ALL manifesting is THE SAME | How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things

He who meditates on God for many days has substance in him, has divine power in him. Further, he who sings well, plays well on a musical instrument, or has mastered any one art, has in him real substance and the power of God. This is the view of the Gita. It is said in the Chandi that he who is endowed with physical beauty has in him substance and the power of God.

— Sri Ramakrishna

Are you a twin flame? How would you use your state to manifest deeper lasting love that is straight out of a fairytale?


Are you listening to videos describing toxic trauma bonds?

Do you want to manifest your dream job, your very own tailor made just for you career or business….


 You spend most of your time lamenting the sad state of affairs, the death of your small town, do you talk about nothing but the inflation, dead ends, and the impossibility for someone of your age to become anything at all?

You are in a state.

You are always in a state and you always manifest.

I make a number of videos helping people manifest and often they are tailored to people who struggle with past trauma and such. I do this because I work in the field of helping people with these things. I almost always get questions asking “if it is the same when you “manifest xy&z” …Listen..

ALL manifesting is THE SAME.

You manifest from your state, and that is it. That is the end of the manifesting instructions, you don’t have to worry what “technique” to use, it has nothing to do with it, just go with any preference, any at all. It doesn’t matter. Do what you like. This would be the end, but you guys have more questions.

When I explain in detail, in longer videos it isn’t because manifesting has changed rules. It is because there is a difference in WHAT you WANT.

Nothing about the how has changed, only the why. Why do you want something?

What changes is you.

And when you change, what you want changes, that is all.

SO let’s say I make a video about manifesting “deep love even if you are traumatized”. I am not describing a different HOW, I am describing how to move  beyond the trauma, into a new WHY.  Sometimes you ask if it is the same when you manifest a car, losing weight, or any other material things.  AGAIN nothing changes about the HOW. You manifest from the state that you are in, but I HOPE that you can see a BIG difference in why you want to lose weight vs why you want to spend your life with the one you love….

Neville Goddard explains that when you find the new state to be the one you most often revert to, you will manifest.  Assuming a state does not mean thinking about the thing you want, that is just the same old state that you were ever in. No. It means thinking from it. Assume the state of the wish fulfilled. In other words, if you are in a room and you are thinking of the direction to the front door, it will be different if you go to anew room, and you are thinking about a direction to the front door now, it will be different than if you think of directions to the same place from where you are now. Thinking FROM a state is like walking into a new room. Now the perspective has changed.

THIS is HOW you manifest. Nothing else.

You are God who “came down” to be human.

– Neville Goddard

And then it seems to never be that simple and we have more questions…. 

This is because we don’t PRACTICE shifting states, so in today’s blog I have a challenge for you. A state shifting challenge!

The first state You will practice will be a very negative state. It is just as important to know how you got into that funky state, as it is to know how to get out of the state. The way you get into a funky state is by immersing yourself in thoughts that spiral downward.

Noticing the downward spiral, I want you to start looking at bad news. Use Twitter, or MSN or Yahoo or whatever it is that always suggests news for you, and click on the most negative ones. For about 30 minutes, click away, but set a timer, and when the timer is up, stop, and take note of how you feel, and what your thoughts are revolving around.

We manifest things all the time, all day long, there’s never a moment that we do not manifest, and if we stop manifesting, the world would simply stop around us.

I know that Neville Goddard had at least one mystical experience where he described the world stopping, I had the same mystical experience, where the world simply ceased. There is never a moment that is not made manifest by your consciousness, and the way that you manifest is by taking for granted. It isn’t by visualizing things, and it isn’t by affirming for things that they manifest, it is because you have what is called faith. Another word for faith is taking it for granted.

If you take for granted that you’re going to have water every day it is the same or similar has to having faith, hat you have water. (Now taking for granted that you have a specific person could also mean that they feel like they are being taken for granted, so don’t misconstrue what I’m saying).

Let’s do another exercise of states. This time I want you to do a YouTube search for a musician called Krishna Das. Take a few hours of playing Krishna Das, and while you’re doing that, if you want to you can engage in some something artistic like drawing, or you can just lay down and listen for a few hours, it doesn’t matter what Songs, he has so many and they’re all spiritually and vibrationally so loving and so aligned with the divine. Once you’re done let’s say …. two hours….Take inventory again of your thoughts. Notice what you’re feeling. Notice what you’re thinking. It is a state… you are in a state.

This is an experiment of states.

Remember how I just talked about taking something for granted?

It is easy to manifest when you have faith 

And when you just take things for granted 

So what, nothing is special about manifesting for example clean water piped into your kitchen! This is something that we manifest, and we take it for granted, among many mundane thing!

But hold up!

Some people DON’T have that! Some people have no home, no pipes and no water!

What about those things that you DON’T take for granted, and the things that you are not able to have faith in, after all that is what you struggle with.

We’ll that is when you manifest the state.

The state is the manifestation and your job is DONE with that.

It is easy to confuse how to manifest, but again, your state manifests.

Your questions are so often centered around what you can manifest or what is okay to desire but none of that matters .

If you desire to reunite with your children that is your pressing desire. 

If you can’t stop wishing that you had a better body that is your pressing desire. 

If you met someone just once and you developed a crush. THAT is your desire.

If you desire to have someone who just needs you and adore you and dote on you that is your desire.

If you desire to have a kundalini awakening  then that is your urgent desire and want.

The desire doesn’t matter!

How do you manifest it?

By finding the state of the one who already is that person and embodying that now, today, and to be in that state and to see things from that state as often as you can.

How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things.

The state of Someone who has experienced a kundalini awakening and who has vibrationally aligned with god self, who is that person, and how do they see things from their eyes?

Manifesting is like walking into a different room and seeing things from that room.  What are they doing? What do you think you’ll do differently? Start now or it will never happen, if you don’t start now you won’t start then.

When I explain things more in depth in terms of overcoming trauma or any other mental health issue, or addiction it is not because the laws of the universe has changed and manifesting suddenly is different. It is because your WANT is different. How you manifest is always the same, but how you want changes. If you play around with getting in and out of a few states of mind then you will see relatively quickly that your own wants change along with it. If you are in a state of anger your want might be to punch someone in the face….BUT is THAT what you ACTUALLY want to manifest?  Some people do because anger is their most common dwelling place.

For other people a sense of worthlessness is the most common dwelling place.

Many people I know have a very solid sense of self, and they know their worth. They manifest their purpose in life, a dream career or they forge new paths. They create a money making career where there was none before. They meet their soulmate love. They raise their children to have the same sense of worth. This is a state of mind, their most common dwelling state.

Imagine that when you ask me if “it is okay” to manifest something that you are in a state. This state is like you think that your parent or a teacher or a pastor or someone has to approve of you. Nobody has to approve of you except yourself. Learn how to self approve.

This should be done using your own sense of clarity, your own desire for what you want your future to be like, and your own heart.

Your own sense of what makes your heart beat faster and what you wish for most prominently. There is no one outside of yourself that knows you the way you do.

I get patients all the time who say that they -have a certain feeling about their health, even though it goes against what their doctor has told them and I always explore their gut instinct together with them.

Nobody knows you like you do. Nobody can tell you if your desire for yourself is okay, only you can do that, and just to illustrate what I meant, a friend of a friend, years ago had a desire to move to a country in Afrika. I don’t remember which one, and I am not sure if I actually ever knew.  People thought that it was a stupid desire, and they never expected that he would actually do it. But one day he followed his heart and he left. He met the love of his life there, his soulmate. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction because apparently she was also the princess or queen and he became King of a village or nation in Africa. I guess people didn’t think that he was such an idiot after that, but imagine that he followed his one heart tug, and went for it. 

Imagine that your state of mind determines how you experience your own wants. Not something else. Maybe you let yourself be too influenced by general opinion. Maybe you have forgotten how to listen to yourself? Maybe you never knew? You can easily discover your true wants by putting yourself into a positive feeling state more and more often. Discovering what you like is the direction of self discovery. Discovering what you don’t like is equally valuable. Maybe you are in a state of disappointment, and this is good because you now know very well what you don’t want.  If you stay and wallow in disappointment, you continue to manifest from a state of disappointment and you will discover yet more things that you don’t like. Use it as information. What you don’t like, remove your attention from it, and place your attention on the things that you have discovered that you do like

Assuming a state comes with a shift in perspective automatically.

 You know you’re assuming that state and seeing the world from the perspective of the state of that wish fulfilled if you are feeling SATISFIED.

The wish fulfilled is YOUR wish fulfilled. Not a parent approved wish. Your genuine hearts desire because that is the only thing that will make you feel satisfied, your parents wish won’t make you feel satisfied and neither will mine or your pastors…. Just your own fulfilled wants make you feel satisfied.

Anchor your wish fulfilled into your life the way your life is right now, bring it into every mundane moment, when you brush your teeth, or when you get into your car, find a moment in your day, and anchor your wish into it. Make it normal. Feel satisfied.  

Clothe it in the “tones reality “ as Neville Goddard puts it, and feel it real. Feel it now, and feel it NORMAL.  

 Get into the state of that wonderful experience existing in your life now. Never worry about the how, and certainly don’t concern yourself with what other people might think, they are not in your head anyway,  nothing  you want is too out there. Just because it might seem so impossible to you doesn’t mean a thing.

You are not the doer of a single thing, you are the assumer of states, and that you can easily do.

Impossible to you  doesn’t mean it’s out-of-reach at all. Assume the state of it as here and now, and you will notice you start seeing the world from that perspective. You’ll feel different. Like you’re looking around a different room now, and the door is now at a different perspective than it was from another room, and that is not hard to do. That is your only job, it doesn’t get any easier than this. I’ve done it with so many things, and sometimes it is like a revolving door of manifestations that keeps coming. Imagine a conveyor belt and everything is transported to you on it.

I imagine that my dream work comes to me through head hunters and people who have heard of me, and that is exactly how it happens all the time. It isn’t hard to do, it is a lot easier than being out there hustling and being in the grind. Just allow your conveyor belt to transport things to you.

Sometimes you ask me if it is okay to want your specific person, your soulmate, forgetting that your love is in YOUR heart, not mine. This is why you need to understand that it is you WANT that changes, not  how you manifest something. How do you imagine that wanting SOMEONE, someone special, someone so special that you want to spend your life with them, is a bad thing? You only feel it is a bad thing if you have them reduced to a thing, and wanting a THING is very different from wanting that someone. Not just anyone. SOMEONE who makes your heart beat faster, and who you want to leave the comforts of single life for, someone that you will happily change your routine of just caring for yourself for. That is a beautiful, wonderful, and amazing want. Are you manifesting someone, or some thing? You know the answer for yourself.

Feeling it real is feeling it natural, and being in the state of feeling satisfaction. If you believe that you have to be hyped up, don’t worry, you don’t have to.  Seeing your wish as a dream so lofty that IT  will solve all your problems,  is NOT feeling it real. In a reality where it is manifest life is still normal, and and that reality just like in this one, there are imperfections, and this is natural. Only solving your problems will solve your problems, (and of course if that is your want then you will manifest that….)

 YES , it WILL feel like a dream when it first manifests, but it will also feel natural and life will go on pretty naturally in many ways. 

Things WILL feel greater when you have your manifestation.  OF COURSE. The sun will shine brighter, the air will be crisper, and  yet, an annoying driver will still cut you off on the freeway, and normal things still happen. Feeling it real is feeling it normal. Anchoring the want into the NOW.

How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things. The Imaginal scene: You create a scene that implies that you are now seeing FROM the perspective of this want being done and fulfilled. It has nothing to do with “visualizing” and it has nothing to do with being in a daydream. The scene can be as short a a half a second and have no content. A normal glimpse of a want already fulfilled.

What does the world look like FROM that perspective? Act inwardly from that STATE and yield to that state, for “he has means and ways ye know not of.” You are not the doer, there are no techniques. YOu are not the doer. Your job is to shift states. THAT is easy.

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Neville Goddard | What Does the Lord Require? A lecture

November 20 1964 

What Does the Lord Require? 

Tonight’s subject, that is, the title of the subject is taken from the Book of Micah, the 6th chapter, the 8th verse. I

n this verse, he asks a very simple question. First, he makes the statement, “He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to be just and kind and live in quiet fellowship with your God.” Nothing else is required of man after man has been told what is good, these three fundamentals. 

Outside of these, the outer ceremonial is an affront to God. It’s an attempt to bargain him into accepting from man less than he wants of man. So, all the rituals, all the ceremonials, everything on the outside is really an affront to God. All he asks of us is to be just, to be kind and to live in quiet fellowship with our God. 

Well, how would we go about living in quiet fellowship with our God? I think tonight you are going to find this a very, very practical approach to living in this quiet fellowship with your God. 

To understand it, let me go back now into the Book of Psalms, the 4th chapter, the 4th verse: “Be angry, but do not sin; commune with your own hearts upon your own beds, and be silent.” 

How would I do it? Would that really be living in quiet fellowship with God? 


Well, how do I know? 

I’ll tell you tonight how I do know. There are supposed to be a billion Christians in the world. And I wonder what percentage, it would be so small it would be ridiculous. If I were to ask a very simple question of the whole billion, “Do you not know that Jesus Christ is in you?.” I’m quoting from Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, the 13th chapter, the 5th verse; he’s asking the Corinthians, “Do you not know that Jesus Christ is in you?”

If we were honest, the billion of us who claimed that we are Christians, our answer would be, no, we do not know that Jesus Christ is in us. 

All you have to do is go to any home, especially the homes of those who put up pictures and little icons, and look and see what they have on the wall to represent Jesus Christ. It doesn’t faintly resemble any member of the family, far less the one who occupies the home as owner. It doesn’t resemble in the most remote manner any member of the family. And most of them are painted or done by very poor artists, they’re monstrosities. 

But there they are, all over the walls, all over the places in all these homes that call themselves Christians. They do not know that Jesus Christ is in them. Tonight, you do this in a simple way, for I’m speaking from experience. You are told to be angry, and the word translated “angry” is “perturbed, enraged.” So something disturbs you, burns you up, but do it in the seclusion of your bed. Do it in the silence of the night, the darkness of the night. Let it off your chest. You’re required to help someone; and that someone has been helped, then they go back and go back a hundred times, and you are made aware of their falling back. How often Lord?  Seventy times seven.  (Mat. 18:22).  But get it off your chest, tell them exactly what you think, and then, do not sin. 

These are the words, “Be angry, but sin not.” (Eph. 4:26). 

Sin is missing the mark; sin is having a target and failing to hit it. You have a goal in life, either for yourself or for another, and if that goal isn’t reached, well, then you’ve sinned. So be angry, but sin not. 

Then comes the technique: “Commune with your own hearts upon your own beds, and be silent.” 

So after you’ve gotten it off your chest, you bring them into your focus once more and see him as he ought to be seen, hitting the mark. You bring about your inner conversations either with this individual or with others, implying he, she or they have realized the goal regardless of what that goal is. If you now put into your picture that you are kind, would you like it done to you? Yes! Well, then that’s right. That’s one of the fundamentals. Is this now just? 

That’s just, you can forgive sin and you must be kind, and now live in quiet fellowship with your God. 

Well, am I communicating with God? I am. Well now, do I know that what I am doing now is really seen by God? How do I know that God is actually seeing this?  Because with God all things are possible. Well, I’ll tell you exactly how you can know, if you’ll trust me. 

I now turn to the 42nd Psalm, “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God..” That’s how this wonderful Psalm begins. He wonders when he will come and behold the face of God, for all day long men say to him, “Where is your God?” As he pours out his soul, they are always asking, “Where is your God?” Then he calls upon a memory and he said, “These things I remember, as I pour out my soul: when I went with the throng and led them in procession to the house of God, in joyful songs of thanksgiving, a multitude keeping festival” (verses 1,3,4).

 He remembers that. Well, now let me share with you an experience that parallels this—-how I know that Jesus Christ is in us. 

I’m not unique, Jesus Christ is in every child born of a woman, but people do not know it. So when they ask “Do you not know that Jesus Christ is in you?” they can’t honestly say, “Yes, I know.” They might have heard of it through someone else, they might have read it, as you read it in the scripture, but they don’t know it. They haven’t experienced it and they have not that inner conviction that it really is true. 

Now, what I’ll tell you now I did not hear from a man, I was not taught it, it came to me by revelation of Jesus Christ. Many years ago I found myself in vision leading a throng in a gay procession towards some invisible house of God. The crowd was thick, and as far as vision could go, an enormous crowd, all in gay Near East costumes. As we walked toward this invisible crowd, a voice rang out from out of space, and the voice said, “And God walks with them.” To my right, this woman (she appeared to be Arab) and she asked the voice, “If God walks with us, where is he?” and the voice replied, “At your side.” She took it literally and turned to her side. I happened to be on her left side as we were leading this procession. Then she became hysterical. I mean, it struck her so funnily that she simply had hysterics. She said to the voice, “You mean Neville is God?” and the voice replied, “Yes, in the act of waking.” The same voice, now heard only by me, not by the crowd, for everyone heard that voice, in her voice and the voice, the announcement that God walks with them; the question “Where is he?”; “At your side”; “You mean Neville is God?”; “Yes, in the act of waking”—-all that was heard by the whole throng as we moved in procession to the house of God. 

But now the voice speaks in the depths of my being, heard only by me, and the voice said, “And God laid himself down within you to sleep, and as he slept he dreamed a dream, he dreamed” and I knew exactly the finish of the sentence: “He is dreaming that he’s me,” I knew it. And at that moment, sheer ecstasy, for I was actually sucked into this body by whirling vortices. 

This hand is a vortex, this hand a vortex, my soles of both feet a vortex, and my head a vortex, and the right side of my body a vortex. 

Far from pain it was sheer ecstasy as I was nailed upon this body. Well, who was nailed upon the body? 

For I was not the body, this thing took place in vision and I, a living reality, a soul that animates bodies, actually was riveted on this body; and with a joy, an ecstasy that you can’t describe in words. It’s something entirely different. And I knew what it meant to be asked, “Do you not know that Jesus Christ is in you?” I knew then, at that very moment, from experience that the dreamer in me is Jesus Christ, for he laid himself down within me to sleep—there was a purpose—and as he slept he dreamed a dream. 

Well, who is dreaming a dream but the dreamer, and he’s dreaming that he’s me. Don’t I feel I am the being that I am? Am I not the dreamer dreaming this that I am? So commune with your own power upon your bed and be silent. 

So tonight when you are in your bed and you think of someone and you set up a pattern that you want to hear for them—-whether it be health, wealth, good fortune, success, I don’t care what it is —-and just simply bring it into your mind’s eye, believing that the being who has done that is Jesus Christ. 

If he annoys you prior to that or something disturbs you, you are told in the 4th Psalm, Be angry, be perturbed, be enraged, but do not sin. In other words, get it off your chest, but sin not. 

The next stage is now to set up the pattern once more. You took a picture and you either over-exposed it or maybe destroyed it after it was realized, can’t find it now. You brought success into his world or you brought him into some other state of joy, a state where he’s gainfully employed. Then he’s fired at the end of a day, week, month or maybe some time later, and you hear of his distress again. You hear that, well, he got into the people’s hair as it were and they simply couldn’t keep him any longer. And he’s lost job after job after job and he turns to you once more. 

Seventy times seven! 

And being very human you are invited in the 4th Psalm to be angry, to be enraged, to be perturbed, but now do not sin. 

Right after it gets off your chest then go ___(??). Who is doing it? Jesus Christ is doing it. Christ actually laid himself down with man, humanity, for a purpose: to sleep. What is the call in scripture? “Wake, sleeper, arise from the dead,” as you’re told in the Book of Ephesians (5:14). As we’re told in the 44th Psalm, “Rouse thyself! Why sleepest thou, O Lord?” (verse 23). 

Well, who is the sleeper? He is calling upon God to awaken. Well, where will he awaken if he entered me to sleep? This seems to be his sleeping place. He sleeps in man and the sleep is so profound it is to the world death. So he’s called upon to awaken from this state called death. While he’s in it, he’s dreaming and he’s dreaming the dream of life. 

Now, you can modify that dream by communing with your heart on your bed at night, just as simple as that. 

You read it when you go home, the 4th chapter, the 4th verse of the Book of Psalms. After you get it right off and you explode and just tell them off as it were; but do it at night in your bedroom, in the seclusion of your bed, in the stillness of the night, when you are quiet. That’s when you’re told to do it. 

All you need do is to see does it fit now these three fundamentals. 

Does it fit justice? 

Am I asked now to do to someone else what I wouldn’t want someone else doing to me? If someone came here tonight and said, “You know so-and-so is in my way and I want him fired.” 

Well, is that justice? 

No, it doesn’t fit my code; it isn’t my code, so I couldn’t accept that request from anyone. 

Someone said to me, “You know, he’s in my way, I want him to die. Get him out of my hair altogether, I want him to actually die.” 

Would I want someone to ask that for me? 

No I wouldn’t. 

So do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. It isn’t just, that’s not one of the fundamentals. 

Now the next one is kind, be kind. 

Alright, would it be kind if I saw the man promoted? 

Oh, yes, that would be kind. Would I want to be promoted? Yes, well, now that’s alright. It comes within, it fits the frame. 

And the last one—-there are only three he gave us—-what does the Lord require of you? The third one is so very simple: to live in quiet fellowship with your God. 

Well, I found who he is: he is the dreamer in me. I must be in quiet fellowship with that dreamer. I don’t want any bad dreams, that’s not being in quiet fellowship with the dreamer. 

I have found Jesus Christ to be the dreamer in man, in every man in this world. And by man, I mean generic man—-male, female. Every child born of a woman The dreamer in that child is Jesus Christ. So when you go to bed tonight, do not let the sun go down upon the anger. 

Be angry if you want to, to clear the whole atmosphere like lightning clears the atmosphere. And after the whole thing is cleared, then come and set it up again, and set up that scene that you really want to take. For the being that is setting it up is Jesus Christ. He actually became man that man may become Christ. So I am not quoting only Mr. Blake; I know this from experience. Long before I read Blake I had this experience. I was not the poet to put it into words like Blake. So when Blake said that God became man that man may become God, I read the words of Blake long after I had the experience. 

But I was not given to writing. I do not consider myself at this very moment, though I have brought out twelve books, I am not in my own mind’s eye a writer. Blake was a writer, he was the grand poet. He was a painter, the artist in every sense of the word. 

So he could take an experience like mine and put it into such beautiful, beautiful English. And he said, “All that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your Imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.” How beautifully he stated it. Well, if Jesus Christ is the core of my being, the dreamer, and he fills all, he’s all in all, what could I encounter that is really in a true sense without? 

He is dreaming it into being. Well, I can modify the dream, for it isn’t going to alter the pattern that I gave him. I give him a pattern and he’ll perpetuate that pattern indefinitely unless I modify the pattern. So how often must I do it  Until it’s done!! 

If it comes within the code of these three fundamentals, that’s all he asks of me. 

What does the Lord require of you? 

And then he answers it, But to be just and to be kind and to live in quiet fellowship with your God

Well, having found God as my own wonderful Imagination, for my Imagination is the dreamer in me, I can’t think of anything without Imagination. I couldn’t dream anything whether it be a daydream or a night dream without the use of Imagination. So isn’t my Imagination Jesus Christ? 

When Blake said that  “The eternal body of man is the Imagination, and that is God himself”,  he had the experience (Berk.,Pg.775). He must have remembered walking with the throng and leading them in procession to the house of God. I know I did. And I heard the voice at my right, I heard the voice in space, and I heard the voice in the depths of my soul, when it said to me, “God laid himself down within you for a purpose”, to sleep, and as he slept he dreamed a dream, he dreamed,  and I knew exactly what he was dreaming: 

He laid himself down within you to dream and he’s dreaming that he’s you. 

And that dreamer can take any dream and externalize it, because with God all things are possible. 

So you start with the dream; and no power in this world can stop it from externalizing itself and becoming objective in your world. They can’t stop it. You don’t need them! As you are told, “Go within, shut the door and your Father who sees in secret,  he’ll reward you openly” (Mat. 6:6). 

In the Psalm you’re told, “Commune with your own heart upon your own bed, and then be silent.” That’s all you do, commune with your own heart and then be silent. You don’t raise one finger to make it so. You simply believe in the reality of this imaginal act, that’s all that you do. You must give reality to what you’ve done. 

So I know from experience that revelation is the principle source of religious insight. Revelation has made me, the speaker,  feel so secure in what I tell you. Before it, I might have speculated, I might have trusted wise men, and because they could speak in so many ways and they were so brilliant in the eyes of men, I might have repeated what they said. I don’t any more, it doesn’t matter what they say. 

My only source now outside of vision is the Bible. So I go back and I read the Bible after the vision, and I search it thoroughly for confirmation of the vision, because if it’s not recorded in scripture it’s non-existent. This is an eternal word, and everything else comes and goes and vanishes, but the word remains forever. And so, I went back and here came the 42nd Psalm. 

I do remember this, I remember when it happened to me, exactly the night it happened, and how this crowd appeared and suddenly I am leading them in this gay procession, where? To the house of God. I had no doubts in my mind where we were going. I knew we were on our way to this invisible Mecca, the house of God, and all these lovely gay clothes around me, a festive crowd. I knew the search that was mine prior to this, for the Psalm begins, “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God My soul thirsts for God, for the living God..” 

Well, that was my search from the time I was a child, that constant search. It was a thirst that not a thing in this world could satisfy but an experience of God. Then comes this fabulous night of the crowd and the voice telling me exactly who I am:

 A sleeping garment as if it were of God. That when he entered this death’s door with me he did it for one purpose: To share with me my visions of eternity and dream with me until together we awake; and we aren’t two then, we are only one (Eph. 2:14,15). 

So he came into this garment and it’s dead. He emptied himself of his primal form, took upon himself the limitations of this form to dream with me my dreams of the world of death, really. (Phil. 2:7). F

or things come, they wax, they wane, they vanish; and all things come and vanish in this world, all things begin and end. The world of death. He took upon himself the world of death as he entered this garment which I now call myself. But I know it isn’t my being, because I was actually nailed upon it. 

No, I know what I am. So I can say to the world that that act of the crucifixion where six points were pierced (not five).  My  two hands, my two feet, my head and my side; there were six like the six-pointed star, and they were whirling vortices and they produced in me a joy that you can’t describe. 

So this was the remembrance of the initial crucifixion. For we are told, “If we have been united with him in a death like his, we shall certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his” (Rom. 6:5). 

So everyone is united in this death, just like that; and it’s God in you or you couldn’t even breathe, you couldn’t move, you couldn’t be here tonight. You couldn’t in any way be a conscious entity were it not that God is in you as the dreamer. 

Now tonight when you go to bed, don’t think of some little being that must rise before morning and rush off to the job; it is God sleeping that night and all things are possible to God. 

Regardless of what happened to you today on the job, you might have been threatened with being discharged, maybe your creditors are pressing you, alright, everything is possible to God. So when you put your head on the pillow,  commune with self,  and that communion is actually in this quiet fellowship with your God. 

This is the God of whom the Bible speaks.  

When you say “I am”,  that’s him. 

Now, what are you doing?

 You say, “Well, I’m thinking of John, and John needs, well, he needs a good job. He has a wife, he has children, he has to support them, and it’s not enough.” 

Raise him up in your mind’s eye. Well, how would you raise him up?

Well now, do you know a friend, a third party who would tell you of John’s good fortune after the event? Alright, bring that third party into the picture and just hear the conversation between you and the third party discussing John’s good fortune. 

That’s all that you do. Now believe in the reality of that imaginal act. That’s all that you do. 

Just trust it and know, really know that the being that is doing it is Jesus Christ. 

So that’s why I said earlier, go into the homes and say, “Where is a picture of your Lord?” and they point to the wall. And then you say, “Bring your children, your uncles, your aunts, your grandparents, bring me all the pictures,” and it doesn’t faintly resemble the picture on that wall. 

And yet he became you so thoroughly that he is you. Not like another, just like you. He took that mold and is raising you to be just as he is, without loss of identity. So when you see him he’s going to be just like you. That is Jesus Christ. 

So you’re told in the same Psalm, “When will I come and behold the face of God?” In the 27th Psalm, “Thou hast said, ‘Show me thy face. My heart longs to see thy face” (verse 8). And I tell you, you are going to see that face. The day you see it, you’ll be startled beyond measure, you’re going to look right at your own face, not another. It’s you raised to the nth degree of beauty, of majesty, of dignity, of a strength of character, you can’t conceive of your beauty when you see the being who is meditating you. 

You’ll actually have an experience where you come upon a being; as you look at him he’s glowing and it’s yourself. That’s Jesus Christ who so became you that he doesn’t resemble anyone but you. 

And so you’re told: “If any one should say, ‘Look, there he is!’ or ‘Look, here he is!’ believe him not” (Mark 13:21). Why should I not believe him? 

Because, “When he does appear we shall be like him” (1 John 3:2). 

So don’t be ashamed to know that the being in you is actually Jesus Christ. “Do you not know that Jesus Christ is in thee?” 

Well, the honest answer to that question from the one billion Christians actually is, “No, I don’t know that at all.” 

But I tell you from experience this is all revelation and revelation makes us sure. So you can argue the point, do all kinds of things. What does this same 5th verse of the 13th chapter of 2nd Corinthians tell us? He tells us to test it and see. He said, “Examine yourselves, to see whether you are holding to your faith. Test yourself and see. Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you?” So we are invited to examine ourselves to see if we are holding to the faith. 

So tonight after you do what I hope you’ll do, tomorrow examine yourself to see if you really believe in that creative act. That was a creative act; see if you really believe in it. Now you put yourself to the test: In the not distant future, what you did tonight should externalize tomorrow or in the not distant future. See if you are holding to your faith. Well, that’s your faith. 

I doubt that anyone here would have faith in some little icon or in some little service at the altar. I tell you, it is an affront to God, all this palaver that goes on all the time, as though some being on the outside is watching it and is chalking up to our little credit what our little attendance inserts. Hasn’t a thing to do with true Christianity. Christ walks wherever you are in this world. If this very night you stand at a bar, or you leave here and you go into a coffee break, wherever you are seated that’s where God is seated. 

But he’s dreaming; he hasn’t yet awakened in man. He awakes in the individual, one after the other. He will awaken in every being in the world. Until he awakes in all it isn’t over. It can’t come to an end until all awake. 

But do believe the words of one who has had the experience of waking,  and  the being who awoke, may I tell you, was the being who became me. We aren’t two anymore, we’re only one. 

In the story as told in the scriptures, you and I are born again through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead (1 Pet. 1:3). I speak of a universal Christ, not a little Christ, but a universal Christ. He actually became every being in the world and so you are born again through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Well, when he resurrects, it’s you, because you have no change of identity and you have no feeling that another one rose with you, it’s all you. 

That’s how unique it is. You rose from the dead. And yet scripture tells you, only Jesus Christ rises from the dead. 

So if only Jesus Christ rises from the dead and you have the experience of having risen from the dead, well, then you know who you are. And you aren’t ashamed of it. You make no excuses to those who think this is blasphemy. You go back to ancient scripture and that’s what they said 2,000 years ago, and that’s what they’ll say every moment of time to anyone who makes a similar claim. Have you ever wondered why in all that is written of Jesus Christ in the scriptures that there is no personal description of him? 

There isn’t one word to describe him in any of his person or in his habits. Others are described, but not one word to describe Jesus Christ, whether he was tall, whether he was short, whether he was fat, whether he was thin. 

Why do you think that there is no description of him? 

Because there was nothing unusual about the outer man. He is the supernatural being. You can’t see him. He’s just like you when you see yourself supernaturally, therefore, why describe the outer garment, which is his sleeping garment? 

So it isn’t described at all. More words are written about Jesus Christ than about any man that ever walked the face of the earth. I don’t care who may have these biographies. There is nothing said about our great Lincoln, or go back beyond Lincoln, go back to the early characters, nothing is said of any character that faintly comes to what is said of Jesus Christ, and yet there is no description of him. 

You write some story of our late President, or you go back, say, to Mr. Roosevelt. You couldn’t write a biography of him without saying the man was paralyzed, and that he couldn’t stand on his own feet unassisted, and that he always had a cigarette in his face with a long holder, and you’d paint such word pictures of a man and you could see him vividly in your mind’s eye. 

But not a thing is said about Jesus Christ. 

The 11th chapter of Matthew makes one little statement, comparing him to John. They said John had a demon because he came neither eating nor drinking, and when Jesus Christ came, he came eating and drinking and they called him a glutton and a drunkard, and a friend of sinners and tax collectors. 

But that doesn’t describe the man. 

I could be a drunkard and be very, very thin or very, very fat, or I could be a glutton and still be very, very thin or very, very fat. I could be a small little fella as a glutton and a drunkard or a very big fella. 

But that doesn’t describe to say that I’m a drunkard, I’m a glutton and I love sinners. 

He didn’t come to save the righteous, they are already in their own mind’s eye so complacent, he left them alone, only those who were missing the mark in life. 

So he was a friend of sinners. So who is this being who is not described in scripture? 

His personality is not at all described. He sits right here tonight with everyone who is here. And when you just think of your home right now, that act of thinking that was Jesus Christ. 

You think of a home that you wanted to have, instead of what you have, that’s Jesus Christ. 

Is everything possible to Jesus Christ? 

Well, then trust that imaginal act and see how he externalizes that act in your world. He will! 

He doesn’t need the help of any being in the world to do it. 

But when you do it tonight, do it quietly. Get it off your chest first if you are going to think of someone else who has annoyed you, it could be a husband, a wife, a child, a friend, and you would like to tell them off and tell them something. 

So you’re told to do it: Be angry, but sin not. Don’t carry it with you into the depth. Don’t fall asleep in the act of telling someone off. Tell him off and clear the atmosphere, just like lightning clears the atmosphere. And then, in the silence of that room, in communion with your own heart, bring it into your mind’s eye, if it’s now seventy times seven, and just take another picture. And hear the voice of either the individual or a friend of that individual or some mutual friend telling you that the one is all of the things that you wanted for him. 

And then drop off, in confidence that that is a perfect picture and it’s done! 

You don’t need anyone else. Paul came saying you need no intermediary between yourself and God. Rub out all intermediaries between yourself and God

When God revealed himself to him, he said, “To whom would I turn?” Then in that 6th chapter when they all left him and he turned to Peter, he said, “Would you go also?” He said, “To whom would I go? Have you not the words of eternal life?” (John 6:66). 

This drama is taking place in man. Peter finds him, because when Peter found him and named him, he said to Peter, Well, where do you get it? These are the words, “What do you think of the Son of man?” Instead of saying Son of man now, which is the title he always used, he said, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” He said, “Flesh and blood has not told you this but my Father who is in heaven has revealed it unto you” (Mat. 16:13-16). 

So he found him, and having found him to whom now would he turn? Because he made the most fantastic statement in the 6th of John:  “Drink my blood, eat my flesh or you have no life in you” (verse 53).  “My blood and my flesh are the words that I speak and they are living words”. Feast upon them, assimilate them, “because no man can come unto my Father save through me.”  They said,  “That’s a hard saying; who can accept it?”  And they all left him, never to walk with him again. 

So he turns to Peter, “Would you go also?” He said, “To whom, to whom would we go? Have you not the words of eternal life?”  These are things that you didn’t compose yourself,  they are revealed from the depths of your soul.  Just like that journey was revealed.  I certainly didn’t sit down after having read the 42nd Psalm. I went back and searched the scripture for the experience.  Because it happened to me in New York City on a night I didn’t really expect at all.  In fact, you go to bed quite quietly and simply and these things happen.  Then you go back to God’s word, the external witness, and see if you have any external witness to support the internal witness of the Spirit.   

Because you must have two witnesses, for only on the evidence of two witnesses shall a charge be sustained. So you have one witness, the witness of the Bible, that’s one external witness. But you can’t bring one, you must have two, and the second witness is the witness of the Spirit, where you have the identical experience, and then they agree in testimony. If two different ones agree in testimony, then that testimony is conclusive, it’s done. 

You can’t change that if two different ones agree. 

Well, the Bible is one and your experience is another, and they come together and they parallel. Go back and you read the scripture. When my eyes fell upon the 42nd Psalm, after the experience, I knew I had my two witnesses. 

I couldn’t deny my own experience and here is something written 3,000 years ago. So, I’ve come, as everyone has come, really, to bear witness to the scripture. I’ve come to experience scripture, but nothing else. So I can do anything here in my outer dream if I know who I am; in the hope that night after night I will have the experiences of scripture until I completely fulfill them. 

For all that is written about me has its fulfillment and must be fulfilled in me. So then you go tomorrow into the world of Caesar once more. While you’re in the world of Caesar, why not be comfortable? 

Why not have a good income? 

Why not have all the lovely things in the world of Caesar? 

You don’t have to be saturated with it, but you can do it if you want to. The day will come when you will not really want things. They’ll be there for the dream if you want a dream; but you won’t find security or think you want security in things, you won’t really. But while you’re in the world of Caesar, dream the things. You have to pay taxes, pay rent and do all the things that you’re told in scripture. 

They asked him, “Do you believe in taxes?” He said, “Give me a coin. Well, whose inscription is that?” He said, “Caesar’s.” Alright, render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. Does he want taxes? Bring me the gold from that fish’s mouth (Mark 12:15-17). 

He doesn’t say, I will not pay the tax, he knew he could simply dream anything. 

And so that same being spoken of in scripture is the being seated here tonight, when you say “I am,” that’s he. So tonight you go back, just the few verses I quoted, read that 8th verse of 6th of Micah, and the 4th verse of the 4th chapter of Psalms, and then the 42nd Psalm .

These are the only ones I pulled on tonight to illustrate this point that you can’t answer in the affirmative when the question is asked of you, “Do you not know that Jesus Christ is in you?”

 So when it is asked of you in the future you can tell. “Examine yourselves to see whether you are holding to the faith”. Now test yourselves and see. “Do you not know that Jesus Christ is in you?”  Well, if tonight you do what I ask you to do you’re putting it to the test. If tomorrow the results appear on your tree, then you’ve found him. 

Now don’t forget him after you’ve found him. And keep on dreaming noble dreams day after day after day, not only for yourself but for everyone. See that it comes within the framework of these three fundamentals as named as the thing that God requires of every man: To be just, to be kind, and to live in quiet fellowship with your God. 

Not a thing you do on the outside. 

If you want to give to charity, give. It doesn’t mean a thing as far as the scripture goes. 

You have to live in quiet, wonderful, simple fellowship with your God. So whatever you do mentally see that it fits the framework of justice and kindness, that’s all. 

So if it is just then it’s right.

 Is it kind? Alright, if you are in doubt, ask yourself a simple question, “Would I want it done to me?” Well, no. Well, then that’s not for you; it doesn’t fit the frame. 

And then after it fits the frame, very simply commune with your own heart upon your own bed and be silent.

 Now let us go into the Silence. 

Q and A:

Question from the audience: 

Can you combine imaginal acts? 


Certainly. For instance, if you have a desire for yourself and one for friends, would you celebrate if all came true—say a little party, a dinner party, a tea party, a cocktail party? 

I mean, if you had a party, say six or eight came together and they discussed their own good fortune and all are telling lovely things about what has happened to them, couldn’t you conceive of just such a little gathering where all are expressing their joy because of their good fortune? 

You simply listen to a voice, a familiar voice of one, go to the other one, go to the other one, just as though it were a party. 

Always do that which implies the fulfillment of the dream. But if you can’t bring them together, take them separately. 

You can have a group picture, or you can have just simply a single picture of one party. But try it! You’re invited just to try it. 

You may stumble upon something that you can tell me that I can share with others, because it is infinite, as he unfolds his great secret. 

He is really your wonderful, wonderful Imagination. 

That’s why the great old man, Fawcett, whom I quoted in my latest book, said, “The greatest of all secrets is this great secret of imagining.” If one could only unravel that secret! 

Question from the audience: 

In John 11, Thomas said, “Let us also go that we may die with him.” It came to me that the “him” could be Lazarus, rather than Jesus as in the preceding verse. 


The story in that whole chapter is Lazarus and so you are right. 

They want to have the identical experience. It was not resurrection. That was restoration, where something that was dead was restored to life—because afterwards, the same one is writing the story of resurrection; because resurrection happens not at the end of one’s history, within it. And so, he went beyond the experience that he could tell the experience. 

And so, the 24th verse, he tells you that these are my words; he tells you these are the experiences of which I bear witness. He is witnessing all that he is recording in that book. 

It tells you that they are his words, and then he tells you at the very end, if everything that was done by him really were recorded, the world couldn’t hold the books. 

So he’s telling you of the unnumbered experiences because he’s speaking of the universal Christ. But man has seen a little Christ, not the universal Christ that is actually in all. 

So there’s the descent; the ascent (which is the rising again); and then another descent that it  may fill all things. So nothing can ascend unless it first descended, and the second descent is the dove, that you may fill all things. 

So the first is death: God became man that man may become God; that’s the descent of God, where you are nailed, actually nailed here, in ecstasy. 

Then you rise during the state when you awaken from the dream, but you do not break the dream as yet. 

Then you have all these experiences of restoring the body, as you’re told in the 11th of John; and then you go on with experience after experience until the very end. 

And then comes the descent, the second one, that you may fill all things, because you must fill all things when you break this wheel of recurrence, the very wheel of death

And so, Lazarus is the cue in the Book of John. 

Question from the audience: 

Do you create these imaginal activities each night? 

Do you do it for a certain amount of time?

 What about the Sabbath? 


Well, to me the Sabbath is simply satisfaction.  He saw his work and it was very good, and he rested. 

A complete satisfaction with what I’ve done so I’m not anxious, I’m not concerned. It’s like becoming aware through symptoms of pregnancy, not a thing you can do after the symptoms of pregnancy are upon you. 

All you can do is simply wait for the appointed hour to be delivered of what you’re carrying. 

Any interference with it is going to produce, either mentally or physically, a miscarriage. 

And so, there will be no anxiety after you can reach the state of Sabbath. 

So, after he saw his work and pronounced it very good he rested and called it the Sabbath. 

So the Sabbath is a moment in time that follows satisfaction with what you’ve done. 

Question from the audience:

What is the meaning of Zechariah 13,  it says:  “Two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein.”


Give me an evening on that.!

Every time I speak, there’s always more! 

If I speak to one or I speak to ten or I speak to a thousand, I have been promised in scripture: Elijah ran away and said, “There is no one” and he said, “Get on back, for there’s always my remnant.” So he ran, thinking when he left that city that was doomed there would be no one to hear him and hear the word of God, and he sent Elijah back, because he said, There is always my remnant. 

Wherever I send you there will always be a remnant to receive the word of God. The field must be prepared. And so, he may be the most brilliant man in the world, but the field is not prepared to receive the word of God. 

So he tells us in the 13th chapter of Matthew the four different soils in which the seed fell

These soils are only humanity, for he tells you by analysis the seed is the word of God, and man is that field on which the word of God is planted. 

Some reject it instantly—-that falls on the highway. 

Then some eagerly accept it, but it’s not yet prepared for it, so it springs up quickly but has no roots; not deep enough for the roots, because the soil has not been prepared properly enough. 

Then comes a third, and finally a fourth. It brings forth, and brings forth sixty and one hundred-fold, the properly prepared soil. 

But you could be the most brilliant man in the world and be, relative to the Bible, the highway, where you have no soil whatsoever to accept the word of God. 

You could be a simple person, ignored by the world, and you can be seeded. 

This past year in Barbados I passed one of the most touching scenes. These two women on the street, they were without shoes, clothes clean but possibly their only dress, and one was holding the Bible this way. The other, mouth to mouth or mouth to ear, this one was telling her, she would quote the passage and this one would continue it. 

She had committed to memory the Bible just from sheer hearing it. 

She knew her Bible from one word, from the beginning to the end. 

So, when she makes her exit from here, to be instantly restored in another time sequence, in the depths of her soul she has the word of God. 

She may be put into another sequence where the Bible is not part of her world, not on the surface mind, but in the depth of her soul it’s been planted and so it will rise and she will have these experiences. 

So the word must be heard by man. 

I saw these two in a very small little alley. There they were, undoubtedly, they might not even have been working, I don’t know. It was the time of day that if they were really on a job they’d be on the job, but there they were, almost in the gutter. 

One had the Bible open and the other was repeating it, word for word. She would say something, it struck me so, like I can’t tell you the thrill that was mine to see them, and she knew her Bible, from beginning to end. 

Chances are she could not read the normal paper, just from sheer hearing of the word of God. 

Well, when she makes her exit from this world, she, like all of us, will be restored and inserted into a time sequence best fitted for our unfoldment. 

Until Tuesday…thank you.

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The Clever Rascal: The Unjust Steward | A Neville Goddard Lecture

Neville Goddard


The Clever Rascal: The Unjust Steward

Tonight’s subject is “The Clever Rascal.” This is taken from the 16th chapter of the Book of Luke. 

There’s a story told there of an unjust steward. There’s a very rich man who had a steward and charges were brought against the steward that he was wasting his man’s goods. 

So he called the steward and told him to turn in his stewardship, for he could no longer represent him. The steward went out and got all of the debtors and asked each in turn what they owed his master. “The first one said, ‘One hundred measures of oil.’ He said, ‘Sit down and write, quickly, fifty measures of oil.’ Then he said to the second, ‘How much do you owe my master?’ He said, ‘One hundred measures of wheat.’ ‘You sit down and you write eighty.’” A

nd so, he falsified the entire record of his master, making friends for himself. He felt, I am too weak to work and too proud to beg, and so by doing this I’ll make these friends of mine, so when I’m fired from my job they will know that they are in my debt. 

For I gave this one fifty percent of what he really owed, and that one twenty percent of what he owed; and so at least to this extent they are indebted to me. When his master heard what he had done, the master highly commended him for his prudence. Then he said to those to whom he told the story, ‘Make for yourself friends of the unrighteous mammon. For if you are not faithful to that unrighteous mammon, who will trust you when it comes to the real riches of the world?’”

Now, a parable has a central jet of truth and the outer story is secondary to its meaning, what it really tries to convey. 

He is not recommending the man who stole his master’s goods or falsified the master’s records; it’s a story. 

What is its meaning? 

That’s the important thing. And what are the real riches against the so-called riches of the unrighteous mammon? Well, the Encyclopedia Britannica defines for us the word righteous as “equitable, just,  and right thinking,” therefore “unrighteous” would be the opposite. It would not be just, it would be unjust. It would not be right thinking, just the opposite of right thinking.

Now, what is right thinking? If today I reflect on the activities of the day and I have a hundred percent recall, I would have a perfect record of what happened today. If I had a perfect recall, that when we had dinner, for instance, I should not only know what I ate but the order in which I ate it, the chronological order. Did I take this piece before that? Did I take a sip of coffee with the meal or after the meal? Everything in the day—the mail as I received it, as I opened it, not only as I opened it, my reactions to the mail—everything should be perfectly recalled if my memory is perfect and I have a hundred percent recall. 

So memory is the conservative aspect of imagining. So I recall the day; that is right thinking, that’s righteous mammon. But I don’t like what happened today, and I’m invited to emulate the unjust steward and simply recall the day and simply revise every little aspect of the day that does not conform to the day as I wish I had encountered. That is being unjust, that is right thinking. 

I am completely changing and modifying the whole day to make it conform to my wish fulfilled. I am invited to emulate the behavior of the unjust steward; for if I do not do it in this way, if I am not faithful to this unrighteous mammon, who will trust me with that which is real in this world?

Now, what is the “real” in this world? He is telling us by that statement this whole vast world would be really unreal. But I am learning to cut my mental teeth and spiritual teeth on the unreality: 

Getting a home when I can’t afford it, increasing my income when seemingly I haven’t the talent, bringing in all kinds of things in my world. 

But this is a world that wears out; it wears out like a garment, and the whole vast world, including the stars, they are fading and dissolving just like smoke. 

But, there is a real world, and if I can’t be faithful in this world with unjust, unrighteous mammon who would entrust me with the real riches of the world?

Now, sixteen years ago I had an experience which I recorded in one of my books, called Awakened Imagination. I’ve only seen it once in print and it came after my experience. That is, it was printed thousands of years ago, 2,000 years ago, but I did not know of this book. It was given to me after I came out in print and I told my story. The book is The Apocryphal New Testament as Compiled by James and in it is a story told by Joseph, the father of Jesus Christ. 

As told in this story, Joseph had this strange experience the night of his birth, where everything stood still. The heavens stood still, the shepherds walking walked not, and the little lambs drinking drank not, and the water flowing flowed not, everything stood still. Then all of a sudden everything moved on in its course.

Well, that experience was mine sixteen years ago, when suddenly I slipped in time and went back in time, say, 200 years, and came upon a scene of a wonderful lovely gracious dining room. It was in the eastern section of this country. I could tell from their clothes, from the setting, everything was simply New England. Then, at that moment, I knew that if I could arrest within me an activity which I felt, that all that I now perceived within the focus of my vision would stand still, it would all freeze. And so, at that moment, I arrested it, and my head jelled, it became solid. At that moment, I, the perceiver, I was awake and I could change my attention, but within the focus of my vision everything froze. The diners who were dining dined not. One young lad, about twenty-two years old, bringing a spoon to his mouth froze, and he couldn’t move it one moment beyond where I froze him—father and mother on both sides, and his brother to my…his brother’s back to me, so the two boys and the father and mother. A waitress coming through the door and as she started walking she froze and she couldn’t move. A bird in flight, it froze. The little leaves falling, they froze. The grass waving with the wind, it froze. Everything froze. I examined the whole thing, it was all dead. The life was in me! And when I released that power within me, that life in me, then everything continued on its course. The boy completed his action of bringing the soup to his mouth. The waitress completed her action of walking to the table to bring the second course. The bird that was arrested in flight continued in its flight, and the leaves falling fell. Everything moved as it intended when I arrested the intention.

But across this country I am always asked, “Did the four diners and the waitress were they aware of being frozen?” But I have no way of telling, I couldn’t answer. I only know that I froze it in myself. I couldn’t tell whether these four and the waitress walking towards the table were aware that they were frozen, I didn’t know. From here to New York City and across the country—-I gave lectures in Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago and all over San Francisco, all the way down—I’ve told this story and someone would always ask that question. And I was unable from experience to answer and to tell that I know that they were dead. I thought they were all dead. I looked at them, they were dead. The bird should have fallen if our law of gravity is true. The bird should have fallen, for the bird in flight, if arrested, would fall to the ground. But it didn’t, it was simply arrested. Space was frozen; everything was frozen so it couldn’t fall. But I could not answer their question intelligently.

Well, this past week, a lady, who is present here tonight, told me this story. It only happened to her recently. She lives in the Palisades and she hears the ocean and can see the ocean. These are her words, she said, “Neville, I had this experience, but it was from the negative side of yours. You were the operant power, you stopped it. I didn’t stop it; I was on the negative side: I was stopped. Suddenly, someone or something turned me off and I was nothing but literally nothing.” She was aware, because she could not know she was nothing unless she was aware of being nothing. “They turned me off and I was nothing. There was no sound of the ocean, but nothing, everything was dead. Then whatever turned me off turned me on again and then everything became alive.”

Now, that’s the power that I call the real riches of the world. So if you are not faithful to the unrighteous mammon, who will entrust you with the real riches of the world? You think about it. If this very moment some tyrant in the world who wants to conquer, say, this marvelous land of ours and enslave it for their own personal gain, if they had such riches and did not have the heart of love, they could turn us off; and then that’s like simply wiping off the slate, wiping off the blackboard, and then rewriting the script as they would intend. Then, when they turned us on again our intentions would be completely changed, even if that intention was to walk willingly—and think we were initiating the urge to walk—into the ocean beyond our depth. We would think this is what we want to do, like the lemmings do. Do they not by the hundreds of thousands just move towards the ocean and all become, well, they all commit suicide? They do it year after year as they seemingly reproduce so many. Then suddenly they all start moving, these little animals, and move toward the ocean and all commit suicide. Who turned them off and then turned them on with a different intention? Instead of reproducing themselves, the slate was wiped clean, and then a new script was put on it, and then the lights turned on once more.

Now listen to the words, “In him was life, and the life was the light of men” (John 1:4). In him was life, and the life was the light of men. We go now to the epistle, this is the 1st John—that is, I just quoted from the first chapter of John—we go now to the first epistle of John, “He who has the Son has life; he who has not the Son has not life” (5:12). If you have the Son, you have eternal life in yourself. Life in yourself is the light in men, and you can turn it off and turn it on. But I doubt that anyone would ever have life in themselves until he’s embraced and fused with love, for what would he do to this fantastic world if he had life in himself not moved and guided by love? Can you conceive what man could do…to turn off, as the lady was turned off and everything stood still? There was no ocean…she can hear it from her window from her home, she can see it from her home, but it was all still. There was no ocean. The ocean was simply frozen as though, well, a lake frozen. It was just simply still, the atmosphere still. And she said in her own words, “I was nothing, but literally nothing.” She was aware of being nothing. And then someone or something, whoever turned her off, turned her on again and suddenly she became someone, became something.

Well, I had the positive side of that experience, so I can say to this lady you are on the verge of moving from that side to the positive side. You have to have the negative side first. It’s only God, the operant power, operating on himself; and it’s God, her own wonderful being, operating on himself in her. So it was he who turned off what he loves more than anything else in this world, his emanation, which is this lady. She is his emanation, his love, and he will not in eternity leave her until they cleave and become one flesh, one being. So he operates upon her and shows her the power that he intends one day to share with her when they become one. That power she will then exercise…and you will turn it off or turn it on.

So then Blake said, “Eternity exists and all things in eternity, independent of creation, which was an act of mercy,” so now you put yourself into this mind, that everything is aware of being ___(??), but everything; and it is simply an act of mercy that now turns the light on, and animates it, activates it; and then through this activation brings out what he loves more than anything in the world. Brings out himself, his own emanation. Haven’t you seen these ships up in San Francisco—as you go from San Francisco and take a ride into Sacramento—and they’re all in mothballs? Hundreds and hundreds of ships deactivated, dead, completely dead. They could tomorrow if the order were given be activated and once more become alive. People would go aboard, ___(??), things would come aboard, all things begin to move, these ships, thousands of them all in mothballs. Blake saw these and he called them “the halls of Los.” He implies that everything is now. The Bible tells us that, the 3rd chapter, the 15th verse, of the Book of Ecclesiastes: “That which is, already has been; that which is to be, already has been; and God is seeking that which is lost, or which has gone astray.” What’s gone astray? He sent himself into the entire structure and he is extracting himself, his creative power. His creative power is called in scripture Christ Jesus. Christ is defined in scripture as the creative power and wisdom of God. It’s the wisdom of God (1 Cor. 1:24).

Now, listen to this carefully, taken from the Book of Proverbs, the 8th chapter: “God created me at the beginning of his way, the first of his acts of old” (verse 22). Before he brought forth the heavens, before he brought forth the earth, before he established anything, “I was beside him, like a little child” (verse 30). Now, this little statement “like a little child,” the King James Version takes that same word, one single Hebrew word, and all scholars have put it into a phrase. “I was beside him, like a little child” is the Revised Standard Version. The King James Version takes that same word, a single word, and gives it this interpretation, “I was brought forth, I was brought forth by him.” Can you imagine that? Here, he doesn’t say what was brought forth, “I was brought forth by him.” The English Revised Version gives a still different interpretation of the single word. I’ll tell you what the word is, the single word that means “faith” which is called “Amen”—-Aleph, Mem Nun—is the word translated as “I was beside him, like a little child.” So you go to your Concordance and you look it up, and it says simply “faith, moving to the right hand of God.” Not “moved” to the right hand of God. What did he bring forth first of all in the world? He brought forth faith.

I encourage you to use the unrighteous mammon that is faith. As you exercise your right, your talent to rearrange and falsify the record of the day and make tomorrow conform to the falsified record of tonight—so tomorrow is not the record of today; it conforms to your falsified record— you can only do it by faith. And then, one day, he’ll be born. Who is born? Faith is born. He’s called Jesus Christ. Born of whom?—born of God. Well, did you give him birth? Yes I gave him birth. Well, then who am I? That’s what you ask yourself. So you’re told in the 3rd chapter, the 16th verse of the Book of Galatians that man must give birth to Christ, and that the promise was made unto Abraham and to his offspring. It does not say “offsprings” referring to many, but to offspring referring to one: “And to your offspring which is Christ.” So Christ is the creative power and the wisdom of God, summarized in one little thing called “Amen.” It stands beside him in the very beginning.

So, man is put into these wheels that are already completed. Everything is. “Eternity exists, and all things in eternity, independent of Creation which was an act of mercy” (Blake, Vis. Last Judg., P.614). So man is inserted into a wheel and there are wheels within wheels. And may I tell you, there is no moral order in this world, only an order of nature to which both man and beast are subjected. So let no one tell you there is a moral order in this world. We are subjected to futility, as told us in the 8th of Romans: “The creature was made subject unto futility, not willingly but by the will of him who subjected him in faith.” Why? He was subjected in hope that this creature that is so subjected will once more be extracted and be set free from this world of corruption, and become once more a child of God; the child being his creative power, where he increases his capacity to create by the experience of inserting himself in this world of futility.

So everything is. There isn’t a thing that is impossible to God because the whole thing is done. Every man in this world, no matter who he is, he could be any kind of a man he wants to be in the world because he is all that is his potential. He now can select the kind of a man that he would like to be; although at the moment when he selects the kind of man that he would like to be reason tells him that he could never be it. Forget what reason tells you and exercise faith, and become now faithful to the unrighteous mammon. Simply represent yourself to yourself as the man that you want to be, and be faithful to it.

Now let me tell you a little story. We have a pine tree in front of our house. The last two days the gusts of wind thirty, forty, fifty miles an hour…right…not more than, say, six feet from my eye, on a little branch, doves are nesting. Well, I’ve been watching them. A branch above is banging one of these two doves all through the day, from above. One from below is knocking the tree out… sometimes it goes up, seemingly five, six feet. But whoever is nesting is sitting on that nest in spite of the blows, and the other one, the mate whether it be male or female brings a worm and feeds the one on that nest. You would think the impulse of a bird when they get a worm is to swallow it. No, it has a mission. The mission is not to swallow but to bring it to the mate who is hatching out something. This is a world for hatching. As it was revealed to me so clearly, the whole vast world is for hatching out: And you do it through faith. So she with all the blows or he with all the blows on its little head, and all the bouncing all over the place—-for these gusts have been fantastic in the last forty-eight hours—-it still hugs that little nest. Regardless of all the blows and all the wind, there it is in faith that what it is keeping warm is going to come out.

Now in the Book of Habakkuk: “The vision has its own appointed hour; it ripens—it will flower. If it be long, then wait; for it is sure and it will not be late” (2:3). Not late for the idea. How long it takes a little dove to hatch out an egg, I don’t know. A chicken, alright, twenty-one days; a little sheep, five months; a horse, twelve months; a man, nine months. So we have different time intervals for hatching out, but “at length for hatching ripe he breaks the shell.” So you hatch out. You’re the dove. You’re hatching out something, and if it doesn’t work by tomorrow, so what, regardless of the blows of the day. So this little beast, this little dove, here it is sitting on a nest and these terrific blows on top of it. I can see it, I look outside and here is the thing coming on the little bird, and then something comes from below, then its own little branch is flying all over the place. But it doesn’t leave that little purpose: Its purpose is to hatch out.

Well, we are the dove. We are this Holy Spirit that is God. We conceive an idea that seemingly is impossible, and so we too form our little nest. Our nest is simply to assume that we are what now we want to be, and we do assume it, that mentally we are seeing the fulfilled desire. See it reflected in the faces of our friends. See it reflected in society. See it reflected the whole vast world over. And regardless of the blows of the day, regardless of the gusts that come, the rumors that come, we simply hang on to what we are hatching out. Not a power in this world is going to stop it, it will come out! One after the other we bring them to this world of ours. Then, if we are faithful with this unrighteous mammon, the day will come, we will receive the Son. He who has the Son has eternal life in himself; he who has not the Son has not eternal life.

But let us first prove ourselves faithful with the unrighteous mammon. And then will come the day we’ll be given the power to stop and start what is forever; for all this is forever, all these are the characters of God’s world. You are not anything that you are now wearing; you are the wearer, the actor. “God only acts and is in all existing beings and men.” The actor is God. The costume…alright, call it Hamlet, call it Neville, call it John, call it any other name in this world, all these are the characters that God created. They’re almost…you could call them resultant states of his first creative act; and then he buried himself in these costumes and plays the parts.

Let no one tell you there’s any moral order in this world. There’s only an order of nature to which the whole vast world of man and beast and birds and animals and everything else are subjected. They’re all subject to it. Then he has to bring forth the first inkling which God brought forth and that is faith: “I’m the first of his acts of old…before he brought forth the universe I stood before him as a little child.” And the word translated “as a little child”—I stood beside him as a little child—is Amen. The Hebrew word Amen simply means “faith.” In its essence that’s Amen. So he brings it forth first, for by faith he created the universe. “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Heb. 11:1). “By faith we understand that the world was created by the word of God, so that the things that are seen were made from things that do not appear” (verse 3)…all from the invisible reality.

So, you simply single out the man, the woman that you want to be and assume that you are it, regardless of what the world will tell you. Then live faithful to this unrighteous mammon; because reason tells you that you are not and memory tells you that you’ve never experienced this, so you are falsifying the record. But we are encouraged to falsify the record. You read it carefully, the 16th chapter of the Book of Luke. And so, the rich man called his steward and highly commended him for what he had done by falsifying the record to make friends for himself of the unrighteous mammon. Well, the word steward originally meant “a ward of the sty,” in other words, a keeper of the pig. The pig has always been the symbol of the redeemer and the savior of the world, so the keeper of the savior of the world. Well, who is the savior of the world? We’re told in Isaiah, the 43rd chapter, “I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your savior…and besides me there is no savior” (verses 3,11). So, if I am the keeper, if I am the steward of the sty, the steward of the mystery of God the savior of the world, and he tells me “I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel,” then I am the keeper of the savior; and he is my own I AM. If all things are possible to God, now start on this level and then serve faithfully the unrighteous mammon. Just try it. Righteousness is right thinking; unrighteous is seemingly wrong thinking—I am not faithful to the record. But I will not be faithful to the record, I’ll change it. If I am faithful to the record, I am simply not competent forever and forever and forever. The purpose is to make me a creator like my Father, he creates. I can’t create if I can only observe automatically that which passes before me.

So, nothing passes away. The past hasn’t really passed. I slipped into it and having slipped into it 200 years ago, it is still taking place. The diners who dined 200 years ago are still at that very moment in time dining. This moment is taking place and will forever take place. It cannot pass away. This little building will go, you and I will make our exit from this world, but this moment in time is clothed as it is now clothed and cannot pass away. The building will go, certainly, bigger buildings will come here, and you and I will make our exit from the scene. But the scene is caught in time and that section of time is forever, and you can’t take it away. Tomorrow in which we think we go it is taking place. It’s not going to be created; it is all done. Read it carefully in the 3rd chapter, the 15th verse of Ecclesiastes: “That which is, already has been; that which is to be, already has been. And there is nothing new under the sun.” It is all here, and you and I only become aware of increasing portions of that which already is.

So, becoming aware of it ___(??) is simply, change it. I know it is taking place, and we are automatons until we practice this wonderful art of falsifying the record. I call it revision. The Bible doesn’t use the word revision, but I try to make it more understandable to our section as it were. They speak of it as repentance. Repentance is a radical change of attitude towards life, but a radical change. Well, if today I reflect on the day and my recall is fairly good, if I recall the day and a portion of the day is not a very pleasant thing, well then, at the moment of recall change it. I’m saying to someone, “What do you owe my lord?” My lord is my own consciousness. “Well, I owe him so much.” “Well, then sit down quickly and modify it. You don’t owe him that much at all. Make it fifty percent.” “And how much do you owe, one hundred percent? Well, make it eighty percent.”

There are certain things in my life that I can’t possibly change more than fifty. You meet a man with one foot missing, and you know in eternity he hasn’t a foot that is missing, but at the moment you can’t quite bring yourself to believe the foot is going to grow, so you can’t forgive him one hundred percent. But you can modify it and say, in spite of the handicap of a foot gone or an eye gone, he still can be successful and happy and in love and being loved in this world. So the absence of a foot doesn’t make any difference. So you can modify it to a certain degree. There is not a thing in this world you can’t bring down to some degree. So in one case he gave it fifty percent; another case he only gave it twenty percent. But you can take everything in this world and to some degree improve it by lopping off some little portion of it, if only five percent. And so, at the end of a day, take your day, bring it into your mind’s eye, try to get as perfect a recall as possible, and then play the part of the unjust steward. Then, forgive it, completely forgive it: that’s not so and so, so and so happened. And may I tell you, it works like a charm, just like a charm.

Here’s a simple little thing. My brothers are great humorists. I think they are. So they were late in sending me my check. I’m 5,000 miles away…so they say, “Oh well, Neville doesn’t care, forget it.” So after all it is my money. I have a portion of the stock. They should have held a board meeting five months ago, for the fiscal year closed the end of September of last year. So certainly after the closing of the businesses the end of September they should have decided what kind of dividends they’re going to pay. Well, they didn’t. They have all the money they need and they take it for granted I have all the money that I need, so “Forget him, he’s 5,000 miles away and he can’t complain. And if he does, so what does it matter, we are too remote to even respond to his complaint.” Then finally my brother Victor became aware, “Well, after all, we shouldn’t do this to Neville, so we will simply send him a check.” So he sent me a very lovely big check last Saturday, but he had to get his little humorous note into it. He dictates this letter to his secretary, mind you, of all the people in the world, and then here comes this letter with the check enclosed, and he said, “Because of your dire need I’m sending this check off to you,” this draft.

So a friend of mine only a week before (how God works)…only a week before a friend of mine who works for RCA, and he always puts into the mail, almost daily, some little thing that the salesmen bring him. It’s a choice little morsel. He mimeographs it or has it photographed, and then he makes multiple numbers of it and sends to his friends. Well, this one that he sent to me was a man standing at a bar with a huge big mug of ale, a bulbous nose, and no pants, and here he is, a picture of him with a big smile on his face, holding this huge thing in his hand, and no pants on him, and the caption of it is, “Good heavens! I’ve forgotten my wallet.” So I took this and I wrote my brother on this little note, a thank-you note, and told him he must be psychic. He must be psychic because I didn’t get my wallet, and now he’s filled it for me. See, all these little things…I never would have thought of such a thing, but my friend sent it only a week ago. Usually, you read it, you laugh and you tear it up and throw it away, but for some reason or other I kept it. I kept it as a little piece of paper on which I could answer my brother and thank him for filling my wallet for me. So you see, let us falsify the record.

This whole vast world is for one purpose: for hatching out. It’s for…really, this is educative darkness, and the purpose of life here in this world is simply to exercise our talent which is God, our own wonderful human Imagination, and simply learn the art of image making. The art of image making…you simply, well, what do I want in this world, not only for myself but for my friends? Well, they may not even want it, but you think it’s lovely, want it for them. If it’s a loving gift no one returns it. If the gift is unlovely, they should return it, and you who offered the gift will be stuck with it. But if it’s a loving gift and should they stupidly return it, you would not be unwilling to accept it, you the giver. Therefore, give only the loving things in this world.

And be just like the little dove that is now being pummeled from above and below and all over the place. But she and he are faithful. They’re being fed. Are we not told: Are you not more worthy and you are worth more than five sparrows…and not a sparrow falls but your Father knows it? Are you not of more value than the sparrows? Well, the little dove is being fed, whether it be the male or the female, they don’t get off the nest. Whoever is there the other one brings food and gives it, and they remain faithful to their purpose which is to warm and to hatch out that little egg. And of all the birds I know of the dove is the most careless in the making of a nest. They don’t make good nests. They almost drop the egg on a piece of leaf. They expect in some strange way…other birds will build a nest and do it beautifully, but not a dove. That’s why they use the symbol of a dove to descend upon man the one that he loves, the one who has his favor, and to smother him with kisses because he brought forth Jesus Christ. He brought forth the symbol of his faith, for Jesus Christ is faith— that is the word “Amen”—who stood beside him in the very beginning, because he couldn’t make a world without faith. “We understand that by faith the world was created by the word of God” so he had first to bring forth faith. And so, everyone must bring forth the child, the Christ child, and the Christ child is your faith. Therefore, when you are born from above, it is symbolized in the little infant wrapped in swaddling clothes which is Jesus Christ. You bring him forth, symbolizing your faith.

Now let us go into the Silence.

Q: How do you get that faith?

A: Sir, how do you get that faith? That’s a marvelous question! He said, “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief” (Mark 9:24). Believe in the reality of your imaginal act. It’s an imaginal act that is the egg that you really drop. Warm it and keep it aglow to the best of your ability. So I call faith loyalty to unseen reality. To me it’s a good definition of faith, because when a man says he is loyal, he says I’ll take this woman to be my wife, well, the pledge is through thick or thin. You just have to protect her. Well, you must be loyal to the best of your ability to that pledge, and she makes a similar pledge. So loyalty is a marvelous word, loyal to our country, that no one should be able to take any one of us as Americans and drive us to betray our country. So you’re loyal, I mean, you’re beyond it. No one could even approach you if you’re loyal to the country. You don’t have to fight for it to defend it with words and these things; you’re loyal to your country, your feeling about it. Well, you’re loyal to an idea. You assume that you are or that a friend is what you would like to be, or what you would like him to be, and then you remain loyal to the unseen reality until the unseen becomes seen. It will…if you are as loyal to it as that little tender bird this night is loyal to her duty, which is to bring what she is sitting on out into an animated world. So practice, practice and still more practice.

Any other questions, please?

Q: In reference to the pig being the symbol of the savior, how does this then relate to the prodigal when he was eating with the pigs?

A: Did you hear that question? The pig is the symbol—-you can find it in any great book of symbolism—-has always been the savior, the redeemer of the world, the symbol of it. The prodigal went prodigal, spent all of his money, and he was feeding the pig, that was his last job, and eating the food that belonged to the pig. He was really a steward in the extreme sense of the word. To share with you, Tom, for you haven’t been here since I had this experience…and a few years ago I had this vision. I found myself one night fully awake in an enormous display of flowers and plant life. It was closing time, dusk, and I was alone, and I knew that everyone had gone from the place, and it would not be open for a little while and so I must be going too. Just as I started toward the exit I saw a little pig, a little runt, a small little fella but perfectly healthy, but very, very small. I said to myself, I can’t leave him here unfed, un-watered, I must do something about it. So there was a table, maybe the height of this, and I took branches and I took flowers and I took all the green things that I could find. I made a little bed for him. Then I said, “If he gets hungry enough he will eat of the flowers. They may not be the best kind of food to feed him, but he will still survive until someone comes in and finds him.” And so then, as I did the best I could with what I had, as flowers and leaves and so on, then the thing changed suddenly, like turning over a leaf, and I found myself in an enormous supermarket, every conceivable kind of food displayed.

In the supermarket, my brother Victor, who runs all of our businesses, he was there, my daughter Vicki, she was there. Suddenly as I looked down here is the pig. But the pig had grown about four or five times its size since I last saw it. But it was rangy, it was thin, and obviously not well fed. It should have been better fed in the interval between the discovery of the pig and the present moment of the pig. So I went right away and I got a bag of meal, and I started to mix it with water. My brother Victor came by and he said, “What are you doing?” I said, “I’m mixing some food for my pig.” So he had a bag and from the bag he took three or four handfuls of a very thick white gravy and he gave substance to the meal. I thanked him for adding substance to it, but I knew it would take me quite a while to mix it so that the pig could eat it. So I said to my daughter Vicki, I said, “Go over there and bring me a little package of crackers.” She said, “Daddy, what will I use for money?” I said, “You don’t need any money, all of this belongs to us. Everything here is ours, so ask no one any favor, just go and take it.” Well, there was a huge pyramid of crackers, and she instead of taking one from the top took one from the bottom and dislodged…the whole thing fell as she took it. It exposed a little light, a little single four or five inch candle that was lit. I said to her, “Don’t touch it, and don’t build the pyramid any more. That’s my light. It must never in eternity be put out. The candle now shines upon my head and by my light I walk through darkness; for the light of man, the Spirit of man is the candle of the Lord. And that’s my candle, so don’t build it and conceal it anymore.” And with that it all dissolved.

So between finding the symbol of the savior of the world which was a pig and then the interval afterwards, he had grown. But he should have been fed by me better than I had fed him. I did not take every opportunity that was presented to me in the course of that interval to feed him. Well, when do you feed him? Every time you exercise your Imagination lovingly on behalf of another you’ve done it unto me. And so, where’s the glass of water? When you did not imagine something lovely about another; I was thirsty and you didn’t give me a glass of water. When you did not imagine something lovely—I was in need of shelter and you didn’t take me in, I was in need of raiment and you didn’t take me in. So every time an individual exercises his Imagination lovingly on behalf of anyone in this world he is feeding the pig.


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Trauma and the nervous system

Trauma and the nervous system

Trauma can change the nervous system so that your ability to create and sustain relationships is altered.

This change can lead to a belief that love and connections aren’t safe, and you may find it hard to trust others, and you may withdraw or avoid people.

However, when love and connection is missing from our life you may carry distress in your nervous system, where survival responses are chronically activated. You can get stuck in anxiety, agitation, or freeze and shut down mode for long periods of time.

We continuously receive messages from our culture, and from social media posts that encourage autonomy and independence, and this can cause shame for a traumatized person, for having a healthy need to connect with others, especially when facing adversities, making them believe that they have to go through hard times alone.

We get hurt alone, but we heal together. It is biologically essential to connect with others and to co-regulate with others through nurturing relationships.

Comments like “you need to be happy on your own first,” are particularly harmful. Loneliness brings pain. Loneliness increases pain and loneliness increases physical illness and psychological pain.. Loneliness increases heart disease, weakens the immune system, and increases the prevalence of depression.

Similarly, messages to “not be needy” causes social disconnection, we are all needy sometimes, and we are all in a position to hold space and to be present for someone who is needy at other times, even if those times last for years, and there is no shame in that, it is human nature. Social disconnection and social exclusion, and cancel culture activates the same pathways as experiencing physical injury. The need for connection does NOT make you needy, it is part of being human, and this connection is even more important in times of stress.

A nurturing relationship is probably the most powerful form of nervous system regulation that there is. Co-regulation is a powerful antidote to distress, and it can shift your nervous system from activation back to “rest and digest”. which is a state of ease and calm.

Being a co-regulator for another person is one of the greatest gifts you can give, having people in your life who help shift your nervous system out of survival mode will improve you mental emotional and physical wellbeing.

What about when you are already in survival mode? You can do things like visit a park, or another place where people are such as a museum or a classical concert, or a yoga or meditation class ( in person) Take a walk where other people are. Take a real time class with other people, even if it is online, but even better, in person. You can reach out to others, call a friend, visit your community center or the library. You can visit someone you trust, or you can work with a therapist.

You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. 

Louise Hay

LOA ‘s talking point of “self-concept” is meaningless, until you understand that to hold space for another, a loved one or a partner, until you hold space for yourself. Until you meet your own trauma with gentleness and empathy you will meet the manifestation of another’s trauma with a trigger.

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Physiology, the brain and nervous system after acupuncture:

It has been found in studies that acupuncture may:

  • regulate the expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase.
  • heal impaired gastric motility and dysrhythmic slow waves by regulation of vagal nerve activity
  •  regulate the autonomic nervous system by affecting specific activities in the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata, ventrolateral periaqueductal gray and dorsomedial prefrontal cortex of the brain
  •  activate vesicular glutamate transporter 3 (VGLUT3), a protein that mediates the uptake of glutamate into synaptic vesicles

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