One more for the becoming indifferent to CIRCUMSTANCE!

One more for the becoming indifferent to CIRCUMSTANCE!

The number one, biggest obstacle that people believe stands between them and their fulfilled life is still circumstances.

The most asked question is ALWAYS about circumstances, as if one circumstance was different and was the one circumstance that actually mattered.

Your head and your heart needs to be in agreement when you manifest, the feeling of confidence, of KNOWING that this is what you are going for can only come when mind and emotions have agreed. This is why people ask “but should I manifest this sp or the divine selection”

There is no divine selection that someone else can advise you on, there is only you, and the true and genuine connection that your heart has with another soul, and your mind that agrees that this is a good person for you.

There is no outer force that decides for you  what fulfills you. Your heart knows, and your mind agrees that this is good. That is it. If the two are in agreement you become unstoppable.

Circumstances might always show you opposition, but your task is to show the opposition indifference.

You know what you want right?

Now end the arguments in your mind, and tear down the walls around your heart, this is not a time for false modesty.

This is a time to say YES! THIS is me, this is who I am, and THIS is who I am becoming.

Unconditional indifference  to opposition, and unconditional commitment to the person you want to be.

Commit and detach.

  1. Commit to yourself, to who you want to be
  2. Detach from the fear of circumstances.

TRAIN yourself in to serenity and stability, instead of the roller-coaster knee-jerk reactions

This is FAITH IN ACTION, you have to practice this daily. It doesn’t matter how many times you read something if you don’t put it to practice.

  1. You create based on who you want to be
  2. Stay the course no matter how many naysayers there are, their opinion has nothing to do with you
  3. You must want this to the extent that you are willing to forget everything that shows you the opposite.
  4. Reinforce the state of your future self in the NOW, this is the appointed hour
  5. Become this desired you today, buy the pearl.

You don’t ever need to ask anyone if you “can” manifest this or that, ONLY ask your own head and your own heart and make sure the two are in agreement.

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There is no mountain to climb

There is no opposition that is stronger than the divine in you

Show indifference to everything except your future self

Commit wholeheartedly to the you that you want to be

There is NO WAY that THAT what you desire, does not exist, simply because, if you desire it it is because it exists for you. It is universal law, it exists, and it is waiting for you.

So how do you become one with this?

According to the transformation that you make to become the “New Man

That thing that you desire, you desire it because it exists. Because it exists, it is causing you to desire it.

It exists in a state of potential.

This applies to everything that you desire.

Now you have to remove the space between you and that thing.

You have to buy the pearl, and buy into your dream of who you want to be, and NOT buy into the obstacles that suddenly appeared in your path. Those obstacles are not meant for you to cave into, you now must transform into the new you, by being indifferent to circumstances.

Are you manifesting your love? You can’t just show up to the party with a long list of demands, you also have TO BECOME that which you want to be.

Does this person or this SP awaken your fears and your insecurities? Overcome them, and overcome every challenge, transform that negativity, and you will become your long list of demands. We manifest what we are, not what we want.

If you have it to give, that means that you are now what you wanted to become. Give freely.

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