Not Believing in Love While Manifesting Love? What on Earth?

Not Believing in Love While Manifesting Love? What on Earth?

Too many people feel as if they don’t deserve love. 

And too many people are worried that “God” does not want them to be with their soulmate, or anyone…

Just as many feel like they have to earn love through, beauty, career, fame or success!

 This is a pervasive sense of unworthiness, a sort of deep rooted guilt about desiring love in the first place. I sincerely believe that we have created this in our world for several generations but the time has come to end these absurd beliefs! Believe in love, believe that you are loved, and love is as natural to us as BREATHING.

Where are these beliefs coming from? 

First of all, lets remember LOA 101:

This type of mindset will actually MANIFEST a state in you where you are literally in a state of being drawn to unavailable people. You will be one of the people that believe that your entire happiness is bound up in a person who is rejecting you! Please read this twice. Your identity must be built and felt and understood from within.

Since we manifest based on our concept of self, aka, who we are, this manifestation of pining for someone who is for example already taken, comes from you and you alone. YOU think that you are unworthy, fundamentally flawed, that you don’t deserve the good that other people have. THIS is a state.

It is not reality, it is only a state. A state can be changed.

To move into another state or mansion necessitates a change of beliefs. All that you could ever desire is already present and only waits to be matched by your beliefs.

Neville Goddard

Let’s explore all the reasons why you came to the false belief that you are inherently worthy of love…. 

If we persist in the assumption that we are what we wish to be, we will become transformed into that which we have imagined ourselves to be. We were born by a natural miracle of love and for a brief space of time our needs were all another’s care. In
that simple truth lies the secret of life.

 Except by love, we cannot truly live at all. Our parents in their separate individualities have no power to transmit life. So, back we come to the basic truth that life is the offspring of love. Therefore, no love, no life. Thus, it is rational to say that, “God is Love.” Love is our birthright. Love is the fundamental necessity of our life.” 

– Neville Goddard

Picture this: Built into our human existence, there’s a profound truth that resonates deep within our souls. It’s like a gentle pulse running through our veins, a truth that yearns to be acknowledged and fully embraced. 

You have heard it.

Felt it.

It is a yearning inside your heart.

It might be experienced as pain by you at this moment, this pain is UNREAL, and is caused by your state.

Your current state is covering up your natural state of Bliss, real loving serene Bliss.

The pain is a result of covering this Bliss up and choosing to be blind to your inherent truth.

The truth within everyone, is a presence of the undeniable power and  monumental significance of love. Love is more than just love and we sense it.  Love is not just some abstract concept; it’s the very essence of our being. When we deny the existence and importance of love, we’re essentially denying a fundamental part of ourselves. Our own soul. 

Many people unknowingly trap themselves in a web of deception based on our current society narrative, that we are independent, that committed love is some kind of sickness. This example confirmation bias in action, is perpetuated over and over again, through several generations now, and like the Yin / Yang symbol represents to us, it has to culminate somehow and revert back to its opposite confirmation bias. That is the nature of the dual world, a belief is dragged to its extreme and then it swings back again. But you are NOT obligated to participate in these fluctuating beliefs!

YOU , are not obligated to have ANY part in this.

YOU can go straight to the heart of the matter if you want to.

YOU don’t have to join the sleeping masses that are  living in a false reality built upon the shattered fragments of their wounded hearts.

YOU are free.

Deep down, in the quiet recesses of our souls, we know the truth. Every single human being craves and deserves love just by being born. We’re not just talking about superficial or fleeting affection here. No, we’re talking about that profound connection that intertwines our hearts and breathes life into our existence. Love is our birthright, and our fundamental necessity. Neville Goddard had it right when he said, “God is Love.” And God and Love both are found inside of our own hearts! How important is it then, to open your heart, to be real, to dare to peek beyond those protective walls that you built around your heart?

In caveman days, our very survival depended on belonging to our tribe, on forging connections with others. We needed that belonging, in order to physically survive. Alone was the same as death. And while the physical need for a tribe may have evolved, and in truth, we can live alone our whole lives now, still, our souls still long for the embrace of kindred spirits. Without love, we’re left merely existing, but not fully living, our soul spark withering away in the absence of true connection. Look around you at our fragmented and disconnected society, desperately yearning for something more. We’ve lost touch with the innate longing for genuine and heartfelt love. Connected and committed love that doesn’t go anywhere. The fact that you have a desire for manifesting a true love connection means that you are in touch with your truth, not that there is something wrong with you. And what else? You don’t have to “earn it.”

Think about it. At the core of our being lies an inherent desire to connect with others, to intertwine our souls and create something beautiful. We long for that soul-stirring, deep love that transcends physical desires. It’s a love that touches the very essence of who we are. Even the most hardened soul longs for understanding, to be seen, to be loved. It is who we are. Still, so many people outright DENY this, and then, in the next breath, they try to “manifest love” or as in some cases, “make them conform”. This is all nonsense, and you are free to stop right this moment, and let love in. 

To deny this truth is to deny your own humanity. 

If you  find yourself caught in a paradox, hating  on other people’s happy marriages or criticizing the institution of marriage itself, all while trying to manifest  that very same connection, just know that you have to manifest a state where you believe that love is who you are. You are made of love. From love. You are love. Neville Goddard says “we are God, who came down to be human”, and he also says that “God is love”

If LOVE is what you want.

Become one with it.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”


Trying to manifest love while simultaneously trashing the idea of commitment or marriage will not work.  We forget sometimes  that we manifest what we assume. (Not necessarily what we want, but what we assume).  Our state. Our beliefs, false or not.

So, let’s break it down. 

Love isn’t just a nice-to-have or an optional extra in life. It’s an essential part of our existence. Inseparable. Like God is inseparable from ourselves. 

It’s what nurtures and sustains us. 

Without love, our family units crumble, leaving behind shattered hearts and fragmented spirits. 

Look at the state of the world today. Isn’t it clear that our disconnectedness and pursuit of independence in all areas of life is not working? It is the connectedness that creates a harmonious world with happy humans.

Humans are more isolated and alone than ever before. It’s time to stop pretending that we don’t want love. It’s time to acknowledge that the journey of profound love and transformation is the key to lasting happiness.

Embracing the power of love and connection is an act of divinity. In a world filled with distractions, superficial connections, and meaningless pursuits, we run the risk of losing touch with our own souls, our own God-spark. 

But if we take a moment to truly understand and embrace our innate need for love, we can begin to heal the wounds that separate us.

We don’t have to wait for time to reveal the consequences of our disconnectedness. The proof is already here, staring us in the face, we all have freedom to walk away from false and limiting beliefs. Right now. Changing states takes at most a few seconds. Become a conscious creator, not a reactive creator.

“God is Love.

Love is our birthright.

 Love is the fundamental necessity of our life.” 

-Neville Goddard 

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