Revision 101 | Change even the worst situation into the best situation | Neville Goddard

Revision 101 | Change even the worst situation into the best situation

Nothing more brilliant than Neville’s  revision techniques has crossed my path. Well, almost anyway. 

This is a technique I vaguely knew about in a slightly different format with less faith in its seemingly miraculous outcomes.

Prior to testing revision in the way that Neville presented it, I used it to change my mood. That is it. I thought that it was only possible to change your mood about something, using this technique,  but I had no idea that you could actually change the something, and to stop worrying about your mood! Just using this technique to micromanage your mood and reaction to every encounter is definitely selling this technique short. This is meant to give you your perfect desire on a silver platter.

Sincerely, this is pure miracles in a tiny technique that only takes a few minutes to work through. 

There are DAILY questions on Facebook, asking about if “it works”, my advice is this. Try it!

As with all LOA, get out of your own way, stop applying time to the equation, and stop asking  “Can I manifest this” and stop asking if it works. Try it and come back and tell your story later.

The key to this and with all of your desires in general is to let go of the importance you might have built around the topic, find other things to entertain yourself with to stop obsessing, but for real, just give the techniques a shot.

Sometimes I share my personal stories, but I don’t always want to put things out there publicly, and I understand that hearing about other people’s success stories is soothing, but get this….You don’t need to be soothed to manifest!

This is a rewrite of history, and the result is a new reality where your revised memory created the trajectory of your life. Imagine the best and imagine that after you have done the revision you walk by faith not by sight for a little while.

This technique will find its way into mainstream psychiatry before long, nothing is as life changing, healing and transformative as revision.

This technique means that you can bypass a bunch of steps that feel weird, untrue or difficult , like surrendering your desire, or letting go. You can keep your desire, never worry about needing to let go of the resistance, because resistance is completely removed when you have finished the revision.

My favorite method for revision is in writing, using pen and paper, but if you are more of a visualizer you can visualize the revision. The goal is a perfect memory.  A memory that is so wonderful, heartwarming, uplifting and empowering. Don’t abandon the revision until it is perfect, Only do it once per memory! I keep saying that but DON”T DIG UP THE SEED. It is done, so be done with it, there is nothing further to do. 

Now, you don’t bring time into the equation, time does not exist here, so never wonder if it worked. It did. It worked, so chill now and do something else. Maybe manifest a million dollar business, or some random fun. But don’t return to revise the same thing over and over again, that is kicking a dead horse and we don’t do that, that is not manifesting.

If this revision involved a relationship, then the feeling you were left with at the endpoint of revision is the feeling you should keep with you if you think about it going forward if you can, but it isn’t necessary! You can think anything you want really. The best thing is you can let go of all anger and fear at this point, but if you haven’t let go of fear or anger, you can find another memory to revise.

The other thing you should consider if you are revising a relationship is to go back to the earliest memory that felt wrong, or went wrong. The original event is often enough to revise, but if there are a lot of things that went wrong you can walk through them one by one.  Limit the amount of revisions you do in one sitting to one to three revisions. Remember that you need to land on perfection, and the memory of everything that you ever dreamed of. Do not take any action steps to finagle this into place, don’t DO anything, the doing is done in the revision so there are no more steps to take from here.

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