The Law of Assumption: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The Law of Assumption: Using The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (What the Vagus Nerve!)

The Interaction of Conscious and Subconscious Mind

The conscious and subconscious minds play a vital role in shaping our experiences and realities. Judge Troward’s beautiful analogy highlights how these two aspects of our mind are intertwined. The cerebro-spinal system, centered in the brain, is the seat of our conscious mind, while the sympathetic system, located in the Solar Plexus, serves as the organ of our subconscious mind. Together, they form the channel through which our thoughts and perceptions impact our physical and emotional well-being.

The Sympathetic System and the Solar Plexus

Often referred to as the “sun of the body,” the Solar Plexus is a crucial center for distributing the energy generated by our body. Our mental actions, especially those that unconsciously support vital bodily functions, find their channel through the sympathetic system. Understanding the significance of the Solar Plexus allows us to tap into the immense power it holds over our physical and emotional health.

The Vagus Nerve: Bridging the Two Systems

The vagus nerve serves as a vital bridge connecting the conscious and subconscious realms. As it passes from the cerebral region to the thorax and further into the diaphragm, it merges with the sympathetic system. This connection reinforces the idea of man being a single entity, both physically and mentally.

The Power of Thought: From Conscious to Subconscious

Every thought that enters our conscious mind is subjected to our power of reasoning. Once our objective mind verifies the thought’s truth, it is then sent to the Solar Plexus, the brain of our subconscious mind. There, thoughts are transformed into reality, becoming impervious to any counter-arguments. Our subconscious mind doesn’t engage in debates; instead, it acts and accepts the conclusions set by our conscious mind.

The Solar Plexus: The Sun of Your Body

Visualizing the Solar Plexus as the sun of our body helps us grasp its significance better. It radiates energy throughout our entire being, enveloping us in an atmosphere of life force. When this radiation is strong, we become magnetic, exuding personal magnetism that influences those around us positively.

Personal Magnetism and Energy Radiance

When the Solar Plexus is in active operation and radiates life, energy, and vitality to every part of our body and everyone we encounter, it generates pleasant sensations. People are drawn to our presence, finding comfort and peace in our company.

Active Solar Plexus, Active Well-Being

However, any interruption in this energy radiation leads to unpleasant sensations, hindering the flow of life force to various parts of the body. This interruption can manifest as physical, mental, or environmental ailments, emphasizing the importance of keeping the Solar Plexus active and vibrant.

Understanding the Impact of Interruptions

Physical conditions may arise when the sun of our body fails to generate sufficient energy for a particular part. Mental and emotional well-being are also tied to the vitality provided by the subconscious mind to support conscious thoughts. Moreover, interruptions can disturb the connection between the subconscious and Universal mind.

Physical, Mental, and Environmental Effects

The Solar Plexus serves as the point where the individual meets the Universal, the finite converges with the Infinite, and the Invisible transforms into the visible. This limitless reservoir of life force allows us to generate boundless energy, intelligence, and creativity from within.

The Solar Plexus: Where the Infinite Meets the Finite

The Solar Plexus holds an omnipotent position as it connects with all life and intelligence. By directing our conscious mind, we can determine the outcomes we desire, and our subconscious mind will carry out these plans with unwavering commitment.

Conscious Thought: Mastering Your Solar Center

The conscious mind acts as the master of the Solar Plexus, controlling the quality of thoughts that it radiates. Positive, courageous, and confident thoughts produce a corresponding state, allowing us to make use of our personal sun to its fullest potential.

Let Your Light Shine: Transmuting Conditions into Success

By allowing our light to shine brightly, we can transmute undesirable conditions into sources of pleasure and profit. Embracing the Law of Assumption empowers us to radiate positive energy and attract abundance and prosperity into our lives.

The Role of Non-Resistant Thought

Non-resistant thoughts expand the Solar Plexus, promoting mental peace and clarity. Conversely, resistant thoughts contract it, causing mental unrest, anxiety, and worry. Cultivating thoughts of courage, power, and hope amplifies our inner radiance.

Fear: The Enemy to Be Destroyed

Fear emerges as the primary impediment to letting our light shine. It clouds our judgment, making us fearful of the past, present, and future, and hinders our potential for growth and success.

Embracing Your Oneness with Infinite Power

Overcoming fear and embracing our oneness with the Infinite power empowers us to shine our light brightly. This newfound connection with Universal strength dispels all gloom and brings forth boundless power, energy, and life.

When You Are One with Infinite Power

Realizing our oneness with Infinite power allows us to consciously overcome adversities through the sheer power of thought. Fear loses its grip, and we unlock our true birthright.

Attitude of Mind: Shaping Your Experiences

Our attitude towards life shapes the experiences we encounter. Expecting nothing leads to receiving nothing, while expecting great things leads to abundant rewards. Asserting ourselves and believing in our ideas help us navigate harsh critiques and bring our visions to fruition.

Overcoming Criticism with Inner Power

A person who acknowledges their Solar Plexus and radiates courage, confidence, and power has no fear of criticism or judgment. They are too preoccupied with their inner energy to be deterred by external negativity.

Radiate Health, Strength, and Harmony

Realizing our ability to consciously radiate health, strength, and harmony connects us with Infinite Strength. This knowledge fosters fearlessness and empowers us to navigate life’s challenges with grace.

The Practical Application of Infinite Strength

Putting the Law of Assumption into practical application solidifies our understanding of this principle. Through practice and exercises, we become adept at harnessing the power of our subconscious mind.

Impressing the Subconscious Mind

Mentally concentrating on our desires impresses our subconscious mind, initiating the process of transformation. This simple yet powerful technique sets causes in motion to bring about the results we seek.

Extraordinary Results, Miracles

As we impress our subconscious mind with our desires, we witness extraordinary results that seem nothing short of miraculous. Explore the miracles that transpire when our conscious thoughts align with the limitless potential of the subconscious.

Converting Desire, Faith, and Confidence into Reality:

Discover the key to converting desire, faith, and confidence into tangible reality. Observe how great inventors, financiers, and statesmen have harnessed this force for transformative creations.

The Unlimited Creative Power of the Subconscious:

Unlock the truth of the subconscious mind’s limitless creative power. Grasp the boundless potential that defies all limitations and creates new pathways to success.

Conscious Mind in Control of the Universal Mind:

Realize the pivotal role of your conscious mind as the controller of the Universal Mind. Learn to direct your thoughts to unlock the vast reservoir of creative energy within you.


Allowing Causes to Set in Motion: The concept of recognition, where you allow the causes to set in motion the effects you desire. Understand how this simple act of recognition brings your dreams closer to reality.

The Value of Physical Relaxation:

Appreciate the significance of physical relaxation in achieving mental clarity and inner peace. Learn how to relax your body to foster a free flow of energy.

Removing Tension for Mental Freedom:

Break free from mental unrest and stress by consciously removing tension. Witness the transformative effects of a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Thorough Relaxation for Inner Peace:

Explore the art of thorough relaxation, allowing your body and mind to find peace and tranquility. Experience the profound benefits of aligning with your inner self.

The Necessity of Relaxation for Mental Clarity:

Understand the necessity of relaxation in achieving mental clarity and focus. Experience the profound impact of a relaxed state on your thought processes.

Empowering the Solar Plexus for Transformation:

Empower your Solar Plexus for transformative change in your life. Tap into its role in finding and using your hidden potential and tapping into your divine power.

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The Easiest Way to Manifest Money

The Easiest Way to Manifest Money: Reprogramming for Wealth

Manifesting Money but Feeling Bad About Money?

The LAZIEST way to manifest, and the EASIEST way to manifest money is exactly what I will cover today, so if this is something you want then listen all the way through.

Inspired by subscriber eternal abundance, thank you for the inspiration for this post, your question will help so many. Lets challenge negative money beliefs, so that you can manifest money regardless of prior negative beliefs.

So let’s get into it.

Overcoming Blocks and Reaching Impossible Goals:

First, Hello welcome back to my blog, I am a manifestation coach, a mindset and mindfulness coach. You can read about me here: I love to help you overcome your blocks, to reach those impossible goals.

The Easiest Way to Make Money with Ease: Changing Your Money Programming:

So the easiest way to make money with ease is to change your programming around money. Your own BIGGEST opinions about money and work,  comes from your childhood. We receive our  most dominant beliefs from early childhood. This runs under everything else that we do or not to, think or not think, and speak or not speak. It is the hardware that your whole mind operates on.

Plenty of people have lots of money without seemingly working. And I know those people, and how they came to be that way. Even if you came into life without this programming that they were taught so many years ago, you need to remember that no programming is FACT. It is OPINION. Many people believe their programming as if it was a fact, but it is not.  Trying to manifest wealth without challenging your negative beliefs around money, is like those people who try to manifest love, but actually hate marriage or are afraid of it.

Reprogramming Childhood Money Opinions:

So decide now, if you want to keep your old negative opinions, or if you want to manifest money the easiest way. Be ready for money to show up.

The Concert Pianist Mindset: Letting Abundance Flow Effortlessly:

Imagine a concert pianist, who has spent their whole life practicing the piano, hours and hours of training went into it, and now that they are on stage it flows seamlessly. They don’t think about every note that is being played, they think about the emotions of the music perhaps. Realize that even if they tried to think about every note it would be too hard to do. It is too fast. The piece of music is deeply embedded in the subconscious mind, and the fingers know exactly what to do just like a heart beats  without your thinking, the fingers seemingly play by themselves.

Shift Your Subconscious Program First, Then Take Action:

YOU shift your subconscious program within FIRST, and THEN you take action...

If you take action too soon, you are just blocking your own way. Action should flow seamlessly like a  piano sonata being played on stage. Imagine trying to play that sonata before they have learned to play the piano. Only take correct action until you have reprogram your mind and you are getting into a flow state of abundance

Avoiding Manifestation Roadblocks: Taking Correct Action

If you are reacting to 3D (or circumstances) in any way, your subconscious mind is not programmed to be dominantly wealthy yet. That means that your thoughts, speech and action is still operating on the old system, so only take correct action, meaning, Go to work and do everything as usual. The easiest way to reprogram your mind  is simply to listen to wealth affirmations daily, or nightly, it is best to use when you sleep because your mind is very receptive. Many people have such a host of complex disbelief that they also have to challenge those beliefs.

As an example I’ll mention two common obstacles caused by negative core beliefs.

One, is a belief in a punishing God. This belief in and of itself is enough to put the brakes on your life. Unless you change that belief, your best option is to operate under whatever law your Punishing God demands of you. Remember: Our subconscious program is not FACTS it is BELIEFS. It is ONLY a belief. If you have other core beliefs that stand in your way, ALSO work on changing those. TAKE CORRECT ACTION based on your OLD programming for as long as you need to. How long? AS LONG AS YOU NEED TO.

Two, is Mental instability. Untreated mental health issues PROFOUNDLY impact manifestation abilities ONLY for as long as they remain UNTREATED, suppressed, repressed, unacknowledged and feared. “For God has not given us a sprit of FEAR, but of POWER and LOVE and of a SOUND MIND.” Embrace the possibility of a sound mind, no matter what you have previously been told, don’t IGNORE mental health issues. Anxiety can be treated, take yourself seriously, your health is NOT AN AFTERTHOUGHT, it is priority. Even the most serious of mental health issues are manageable with correct help. TAKE CORRECT ACTION. Understand that the mental health issue does not harm your manifestation once you have brought it to light, started accepting it, treating it, and allowing it to heal or be seen. Humanity has a way of repressing certain things and adding “shame” to it. This is the block. The shame and the hiding. Taking correct action to treat this, will remove the block.

There are of course myriad more possible core beliefs that can block, so think of your personal situation, and go from there.

Reprogramming for Wealth: Letting Go of Limiting 3D Reactions:

It is easy to mess this up, many people take action based on 3D, they react to the 3D that the old belief has created. DON’T.

DON’T react to the negativity, this is your old creation.

Start to reprogram your mind today, and give yourself ample time to let yourself become a brand new you. A you that is courageous, healthy, clear minded, posivite and self supportive.

IF you take action to soon, you are only doing it based on TRYING to live in the end, but still, are not really in a wealthy belief. That means that you are ACTING FROM THE END OF LACK. Don’t take premature action. Be still.

Following is are affirmations that will help your mind align with a mindset that automatically puts you on a timeline of abundance. You don’t need to do anything at all, I will do the work for you.

Reciting these affirmations regularly and consistently can help reprogram the mind and shift it towards a more positive and optimistic outlook on life.

 With time and practice, positive expectancy will become a natural and empowering part of your mindset. Reprogram the mind and shift the focus towards a more abundant and prosperous financial future. As you embrace these positive beliefs, you will find that your actions align with your new mindset, leading you towards a more comfortable and stable financial life.

This AMAZING Product comes in THREE versions (Affirmations, Subliminal, and SOFT Affirmations) and in TWO lengths, short and extended!

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  • 1. Abundance flows effortlessly into my life, and I embrace the prosperity that comes my way.
  • 2. I release all negative beliefs about money and open myself to receive financial abundance.
  • 3. Money is a positive force in my life, and I attract wealth with ease and joy.
  • 4. I am worthy of financial success and embrace the opportunities that come my way.
  • 5. I let go of any fear or scarcity mindset, and I welcome abundance in all areas of my life.
  • 6. My thoughts and actions align with wealth and abundance, leading me to financial freedom.
  • 7. I am a money magnet, attracting wealth and prosperity from all directions.
  • 8. I am open to receiving unlimited prosperity and allowing it to flow generously into my life.
  • 9. Every day, I am becoming more financially abundant, and I am grateful for the blessings that come my way.
  • 10. I release any past limitations around money and embrace a future filled with financial abundance.
  • 11. Money is a tool that empowers me to live a fulfilling and purposeful life.
  • 12. I am in control of my finances, and I make wise and abundant choices.
  • 13. I attract lucrative opportunities and financial success effortlessly.
  • 14. I trust in the universe to provide for all my financial needs, and I am always supported.
  • 15. I radiate positive energy around money, and prosperity gravitates towards me.
  • 16. My income is constantly increasing, and I am open to new avenues of wealth.
  • 17. I deserve to be wealthy, and I allow myself to enjoy financial abundance guilt-free.
  • 18. Financial success is my birthright, and I claim it with confidence and gratitude.
  • 19. I release any resistance to money and welcome financial blessings into my life.
  • 20. Every day, I am stepping into a more abundant and prosperous future.

The Benevolent Universe:

  • 1. The universe is abundant, and I effortlessly tap into its limitless wealth and prosperity.
  • 2. I believe in the inherent abundance of the universe, and I attract wealth with ease.
  • 3. Wealth and abundance are my birthright, and I embrace them with open arms.
  • 4. Every day, I align myself with the natural order of abundance and attract wealth into my life.
  • 5. I am a magnet for wealth, and it flows to me effortlessly and continuously.
  • 6. Abundance is all around me, and I gratefully receive its blessings in every aspect of my life.
  • 7. I trust that the universe supports my financial growth, and I allow abundance to flow to me unconditionally.
  • 8. I am worthy of all the wealth and prosperity the universe has to offer, and I claim it now.
  • 9. I release all resistance to wealth and abundance and welcome them into my reality.
  • 10. Wealth is a state of mind, and I choose to cultivate a mindset of prosperity and abundance.
  • 11. As I align with the natural flow of abundance, I attract unlimited financial opportunities.
  • 12. I am in perfect harmony with the abundance of the universe, and it responds to my positive energy.
  • 13. My thoughts and beliefs create my financial reality, and I choose to focus on abundance and prosperity.
  • 14. I am a co-creator with the universe, and I effortlessly manifest wealth and abundance in my life.
  • 15. Each day, I am raising my vibration to match the frequency of abundance and attract more wealth.
  • 16. I am a channel for wealth and prosperity to flow through, and I gratefully share my abundance with others.
  • 17. Abundance is my natural state, and I allow it to manifest in every area of my life.
  • 18. I release all scarcity mindset and embrace the infinite abundance that surrounds me.
  • 19. The universe conspires in my favor, and it brings forth endless opportunities for wealth and success.
  • 20. I am deeply connected to the universal flow of abundance, and I attract wealth effortlessly and joyfully.

A new childhood program:

  • 1. I am naturally wealthy, and abundance flows to me effortlessly and consistently.
  • 2. I was raised with the belief that I am deserving of money, and I attract wealth with ease.
  • 3. Money comes to me naturally and abundantly, as it is my birthright to live a prosperous life.
  • 4. I am worthy of all the financial blessings that come my way, and I embrace them with gratitude.
  • 5. My mindset is aligned with abundance, and I attract lucrative opportunities into my life.
  • 6. Being wealthy is part of my identity, and I confidently embrace a life of financial success.
  • 7. I was raised with the understanding that wealth is a positive force in my life, and I attract it effortlessly.
  • 8. My upbringing instilled in me the belief that I am destined for financial abundance, and I live it daily.
  • 9. I am open to receiving wealth from various sources, as I know I am deserving of all the prosperity that comes my way.
  • 10. Money comes to me as a natural result of my positive mindset and abundant beliefs.
  • 11. I was raised with the knowledge that I am a magnet for money, and I effortlessly attract it.
  • 12. My childhood beliefs have shaped me into a money magnet, and I gratefully receive all the financial abundance coming my way.
  • 13. Being naturally wealthy is my reality, and I align my thoughts and actions with this truth.
  • 14. I am in harmony with the energy of wealth, and it shows in my financial reality.
  • 15. My upbringing nurtured a mindset of financial abundance, and I continue to attract wealth as a result.
  • 16. I was taught that abundance is my natural state, and I confidently live my life in alignment with this belief.
  • 17. Money flows to me like a river, and I joyfully embrace the abundance it brings.
  • 18. My childhood beliefs laid the foundation for my prosperous life, and I am grateful for the financial success I experience.
  • 19. I have a deep-rooted belief in my ability to attract money, and it is evident in my thriving financial life.
  • 20. I was raised with the mindset of a naturally wealthy individual, and I confidently continue to create a life of financial abundance.

The more I relax and enjoy my life the more money I make:

  •  1. My financial abundance flows effortlessly, even when I take time to relax and enjoy life.
  • 2. As I embrace relaxation, money comes to me effortlessly, supporting my joyful lifestyle.
  • 3. I attract wealth and abundance by simply enjoying life and being true to myself.
  • 4. The more I embrace relaxation, the more money flows into my life effortlessly.
  • 5. I am a magnet for money, and it finds me even when I am at ease and laid-back.
  • 6. Money comes to me effortlessly, allowing me to savor life’s pleasures without worry.
  • 7. I trust in the natural flow of abundance, knowing that I can attract wealth while enjoying life.
  • 8. My financial success is not tied to constant effort; it manifests as I enjoy the present moment.
  • 9. I deserve to live a life of ease and abundance, and money supports me in doing so.
  • 10. As I let go of stress and embrace relaxation, money effortlessly finds its way to me.
  • 11. I am aligned with the energy of abundance, and money flows into my life with ease and grace.
  • 12. My relaxed and joyful mindset attracts prosperity, and money comes to me effortlessly.
  • 13. I release the belief that I must work hard to make money; abundance comes to me effortlessly.
  • 14. I am worthy of financial success and relaxation, and I embrace both with gratitude.
  • 15. Money flows to me abundantly, allowing me to lead a relaxed and fulfilling life.
  • 16. My laid-back approach to life attracts wealth and financial opportunities to me effortlessly.
  • 17. I am open to receiving money in all its forms, and it comes to me with ease and joy.
  • 18. I release any guilt or shame about enjoying life while making money effortlessly.
  • 19. Money is drawn to me as I stay true to myself and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
  • 20. I trust in the universe’s abundance, and money flows into my life effortlessly, supporting my relaxed and joyful existence.

Reprogramming an inherently pessimistic and negative mind into one of positive expectancy: a powerful transformation.

  • 1. I am in control of my thoughts, and I choose to focus on the positive.
  • 2. Each day, I embrace a new opportunity for growth and positivity.
  • 3. I release all negative beliefs and welcome a bright, optimistic mindset.
  • 4. I attract positive energy and abundance into every aspect of my life.
  • 5. My mind is a wellspring of positivity and optimism, guiding me towards success.
  • 6. I am worthy of happiness and joy, and I choose to see the good in every situation.
  • 7. Optimism is my natural state of being, and I radiate positivity to others.
  • 8. I let go of past negativity and embrace a future filled with hope and optimism.
  • 9. My thoughts create my reality, and I focus on positive outcomes.
  • 10. I am open to receiving the blessings that come with a positive mindset.
  • 11. Positive expectancy is my compass, guiding me towards a fulfilling life.
  • 12. I attract positive people and opportunities that align with my highest good.
  • 13. I am resilient and capable of transforming any challenge into a positive outcome.
  • 14. My positive mindset empowers me to overcome obstacles with grace and ease.
  • 15. Every day, I find reasons to be grateful, enhancing my positive outlook on life.
  • 16. I release the need to worry and trust that everything is unfolding for my highest good.
  • 17. Positive thinking is a habit I cultivate daily, leading to a more joyful life.
  • 18. I believe in my abilities and trust that I can achieve all my dreams.
  • 19. I radiate positivity, and the universe responds with abundant blessings.
  • 20. My positive expectancy creates a magnetic force that attracts endless opportunities for growth and happiness.

Facing constant financial crises and debt: transformation towards financial stability and financial well-being:

  • 1. I release all fear and anxiety about my financial situation, and I embrace a future of abundance and prosperity.
  • 2. I am capable of overcoming financial challenges, and I am moving towards a place of financial freedom.
  • 3. Each day, I take steps towards better financial management and long-term planning.
  • 4. I release all past financial mistakes and choose to focus on building a secure and stable future.
  • 5. I am in control of my finances, and I make wise and informed decisions.
  • 6. I attract positive opportunities and solutions to improve my financial situation.
  • 7. I am worthy of financial abundance, and I release all feelings of lack and scarcity.
  • 8. I trust in my ability to manifest abundance and create a life of financial ease.
  • 9. My financial well-being is improving with each passing day, and I am open to receiving abundance from unexpected sources.
  • 10. I am letting go of the burden of debt, and I am stepping into a life of financial freedom.
  • 11. I deserve to live a life of comfort and security, and I take actions that align with this belief.
  • 12. I release all self-doubt about my financial abilities, and I embrace my innate capacity to create wealth.
  • 13. I am a powerful money magnet, attracting opportunities and resources that lead to financial success.
  • 14. My financial situation is improving, and I am on the path to long-term stability and prosperity.
  • 15. I am grateful for the lessons learned from past financial challenges, and I use them to make wiser decisions.
  • 16. I am in harmony with the flow of abundance, and I attract positive financial changes effortlessly.
  • 17. I release the need to engage in crisis management, and I trust that I can handle any financial situation with ease.
  • 18. I am open to receiving guidance and support in creating solid financial plan for my future.
  • 19. I am worthy of financial security, and I am taking the necessary steps to achieve it.
  • 20. I am on a journey towards financial freedom, and I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

The Metaverse: Exploring a New Reality and Understanding Its Impact

The Metaverse: Exploring a New Reality and Understanding Its Impact

In the coming years, the metaverse is set to become a major focus of investment for leading technology companies, with billions of dollars being poured into its development. But what exactly is the metaverse, and why is it generating such excitement and interest? Let’s dive into this fascinating concept and explore its implications.

The term “metaverse” was initially coined by science fiction author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel, Snow Crash. He described it as a three-dimensional digital world, a shared virtual reality experience where people could escape from the mundane aspects of the physical world. However, given our recent experiences with the pandemic and the increased reliance on digital platforms, the idea of spending our entire lives in a virtual realm may not seem particularly appealing. In fact, studies indicate that excessive use of such platforms can lead to physical and psychological discomfort, commonly known as “Zoom Fatigue.”

Snow Crash By Neal Stephenson Audiobook Snow Crash Neal Stephenson

Neuroscience research has shed light on one possible reason behind this discomfort. Inside our brains, there are specialized neurons called “place cells” and “border cells” (also known as “GPS neurons”) that help us navigate and orient ourselves in space. These neurons play a crucial role in constructing our autobiographical memory, as we associate our identity with the places we frequent—a workplace, a stadium, a school, and so on.

When we engage in videoconferencing or use digital social platforms, our brain’s GPS neurons are not activated in the same way as they would be in physical environments. Instead, we experience multiple locations simultaneously, and our sense of location becomes tied to the space we can move through, rather than the space we see. These digital platforms can be considered “nonplaces,” lacking the ability to connect our experiences within them to our autobiographical memory. As a result, our days spent in these nonplaces can feel monotonous, leaving us empty and disconnected.

However, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), the core technologies of the metaverse, offer a different experience. They have the potential to activate our GPS neurons, creating a sense of presence in digital places. The metaverse being developed by technology companies goes beyond Stephenson’s vision by introducing the concept of “interreality,” where the virtual and physical worlds merge.

In the metaverse, our actions in the physical world directly impact our experience in the virtual world and vice versa. This connection is made possible through “digital twins,” virtual clones of real objects linked to their physical counterparts. By wearing hybrid glasses that enable both VR and AR, we can interact with people and digital objects in our physical environment or engage with real people and objects within virtual environments. For instance, our virtual avatar can mirror our movements in the real world, and actions performed in VR can have tangible effects on physical devices.

While this may sound like science fiction, many of the technologies required for the metaverse are already available or in advanced stages of development. Companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) are investing in hybrid immersive glasses, photorealistic avatars, wearable sensors, and more, all aimed at creating a sense of presence and enabling a seamless integration between the mind and the metaverse.

The remarkable aspect of the metaverse is its similarity to our own minds. Neuroscience research has shifted our understanding of the brain from being a mere information processor to being a simulator—a mental VR system. Our brains constantly generate predictions about the sensory stimuli we expect to encounter, allowing us to guide our actions and analyze the outcomes. The metaverse leverages this predictive coding mechanism, aiming to create digital content that aligns with our mind’s simulations of reality. When these predictions are accurate, we experience a strong sense of presence in the virtual environment, even though we know it is not real.

This transformative nature of the metaverse sets it apart from previous technologies. While television and social media are persuasive technologies, shaping our attitudes and behaviors, the metaverse has the potential to alter our perception of reality itself. By hacking key cognitive mechanisms such as spatial presence, brain-to-brain attunement, emotional experiences, and even body swapping, the metaverse can reshape how we think and feel. It offers the possibility of inducing emotions, altering our internal reality, and even changing our identity within a virtual context.

However, along with its immense potential, the metaverse poses significant risks. It can be used to manipulate behavior, emotions, and even our concept of reality itself. Without proper regulation and governance, the collection of user data in the metaverse could surpass the capabilities of current social media platforms, raising concerns about privacy and ethical implications. Addressing these challenges requires a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, involving stakeholders at a supranational level.

Surprisingly, the discussion around the impact and consequences of the metaverse is relatively limited, with governments and researchers showing little involvement. To fully grasp the complexities and possibilities of this technology, we need an integrated and multidisciplinary approach that combines expertise in technology, psychology, neuroscience, ethics, and more. Only by understanding the multifaceted nature of the metaverse can we navigate its challenges and unlock its transformative potential.

The metaverse holds great promise and presents us with an incredible opportunity to shape the future

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Manifesting & How To Leave ANY Negative Timeline Fast

Leave Your Negative Reality Like This | Quantum Jumps From Negative Timelines | Easiest Fix

Quantum Jumping is normal

  1. Shifting timelines is something that happens all the time.

2. There is NOTHING you have to do, except in consciousness.

If you are experience circumstances that are opposite of what you are manifesting, or if you feel like you have bad luck in life, or if you feel like no matter how many time you have tried to manifest your dreams, and even gotten them only to find it taken away from you again, this article will help you!

We all live in our own imagination, and the answer to moving back into a positive timeline, where good circumstances happen, is easy.

Few concepts have captured the imagination of people as powerfully as quantum jumping and shifting. These ideas have gained tremendous popularity, thanks in part to online platforms such as YouTube. However, amidst the excitement, there remains a common misconception that hinders individuals from truly understanding and embracing Quantum jumping as a natural part of life. In this discussion, we will delve deeper into the realms of shifting, quantum jumping, parallel realities, and their interconnectedness with law of assumption, manifesting, liberation, and awakening.

There is NOTHING to quantum jumping, people think that there is something TO DO, there is NOTHING except a shift in mindset, a very simple tweak, nothing else. It is not a mysterious weird thing, it is natural and everyone quantum jumps ALL the time.

Understanding Shifting and Quantum Jumping:

Let’s first clarify the relationship between shifting and quantum jumping. While the term “shifting” has gained prominence among younger generations, often associated with exploring imaginary worlds like Hogwarts, it embodies the same essence as quantum jumping. The crux of both concepts lies in the ability to tap into consiousness and seemingly traverse different realities and manifest desired outcomes. Knowing that “creation is finished” will help you fully embrace this concepts so buckle up!

Parallel Realities:

Parallel realities is what we experience moment to moment, we are IN a parallel reality, and there is nothing but parallel realities. Parallel realities are part and parcel of the dual existence, it couldn’t function otherwise. An infinite tapestry of parallel realities exists simultaneously. Each choice, feeling, intention, and belief we hold creates a distinct reality, called a “state”, and each state is it’s own little universe of awareness. The state maintains its existence as long as you are aware of it, as soon as your awareness of it ceases, the whole small universe that the state contained, simple disappears from your life.

Parallel realities are not really parallel, rather they are in conscious’s existence in a more broad dimensional way, not “parallel” the way streets are parallel in a city, but we came to call it that when we (human consiousness) operated only on the basis of TIME-SPACE theory. Loosen up your grip on the word parallel, and let the realities flow freely instead, anywhere, anytime, and all the time all at once!

Before Einstein came up with his theory of relativity, humanity only understood time as chronological, and space as distance. Humanity itself has entered a new timeline, and we now have a third component added to TIME -SPACE, and it is CONSIOUS OBSERER. Mind you, there always was a conscious observer in the mix, but only now is it articulated into mainstream human consiousness. There have always existed people who are fully aware of this, and the have been telling the story! This realization empowers us to become conscious architects of our own reality.


Manifesting and the Law of Assumption:

Law of Assumption and Manifesting, aligns harmoniously and perfectly, with shifting and quantum jumping. It emphasizes the power of our consiousness and our beliefs, and intentions in shaping our reality. By adopting the Law of Assumption, we understand that our assumptions create our experiences. It is through focused intention that we effortlessly manifest our desires, understanding that it is the conscious observer that is aware of a certain space in time. Nothing else. Taking consiousness and moving it to a different time space location and maintaining that focus, moves us through a series of parallel realities, known also as timelines, in the shortest and fastest possible distance, until we get where we are focused on going. By consiousness we bridge the gap between imagination and tangible existence. It is much like learning how to snowboard, you simply point at the direction you are going, and turn your head to look at your pointing outstretched finger, and your snowboard moves in that direction.

Imagine that once, ten years ago, you went on a bad date. The guy or girl was rude, boring, chewed with their mouth open, and couldn’t keep a conversation and then they ran from the bill. Now imagine that every date that you went on after that, you kept bringing up THAT BAD DATE. This is what we do when we go into negative timelines, we “re-infect” ourselves with the unwanted state, and now we are back in the negative trajectory. This date will suck too, mostly because of you. Imagine that since that bad date you have gotten married and have kids now, but evetime you go out for dinner with your husband or wife, you bring up THAT BAD DATE. This is what we do in our conscious awareness ALL the time, and this is a quantum jump back into the “bad date reality.” The act of making a quantum jump, is the same as a SHIFT in focused awareness. In the “bad date” case, what is needed is a shift to a positive outlook. Inside the mind the conscious shift to a new timeline would sound something like this: “I am now on a date with someone completely different and I wonder how many deep, interesting or funny things we will talk abut. ” Just this simple act of opening yourself up for positive possibilities puts you on a new timeline. A quantum jump isn’t any more complicated than that. Your state of mind has shifted, your trajectory is now on the positive timeline and this leads to the outcome that you want.

If you were manifesting success in your career, but once, twenty years ago, when you were positioned to become one of the most successful in your field, you put your foot in your mouth and subsequently lost your opportunity, and ever since you have been beating yourself up over your stupidity, the same thing applies. To escape this negative timeline, you first must shift your focus to a positive mindset where possibilities exist, or you will continue to live in that negative timeline. There is no inherent truth in our interpretation of positive vs negative, timelines merely “are”. You are free right now to tell yourself “What if, I came into an even better opportunity now”. If you can keep your focus on a positive expectation you begin immediately to move into a positive reality. How fast you go depends on how persistently you can keep your focus on the positive expectation. If you keep drifting back into beating yourself up over the thing that happened twenty years ago when you put your foot in your mouth, you keep going back to that timeline. That event is in the past, and you can stop the replay of that event, it is over, and nobody but you can continue to keep that state alive. Take your focus off of it and will die from your existence. A state has no power over us, we have the power to keep the state alive or let it die. There is nothing for you to do, but to shift your consiousness to the possibilities and gain an awareness of opportunities and serendipity, and all things that are necessary for you to get from here to there will line up for you, you do not have to go out there and make it happen, just go about your business, but now, with a positive mindset. Whatever you need to do will naturally reveal itself to you as you start walking on the path.


The Quest for Liberation and Awakening:

The concept of shifting and quantum jumping finds its roots in age-old spiritual pursuits of liberation and awakening. Throughout history, individuals have sought to transcend the limitations of their physical reality and explore the expansiveness of their consciousness, and through out history, sages have accomplished it, and they left the playbook for us all to follow. It is simple. A focused attention gets you there. There, in this case meaning total liberation from the veil of separation, a total awareness of self as God, and Self as ALL. Quantum jumping merely represents a modern interpretation of this ancient quest, offering us a pathway to not only create a different and better life, but ALSO liberation from self-imposed restrictions , or so called limiting beliefs, and also deep and amazing connection with our divine essence.


Overcoming Misunderstandings:

It is crucial to address the misconception that impedes both those seeking liberation and individuals attempting to shift or quantum jump. Often, this misunderstanding arises from a lack of knowledge or misguided expectations. By understanding the principles, and embracing a curious mindset, we can overcome these obstacles suspend our disbelief, and walk this transformative journey without fear, and with clarity and purpose. Let’s clear up the most common confusion:

A new timeline is the same as a parallel realty, and you are always in a timeline. Everyday we move through hundreds of timelines, Neville Goddard calls this “states”. The moment you gain a sense of positivity you have stepped into a new timeline. The moment you get angry you are in a new timeline, and IF you stayed there, in the anger, over a short span of time, your reality would begin to shape itself around you in a dark way, and you would find that you have more and more reasons to be angry, until the culmination of such a timeline you would be angry all the time without reason as well. The moment we feel victimized, we step into a new timeline, and this timeline is riddled with injustices and fear. The moment you feel hopeful and optimistic, you have stepped into a new timeline and this one is filled with more and more opportunities and good fortune. The moment you feel that you are always lucky, and windfall always happens in your favor you step into a timeline with cascading lucky breaks.

Neville Goddard’s idea of states is the same as a timeline. There is nothing at all involved in stepping on to a new timeline, except a shift in consiousness. If notice that you are feeling afraid or victimized, remember that you are literally now in a timeline, and the very second you shift your focus to positivity, and feel that fear release, you are in a new timeline, so take sigh of relief. Let go of fear and see possibilities, and you are instantly on you chosen timeline, towards your purpose, your goal, your manifestation. That is all that it takes.

Neville Goddard says that we move through hundreds of states everyday, and this is exactly true, we go from timeline to timeline to timeline, if we were more in control of our mind, if we can learn to not be reactive to circumstance, we can move quicker through time and space. The key is to keep a clear focus and avoid getting swept away by the circumstances that the ever changing timelines offer up. When we take inventory of our circumstances and get upset, it is as if we “re-infect” ourselves with the negativity again, the negative experience that we were trying to leave. This doesn’t mean that you have to get frustrated, remember it takes one single moment to shift back into the state, or the timeline of your desire. One small shift in focus gets you right back into the timeline that you wanted to be on. There is no work involved and no effort, just shift your mindset.


Embracing the Possibilities:

As we awaken to the interconnectedness of shifting, quantum jumping, parallel realities, manifesting, and liberation, we open ourselves to a world of absolutely infinite possibilities. We become conscious co-creators, shaping our reality with intention, love, and aligned actions. We realize that in truth God can manifest ANYTHING, there simply are no limitations. Where is YOUR consiousness? THIS is all that matters. Embrace the extraordinary potential within you, free yourself from limiting beliefs, DARE to assume!


Shifting and quantum jumping are not mere whimsical fantasies or trends. They are powerful tools that enable us to transcend the confines of our perceived reality, tap into parallel dimensions, and manifest our deepest desires. By understanding the linkages between these practices and parallel realities, manifesting, and the quest for liberation, we gain profound insights into our true nature as conscious creators. Let go of misunderstandings, educate yourself, and unleash the boundless potential that resides within. Embrace the adventure of shifting and quantum jumping, and witness the remarkable transformation that awaits you.

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Exploring the Mind-Body Connection: Insights from Yoga and Neuroscience


Exploring the Mind-Body Connection: Insights from Yoga and Neuroscience

Have you ever wondered about the intricate relationship between the mind and the body? How does our consciousness perceive and interact with the world around us? In this blog post, we’ll delve into a fascinating neuroscientific study based on the perspective on the Yoga Theory of Consciousness (YTC), drawing from the ancient yoga sutras of Patanjali and the Samkhya philosophy. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of the mind-body connection and gain insights into the nature of consciousness.

Understanding Reality:

According to the YTC perspective, reality consists of two fundamental aspects: the seer or consciousness (Purusha) and the mind and body (Prakriti). The mind acts as an intermediary, allowing the seer to engage with the external world through our senses and actions organs. It’s like a bridge between our inner self and the outer reality we experience.

The Mind’s Development:

The development of the mind is influenced by the types of sense and action organs we possess, as well as our sensory specificity. This means that different species, with their unique attributes and sensory systems, may have distinct experiences of the world. So, what holds true for one species might not be universal for all.

The Modulations of the Mind:

Our mind is constantly in motion, undergoing various modulations (thoughts) that shape our conscious awareness. These modulations include attention, memory, sleep, imagination, and sometimes, incorrect knowledge. They can significantly impact how we perceive the world around us.

Attentional modulations allow us to prioritize certain stimuli over others, focusing our awareness on what we consider important at a given moment. On the other hand, active-inference-based modulations influence our sensory signals and motor responses, shaping our interactions with the environment.

The mind’s wanderings, fueled by imagination, incorrect knowledge, and memory, can also have a profound impact on our consciousness. They shape our intrinsic and self-referential processing, altering our perception of reality and potentially influencing our overall conscious experience.

Unlocking Consciousness Through Yoga:

Yoga, a practice that originated thousands of years ago, offers a way to regulate these mind modulations and deepen our perception of consciousness. Scientific research on meditation, an integral part of yoga, has even identified unique neurobiological patterns associated with meditative states.

Through practices like Dhyana, Dharana, and Samadhi, we can enter different states of mind and tap into the true essence of our consciousness. These states have been characterized and studied, contributing to the emerging field of neuroscience of yoga and meditation. By understanding the internal and external states of the mind, we can gain valuable insights into the neural correlates of consciousness.

A Comprehensive Framework:

The theory, based on the YTC, integrates the organization, evolution, and development of the mind, the influence of mind modulations on conscious perception, and the profound impact of meditation practices. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the mind-body connection and consciousness, complementing existing neuroscientific theories.


The exploration of the mind-body connection is a captivating journey that combines ancient wisdom with modern scientific insights. By embracing the perspectives offered by the YTC and neuroscience, we can deepen our understanding of how our consciousness interacts with the world and unlock the transformative power of practices like yoga and meditation.

In order to deepen our yogic understanding of the mind, consciousness, and neuroscience, it is essential to not only explore the insights presented in this referenced study but also dive into the original texts from which this research draws. By reading the original yoga sutras of Patanjali and delving into the philosophical concepts of the Samkhya tradition, we can grasp the profound wisdom they offer.

By understanding the interplay between the seer or consciousness (Purusha) and the mind and body (Prakriti), we can navigate the complex landscape of our consciousness with greater clarity.

By studying the original texts and engaging with the findings of modern neuroscience, we can expand our knowledge, unravel the mysteries within us, and foster a deep appreciation for the intricate connection between our inner selves and the external reality we perceive.

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Shakti & Tantra, an essay from Shakti and Shâkta

Is Shakti Force?

There are some persons who have thought, and still think, that Shakti means force and that the worship of Shakti is the worship of force. Thus Keshub Chunder Sen (New Dispensation, p. 108), wrote:

Four centuries ago the Shaktas gave way before the Bhaktas. Chaitanya’s army proved invincible, and carried all Bengal captive. Even to-day his gospel of love rules as a living force, though his followers have considerably declined both in faith and in morals.

Just the reverse of this we find in England and other European countries. There the Shaktas are driving the Bhaktas out of the field. Look at the Huxleys, the Tyndalls and the Spencers of the day. What are they but Shaktas, worshipers of Shakti or Force? The only Deity they adore, if they at all adore one, is the Prime Force of the universe. To it they offer dry homage. Surely then the scientists and materialists of the day are a sect of Shakti-worshipers, who are chasing away the true Christian devotees who adore the God of Love. Alas! for European Vaishnavas; they are retreating before the advancing millions of Western Shaktas. We sincerely trust, however, the discomfiture of devotion and Bhakti will be only for a time, and that a Chaitanya will yet arise in the West, crush the Shaktas, who only recognize Force as Deity and are sunk in carnality and voluptuousness, and lead natures into the loving faith, spirituality, simplichity, and rapturous devotion of the Vaishnava.

Professor Monier Williams (“Hinduism”) also called it a doctrine of Force.

Recently the poet Rabindranath Tagore has given the authority of his great name to this error (Modern Review, July, 1919). After pointing out that Egoism is the price paid for the fact of existence and that the whole universe is assisting in the desire that the “I” should be, he says that man has viewed this desire in two different ways, either as a whim of Creative Power, or a joyous self-expression of Creative Love. Is the fact then of his being, he asks, a revealment of Force or of Love? Those who hold to the first view must also, he thinks, recognize conflict as inevitable and eternal. For according to them Peace and Love are but a precarious coat of armor within which the weak seek shelter, whereas that which the timid anathematize as unrighteousness, that alone is the road to success. “The pride of prosperity throws man’s mind outwards and the misery and insult of destitution draws man’s hungering desires likewise outwards. These two conditions alike leave man unashamed to place above all other gods, Shakti the Deity of Power — the Cruel One, whose right hand wields the weapon of guile. In the politics of Europe drunk with Power we see the worship of Shakti.”

In the same way the poet says that in the days of their political disruption, the cowed and down-trodden Indian people through the mouths of their poets sang the praises of the same Shakti. “The Chandi of Kavikangkan and of the Annadamangala, the Ballad of Manasa, the Goddess of Snakes, what are they but Paeans of the triumph of Evil? The burden of their song is the defeat of Shiva the good at the hands of the cruel deceitful criminal Shakti.” “The male Deity who was in possession was fairly harmless. But all of a sudden a feminine Deity turns up and demands to be worshiped in his stead. That is to say that she insisted on thrusting herself where she had no right. Under what title? Force! By what method? Any that would serve.”

The Deity of Peace and Renunciation did not survive. Thus he adds that in Europe the modern Cult of Shakti says that the pale anaemic Jesus will not do. But with high pomp and activity Europe celebrates her Shakti worship.

“Lastly the Indians of to-day have set to the worship Europe’s Divinity. In the name of religion some are saying that it is cowardly to be afraid of wrong-doing. Both those who have attained worldly success, and those who have failed to attain it are singing the same tune. Both fret at righteousness as an obstacle which both would overcome by physical force.” I am not concerned here with any popular errors that there may be. After all, when we deal with a Shastrik term it is to the Shastra itself that we must look for its meaning. Shakti comes from the root Shak “to be able,” “to do”. It indicates both activity and capacity therefor. The world, as word, is activity. But when we have said that, we have already indicated that it is erroneous to confine the meaning of the term Shakti to any special form of activity. On the contrary Shakti means both power in general and every particular form of power. Mind is a Power: so is Matter.

Mind is constantly functioning in the form of Vritti; Reasoning, Will and Feeling (Bhava) such as love, aversion and so forth are all aspects of Mind-power in its general sense. Force is power translated to the material plane, and is therefore only one and the grossest aspect of Shakti or power. But all these special powers are limited forms of the great creative Power which is the Mother (Ambika) of the Universe. Worship of Shakti is not worship of these limited forms but of the Divine will, knowledge and action, the cause of these effects. That Mahashakti is perfect consciousness (Cidrupini) and Bliss (Anandamayi) which produces from Itself the contracted consciousness experiencing both pleasure and pain. This production is not at all a “whim”. It is the nature (Svabhava) of the ultimate.

Bliss is Love (Niratishayapremaspadatvam anandatvam). The production of the Universe is according to the Shakta an act of love, illustrated by the so-called erotic imagery of the Shastra.

The Self loves itself whether before, or in, creation.

The thrill of human love which continues the life of humanity is an infinitesimally small fragment and faint reflection of the creative act in which Shiva and Shakti join to produce the Bindu which is the seed of the Universe.

I quite agree that the worship of mere Force is Asurik and except in a transient sense futile. Force, however, may be moralized by the good purpose which it serves.

The antithesis is not rightly between Might and Right but between Might in the service of Right and Might in the service of Wrong.

To worship force merely is to worship matter.

He however who worships the Mother in Her Material forms (Sthularupa) will know that She has others, and will worship Her in all such forms. He will also know that She is beyond all limited forms as that which gives being to them all.

We may then say that Force is a gross form of Shakti, but Shakti is much more than that “here” (Iha) and the infinite Power of Consciousness “there” (Amutra). This last, the Shakti of worship, is called by the Shastra the Purnahambhava or the experience “All I am”.

An essay by John Woodruff

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