Law of Assumption Myth Debunked: What some coaches teach

Myth Debunked: What some coaches teach

In the Law of Assumption Coaching community, I have come acress a common limiting belief; there’s a common misconception that one must conform to societal norms when setting intentions. For instance, the belief that “if you’re a woman, you should manifest a career alongside manifesting marriage”, because that’s what is expected in today’s society. However, the law of assumption, as discussed by Neville Goddard, challenges these types of ideas, emphasizingonly things like the importance of capturing the feeling or “mood” of the wish fulfilled. Buying into an opinion of culture is the opposite of Law of Assumption.

Myth 1: Conforming to Societal Norms in Manifestation:

This prevalent myth suggests that when manifesting, somehow, sociey should dictate what you want, but that is the opposite of manifesting, that is like throwing in the towel. Some cultures have arranged marriages, and some individuals want things differently, and the good news is that you are in fact not bound by these rules. No one is powerless against societal norms. For example, “if you’re a woman, you should manifest a career rather than aspiring to be a housewife,” as it goes against our current cultural expectations. Well, you might want to stay at home, take care of your children and go to PTA meetings and such. You can. This myth of cultural gender norms implies that your desires should align with the prevailing norms, limiting your manifestations based on external standards. It is a limiting belief, and it is NOT the Law of Assumption.

Debunking the Myth:

The law of assumption, a fundamental principle in manifesting, rejects the notion that you must conform to societal expectations. Neville Goddard’s own example should be enough to inform us of this. He divorced in an era when divorce was not only frowned upon, but also much more difficult, and yet, he manifested a seamlessly easy divorce from his first wife. Neville only encourages individuals to “catch the mood” and focus attention on the feeling of the wish fulfilled. If being a housewife resonates with your heart’s desires, it should be an integral part of your imaginal scene. I use this specific example because I have seen this myth perpetuated lately.

Staying True to Your Heart:

The REAL truth is that Manifestation is not about adhering to external norms but about staying true to your innermost desires. Your feelings and emotions play a crucial role in the manifestation process, and Neville Goddard’s concept that “feeling is the secret” underscores the importance of aligning your emotions with your desires. In other words. “Feeling it real”has to be true to your onw heart, otherwise you are not in fact “feeling it real”. Be you, and accept your hearts desires, they are good.

Cultural Norms vs. Personal Truth:

Cultural norms are dynamic and subject to change. What is considered normal today may not be tomorrow. I’ve already lived through some of that, and having one foot in a different culture I can tell you that a cultural truth is no truth at all. For example, when I was born, my country still applied some amount of “eugenics” as a state law, and that is certainly no longer accptable or “true”. Be careful to not fall into a trap of lies, just because more people agree with it. Relying on societal standards as a measuring stick for your manifestations can be limiting. Instead, dive into your heart and identify what truly brings you joy and fulfillment. Feeling good is the primary ingredient in successful manifestation, regardless of cultural expectations. Your heart never lies, but you do have to have access to your heart, you can not access the feeling of the wish fulfilled with a hardened heart. You can try, you can work on it, but to fully access this you need to be honest with who you are, and what you wish for.

The law of assumption teaches us to prioritize the feeling of the wish fulfilled, staying true to our hearts and disregarding external expectations. Remeber that circumstances don’t matter. Remember, cultural norms evolve and change, but your inner truth remains constant.

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