The Midas Touch | Manifest using GRATITUDE. 

The Midas Touch | Manifest using GRATITUDE. 

Gratitude is a shortcut to experiencing everything that you would be grateful for!

Gratitude is a state

The state of gratitude is the same as living from the end of the wish fulfilled.

You experience gratitude when something has happened that is exactly what you wanted and needed!

Radical gratitude is practicing the science of manifesting. A short cut to the state of the wish fulfilled, and it generates a state of alignment.

Mastering manifesting happens when we apply everything we have learned, in the times that it takes a mental effort to pull ourselves up, out of the state we fell into. Mastery is sharpening the blade in times of uncertainty.

If you are not feeling any gratitude at all, this is the perfect time to deny what the world seems to show you, and express nothing but gratitude. If you are seeing the exact opposite of what you wanted, express more gratitude.

“Thank You, this is perfect!.” Apply this towards every area of your life. Express gratitude for your perfect work, your amazing wealth, your incredible love and your sweet family. The mastery lies in your ability to maintain the state. Reaching for gratitude is a shortcut to the state of the wish fulfilled.

If you see something that you don’t like, immediately deny it as false, because it truly is, all things negative are part of the illusion of separation, and it is false so it is okay to deny it. Call it out. -No! That is false, I am so grateful for my perfect…Love, wealth, health, home….

Another way to use this shortcut is to “love everything”, and this works for everything, emotional pain too. If you are feeling anything less than what you want, love that, love the negative feeling. Love  the heartache and pain.  Love is an act of radical leveling up. Love yourself and love your neighbor. Loving yourself in all ways, no matter what creates an end state of actually loving yourself. Within a short time the love will be real. This is a challenge that is part of being human, mastering genearting love in the face of hate. Generating it from within and applying it to all things without, is mastery. It sounds difficult maybe but it really isn’t, you just have to apply it. 

Don’t just read things, and learn about things, but put them into practice. Love everything, and express gratitude for everything.

But why stop there….

Applying bliss to everything inches you closer to awakening. A bliss state is our true nature. Love everything, express gratitude and apply bliss to the worst situations. DId you hear about something terrible? Deny that, and apply bliss. – No! That is not fear and anger that I am feeling, that is love!

Your true nature is love and bliss, and from there all things shall be added unto you!

This is how to create the garden of eden, in the soil of your own soul. This is not spiritual bypassing, because the illusion of separation is like a dark covering over the truth.   The truth is bliss!

We can’t bear to see the truth, it is THAT blissful, so we stay stuck in the comfort blah that is our routine, fearing the total ecstasy of feeling bliss all the time. And still, bliss is the only truth and the blah of fear based living is a lie.

Call out the lie.

Deny it, and speak the truth into existence!

This is our mission here. We are here to learn how to use our pleasing thoughts to create.

Use these techniques in ALL  areas of life  to quickly change a situation. You have the Midas touch and this is how to use it!

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