Manifesting Beyond Your Asking

Manifesting goes hand in hand with divine will.

Divine will IS your will.

It is the same.

Manifesting t becomes an act of faith when you know this; Here’s why:

Step 1 Intend

In Ephesians 3:20, “I will give you more than what you asked for,” the promise is clear: God’s intention is to grant more than you ask for. Expect MORE than you asked for, not less.

Step 2 expect

Jeremiah 29:11 “I have plans for you” Reaffirms that YOU have a purpose. YOU being here is by design. YOU are meant to be. YOu are greater than you think. YOU are worthy, and always have been.

Step 3 receive

Exodus 14:14: ” I will fight for you. Be still.” God promises to fight for us. Doership does not belong to us. Exodus 14:14 Assures us of God’s protective nature. He fights for us, shielding and defending us from life’s challenges. HE makes crooked places straight, we don’t. God is working on our behalf.

Intend, expect, receive.

Reflection Questions

Why do you not have to worry that God doesn’t want to give you your desire?

Are you an accident that God doesn’t how it got here or what to do with?

If you are doing all the heavy lifting, you are taking God’s work away from him, remembering who will fight for you, will you be still?


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