Manifesting shortcut. Do you believe that God is punishing you?

 Turn the tables (Is God punishing me?) 

“God does not want me to have this, and it is not meant to be”…. This can be EASILY turned around this way. 

Everything you have “put on a pedestal“, you have to turn it around, everything unwanted you just flip it on its head, you turn the tables.

If you’re chasing your SP, you turn that around .

  1.  First,  just distance yourself from it, ” and decide that they (it) are chasing you. If it is a job, sp, whatever it is. “Oh, I don’t need that“.
  2.  Turn it around, the job is chasing you. Or: You are drawn to each other like magnets. 
  3. Make it God’s will or the universes will.

In this case it is “God or the universe”  that we have to turn the tables on, and it’s just as easy. 

“Oh I don’t need this, I don’t need to be a rich woman, now it’s nice, sure,  but it’s God‘s plan for me to be a rich woman,  but I don’t need it.”   Or if it is your SP, “I don’t need her, oh it’s fine if it’s God’s plan that we will be married, of course if it makes God happy and it makes the universe or better place of course, but I don’t need it.”

Does God really want to punish you?

Imagine a mother how much she loves her child and the child is worthy unconditionally just by being born she would never replace her child with another child, doesn’t matter if that baby is screaming, it isn’t about tit for tat it isn’t about “what do you do for me”, she just loves that child, she will chose her child who is screaming rather than go get her neighbors child who is happy and laughing. 

The divine loves us that way.

 But there’s more. Imagine you and your partner, imagine coming to such a place that in your heart that you are so secure, so full of love so filled up with love and light and blissful feelings and you just feel complete, full, overflowing….now instead of taking from your partner, instead of saying “I need this”,give me this, give me time, give me attention show me that you love me”, instead it has all turned on his head and you can’t wait to shower love on the them. 

This is how God or the universe love us. The universe experiencing itself can’t wait to shower you with love and affection and things….

You turned the tables on your own limiting beliefs..

Suddenly  you want to know how YOU can love THEM more. Instead of saying “I need this“, you are saying “tell me how I can love you more. How can I love you more“? Forget all about the five love languages and all that stuff, just turn the tables on the crux of the matter.

You ARE  limitless, boundless , you are a vessel for GODS love, bliss and and endless supply of THAT which you desire. You are a vessel of which this love just flows right through. 

Is God punishing you? 

Absolutely not, God says, EVERY DAY, every single day:How can I love you more?

But you are not receiving the love, you have closed the lid on yourself and said “I don’t deserve anything” so you don’t see the blessings, and because you don’t see the blessing you don’t get the blessings. 

You are a vessel that unconditional love pours into and through, so open up and let the love in

Turn the tables on your imagination of God. “I don’t need that thing, that sp, but if God wants me to have it, and the world is a better place if I receive it, then I guess it is okay that I have it”.

When you are unable to receive love. You say “ oh I don’t know what I need, I don’t think I deserve what you’re giving me, I’m just gonna go and look for the limited love that I had assumed to be left for me. I think the tit for tat exchanges is all I get, I think that guy that is rejecting me is for me, let me go and look for the toxic trauma bond instead.” 

I If you say that God is punishing you, that means that you have closed the vessel that you are, closed it off to receive your desires. You were created for the exclusive purpose of receiving God‘s blessings. . Your only job is to open up and receive. 


We  are multidimensional beings, we are a beautiful alchemy, a mix of spirit and earth.

We are flesh and blood, and we are divine.

Everything in your flesh and blood being is driving you towards God-realization, Self-realization, towards embodying the spirit portion of who you are, and having NO desire is the same as apathy or death. Even an evil desire is preferable to apathy or death.

God knows that he/she is bliss.

That he/she is radiant perfection.

The more you nourish the divinity in you the more you experience bliss, the more deserving you feel. Give up the fight against self, and become bliss seeking. Joy seeking. Happiness seeking.

God loves YOU. Not someone else. YOU. Lika is a mother that loves her OWN child. Not because the child deserves love. Because it is her child.

I hope this helps you STOP your limiting belief that God is punishing you, this is a false belief, it is time to let it go.


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