Manifesting | Circumstances are created by you, for you, for you to level up to your desire | Split reality and CREATE Perfect Love.

Manifesting | Circumstances are created by you, for you, for you to level up to your desire | Split reality and CREATE Perfect Love.

Leveling up is the same as quantum jumping. Every time that we don’t react to circumstances we level up. Every time we level up we quantum jump and become closer to being the person that we have always desired to be.

When I FINALLY understood that I have created the circumstances of 3d myself, by myself, for myself, so that I can see clearly where I need to LEVEL UP, It changed everything, and now I am purely GRATEFUL for every time I can see clearly what the mirror shows.

Everytime that you find yourself in undesired circumstances, and you don’t give into the egos false ideas of “bad” or “unpleasant” etc and we use the circumstance for personal advances, we split our reality in two, and the old reality, is left behind and you rise into a new reality where you have leveled up, quantum jumped, and this goes on and on thousands and thousands of times through out life until we have reached our perfect desire which is pleasure and an easy life.

The easiest way to level up fast is to feel pleasure and feel the state of an easy life NOW. Immediately, and get started on the leveling up today.

Abraham Hicks describes exactly this, and in the Law of Assumption this is known as EIYPO, which means that the world is our mirror. The mirror shows us ourselves, and where we need to improve.

The reason why that works is because an perfect life is everyone’s trues desire. An easy life, and a pleasurable life with minimum amount of effort exerted, and we can straight there by skipping all the middle states, by just embracing the feeling of pleasure.

Everyone wants true love in their life, but not everyone knows how to go about having that true love, and the reason is so simple, we haven’t been taught how to experience true love, and yet, by our very nature, love is created by our nature and it is our connection to another that causes us to level up and quantum jump. It is like using love to build a new reality, above the old reality, a quantum jump!

To to this we have to learn how to rise above situations.

Let’s get back to the world is our mirror. Our partner is a perfect mirror for us and that means that we have endless opportunities to practice leveling up and quantum jumping again and again, to practice empathy when we feel rejected, or anger, and make an effort to see them in a positive light. Every time we succeed, our reality splits in two again, and again we level up and rise above and find ourselves in a new time line of more perfection.

These are not lessons, this is not caused by the universe, this is cause by ourselves and it doesn’t stop until we have the perfection that is our natural desire, until we have revealed our entire ego, and until we have corrected it and made room for love instead. Love is a higher connection. Eventually both parties in a relationship has to participate int is but not every step of leveling up is taken together, that wouldn’t be rising above, that would be tit for tat. If the connection stays, eventually it has to be mutual, otherwise it ends. All relationships have ups and downs but rather than judging those down, we can use that time to deepen our love. true love is the ability to self reflect, to grow, to level up, and to build more empathy for our partner when thins are NOT perfect. This kind of love has depth, a truly deep connection, because every time we had a problem, we used it to strengthen the connection. Everytime we used circumstances to level up, we split reality again and build stronger love above that old love, and eventually this leads us to our own true love which we experience within

This works for all relationships, I learned this from my Grandmother, but it is especially perfect to practice on our romantic partner. The relationship changes this way, and they appear to change but in reality you both stay as you, true to you, but now even more true, and the result is that they seem to have changed.

Dr Anna Bäck

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