Interpreting things as love makes your manifestation!

Manifesting LOVE

Manifesting Love

An instruction I often use in coaching, is the “love every feeling” method, especially for individuals who are out of touch with their bodies or emotions. What this means is to love everything including that which that you actually hate, want to suppress, or would rather not feel, rather than trying to change or to feel better, or to improve, but instead to love the feeling exactly as it is for what it is. By everything, I mean literally everything.

Is just this:

Love everything.

Love the feeling instead of fixing it.

This method is PERFECTLY applicable to manifesting love and relationships too, as it can change everything and can steer you back on course quickly, and it can get you out of severe funks, even long term depressions, in just a day or two.

So how do you apply this in real life?

Like this:

if you are jealous, love the jealousy.

If you feel grief, love that you are feeling grief, and love the grief itself.

If you feel angry love anger.

If you are feeling abandoned and scared, love that yo are feeling abandoned and scared, love your feeling, love yourself for feeling abandoned and scared and really immerse yourself if feeling LOVE for this NEGATIVE feeling.

Pretty simple!

What this does is that it powerfully creates more love within, this is unconditional, it is love in action. Love for self.

If you can commit to loving someone else FOR the bad things…not in spite…you should prepare yourself for a miracle.

No personality is actually set in stone. You change. I change. Everyone goes through changes, but most of the time the changes are something that just happens to us because we accept the message from an outside source. A person who makes us feel a certain way, or a circumstance that creates a change out of necessity.

We are ALWAYS the cause of the change because our state determines who we are and who we become, but as long as we don’t consciously and deliberately use this for our own good, we are just at the whims of whatever state we “find ourselves” in.

Accidentally finding yourself in any state that depends on your circumstances or your mood is opposite of how manifesting works. 


Commit to your decision.

Love everyone and most of all love everything. More than anything, love everything about yourself, especially all that which you have a hard time loving, or even liking, or even tolerating….

The ideas of duality and separation is so permeated in the west that it is difficult to make the nondual teachings of the East more embodied in our consciousness. 

To understand manifesting thoroughly, it would help to understand  that ALL creation, all manifestation and all dissolution is considered to be a play of your own consciousness making, if you will. This is oneness. Good or bad, is manifestation of what we nurture within our own minds, and so replacing resistance, negativity, fear, anger or anxiety with an experience of sheer acceptance and unconditional love necessitates a change in our projected manifestations for the positive.

Your current understanding of this, depends on your current STATE, and how you feel, in relation to this concept at this time.

When you are manifesting love, by applying this same rule of transformation/transmutation by loving everything, to circumstances and to people, is has the same transformative effect. The new manifested projection becomes in tune with your inner state of love and acceptance.

Love everything exactly as it is.

Love creates love.

Love MANIFESTS love.

It Changes you from the very foundation.

It turns the worst situation into the best situation

It turns straw into gold.

It is human nature to interpret every behavior as having some kind of meaning that we have assigned to it.

It’s completely normal and everyone does it, everyone except sages and monks and other enlightened beings, because part of the spiritual journey is taking responsibility for your own projection.

Part of the spiritual Journey and of learning about manifesting is the realization that nothing inherently has any meaning whatsoever, but the meaning that we give it.

But for the vast majority of us, we all have this very human habit of giving meaning to things, to people, to behavior and to circumstances… It can go so far as to be superstition, where we assign meaning to a black cat walking across the street or meaning to walking under a ladder for example, but even for most mundane and briefly passing cases we give a meeting. A conscious manifester DECIDES what they WANT it to mean.

Meaning making.

Here is an example of “meaning making”:

Let’s say a friend cancelled their RSVP to your birthday party last minute because they were sick. Now you have a choice in how to interpret this cancellation. You might interpret that to mean that they were not at all sick but they simply don’t care that much about you, and then you forever hold resentment towards that friend, the resentment causes a rift in the friendship, and ultimately after the resentment has festered long enough, the friendship and ends. You can also interpret this as if they are indeed sick, you can feel sad for them that they are missing a fun party, and promise them that the two of you will make it up when friend is well again. No resentment, and no festering bitterness. Friendship stays good, and continues to grow in closeness. There are many meanings, and chances are that your meaning that you made up, is false. It usually is.

This example shows how all relationships are manifested from assigned meanings that have no basis in reality.

IF you start playing around with this, create new meanings, and look at people in brand new ways you will start to notice something wonderful…. YOU are the creator of appearances, both good and bad.

So to be clear no meaning is based in reality, it is not just some mistaken or confused meaning that we ourselves create out of in our minds.

The true meaning may in fact not be known by us. And it is irrelevant.

If you intend to master the art of CONSCIOUS manifesting, then you will now that there is NO meaning, and then assign the exact meaning that you want. This creates a “state” within you, and the state is the manifestation.

Nothing has any meaning except for the meaning that we give it.

The truth of this can be found in Neville Goddard’s teaching but also in ancient texts such as the Yoga Sutra’s which is the first ever text written on the subject of manifesting. there is NO meaning, the only truth that we can be sure of is consciousness, or awareness.

Yoga Sutras Patanjali

The same thing can mean one thing to one person and something totally different to another person.

Healing Trauma

Take for example the pandemic of 2020. Look how differently people interpreted things.

Let’s say I want to make sure that when I go see a friend I want to respect them and their space, so I make sure that I wear a mask, and when I see them I tell them that I’m vaccinated, well this could have a completely different meaning for them, this could mean that you have not thought things through, and they might interpret to mean that they are also forced to wear a mask and that you think they should get it vaccine, meanwhile they might be on the fence with a vaccine, or they might believe that the vaccine is dangerous, they might believe that masks are harmful, for some reason and they don’t wanna wear it, and now they think that you are forcing them to wear it, and they might get upset. Two people, same situation, completely different meanings. No other situation highlighted the meaning making machinery that a human mind that is. Left unchecked, uncontrolled, and rampantly operating without its master, the conscious aware being, the mind makes false meaning after false meaning and then it meets with hundreds or thousands of other false meanings.

Nothing MEANS anything.

Every individual is at a very real risk for interpreting the behavior of others as offensive and it is very likely that the behavior will hit a nerve really deep, and a meaning will then be assigned SPECIFICALLY to this person. you might even go so far as to believe that the other person does not love you because they acted different form what you had decided that they should if they loved you. The truth is that the projected meaning came from you not from them.

If 2020 and 2021 has shown us anything at all it should be this, that meanings are created by human beings.

In love relationships, we can see how easy it is to interpret something in a way that it was not intended at all. In fact our interpretation of a behavior can be so far from the true intent that it doesn’t even it resemble it at all.

No other relationships are as a ripe for misunderstanding as an in an intimate love relationship.

If you want LOVE in your love relationship, you are going to have to start interpreting things as LOVE. Point blank.

It is much harder in love relationships because our hearts are so exposed, and we are so vulnerable and even the slightest comment can be misinterpreted. The job for you as a conscious creator is to turn everything into love, not just the misunderstandings, but the things that you are pretty sure you understood correctly. Your state is what manifests your future.

So here’s the job for you.

Understand that there’s nothing that means anything.

Nothing means anything at all.

Think of a time when you were madly in love in that first infatuated passionate part of the romance, remember how you interpreted every little thing as beautiful, as love, and everything you saw I was beautiful and amazing, how you suddenly could smell the freshness of the air, how suddenly you could hear the birds chirping, how every couple made you smile instead of feel resentment. That is God state, it is one version of God state. Living through the eyes of a lover…

Get back to God state. And know that when you are one with all, when you feel your inner true self you feel nothing but love.

It’s your choice and it is your job to seek out and find things to interpret as love, and actually you are not fooling yourself because behind this VEIL OF ILLUSION, everything is IN FACT love. The core of awareness, which is the only truth, is love. Therefore everything is love. You just haven’t understood that until now.

At the true core of it everything is love, and your job is to be single-mindedly focused on love.

That means that you will be focused on a loving feeling. That also means that you are focused on interpreting everything that you see or you hear and everything that you encounter as love and I don’t care how much it might look as not love, your only job is from now on to interpret it as love, and that is how you become a loving person. AND THAT IS HOW YOU MANIFEST LOVE.

Swami Sarvapriyananda, the Vedanta teacher, talks about this, but from a different perspective, a spiritual perspective. He says “see God in everything”, and this is a path of self realization for those who are not good at meditation. Not being good at meditation is not a hindrance to awakening, it just means that your path will be to see God everywhere in everyone in everything in every circumstance INSTEAD of meditation, or in addition to meditation.

That BECOMES YOUR PATH and it takes you there.

The same is for seeing love in everything. This seeing love become your path there. The feeling of love is the STATE and don’t worry, if you can’t see the love in the person right now, once you have manifested a state of love, that becomes your future, so that means that SOON you will se this person with love. Practice this by seeing love in everything, every single moment, in every person, in every feeling that you have, in every thought that you have. Be relentless on this one. Love your whole self, warts and all, and don’t leave anything out. Be focused. With a LOVING FEELING.


Create a “Mood chart” for the month.

Each and every day for a month,

Give a gold star for every mood that you have.

Bad moods = gold star.

Bad thoughts = gold star.

Good mood = gold star

Worse mood more stars

Do this for a whole month and watch your rewards of gold stars fill up your chart

This path gets you to a loving relationship, AND it teaches you to take responsibility for your own emotions, not matter how much you think they are caused by someone else, because regardless of what you are feeling, remember, you are getting a gold star, and guess what else?

So are they.

This is a path to unconditional love. This doesn’t mean to excuse bad behavior, there is no mention of that in here so don’t misunderstand, manifesting is NOT a doing method, it is not an action method.

This DOES get you out of VICTIM MODE, and it puts an end to blame games, weather you are blaming yourself or someone else.

It creates empowerment, strength, and understanding of the manifesting process.

Your only manifesting task. Interpret everything as love. 

Dr. Anna Bäck

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