The Neville Goddard, Most Important Manifesting Tools

The Neville Goddard, Most Important Manifesting Tools

If you find that you keep falling into undesired states, and it just seems impossible to remain in the state of the wish fulfilled, or even to get into the desired state, or to understand what it at all even means. Have you been on the internet and now you have come down with a case of method-madness? The 369 method? The 555 Method? The Water Method, or full moon spells, or vision boards and scripting and you just don’t know what method is the best?

The only way to transform reality around you is by the methods.

Learn the methods, but don’t make the method the destination!

If you are going to Las Vegas you can go by plane, bus or car. Either way you’ll get there. If you have method madness, you are spending your days wondering if you should take a plan, bus or a car. But you forgot that you are going to Vegas….

This isn’t about how you get there, it is about ACTUALLY getting there. This is the famous door slam. You are in Barbados! Slams door!

So not asking how to get there anymore implies that you are already there. “With all the vividness of the senses” BE THERE.

If you just can’t make the leap, to the state, or you just “don’t get it”, then follow the techniques that are most likely to put you in the state of the wish fulfilled. Use the right tool at the right time. You don’t use a hammer on a screw. And the method isn’t a magic spell, it is a toll meant to put you in the state of the wish fulfilled. I’m saying that the method DOESN’T MATTER. Don’t have “method madness”, just relax, BE STILL, and KNOW.

Neville’s best manifesting techniques!


This is the most surprising of all techniques in that the results seem to change the past. there are DAILY questions from people regarding this method. -Can revision change that I stumbled on a branch and fell in front of my the girl I liked in 3rd grade, and embarrassed myself and she never talked to me again, and now I feel like all girls, or women laugh at me behind my back?

  • Yes.
  • Revision changes everything.

In Daoism, and Tantric Buddhism, the place of change is “emptiness”, and if you can reach emptiness you can change the reality source and if you have changed the reality source the progression of events also change. That is the most esoteric and ancient description of Neville Goddard’s revision method that I can find. This isn’t even a new concept. Revision is a spiritual concept, it is a psychological tool, and it is a ingenious manifesting tool.

Before you ask one more time “Can revision change….” TRY IT. There is nothing any single method can do for you unless you try it. You have to do it.

I personally prefer to do revision in writing, using old fashioned pen and paper, but others like to use their imagination. Whatever way you choose to do it, the important part is “all the sensory vividness of reality”. Be there in person and experience the revision first hand, imagine the touch, the smells, the sounds.

Work through the “original situation” as much as you need to, the situation you wish didn’t happen in that way. If it is a trauma situation, now you have a chance to work through it here, without spiritual bypass, but from here on, leave the original event behind, because you are creating a new memory. If you have a lot to work through it could take more than one time of revision, and that is fine. There is no outside force here judging you. Whatever time you perceive that you need i fine.

Revision is the method for any unwanted memory, no matter how bad, and no matter when it happened, if it was earlier today, or 90 years ago, it works the same.

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Prune the vine (Pruning shears)

Prune the vine. Is it the same as revision? How do I do it?

“Remember: you don’t have to abide by anything you dislike. It is but a vessel in your hand which is not properly shaped.”

Neville Goddard

“Become aware of the thoughts you are thinking and you will know a more pleasant life. It makes no difference what others do.”

Neville Goddard

“Every orthodox religious group would enslave you for the rest of eternity if they could; but when you leave that belief, its personification will curse your leaving, but their curse means nothing.“

Neville Goddard

“Have you imagined something and it hasn’t come to pass? Then what are you imagining right now? “

Neville Goddard

“When you imagined being secure did you forget the feeling? Are you imagining you are secure now? “

Neville Goddard

All of the above Neville quotes indicate the great benefits of “pruning the vine”. Imagine a rose bush the gets cut back in the fall, and how beneficial the pruning is to the blossoms that will come in the spring. The same is true for fruit trees. If you want fruit on you tree, you HAVE to prune the tree back. If you want the fruits of your labor, that is if you want your manifestation, the fruit of your imaginal scenes, to see the light of day, you have to prune back your unnecessary and disruptive thoughts. Those thoughts are like the obnoxious kid in the class room that ruins it for everyone else. Trim the thoughts out of your existence.

Actions that you take are experienced as a cause of an effect. ( cause and effect)

Cause of what effect?

You are the author and you are the cause of what happens to you.

Your thoughts are the cause.

Your habitual thoughts that is, and your thoughts are the cause of your habitual thoughts.

Lets break it down fully:

Action is preceded by a motivation.

Motivation preceded by your habitual thoughts.

Adopt a mental diet, or a religious or spiritual practice for THIS reason. This is the reason you want to force your thoughts by sheer will power, into a groove of uplifting and positive neural pathways.

If you can’t stop ruminating about everything that you don’t want.

If your thoughts are chronically negative and dwells on failure or disasters.

Use this method. There is no other thinker in your mind but you, so you have to use your will power to put a stop to this. Prune the vine.

If you diligently prune the vine, the rose blossom, the fruits on your tree will be abundant.

Pruning the vine is for everyone who is an over thinker or worry wart.

Imaginal Scene (Shifting / Quantum Jump)

The easiest and most well known of Nevilles methods, and if you have a generally easy disposition, if you don’t have a ton of trauma to heal, if you don’t tend to over thinking and rumination, then this is all you need. Skip everything else, because there is no benefit to over complicating this.

One imaginal scene that “clicks”, that feels done, IS done.

Inner conversations

You and I have had this experience, — I know I have many times. You have gone to a party, and many people you do not know, you meet them and the usual greetings: “Nice to know you,” “What a joy to know you,” “Pleased to meet you,” and the usual clichés; and then you have drinks and your little hors d’oeuvre, and then the party breaks up and they all separate. And you hear someone say, “What a creep,” “What a bore”; yet they were so pleased to meet them: “What a joy to know you.” The outer words did not conform whatsoever with what they were really thinking on the inside. And God sees, not the outer man; He sees the inner Man.

Neville Goddard

It’s the inner speech that is frozen in the world round about us.

Neville Goddard

“And some said, he is a good man; and others said, no, he is leading people astray. Others said, why, he is mad, and he has a. devil.” When he fed them with the loaves and the fish, — oh, they loved it, — getting things in the world. As long as they could have things and things and things, it was marvelous; and then he tells them of something entirely different: that they would go through “furnaces”, but the end would justify all the “furnaces” through which they would pass. The end would be God; they would awaken in the end, and they would awaken as God the Father. He didn’t tell them of the nature of the “furnaces.” He told them only of the end and that they would pass through “furnaces”; and passing through, they faltered. They could tell exactly what they were really doing on the inside. As we are told in the 50th Psalms: “If a man orders his conversations aright, I will show him the salvation of God.”

Neville Goddard

This method is necessary if you keep arguments alive by your very thoughts alone. If you have a lot of relationships that are difficult, strained, or if people avoid you and every interaction you have there is an issue of some sort, then start to change your inner conversations. With every thought that you have that upholds an argument, have two more thoughts that indicate how great the other person is doing. See their beautiful smile as they interact with you, indicating friendship and ease. Listen to them tell you how well they are doing, how healthy they are and how successful they are, and how loved they are. Hear them say how fulfilled they feel. Set some time aside a few time a day to create a deliberate mental conversation with your most strained relationships and watch the magic unfold. This method benefits the whole world in a domino effect of well being, so don’t underestimate the amount of good this will do beyond your own relationships. Your relationships will improve and even heal as soon as you decide to use this method.

Congratulatory conversation

This method is the one to use if you are manifesting a specific thing or event. Examples can be a raise, a promotion, the purchase of a home or car, a graduation, an engagement or marriage.

It doesn’t really matter what you think stands in your way, there is nothing that stands in your way. If you have imagined that there is distance or lack f money, or lack of opportunity somehow, use this method a stop imagining the problem or obstacle. Every time that you find yourself imagining the obstacle more, reach immediately for the congratulatory conversation.

An example of how a congratulatory conversation can be imagining sending a text message to a friend, about your success, and imagining them answering your text back with excitement. Neville Goddard used a handshake as the imaginary congratulatory conversation, but this might feel totally foreign to you, so use a mode of communication that is actually normal to you. Instead of a handshake, you can be on facetime, or if you like, have a face to face cup of tea with your friend, and replay the congratulatory conversation over a cup of tea, Whatever is a normal way to communicate for you, use that.

Neville uses examples where an AQUAINTANCE contratulates him, not a close friend. Remember you probably tell your closest people all your good news immediately, so let the person congratulating you be someone you know, that would have heard the good news through someone else! Boom!

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