holidays where you were unheard unseen, forgotten, or used as a pawn. That is what TRIGGERED is. An unhealed wound within. Suddenly you react as if there is a wild tiger attacking you and you destroy this relationship too. THEN you want to manifest that “your girlfriends conforms to you” and you start with your affirmations…. because that is the toxicity that LOA has provided you with, and it is just easier, to believe that you are a puppet master, that SHE doesn’t have FREE WILL, than to you take the log out of your own eye. THIS is why REACTING to CIRCUMSTANCES are an ADDICTION. You create a false sequence of events that is crafted so that you will never have to face your own wounds, and heal them by having empathy for your own painful experience.

It is a behavior pattern that you employ as a defense, INSTEAD of healing.

Just like reaching for alcohol, is a defense that has been created INSTEAD of facing the situation.

Eventually this has become habitual.

The remedy is:

To heal your own wounds by giving space to yourself and having empathy for what you have been through

You are possibly from a generation that swept everything under the rug so maybe you don’t even know what I am talking about. So you decide that “making your SP conform” is the way to go.

NOW, Your heart is even more walled off from yourself, and your reptilian self has a mountain between itself and your divine self. You are addicted to the circumstances “never triggering you“, because you are to afraid to feel what you are actually feeling, and too afraid to admit to what you are actually wanting: A deeper connection, to be seen, to be beautifully attached, and to feel a strong loving need for someone that you can depend on to be there for you and with you no matter what has happened to you in the past. Someone who doesn’t say “what is wrong with you”, but rather: “what happened to you to hurt you so?”. That someone also has to be you. You ,for yourself, before you can be that for someone else. THAT is self care. That is empathy for yourself. THEN, your inner reflects out very differently. As compassionate and empathic. THEN when you bump into a mirror image of unhealed wounds, you will not be triggered. You have learned a new skill. Empathy for yourself, and that leads to empathy for others.

So what am I saying with this?

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t be afraid of broken places.

Don’t be afraid of broken people, even if they are your relatives, even if they are your parents’ or children. Even if it is your sp.

Don’t be afraid of your own brokenness.

Don’t be afraid of broken souls.

Don’t be afraid of confronting broken places.

The divinity in you is greater than all of that, and heals everything as you allow for the divinity enter into your consciousness.

Godself does not have to be a puppet master, Godself has free will and gives free will. Because he doesn’t need to control.

We like to see wholeness, and positivity, but we are always confronted with brokenness. How we meet this brokenness, is how we dealt with our own hurt.

When we create space for ourselves to be healed, we give space to our loved ones to do the same, and you develop the courage to believe in the dream of the heart.

If you can look your SP in the eyes and really hold space for their triggered pain, becoming and empathetic witness for their pain then you can become a catalyst for their healing. This where magical healing can take place, but it starts with your self. THIS has nothing to do with making your SP conform. THIS is you understanding that LOVE is what makes us all one. An it has NOTHING to do with violating your own boundaries, or letting an SP walk all over you.

Real love is an emotion that intensifies throughout life. Creating this takes courage.


LOA has in some ways become a community of toxicity, there is nothing painful allowed to exist. Only peace, and perfection. Only abundance and “getting “what you want. Hiding wounds. Again, this is covered up with the concept of “self love”, but, whilst gaslighting yourself. Again, imagine the crying infant, and whatever you would NOT do to that infant, do not do it to you, or to your sp.

There is no separation.

The illusion of separation begins as soon as we believe ourselves to be separate from one another and separate from God. There is no one part of yourself that has to love another part of self. It is JUST love. Expansive, unconditional love. Not constricting, conditional love.

Your circumstances are a perfect holographic reflection, a projection of your inner world, and an addiction is any belief in any circumstance person or substance outside of yourself as having any power over you. Nothing has power over you, your state has no power over you. You always has the power to change states.


A belief hat the circumstance is separate from us is our first mistake

Mistake number two is that we give the circumstance the power over us.

This is what an addiction is in a nutshell. A belief that something has POWER OVER US. It can be alcohol, or drugs, or sex or smoking. Those are recognized forms of addiction, but there IS NO OTHER addiction, no matter how specific we get besides giving power away. Is it gambling? Same thing. Is it a need from your SP to NEVER TRIGGER YOU? Same thing.

Point Blank there is no other addiction than “giving power away” to a sequence of events that is supposed to momentarily cover our unhealed self.

The hands down easiest LOA technique is an NLP version of Neville Goddard’s imaginal scene, it is called switching. In short, you face a reaction within you, and this causes an active imagination of a negative sequence of events that you believe will happen, but before you allow that imagination to spiral, you take charge, and replace it with an image of your ideal self. I can talk more about this if you guys want me to. The image should have no content, it is an energy of how you feel when you experience your self as your ideal self. This switching technique don’t work so well for unhealed people who are used to suppressing every emotion, so before you master manifesting you have to get honest.

Step two, love others.

The LOA puppet master community that teaches nonsense like “making someone conform”, whilst forgetting that God would never need to do that. God always knows that as within, so without. And…how can someone else truly love you if you are s full of yourself? If you are “Gods gift to humanity” how can love even exist?

We are all God in human form, literally God. Not just you. No one will ever love you as much as you love yourself. Sure. This is being taught all over the place. But if you stop there, you might as well skip love and romance and marry yourself. Why bother being with someone then?

How can you ever truly love someone else and how can they ever truly love you? There is a difference between selfish love and selfless love. If all you want is to have your own needs met, eventually, this love will fade. If they always try to “get something from you, but they reject your needs, eventually this love WILL disappear. If there is a limit to the discomfort that you will go through from you SP your love will be fleeting.

Life long love has to be selfless. Please get this. Unless you bring in the divinity within, within you and WITHIN THEM this type of life long selfless love can not be experienced.

This is why LOA, even though being the PERFECT TOOL for experiencing this life long, deep love, often lead you down the wrong path. Instead of believing this, coaches lead you astray, and make the teachings less, by telling you that “sp will conform to you”. You can continue believing this as long as you want to, but you’ll come back when you have disappointed yourself enough times, wondering what else you can do.

Step 2 in the recovering your addiction to circumstances is LOVE OTHERS , not control others.

Let’s get back to the basics before we end this sequence.

You manifest what you are not what you want.

So in the state of addiction, what are you?

You are needy , you are craving,  you are desperation. 

In the state of the divided egoic “self love” what are you manifesting? A mirror image of the same. MAYBE nobody can love you exactly the way you love yourself, but MAYBE, another person, your SP, has something else to show you, a different love, something that will grow you and expand your heart? Maybe this is how your love can deepen.

If you use LOA as a means to control your circumstances, you will be on a constant search for love, forever unfulfilled, so EVEN THOUGH, the fist step is love and empathy for self, THE SECOND STEP is LOVE OTHERS AS THYSELF.

You matter, what you think and feel and say matters, but so do others.

Step two is love others as if they were yourself, because they are yourself, we are connected as one, and seeing and experiencing this truth has to start somewhere, and what better place than with the one you love? Try to become utterly selfless, give to them, carry them trough their hard times, and don’t let them down. This is step two, and not step one, because unless you have experienced the ability to have empathy for yourself you will not be able to love another person this way. You will recoil at the very idea.

MANIFESTING is the recognition that your inner reflects outward. WHY would you then be afraid to fully love and deeply commit to love? The only reason is because you haven’t healed on the inside and you know that your unlovingness is going to be reflected back to you.

In order for something to work long term, it has TO BE long term. It takes five to seven years just to build and establish trust, according to studies. We see love has an instant emotion, mostly thanks to movies and pop-culture, but when that fades, we blame the other.

The inner reflects out. Why are you still blaming circumstances, why are you still blaming others? Why are you still chasing the high of infatuation FROM ANOTHER. Establish now, that you WILL experience a life long love that grows deeper and more and more intimate over time, not the other wat around.


When you have understood and started to apply empathy towards your self, and you begin to genuinely experience fearless empathy to wards your SP, you have tipped the scales. Your dominant energy has become love.

Take this to heart. It is real, and it is what you need to hear.

An addiction wants to keep the addiction going. 

It is the nature of the addiction to want to keep it going. 

An alcoholic wants his alcohol. 

A drug addict wants his drugs. 

A sex addict wants his sex. 

An unhealed person wants their partner to provide them with their needs.

An unhealed person wants to never be triggered.

If you are in a relationship and you a giving but you are not getting your needs met, or you want marriage but you are actually afraid of marriage at the same time:


“I am scared that I will be seen as inferior.”

Children who are criticized, learn that only those who are brilliant, or beautiful, or talented are worthy of love. Even though they may dream of love, and meeting someone who will love them exactly as they are, still think that the only people who can or would love them exactly as they are would have to a be a complete idiot or a total looser. WHY would I want a person like that? This fear when unhealed means that yo can ATTRACT love, go on dates, have short term relationships with a GREAT person but the fear is that eventually, they will find out about you. You won’t be able to keep up the appearances and they will leave you. So what do you do? you keep people at a distance, this way, others will not discover the awful truth about you.

Come back to step one, empathy for self, what would you say to yourself if this was you? Or if someone else came to you and asked what they should do, what would you tell them?

1. You can fake it till you make it, pretend that you have high self esteem, role play with yourself.

2. Pick a qualities you ARE sure about that is good about you. There is at least one quality about yourself hat you know for a fact, is good, and is also true. Feel into the state of knowing this truth, and superimpose that feeling onto your low self esteem.

This is LOA. This is shifting state. It is using the imaginal scene, without content, with only an image of your ideal self.

Remember that nobody is prefect, and you don’t have to be either, and you can be loved BY THE ONE YOU LOVE.

There are so many beliefs and messages that we receive about marriage and relationships and this is the only thing that you have to solve. Just sit down with yourself for a while and really get to the bottom of your belief, and then decide to change that. Don’t ‘try”, there is only doing.

If you feel that you are giving more than you are receiving that simply means that you stopped loving. In a real lifelong relationship there is no longer any such thing as selfish love, you have taken the step to embrace the divinity with you and them, now you have to live and love by that choice. Love thy neighbor as thy self. AS THYSELF. This is why we went over how important it is to embrace a love that encompasses yourself.

“I’m scared of the unknown”

“What if” scenarios can run rampant. To overcome this face your fears and embrace the unknown. Decide to do all the things that you are afraid of, (except for dangerous things obviously). Change the unknown into “adventure” and” playfulness“, and decide to keep an open mind.

Do all these healing things OUTSIDE of the relationship. In your mind, take yourself out of the relationship, always do this when you work through your issues, otherwise your work is only done with an ulterior motive. There is nothing WRONG with having an ulterior motive, and there is nothing wrong with doing healing work together, but the result won’t happen in the same way. Work empathically with yourself, for yourself, and your results will be real and quick.

Always go straight for the “end”. meaning, do not qualify one manifestation on another. If you want happiness, just go straight to happiness, for example.

(By the way, it is impossible to manifest bad or evil things, I’ll just throw that in here, universal law prevents evil from manifesting because it belongs to the “mirage” to the void. I won’t go into that anymore here, but keep it in mind. Florence Scovel Shinn had an affirmation: “Evil is unreal, and leaves no stain”.) So

“I’m scared to marry someone less than I”

This is what I call the “vacation poster” manifester. People more and more are raise to believe that no one is good enough for them, they have been showered in self esteem, which is great, but nobody can ever be good enough. There might be physical perfectionism, “they are not beautiful enough” or emotional perfectionism, or even spiritual perfectionism, they believe that they are “the elite”, and it is if they are already married to this ideal. the vacation poster.

The truth is that love requires vulnerability, and manifesting only happens in the now. Now is the appointed hour. Becoming present is very hard for a perfect specimen, for Gods gift to mankind.

They are married to a fantasy, and they want nothing else. If you are perfect, and nobody is good enough for you, choose only three things that you can’t live without. A sense of humor, kindness, or whatever it may be, and loosen up on everything else.

Vow to be vulnerable in all your interactions, and to seek in your own heart for how you feel. Do an exercise that is just for you, write down one thousand things that you demand from your potential partner, that they must have and be for you to consider them, and then throw that list out.

Realize how absurd it is. Keep your list of three must haves, and rather than creating a “vacation poster” ideal of love, feel into how you would feel if you were in the arms of your soulmate. How does your heart beat, how does it feel to inhale the scent of him or her, what does it feel like when they look into your eyes with love. This is your ideal.

(There are so many more ways our beliefs can be opposite of what we want, these were just a few.)

Loving the whole

There are so many ways that we build walls against love, and instead of examining these walls and tearing them down, we look for substitutes to love, and this is where our fear of circumstances are created.

Don’t fear tearing down these walls.

When you are addicted to circumstance it is just like a substance addiction, but it is a behavior and an outcome that activates you, learning how to turn your focus around to your divinity instead, is “seeking the kingdom” and you will have all those things added unto you. What this means at its core, is that if you seek only your own divinity, everything that you ever wanted will be yours anyway, but NOT the things that are “evil”, “harmful”, or “bad”, because those things belong to a mirage. The mirage is held in place by our beliefs alone, without our attention they vanish.

When your attention is focused on the NEED for a circumstance, you are simultaneously incapable of even wanting to manifest the thing that you truly want the most, because you cannot even see it. You can only see that if you turn your attention around and notice only your divinity.

You can’t focus on both circumstances and your own divinity at the same time, it is one or the other, this is what “You cant serve two masters” mean. Remember the analogy of the old school movie reel in the theater? You can not look at the screen and the light bulb at the same time. It is one or the other, and as soon as you get absorbed in the movie, it becomes real. It is not real, but you immediately get absorbed in the story. If you turn around and look at the lightbulb in the projector, the movie doesn’t seem real anymore.

If you keep your eyes on circumstance, you can’t see your divinity, and if you keep your attention on your divinity, you never fall for your circumstance.

When you’re keep your attention on your own inner divinity, located within your heart, you might experience bliss, or “God-state”. When you experience bliss, you are incapable of wanting to manifest something that is to your detriment, or something that you do not truly want, or something that is not the most ultimate of your desire, you are only capable of wanting to manifest what is in alignment with your truest deepest divine self. People call this “alignment”. It is an autopilot to manifest all your desires.

When you are in a state of addiction to circumstance, also notice the incredible urgency with which you will want to manifest your next fix, even if it isn’t good for you! 

If this addiction is to a certain behavior from a specific person and a relationship, notice when you’re feeling bad how desperate you are to manifest anything, even a text message, your desperation is enormous and you will be compelled to try to manifest a text message.

 Listen you do not want a text message. 

You want love, depth, and the beauty of commitment, a life long happiness. Go straight for manifesting the happiness.

Come off your addiction by following the steps outlined in this program.

1) love and empathy for self 

2) loving others 

3) loving the whole.

4) Understand that you are being loved by the divine, and the divine sees no division.

 Manifest bliss, “God state ” And then and only then manifest love, and when you’re in God state you will know what to do, automatically, and you will automatically know how to assume the state of being that ideal state of love already, it will come to you as a flash of inspiration. There are no manifesting steps in the world that can replace this.

Alignment first.

Inspiration follows.

If you are addicted to your circumstances, then step one is always.

Love and empathy for yourself. Follow that by:

2) loving others as thyself.

3) loving the whole, because there is no separation, we are as one consciousness, and division is unreal.

4) Understand that you are being loved by the divine, and the divine sees no division, and ultimately, it is as if you are being loved through. You realize that you are merely a receiver of divine love, there is no limit to divine love and you can never run out. Who you are, manifests and “out-pictures itself”. This aligned state of consciousness feels very active and vibrationally “high” and this is what Abraham Hicks calls “the high flying disc”. Many people who have not gone through the first three steps CAN find the high flying disc, but they very easily get bumped off, and fall of of it. You will feel much safer and much more stable on the high flying disc as you learn how to hold space for healing self and others.

manifest mAGAZINE

There are no blocks | Manifesting with the Law of Assumption

There are no blocks | Manifesting with the Law of Assumption

There. I said it, and it needs to be said. There are NO blocks.

There are no blocks, there are just two endpoints of manifestation, and then there is the time between called a bridge.

An endpoint of manifestation can be a flash of insight or a vision into what you want. Or…It can be meeting your soulmate. Or….It can be a desire for a better career, or a business. It can be felt as a rip in the matrix, or it can just be a flutter in your heart.

End point one is: The existence of the fulfillment of the manifestation in material reality.

End point two is: The presence of the desire in your heart.

I learned about love attraction a long time ago, probably like most of you, but I didn’t find Neville Goddard until about three years ago. I can’t remember but, simultaneously I also started hearing but blocks. 

Blocks blocks blocks from coaches, they’re all talking about figuring out what your blocks work, and I didn’t understand what my blocks were!  And to be fair I don’t think I really had any blocks, but because I kept hearing about it it was like an assumption, and hello LAW OF  ASSUMPTION, I assumed that the reason I don’t have my manifestation this very second that I think of it, is because I have blocks

BUT…Hold on a minute, if it is the law of assumption…. why can’t I just assume that I don’t have blocks?

 AND…. Why does a circumstance suddenly matter? 

Well the answer is it doesn’t. You don’t have blocks, circumstances don’t matter, and Neville Goddard never talked about blocks. 

On my blog, my most clicked post is How to remove a third party, and most clients are asking about third parties, even if they are imaginary, so I’ll tailor this post to them!

But first of all. Whatever you have learned about life, whatever beliefs you have, whatever culture you have grown up in and you have been indoctrinated into, just let go of all of it. 

Forget everything. None of it matters

Not a single thing that you have ever learned matters when it comes to the law of assumption, and when it comes to manifesting, especially manifesting love. And your specific person, your soulmate. Not a single thing that you have learned up until this point matters. Now is appointed hour, now it’s a clean slatem,now you are one with your heart’s desire, you are one with your specific person.

When you meet and fall in love, this is an endpoint of manifestation, and that endpoint can not exist without the other endpoint, (the fulfillment in material reality)  a loving lifelong relationship. 

The desire for a career exists because the other endpoint exists.

The desire for a happy, easy and loving relationship that lights you up and fills your life with meaning exists because the other endpoint, the fulfillment of it, exists. Get that? It exists, it is there waiting for you, like a surprise birthday party, and you are the only one who isn’t there yet. IF it didn’t exist, the flash of insight of a love so beautiful that it makes both of yours lives bright and meaningful wouldn’t exist either. 

BUT, we are living in the 21 century where finding true love is a myth, we are surrounded by hookup culture, and everything seems to be for sale including your heart and soul and your identity.

In this era of modern dating and relationships, many have forgotten to let themselves feel what the true  and infinite power of love is. You have been taught independence, and perhaps you have developed your own dopamine hit, your own method of “getting” to where you can feel good. Whatever that is. You imagine that a sequence of events is necessary for you to feel even a little bit okay. That is why addictions to everything is SO rampant. You don’t need all that. None of it.

You see….

Love has the power to heal every broken and wounded heart. 

Rumi says :

“ a thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take the whole heart home."

Love transforms everything.

You don’t need anything else, just like the Beatles said. Love is all you need, and you already have it.

We have become brainwashed into believing that we need to respect non-commital partners, polyamory, dating multiple partners, and that third parties are just a normal par-for-the-course situation. This is not the case, your reality blossoms out of your heart, your subconscious is in your heart. 

Your reality is complete, it is yours, it belongs to you and it is a gift that God is trying to give to you, but your belief systems has you asking questions like “should I let him and the third party be happy together instead and manifests a new love”


See, Your new love will come with a third party too, until you see that your heart has the key to the truth, and that circumstances don’t matter, until you see that whatever culture you have been brainwashed in, it has no power over the truth of your heart. You don’t have to give up space for third parties your whole life, they don’t have a right to exist in your life, feel free to realize your own importance, and simply wish the rest of the world well, and know that every human is a perfectly made puzzles piece, and God has you fitted perfectly for your soulmate. It is a perfect fit, “a helper made opposite him.” Your specific person is YOUR home. Their arms are made to hold YOU.   Rumi says:  “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” 

People also ask me if they have to heal to manifest their specific person, but even that is a no, you were both made to fit each other, and the way that you fit, you can heal together, you were made “helpers opposite one another” this part from the Bible means that you are supposed to help each other heal whatever wounds you might have. Literally everyone has something to heal, you are not a leper that needs to be shunned just because you have emotional wounds. You are made imperfectly perfect, and the crack is where the light gets in. Your broken parts are exactly what you needed to have, attract, and to be attracted to your soulmate, that’s how you found each other,and you are made to fit perfectly together. You will heal, but you do not “have to heal” to be loved. Rumi says “I will soothe and heal you, I will bring you roses. I too have been covered in thorns “  Everyone has their thorns, it doesn’t make you unworthy.

Manifesting is a choice to see with the eyes of God, it is to choose to see with the eyes of the power of love. Choose who the person you want to be is, be that person now, even if you have been trying for a while to manifest this, even if you think that you have blocks and that is why it isn’t coming. It is coming. You might have to do a thousand revisions on this path, every day, you might have to force your inner conversations, while it feels unfamiliar still, but keep living in the fulfilled heart, keep feeling it real, within the love that is warmed by the words of love from your soulmate. Neville Goddard revised every day. But he didn’t ask what his blocks were. He started every day with an imaginal scene and ended every day with a revision. He went backwards over the day, and gave himself his desires. He didn’t ask, “What are my blocks”? He didn’t ask “should I let my wife love that other man that looked at her like he was attracted to her” He didn’t give the love of his life away because he was jealous and insecure. He didn’t imagine that his wounds made him an unworthy recipient of marriage.

If you ask questions like that, “Should I just imagine my sp and the third party happy instead?”. Then you haven’t understood manifesting. If you continue to perpetuate this skewed worldview,  that is like taking puzzle pieces that don’t fit together and insisting on hammering them together even if you know that they don’t fit. Let things fall where they may, your simple job is to hold love in your heart, and to create an imaginal scene of being at home in your love’s arms. That is all. Your power of awareness matter. Circumstances don’t matter.

Take a hold of the tools you have been given and use them, live in the end, and revise, use your inner conversations to talk you off the ledge rather than pushing you closer to the edge. Self talk should always support your fulfilled desires, a peaceful heart, and you can bring in anyone you want to into your inner conversations to support you. 

When you are asking questions like “what are my blocks”, it is simply because you are in question mode. Abraham Hicks calls this resistance. 

If you haven’t felt what it is like to be soothed, and to have the questions disappear into thin air, it is because you haven’t played with the tools, you haven’t implemented manifesting. You have listened to videos, and you might have read the blogs, you have consumed information but you haven’t applied it. Listening to videos, is great because you’re learning, of course, but what are you doing right now even isn’t manifesting, it is only manifesting when you deliberately choose to find yourself in answer mode, it is only manifesting when you consciously and deliberately direct your inner conversations to reflect living in the end. Using the tools in action, this is when you master manifesting. Right this moment, see your lovers face close to yours, see them smile, see how they feel so incredibly relieved to be with you, hear their words, “I am so relieved that we have each other, you were always my home, thank you for manifesting me, I feel so good to be with you, you are my soulmate, and I can’t imagine my life without you” Here yourself answer them with love. Get used to revising everything that the fearful inner critic says to you, into love.

Learn how to use the LOA tools every chance you get.  It is when you find yourself in circumstances in, difficult situations, in an argument with a DMV clerk, in a conversation with a peer who doubts you, on the receiving end of criticism from your boss, it is when you decide to reach for the tool of living in the end, revision, or inner conversations, it is when you decide to not have a knee jerk reaction but instead you reach for GRATITUDE for the good things you have, or a prayer of thanks, it is when you decide to instantly revise, it is when you feel sad or anxious, you decide to redirect your own thoughts, redirect them to inner conversations that are  totally aligned with your heart’s desire,  it is when you hear something coming out of your specific person’s mouth that really hurt you, but you decide to rise above that and to reach for your inner conversations, when you are able to see your specific person with the eyes of God, it is then that you embody your manifestation. Seeing with the eyes of God IS the law of assumption.

Neville Goddard says: Imagination is seeing with the eyes of God.

We are here to imagine that we love life, that we are in love, that we experience the fullness of the physical, or natural aspect of God. The thing you guys call 3d.  God designed us in his image, so that he could feel, experience, touch, smell, hear, so that he could be immersed in pleasure. Not in pain. Give your experience fully over to God, let him handle the matchmaking of the endless cycle of circumstances, and keep to imagining the goodness of your heart’s desire. Every piece of the puzzle has a flawless place, where it just fits beautifully, but you don’t have to figure out where that is, it is already done, all you have to do is tune into your own heart. This is what it mean  to let go of resistance. To be in answer mode. To cease the endless chatter of your mind that say “but how, and why”

Neville says that: 

Man is all imagination; therefore, man must be where he is in imagination, for his imagination is himself.

To realize that imagination is not something tied to the senses or enclosed within the spatial boundary of the body is most important.

Although man moves about in space by movement of his physical body, he need not be so restricted. He can move by a change in what he is aware of. However real the scene on which sight rests, man can gaze on one never before witnessed.”


So often, people are listening to YouTube, and they don’t understand what they are hearing, so more and more questions keep coming. The only reason why you don’t understand what you’re hearing, it’s because you don’t apply it, you see, you have to apply the tools in order to have that aha moment. You have to do the revision, you have to live in the end, you have to do your inner conversations. And when you do, This becomes your own embodiment, it becomes your own experience, it BECOMES your own awareness of being. 

And suddenly, now you’re living it. Now you’re feeling from the end you’re living from the end for real, you’re not thinking about “what it would be like if you were able to live in the end”, no, now you’re experiencing that peace, the serenity,  and suddenly, you experience a sense of  ease, and a sense of  loving gentleness for the shared love of your sp, the connection that you have, and you can feel the flow of their love and admiration, their appreciation and the sweetness that comes from being in love, from being loved, the belonging that you feel from holding someone so tenderly and lovingly, now you’re living in a state where you feel like you have come home to yourself, because being with your specific person is just like coming home. You have shifted state. Your rose colored glasses are on. You notice suddenly that birds are chirping. You feel happy when you see couples holding hands. You congratulate love birds who just got engaged because now, you are no longer envious. You have shifted state.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is really really great to spend your spare time listening to YouTube’s too, and learning, this is how you get the information in the first place, but if you want to really learn and embody what you’re hearing, then  start applying, apply the message every chance did you get. 

Every day you are surrounded by circumstances that  give you an opportunity to apply revision, to apply inner conversations, it doesn’t  just have to be only with your specific person, you can apply revision in conversations with every single person that you meet.  This is how you master the Law of Assumption, and only by applying it, is it how you finally understand it. And when you finally understand it, you will see that the idea of  blocks  is just something that is made up. They don’t exist.

If only you knew how much time I spent trying to figure out what my blocks were….I’m here to tell you that blocks are not real, they don’t exist, and don’t even worry about what blocks you might have. JUST apply the tools.

What you think are blocks are just the bridge of incidents. The bridge of incidence is not our concern. You do not have to concern yourself with anything. You can comfortably intend that your desire is yours by claiming it. And by diving into your heart, you can easily manifest the love of your dreams. 

IF the dream exists in your heart, IF you feel into, and revel in the bliss of love, THEN that is because THAT ENDPOINT exists in manifest form. You are NOT creating it, you are feeling into the state, and God takes you there. Creation is already finished.

Imagination becomes reality, and you might not have any clue of how to get to that endpoint, but the divine architect makes blueprints all day every day, and every blueprint follows your imagination.  

There is a difference between daydreams, and wishful thinking ofcourse, that is not the same as “feeling it real. Feeling it real invites the senses, your hands are invited to feel the touch and so on. Bring in every sense until you feel as if it is real.

If instead of every time that you had a thought of “oh I wish it was like this”, if instead of letting your mind ruminate on the backstory that went wrong, why you can’t have it, and instead of arguing in your mind with your specific person, if instead of accepting yet another day of defeat, or heartbreak, if instead, you applied the tools and felt it real, revised, and invited your specific person into a loving inner conversation within your mind, then you would allow the divine architect to work from just one idea. Your dream.  And no matter how many obstacles there are, it wouldn’t matter because this divine architect is greater than any obstacle.  

If you just let the divine architect come up with all the solutions, and make the crooked places straight, then he would soon be able to hand you the keys to your dream mansion. Your heart’s desire. 

Feeling it real is: This is my place this is where I belong is this where we belong we belong together, if you can feel it in your heart, that is because the endpoint of that manifestation is already made manifest, and you do not have to do a single thing for them to manifest in your reality, and the way there is none of your concern, so you can relax and put down all your weapons, and put down all your tactics, your manipulations, and you can put down all of your questions because they do not need any answers. 

Your questions do not need answers, you only need to dwell in the house of the Lord. He has prepared a table before you. He can make rivers in the desert. 

Question mode exists as an opposition to answer mode.

Abraham Hicks calls it allowing vs resistance

Neville Goddard talks about states.

I can talk about it and talk about it, but you have to allow yourself to rest in your own fulfilled heart, this is the only way that you will learn how to live in the end.

Rumi says: ““Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” 

There are two endpoints:

The point of desire in your heart.

The fulfilled desire. 

That is it. 

In between there is only surrender to the divine architect. 

Even if you were manifesting something so lofty as enlightenment, it doesn’t matter how many methods you do, how much you meditate or chant your mantras, or pray,  it is when you finally surrender that enlightenment comes. You ARE enlightenment. We chase after God, but God created us to experience the world….

Rumi says:

“I am so close, I may look distant.
So completely mixed with you, I may look separate.
So out in the open, I appear hidden.
So silent, because I am constantly talking with you.”

You do not have to find your blocks, the moment you surrender to the bridge of incidents your blocks that previously seemed to rushing towards you suddenly dissolve. You are home free. Now. 

So you see, You don’t have to clear a single block, if you will just live in the end. 

Neville Goddard says:

“If you tell them it came to pass because you simply imagined it – no, they will point to the series of events that led up to it, and they will give credit to the bridge of incidents, across which you walked towards the fulfillment of that state, and they will point out some physical thing that was the cause. No, the cause is invisible, for the cause is God, and God is invisible to mortal eye.”

We think that there is a sequence of events that has to happen in a certain way, and we try to devise the sequence, but this is God’s work. You will not in a million years be able to figure out how things happen.

God made the world “in 6 days, on the 7th he rested,” and ever since he is busy making matches and creating sequences of events, and you can’t do a better job than him. Don’t forget the resting on the 7th day. The sabbath.

Let’s do an exercise to help you understand living in the end, feeling into living in the end:

For a moment think about your dream home. Imagine what a dream home might look like. Now, this home can be anything at all, we are just playing around in our mind, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what your dream home would look like, it doesn’t matter, but try to imagine a few things that you would absolutely love, maybe a really big and spacious kitchen, maybe a master bath that is like a spa, with natural stone and heated floors. Maybe you would like a mansion, with many rooms, and maybe you even want it staffed with people. A butler to open the door, and a maid to keep it clean, and a cook to make healthy foods.

Or maybe you want more of a cozy woodsy cottage setting, something like a cottage in the hobbits land.

Maybe you want a castle, and the whole village is just part of your extended property. Maybe you want a New York city penthouse. Whatever it is, give yourself this house now. Give it some details. 

Now, imagine that you are giving this over to an architect. He is going to create the blueprint, and he will take care of all the little details. This is work that you don’t know how to do. The drawings and blueprints and all that, you just have no idea what goes into drawing all that up, but it’s okay, you have dreamed up your ideal home, and you have handed over the responsibility now to a trusted architect, and you feel happy, because you trust him.

The next thing is that you just go on with life, and you feel a little tingle of excitement everytime that you think about your dream home that is being created. Then one day you get the keys.

You have the keys in your hand, and you just walk into the completed home. It is finished and ready. You didn’t do anything but imagine what you wanted, and  the architect took care of it.

God is the divine architect of your life, you dream your dream, you give it all the vividness of reality, and you imagine. All day long you imagine things in detail, and The Divine Architect creates sequences of events, and you just walk around in the reality that you have dreamed. 

When you imagine you are ginning a blueprint to the divine architect

That is all you need to do.

How do you get into answer mode, (receiving mode, the state of the wish fulfilled) that feeling of anticipation, of knowing that whatever you walk into, it is perfectly made for you?

The imaginal scene is just one way, and revision is another. Inner conversations and affirmations is another.  People have so many ways, and I have mine. I pray the rosary every morning, and it fills me with love. Other people chant mantras. You can go for a walk and smell the roses. You can go to the gym and get pumped up. You can practice opening your heart and surrendering. You can record your soothing inner conversations on your phone and play them on repeat while you sleep.  Taking care to do self care is another way. Or you can love yourself in action by making time for yoga, or find a day spa and make a commitment to yourself that you will use it at least once a month. If you can, use it once a week. You deserve it, and the space of relaxation, of feeling pampered, is you being in answer mode. Remember there is either you being in the state or out of the state. Answer mode or endless questions. What are my blocks? The answer is that you don’t have any. We all have blocks, and if we were to take over God’s divine architect job, we would manifest only obstacles and problems, and reasons for why this can’t work, and nothing else.  We are obstacle makers, and the divine architect is a solution maker. Hand it over to him. Be in the state of the wish fulfilled.

In Neville Goddard’s book, The Law and The Promise he explains it to us by telling a story: 

For many years a doctor and his wife “dreamed” about their “stately habitation”, but not until they imaginatively lived in it, did they manifest it. Here is their story:

“Some fifteen years ago, Mrs. M. and I purchased a lot on which we built a two-story building housing our office and living area. We left ample space on the lot for an apartment building — if and when our finances would permit. All those years we were busy paying off our mortgage, and at the end of that time had no money for the additional building we still desired so much. It was true that we had an ample savings account which meant security for our business, but to use any part of it for a new building would be to jeopardize that security.

“But now your teaching awakened a new concept, boldly telling us we could have what we most desired through the controlled use of our imagination and that realizing a desire was made more convincing ‘without money’. We decided to put it to a test to forget about ‘money’ and concentrate our attention on the thing we desired most in this world — the new apartment building.

“With this principle in mind, we mentally constructed the new building as we wanted it, actually drawing physical plans so we could better formulate our mental picture of the completed structure. Never forgetting to think from the end (in our case, the completed, occupied building), we took many imaginative trips through our apartment house, renting the units to imaginary tenants, examining in detail every room and enjoying the feeling of pride as friends offered congratulations on the unique planning. We brought into our imaginal scene one friend in particular (I shall call her Mrs. X), a lady we had not seen for some time as she had ‘given us up’ socially, believing us a bit peculiar in our new way of thinking. In our imaginal scene, we took her through the building and asked how she liked it. Hearing her voice distinctly, we had her reply, ‘Doctor, I think it is beautiful’.

“One day, while talking together of our building, my wife mentioned a contractor who had constructed several apartment houses in our neighborhood. We knew of him only by the name that appeared on signs adjacent to buildings under construction. But realizing that if we were living in the end, we would not be looking for a contractor, we promptly forgot this angle. Continuing these periods of daily imagining for several weeks, we both felt we were now ‘fused’ with our desire and had successfully been living in the end.

“One day a stranger entered our office and identified himself as the contractor whose name my wife had mentioned weeks before. In an apologetic manner, he said, ‘I don’t know why I stopped here. I normally don’t go to see people, but rather, people come to see me’. He explained that he passed our office often and had wondered why there wasn’t an apartment building on the corner lot. We assured him we would like very much to have such a building there but that we had no money to put into the project, not even the few hundred dollars it would take for plans.

“Our negative response did not faze him and seemingly compelled, he began to figure and devise ways and means to carry out the job, unasked and unencouraged by us. Forgetting the incident, we were quite startled when a few days later this man called, informing us that plans were completed and that the proposed building would cost us thirty thousand dollars! We thanked him politely and did absolutely nothing. We knew we had been ‘living imaginatively in the end’ of a completed building and that Imagination would assemble that building perfectly without any ‘outside’ assistance from us. So, we were not surprised when the contractor called again the next day to say he had found a set of blueprints in his files that fitted our needs perfectly with few alterations. This, we were informed, would save us the architect’s fee for new plans. We thanked him again and still did nothing.

“Logical thinkers would insist that such negative response from prospective customers would completely end the matter. Instead, two days later, the contractor again called with the news that he had located a finance company willing to cover the necessary loan with the exception of a few thousand dollars. It sounds incredible, but we still did nothing.

For — remember — to us this building was completed and rented, and in our imagination we had not put one penny into its construction.

“The balance of this tale reads like a sequel to ‘Alice In Wonderland’, for the contractor came to our office the next day and said, as though presenting us with a gift, ‘You people are going to have that new building anyway. I’ve decided to finance the balance of the loan myself. If this is agreeable, I’ll have my lawyer draw up the papers, and you can pay me back out of net profits from rentals’.

“This time we did do something! We signed the papers, and construction began immediately. Most of the apartment units were rented before final completion, and all but one occupied the day of completion. We were so thrilled by the seemingly miraculous events of the past few months that for a while we didn’t understand this seeming ‘flaw’ in our imaginal picture. But knowing what we had already accomplished through the power of imagining, we immediately conceived another imaginal scene and in it, this time, instead of showing the party through the unit and hearing the words ‘we’ll take it’, we ourselves in imagination visited tenants who had already moved in that apartment. We allowed them to show us through the rooms and heard their pleased and satisfied comments. Three days later that apartment was rented.

“Our original imaginary drama had objectified itself in every detail save one, and that one became a reality when, one month later, our friend, Mrs. X, surprised us with a long overdue visit, expressing her desire to see our new building. Gladly we took her through, and at the end of the tour heard her speak the line we had heard in our imagination so many weeks before, as with emphasis on each word, she said, ‘Doctor, I think it is beautiful’.

“Our dream of fifteen years was realized. And we know, now, that it could have been realized any time within those fifteen years if we had known the secret of imagining and how to ‘live in the end’ of desire.

But now it was realized — our one big desire was objectified. And we did not put one penny of our own money into it.” — Dr. M.”

That is why you give up doership!  

And instead of wondering how, and instead of asking  what your blocks are because remember they don’t matter,  just stick to focusing on your daily tasks. That is all you are expected to do. 

Imagine your heart opening up to your sp. 

Imagine feeling comfortable, imagine how you feel like you have come home. Imagine your conversations of love. Imagine connection, tenderness, laughter and silliness, imagine romance. Imagine the heat between you, and how easy it is to just be. How it feels when you see them looking at you with love. Imagine how they tell you that they understand now, and that they get you, and they open up to you, and you just get them. Imagine how playful you feel together, like little children, boundless and exploring. Imagine how easy this is. 

Skip imagining how they need to apologize, that is the work of the divine architect, it is not your job so let it go. 

Neville Goddard says:

Who knows what you are imagining? No one knows, but you can sit down and imagine, and no one can stop you from doing it, but can you give reality to the imagined state? If you do, yes, a bridge of incidents will appear in your world, and you’ll walk across some series of events leading up to the fulfillment of the imaginal state. But don’t give causation to any physical step that you took towards the fulfillment of it.” 

You ARE a soulmate:

When God created humans on the sixth day,  he made an androgynous being of light, that was both male and female, and this being, this soul, is two lovers reunited, or two lovers never divided. 

The two of you made one flesh, it is you and your sp reunited. 

You are meant to be one, you and your sp is this reconnected soul, and this is why you have the longing and desire to be loved by them and only them. 

Remember that your heart’s desire is only one of the two endpoints and both MUST be in existence. One does not exist without the other. 

You are fine and complete on your own of course, but this piece of the puzzle is just how our souls are created, we are one, literally, alive inside of one another.  Your sp is alive in your heart, is one with your heart, and your soul connection is inside your own heart. You are alive in their heart. 

Your block is only what you refuse to open up to inside of your own heart, it is only the fear of letting your heart say that it is NOT satisfied with hookup culture, it is NOT satisfied with sharing your sp with real or imagined third parties. Now, get comfortable designing your “dream home” or rather your soulmate, by designing your love from inside and out and simply giving the blueprint over  to the divine architect. Give your sp the loving role that they too desire. 

Matchmaker matchmaker, make me a match…

There is nothing you can do to change the sequence of events. The first time you met, it was a meeting designed by God, it was a match made in heaven and you just stumbled into it. 

You don’t have to worry about what blocks are in your way, they will be wiped away for you, and the crooked path will be made straight for you.

We can learn from a Bible story, the story  of Isaac and Rebecca, that being specific, committed to the dream, and being one with your soulmate is ours if we want it. Their love was so sweet and so perfect that they represented romantic love and soulmates in the Bible. In all of the Bible this is the one marriage when romantic love and monogamy is represented, and the union of soulmates leads to all other good things just falling into place because of it.  They were so powerful precisely because they came together in a monogamous marriage,  and just like that, you and your soulmate are also more powerful together. 

Better together.  

You are MORE THAN  coming together and being “as great as the sum of its parts”,  your greatness is exponentially enhanced when you’re together, precisely because you love each other exactly the way you are,  precisely because that love supports and nurtures each one of your souls to grow into exactly what you should be. Because love covers all transgressions. Because love makes all things new.

Rumi says:

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” 

You know the saying that behind every great man there is a great wife, this is true for every  couple that loves each other, and how do you know your soulmates, well God brought you together, you are soulmates. All day, God makes matches, business matches, financial matches, love matches, you name it. The bridge of events is happening for billions of people and situations every moment. How is the match made? Based on your imagination.

(Now, there is not JUST one single person out there for you, don’t limit God like that.

If you don’t like the match that the divine architect brought you, he will bring another so there is no need to worry if you are let’s say married to the wrong person, you will be brought to the right one.  Don’t figure out how. )

Neville says: 

“Nothing is more continuously wonderful than the things that happen every day to the man with imagination sufficiently awake to realize their wonder.

Observe your imaginal activities. Imagine better than the best you know, and create a better world for yourself and others.

Live as though the wish had come, even though it is yet to come, and you will shorten the period of waiting.

The world is imaginal, not mechanistic.

Imaginal acts — not blind fate — determine the course of history.”

Your sp is alive inside you, and you have been given free will to awaken that love, or to disbelieve that love. 

Rumi says:

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” 


“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”

 “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.” 

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15 Lessons in New Thought; Lessons in Living by Elizabeth Towne

15 Lessons in New Thought

Lessons in Living 


Elizabeth Towne

Published 1919 in United States

This work is in the public domain

You are a jewel! 

In exactly the right setting for the present. 

But the setting  may be made over !

— By believing and working. You are the jewel that polishes itself and secretes its own setting

— by wanting to, trying to, and keeping at it 

-Elizabeth Towne.


In this book I design to state in logical and practical form the new philosophy of life and living. To do this I must stick closely to a clear statement of the philosophy itself, without trying to give you too many proofs. It might take seventy lectures to reason you into accepting the new view of life ; and still you would be unconvinced. Why? 

Because reason is an endless labyrinth out of which no man emerges unaided by a higher wisdom than itself. Reason is the original Chinese puzzle, forever unsolved until you get up above reason ; up above the labyrinth and look down upon it to see where you are going. The walls, and walls within walls, of reason’s labyrinth are your prejudices. I

No man climbs over a prejudice; he merely seeks the first opening around it, and finds himself in another alley of the labyrinth! The only way to know a blind alley before you see it, the only way to know your own prejudice-wall when you see it, is to go up in a balloon and look down. Once you admit that there is a way to get above reason, that there is an intelligence above reason, in which reason lives and moves and by which it expands and grows, and you find yourself already mounting and looking over the walls of those blind alleys of reason that lead into more blind alleys. If you keep on looking down on reason you will eventually raze many of its prejudice- walls, that serve no purpose except to cut off the view of life as a whole. “A narrow mind” is a most expressive term; it exactly describes the mind whose energy flows between endless prejudice-walls that merely shut off its view of larger things, while it wanders endlessly in mental alleys that lead to more mental alleys, weariness, death. 

These prejudice-alleys—common to all mankind—are alleys built through reasoning by the light of the five physical senses only. Not until man finds these inadequate and turns away yearning for a satisfaction never found, does he realize that after all there may be more to life than he has seen, smelt, felt, heard, or tasted. Then he looks up from his mental alleys and glimpses—PRINCIPLE, instead of things; God above and in things, instead of man alone, inadequate. “He that cometh unto God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” 

Perhaps there may be some who can not get away from their prejudices long enough to really catch the new view of life. Let us take a hint from Shakespeare, then, and play pretend. “If all the world’s a stage” and we are players, let us choose to lay aside our old parts while we read these pages, and let us take up the new part of the new thought philosophy, forgetting the old and putting into the new all the imagination and will and interest at our command. 

Let us assume a philosophy if we have it not. Let us play pretend, like children. Only as little children can we enter a new heaven and transformed life.



“All our Darwins and Huxleys and Haeckels have come at the last to agree that back of all living forms, and back of the first amoeba itself, there is Something that eye and microscope and scalpel cannot cope with; a Something that informs everything, animate and inanimate, without which that thing cannot be formed or held together. 

This Something the scientist proves and affirms, but refuses to define. The religionist tries to define it, but fails to prove its existence or its nature. The scientist says, “I cannot see, hear, smell, taste, or feel this Something, therefore I do not know what it is, and nothing is worth counting except what can be known.”

The religionist says; 

“I see there is a Something that moves at the heart of all nature including man; this Something must be very mighty, therefore I will find out its will and work with it; I will beseech It to enlighten me and lead me.”

So the scientist digs through things and finds God ; while the religionist as pires above things and finds God—one God, the life of all life, and more. 

What is God, the First Cause, the Life, the Prime Mover in all creation? “

God is Love,” says the Good Book. 

“God is Mind,” “God is Principle,” “God is Life,” “God is Spirit,” “God is Soul.” 

Alexander Pope says all creation is “one stupendous Whole, whose body, nature is, and God the soul.”  And again, “From the soule the bodye forme doth take.” In plain words, God is the primal substance that fills all space, all time; out of which and by which all things are made. The nature of God is the mind. The mode of motion of universal mind is thought. 

God thought or spoke the universe into being, and God is still thinking this universe into greater being; thinking in and through you and me, and through all the lower forms of life as well. 

I think it is logical—and maybe safe ! —to say that God cannot think except through you and me; that all the thought he has is your thought and mine, the thought of all the forms of life that are or have been, in this world and in all worlds. God by his thought is proving himself, and he has not proved as yet more than the sum of the thought of all peoples and worlds. 

God is thinking out a great inspiration of his, and the universe is his organized thought.  God’s thought forms are all temporary, ever changing from better to best. But God himself is absolute, the same yesterday, to-day, and forever. 

But mind is only God’s character. Back of that is something else which is himself, his being, his essence, his ABSOLUTE substance. In character, God is Mind ; in essence, he is Love. Back of thinking lies LOVE, SPIRIT, SOUL; and the thinking that fails to take this universal love-spirit, soul, into every counsel is very narrow, shortsighted, and inadequate thinking indeed. “God is love” goes back to the absolute, eternal, omnipresent TRUTH of all being, the prime mover of all doing. God is love, and love is twofold, made up of equal parts of will and wisdom. Will is active or positive; wisdom is receptive or negative. 

Will corresponds to the male principle of all creation, wisdom to the female. One expands and projects; the other conserves. In every tiny atom and ion and corpuscle of life these two principles inhere.  Without the two of them there would never have been a beginning of creation. 

In the ultimate there is but one dual principle of life, male and female, will and wisdom, inherent in every atom and in every organism of life, in every thought of every mind: “Male and female created he them”—not male or female. 

Among the forms of life, every masculine is feminine within, and every feminine is masculine within. Because of this is the everlasting attraction between the two. 

A perfect balance of this dual principle in any organism would result in separation from its fellows, the hermit life of uselessness to society as a whole. This is illustrated in mineral life by a slight experiment. Take a bar of magnetized iron. One end is negative, the other positive. Cut it into pieces. The pieces, each of which has its positive and negative poles, will adhere to each other. But turn the middle piece around, bringing two positives together, and you cannot make them stick. Magnetize two needles and place them with positive poles together, and they will instantly fly apart. Turn one needle the other end about, and they will cling together. 

Thus attraction works, always, between positive and negative, male and female, light and dark, will and wisdom. 

Will, the male principle of life, is electric, positive in its action. It is the centrifugal force that throws off energy, as the sun throws off rays and worlds. Wisdom, the female principle, is magnetic, attractive, negative, the centripetal force of nature that draws together and binds, as the earth draws the sun’s electric rays, as the matrix draws, holds, conserves the seed.  It is the magnetic centripetal force that balances the sun’s electric, radiating, projecting power. 

These two forces are inherent in every atom and ion and corpuscle of the universe; in every thought of the universe. 

Now go back to the beginning of things and imagine the state of space— full of Love, Mind, God; full of un formed thought—thought (or corpuscles; they are one) diffused like vapor; all the corpuscles or thoughts exactly alike, held equidistant from each other by equal action of the electric and magnetic forces inherent in each ; all whirling on their axes and in their orbits, just as worlds whirl to-day. Then God, Love, the Will-and-Wis- dom One, moved upon the face of the deep to organize these corpuscles into Ideas. 

God wanted a kaleidoscope for his amusement! He grew a bit tired of the sameness of his thought, as it were ; and a wave of relaxation, of cooling, went over the face of the deep, which disturbed the equilibrium of electric and magnetic corpuscles. They began to draw together in little nuclei, in little nebulous patches, closer and closer in spots, separating from other congregations of corpuscles, just as described in the nebular hypothesis of creation. 

When the first two corpuscles (or thoughts) approached in space, creation or living organization began. Here we get our first view of the wonderful Seven Principles of Creation, without which nothing was made that was made; the seven principles inherent in every little electric-magnetic, male-and- female corpuscle in all time and space; inherent in every living thing that has yet appeared, including man and the spirits or mahatmas, if there are such ; the seven principles by which God creates, the same seven principles by which you and I create and re-create. 

God thought this universe into being all by himself, until he had completed up to and including man. 

He thought man  out in his own image and likeness, so that man might think with him, work with him, in all creating to come. 

Man is God’s Idea ; and God’s Ideas are working together in and with him—by those same old seven principles—to create greater glories than either God or man has yet dreamed over; greater than God or man could possibly accomplish alone. 

You are God’s thought-child, and your ideas are God’s grandchildren, as it were! This is your genealogy!—don’t get yourself mixed up in earth heredity. As Ella Wheeler Wilcox sings : — “Behind thy parents and thy grand parents lies the great eternal Will; That, too, is thine inheritance; strong, beautiful, divine; sure lever of success for him who tries.” And father, sons, and grandsons are all working together on one Big Job— the job of making a new heaven and a  new earth, a bigger, brighter, better heaven and earth for the joy of all; a heaven and earth that shall prove the dream God dreamed before .he ever began to think at all.



Now, back to our seven principles by which God thinks out a creation; by which you and I are governed ; by which OUR THOUGHTS are governed in their action on further creation of ourselves and our environments. 

First, remember that the dual principle of all life, the essence of God and you, Will and Wisdom (male and female, electric and magnetic), is indivisible, inseparable, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. 

It is one as the two tight-twisted strands of a rope are one—one strand uppermost and active at this point, the other at the next, but both of them fully present and indivisible. 

The seven principles are the inherent laws by which will and wisdom work out creation. These, too, may be likened to a rope, a seven-strand, seven- colored, tight-twisted one, where each strand comes uppermost in turn, each in its turn dominating and giving color to the whole. These seven principles work alike in every tiniest corpuscle, ion, and atom of the universe; they govern the forming and the whirling of worlds; they manifest in their entirety in the lowest forms of vegetable life, as well as in the highest forms of the animal and the human. The same seven principles govern the founding, perpetuation, and disintegration of the family, the society, secret or otherwise, the school, town, state, government, the world itself. Wherever there is atom, thought, or organization, be it microscopic or telescopic, mineral, plant, animal, human, superhuman, there the seven principles are active. 

Let one of these principles get lazy on its job, and all creation and imagination itself would stand still with the shock. The seven principles by which God creates are as everywhere present as God himself. Not even “the idle word” is so small that the whole seven principles are not fully active within it. Do you get that? And do you get the truth that God is in his world as well as in his heaven; that all “matter” is thought ; and that in every thought atom and organization of atoms inhere the seven creative principles of life by which God-in-us organizes and grows things? 

1. First among the seven principles is Force. 

Power, with its color a strong, crude red. The reds of nature show where all the principles inhere with the first one, force, uppermost. The family or person dominated by this principle is rough, rude, forceful above wisdom, and you will often find him housed in red buildings, wearing red clothing, frequently tearing around in red rages; believing in hell fire and the rod and doing his part toward feeding the one and exercising the other. These same people are not at all devoid of love or sense or wisdom, they are merely dominated for the time by the first of the seven principles, just as sharp-cornered, solid red rocks are dominated by forces. 

Force, the first principle, draws things together and holds them there. If force were the only principle, creation might be a ragged red rock; or perhaps a red rock sphere. 

2. But here comes in Discrimination, the second principle, with its color of delicate pink. 

It shows up somewhat in our red family, but its positive qualities are underneath, as Ideals and longings that the family wants to realize but can’t quite. The family or person in whom discrimination is uppermost is very dainty; affects delicate colors, high art, and a die-away voice; abhors crude  art; despises business, brawn, and force; and is critical and fault-finding generally. 

Such a person may possess all sorts of virtues, but his life is colored and dominated by the second principle, discrimination. 

First, life draws atoms and people together; second, it discriminates, holding this atom or person, rejecting that. 

3. Next Life arranges the atoms or persons it has drawn together. Here comes the third principle, Order, its color pale blue. 

Who has not seen the family where order dominates, where everything is done exactly the same every day, comfort sacrificed to the system, with the very atmosphere blue? 

The person whose positive choice of color is pale blue is almost sure to be one in whom the principle of order is dominant. 

In the lower forms of life order is rarely the dominant principle, so even blue flowers are scarce. We look up to find the blues, in the skies, on the distant hills, in man’s eyes—”the windows of his soul.” In man’s works we find order and its blue coming oftener to the surface. 

The color blue is attributed to wisdom, and Butler seems to identify wisdom and order. This seems to me like saying God and order are one, but God and force, or God and cohesion, are less one; for wisdom and will (or God) include all the seven principles equally; or so it seems to me. 

Order is only one of wisdom’s principles of action. The rainbow is the color of wisdom! Let us leave blue to the principle of order.

For some of the ideas expressed in chapters II, III and IV, I am indebted to Butler’s “Seven Creative Principles.”



With our last chapter we left creation in good order, with the third principle of nature, order, in possession, and everything showing a clear blue. If life itself had taken a vacation with us, we should have seen twenty-four hours of such blues as no one has dreamed. 

No change anywhere, just a world vibrating to the tone of order, sky blue ; a universe of blue, bas relief against a blue sky! 

Happily all the seven principles kept on working while we played. To restate: First, there is Force, the first principle, the principle of attraction, that draws things, atoms, worlds, and people together. M Helen Wihnans called God the Law of Attraction, but you will readily see that this is a misnomer, as the law of attraction is only one of the seven principles by which God creates. 

God by any name would be the same, and Helen Wilmans’ name for him does not spoil the splendid thinking-out which she did for this day and age. But her statement should not hold us from thinking still farther.

By the way, the color of force is red. Helen Wilmans was impressed with the force or attraction side of life, and I am told that in hair and complexion she showed the sandy reds that belong to that principle; just an interesting illustration of the way these principles of life crop out in what is commonly called “coincidence.” 

Second comes in the principle of Discrimination, which decides what shall be attracted and what let alone. Third comes Order, deciding where each thing shall be placed. 

Then comes the work of the fourth principle 

4. After drawing atoms or people together, discriminating as to quality, arranging in order, Life next binds them in one organization. Thus comes in the fourth principle of life, Cohesion, the color of green that we see in the spring. 

To the person dominated by cohesion, green is a favorite color and any change is a horror. 

To keep things as they are seems to him the chief end of life. The attic is full of old stuff he can’t let go of. His coffers are full of cash and his head of old fogy ideas. He is clannish; his daughters and sons are run into the same mold with father and mother. 

Green-eyed jealousy stands guard against innovation. Cohesion means family ties as distinct from family progress. Unhappy the son and daughter of the house of ties!

5. Unless they are alive enough to kick, to will for themselves, to raise a ferment in the family and release themselves to follow their ideals. Ideals are the yeast that makes active the fifth principle of life, Fermentation. 

This principle is the real devil of all history, all mythology, of Christianity itself. 

It is the destroying principle of life that comes in to tear down that which has served its purpose and must give way to better things. The college boy goes back to the tie- bound home and raises the devil of a ferment that causes much pain, but eventually releases them all to more life, further growth. 

Fermentation is the death principle that acts on all forms of life not fit to be perpetuated. It is dominant in the actinic or destroying rays of the sun that cause decomposition. Its color is deep indigo blue, or black, the color of mourning, pain, loss (of the old), death. 

The family in which this principle is dominant is the family of mourning, darkened rooms, black clothing, secret  sorrows, losses and crosses, troubles, tribulations, and death. 

Not because this principle is really any more painful in its action than any other of the seven, but because man fights it harder. We find ourselves living on the surface of life, judging from appearances, and resisting change. The resistance is due to the activity of the first principle, force. Force holds together, fermentation separates. 

But there is no real reason why the action of either principle should give us pain. There is no reason or cause for the pain accompanying change and death, except in the individual mind. 

It is “all in your mind”, not at all in any inherent quality or principle of nature or life itself, but in unnatural resistance of the individual mind, governed by false concepts of life. 

Do you doubt this? Then tell me why one man courts death while another abhors it. Why does one woman feel only peaceful relief at the death of a very aged and infirm relative, while another in similar condition grieves herself sick over it? Why is one person frightened at the thing another enjoys? Why does one man enjoy traveling while his neighbor hates it? Why does one hate the taste of cod liver oil while his brother likes it? Why do you “turn against ” things you once liked? 

The mental attitude governs in every case; and your mental attitude is determined by your concepts of things in particular and of life in general. If you really believed what Spiritualists claim to believe about the death of a child, could you be anything but happy that a child had died and escaped the miseries and uncertainties of life on earth? Your feelings of resistance to any thing are roused by your belief in evil. 

I am showing you that there is no evil; that life is an orderly creation progressing by interaction of seven beneficent principles. If you can catch this concept, if you are ready for it, you will pass out forever from the old realm of sin, sickness, death, pain.



Here comes the sixth principle of life, Transmutation. 

Fermentation is full of purpose. It disintegrates the useless and makes it ready for transmutation to higher forms. 

Out of the fermenting swamp rises the lily. Out of hard experience and suffering comes wisdom. Out of disappointed personal love comes universal love and world-helping. 

Whitman’s heart fermented, disintegrated, nearly broke over an unrequited love, and by and by he saw that love is for the lover and the world, and out of it all came forth his immortal poems. 

Every great man and woman has paralleled Whitman’s experience. The lesser love ferments and out of it rises the greater love for all mankind. 

The family itself disintegrates so that the race may gain. This is what Jesus meant when he said one must forsake family loves, houses, and lands for the kingdom’s sake. To hold family loves against the race, to devote all one’s self to personal loves, is to invite disintegration. To cherish the family love as a part of the race love is to keep it. 

One does not know how to love a person well and happily unless he first loves all persons. 

Fermentation comes into one’s life to lighten it and make room for greater things, for greater joys and loves, for fuller usefulness and wisdom. Fermentation is John the Baptist to Transmutation, which is Christ before the resurrection. 

Nothing goes out of a life but to make room for something better. To let things go, instead of resisting and grieving over the change, is to work with the underlying wisdom and will of life. “Resignation to God’s will” is the key to peaceful and normal growth. Kicking against change only makes gnarls and scars, and side-tracks energy from one’s life business of growing. 

Transmutation, the sixth principle of life, brings reorganization and glory. Its color is the clear purple of the passion flower. It is full of passion, fire, activity. The person in whom trans mutation happens to be dominant is moved to think outside the ordinary channels. 

He comes out and is separate in thought, at least, from the fashions of his mental and physical environment. He forsakes old habits of thought and sets his face toward a larger view of life. 

The new thought movement is a transmutation movement, its people dominated for the time by the transmutation principle. 

7. But there is still another principle of life, the principle of Sensation, blessing, its color the clear yellow of the sun.  

“While in itself sensation is a distinct principle, yet, without its alliance to matter, to organism, there is no sensation. Sensation is a mode of consciousness.” 

Sensation is that which results from the impingement of etheric waves upon an organism built up by interaction of the first six principles of life. Sensation takes possession of the organism, so to speak, and uses it for its own.Just what sensation is like no scientist has dared to say. It is one of those eternal substances that we cannot see, hear, smell, taste, or feel, but without it there could be no seeing, tasting, smelling, hearing, or feeling. As nearly as I can sense sense-ation, it is God; God reaching out through all senses and getting acquainted with his ideas, and steering his ideas (you and me, you know) into safe paths, paths of usefulness, peace, and blessing. 

Every organized being moves in a sea  of vibrations, and by reaching out to ward them, by aspiring toward them, he works with the vibrations to build the organs through which those vibrations are registered. 

Ears and eyes, noses and feelers, are all marconi graphs. Every atom, cell, and corpuscle in your body is a Marconistation for catching spiritual or etheric vibrations on its own account, and for the good of you as a whole. And the more highly organized your body is, the greater the range of vibrations it can register for the use of this spiritual substance-life called sense. 

The expression “five senses” is not scientific from any point of view. Looking at it from the material end, we have as many senses as we have cells and corpuscles in our bodies. 

Viewing it from the spiritual side, the really substantial side of life, we have only one sense, which is God himself, the sense or soul of all creation; and this one sense builds uncounted millions of Marconistations by which it gains intelligence, sensations, from all space. And still life is building better, more sensitive marconigraphs. 

There are those in whom a sixth sense is well developed, and a seventh hinted at. 

And the scientist points to great gaps of vibrations not yet touched by man, not to mention the ultraviolet vibrations not yet imagined. 

Man is destined to explore them all. The sixth sense of clairvoyance and clairaudience corresponds with the sixth principle of transmutation. 

The seventh sense, intuition, clear-knowing, corresponds to the seventh principle of sensation or blessing, and it results in the so-called cosmic consciousness. 

All these principles and senses are inherent in every human being, and in every atom and corpuscle of creation. In due time every individual will come under dominance of each and every principle; but always the entire seven  are working subconsciously in you, if not consciously. And always the entire seven are present and active, consciously or unconsciously, in every life cell of creation. 

Nothing has been left out of anybody’s make-up; everything is in its place, awaiting its turn in your consciousness.



This brings us to the statement of our Twelve Planks of the New Thought Platform, as a basis for future instruction in the development of the individua, for the joy of all. 

Here is our platform, broad enough, strong enough for not only the “hundred and forty and four thousand” elect, but for all mankind, and woman kind, and even for all the ITS of creation: 

1. God is all present Mind, whose mode of motion is thought. 

2. Man is God’s Idea; men are trains of thought in God’s mind, “man is a statement of beliefs.” 

3. Thought on its active side is Will or Desire, on its negative side it is Wisdom.

4. Desire and Wisdom inhere in God and in all his thoughts and in man and in man’s thoughts. Desire and Wisdom hold planets in their orbits and project comets on their course. They likewise hold man in his place and urge him to work out the God-idea within him by building more and more stately mansions in mind, and in materials. Desire and Wisdom control man’s thoughts, too. Not even one “idle word,” or idle thought, is too slight to be swayed by the desire within it, and by desires outside of it which are akin.

5. Desire is the primal force of Attraction inherent in every atom and in every organization of atoms through all creation. 6. Wisdom is the Pattern, the Idea, inherent in God, and every atom, and in every organization of atoms in all creation. 

7. Desire and Wisdom constitute  also the free ethers (or God) in which all creation moves and has its being, and by in-spiring which it lives and grows. 

8. Life is a Great School in which we learn wisdom by doing things. 

9. All ways of doing things—or people—are open to us, wise and unwise. We may use either or both ways. We find by experience that the “way of the transgressor is hard,” while “wisdom’s ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace.” 

By experience we prove wisdom’s ways are what we desire, are not wisdom and desire One, from eternity to eternity? 

Transgressor of what? Of the law of all being, the Law of Oneness, Wisdom, and Desire. (How would you act toward another if you could see your Oneness with him and realize your wisdom and love?) 

10. Man’s desire is inseparable from his wisdom, he desires what he thinks is for his good.  He is also one with the universal sea of wisdom and desire which lies just above his consciousness. This universal wisdom desires for and through him, and often overrules for his good the good he thought he desired. At the time it seems hard that he cannot have the thing he desired; later he sees that it was because he was not, in his consciousness, wise enough to desire the right thing in the right place. 

This One Universal Consciousness is ever urging every man to right action, before the man has wisdom enough to recognize what the right action should be.

This spirit of wisdom lightens every man that comes into the world, and continues to press for expression through him, every moment as long as he lives. 

The more complete a man’s dependence upon this universal spirit that speaks within, the surer he is to always choose the path of wisdom, peace, and pleasantness. The world is growing in knowledge, the only way a mental world can grow. Man’s mistakes come through dependence upon his present fund of wisdom and knowledge, considering himself apart from other humans, and separate from God, the Universal Spirit of all wisdom. 

11. The things that are unseen are the true forces and substances of life, Wisdom, Love or Desire, Ideals. 

The things that are seen are ever changing for something better. Therefore, we look within for our peace and happiness and we value a clear conscience above rubies. We value above loves, lands, and honors that inner quiet, the well-done of the Universal Spirit witnessing with ours, that all is well no matter what passes. 

12. But it is not all resignation. 

Next comes creation. Being mental creatures we think new things into being. Do we desire a thing? Then it is ours by right, provided we can have it without robbing another. The next thing is to desire it steadily and think it into being. Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Love, Success, all may be ours, not only without robbing another ; they may enrich others through being ours. 

But we must think them into being without thinking anything away from others. The means by which we go to work to earn money must be blest by those who buy as well as those who sell. We desire for others all we desire for ourselves, plus all they may desire for themselves. 

The chief end of man is to glorify good and enjoy working it out forever.



Nearly all new thought people believe in evolution, along with all orthodox scientists of the day. But here and there you will find a teacher of some cult that declares positively there is no such thing as evolution, that it is a myth, a mirage, maya, illusion, that there is only the Absolute and everything else is poppycock and tommy-rot, or words to that effect. 

We receive hundreds of letters from beginners bewildered by these conflicting teachings. “Which is right?” they beg to know. They are both right in a sense, and they are both wrong in a sense. 

“The things which are not seen are eternal, the things which are seen are temporal,”—temporary, forever changing,—said Paul. 

But the absolutist “new thoughter” jumps a long way and arrives at the conclusion that the things which are not seen are eternal, absolute, while the things that are seen are useless, chaotic nothings to be ignored, despised, denied, and lived above. 

The Christian Science branch of new thought attributes all matter to “carnal mind,” and carnal mind it identifies as the devil.  Material things are not under the law of God, they assert, neither can be, therefore matter and all material things are evil, the devil, and we must despise them and live outside of them. They, too, are right, in a sense. God is the Absolute, unchanging, eternal in the heavens; the same yesterday, today, and forever; the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent One; the only actor in all action; the only thinker behind all thought; the one life and energy that fills all space and time; the One found alike in heaven and in hell ; God the First Cause, the One Creator; God the Absolute and intangible I AM IT who inhabits space eternally. 

Here is your absolute, of whom the absolutist prates. God is absolute, changeless. But his THOUGHTS are ever changing within him; his thought-built universe evolutes from the beginning.  And the beginning itself is eternal. Every blade of grass that grows, every tree, every insect, bird, animal, is an orderly evolution of thought within the Absolute; and every child that comes into the world repeats each step of evolution from “the beginning” described in Genesis, up to the present time. In the womb he passes subconsciously through every phase of evolution from the first forming of a sphere out of the fiery mist, up through every vegetable and animal plane to the plane of completed man; and he comes forth  “an acme of things accomplished”  by God’s thought plus man’s up to the present time, and “an encloser of things to be” accomplished by God and man in all millenniums to come. 

There Is this active thought side of God, and creation is IT—including you and me. 

God thinks; and he does not think the absolute and unchangeable any more than you do, or the absolutist teacher does. God the absolute is not content with Nirvana, the state of changeless bliss feeling. 

If he had been, you and I and creation had never been. God feels Nirvana at the center of him, as you and I may feel it (of which more anon), but he is not content with that; he wants to think out bliss to the very circumference of him; he wants to prove himself in ideas, to think out thought-creatures who will “enjoy him forever,” enjoy with him forever. 

So God BEGAN to think. His spirit moved on the face of the Nirvana deep and his nebulous feeling began to precipitate in thought forms of whirling corpuscles and worlds; the “morningstars sang together” with him. This was the beginning of things, the beginning of evolution, the beginning of God’s thinking that resulted at last in man, who could think with him as well as within him and by his power.” The father worketh hitherto (to the point of evolving me)”,  said Jesus, “and now I work.” “I in the Father, and he in me, and we in YOU,” Jesus explained. 

The evolution of man is the involution of God ; evolution is the concentration of God’s life, nature, character, into countless millions of images and likenesses of himself. Men are the facets of God; each focuses all the colors of his spectrum. To this end God thought and thinks: that man find himself “an infinite little copy of God,” ready to carry thinking still further. 

So God “gave man dominion” over all things he had thought out up to and including man himself. And with God, conscious man came the end of new orders of creation, after that comes nature plus “art”, plus man’s thought and man’s work. 

Don’t you see that God was lonesome, and set to work to think out (thought being his only mode of activity) a lot of self-thinking, self-willing people to enjoy living and thinking and loving with him?I doubt God’s knowing in the beginning just how to do this. He had to experiment. 

All along the way of evolution lie the bones of creatures God thought out and then abandoned for higher forms. These fossil creatures are still preserved to us, that we may see the mistakes God made before he succeeded in thinking out a satisfactory pattern of a man. But at last he got him made, pronounced him good, turned over the remainder of the job to him, and rested from his lonely and hitherto unappreciated labors. 

And then man took up the work of evolution. As the Father had life and will, love, wisdom in himself, so had he given to the son to have life, will, wisdom, love, thinking power in himself. Then God drove him out of the garden of Eden to work out the dominion given him; dominion over every beast of the field and every beast of his own breast ; dominion over earth, fire, water, and air within and without. And man has “evoluted” things apace. It is a far cry from the first fig-leaf apron to the dressmakers’ convention held in New York every spring, and to the ready-to-wear clothing a man buys on sight; from flint-and-tinder fires to lucifer matches and Gurney heaters; from cave dwellings to twentieth century mansions and hotels; from wooden sticks to Oliver plows ; from pine knots to electric lighting ; from the spring at the roadside to the springs piped into your kitchen ; from the pony express to the twentieth century limited, the telegraph, telephone, and wireless; from the log and paddle of Ab to the Mauretania and the Wright brothers; from the stone ax and spearhead to United Steel and our navy’s tour of the world; from the jungle of Eden to a New York of skyscrapers; from hieroglyphs on stone to the Congressional library and Carnegie; from Adam to Christ, and to Roosevelt, Paderewski, Rockefeller. It takes man to help God put on the finishing touches. 

That’s what God made man for, to help him think still farther and better, and to enjoy doing it forever; to make a paradise out of this earth and then conquer the stars. 

If you are critical you can find lots of mistakes man has made in trying to improve the earth; but he is abandoning his mistakes as fast as he can, just as God abandoned reptilian monstrosities as soon as he thought beyond them. 

And every day we are evolving better ideas and putting them to use. Every day we are getting better command of ourselves, our wills; every day we are doing better work; every day we are coming nearer together, working more for the good of all than for the good of self.Surely we are “growing in wisdom and in knowledge”, the only way there is for mental creatures to grow. Man and God are now working together to create “whatsoever things they desire.” Between them they are daily discovering new and greater things to desire, and daily they are working together to think out and work out those things into being. God being omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and God being the backer of man, do you think there is any desirable thing that they cannot bring into being? 

Don’t you see that with such a backing any man’s desire is but the prophecy of its own fulfillment? What if desire is exactly identical with Newton’s force of gravitation? What if desire draws the thing desired? Haven’t you noticed in your own life a hundred, a thousand little cases wherein a desired thing came to you in the nick of time? I have. 

Ponder this: When the desired thing does not come to you or to me, and comes readily, it is because something in you inhibits the action of desire, just as you inhibit the action of gravitation this minute by holding this book from being drawn to the ground. Desire and gravitation are identical, the very same force. The earth desires and attracts this book; you desire and hold the book away from the earth. How can you do this, when earth is so much larger? You do it by concentration of desire, not by bulk of desiring atoms. You are an involution of all creation, with power over all creation. You overcome all forces below you and by this exercise you develop energy for still greater overcomings. Whatever thing you desire will come to you just as soon as you can find and remove the inhibiting desire. 

For desire, gravitation, attraction is inhibited by greater desire, gravitation, attraction. Sometimes another’s desire is set upon a thing you desire and his attraction inhibits yours. But ninety-nine out of one hundred times it is some counter desire within you that keeps you from receiving what you desire ; or it is the insulating of your desire-power by fear. 

In any event it is merely a matter of time, patience, and desire, and persistence, when you will be able to get around or over that inhibiting desire. 

There is absolutely no true ideal in the imagination of any man but it will be “desiredrawn” into expression sooner or later. 

The millennium that has been desired in all ages is surely being drawn into being. And here comes in the overcoming of  death, the last enemy that shall be ousted by man. The prophets will surely be justified; death will give place to life incorruptible, right here on this earth. Even the material scientists are seeing it now; are seeing what the religionist has always known by intuition. About death and its overcoming we hear conflicting teaching, too, as about evolution and the absolute. “There is no death,” says one; “we are eternal now.” “Death is the last enemy that shall be overcome,” says his opponent. 

Both are right. In the absolute is no death, no beginning, and no end. On the unseen side—at the center of the star—we are all one life, deathless, im mortal. Men have felt this always. But on the seen side of life, the thought-built side, we certainly do die, as well as live. Death is doubtless a door into a new room of life, but nevertheless it is death. And it is this very death of the thought-built body as a whole that the prophets declared should be overcome as the last enemy. 

Somatic death is necessary to expedite the evolution of man. Man is a growing child, and it is easier to slough off an outgrown body and begin over than to spend time and energy making over the body to fit the growing up individual. But it is only a matter of getting rid of mistakes. When we learn to slough off our mistakes daily, hourly, as a little child does, we shall keep soft, elastic, clean bodies that can do their dying daily, instead of all in a bunch. 

The outgrowing of death in the body is a matter of desire. Nobody likes death, everybody would be glad to abolish it. Man’s desire would have found a way long ago except for one thing. Each individual has lived so strenuously trying to subdue his environment and earn a living that he has TIRED of living and literally lost his desire-grip on life. 

Not until man gets earth conditions made over into pretty much of a paradise can he faithfully desire to stay here without change. Death of the body is so wrapped up with economic conditions that the two will have to be overcome together. To so live as not to become tired of living is the key to overcoming death of the body. And how could one enjoy living eternally with the spur of poverty nipping him, or the sight of poverty-nipped neighbors forever before him? 

First must Edward Bellamy’s dream come true; and thousands still will die in working it out. After that everlasting life in the flesh will come easy. And along with it will come levitation, rapid transit to and from other worlds.



A man  is mind, one with the Great Mind. And in this mind is his thought-built body. Instead of your being a mind or soul in a body, you are mind with a thought-built body inside of it! 

You are not a mind, but MIND, universal mind, God mind. 

At the center of you, which is also the circumference, you are God. “One with the Father,” as Jesus said. The seers of all the ages have known this. 

Listen to these “Last Lines” , by Emily Bronte:

 No coward soul is mine, No trembler in the world’s storm-troubled sphere: I see Heaven’s glories shine, And faith shines equal, arming me from fear. 

O God within my breast, Almighty, ever-present Deity! Life—that in me has rest, As I—undying Life—have power in thee! 

Vain are the thousand creeds That move men’s hearts: unutterably vain; Worthless as withered weeds, Or idlest froth amid the boundless main, 

To waken doubt in one Holding so fast by thine infinity; So surely anchored on The steadfast rock of immortality. 

With wide-embracing love Thy spirit animates eternal years, Pervades and broods above, Changes, sustains, dissolves, creates, and rears. 

Though earth and man were gone, And suns and universes ceased to be, And Thou wert left alone, Every existence would exist in Thee. 

There is not room for Death, Nor atom that his might could render void; Thou—THOU art Being and Breath, And what THOU art may never be destroyed.  

And there is that beautiful little poem, “Illusion,” by our own American poet, Ella Wheeler Wilcox:

God and I in space alone, And nobody else in view. 

And “Where are the people, O Lord,” I said, 

“The earth below and the sky o’erhead, And the dead whom once I knew?” 

“That was a dream,” God smiled and said; “A dream that seemed to be true; 

There were no people living or dead, There was no earth and no sky o’erhead,

There was only Myself and you.” 

“Why do I feel no fear,” I asked, “Meeting YOU here this way? 

For I have sinned, I know full well; And is there heaven, and is there hell, And is this the Judgment Day?” 

“Nay! those were but dreams,” the great God said, 

“Dreams that have ceased to be; 

There is no such thing as fear, or sin; 

There is no you—you never have been— There is nothing at all but Me!” 

Kate Boehme illustrates this as well as it can be illustrated to a three-dimensional intellect with a star. 

The points of the star represent the individual’s consciousness, the visible person. Trace these points back toward the center and you find all are one. 

 Imagine the universe as a great star, each individual as a point of the star. The more completely one lives in the consciousness of his material self the farther he gets away from consciousness of the center where all are one. But it is quite possible to extend one’s consciousness until it takes in the spiritual center as well as the material circumference of life. 

It is possible to go still farther and come into sympathy, into consciousness with other points of the great star. I have dwelt much upon the oneness of all beings because it is the very most important plank in the whole new thought platform, and without it there is no basis for correct reasoning, or for right understanding and judgment. To reason and judge by that which we see at the point of the star is to misjudge life and people and go ever astray in our reckonings. 

The points of the star head every which way, and on the very tip of each sits Gradgrind, with insanity and death straight before him! On the other hand, to get clear away from the point of the star, to live too much in the consciousness of unmaterial life, is to invite disintegration and death of the individual. 

I have sometimes wondered if Emer son’s softening of the brain was not due in a measure, at least, to this very thing; if he did not dwell so much with the absolute, with the oversoul, valuing so little the forms and facts of material life, that the channels which thought must run in grew shallow and soft. And it is a fact that nearly every devoted spiritualist one meets is anything but positively healthy and wealthy on the material plane. “Judge not according to outward appearances,” said Jesus, “but judge right judgment.” Right judgment comes from getting a fair view of all the premises. Right judgment begins at the center, the point of oneness of motive, is and reasons outward; while unright judgment begins at the point of the star and stays there. 

The only safe way is to stand on the solid earth, value the world of created things as proof of the center of life and power, look to the center for power and wisdom, but be not content until you have used the power and wisdom to change material things. A man is a point of the universal star, and his center is the center of every other star point. To judge another by yourself is scientific ; but first be sure you know yourself, from circumference to center and back again. 

NOW: God is the Universal Presence of Will and Wisdom, who dreamed a universe and then proceeded to think it out. Robert Fulton was a point of this Universal Presence of will and wisdom, made in its image and of its very substance, breathing momently its essence, its dream, its will and wisdom. Robert Fulton dreamed a steamboat, and then proceeded to think it out. Others, too, caught the dream, caught more of it than Fulton could, and then proceeded to think it out. 

The Mauretania is the result, the expression of that dream up to date; and still the dream is growing; still the “pattern” is coming down from the heavens, from the One Presence, to be caught by man and thought out into form. And many were the mistakes made in thinking out the steamboat dream up to date, and every mistake was a teacher. 

As fast as man learned from a mistake he corrected it and passed on.So even the mistakes were good, when considered in regard to the man, the dream, and it’s working out. 

For man, being all mental, grows only by learning ; and mistakes teach him, as well as successes. Therefore are mistakes  good. You realize this when you really understand what man is and how he grows by catching on to and working out his point of the great star-dream of the Whole. 

His individual dream is his set of specifications from the great Architect- Dreamer of space and eternity; and his wage for thinking out these specifications into being is joy ever growing, and houses, lands, gratitude, fame, and personal loves added. To be right with one’s part of the great dream is to make a magnet of one’s self that draws every desirable thing. 

To do the will of the Father as seen in your dream or ideal is the necessary thing. When Theodore Roosevelt was new on his presidency job some of his party leaders thought he needed instruction. Said one of them, “Mr. Roosevelt, you must continually feel for the pulse of the people and be governed by that.” “Why should I spend time feeling for the people’s pulse,” demanded Roosevelt, “when every honest man knows in his own heart what is right?” It is by feeling the universal pulse beat in his own heart and acting upon it that Roosevelt is doing so much for the world. “I am just an average man,” said he in an interview; “the only difference between me and any ordinary man is that when I see a thing ought to be done I go straight and do it.” Other men as brilliant and as good get tangled in personal considerations, bad habits of living, red tape. 

Roosevelt keeps his eye on his dream, his specifications from the heaven within, and puts in his best luck wherever and whenever there is a chance. If anybody gets in the way of that lick so much the worse for him. McKinley put in his best licks after first seeing that all his friends were safe out of the way, and all the proprieties observed. He knew as well as Roosevelt or Lincoln what was right, but he couldn’t do it if it hurt the feelings of his friends, or his wife. Did you ever read Kipling’s “How the Ship Found Herself”? If not, do so. It presents to the imagination a perfect picture of the way the universe is finding itself. 

Kipling describes the new ship, every mast, sail, and bit of timber, every bolt and screw in place, each well fitted, polished, complacent, and proud in its proper place. Then the ship is launched and sails away to sea. As the ship plows ahead, rising to the crest of a great wave only to plunge headlong into the trough, all the little screws and bolts, as well as masts and sails, begin to creak and squeak and shriek complaints. “Oh, you are grinding me to pieces !” shrieks the bolt against the wood. The mast snaps at the deck ; the stanchions groan that they are being ruined and can’t hold on much longer; the yards and masts shriek that their backs are breaking and the sails ought to be slit to ribbons for abusing them so. Every individual scrap of metal that goes to make up the great ship has its own complaint to make about the way its neighbor abuses it. And all this time the ship keeps steadily on, the sailors polish the decks and keep the brasses bright, loose a screw here, tighten a bolt there, drop a bit of oil where it is needed. And after a while the various parts get used to their places and their work, the creaks and shrieks and groans grow softer, and finally everything settles contentedly to its work, and the sharp complaints die away to a full-toned murmur of understanding and good will toward each other and their work. And so the good ship finds herself. 

The world is like that. All these ages we have been crying against our neighbors and our work. We have misunderstood and undervalued ourselves and each other. But always the good ship has kept steadily on her course, and we have been oiled and polished, tightened up or loosened out as need arose, but ever we have been kept to our place in spite of misunderstanding and complaint, unless we happened to be the flea, or rat, or stowaway variety that sometimes infests a ship! And now, in this nineteenth and twentieth centuries, we common parts of the ship are finding ourselves as part of the whole. 



The consciousness of self in relation to the whole universe and God is called cosmic consciousness, the consciousness of the cosmos. It is truly a state of consciousness only and it results from an attitude of mind that some people are born with and others achieve by deliberate prac tice.It is, too, a matter of growth ; for no man can achieve cosmic consciousness until he has grown up mentally to a certain height. It is like the growth of a seed in the ground. 

A grain of corn comes to itself in the earth. Its individual consciousness is born down under the sod. The warmth of the sun draws it upward;  by answering the sun’s urge it sends out roots, finds its food, and does its work. Probably it complains and strains, even as you and I. And ever it aspires, even as we; ever it stretches upward in answer to the sun’s call, even as you and I aspire toward the spiritual sun that beams unseen for us, hidden by the denseness of our earth surroundings. 

And so the little grain of corn does its work and frets its little heart and ever reaches upward, until at last it pokes its little head above the earth and for the first time gets a glimpse of something besides itself. Under the sod the grain of corn was supremely conscious of itself and its limitations and strivings; now it sees other people, the earth and its relation to the whole; it has come into something that to it is a sort of cosmic consciousness. 

The coming forth of the butterfly from the chrysalis is another parallel to this cosmic-consciousness experience; also the coming forth of the child from the womb. In each case it is a matter of coming forth from a cocoon of self- consciousness into a consciousness of life, of other people and one’s relations to them. The ordinary philosophy of life held by the common run of people to-day is a mental cocoon of self-consciousness in which he grows, wriggling, twisting, and complaining more or less, until he grows up to the point of bursting that self-philosophy and coming out of his shell into consciousness of a world in which he is only one of many all urged by a common life purpose from one God. 

To really sense this, as well as to see it intellectually, is to experience real cosmic consciousness. This birth into the cosmic sense generally comes as suddenly and completely as the birth of a butterfly or a babe. There is no going back again into the chrysalis, no going back into the old little-self life. But one catches intellectual glimpses of the cosmic before he is really born into the cosmic consciousness, just as the grub may catch glimpses of the world through his shell, may feel his growing wings though they are not yet unfolded; just as the chick may peep at the world before he fully emerges from the shell. 

The Bible states that they that come unto God “must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Even so, those who come into the cosmic sense must believe that they are one with the cosmos, so that they desire or aspire to know the cosmos better and to feel with it. In due time comes the experience of cosmic consciousness, which is an experience, but not a provable thing. It is a religious experience, known by the one who experiences it, but utterly tangible to one who is not ready to emerge from the grub state. 

As well talk color to one born blind as to talk cosmic consciousness to the ordinary man.  Or, rather, to the back-number man ; for it is the ordinary men and women of the twentieth century who are now coming into the world of cosmic consciousness. The religious experience commonly called conversion may be likened to the state of the grub when he first feels his embryo wings and catches a glimpse of the world through his shriveling shell. He is still held fast in his cramped environment, but he begins to realize that there is something larger that he will find in time. This is where the idea of heaven after death came in ; the human grub of past generations died in the grub state; he never came to the open of cosmic consciousness, so his heaven did come after death, as his instinct and theology taught him. The masses died thus. 

Only here and there a seer or a Christ found the cosmic consciousness of heaven within and now. And these, too, realized that the grub  man needed time and countless reincarnations before he could find heaven within and now. This accounts for so much future tense in the Bible, and harmonizes it with the present tense of Jesus’ teaching about heaven and oneness. 

The religious experience called by old- fashioned Methodists “sanctification” is nothing more or less than the cosmic consciousness. Many sought sanctification but few found it, though more than a few claimed it. Conversion means turning to God, the Cosmic One, and trying to imitate Jesus; but sanctification means giving to God yourself, all you know and all you don’t know, and finding yourself in him and him in you as your very heart, desire, and moving impulse. One sees either of these experiences intellectually first, “as through a glass darkly”; as through the thinning cocoon, and, seeing, desires it. Then he meets the conditions and experiences it “in his heart” or emotional center, which is the center of the star, you know, where God is. 

This “heart” of you is what modern psychologists call the subconscious or subliminal mind, of which more anon. Suffice it here to say that the subconscious mind is about 95 percent of you, and that it is like a deep reservoir filled with thoughts and concepts sent into it by way of your conscious intellect. 

The conscious mind is a mere surface or gateway to this big reservoir of you. Not until the 95 per cent, reservoir of your subconscious mind has accepted a truth can you really embody that truth and be saved by it. This is why the old- fashioned religionist belittled intellect; he knew it counted for naught as long as “the heart” was wrong. A hundred years ago it was fashionable to seek conversion, because the time was ripe for a great many people to come into that consciousness. In this day and age many of the sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters of those converted a hundred years ago are born and brought up already converted; they are born with a degree of spiritual consciousness never dreamed of before this age, except by the occasional prophet and savior. 

I knew in Oregon two old people near- ing the threescore-and-ten milepost, who were born in this consciousness. I quizzed them long and often about it. It was a marvel to me then; now it is beautifully clear. They were born converted, and in early youth they came into sanctification, or cosmic consciousness. Their beautiful faces and lovely lives manifested it. My mother was converted when she was about thirty-four, and died two years later, when I was nine. I thought of spiritual things when very young, and was converted when I was less than twenty-five. My two children have practically grown up in spiritual  thought, and I am looking for their children to be born converted. When I was about twenty-seven I came into the experience called then sanctification, now named cosmic consciousness. So by the law of evolution my grandchildren or great-grandchildren may be born cosmic-sensitive! 

In Dr. Maurice Bucke’s book on “Cosmic Consciousness” he gives the following as the truths which the new consciousness revealed to him. 

1. He “came to see and know that the cosmos is not dead matter but a living presence.” 

2. “That the soul of man is immortal; that the universe is so built and ordered that without any peradventure all things work together for the good of each and all.” 

3. “That the foundation principle of the world is what we call love, and that the happiness of every one is in the long run absolutely certain.” To convince your subconscious self of these three truths is to achieve the cosmic sense; for whatever that subconscious self really accepts is what you feel to be true. The intellectual concept does not save you. How can it, when conscious mind is but five per cent, of your total consciousness? You must be convinced of a truth before you are saved by that truth. 

A line from Shakespeare points the way : “Assume a virtue if you have it not.” To affirm a truth, acting upon it as well as you can, ends in subconscious conviction and knowing, or “feeling” that truth. Why not, since we are men tal beings? A high truth firmly held will make over the entire mind, conscious and subconscious. 

To say the truth over to yourself is to “speak the Word” that creates and recreates you. Without the Word, the affirmation, the mental statement, is not anything made or remade in you.  

To achieve the cosmic consciousness, affirm it, affirm it. Take special seasons every day, preferably the first minutes after waking and the last before going to sleep, for special realization practice. First, breathe fully and relax every muscle. Then affirm positively to yourself that the universe is a living and loving presence and that all things work together for the good and joy of each and all. Affirm this several times, positively. Then relax as fully as possible, get limp all over, and imagine that One Living Presence of Love enfolding you warmly, filling you with the love and wisdom of Itself. Think how you would feel if you could feel this to be true. Then go about your work and never mind the affirmations or the cosmic consciousness, either, for that matter. 

If you are faithful to this realization practice you will soon find yourself remembering it and thinking and acting from it without trying to.  And eventually you will find not only your thoughts but your very instinct acting upon the statements you have made for yourself. 

The more good will, enthusiasm, and imagination you can put into this practice the sooner the real cosmic consciousness will be yours. It will be yours eventually, anyway, but you can hasten it by every bit of aspiration, affirmation, imagination, and steady enthusiasm you put into it.



Man is “an infinite little copy of God” and everything in this world is a copy of some portion of man. Every invention existed first in man’s mind. Man has a complete photographing outfit within him, camera, lens, negative, dark room, developers, art gallery, and all. 

The telegraph and telephone came from within man. You cannot name an invention of any sort from the tiniest and simplest to the greatest and most complex; you cannot name a form in nature, nor a principle of growth in nature, that has not its parallel and original in man. And more inventions are coming every day, all coming out of man. And by these things that come out of man we are learning what is in man. One of the most significant things that has come out of man so far is the Marconi system of wireless telegraph. We haven’t got the wireless telegraph all out of man yet, many improvements have been made since wireless telegraphy was first announced, and more are coming. But enough of it has been evolved to give us a very good idea of how men communicate without using either of the ordinary five senses. 

Telepathy is the word coined to cover a lot of cases of communication not explainable through the five senses. Such as that case of Bishop Taylor. He was traveling his circuit one night, and a spring freshet carried coach and horses off their footing, the bishop barely escaping with his life. His wife and daughter were sleeping in their separate rooms at home, a hundred miles away. At the exact hour of the bishop’s accident wife and daughter were roused by a terrible fear, and both cried out that the bishop’s life was in danger. Later they quieted down and slept again. Two days later the bishop recounted his experience to them, saying that at the moment of the accident he gave himself up for lost, and his soul went out to his wife and daughter in a heart-breaking farewell. I need not recount other tales of the sort, nearly everybody has had similar experiences of his own, or knows someone who has. That, under certain conditions, men do communicate with each other without using any of the ordinary known means for such purpose is a fact too well established now to elicit discussion.

But the method of such communication is an open question the whole civilized world is engaged in discussing. Several societies for psychical research spend much time sifting evidence with a view to settling upon some one theory as official. They are after a sort of Newtonian law that cannot be disputed. So far the results are a mass of evidence, more or less reliable, and several conflicting theories. 

The Spiritualists say spirits do it all. Professor Hyslop is now convinced that spirits do some of the communicating. Others throw spirits to the dogs and insist that every spirit in the flesh is able to send and to receive mental messages, under certain unknown conditions. Now please remember that all these views are merely individual opinions, based upon the same mass of circumstantial evidence. 

Nobody has proved anything beyond the phenomena themselves. And all these people are now inclined to agree that probably every man has within himself the ability to telepath, and that probably most of the common experiences of telepathy take place without the intervention of other spirits, in the body or out.  I am inclined to think that all these phenomena take place within and by the power of the individual himself, without outside disembodied spirits having anything whatever to do with it. I believe man is his own telegraph and marconigraph for sending and receiving messages, and that the higher his mind projects into the ethers of pure spirit, the cosmic sense, the more he will learn about his own marconigraph and the better he will be able to use it. 

This does not mean that I don’t believe in disembodied spirits, or in their power to communicate with man. There may be disembodied conscious souls; I neither believe in them nor disbelieve in them. The case stands simply “not proven.” The phenomena that convinced Professor Hyslop did not come up to my “test conditions.” It seemed to me that he accepted spirits on the say-so of a woman who afterward discredited her own testimony. 

Whereupon Professor Hyslop discredited her to save his scientific face! Of course the professor is a trained observer; so am I. And I have nothing to lose and the truth to gain if new evidence changes my mind. But of this I am reasonably sure: that if there are disembodied conscious spirits who communicate with men they are equipped with something like the same sort of telepath apparatus that embodied spirits have. 

Now let us see what we can discover from the wireless telegraph of Marconi, for verily man is like unto it, as Jesus might say. Analogy is after all the best proof of a thing, particularly when the subject of the analogy comes out of man with whom the comparison is made. First, then, the wireless telegraph is based upon the ethers in which we live and move and have our being. The heavenly ethers convey its every message. It is the heavenly ethers through which the message is conveyed, and it  is the earth which receives the current. 

Up in the heavens, at the top of a tall rod, the message is received, and down the rod it comes, to be received close to earth if not in the very earth itself. Think of space as a living, love- vibrating presence; a divine presence that vibrates perhaps to the tone of Nirvana. Every activity of man and of whirling world interrupts the current of this basic Nirvana vibration, and thereby conveys its import to other individuals and to God. In speaking I send out certain sounds that interrupt the etheric current in certain definite rhythm. 

Your ears are fine instruments for measuring the current-interruptions I am making in the ethers. Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, are all based upon this same interruption of the basic vibration tone of the universal substance, which is electric in its nature. The telephone, telegraph, and wireless all are based upon this same principle of conveying messages by interruption of an electric current. In telegraphing, the electricity is made to vibrate through the wire, and the interruptions are made by tapping a key. In wireless telegraphing the vibration of the upper air is used, the interruptions coming from the key. 

Close to earth there are so many other interruptions of current taking place that the wireless key cannot make itself distinguished. Note the difference between telegraph and wireless: in telegraphing, the current is confined to the wire and the message follows that line only; but a wireless message goes out in all directions, as the rays of the sun go out. To get a wire you must be on the line. To get a wireless you can be anywhere ; the only necessity is that you are keyed to the message sent. 

Unless a ship’s instrument is keyed aright it cannot receive the most insistent message sent out from a wireless station.To have a line up to the clear spaces, and to be tuned to the sender, are the two absolute requirements of wireless telegraphy. And of telepathy. The man whose thought stays close to earth; who lives in the tangle of cross-purposes; who looks on the outward appearances as the important thing; such a man must depend upon his five earth-senses for most of the messages he receives. But the man who runs up a line into the clear blue of the cosmic senses receives telepaths and spiritual “leads” the earthy man never dreams of. 

I wonder if intuition is the heaven- wire by which we receive our wireless messages. And I am sure aspiration and inspiration are messages sent over the heaven-wire. In connection with this idea I recall certain discoveries of Dr. Baraduc’s in Paris, and several alleged photograph reproductions of strange psychic phenomena produced by him. Dr. Baraduc has succeeded in photographing what he calls the mental ball. This, he says, is a luminous sphere that floats at the end of a misty cable three or four feet above the head of a person. Dr. Baraduc thinks it is through this misty cable and mental ball that people receive telepathic messages. It may be true. If so I wonder if the wireless telegraph people could not solve some of their difficulties by putting a metal globe at the top of their poles. Dr. Baraduc says that at death this mental ball and its anchoring cable float free and dissolve like smoke. He shows photos of this phenomenon. He likewise shows photos of the spirit or life or aura floating off from the body and dissolving in long vapor-like filaments and streamers. 

I cannot prove to the five-senses man that he has within him the spiritual instruments for sending and receiving messages by wireless. None of these spiritual things can be proved to such a man, any more than color can be proved to one born blind to it. Spiritual things are discerned by new spiritual senses. “Ye must be born again,” if you are still densely material. If you cannot see by analogy, your spiritual, cosmic-sense eyes are indeed closed, and more time must be allowed before you come out of the grub-state. 

Let us assume telepathy and learn how to use it. Nothing like doing a thing to teach us the truth about it. It may be that telepathy has not always been a practical thing among all human beings; that it was merely inherent, as the butterfly’s wings were inherent in the grub ; waiting for a certain stage of development to unfold it. All through the ages there have been a few peculiar persons who manifested the ability to telepath. And many people of the psychic order have had special experiences in thought transference. But all cases seem to have been sporadic and impossible to repeat. Never until this age has there been any attempt made to classify telepathic phenomena and utilize the law of them. All this thinking about it means that the hour is at hand for unfolding our telepathic wings, so to speak. 

One of the first requisites for telepathic communication seems to be that mysterious something called “rapport.” Two people who love each other and are harmonious in thought can exchange thoughts without tangible means of conveyance, while two inharmonious persons seem to make no exchange at all. Dr. Baraduc and his late wife communicate telepathically, and Dr. Bara duc believes and seems to have proved by his photographic experiments that there was a sort of spiritual cord between him and his wife, communicating through those mental balls of which I spoke before. 

Many seers have declared that they could see filmy cords connecting certain people together. Such spiritual lines probably do exist between certain people. It would not be strange if these very spiritual lines were “the pattern in the heavens” that inspired the telegraph; and that one’s thoughts are the “Morse code” understood and translated by those on the line. It looks, then, as if there is a telepathy of wires as well as a telepathy of wireless. And the former is more easily proved and attracts more attention than the latter, because it is more nearly developed as a provable thing. And it looks as if language is truly inspired, as the psalmist says; since certain people are really “attached to each other,” as we say, attached by spiritual lines that are real telepath wires. And this reminds me of another phase of telegraphy and telepathy : we are to have color pictures flashed over the wires, just as many people have had visions flashed over their telepathic wires. If one admits this hint at a hypothesis, it is easy to see how to cultivate telepathy. 

Cultivate harmony and love and community of interests. 

Telepathy by wire has existed for nobody can guess how long. I have seen many cases of it, where two people exchanged thoughts many times every day often without even guessing that they did so. William’s mother and I must have a line up, judging by the number of messages we exchange on little items concerning the household. And William and I are always exchanging thoughts, sometimes sending and receiving messages by intention, but more often involuntarily. We have no mental reservations between us to act as grounders for our thoughts. And this brings me to the main reason that almost settles me in the belief that telepathy by spiritual wire, and. telepathy by wireless, are being unfolded in our consciousness just as telegraph and wireless are being unfolded in the world. I said William and I have no mental reservations to ground our messages. 

Absolute honesty is the electricity that charges the spiritual wires between people and makes possible the transference of thought. A steady current of good will is the energy that carries the thought. Disingenuousness insulates one’s mind so that no spiritual current of goodwill goes out to another. The deceitful, secretive person keeps his good will for himself. Do you see what a wise provision of nature, or life, or God, this is? 

Suppose all the villains of all the ages had been able to run out lines to their victims and read their thoughts, purposes, and plans. Suppose the village gossip could thus get a line on everything. As long as there are villains there must be means of insulating thought, and nature has provided that the villain himself afford that means. He puts up walls of secrecy and dwells within in fear of what is outside. His good will to himself turns sour and ferments, breeding all sorts of boogers to scare him. So, “the wicked flee when no man pursueth.” Not until a man catches glimpses of his oneness with all creatures is it safe to trust him to read the thoughts of others. Just in proportion as his good will flows outward will he come into rapport with others, where he can sometimes read their thoughts. 

Selfishness and its secretiveness and fear are the barriers against rapports with those about us. When we are evolved enough to throw down these barriers, be absolutely honorable and honest and kind with our neighbors and ourselves, we shall find rapports establishing on all sides. To think and do and goodwill unto others as you would have them think  and do and good-will unto you, is the first and indispensable condition for telepathy: To love your neighbor is to send out a feeler, a spiritual wire of Good Will toward him. In due time he will feel that feeler and connect with it, and there you have your rapport. 

The second requisite for giving and receiving conscious telepathic messages is definiteness of thought. I once saw in a New York paper some pictures made by photographing thoughts. One of these pictures represented the Flatiron Building. The building appeared as a wavering pillar of black smoke, with here and there near the top a few spots of light that represented windows. Too many of our thoughts are too wavering and inaccurate to be recognized by the recipient. In telepathic experiments take simple things, observe them carefully, and picture them mentally in exact detail. In sending word messages speak the words very distinctly and slowly in your thought, repeating several times, spelling out carefully, following out each letter accurately as you spell, all without moving the lips. 

This is good mental practice and justifies the time spent, even if the results in message bearing are less than perfectly satisfactory. Definiteness of thought will develop in you by practice in this way, and in other ways, and with every year you will find yourself growing more positive and exact and forceful in your thoughts, as well as more sensitive to the thoughts of others. To receive another’s thought, sit quietly in the silence, let go, and be ready to receive. 

Practice will do the rest for you. So much for telepathy through personal rapport. Now let us sum up with a brief statement of the nature and uses of telepathy. Just as there are two sorts of mind, conscious and subconscious, so there are two kinds of telepathy. One is subconscious and wireless, and practically beyond our control. Subconscious telepaths come to us incessantly from all directions. 

To all intents and purposes we swim in a sea of such messages. And our subconsciousness takes in any of those messages which it is keyed to receive. 

Every ganglionic center in your body, beginning with the great sympathetic center, the solar plexus, which may be likened to New York City; from that on down to the smallest ganglion in your body, of which there are thousands, that may be likened to the little outlying country villages of our land, every one of these centers is a marconigraph station, each keyed by you to receive certain messages from the atmospheric and etheric vibrations in which you live. And this is not all: every cell in your body is an individual receiver of messages on its own account. And each and every cell acts upon its messages received, even as you and I. 

Each receiving ganglion and cell is keyed by you. Remember that. How to do the keying we shall learn later. Now note that all this receiving of messages by the 95 per cent, self of you is done under your conscious mind, outside it. But the reports on those messages come up to the 5 per cent, conscious self of you, by way of the nerves. 

All this bears an exact analogy to the work of ex-President Roosevelt’s commission on the prevention of cruelty to farmers and their wives. The commission did outside of Washington, which stands for the head, all their work of receiving messages from the farmer in the 95 per cent, self of our country; after ward collating and co-ordinating those messages and reporting the resulting opinions back to the conscious U. S. self represented by Congress. It now remains for Congress to key  this country so that its next messages from the farmers will report better things. Note that Washington does not hear and know when you and I get messages from over in England or Germany; it is not informed when we thresh out our discontents in town meetings and local clubs; but the consensus of these things it receives in Congress, the conscious U. S. self, through the regular channels. And Washington on its own account receives messages from foreign countries which do not come by the subconscious route; just as you and I occasionally receive a conscious telepathic message. 

Telepathy is a natural power of every human being, used in the main unconsciously, or rather subconsciously; but susceptible of development on the conscious plane, through aspiration, concentration, definiteness of thought, and practice. 



We are all destined to come into rapport with the whole world through the wireless medium of the cosmic consciousness. Always this rap port has been ours subconsciously. We have ever lived in a sea of messages coming to us from those about us, and from those who lived and thought before us and went away leaving the air charged with their messages. We are heirs to all the ages of thought, and we are living in and by a sea of thought which we draw upon sub consciously but nonetheless effectually. 

This great subsurface reservoir of ourselves composes about 95 per cent. of us, and through it we have been receiving and are receiving, and acting  upon, ten thousand telepathic messages from all corners of earth and heaven, messages we receive as coming in most cases from within ourselves but which really come from without and are received by us. There is no way of deciding how many of our actions and feelings are due to this subconscious reception of telepathic messages, but it is safe to say that somewhere about half or three quarters or more of our feelings and actions are thus stimulated from with out.So large is the proportion that some scientists have declared we are altogether the product of our environment, and these same scientists looked wholly upon the physically traceable part of our environment at that. 

Their instruments failed to measure the telepathic, the occult forces of our environment. It took the twentieth century to develop man to the point of glimpsing this unseen and potent side of life, which the greatest scientists are now investigating. And in the meantime you and I and they have been growing in wisdom and knowledge and wickedness mainly by receiving and acting upon these same subconscious telepaths; calling the impulse our own. They are “our own,” in the sense that we are all one, using the same air, light, sunshine/ wisdom, God, the same psychic and mental atmosphere to grow in and by. They are “our own” impulses in exactly the same way that the center of the star is each point’s own center. 

By that same token do you see why it is so hard for one of us to be fully saved from sin, sickness, death, untrue thought, until all are saved? All the time we are receiving some measure of impulse toward these things by subconscious telepathy. But there is a way, and that way is indicated by the latest invention of the loa wireless telegraph, that enables a receiving station; to be so keyed that it will fail to pick up messages in other keys. 

Every individual has the key of this problem within himself. He can key himself to any pitch he desires, so that thought waves of certain other pitches will pass by unrecorded. The emotions or sympathies are what decide our pitch. They are the life of the subconscious 95 percent. self of us, and upon their pitch depends the kind of thought vibrations we answer to in spite of ourselves and all our high purposes and conscious desires. 

These emotions and sympathies constitute what the Bible calls “the heart.” What a man is keyed to in his heart determines what he attracts as environment and heart impulse. And remember, environment includes that subconscious sea of telepathic messages, race beliefs, heredities in which we live and by which we are subconsciously impelled.  Herein lies the reason that the magnet man does not always attract what he is conscious of desiring.

His conscious desire may be at cross-purposes with his subconscious desire. And the subconscious self, you know, weighs nineteen times as much as the conscious self! No wonder its desires rule. No wonder it’s keynote counts in the harmonies or discords of your life. But that little 5 per cent. self of you is mighty. It is “God in the Highest” of you. It is “Lord God” of you, and of the Bible; and it is given all power in your subconscious self, as well as in your conscious self. That little 5 percent self it is which keys your emotions and sympathies to their message-receiving work. That little 5 percent self is mightier than all below it, and its WORD is LAW. Even its idle word is law, makes its subconscious mark upon you and keys you to more idle words. And these idle words have life in themselves and attract after their kind. The idle words, like the good words, and the evil words, each attracts after its kind, and each builds up its marconi station in you, keyed to messages of its kind. 

You are like the United States, and your 5 percent, conscious self is a sort of Ellis Island. The good, bad, and indifferent from all the world appear at Ellis Island, are inspected, some turned back, others invited to come in and settle. 

Those who are allowed to come in go and settle where there are others of their kind. Some get by on false pretenses. Others are turned back because the inspectors at Ellis Island misjudge, or because a prejudice, a pre-judgment, excludes them, as in the case of certain anarchists. 

So you sit at your Ellis Island and ten thousand thoughts pass in review before you.  And some you turn back, for good reason or for prejudice, and they go their way leaving you untouched, unchanged. And some thoughts you invite in and entertain, and they go their way into the big America of your 95 percent sub-self, and there they find a congenial settlement where they make their homes, breed after their kind, and receive and act upon outside telepaths of their sort. But most of the thoughts that pass your Ellis Island are of the kind you call indifferent, neither good nor bad, just so-so; good as most people’s thoughts, you guess; “good enough,” “harmless anyway”; and these you let in, too, and they find congenial thought- towns and settle there, breeding after their kind and receiving and sending subconscious telepaths to match. And some of your settlements of thoughts are good and make you feel good ; and others are evil and give you evil feelings; and some of them settle in slums, and make you feel very bad indeed when you are conscious of them at all! And your little Ellis Island did it all! If you didn’t exactly create your subconscious America, at least you invited folks in to settle it, and its government and its evils as well as its blessings are the natural inevitable result, with nobody to blame but yourself. 

And you are not to blame because you didn’t know any better and you are learning by experience. So now you are going to be very strict on your Ellis Island hereafter!  No more criminals or incompetents are to get in, that’s decided! You will turn the undesirables back with a denial and welcome the desirables with a yes, an affirmation. 

But what to do with the ones already in, that’s the question ! How shall you go about it to get yourself keyed above all these settlers that seem so in planted and so persistent in increasing and multiplying after their kind, and so determined to smuggle in other influences of their kind by the subconscious telepathic route?



Positive  affirmation is the mandate that keys your body; just as the mandates sent out by Congress key the United States. 

But one must do something besides issue laws to his being, and command his thought-people to carry out the laws. He must also rest from his mental labors of lawmaking and give his thought-people, conscious and subconscious, plenty of time for rest and recreation. “God giveth to his beloved in sleep.” Man gives out his thought-force and emotion while he thinks and works, and he must have the rest of change and of sleep or it will be all giving out, until he is powerless to further. US IN Action must alternate with rest, inspiration with expiration; and it is up to you as the lawmaker of your being to see that every cell of your body gets its full meed of rest and change. 

And how are you to know how much rest your bodily functions need, as a whole or in part? Only by listening to their report. The joy of being is the proof that you are not overworking at least a part of your organization of little cell beings. To keep a good “head of vim” as Stephens calls it, a good head of joy,  vim, is the only safe and sane and sure way to “enjoy God.” And that is your chief end in life.

 It is true that once in a while you can keep on working until you get your second wind, or your third wind. But you can’t keep on living on your second or third wind, and the man who tries to will come out as Dr. Worcester did. He will have to take a long rest to balance the long overworking on the second wind.  The joy of living is the proof of right living, the proof that you are not making galley slaves of a large proportion of your little cell people. “Shorter hours and better work” for your energies is the law of Tightness in you as well as in the commercial world. 

Just as wise business men nowadays look after the clean living, education, and recreation of their workmen, so you must look after the needs and desires of your little thought-people. You stand in relation to your cell lives and energies exactly as God stands in relation to you. 

Don’t be an exacting and slave-making god! Love your energies, joy in them, keep them well recreated by rest and by change of work. Do not try to pass fatigue barriers! What’s the use of it? 

Keep a good head of joy-vim every day and all day and you will do better work and more of it, and be in better trim to get your second wind or third wind if sometime it becomes a real necessity to endure a strain. Take kindly wise care not to overwork any part of your body. Don’t make a mill hand of yourself with long hours of work without thought and love. And don’t let too much of your thought evaporate out of the top of your head while your body idles. Direct much of your thought through your body in intelligent work, but don’t pass the fatigue barrier in any one kind of work unnecessarily.

 Let go and change when your body begins to want to. Your instinct is the true guide in this , trust it and keep on. Practice makes perfect and develops power. To exercise all parts of the body and mind in turn, always changing the field of exercise before the joy of being, not joy of doing, has been lowered, is to fulfill the chief end of man, which is the enjoyment of Good, or God. But all this must come from an inner heart impulse, not from a mere deadhead plan. 

To love the thing you do is necessary to enjoying it and God. And to do it for a purpose larger than that of mere personal development is an absolute demand of the God in you. You are a member of “one Stupendous Whole” whose soul is your soul; and this soul of you cannot be satisfied except your self is developed, not for you alone, but for the good of the whole. Useful work for the good of others is the demand of your being, and without it you can’t enjoy God in you, no matter how systematically you may exercise your energies.


To really enjoy living you must work for others, and do it in such a way that your own development will come through your useful work for others. 

If you run a grocery store with the primary purpose of getting money for yourself you cannot fully enjoy the work nor God in it. If your primary purpose is the real artist’s purpose of supplying people’s wants in the best possible manner at fair prices, there is only one thing that can spoil your enjoyment of God in the work, and that is, lowering your head of joy-vim by too steady application without change for recreation. 

If you love your work and work at it intelligently, not immoderately, you help the world along and develop yourself at the same time. And if your recreations are well chosen, affording complete relaxation from business thoughts and the interested activity of entirely different thought-areas and muscle-areas, your development will be so much more rapid and complete and soul-enjoying. 

The soul-satisfying life is one of all- around activity and development, the life of poise, the natural life, the simple life, the life in which relaxation equals application, and where, no matter how complex the mode of living, mind and body are free to turn readily and with joy from one thing to another. 

Our old conception of life is a straight line, a strain ahead; now we are learning that it is a poise, a balance of thinking and doing that releases love in every activity. Does all this sound complex? It is really very simple, it means simply let go mentally, and follow desire. It means believe that God desires in you, and that by following desire you will learn to fulfill the chief end of man, enjoyment of God, or Good. 

If there is strain in your life it comes from an unnatural idea of life. Don’t try to live up to anything, let go and let the impulse from within move you to every action. Otherwise, don’t act. Accept the inner impulse as good, no matter how it may seem to disagree with your old man-made ideas of duty. This new way of taking your goodness for granted and living from the inner impulse may turn your living upside down for a time. 

When I came to see the artificialness and strain of my life (some fifteen years ago) and let go, I went to sleep for three weeks! Waked up and felt “I ought”— Affirmed myself good, and my sleep impulse good, turned over and went to sleep again. In between sleeps I did what was absolutely necessary to keep others in the home from starving. At last one afternoon came a real desire to get up and clean up the kitchen and get a nice dinner! Ever after I laid for my desire-impulse, followed as far as it moved me, then rested again while another desire brewed within me. 

The result was 

(1) the real enjoyment of good in working out the impulse. 

(2) increasing faith and proof that my desire-impulses were right guides to action, and the lack of them the right signal for inaction.

(3) an increasing number of these desire-impulses from within, with increasing physical energy to carry them out. 

Right impulse, and peace of mind, and physical force came to me through trusting and acting with my own desire- impulses and now-impulses as the voice of God within me. I found the kingdom of heaven within me, where life-impulse is generated, and made my thoughts and actions right with it. All other things were promptly added. 

Health of self came first, but not complete health. Work-impulse came, with power to do. The desire to heal others came, and with it the power. That desire came before I was healed myself, altogether,  and I found self-healing came faster if I healed others, and that my limitations did not hinder other people from responding to my “perfect word.” How I used the subconscious in many healings of others in the family and neighborhood, how I became a suncenter of healing and discovered and applied several new principles of spiritual healing are told in my little “Experiences in Self-Healing” and “How to Wake the Solar Plexus,” and need not be repeated here. 

I found the healing of others the best practice for personal healing and power and development. 

Always begin treatments for self or others with 

(1) meditation.

(2) then full breathing.

(3) then denials if needed.

(4) then positive affirmations, repeated.

(5) then silence, which may terminate in sleep.



Man is a magnet. To be opulent within is to charge one’s self with the magnetism that attracts friends, ideas, money. The right attitude of mind will bring wealth through any business channel that does not run counter to the individual’s belief in right. 

First, choose the business you desire, the one you feel fitted for or specially adapted for. If you can’t choose—just now—then adapt yourself to the business you find yourself in. To love your work, those you meet, yourself, and your methods and goods, is absolutely essential to growing a success. These may all become irksome, after your successful business is established, and your success still goes on, but to create a successful business you must put into its every detail unlimited quantities of loving interest and thought. It is easier to generate loving interest if you can choose your work,  but it is quite possible to do it in any business by which you can serve man’s real needs. 

I doubt if a new thought man can succeed as a saloon keeper, because saloons pander to that which destroys man, not builds him, and knowledge of this fact takes the heart out of the saloon man who learns that all men are his brothers. 

To grow success, begin where you must, if not where you would like to. Put your loving thought into making the greatest possible artistic success of each detail of the work as it comes up. A big success is made up of ten thousand little successes of detail, all pieced together with faith and love for the work as a whole. 

The spirit in you is the only reliable guide to your successful business as a  whole. Ask yourself what you can begin on now to grow success. The thing lies straight before you in the thing you can do or are doing now, unless your spirit is urging you to some certain definite step into something else. When the spirit of you urges a definite step, take it; until then put your love into making successes every hour right where you are. To make a hundred detail-successes a day where you are, and to use some of your recreation time and thought in preparing yourself with a good stock of tools to work with in some new line to ward which your being inclines you, is the road to the sort of success your being calls for. But remember that your chief end is to enjoy good in every day and hour of work. 

Put your loving interest into the now, and ask your spirit for light on how to arrange your details so as to get out of them quickest results in joy and growth.  Ask your desire-spirit these things, and follow its urge in faith. Do not ask your neighbors or friends, or your own sense of conventions. Follow your desire-impulse and have faith in results. Shut your eyes and ears from hearing of criticisms, except from your desire-self. 

Practice proves. You are the worker-out of your successes. Nobody can help you except as they can perchance supply you a tool to work with. You must use the tool. Education supplies tools to you. Your friend may teach you bookkeeping, for instance, and you use it or not, as your desire-urge directs. But conventions are not tools!  They are ruts made by other men. Use them when it makes easier going, but when your desire-urge prefers a new path, a short cut, for God’s sake take it. 

Only so can you make tracks of your own in the sands of time. Be the real thing by following your own desire-urge into new  ways. Who knows but the world needs your new ways? And anyway you need them to fulfill the chief end of your being here at all. To love your work ; to follow your desire in growing it,  to use tools, methods, as your desire urges, to use common sense in all things, to be just to yourself in money matters before you are lavish with the other man, to count in all the costs and allow yourself a fair profit above everything, to pay cash and require cash (or as near it as possible)  to make due allowance everywhere for the Unexpected, to manage always a savings balance accumulated for the Day of Opportunity,  to do all this in joy,  to grow in wisdom and in knowledge and in loving-kindness by doing it, and by doing it to help and bless the world you live in, these constitute the Successful Life every soul desires. 

And every soul can work it out if he will trust his own inner urge and value his joy of being above all material results. The treatment for success is the same as for health, repeated affirmations, present tense, positive mood. I AM what I desire to manifest. 

Do not try to influence others, be and do the thing that attracts you. Remember, success, like heaven, is an attitude of mind that is creating a local habitation. 

Success comes first in thought, and as the thought pattern appears, Love creates in its image and likeness. Read “The Science of Getting Rich,” by Wallace D. Wattles, and my own “How to Grow Success,” and “How to Wake the Solar Plexus” and “Experiences in Self-Healing.” The latter contains my own experiences in outgrowing poverty.



I wonder if you are now realizing the great truth that this universe is a big Living, Loving Presence that feels and thinks and loves through you and in you. And that the chief end of you is to be the glory of this Presence, and enjoy it forever. 

To know thyself is to know the Divine Presence and its ways within you. And the way to this knowledge and illumination is the way of aspiration and inspiration ; the way of communion with the One Loving Presence; the way of dedication and consecration; the way of resignation to the will of the One Presence, trusting that step by step the wisdom of the One Presence will reveal itself. 

Solomon’s prayer is the only availing one : “Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart.” It is not enough to pray for, or aspire to, wisdom, unless one is first given over to be the servant of that wisdom. And neither is it enough to ask wisdom for self alone, for wisdom is One, and grants no favors to you that are disfavors to your neighbor. Not until your very subconscious center is given over to desiring the good of all can you come into real rapport with the Love Presence, so that the real joy as well as the wisdom of it is yours. You cannot enjoy God, the Loving Presence, except you glorify and exalt it above everything, above YOURSELF. Resignation, consecration, aspiration, then exaltation of spirit. After this all things shall be added. And the work is all done in your thought. 

Remember that your thought keys your body. This does not mean that the body is nothing and has no effect on thought, that thought is all there is to it. Thought is not a vaporous nothing thrown off by the body; thought is of the same identical material as the body. The body is congealed thought, and that which we commonly call thought is positive to the body, and acts upon it. Thought is to the body what steam is to ice. Thought is like steam generated in a boiler and turned to moving our bodies intelligently. 

Think a moment : What part of your body can control a thought in your mind? Can your whole body put a thought out of your mind? No. Your entire body may be so paralyzed it can not act, and yet there will be thoughts in your mind. But a single thought of your mind can move your body in any direction; a joy in LESSONS IN thought can galvanize it to life ; a fear thought can stop its machinery forever. Just one thought can make or unmake a body, but a hundred bodies cannot stop a thought, once recognized. But this does not mean that thought and body are separate things, any more than it means that thought is powerless or the body no matter. It just means that without thought man falls down and scrambles on all fours; that thought is the wisdom-power that directs the action and evolution of body, and without it we revert to imbeciles and idiots. 

No, it is not the body that makes the idiot; his mother’s thought ran amuck somewhere and pied her unborn babe’s poor little thought-built but negative body, so that the real self cannot think through it. The idiot’s body is an incomplete thing that limits the expression of its thought. For, though the body cannot control thought because it is negative to the thought that expresses through it, yet it can limit the output of thought, just as a small or incomplete flour mill can limit the output of flour. The mill does not regulate the supply of wheat to be made into flour, but its capacity determines the amount and quality of flour it can turn out. In the case of the mill, both mill and wheat are negative, having no effect in changing each other. But the human thought mill, the complete body including its brain, is very greatly affected by the thought it turns out. 

This is fact beyond peradventure of doubt; and this one fact looks to me like proof positive that both brain and thought are developed and used by a YOU that is positive to both; that stands in relation to brain, body, and thought as the mill man to mill and wheat; is positive to both, and changes and improves both as fast as he can to increase size and quality of output. It looks to me as if this positive YOU is the evolutionary energy of the universe, and is identical with “the unknown God” that Paul tried to “declare” unto the Athenians, and that ecclesiastics and layman teachers have been trying to understand and declare ever since. That body and brain are used by an unseen power that calls itself I, or I AM THAT I AM, or I AM WHAT I AM DECLARING, AND THEN SOME! is to me a proved assumption even without the dicta of scientists. I feel and KNOW, by observation and introspection, that I  use my body and my brain, that I call up new thoughts; that I command them. 

And Victor Hugo knew this when he wrote in his later years those immortal words which find echo in many hearts:  

“I feel in myself the future life. I am like a forest once cut down; the new shoots are stronger and livelier than ever. I am rising, I know, toward the  sky. The sunshine is on my head. The earth gives me its generous sap, but heaven lights me with the reflection of unknown worlds.

You say the soul is nothing but the resultant of the bodily powers. Why, then, is my soul more luminous when my bodily powers begin to fail? Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart. I breathe at this hour the fragrance of the lilacs, the violets, and the roses as at twenty years.

The nearer I approach the end the plainer I hear around me the immortal symphonies of the worlds which invite me. It is marvelous, yet simple. It is a fairy tale, and it is history.

For half a century I have been writing my thoughts in prose and in verse; history, philosophy, drama, romance, tradition, satire, ode, and song; I have tried all. But I feel I have not said the thousandth part of what is in me. When I go down to the grave I can say like many others, “I have finished my day’s work. But I cannot say, “I have finished my life.’My day’s work will begin again the next morning. The tomb is not a blind alley; it is a thoroughfare. It closes on the twilight, it opens on the dawn.”  

The fact that brain, body, and thought do not always obey me proves not that I am less I, but that the brain and body and every thought I have called into being are endowed with volition and wisdom of their own within and by me, that every thought is a mental creature with will of its own, created under and subject to those same seven principles elucidated in the first three chapters of this book. The unruliness of my thoughts and of my thought-made body only proves that they are alive in their own right; that the kingdom I am trying to rule is a kingdom of living beings, not of dead putty. 

But there are other proofs that I and my thoughts are one in exactly the same sense that the Father and I are one; that my body and my thoughts are literally my alive body and my living thoughts, not me myself. 

For formal scientific proof that your body and brain are your instruments, not you, con William Hanna Thomson’s “Brain and Personality.” 

For present purposes let us assume this to be true : That you act upon your body to produce -conscious thought, which, in turn, acts within your body to produce a finer body, and, in turn, still finer thought. 

If we assume this or accept it as proved, we cannot evade seeing the point that the thoughts in our minds are the only thing we need be solicitous about. If we let only desirable thought-people through our mental Ellis Island gate we need not tag around after them to see that they do no harm. We can sit serene and trust them to settle where attraction takes them, and get busy about their work of improving conditions within us. In other words, we think the WORD into our cosmos and it straightway makes its mark there, after its kind.

The United States let in a generation or two ago, a Word, a man named Roosevelt. Uncle Sam didn’t tag him with policemen to keep him out of mischief. And from this man’s natural activities came good work, marriage, children, grandchildren, Theodore Roosevelt and the imprint for good which he has made. All from one little man let in. 

This is an exact parallel and not at all an exaggeration of the power the right sort of thought exerts to make its mark on your body. Yes, an exact parallel, for your thought-words form the cells or families of your body, and these increase and multiply and work and think, and wield an influence on the whole body, just as people do in the whole world. The same laws work everywhere in every atom and cell. So right living resolves itself into right thinking. It resolves itself into a matter of Good Government of Thought-People, a government that lets in the best thoughts to settle your body and improve it,  government that looks to the needs of all its settlers, that conserves and develops its natural resources; that educates every one of its people and gives everyone its opportunities and responsibilities in helping along the whole; a government of the head that despises no part as common, that HONORS the hand, the foot, the excretory organs, the sex organs, too, and develops each for the good of all. 

Eugenics as well as hygienics must rule within the personal body if it is ever to rule within the world.  (Publishers note: The debate of eugenics was real, and had real consequences. I left the original text as is, rather than altering history)

Now the question is, how shall we get our kingdom in order? 

We cannot kill off all the evil and false thoughts we have let in in the past any more than we can kill off all the negroes and Indians and criminals and incompetents and hobos in our United States and give the country over to the nice, cultured, respectable folk. Only one course is open to the individual and the nation alike: To admit hereafter only desirable thoughts and people; to educate to useful service every one already within the gates, to restrain and educate the lawless, and to patiently trust the rest to that law of nature which says the “wicked shall not live out half their days” while the “righteous shall inherit the earth.” And that last clause is the most important one of the three, and the first. For without trust in the law of good, the evolutionary principle of nature, if you prefer that term, without trust in God as the power that is working all things for good and better, and best, as the religionist says, without this faith in the outcome of effort no government could make the effort to keep out the undesirable invader, or to educate to useful service those already within its borders. Nor could the individual without trust in this same law in himself ever muster up the ene