Inspired Action and Manifesting | Neville Goddard

Inspired Action and Manifesting | Neville Goddard

Inspired action! What is this phenomenon?

I came across inspired action in experience before I heard about it. 

My life has been an amazing revolving door of inspired action, so I have NO questions about this, but I have experience to share.

I see your questions about it, and yes, many of you are off in the weeds, but have no fear, let’s get you back up on the path, and you will understand EXACTLY what this is in no time.

First, let’s clear up the biggest misunderstanding:

It is NOT inspiration.

That’s right.

Inspiration is the flowing of ideas seemingly out of thin air, or an outpouring of creativity that feels almost like God is creating through you… And without going down a total tangent here, it IS the creator creating through his vessel; You.

But inspired action…well it is something completely different.

The fact that the word “inspired” is in there has you confused. Everything that is guided from this seeming other force, this otherworldly force, or divine creative force is “inspired” in that we ourselves are not deciding on the action, it happens and we allow it.

The biggest difference between inspiration and inspired action is that you do not feel an outpouring of creative ideas. The inspired part is directly related to the action we feel compelled or urged to take, but the action is very rarely in any relation whatsoever to the manifestation we are “working” on. Because of that, it doesn’t feel like inspiration.  If you are manifesting your dream career, inspired action does NOT feel like “I should give them a call to see if they even saw my job application”, no, inspired action feels like. “I feel like grabbing a cup of coffee at this specific coffee shop even though it is 30 minutes out of the way and there are other coffee shops closer to me that I will pass on the way, and I feel like it exactly now, and you get to the coffee shop and you strike up a conversation with someone in line, and they turn out to be best friends with the boss of the company you have been applying to….

Basically, it is the stuff movies are made of.  But just like the movie has a plot, so does inspired action, and you don’t know the end until the movie is over. You don’t know it was inspired action until you look back. Hindsight. You NEVER know it is inspired action until after the fact, there is no way that you could have guessed or plotted that you would have had to take those steps to get to that place to meet that person who knows the boss.

Simply put, inspired action is just like any other action. Mundane, possibly boring, perhaps totally irrelevant, and the only hint you will have is that it is an out of the blue impulse to do something random.

There is a strong possibility that it has absolutely nothing to do with anything that you are manifesting. Nothing at all. 

So how do you know to take the inspired action then?

Well, you don’t. The only thing you know, again, is a hunch to do something. A hunch. An impulse. An idea pops into your head, it feels like you just kind of want to do THAT right now.  Most people talk themselves out of their hunches immediately, or they let other people’s preference take precedence over their own. Following the crowd and peer pressure will destroy every inspired action, kill it and cause your life to be bland and meaningless.

Sometimes the hunch is to NOT do something. The same rule applies here, listen to the small still inner voice that says “don’t do this, it isn’t right for you at this time”, and again, the same rule of resisting peer pressure and other people’s opinions applies.

If you want to experience inspired action do this:

Get accustomed to listening to your hunches and impulses, and even if they seem silly, bizarre, or just weird, follow them. If nothing happens does not matter, because this is a practice in hearing your inner God voice. If you are not used to doing this, it feels weird at first, but as with everything, practice makes perfect.

Do not do this:

Listen to other people’s opinions.

Do not ignore the hunces.

Do not do what someone else wants and override your own want, always prioritize your own wants, if the two wants are in conflict.

Inspired action is NOT a manifesting method. It isn’t something that you do. It is not an actual action that you deliberately take, as other methods are, like for example the revision method. You can’t deliberately take inspired action.  The only actionable step you can take is to listen to the inner voice, the random hunch that pops into your mind.

In a nutshell, inspired action is serendipitously finding yourself at the right place at the right time, and for that to happen, you have to be like an open vessel ready to receive instruction. You can;t be full of busyness, or off in a rumination mindscape to the point that no hunches ever get through to you, you have to have a spacious mind that notices a whim when it speaks to you.  You can’t spend your days being so fearful or angry that that is all that fits in your mind.

To prime yourself for serendipitously finding out in hindsight that you had taken an inspired action you need to find yourself in a slightly positive and receptive mindset. Aware, alert, awake to your impulses, and not shut down in dissociative pain or numbness.

If this seems far off and impossible for you at this time, begin with baby steps, see if you can find something that you like, right now. Explore different things that you enjoy, Try new things.

If you are an old hat at enjoying your life, and you really honor your own deepest dreams and desires then this will come easy for you. Next time  a small voice says “Hey you, turn off the freeway for a sec, on this exit, go into this bookshop, and ask for this particular book”,  and you will see that this in hindsight was an inspired action and it had nothing to do with that book or any other book, but that it was directly related to that BIG desire that you have been desiring.

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