Revision Master Course | A Nine Day Self-Paced Course





Are you wondering which manifesting method is right for you?

Do you have Method Madness?

This course will clear up what you can keep doing and what you can skip doing.

Do you feel stuck like your manifesting isn’t going anywhere?

Did you have dreams, but they are just floating by you and time keeps ticking and nothing is coming to fruition?

Did that business idea never go from hobby and passion to a real money making machine?

Did he freak out and ran away from you?

Did you mess up and ruin a good thing or even an amazing and magical thing and now you are left with nothing?

Are you JUST NOT GETTING IT after struggling with Law Of Assumption for a while>

Are you afraid of making a commitment to personal coaching?


This revision course IS FOR YOU!

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Are you tired of being  unsure of which manifesting technique is right for you? It’s time to break free and discover the clarity you seek.

Do you feel stuck, as if your manifesting efforts are going nowhere? Are your dreams floating by, while time keeps ticking without any tangible results? Perhaps that business idea that once ignited your passion remains stagnant, never transforming into the money-making machine you envisioned.

Has he vanished, leaving you bewildered and longing for a deeper connection? Have you made mistakes that led to the loss of something incredible, leaving you with a sense of emptiness?

If you’ve struggled to grasp the Law of Assumption, feeling frustrated and confused, this is your opportunity to find the answers you’ve been seeking.

I understand that personal coaching can be intimidating, but fear not!  My  comprehensive revision course is designed specifically for individuals like you. With a focus on the power of revision, I’ll guide you step by step towards rewriting your reality.

Say goodbye to stagnation, missed opportunities, and unfulfilled dreams. It’s time to unleash your manifesting potential and create a life beyond your wildest imagination. Join our revision course today and embark on a transformative journey towards manifesting the life you’ve always desired. Don’t let fear hold you back any longer. Embrace the power of revision and watch your world transform before your very eyes!


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