Divine Love | Creating the true Twin Flame connection | Build true love with the right foundation | Manifest a specific person

Divine Love | Creating the Twin Flame connection | Build true love with the right foundation | Manifest a specific person

Is there such a thing as a Twin Flame connection? What is a Twin Flame? Is it a divine connection or is it just an excuse for a toxic relationship to go on?

These questions are very valid, there are thousands of people who are wondering if their estranged lover is their twin flame, and who can’t move on and level up, even if that would be the healthiest and safest thing to do, and there are thousands of others who give up on a love that just needed a little bit of realistic work to get back on track but we have been sold this pil that love should be easy, or else it isn’t “real love” Real love takes work. Sometimes.

Love is not a one size fits all.

I am Manifest Divinity, Unmanifest Divinity, and Transcendent Divinity. I am Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, as well as Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati. I am the Sun and I am the Stars, and I am also the Moon. I am all animals and birds, and I am the outcast as well, and the thief. I am the low person of dreadful deeds and the great person of excellent deeds. I am Female, I am Male in the form of Shiva.

– Devi-Bhagavata Purana

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Let’s answer some of these questions and more importantly, let’s learn how to create a divine love connection.

I am assuming that you have a basic knowledge by now, of the law of assumption, if not, bookmark this page and come back to it if you didn’t feel like you understood it. Don’t worry, a lot of this information has taken me years to fully understand!

The technique; Using the EGO, to enhance the divine feminine principle

Yes you read that correctly, this is where you will learn how to make friends with you ego, and how to use it as a tool to check itself. It’s time to stop the war on the ego, it is a necessary tool for us humans, that is why we have it, and as long as we are smart about how to use it, and as long as we have an equal measure of compassion along side of it, there is no issue with the ego. Enough said about that I think. The ego is only an obstacle to enlightenment, but we are manifesting something different. We are manifesting love! Lets’ face it, a massive ego is unattractive and repelling, but this is why will learn how to use it to check ourselves!

Using the egoic aspect to check itself in order to enhance the divine feminine principle is the best tool that you will ever have in your manifesters tool box, if you want to create a Twin Flame connection, or if you believe that you have met your twin flame. (If you are in an estranged or toxic relationship, and you feel that this is a twin flame, then read this blog post as well, since you will need to go through obsession detox first.) The addiction developed in an abuse cycle is a real addiction, and as an addict you need to recover or you will just throw yourself into the toxic cycle again.

Up until now you might have believed things like “you only have one twin flame”, or “”the twin flame triggers an awakening” but now that you have learned that you manifest your reality out of the contents in your subconscious mind, you will begin to understand that the appearance of a twin flame (or a toxic abuse cycle) is just a way for you to show yourself the inner contents of your own mind. Nothing was ever created by an outer universe or God to trigger you, or to teach you a lesson. There is NO such thing. Because of the principal idea of oneness, the Twin Flame is simply you giving yourself an opportunity to return to oneness, (not that we can truly ever leave) and to remember that comfortable bliss state of all knowing, all positive, all zenful bliss. We all long for that, we forgot that love is ourselves, we go numb or fill up with dreary thoughts, or painful emotions, we dissociate and we forget who we truly are. Now you have understood that it is a natural longing, and that it is programmed into our very nature, and nobody exists without this fundamental desire. The creator already knows the answer, since creation is finished, and the beginning of time is already finished, as well as the end of time, so the outcome was good, we all returned to our oneness consciousness, and we recognized God in ourselves, and God in our fellow human sisters and brothers. God is not testing us, he already knows. We are giving ourselves opportunities that’s all. I realize that some people have never experience this incredible love that we call Twin Flame, but chances are that you have. And you want it back.

The recognition that we want to create a greater love than our previous idea of seeking fulfilment through love in the usual way, is a natural part of the human/divine journey. We are all marching in the same direction, towards total well being. This is a comforting thought, at least it should be, and an even better thought, is that total wellbeing is ours for the taking now, today, and we don’t have to wait.

Creating a higher connection requires overcoming our problems and perfecting our approach to love. It does not involve changing our partner, no matter how much we may want that, and any change that we want to see begins with ourselves, and this expands us. No one to change but self. Our consciousness expands, through expanding our love, and this positive change positively effects our relationship. This is the way that our relationship becomes the lab where we get to create a twin flame, or soulmare, or divine relationship. Divine relationships are made, by ourselves, by a greeter part of ourselves communicating to a smaller part of ourselves.

We all want to be loved and valued, cherished and respected, and this is caused by our ego, and this desire is natural. This is why the war on ego is unnecessary and useless. Each of us are unique though, and we are more or less drawn to different things and interests, and it also changes and fluctuates over time, and as we fulfill one desire we develop new desires. One desire is fulfilled and a new one develops. If we go stagnant and numb, we stop developing additional desires, and the natural process of creation comes to a dreary halt. Sometimes we connect with a partner or lover when we have a mutual desire, and our consciousness exist in the same state, but later we diverge, and develop different desires and interests, or life places different demands on us, or one person stays behind in the same state, and the other continues to grow and develop , and continues to consciously create themselves into newer states, so how do we maintain our love then? From our old state maybe we were satisfied with dating and courting and if problems hit at that time, the leap into manifesting from the end state seems to big of a gap. What then? You are stuck in a so called runner and chaser situation, wich by the way is not a real thing, it is just a state, nothing more and nothing less.

In the old paradigm, people just let the love die. Or people who were married, they maintained a marriage without any love in it, or they divorced. Today people are facing more issues, there is ghosting and i don’t know what else.

We are in a new paradigm, and we have brand new tools.

Many people who divorce stay singel for years or decades after, and breakups and divorces are not a great solution to creating a greater love. We need to learn how to create a divine love, in order to experience it. If we passively assume that it is just going to always be there, we will probably be disappointed.

We have to find a shared space, a space where we can come together, and it is created by a mutual desire for love and connection. This understanding is something that you can create all on your own, since your consciousness is what creates in your universe. Eventually, we both also need to participate in this creation. At some point, we will need reckon with the fact that we also have each our own egoic needs and this is necessary to admit before a divine love can be created. It is like an addict who needs to admit that they are an addict before they can get sober. It is not such a big deal though, you just have to admit that you have your own desires that are driven by a purely selfish desire for fulfilment. We are all the same in that way even if what we desire is fully altruistic, it is still desired from the part of ourselves that is seeking personal fulfillment (through altruism). Nevertheless, this is a relationship, and it is a love relationship, so we must come clean with ourselves about our egoic needs and demands because this is what creates our unreasonable demands on one another. This does not mean that we will not have our needs met. We are just finding a new way to go about it.

Most of our impulses in love relationships were picked up from a failing system, from our parents, or from movies or books that portray love in a false way without the part that actually involves going through the difficult times in a way that creates this divinity between us, and so we have to learn as we go to try rise above those impulses, or become another statistic. Another divorce, another serial dater, another long term single parent.

Love is grown to divine love by withstanding difficult times, when we dare to see our partner and their needs, in those times when we feel that our needs should be met, we again grow. Our love grows and expands, and this creates a split in reality, and levels us up. This is a quantum jump, into a greater love. Every situation that we overcome, and rise above, rises us above the old realty, and brings us closer to a divine love.

It isn’t about the outcome, it is about our intention. Think about it. The creator doesn’t need our actions, the creator has no need for us to DO anything, “he” can do it by himself, but rather it is our intention to generate love upon our partner that increases the love that is divine. I don’t mean in action, I don’t mean to cater to, to smother, or to become a doormat, I mean in INTENTION. The intention to always see the bigger picture, and being willing to do what it takes to refuse that narrow angry, fear based, hate filled or bitter view of our partner and to do what it takes to see the greater expanded version of them that includes the infatuation and bubble love that you fell in love with, under all circumstances. “The creator” also want this, our love, our connection between all of us, that is all.

The creation becomes, because of our intention. Not because of our actions. Our intention to maintain an infatuation and an adoration of your partner, and an image of them adoring you in the midst of your fights, this creates a divine love, a Twin flame. This means that you have to do the exact OPPOSITE of what you always do. When you go don’t go down the negative path, you have to level up, maintain a greater view, and your love will expand. Your ego will feel justified in going down the same old same old path but this is where your willpower and willingness to do what it takes comes into play. Now you can use your ego to check your own ego, to bring total focus to love and only love, to fairytale love and everything that you have been told doesn’t exist. This is a decision made deliberately and your ego is the only thing strong enough to decide to follow through with living in the end of lala land!

Your ego will overcome the resistance when nothing else will! When you are focused in love, love transmutes all thing to become like itself. The divine principle is non action, is intention only, and this work is internal. Turning your whole situation around by focusing on love, dropping the fear, and knowing that the work is already done, creation is already finished, and any negative feeling that you have is only a protective cover for the love that you are feeling. Every time that you feel a negative emotion (in any situation) realize that that is just covering the love that is underneath, so you can use your ego to call it out.

-No, that is not fear, that is love!

-No that is not bittenes, that is love!

– No, that is not anger, that is love!

This invisible love is not a metaphor, it is not a “peace love and understanding hippie” teaching, this is real, there is only love connecting us all, and our only challenge is to uncover that love, and what better person to practice on than your own partner, lover or twin flame.

Thi Bible interprets this false covering over the love as “The devil” and that is all that it is, a dark cover, but your ego is strong enough to uncover this love. This is why I started this post by saying that the war on ego need to end, and the only thing to do is to make sutre that we have an equal measure of love and compassion alongside it.

Rising above yourself, and being willing to do what it takes to reorient towards love creates divine love

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