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The structure of the divine particle:

The structure of our consciousness is non material, and has nothing to do with our Physical being. 

In the spiritual perception of reality there is no separation, from Godstate there is a clear vision of oneness, a complete clarity that we are all one thing. There are only answers, and no questions.

One and the same. 

One consciousness. 

Separation is the illusion of our physical body, but our spiritual body, our consciousness,  does not suffer from this illusion, although consciousness is attached to every unit of our physical body, it is also unattached.

There is a particle of light, an illumination, or enlightenment, in every cell of our body.

There is a divine particle in everything,

 Not necessarily  of equal measure, but there IS.

This particle is not part of the manifest universe. The divine particle is attached to nature,to the world, or the manifest universe, but it is also unattached.

Everything has an illumined particle. 

Even hell, if there is such a thing, and there is because we create it, still has a particle of illumined divine particle. 


Why does this matter? 

This illumined particle is what gives desire. 

How is that though? 

Well it drives out desire to discover who we are, what our purpose is and ultimately it drives our desire for liberation. (enlightenment)

Ego driven desires, and the desire for the ego to yield to enlightenment are both desires. 

Our consciousness, the divine particle, gives our direction, the desire is the direction where we always go. 

The divine particle is  in everyone of us, in every cell,  every cell has its own consciousness,  in every fiber that makes your physical, mental , emotional, and spiritual body. 

This divine particle  is always calling us.

It is calling us to a very special place but we can not see that place, and our descent into this body is a veil. The veil obscures both the calling and the divine particle itself, and our only view to it now is through our desires. It seems like a strange route to take, but mostly because we are not used to thinking in this way, we are used to a religious doctrine that says that the opposite path is virtuous, abstinence form earthly pleasures. This causes guilt, ans is a block to our alignment and growth.

Our view from this vantage point causes the divine particle to sit exactly in our blind spot.

No matter how bad we think it is in the moment, we still have contact with this divine particle, and the only contact we have is through our desires.   

Our desire for something, anything, be it material or physical, or egoic, or sexual, or for human connection is only the next step on a path that takes all of us to the same place, which is unity consciousness.

Because we ARE one.

This is how our unity consciousness first evolves, through our desires! One day, we see oneness, and no separation at all, and at that point the love is complete, and the compassion encomapssses all offfemses that have ever been committed, there is no thought of forgiveness, because it is just self going through various stages of consciousness.

The nature of all dual reality is desire. 


There is a level of creation that is not operated by desire, non-dual, that is pure consciousness, awareness, bliss, and there is a concept of the unstruck sound, the sound of the reverberations of a  heart beat.  It is the fulfilled and satiated  desire. The vanishing of hunger after you take a bite. This is not accomplished by abstinence of the desire, but a learning of how to focus our attention.

Our  desires CHANGE depending on our level of consciousness 

Our desire CHANGES depending on our state.

Our level of consciousness  can also be expressed as our state, and our desires change depending on our state. A state is an attitude of mind, and it can also be expressed as a level of consciousness. A state of mind. The state creates our focus, and we can change states by using our focus on what we want.

So the desire drives us forward, at first only within the current state, but eventually we want more, we outgrow our comfort zone and we want out, we want to expand. We learn how to focus our attention and we have learned how to change our state.

Every state has its own set of desires.

There is no state that does not have desires, except the fulfilment of a desire!

God state follows after a willingness to focus our attention only on the fulfillment of our desire.

Our five senses communicate our desire to us.

The five senses, sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, can never sense the divine center. This is what is meant by the veil of separation. This illusion of separation is caused by our five senses, and our five senses can not detect the divine center. 

The divine center is always hidden behind the veil, but we can know its presence through our desires.

We can use our five senses to align with Godstate by removing focus from what the five senses are actually telling us, and instead giving attention to seeking internally for joy, love and bliss. This makes us discover the divine center, and this creates alignment, and this awakens us to Godstate and our creative power!

Our desire for love is also call from our divine center, and when we fall in love we get a glimpse of this divine center, we see what we look like through the eyes of the divine center,  in a powerful experience, and yet it is only a small fragment of the love that is the love of the divine center.  These loving desires are bringing us closer and closer to our divine center. If we understand this correctly, the loving encounters we experience are there to help us get closer to this bigger love. We get closer to the bigger love by beginning to become love, and leaning closer and closer to more love.

If love came and went, it is a sign from a greater part of yourself to a smaller part of yourself that you are now capable of growing this love from within, using no other tool but your own inner guide towards a sensation of joy, love, and bliss. You are now able to generate Godstate from within with only a shift in focus.

Alignment is a state of mastery.

This is forms the basis of all ancient teachings, no single teachings own this concept, rather it is a truth that runs like a red thread from the far east to near east, and eventually found its way to the west

This desire is our divine center calling us. 

It is not us calling it, it was calling us all along.

Our spiritual experience begins with a call from our divine center.

We desire to  fill our need for food and sex etc and then our other desires of wealth and power and an easy life!  We can desire rest, and a nap, or a new dress, or a sexy lover, or smarter children. Underneath it all there is still a desire to know love, to know ourselves, to understand why we are here.

We can find ourselves in hundreds of states, each with its own set of desires.

Never at any point should there be a judgment of our own inner guidance system, this is the lie of the matrix for the past couple of thousands of years but this is not longer a static matrix. You are free to level up now!

More and more people  can see through the veil, and they suddenly experience blissful love and oneness.

We can develop this ability to be in Godstate, we can begin to correct our focus and our attention, and level up, and correct it again, and focus our attention, and level up. We do this thousands of times. 

Life is NOTHING but the appeasement of hunger. And God and ONLY God gives me DIFFERENT hungers.” -Neville Goddard

Love is the path. Bliss is also the path. That is why desire is the path, the focused attention on the fulfilled desire. One is a stepping stone to the next. The object of the desire is always only a stepping stone towards the developing the skill of aligning from within.

Once we understand this we can skip and go straight to following our bliss. 

⭐ Leaning into joy. 


⭐Bliss seaking.

We DO know how to do that, just seek for a good feeling, lean a little closer to that feeling and a little closer

Manifesting our desires becomes a matter of leaning into our joy.

Following a breadcrumb trail of bliss!

We are not the doer in this, we just shift state. 

All desires are born out of the state we are in, and the fastest way to move out of an undesired state, is to be joy seeking.

This is the quantum jump. You walk from one set of desires into another. From one room to the next.  

This is done by the sixth sense, our consciousness, by our joy-seeking.

By basking in good.

In our imagination, we can pretend to be in another state, and feel as if that is real, imagine a new set of sensory input, imagine seeing what we desire to see, hearing what we desire to hear, and so on, and generate a state from our internal sense, our consciousness. 

This shifts our state, we align, and level up, and the more we learn how to do this the closer we get to know this divine particle, our consciousness. Bliss.

The state is the state of a the fulfilment of a greater love than we have ever experienced, it is fulfilment of the desire and that is why it is desireless.

The shortcut is through internally imagining yourself to be in a state of Bliss and a greater love already. 

You might not get it perfect but practice makes perfect.

 This is the path of love, and bliss.




Try this, Tonight, when you fall asleep, try falling asleep in the wish fulfilled, by imagining a greater bliss,  a greater joy, or the best news you ever  had, or the feelings of the romance of a lifetime. Create the feeling within, this night and every night, and sleep in that bliss, little by little you will find yourself in Godstate.

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