Manifesting: Harnessing the Law of Assumption

Manifesting: Harnessing the Law of Assumption

The phrase “Don’t worry about the speck in your friend’s eye” is a metaphorical expression that originated from a biblical verse in Matthew 7:3. It means that instead of being overly critical or judgmental of others, we should first examine and address our own flaws and shortcomings. It reminds us to focus on self-improvement  rather than pointing out the faults of others. 

Essentially, it encourages us to practice self-reflection.

The expression “Why is it so easy to see a speck in someone else’s eye when we are blind to a whole log in our own eye?” highlights a common tendency in human nature. It suggests that we often find it easier to notice and criticize the faults or shortcomings of others while remaining oblivious to our own issues or mistakes.

This phenomenon happens due to the inherent bias and subjectivity in our perception. We may unconsciously downplay or overlook our own flaws, attributing them to external circumstances or justifying them in some way. On the other hand, when observing someone else, we tend to readily zero in on their issues.

Additionally, our egos can play a role in this discrepancy. Acknowledging our own “logs in our eyes” can be difficult to say the least, our minds are not wired to “spot the log”. The limiting belief cycle blinds us to the truth, and hardwires us for detecting negativity OUTSIDE of ourselves, externalizing our inner negativity bias.   It is so much easier to project our issues onto others and direct our attention outward instead of inward.

A culmination of the heightened narcissism that we have been biased towards, “cancel culture”  is the result of looking at the “speck in other people’s eyes”, and completely ignoring that GIANT log in our own eye.

We REALLY don’t like to do self improvement, or to take responsibility for our beliefs. If we can get out of it we will, but there is no way out of it.  In short. Commonly culture right now encourages all kinds of limiting belief system and manipulative methods, BUT personal responsibility or self reflection is low on the list.

The thing is though, that there is no other method that works except a removal of negative or limiting belief patterns,  because THIS is exactly what the log in our eye is. A limiting belief system that we ourselves can not see.

No one to change but self.

The assumptions and limiting beliefs that we hold continue to seek out its bias, externally, and continue to create and project more external circumstances. The only way out is to remove the log from our eye. This involves becoming fulfillment biased. Living in the end.

Fulfillment bias:

When we start to consciously create we run into circumstances that were formed by our previous negativity bias

This bias stops us from experiencing the satisfaction that living in the end should bring.

However, by understanding the concept of fulfillment bias and consciously shifting our focus, we can break free from this limiting cycle.

1. Recognizing the Log in Our Own Eye:

This phrase serves as a reminder that we all have biases and blind spots that influence our perceptions and choices. Acknowledging our negative bias is the first step towards removing the log. The problem isn’t out there, those are just specks, the real issue is that dang log.

2. Uncovering the Power of Fulfillment Bias:

Fulfillment bias is the intentional and conscious shift of our focus towards the END result or our fulfilled desire.  

Fulfillment bias is living in the end.  

Fulfillment bias is feeling it real. 

When it is real, none of the obstacles you had to overcome are there anymore because you overcame them and your mind is oriented differently. 

By recognizing that our minds naturally seek out evidence to support our existing beliefs, we can harness this power to redirect our attention towards the desired end, positive experiences, nurturing relationships, and fulfilling opportunities. Whatever it is that we want to manifest.

3. Breaking Free from Negative Patterns:

To break free from negative bias, we need to challenge and reframe our thoughts and beliefs. Start by identifying negative patterns and thought processes that keep you stuck. Then, consciously replace them with fulfillment bias. Become biased to  naturally seeking out external proof of your fulfilled desire.

Do you fall into a scary news bias? 

Or conspiracy theories? 

Do you unconsciously seek out proof that someone is using you or betraying you? 

Do you gravitate towards noticing losers and failures?

Do you always pick the unavailable guy or girl?

Are you hung up on someone who is hung up on someone else?

Do you chase job opportunities but your resume is never viewed, and you never get an interview?

These things should be INVISISIBLE to you, meaning, with a fulfilment bias you would NEVER in your wildest dreams be even a smidge interested in someone who is let’s say not over their ex yet. YOU would NEVER waste one moment worrying if YOU are good enough for the employer to consider you, you would KNOW that you are everything that they need. It is part and parcel of your self concept and your state.

Examine this for real!

Have a look at how you spend your day, write down the thoughts that you have as soon as you notice negativity, if you write down every negative thought you had for one week you would be surprised at your own mind. 

Breaking free means that first of all you have to catch yourself doing it. Usually we can’t see the log in our eyes, but everyone and anyone else can see it. We see the speck in someone else’s eye, but not the log in our own, so ask for help. IMAGINATION CREATES. Have you by any chance been imagining literally everything that you don’t want?

4. Embracing the Journey of Fulfillment:

Breaking free from negative bias is a journey, not an overnight transformation. It is a LIFE SKILL.  It is not something you do only ONCE so that you can manifest yourself out of a disaster situation either. It is a life long habit. Embrace the process and celebrate small wins along the way. Notice every positive manifestation, and store the memory of it in the back of your mind, create neural grooves, and know what it took to get there. 

Surround yourself with positive influences, inundate your electronic algorithm with proof of your fulfilled dreams. Get coaching when needed, that is what we all did who got this journey, we did what it takes to figure out our own stuff,  and if you are able to, foster a community of like-minded individuals who are also determined to become fulfillment-biased. Immerse yourself in the fulfilled miraculous wonder of your clear vision, no more log, no speck, free and clear sight of YOUR end. Bathe in the sweetness of being the person you want to be.

5. Transform Your Bias, Embrace Fulfillment

By recognizing what we are continuously drawn to, and actively choosing to shift our focus towards fulfillment, we can break free from limiting patterns and create a life that aligns with our deepest desires. 

Remember, you have the power to rewrite your story and cultivate a mindset that attracts joy, abundance, and fulfillment.

Love the  journey, it is a magical trip to feel the relief of letting go of the log in your own eye, and step into a future filled with the miracles that you wish for.

You can give the entire world to any one of them: they’ll spend it – waste it – if they don’t know who they are. But tell him who he is – and he doesn’t need anything more than the knowledge of who he is and the application of that knowledge, for we are the operant power. It doesn’t work itself! I can tell you that your imagination is Christ, and maybe you’ll believe me, but unless you actually take it to the point of working upon it and operating it, it means nothing.

Neville Goddard

manifest magazine

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