We Manifest What We Are

We Manifest What We Are

Imagine standing infron of a mirror and hating what you see.

Now imagine being so upset at what you see that you try to pur pain on the mirror to fix your image.

This is what manifesting from a state of self hatred looks like.

You can try to cover up the reflection with paint but it won’t work. The only way to change this reflection to where you like it is to learn to love yourself. This is the reason why self concpet is emphasized so much.


What we see in our lives is a reflection of our internal state, our moods, our thoughts and emotions. THIS is what needs changing. Thughts of self defeat, and negative moods If we harbor self-hatred, negativity, or pain within, it to manifest in our external experiences.

Selfconcept for chnage

magine standing in front of that metaphorical mirror of life and disliking what you see—whether it’s your relationships, career, or overall well-being. Attempting to cover up the external reflection without addressing the internal source is akin to putting paint on the mirror. It might temporarily mask the image, but it won’t create lasting change.

True transformation occurs when we focus on changing ourselves from within. Instead of projecting pain onto the mirror of our experiences, we can choose to cultivate self-love, positivity, and healing. This inner shift is what ultimately alters the reflection in the mirror of our lives. We have control of this, our internal moods. Neville Goddard calls this “a state”.

No one to change but self

So, rather than trying to change the external circumstances directly, forcing the reflection, consider the profound impact of changing your internal state. As you nurture self-love and positivity within, learning how to self-accept, and that you are deserving already, you’ll likely find that the reflection in the mirror of your life becomes more aligned with the contentment and positivity you seek. We automatically manifest what we are, and true change begins from within.

Are you a creator that has the sole power to create every emotional state that you prefer? Are you a creator that has the profound ability to eliminate every negative emotional state that you feel? You can choose any emotional state that you wish, it sounds so easy, and if you can gain some distance from your distress, it actually is.

Sorround yourself, and immerse yourself, in your ideal state, as if choosing only what is good for you, just like when you are scrolling though social media, you click like on only what you like and you alter your algortithm that way. By selectin “like” only on what you prefer in life, you alter the algorithm of your life.

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