11 Steps to Perfect Manifesting

11 Steps to Perfect Manifesting

How can you manifest when everything has gone wrong?

Manifesting requires us to have faith when we don’t yet see our manifestation, and to keep going. 

We are artists, sculpting a desired outcome. 

Because we are conscious creators, we have decided that we want to take charge of the direction of our evolution, and also,  of the rate of speed. Bacteria evolved into human mitochondria but it took millions of years.  Evolution pushes us along towards a homeostatic harmonious goal,  that is nature’s way, but we don’t have millions of years.  Still, we DO know that harmony is the goal.  Our goal, nature’s goal, and the creator’s goal.   So we can  decide to go for harmony faster, and for this we have  to have faith  when we don’t see anything manifested yet, just like an artist who is in the middle of their creation has to believe in the final product.  

Everything that I have manifested, in some way or another, I had to persist through times when it looked pretty bleak.  Looking back, I am so glad that I kept going, always, towards all my goals, and looking back at times that were so difficult or confusing, I can say, I remember when…

And that is exactly what “I remember when” technique is…

  1. “I remember when “, always makes me feel better. You can do something like  “I remember when I was a single woman and now I’m happily married”  or  “I remember when _____ was struggling with their health and now they are so healthy”, or “I remember when I was struggling to get my career on track, and now I am in the perfect job”.  This is “prospection” , you are creating a future memory. It is an intention, that this memory is yours, you DO remember when things were different, but look at you now, how far you have come, and how good that feels. The creator doesn’t need us to create, because he already created everything, he just needs us to intend. That is all.  

This is the creative process, all you do is intend, and the creator is the one who creates, your job is done with intending this memory. 

S.A.T.S. State akin to sleep

  1. SATS, state akin to sleep, find a scene, a short and easy scene to run through your mind.  Fall asleep with a wedding ring next to them, make it simple, and involve your senses. Feel the ring on your finger, and feel them next to you, or your arms around them. Or see yourself in the garden, and see them coming out to ask if you want some tea, hear the sound of the door open, and the sound of their voice, this involves the senses.  Or imagine the two of you out for a walk in the neighborhood, feel their hand in yours, your shoulder against theirs or their arm around you, inhale the scent of fresh air or the scent of roses  in a garden, hear birds chirping or a car  drive by, this involves touch, sight, smell, and hearing.  That is a short, easy scene, and that is all that is needed.  Feeling is the secret, meaning to feel it with the physical senses, the touch, taste, smell, hearing. Make it normal, not outlandish.  Be sure to include sensory input from your imaginal scene, and take a few minutes each day to relax into the SATS. 


  1. Revision is your new best friend, and this is something that you will use for life, in all situations, you will never regret making this part of your routine. This is just good practice, it is sweeping your own front porch, it is keeping your own internal space clearly geared towards the positive in all situations. It works in ways that you don’t need to understand, just know that miracles happen before your eyes when you use this.  Whenever  there is any negative circumstance or interaction, use this, always  revise it to work in your favo. At the end of each day, revise your day to be perfect. You can use it for things that happened right now, and for things that happened ten years ago. Understand that all of us evolve and change, we all seek for our own harmonious happiness, and this includes your sp, this is a gift of faith that you can give to someone that you love. Faith in their happiness, their harmonious and stable personality. If they have anger issues, revise them to be emotionally stable, if they have commitment issues, revise them to be completely secure in their commitment and attachment. If they are selfish or narcissistic, revise them to be emotionally available and empathetic. This is the correct path, the inevitable path, you are just speeding it up because you have become conscious.

Be adoer of the word, not just a hearer of the word:

  1. Use the methods, use them when you believe in yourself, and use them when you don’t. Just keep at it. It is like learning anything new, you just keep plugging away at it until you are finished. Especially when it seems hard, just persist in ur wish fulfilled, and play and feel really good imagining, that is the creative process.  Have fun with it, make it a game!

Stop taking inventory of circumstances:

5. Never ever check their social media  (or the social media of a real or imagined 3rd party)  If you are in a relationship and you are doing this, the end is near. Always go to the end, and live in the end, the end of a HAPPY and HEALTHY relationship, and if you would not be doing what you are doing in a happy healthy relationship, then don’t do it now. This includes other obsessive or addictive behaviors as well. Stop all of it immediately.  Some people get tarot readings or psychic readings, this is the same category of obsessiveness, please stop that. You will never learn how to be a happy person if you think that checking tarot is okay to do. This is obsessive and toxic, it is living from the end of total failure, betrayal, or at least the end of insecurity.

You get what you prepare for:

  1. Keep  your home ready, ready for guests, and also ready for you specific person to sleep in the bed next to you. Keep that space welcoming, some people say playing pretend is NOT manifesting but I beg to differ, playing is the strongest indicator that you are about to level up. Play is always nature’s sign that growth is coming. When children play, nature knows that they are ready for the next stage in their development. Play because it indicates an ease, a readiness, and nature sees this as a cue that this is the time for you to level up. Start playing that your home needs to be ready for your love. Florence Scovel Schinn says this, that creating this space will be welcoming a new guest, your sp!   This is Neville’s wish fulfilled!

Go and tell no one!

7. stop talking about it with your friends! I used to always complain about things regarding my husband to my friends, and this is the most detrimental thing you can do. It just encourages all of our fears, or our anger or sense of rejection. We have to learn how to stop venting to our friends. 

 The bible says: say “go and tell no one”, why,  because they mirror your fears. Talking about it can cause a “miscarriage” to ur desires as Neville says.  

I had an early innate sense of this, and remember when me and my husband had been married for about a year, I had a very concrete example of the two different attitudes of mind, or states of mind.  My husband would always overthink things, and he had a bit of a negative expectation or worst case scenario, and the reason for this came from his parents. They were negative and always had an underlying expectation that he would fail, and if this is true for you, you have to learn how to use that negativity to your advantage.  (You can learn how to use all your negative circumstances for your own benefit)  Anyway, we were visiting our summer cabin,  and he and I had  decided that a very large shed in the back of the property would be perfect to make our own, small cabin, since the family was growing and growing, and the cabin only had so many rooms.   We talked about what we needed to do,  the shed  needed french doors, a new floor, and some other things.  We had to take the boat to town to buy the material, because there was no road, and the boat belonged to his parents, and even though my husband was an adult they treated him like a child and wouldn’t let him use the boat.  I knew that they would also say no to fixing the shed to be a liveable cabin, but he insisted on asking them. I told him that we would simply do it in secret and then present it as a surprise to them, the finished beautiful product. I knew they would simply love a gorgeous little cabin, it is just that they completely lacked a creative vision.  Eventually we finagled it so that we could use the boat for the day, came back with everything that we needed, and pretty quickly fixed up the shed, and voila, it was a total gem!   His parents were just beaming with joy when they saw it. 

THIS is the difference between TELLING NO ONE, and asking for permission, asking for advice, and asking a tarot reader, or telling everyone of your intent.

You KNOW that you create ALL circumstances, so WHY are you going to tell people? Why? You know that you will be standing face to face with all of your fears. It should be clear by now, the mirror mirrors only your own consciousness back to you, so why do you want to cause yourself to be indecisive this way? You already decided on a course of action, now go and tell no one.

(Our  relationship  with his parents improved so much when we  stopped talking about any hopes and dreams. They were always happy for any good news, but they couldn’t handle the visionary process.) 

If anyone asks you how things are going, well you know what to say, things are going great. If you were truly in the state state of the wish fulfilled, you wouldn’t be asking those questions!

What you have created already by accident:

8. Regarding 3rd parties,  always just ignore them.  There shouldn’t be more to say about this.  You have to believe in your love, if you don’t believe in your love no one else will either, including your sp.  I remember seeing a social media question from a woman who was asking how to manifest her boyfriend to “not have female friends”, because she was jealous. Jealousy is a state, and it in turn manifests a lot of negative energies, so she should have been manifesting herself to change, to change so that she not be the slightest bit jealous, and over time she would be so confident that she has nothing to be jealous about.  Always go to the end, and jealousy has no home in your end result, nor does it belong in a healthy relationship. 

If you are jealous, work on it, and always remember that you are always on their mind, especially if they are talking to someone of the opposite sex, why, because you create your reality, and this is what you want, there is only one of you, and you are always on their mind. This is the end state, always go to the end state.

Mental diet and inner conversations

9)  Be on top of your mental diet. Involve  your inner conversations, and never let your mind run rampant with undesirable thoughts. Your mind is a pack of wild dogs that you have to put on a leash. It serves no purpose to allow the mind to ruminate or spiral, just have tools ready to go to stop a useless thought pattern immediately. I use autosuggestions, it is a combination of revision and intentions, and this is an instant mind soother, and it hands the doership squarely back to the creator, and we can go back to using our minds for constructive purposes. The biggest obstacle that people face is their own minds, and the reason is that they haven’t understood how destructive it is to let it go down rabbit holes.. Don’t let yourself go into fear or  doubts, there is no one there to put a stop to this negative thinking but yourself, and you actively have to stop it. It doesn’t stop itself. Stop allowing your mind to worry  about undesired outcomes. Always  keep your thoughts perfectly aligned with your wish fulfilled, yes this is hard at first, but it is necessary.   It gets easier.  You’re stopping  your manifestation if you  let  your mind wander freely into any spiral, or rabbit hole, or into fearful or hateful imaginations. 


10) Play! Laughing and having fun is like pressing the turbo speed button. Like I mentioned, play is nature’s sign that it is time to level up, time to evolve and grow! When you are manifesting, you  are changing and evolving yourself, you are increasingly becoming a better and better person, more and more aligned with harmony, and nature is always going in the direction of harmony, you can observe this in the synchronization of fireflies, or in the synchronization of metronomes,  it is nature’s phenomenon to desire harmony. It happens naturally, but sometimes we get in the way of nature. When we play, we are aligning with nature ‘s intended synchronization.  

There  is a great energy in play, play is creative and generative. It is what the artist does when he chips away at his sculpture, it is serious but at the same time, it is play.  This is a forgotten aspect of LOA, but a massively important point in other spiritual teachings. Take the seriousness out, and reduce importance, align with the desired end by incorporating fun.

Go to the END

11. Bonus point. You have to imagine the whole shebang, the whole enchilada, get into the total perfection and harmony of the end state, this means that no messing with the middle and no playing it small. Just go ahead and throw yourself into the most magical imagination that you can. Playing it small doesn’t help you, it doesn’t make it more plausible that you will get your manifestation, remember that natures way is towards harmony and perfection, and inside of you you already have a sense of what that feels like, and looks like, so make the path straight there.  “I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight”.  

Trust in the power of the creators finished work, and set your sight only on that.

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