Alignment matters, Techniques don’t!

Alignment matters, Techniques don’t!

There is not a single technique in the world that can replace alignment. Alignment is equal to flow state, and Wu Wei, the “do nothing” state.

The reason for the techniques is that we can allow alignment to do the work for us, not because they are like a “spell” or a magic trick.

What would it feel like if it was already perfect?

What if… You just stepped out of the way for a little while and you knew that it was already done?

Can you feel what it is like…total well being….divine love and total wellbeing and you don’t have to do anything because God is doing all the loving, all the healing, all the restoration, and he is propelling you forward in life one giant leap forward.

What if you just allowed his perfection right now? Receive this.

Receive this feeling that comes over you when you know that all you have to do is to allow God to help you, and let him do literally everything, all the forgiving, all the self empowerment, all the self esteem and all the connection building, ALL THE RELATIONAL restorations and ALL the calmness and ALL the zen, and ALL the emotional healing…IT IS ALREADY DONE.

How does that feel?


THE LOVE OF GOD RADIATING THOUGH YOU IS PURE MAGIC and INSTANT MIRACULOUS manifestation after miraculous manifestation.

Let it in by letting go, just have your fill of this goodness and then have some more.

When you are in alignment, you are in flow state with God self, and this is when the manifestation techniques come to you like on a conveyor belt and you just choose.

I’ll take this and this and this….

Without alignment, manifestation works just fine, but once in alignment it is like someone turned on the laser and magic happens.

See if instead of hammering out techniques you can be brave enough to dedicate sometime to finding alignment, see what happens.

This is Wu Wei, the Do Nothing Method, when flow state works through you and everything falls into place.

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