Q and A: Is God Love?

Is God Love?


“So the Bible says God is Love, and I see people post here about that on occasion. But as someone with an evangelical background, I have a question that tends to cause arguments in some of my circles. Do you believe that if God is Love, does that mean that Love is God?”

The Answer:

The answer is reverberated throughout all religion throughout time….Let’s go back several thousand years, to the Veda’s.

Here we find the same message. God is: Sat Chit Ananda, Existence Consciousness and BLISS.

Sat …. Chit…. Ananda

Ananda means BLISS, and bliss encompasses the love part. Bliss is a love so great as to be greater than any other love you have ever felt!

God is love, even bliss.

Evangelical Christianity taps into something called Bhakti, meaning devotion, and since the emotion of devotion is so similar to so called divine emotions, it is like a shortcut to knowing God. Meaning, intimately knowing God on the inside. You are asked to love Jesus with all of your heart, and devotees of Krishna are asked the same thing, love Krishna with all of your heart. This love is sometimes called Christ consciousness, but also Krishna consciousness.

In Buddhism you are searching for compassion which is similar, but not identical.

Now, there are many paths to God, over 7 billion to precise… But once you find that the door you were knocking on to find him opened outward and he isn’t there you finally turn inward and noticed that God was within all along. That happens for everyone no matter how you slipped in there.

Once found, what you find is oneness, awareness, and always invariable you find BLISS, and the biggest love you have ever experienced. VERY close in nature to the love for Christ. (Or Krishna) You SEE God (Jesus/Krishna) inside everyone and since you love God now you love all with the same devotion.

Love is a shortcut, and we are all invited to skip all the hoopla and go straight there, but most are understandably not able to.

The reason:

As soon as devotion to Jesus, or to anyone for that matter, is mentioned, many people run for the hills due to negative connotations to both abusive church practices, and the connotations to the word devotion in general. Devotion is a very foreign idea to most, to love in such a way that you joyfully give your whole life to this divine principle, I think you have to have had a taste of this love before you can become a “Bhakti“. Evangelical Christianity is comfortable to some, and scary or repelling to others, but to those who are able to embrace this concept, this Bhakti, devotion is easy, and their Christ consciousness is opened and awakened.

Krishna’s Gopi’s depict this same rapturous devotion.

Think of self realized yogi’s like Yogananada, and how they are devoted to all self realized masters who came before, and they don’t pick sides with a religion, proving that love is at the very core of finding God

The interesting part about BLISS or Ananda, is that we ourselves have to seek for it on the inside. We make God come alive inside of us by blowing life into our feelings of love. This is one way to find God, by seeking for love in everything. So yes, I think you can say that love is God in that sense. It is the emotion that is experienced when God is experienced


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