A Kabbalistic perspective of the Law of Assumption process

A Kabbalistic perspective of the manifesting process:

1. Zimzum (Tzimtzum):  In Kabbalah, Zimzum refers to the concept of contraction or withdrawal. It is the idea that in order to create space for the existence of the created world, the divine infinite light (often referred to as Ein Sof) contracted or withdrew itself from a certain space, allowing a void or “empty” space to form. This contraction made it possible for the finite and separate realms of creation to emerge. The Big Bang, was one such contraction, but so is the first division of an ovum. The creation of anything requires this contraction, a making space for a new revelation, a new human, or a new universe or a new idea.

2. World of Atzilut: The World of Atzilut is the highest of the four main spiritual worlds in Kabbalistic thought. It’s often called the “World of Emanation” or the “World of Nobility.” Atzilut represents a state of closeness to the divine and is associated with the most direct experience of the divine light. It’s considered a realm of unity and divine attributes, where the boundaries between the divine and the created are less distinct. In Atzilut, the divine attributes, often referred to as the sefirot, are in harmonious balance.

3. Sefirot:  The sefirot are ten divine attributes or emanations through which the divine interacts with and manifests in the world. They are often depicted as a diagram called the “Tree of Life.” Each sefirah represents a different aspect of the divine nature and serves as a channel through which divine energy flows. The sefirot include qualities such as wisdom, understanding, mercy, severity, beauty, and more.

4. Creation of the Worlds

According to Kabbalistic idea, the process of creation involves a series of descents from the higher spiritual realms to the lower, more material realms. 

This progression starts with the divine light’s contraction (Zimzum), creating a space for the subsequent worlds to form. The first of these worlds is Atzilut, which is the closest to the divine source. From there, the divine energy descends through the worlds of Beriah (Creation), Yetzirah (Formation), and finally, Assiyah (Action), which is the physical world we perceive.

The concept of manifesting, according to Neville Goddard, overlaps with the “four worlds” in Kabbalah.  This concept gives us the understanding of how the spiritual realms and divine attributes can be harnessed to bring about desired outcomes in the physical world. 

Each of the four worlds represents a different stage of the creative process, and by working with these stages, individuals can align their intentions with divine energies to manifest their goals. Here’s how it can be understood and applied:

1. Atzilut – Intent and Divine Will:

   Atzilut is the world of divine emanation, representing the highest spiritual realm closest to the divine source. It is associated with divine attributes (sefirot) in perfect harmony. To begin the process of manifestation, one starts in Atzilut by setting clear intentions aligned with their higher purpose and in harmony with divine will. This involves connecting to the essence of what you want to manifest and infusing it with positive and pure intentions.

2. Beriah – Visualization and Creative Thought:

   Beriah is the world of creation, where thoughts and ideas take shape. Creative concepts, intellectual thoughts all form here. This is where we find Neville Goddard’s overlap, “imagination creates” 

Once you have set your intention, move into Beriah by using creative visualization and focused thought. Imagine your desired outcome as vividly and clearly as possible. See yourself already in possession of what you want to manifest. As you do this, you are shaping the raw material of divine energy into a coherent blueprint for your manifestation.

3. Yetzirah – Emotional Energy and Formation:

   Yetzirah is the world of formation and emotion. Emotional energy is a powerful force for manifestation. With your intention and imagination in place, immerse yourself emotionally in the experience of having achieved your goal. The emotional world and the spiritual world are intertwined here.  Instead of worlds you can imagine this as dimension, or as a state of mind. By world is not meant a location is space, like another planet, but another world within your mind. Feel the joy, gratitude, and excitement as if it has already happened. Feel it real. Emotions and senses are the fuel that brings life to your creative imagination, and helps shape the energy into a more tangible form.

4. Assiyah – Physical Action and Materialization:

   Assiyah is the physical world we perceive. It is the culmination of your intent. Having aligned your intention, thought, and emotion, it’s time to take practical action in the physical realm. This might involve steps like making plans, taking specific actions, and following through with persistence and dedication. Your actions are the bridge between the spiritual and physical realms, allowing the energy you’ve generated in the higher worlds to be grounded in reality.

In summary, the process of manifestation using the “four worlds” in Kabbalah involves moving through these stages:

1.Set your intention in Atzilut by aligning with divine will. You NEED silence for this, but only a MOMENT! This is what meditation is for. Find your SILENCE, your SPACE between thoughts. The withdrawal of mind, a deliberate creation of space. Stillness and calm.

2. Visualize, envision, imagine light into this mental void, this space, this stillness,  and think creatively  in Beriah to shape the desired outcome. Divine thought TAKES SHAPE here, in the form of words. 

Keeping your mind SOUND prevents misinterpretation. Define your intent clearly, Be clear on what you  want, and guard that you are not focused on what you don’t want. Nothing and no one but yourself is responsible for keeping your mind SOUND. Your creative intent can only be translated into articulate thought by you, if you have a hard time, use affirmations and autosuggestion, this tool keeps your focus in the right place.

3. Emotionally connect in Yetzirah by feeling the reality of your manifestation. Oh, sounds like Neville Goddard now doesn’t it. FEEL IT REAL. Connect, emotionally. Understand that by the time you are “doing” your “FIR” session, this desire has been generated by your divine, filtered through your mind and is now ready to be expressed through you as a sensory experience. You amalgamate the divine idea into your own being in this step. 

4. Take practical action  in Assiyah to bring your manifestation into the physical world. This is “Take normal action” Do the right thing, don’t act out of desperation, your actions should always reflect “the right thing for you”, meaning your general responsibilities, and such. Inspired action takes place on its own, you will not know that it is happening. The divine desire to expand continues to express through us, and your actions are willed by the divine, you don’t have to fear that you don’t know what to do. It is easy, always do the right thing, and the right thing happens for you. Some say, do the will of God and God will do your will for you. Another way of saying this is, let your actions be aligned with the golden rule, or the ten commandments, or the noble eightfold path, and “be still and know.” This step works  best if you have followed the previous steps. In other words, you might think that doing good actions always ought to give good results, but it isn’t always the case, is it? Mind your creative intent, and the clarity of your sound mind, set you intent, and feel it real, and you will be right on track.

Manifesting Wealth Using the Four Worlds:

  1. Intent and Divine Will: Begin by connecting with divine will. Set a clear intention for the wealth you wish to manifest. In this space of divine alignment, silence your mind and create a stillness within, making room for your intention to take root.
  2. Visualization and Creative Thought: Visualize your financial abundance as vividly as possible. Imagine scenarios where money flows effortlessly into your life. Your imagination acts as a conduit for your intention to take form.
  3. Emotional Energy and Formation: Immerse yourself emotionally in the experience of being financially abundant. Feel the joy, gratitude, and excitement that comes with having the wealth you desire. Emotions are the bridge between the spiritual and physical, infusing your intention with tangible energy.
  4. Physical Action and Materialization: Ground your manifestation in the physical realm through inspired action. Your actions should align with your intention. Trust in the divine flow as you take steps toward financial prosperity. Remember, doing the right thing and aligning with your intentions generates the energy needed for manifestation.

Manifesting Love and Removing Third Parties:

  1. Intent and Divine Will: Set a clear intention to manifest love and eliminate any interference. In this realm, your intention should focus on harmony, connection, and the removal of barriers. Create a sacred space within your consciousness to establish this intention. Creating an open space within always requires detachment from outcomes. It requires observing thoughts but not attaching to them. It requires to notice feelings but not identifying with hem. This open space is the place where grace enters in.
  2. Visualization and Creative Thought: Imagine yourself in a loving, fulfilling relationship. Envision interactions filled with love, joy, and companionship. Allow your imagination to create a vivid experience of your desired love story.
  3. Emotional Energy and Formation: Infuse your visualization with deep emotional resonance. Feel the love you wish to experience as if it’s already present. By emotionally connecting to this reality, you reshape your energy and draw the desired experience closer.
  4. Physical Action and Materialization: Take steps that align with the intention of manifesting love. This might involve actively seeking opportunities to meet like-minded individuals or deepening existing connections. In terms of removing third parties, focus on fostering open and honest communication to address any obstacles that may arise. Be present, be there, know yourself and know your partner. Third parties can never enter into a relationship where you are present, learn to be attentive and to receive attention. Take normal action and take only correct action. Inspired action is not known until you look back in hindsight, so don’t try to force inspired action, it can’t be done.
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