ALL manifesting is THE SAME | How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things

He who meditates on God for many days has substance in him, has divine power in him. Further, he who sings well, plays well on a musical instrument, or has mastered any one art, has in him real substance and the power of God. This is the view of the Gita. It is said in the Chandi that he who is endowed with physical beauty has in him substance and the power of God.

— Sri Ramakrishna

Are you a twin flame? How would you use your state to manifest deeper lasting love that is straight out of a fairytale?


Are you listening to videos describing toxic trauma bonds?

Do you want to manifest your dream job, your very own tailor made just for you career or business….


 You spend most of your time lamenting the sad state of affairs, the death of your small town, do you talk about nothing but the inflation, dead ends, and the impossibility for someone of your age to become anything at all?

You are in a state.

You are always in a state and you always manifest.

I make a number of videos helping people manifest and often they are tailored to people who struggle with past trauma and such. I do this because I work in the field of helping people with these things. I almost always get questions asking “if it is the same when you “manifest xy&z” …Listen..

ALL manifesting is THE SAME.

You manifest from your state, and that is it. That is the end of the manifesting instructions, you don’t have to worry what “technique” to use, it has nothing to do with it, just go with any preference, any at all. It doesn’t matter. Do what you like. This would be the end, but you guys have more questions.

When I explain in detail, in longer videos it isn’t because manifesting has changed rules. It is because there is a difference in WHAT you WANT.

Nothing about the how has changed, only the why. Why do you want something?

What changes is you.

And when you change, what you want changes, that is all.

SO let’s say I make a video about manifesting “deep love even if you are traumatized”. I am not describing a different HOW, I am describing how to move  beyond the trauma, into a new WHY.  Sometimes you ask if it is the same when you manifest a car, losing weight, or any other material things.  AGAIN nothing changes about the HOW. You manifest from the state that you are in, but I HOPE that you can see a BIG difference in why you want to lose weight vs why you want to spend your life with the one you love….

Neville Goddard explains that when you find the new state to be the one you most often revert to, you will manifest.  Assuming a state does not mean thinking about the thing you want, that is just the same old state that you were ever in. No. It means thinking from it. Assume the state of the wish fulfilled. In other words, if you are in a room and you are thinking of the direction to the front door, it will be different if you go to anew room, and you are thinking about a direction to the front door now, it will be different than if you think of directions to the same place from where you are now. Thinking FROM a state is like walking into a new room. Now the perspective has changed.

THIS is HOW you manifest. Nothing else.

You are God who “came down” to be human.

– Neville Goddard

And then it seems to never be that simple and we have more questions…. 

This is because we don’t PRACTICE shifting states, so in today’s blog I have a challenge for you. A state shifting challenge!

The first state You will practice will be a very negative state. It is just as important to know how you got into that funky state, as it is to know how to get out of the state. The way you get into a funky state is by immersing yourself in thoughts that spiral downward.

Noticing the downward spiral, I want you to start looking at bad news. Use Twitter, or MSN or Yahoo or whatever it is that always suggests news for you, and click on the most negative ones. For about 30 minutes, click away, but set a timer, and when the timer is up, stop, and take note of how you feel, and what your thoughts are revolving around.

We manifest things all the time, all day long, there’s never a moment that we do not manifest, and if we stop manifesting, the world would simply stop around us.

I know that Neville Goddard had at least one mystical experience where he described the world stopping, I had the same mystical experience, where the world simply ceased. There is never a moment that is not made manifest by your consciousness, and the way that you manifest is by taking for granted. It isn’t by visualizing things, and it isn’t by affirming for things that they manifest, it is because you have what is called faith. Another word for faith is taking it for granted.

If you take for granted that you’re going to have water every day it is the same or similar has to having faith, hat you have water. (Now taking for granted that you have a specific person could also mean that they feel like they are being taken for granted, so don’t misconstrue what I’m saying).

Let’s do another exercise of states. This time I want you to do a YouTube search for a musician called Krishna Das. Take a few hours of playing Krishna Das, and while you’re doing that, if you want to you can engage in some something artistic like drawing, or you can just lay down and listen for a few hours, it doesn’t matter what Songs, he has so many and they’re all spiritually and vibrationally so loving and so aligned with the divine. Once you’re done let’s say …. two hours….Take inventory again of your thoughts. Notice what you’re feeling. Notice what you’re thinking. It is a state… you are in a state.

This is an experiment of states.

Remember how I just talked about taking something for granted?

It is easy to manifest when you have faith 

And when you just take things for granted 

So what, nothing is special about manifesting for example clean water piped into your kitchen! This is something that we manifest, and we take it for granted, among many mundane thing!

But hold up!

Some people DON’T have that! Some people have no home, no pipes and no water!

What about those things that you DON’T take for granted, and the things that you are not able to have faith in, after all that is what you struggle with.

We’ll that is when you manifest the state.

The state is the manifestation and your job is DONE with that.

It is easy to confuse how to manifest, but again, your state manifests.

Your questions are so often centered around what you can manifest or what is okay to desire but none of that matters .

If you desire to reunite with your children that is your pressing desire. 

If you can’t stop wishing that you had a better body that is your pressing desire. 

If you met someone just once and you developed a crush. THAT is your desire.

If you desire to have someone who just needs you and adore you and dote on you that is your desire.

If you desire to have a kundalini awakening  then that is your urgent desire and want.

The desire doesn’t matter!

How do you manifest it?

By finding the state of the one who already is that person and embodying that now, today, and to be in that state and to see things from that state as often as you can.

How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things.

The state of Someone who has experienced a kundalini awakening and who has vibrationally aligned with god self, who is that person, and how do they see things from their eyes?

Manifesting is like walking into a different room and seeing things from that room.  What are they doing? What do you think you’ll do differently? Start now or it will never happen, if you don’t start now you won’t start then.

When I explain things more in depth in terms of overcoming trauma or any other mental health issue, or addiction it is not because the laws of the universe has changed and manifesting suddenly is different. It is because your WANT is different. How you manifest is always the same, but how you want changes. If you play around with getting in and out of a few states of mind then you will see relatively quickly that your own wants change along with it. If you are in a state of anger your want might be to punch someone in the face….BUT is THAT what you ACTUALLY want to manifest?  Some people do because anger is their most common dwelling place.

For other people a sense of worthlessness is the most common dwelling place.

Many people I know have a very solid sense of self, and they know their worth. They manifest their purpose in life, a dream career or they forge new paths. They create a money making career where there was none before. They meet their soulmate love. They raise their children to have the same sense of worth. This is a state of mind, their most common dwelling state.

Imagine that when you ask me if “it is okay” to manifest something that you are in a state. This state is like you think that your parent or a teacher or a pastor or someone has to approve of you. Nobody has to approve of you except yourself. Learn how to self approve.

This should be done using your own sense of clarity, your own desire for what you want your future to be like, and your own heart.

Your own sense of what makes your heart beat faster and what you wish for most prominently. There is no one outside of yourself that knows you the way you do.

I get patients all the time who say that they -have a certain feeling about their health, even though it goes against what their doctor has told them and I always explore their gut instinct together with them.

Nobody knows you like you do. Nobody can tell you if your desire for yourself is okay, only you can do that, and just to illustrate what I meant, a friend of a friend, years ago had a desire to move to a country in Afrika. I don’t remember which one, and I am not sure if I actually ever knew.  People thought that it was a stupid desire, and they never expected that he would actually do it. But one day he followed his heart and he left. He met the love of his life there, his soulmate. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction because apparently she was also the princess or queen and he became King of a village or nation in Africa. I guess people didn’t think that he was such an idiot after that, but imagine that he followed his one heart tug, and went for it. 

Imagine that your state of mind determines how you experience your own wants. Not something else. Maybe you let yourself be too influenced by general opinion. Maybe you have forgotten how to listen to yourself? Maybe you never knew? You can easily discover your true wants by putting yourself into a positive feeling state more and more often. Discovering what you like is the direction of self discovery. Discovering what you don’t like is equally valuable. Maybe you are in a state of disappointment, and this is good because you now know very well what you don’t want.  If you stay and wallow in disappointment, you continue to manifest from a state of disappointment and you will discover yet more things that you don’t like. Use it as information. What you don’t like, remove your attention from it, and place your attention on the things that you have discovered that you do like

Assuming a state comes with a shift in perspective automatically.

 You know you’re assuming that state and seeing the world from the perspective of the state of that wish fulfilled if you are feeling SATISFIED.

The wish fulfilled is YOUR wish fulfilled. Not a parent approved wish. Your genuine hearts desire because that is the only thing that will make you feel satisfied, your parents wish won’t make you feel satisfied and neither will mine or your pastors…. Just your own fulfilled wants make you feel satisfied.

Anchor your wish fulfilled into your life the way your life is right now, bring it into every mundane moment, when you brush your teeth, or when you get into your car, find a moment in your day, and anchor your wish into it. Make it normal. Feel satisfied.  

Clothe it in the “tones reality “ as Neville Goddard puts it, and feel it real. Feel it now, and feel it NORMAL.  

 Get into the state of that wonderful experience existing in your life now. Never worry about the how, and certainly don’t concern yourself with what other people might think, they are not in your head anyway,  nothing  you want is too out there. Just because it might seem so impossible to you doesn’t mean a thing.

You are not the doer of a single thing, you are the assumer of states, and that you can easily do.

Impossible to you  doesn’t mean it’s out-of-reach at all. Assume the state of it as here and now, and you will notice you start seeing the world from that perspective. You’ll feel different. Like you’re looking around a different room now, and the door is now at a different perspective than it was from another room, and that is not hard to do. That is your only job, it doesn’t get any easier than this. I’ve done it with so many things, and sometimes it is like a revolving door of manifestations that keeps coming. Imagine a conveyor belt and everything is transported to you on it.

I imagine that my dream work comes to me through head hunters and people who have heard of me, and that is exactly how it happens all the time. It isn’t hard to do, it is a lot easier than being out there hustling and being in the grind. Just allow your conveyor belt to transport things to you.

Sometimes you ask me if it is okay to want your specific person, your soulmate, forgetting that your love is in YOUR heart, not mine. This is why you need to understand that it is you WANT that changes, not  how you manifest something. How do you imagine that wanting SOMEONE, someone special, someone so special that you want to spend your life with them, is a bad thing? You only feel it is a bad thing if you have them reduced to a thing, and wanting a THING is very different from wanting that someone. Not just anyone. SOMEONE who makes your heart beat faster, and who you want to leave the comforts of single life for, someone that you will happily change your routine of just caring for yourself for. That is a beautiful, wonderful, and amazing want. Are you manifesting someone, or some thing? You know the answer for yourself.

Feeling it real is feeling it natural, and being in the state of feeling satisfaction. If you believe that you have to be hyped up, don’t worry, you don’t have to.  Seeing your wish as a dream so lofty that IT  will solve all your problems,  is NOT feeling it real. In a reality where it is manifest life is still normal, and and that reality just like in this one, there are imperfections, and this is natural. Only solving your problems will solve your problems, (and of course if that is your want then you will manifest that….)

 YES , it WILL feel like a dream when it first manifests, but it will also feel natural and life will go on pretty naturally in many ways. 

Things WILL feel greater when you have your manifestation.  OF COURSE. The sun will shine brighter, the air will be crisper, and  yet, an annoying driver will still cut you off on the freeway, and normal things still happen. Feeling it real is feeling it normal. Anchoring the want into the NOW.

How you manifest one thing is how you manifest all things. The Imaginal scene: You create a scene that implies that you are now seeing FROM the perspective of this want being done and fulfilled. It has nothing to do with “visualizing” and it has nothing to do with being in a daydream. The scene can be as short a a half a second and have no content. A normal glimpse of a want already fulfilled.

What does the world look like FROM that perspective? Act inwardly from that STATE and yield to that state, for “he has means and ways ye know not of.” You are not the doer, there are no techniques. YOu are not the doer. Your job is to shift states. THAT is easy.

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Reacting to circumstances is an ADDICTION

Reacting to circumstances is an ADDICTION, and the addict can not find the desired end state, satisfaction, in temporary things.

Learn how to master your state, understanding that you are the only consciousness, and know what is an addiction vs what is a “desire”

Working in addiction, detox and relapse prevention, I discovered something. I found that the addict’s cravings and needs are deeper, because the void is deeper. The void is deeper because the spirituality of the addict is deeper. The addict among us can’t drown their pain with relationships, with food, or with the usual ways, so they reached for something heavier. Their void is deeper, and as a part of balancing forces, their spirituality is deeper. Noticing these ways that people reach for a fix, in their own way, has made me clearly understand that any disempowered relationship to any outer substance, person, or behavior, is in its own way, an addiction. The concept of “reacting to circumstances” that LOA brings up, is at its core, a call to take your power back. Nothing outside of self has any power over us, unless we assign power to it. The power to make us feel better. This is the exploration of todays post. Master your state, NO MATTER WHAT.

The deeper need is a deeper need for LOVE, for affection and for CONNECTION. A need for acceptance, a need for being seen and heard, but most of all, the need for the bliss of spiritual awakening, and oneness. This need is not obvious to the addicts, or even to most people, it is revealed to us as we go through life, either as we achieve all our dreams and still have a yearning for something, or as we encounter difficulties that force us there. But the shortcut is to go straight there. Seek first the kingdom!

Along with this need we also have the need for relating harmoniously with loved ones, especially with our partner, and, especially, but also, for harmoniously with all of humanity. Relating in a way that is not based on FEAR and DREAD, with a sense of anxiety or a sense of pressure. “I’m afraid”, “I’m afraid that I will be hurt”, “I’m afraid that you will leave me”, “I’m afraid that I will be ridiculed”, “I’m afraid to outright admit to myself what my true desires are because I might never get them”, and so on.

We have hardwired into us, the need for love that is based on the depth of connection, a love that is based on the BEAUTY of ATTACHMENT. Our cultures have had us depart quite far from this, so most people seek other things as a means to GET this connection that we need. We seek money, fame, success, beauty, and all sorts of other things that are supposed to give us love and connation. This depth of love and connection can happen in the heart that is comfortably aware of being love itself, of being continuously connected through the heart, to the divinity, at all times. It doesn’t happen through manipulation.

In this post I will talk about addictions to things, specific situations, specific person, to having things your way, and to love or relationships, and fear, anxiety, anger or ego driven demands on people, and how this is caused by an addiction to circumstances.

Love is the ultimate desire, in its unconditional and awakened form. Even if a person is unaware of this desire at this time, this is the ultimate desire for all.

In certain states of mind, this desire is replaced with the desire for things or people. This is such a common state of mind that we accept it as the norm, but we are not staying stuck in that stale old state of mind, we are on a path of discovering our divine nature.

Beginning this journey of recovering from reacting to circumstances goes through four steps:

1) love and empathy for self 

2) loving others 

3) loving the whole.

4) Understand that you are being loved by the divine, and the divine sees no division.

The summary is simply love, as a universal and unconditional force, but we begin with considering that we ourselves are part of that love.

A love that is based on the depth of connection….

A love that is based on the beauty of attachment….

Has your culture caused you to deny yourself this simple, human, desire for true harmonious connection?

The Law Of Assumption, as the current name is for these teachings of manifesting, manifesting with awareness, and understanding that our inner reflects out as our experience, forces us to look at things very differently. These teachings are eye opening, it is the bridge between spirituality, the physical experience and psychology. In some ways LOA is The missing piece. But without understanding that the unconditional love for the whole is always everyone’s true nature, whether we are aware of it in our current state, or not, this practice can make the addiction worse. The greatest reward for the happiness of discovering the nature of love, is happiness and love itself. If the only reason you hold yourself back from realizing, and from admitting your desires, is that you will not get them, listen, this is all for you. If you are chasing circumstances as if they had power to trigger you, this is for you.

Reflected consciousness:

By now, you all know about the mirrored consciousness, EIYPO, at least if you have been following this blog. Everything and everyone is a reflection, a mirror of our own consciousness. Nothing in this world is not a mirror. In your experience, you are grappling with your own reflected consciousness. In the world, we are grappling with the reelection of each others relationships. If everyone started by healing within, and then healing their relationships, and then healing THEIR view of the world, we would experience “Eden”. We all individually have the power to experience our own “Garden of Eden”. You might understand this on an intellectual level, but today we will bring this understanding into the heart space as well, because THAT is where we can personally experience our “garden of Eden” our ” kingdom of heaven”. The mind and the heart can be light years apart, so bridging this distance creates the fulfilment that you are seeking. But how?


Oneness between you and God.

Oneness between mind and body.

Oneness between your animal instincts and your divine nature.

Oneness between yourself and all of humanity.


There is one way to experience oneness and it is to become present, and to become present you must feel your own emotions, it is much easier not to feel them, to run from them. To overeat instead. To put all your focus on a specific person instead. To strive to keep up with the Joneses instead. To have a drink. To over exercise. To create an artificial sequence of events that becomes a MUST to feel relief. But all behaviors that lead outward, away from your own heart, ultimately leads away from our desired experience oneness. There is a deep bliss inside of all of us, but it is hidden under the pain of yearning in most.

These behaviors are an addiction. Not only substances and clearly negative destructive behavior is an addiction. Any dependence on the VOID, which is what the circumstances are , is an addiction.

The circumstances are the void.

There is no other void.

The world is a mirror forever reflecting what you are doing within yourself

Neville Goddard

Our divine nature located within the heart, and our divine nature is felt as satisfaction, and fulfillment, and bliss.

To not experience the void, or the feeling of being lost, to not experience knee jerk reactions and being triggered, it is necessary to turn our attention around to the heart, and this requires us becoming present. The more present, the more you will be able to experience bliss and fulfillment. You have heard this before, being present, but how?

You can’t go from a fear based relationship (to the world, or to your SP) unless you get in touch with your emotions. Getting in touch with your own emotions happens in the present moment. If you want a relationship to the world that celebrates love and connection with every neuron, then you can’t suppress and reject who you are. This doesn’t meant “sitting” with your emotions, and it doesn’t mean “purging”. It means to be present with yourself.

Manifesting is all about being present.

Manifesting is NOW.

What are you afraid of?

Ask yourself, “What do I want, what do I yearn for?

What do I need?

Don’t bury yourself under hypocrisy or spiritual bypassing.

Don’t use LOA as a means to gaslight yourself.

If you do, it will always backfire on you. Why? Because you ARE reflected consciousness, and your own lack of empathy for YOURSELF will be shown to you through your circumstances. It is like Neville said:

“Those that go searching for love only make manifest their own lovelessness, and the loveless never find love, only the loving find love, and they never have to seek for it.”

D.H Lawrence

― D.H. Lawrence

(Actually it was D. H. Lawrence that said it, but Neville quotes him.)

WE have the power to change, and by that change, our lives change. We change by understanding that states of consciousness, or states of mind contains the current experience, and a state can be changed. A change of state brings with it a change of emotions, thoughts, behaviors and so on. By changing state, the reflection also changes. The reflection is the circumstances. This is why the circumstances are the void, there is NOTHING there, it all begins within. You can learn this “the hard way” or you can choose to explore it right here and now. You are free, and have been given free will to change state at a moments notice. Nothing is required from you first.

Why is it that reacting to circumstance is an addiction?

Circumstances are YOUR mirror,

Chasing a circumstance is like chasing a mirage in the desert, it just keeps disappearing, It isn’t really there. When we seek happiness in circumstances it is the same way, the happiness just keeps disappearing, because it isn’t really there. The happiness is within, and if you seek for it there, it naturally reflects out. The reflection of happiness is cast from its own source, a source that is shining through us, and reflects onto the screen of space. Like a projector in an old school movie theater. The light bulb in the projector is our consciousness, and the movie showing is our inner that shines onto the screen of space. Behind all that, in the little room that holds the projector and the movie reel, sits a person who is operating the projector. This person does not fall for the seeming reality of the movie, he has seen it hundreds of time. THIS is your true nature. Be this person, and know that you can change the movie reel if you want to.

Attempting to change your life by becoming dependent on a certain set of circumstances, is like believing that the movie is real.

Seek first the Kingdom of God means to be aware at all times, that a lightbulb is shining a light through a projector, and to keep your focus on that.

If you DON’T “seek the Kingdom first”, then you are falling for the seeming reality of a movie.

You are chasing a mirage.

A hologram.

Another way of saying this is “Let Go”.

“When something really really really matters to you, LET IT GO!

Say to the universe:

” You know what I want. Give it to me in the path of least resistance. Give it to me the easiest way as possible.”

-Abraham Hicks

Let go of believing that circumstances have power.

You have to “love” yourself first, BUT, Yourself is the I am that creates the circumstances. The void. This self does not refer to the ego self. The egos self creates divisions, creates more circumstances, and if you try to “love yourself” from that standpoint, you have to first split yourself into two, first create a self to love, and a self that loves, otherwise, how do you love yourself? This just creates more division, and not a greater experience of oneness. Instead, just think of LOVE in a greater sense, and know that the greater love, applies to all, and that includes you.

Again: The four step thought process:

1) love and empathy for self .

2) loving others .

3) loving the whole.

4) Understand that you are being loved by the divine, and the divine sees no division.

To make this concept more accessible, and less esoteric, I will clarify how this is different from “self love”.

Everyone has their own unique definition of love, and it is related to our state of mind, our level of consciousness. I don’t use the term self love for that very reason, there are too many interpretations of love. LOA is based on the nonduality teachings of for example Vedanta, Kabbalah, and Tantra and so on, which are all teachings that transcend the concepts of the mind.

Transcending is: Love based in consciousness, not mind.

Imagine that a nondual spiritual teaching is based on oneness.

Love thy neighbors as thyself because the neighbors is thyself. Not only that, the neighbor is God. So self love is really JUST love. But a love that encompasses ALSO yourself. Imagine that you might feel love for someone else who has made a mistake, now imagine that the same love also includes yourself. You also get compassion and empathy if there is a mistake made, or if you have flaws in your personality.

When for example a person who has not had a transcendent awakening experience, is told to self love, they think of their ego self, the part of self that causes the split and the division among all of humanity in the fist place. THIS DOESN’T WORK, because THIS self, the EGO self, wants love from others, noy from self. When a person who has had an awakening experience thinks of “loving self” , they can’t because ALL is self. That is the transcendent oneness experience. There is no self from that state of consciousness, so remember that when you hear the term “self love”. All is self, and there is no self. Love is all.

It is necessary to transcend the egoic concept of self in order to experience, on an internal level, what oneness feels like, and love is all that there is from that state of consciousness.

On an egoic level, self love is yet another divide. One part of self that tries to love another part. Lets’ make the distinction now, so that you can move go through the four steps of recovering from addiction to circumstances. Instead of thinking “self love” think GRREATER love that encompasses you as well.

The word “love’ is enough in and of itself, there is no need to talk about “self love”. Just love.

If you are hurting. Love.

If your are craving. Love.

If your have been rejected, love.

If you have been cheated on, lied to and betrayed, love.

Imagine if a baby is sad and crying, you juts apply love. Love and soothing comfort, but you don’t create a division in your mind about “the baby” “I have to love the baby”. You JUST love. I want this to really sink in, because people feel a lot of confusion around the “self love” concept, and rightfully so. This is why I don’t usually use this term.

Rather than self love, just use the word love, and use it the way it would be used if an infant was crying. This way it is innate in you, a universal, instinctual and unconditional love. Just love. Whatever the problem may be, still, just love. FOR the hurting part. All parts are mistakenly identified as parts, but they are part of a whole.

When the “self love” topic is discussed, the intention is to put the oxygen mask on self first, no other mental gymnastics is needed. Fill your own cup, so that you can share from a full cup.

Today, we often hear about self care as well, and this comes down to the very basics, it isn’t harder than that. Self care is not a course you sign up for, it is not a 10 card at a hot yoga studio, although it CAN be those things too. Self care is taking a shower every day. Self care is paying the bills on time. Self care is having your own income, and going to work, or showing up for your own business as scheduled. Self care is being present with your own emotions and having empathy for yourself. Holding space for yourself.

Self care is showing empathy for your self when you are in pain, when you are crying, when you are angered, when you are jealous.

These are actionable steps, not an esoteric lofty idea of “self love”.

Showing empathy for yourself means that you give yourself space to feel the way a human feels.

What does empathy mean? It means that instead of saying “what is wrong with you“? You say: “What happened to you to make you feel this way“?

Do you blame and shame yourself?

Apply love towards the shame, and have empathy for yourself for having been hurt. Those are actionable steps of showing love.

You must have empathy for yourself before you can have empathy for another, you can never have empathy for another unless you have it for yourself, the only thing that will happen is that when they go though a difficult time, and they feel unseen, or unheard, or unloved by you and they bring it up, it will trigger your own wounds and you will respond in defensiveness. It is that simple. You will be triggered by their unhealed wounds because you refused to heal your own.

You are god, God is self. But if you are addicted to a certain type of circumstance, then you are an unhealed Godself who has built a wall around your heart. And the heart is your only access point to your Godself. You created a separation from you and your divinity, and also a separation from everyone that you want to feel a connection with.

There is no one to change but self: that self is simply your awareness, your consciousness and the world in which it lives is determined by the concept you hold of self.

Neville Goddard

Empathy for self

If you don’t create space for your pain, you will have no space for their pain.

If your SP is triggering you badly, watch what is happening in your heart and soul, and your nervous system and create space for you to heal this, Before you react to them, make sure that you have taken the log out of your own eye.

If YOU can’t go from your reptilian, limbic system brain, to your divinity, how will you show love and empathy? If you are in your reptilian brain there is no way that you can tune into the frequency of your divinity. Two different states. Do you want to develop relationships that are not based on fear?

The divine state is transcendent.

It is still a state. A state of mind, an attitude of mind, a state of consciousness.

If you are in survival mode you tune into rational or irrational consciousness. But, you can not tune into transcendent consciousness. You’ll be defensive. Angry. Afraid. Full of dread.

When you are triggered there is a tiger in the room, and it has you cornered. A wild animal has cornered you.

Some of you try to apply affirmations or techniques from that state, or you try to meditate and use all these techniques to feel better but when you are triggered, those methods don’t work. If there was a real tiger attacking you right now, would you think, “Oh, I should say my affirmations right now”? No, you would run.

When for example, your girlfriend, who is your third girlfriend since your very painful divorce that you still haven’t recovered from, asks you about how to make the combined Christmas Hannukah plans, and you get triggered, it isn’t because she is a horrible person, just like your ex wife, and all those others, no it is because you haven’t had self empathy, so you haven’t allowed space for yourself to heal from a childhood filled with trauma around divorce and holidays where you were unheard unseen, forgotten, or used as a pawn. That is what TRIGGERED is. An unhealed wound within. Suddenly you react as if there is a wild tiger attacking you and you destroy this relationship too. THEN you want to manifest that “your girlfriends conforms to you” and you start with your affirmations…. because that is the toxicity that LOA has provided you with, and it is just easier, to believe that you are a puppet master, that SHE doesn’t have FREE WILL, than to you take the log out of your own eye. THIS is why REACTING to CIRCUMSTANCES are an ADDICTION. You create a false sequence of events that is crafted so that you will never have to face your own wounds, and heal them by having empathy for your own painful experience.

It is a behavior pattern that you employ as a defense, INSTEAD of healing.

Just like reaching for alcohol, is a defense that has been created INSTEAD of facing the situation.

Eventually this has become habitual.

The remedy is:

To heal your own wounds by giving space to yourself and having empathy for what you have been through

You are possibly from a generation that swept everything under the rug so maybe you don’t even know what I am talking about. So you decide that “making your SP conform” is the way to go.

NOW, Your heart is even more walled off from yourself, and your reptilian self has a mountain between itself and your divine self. You are addicted to the circumstances “never triggering you“, because you are to afraid to feel what you are actually feeling, and too afraid to admit to what you are actually wanting: A deeper connection, to be seen, to be beautifully attached, and to feel a strong loving need for someone that you can depend on to be there for you and with you no matter what has happened to you in the past. Someone who doesn’t say “what is wrong with you”, but rather: “what happened to you to hurt you so?”. That someone also has to be you. You ,for yourself, before you can be that for someone else. THAT is self care. That is empathy for yourself. THEN, your inner reflects out very differently. As compassionate and empathic. THEN when you bump into a mirror image of unhealed wounds, you will not be triggered. You have learned a new skill. Empathy for yourself, and that leads to empathy for others.

So what am I saying with this?

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t be afraid of broken places.

Don’t be afraid of broken people, even if they are your relatives, even if they are your parents’ or children. Even if it is your sp.

Don’t be afraid of your own brokenness.

Don’t be afraid of broken souls.

Don’t be afraid of confronting broken places.

The divinity in you is greater than all of that, and heals everything as you allow for the divinity enter into your consciousness.

Godself does not have to be a puppet master, Godself has free will and gives free will. Because he doesn’t need to control.

We like to see wholeness, and positivity, but we are always confronted with brokenness. How we meet this brokenness, is how we dealt with our own hurt.

When we create space for ourselves to be healed, we give space to our loved ones to do the same, and you develop the courage to believe in the dream of the heart.

If you can look your SP in the eyes and really hold space for their triggered pain, becoming and empathetic witness for their pain then you can become a catalyst for their healing. This where magical healing can take place, but it starts with your self. THIS has nothing to do with making your SP conform. THIS is you understanding that LOVE is what makes us all one. An it has NOTHING to do with violating your own boundaries, or letting an SP walk all over you.

Real love is an emotion that intensifies throughout life. Creating this takes courage.


LOA has in some ways become a community of toxicity, there is nothing painful allowed to exist. Only peace, and perfection. Only abundance and “getting “what you want. Hiding wounds. Again, this is covered up with the concept of “self love”, but, whilst gaslighting yourself. Again, imagine the crying infant, and whatever you would NOT do to that infant, do not do it to you, or to your sp.

There is no separation.

The illusion of separation begins as soon as we believe ourselves to be separate from one another and separate from God. There is no one part of yourself that has to love another part of self. It is JUST love. Expansive, unconditional love. Not constricting, conditional love.

Your circumstances are a perfect holographic reflection, a projection of your inner world, and an addiction is any belief in any circumstance person or substance outside of yourself as having any power over you. Nothing has power over you, your state has no power over you. You always has the power to change states.


A belief hat the circumstance is separate from us is our first mistake

Mistake number two is that we give the circumstance the power over us.

This is what an addiction is in a nutshell. A belief that something has POWER OVER US. It can be alcohol, or drugs, or sex or smoking. Those are recognized forms of addiction, but there IS NO OTHER addiction, no matter how specific we get besides giving power away. Is it gambling? Same thing. Is it a need from your SP to NEVER TRIGGER YOU? Same thing.

Point Blank there is no other addiction than “giving power away” to a sequence of events that is supposed to momentarily cover our unhealed self.

The hands down easiest LOA technique is an NLP version of Neville Goddard’s imaginal scene, it is called switching. In short, you face a reaction within you, and this causes an active imagination of a negative sequence of events that you believe will happen, but before you allow that imagination to spiral, you take charge, and replace it with an image of your ideal self. I can talk more about this if you guys want me to. The image should have no content, it is an energy of how you feel when you experience your self as your ideal self. This switching technique don’t work so well for unhealed people who are used to suppressing every emotion, so before you master manifesting you have to get honest.

Step two, love others.

The LOA puppet master community that teaches nonsense like “making someone conform”, whilst forgetting that God would never need to do that. God always knows that as within, so without. And…how can someone else truly love you if you are s full of yourself? If you are “Gods gift to humanity” how can love even exist?

We are all God in human form, literally God. Not just you. No one will ever love you as much as you love yourself. Sure. This is being taught all over the place. But if you stop there, you might as well skip love and romance and marry yourself. Why bother being with someone then?

How can you ever truly love someone else and how can they ever truly love you? There is a difference between selfish love and selfless love. If all you want is to have your own needs met, eventually, this love will fade. If they always try to “get something from you, but they reject your needs, eventually this love WILL disappear. If there is a limit to the discomfort that you will go through from you SP your love will be fleeting.

Life long love has to be selfless. Please get this. Unless you bring in the divinity within, within you and WITHIN THEM this type of life long selfless love can not be experienced.

This is why LOA, even though being the PERFECT TOOL for experiencing this life long, deep love, often lead you down the wrong path. Instead of believing this, coaches lead you astray, and make the teachings less, by telling you that “sp will conform to you”. You can continue believing this as long as you want to, but you’ll come back when you have disappointed yourself enough times, wondering what else you can do.

Step 2 in the recovering your addiction to circumstances is LOVE OTHERS , not control others.

Let’s get back to the basics before we end this sequence.

You manifest what you are not what you want.

So in the state of addiction, what are you?

You are needy , you are craving,  you are desperation. 

In the state of the divided egoic “self love” what are you manifesting? A mirror image of the same. MAYBE nobody can love you exactly the way you love yourself, but MAYBE, another person, your SP, has something else to show you, a different love, something that will grow you and expand your heart? Maybe this is how your love can deepen.

If you use LOA as a means to control your circumstances, you will be on a constant search for love, forever unfulfilled, so EVEN THOUGH, the fist step is love and empathy for self, THE SECOND STEP is LOVE OTHERS AS THYSELF.

You matter, what you think and feel and say matters, but so do others.

Step two is love others as if they were yourself, because they are yourself, we are connected as one, and seeing and experiencing this truth has to start somewhere, and what better place than with the one you love? Try to become utterly selfless, give to them, carry them trough their hard times, and don’t let them down. This is step two, and not step one, because unless you have experienced the ability to have empathy for yourself you will not be able to love another person this way. You will recoil at the very idea.

MANIFESTING is the recognition that your inner reflects outward. WHY would you then be afraid to fully love and deeply commit to love? The only reason is because you haven’t healed on the inside and you know that your unlovingness is going to be reflected back to you.

In order for something to work long term, it has TO BE long term. It takes five to seven years just to build and establish trust, according to studies. We see love has an instant emotion, mostly thanks to movies and pop-culture, but when that fades, we blame the other.

The inner reflects out. Why are you still blaming circumstances, why are you still blaming others? Why are you still chasing the high of infatuation FROM ANOTHER. Establish now, that you WILL experience a life long love that grows deeper and more and more intimate over time, not the other wat around.


When you have understood and started to apply empathy towards your self, and you begin to genuinely experience fearless empathy to wards your SP, you have tipped the scales. Your dominant energy has become love.

Take this to heart. It is real, and it is what you need to hear.

An addiction wants to keep the addiction going. 

It is the nature of the addiction to want to keep it going. 

An alcoholic wants his alcohol. 

A drug addict wants his drugs. 

A sex addict wants his sex. 

An unhealed person wants their partner to provide them with their needs.

An unhealed person wants to never be triggered.

If you are in a relationship and you a giving but you are not getting your needs met, or you want marriage but you are actually afraid of marriage at the same time:


“I am scared that I will be seen as inferior.”

Children who are criticized, learn that only those who are brilliant, or beautiful, or talented are worthy of love. Even though they may dream of love, and meeting someone who will love them exactly as they are, still think that the only people who can or would love them exactly as they are would have to a be a complete idiot or a total looser. WHY would I want a person like that? This fear when unhealed means that yo can ATTRACT love, go on dates, have short term relationships with a GREAT person but the fear is that eventually, they will find out about you. You won’t be able to keep up the appearances and they will leave you. So what do you do? you keep people at a distance, this way, others will not discover the awful truth about you.

Come back to step one, empathy for self, what would you say to yourself if this was you? Or if someone else came to you and asked what they should do, what would you tell them?

1. You can fake it till you make it, pretend that you have high self esteem, role play with yourself.

2. Pick a qualities you ARE sure about that is good about you. There is at least one quality about yourself hat you know for a fact, is good, and is also true. Feel into the state of knowing this truth, and superimpose that feeling onto your low self esteem.

This is LOA. This is shifting state. It is using the imaginal scene, without content, with only an image of your ideal self.

Remember that nobody is prefect, and you don’t have to be either, and you can be loved BY THE ONE YOU LOVE.

There are so many beliefs and messages that we receive about marriage and relationships and this is the only thing that you have to solve. Just sit down with yourself for a while and really get to the bottom of your belief, and then decide to change that. Don’t ‘try”, there is only doing.

If you feel that you are giving more than you are receiving that simply means that you stopped loving. In a real lifelong relationship there is no longer any such thing as selfish love, you have taken the step to embrace the divinity with you and them, now you have to live and love by that choice. Love thy neighbor as thy self. AS THYSELF. This is why we went over how important it is to embrace a love that encompasses yourself.

“I’m scared of the unknown”

“What if” scenarios can run rampant. To overcome this face your fears and embrace the unknown. Decide to do all the things that you are afraid of, (except for dangerous things obviously). Change the unknown into “adventure” and” playfulness“, and decide to keep an open mind.

Do all these healing things OUTSIDE of the relationship. In your mind, take yourself out of the relationship, always do this when you work through your issues, otherwise your work is only done with an ulterior motive. There is nothing WRONG with having an ulterior motive, and there is nothing wrong with doing healing work together, but the result won’t happen in the same way. Work empathically with yourself, for yourself, and your results will be real and quick.

Always go straight for the “end”. meaning, do not qualify one manifestation on another. If you want happiness, just go straight to happiness, for example.

(By the way, it is impossible to manifest bad or evil things, I’ll just throw that in here, universal law prevents evil from manifesting because it belongs to the “mirage” to the void. I won’t go into that anymore here, but keep it in mind. Florence Scovel Shinn had an affirmation: “Evil is unreal, and leaves no stain”.) So

“I’m scared to marry someone less than I”

This is what I call the “vacation poster” manifester. People more and more are raise to believe that no one is good enough for them, they have been showered in self esteem, which is great, but nobody can ever be good enough. There might be physical perfectionism, “they are not beautiful enough” or emotional perfectionism, or even spiritual perfectionism, they believe that they are “the elite”, and it is if they are already married to this ideal. the vacation poster.

The truth is that love requires vulnerability, and manifesting only happens in the now. Now is the appointed hour. Becoming present is very hard for a perfect specimen, for Gods gift to mankind.

They are married to a fantasy, and they want nothing else. If you are perfect, and nobody is good enough for you, choose only three things that you can’t live without. A sense of humor, kindness, or whatever it may be, and loosen up on everything else.

Vow to be vulnerable in all your interactions, and to seek in your own heart for how you feel. Do an exercise that is just for you, write down one thousand things that you demand from your potential partner, that they must have and be for you to consider them, and then throw that list out.

Realize how absurd it is. Keep your list of three must haves, and rather than creating a “vacation poster” ideal of love, feel into how you would feel if you were in the arms of your soulmate. How does your heart beat, how does it feel to inhale the scent of him or her, what does it feel like when they look into your eyes with love. This is your ideal.

(There are so many more ways our beliefs can be opposite of what we want, these were just a few.)

Loving the whole

There are so many ways that we build walls against love, and instead of examining these walls and tearing them down, we look for substitutes to love, and this is where our fear of circumstances are created.

Don’t fear tearing down these walls.

When you are addicted to circumstance it is just like a substance addiction, but it is a behavior and an outcome that activates you, learning how to turn your focus around to your divinity instead, is “seeking the kingdom” and you will have all those things added unto you. What this means at its core, is that if you seek only your own divinity, everything that you ever wanted will be yours anyway, but NOT the things that are “evil”, “harmful”, or “bad”, because those things belong to a mirage. The mirage is held in place by our beliefs alone, without our attention they vanish.

When your attention is focused on the NEED for a circumstance, you are simultaneously incapable of even wanting to manifest the thing that you truly want the most, because you cannot even see it. You can only see that if you turn your attention around and notice only your divinity.

You can’t focus on both circumstances and your own divinity at the same time, it is one or the other, this is what “You cant serve two masters” mean. Remember the analogy of the old school movie reel in the theater? You can not look at the screen and the light bulb at the same time. It is one or the other, and as soon as you get absorbed in the movie, it becomes real. It is not real, but you immediately get absorbed in the story. If you turn around and look at the lightbulb in the projector, the movie doesn’t seem real anymore.

If you keep your eyes on circumstance, you can’t see your divinity, and if you keep your attention on your divinity, you never fall for your circumstance.

When you’re keep your attention on your own inner divinity, located within your heart, you might experience bliss, or “God-state”. When you experience bliss, you are incapable of wanting to manifest something that is to your detriment, or something that you do not truly want, or something that is not the most ultimate of your desire, you are only capable of wanting to manifest what is in alignment with your truest deepest divine self. People call this “alignment”. It is an autopilot to manifest all your desires.

When you are in a state of addiction to circumstance, also notice the incredible urgency with which you will want to manifest your next fix, even if it isn’t good for you! 

If this addiction is to a certain behavior from a specific person and a relationship, notice when you’re feeling bad how desperate you are to manifest anything, even a text message, your desperation is enormous and you will be compelled to try to manifest a text message.

 Listen you do not want a text message. 

You want love, depth, and the beauty of commitment, a life long happiness. Go straight for manifesting the happiness.

Come off your addiction by following the steps outlined in this program.

1) love and empathy for self 

2) loving others 

3) loving the whole.

4) Understand that you are being loved by the divine, and the divine sees no division.

 Manifest bliss, “God state ” And then and only then manifest love, and when you’re in God state you will know what to do, automatically, and you will automatically know how to assume the state of being that ideal state of love already, it will come to you as a flash of inspiration. There are no manifesting steps in the world that can replace this.

Alignment first.

Inspiration follows.

If you are addicted to your circumstances, then step one is always.

Love and empathy for yourself. Follow that by:

2) loving others as thyself.

3) loving the whole, because there is no separation, we are as one consciousness, and division is unreal.

4) Understand that you are being loved by the divine, and the divine sees no division, and ultimately, it is as if you are being loved through. You realize that you are merely a receiver of divine love, there is no limit to divine love and you can never run out. Who you are, manifests and “out-pictures itself”. This aligned state of consciousness feels very active and vibrationally “high” and this is what Abraham Hicks calls “the high flying disc”. Many people who have not gone through the first three steps CAN find the high flying disc, but they very easily get bumped off, and fall of of it. You will feel much safer and much more stable on the high flying disc as you learn how to hold space for healing self and others.

manifest mAGAZINE

There are no blocks | Manifesting with the Law of Assumption

There are no blocks | Manifesting with the Law of Assumption

There. I said it, and it needs to be said. There are NO blocks.

There are no blocks, there are just two endpoints of manifestation, and then there is the time between called a bridge.

An endpoint of manifestation can be a flash of insight or a vision into what you want. Or…It can be meeting your soulmate. Or….It can be a desire for a better career, or a business. It can be felt as a rip in the matrix, or it can just be a flutter in your heart.

End point one is: The existence of the fulfillment of the manifestation in material reality.

End point two is: The presence of the desire in your heart.

I learned about love attraction a long time ago, probably like most of you, but I didn’t find Neville Goddard until about three years ago. I can’t remember but, simultaneously I also started hearing but blocks. 

Blocks blocks blocks from coaches, they’re all talking about figuring out what your blocks work, and I didn’t understand what my blocks were!  And to be fair I don’t think I really had any blocks, but because I kept hearing about it it was like an assumption, and hello LAW OF  ASSUMPTION, I assumed that the reason I don’t have my manifestation this very second that I think of it, is because I have blocks

BUT…Hold on a minute, if it is the law of assumption…. why can’t I just assume that I don’t have blocks?

 AND…. Why does a circumstance suddenly matter? 

Well the answer is it doesn’t. You don’t have blocks, circumstances don’t matter, and Neville Goddard never talked about blocks. 

On my blog, my most clicked post is How to remove a third party, and most clients are asking about third parties, even if they are imaginary, so I’ll tailor this post to them!

But first of all. Whatever you have learned about life, whatever beliefs you have, whatever culture you have grown up in and you have been indoctrinated into, just let go of all of it. 

Forget everything. None of it matters

Not a single thing that you have ever learned matters when it comes to the law of assumption, and when it comes to manifesting, especially manifesting love. And your specific person, your soulmate. Not a single thing that you have learned up until this point matters. Now is appointed hour, now it’s a clean slatem,now you are one with your heart’s desire, you are one with your specific person.

When you meet and fall in love, this is an endpoint of manifestation, and that endpoint can not exist without the other endpoint, (the fulfillment in material reality)  a loving lifelong relationship. 

The desire for a career exists because the other endpoint exists.

The desire for a happy, easy and loving relationship that lights you up and fills your life with meaning exists because the other endpoint, the fulfillment of it, exists. Get that? It exists, it is there waiting for you, like a surprise birthday party, and you are the only one who isn’t there yet. IF it didn’t exist, the flash of insight of a love so beautiful that it makes both of yours lives bright and meaningful wouldn’t exist either. 

BUT, we are living in the 21 century where finding true love is a myth, we are surrounded by hookup culture, and everything seems to be for sale including your heart and soul and your identity.

In this era of modern dating and relationships, many have forgotten to let themselves feel what the true  and infinite power of love is. You have been taught independence, and perhaps you have developed your own dopamine hit, your own method of “getting” to where you can feel good. Whatever that is. You imagine that a sequence of events is necessary for you to feel even a little bit okay. That is why addictions to everything is SO rampant. You don’t need all that. None of it.

You see….

Love has the power to heal every broken and wounded heart. 

Rumi says :

“ a thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take the whole heart home."

Love transforms everything.

You don’t need anything else, just like the Beatles said. Love is all you need, and you already have it.

We have become brainwashed into believing that we need to respect non-commital partners, polyamory, dating multiple partners, and that third parties are just a normal par-for-the-course situation. This is not the case, your reality blossoms out of your heart, your subconscious is in your heart. 

Your reality is complete, it is yours, it belongs to you and it is a gift that God is trying to give to you, but your belief systems has you asking questions like “should I let him and the third party be happy together instead and manifests a new love”


See, Your new love will come with a third party too, until you see that your heart has the key to the truth, and that circumstances don’t matter, until you see that whatever culture you have been brainwashed in, it has no power over the truth of your heart. You don’t have to give up space for third parties your whole life, they don’t have a right to exist in your life, feel free to realize your own importance, and simply wish the rest of the world well, and know that every human is a perfectly made puzzles piece, and God has you fitted perfectly for your soulmate. It is a perfect fit, “a helper made opposite him.” Your specific person is YOUR home. Their arms are made to hold YOU.   Rumi says:  “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” 

People also ask me if they have to heal to manifest their specific person, but even that is a no, you were both made to fit each other, and the way that you fit, you can heal together, you were made “helpers opposite one another” this part from the Bible means that you are supposed to help each other heal whatever wounds you might have. Literally everyone has something to heal, you are not a leper that needs to be shunned just because you have emotional wounds. You are made imperfectly perfect, and the crack is where the light gets in. Your broken parts are exactly what you needed to have, attract, and to be attracted to your soulmate, that’s how you found each other,and you are made to fit perfectly together. You will heal, but you do not “have to heal” to be loved. Rumi says “I will soothe and heal you, I will bring you roses. I too have been covered in thorns “  Everyone has their thorns, it doesn’t make you unworthy.

Manifesting is a choice to see with the eyes of God, it is to choose to see with the eyes of the power of love. Choose who the person you want to be is, be that person now, even if you have been trying for a while to manifest this, even if you think that you have blocks and that is why it isn’t coming. It is coming. You might have to do a thousand revisions on this path, every day, you might have to force your inner conversations, while it feels unfamiliar still, but keep living in the fulfilled heart, keep feeling it real, within the love that is warmed by the words of love from your soulmate. Neville Goddard revised every day. But he didn’t ask what his blocks were. He started every day with an imaginal scene and ended every day with a revision. He went backwards over the day, and gave himself his desires. He didn’t ask, “What are my blocks”? He didn’t ask “should I let my wife love that other man that looked at her like he was attracted to her” He didn’t give the love of his life away because he was jealous and insecure. He didn’t imagine that his wounds made him an unworthy recipient of marriage.

If you ask questions like that, “Should I just imagine my sp and the third party happy instead?”. Then you haven’t understood manifesting. If you continue to perpetuate this skewed worldview,  that is like taking puzzle pieces that don’t fit together and insisting on hammering them together even if you know that they don’t fit. Let things fall where they may, your simple job is to hold love in your heart, and to create an imaginal scene of being at home in your love’s arms. That is all. Your power of awareness matter. Circumstances don’t matter.

Take a hold of the tools you have been given and use them, live in the end, and revise, use your inner conversations to talk you off the ledge rather than pushing you closer to the edge. Self talk should always support your fulfilled desires, a peaceful heart, and you can bring in anyone you want to into your inner conversations to support you. 

When you are asking questions like “what are my blocks”, it is simply because you are in question mode. Abraham Hicks calls this resistance. 

If you haven’t felt what it is like to be soothed, and to have the questions disappear into thin air, it is because you haven’t played with the tools, you haven’t implemented manifesting. You have listened to videos, and you might have read the blogs, you have consumed information but you haven’t applied it. Listening to videos, is great because you’re learning, of course, but what are you doing right now even isn’t manifesting, it is only manifesting when you deliberately choose to find yourself in answer mode, it is only manifesting when you consciously and deliberately direct your inner conversations to reflect living in the end. Using the tools in action, this is when you master manifesting. Right this moment, see your lovers face close to yours, see them smile, see how they feel so incredibly relieved to be with you, hear their words, “I am so relieved that we have each other, you were always my home, thank you for manifesting me, I feel so good to be with you, you are my soulmate, and I can’t imagine my life without you” Here yourself answer them with love. Get used to revising everything that the fearful inner critic says to you, into love.

Learn how to use the LOA tools every chance you get.  It is when you find yourself in circumstances in, difficult situations, in an argument with a DMV clerk, in a conversation with a peer who doubts you, on the receiving end of criticism from your boss, it is when you decide to reach for the tool of living in the end, revision, or inner conversations, it is when you decide to not have a knee jerk reaction but instead you reach for GRATITUDE for the good things you have, or a prayer of thanks, it is when you decide to instantly revise, it is when you feel sad or anxious, you decide to redirect your own thoughts, redirect them to inner conversations that are  totally aligned with your heart’s desire,  it is when you hear something coming out of your specific person’s mouth that really hurt you, but you decide to rise above that and to reach for your inner conversations, when you are able to see your specific person with the eyes of God, it is then that you embody your manifestation. Seeing with the eyes of God IS the law of assumption.

Neville Goddard says: Imagination is seeing with the eyes of God.

We are here to imagine that we love life, that we are in love, that we experience the fullness of the physical, or natural aspect of God. The thing you guys call 3d.  God designed us in his image, so that he could feel, experience, touch, smell, hear, so that he could be immersed in pleasure. Not in pain. Give your experience fully over to God, let him handle the matchmaking of the endless cycle of circumstances, and keep to imagining the goodness of your heart’s desire. Every piece of the puzzle has a flawless place, where it just fits beautifully, but you don’t have to figure out where that is, it is already done, all you have to do is tune into your own heart. This is what it mean  to let go of resistance. To be in answer mode. To cease the endless chatter of your mind that say “but how, and why”

Neville says that: 

Man is all imagination; therefore, man must be where he is in imagination, for his imagination is himself.

To realize that imagination is not something tied to the senses or enclosed within the spatial boundary of the body is most important.

Although man moves about in space by movement of his physical body, he need not be so restricted. He can move by a change in what he is aware of. However real the scene on which sight rests, man can gaze on one never before witnessed.”


So often, people are listening to YouTube, and they don’t understand what they are hearing, so more and more questions keep coming. The only reason why you don’t understand what you’re hearing, it’s because you don’t apply it, you see, you have to apply the tools in order to have that aha moment. You have to do the revision, you have to live in the end, you have to do your inner conversations. And when you do, This becomes your own embodiment, it becomes your own experience, it BECOMES your own awareness of being. 

And suddenly, now you’re living it. Now you’re feeling from the end you’re living from the end for real, you’re not thinking about “what it would be like if you were able to live in the end”, no, now you’re experiencing that peace, the serenity,  and suddenly, you experience a sense of  ease, and a sense of  loving gentleness for the shared love of your sp, the connection that you have, and you can feel the flow of their love and admiration, their appreciation and the sweetness that comes from being in love, from being loved, the belonging that you feel from holding someone so tenderly and lovingly, now you’re living in a state where you feel like you have come home to yourself, because being with your specific person is just like coming home. You have shifted state. Your rose colored glasses are on. You notice suddenly that birds are chirping. You feel happy when you see couples holding hands. You congratulate love birds who just got engaged because now, you are no longer envious. You have shifted state.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is really really great to spend your spare time listening to YouTube’s too, and learning, this is how you get the information in the first place, but if you want to really learn and embody what you’re hearing, then  start applying, apply the message every chance did you get. 

Every day you are surrounded by circumstances that  give you an opportunity to apply revision, to apply inner conversations, it doesn’t  just have to be only with your specific person, you can apply revision in conversations with every single person that you meet.  This is how you master the Law of Assumption, and only by applying it, is it how you finally understand it. And when you finally understand it, you will see that the idea of  blocks  is just something that is made up. They don’t exist.

If only you knew how much time I spent trying to figure out what my blocks were….I’m here to tell you that blocks are not real, they don’t exist, and don’t even worry about what blocks you might have. JUST apply the tools.

What you think are blocks are just the bridge of incidents. The bridge of incidence is not our concern. You do not have to concern yourself with anything. You can comfortably intend that your desire is yours by claiming it. And by diving into your heart, you can easily manifest the love of your dreams. 

IF the dream exists in your heart, IF you feel into, and revel in the bliss of love, THEN that is because THAT ENDPOINT exists in manifest form. You are NOT creating it, you are feeling into the state, and God takes you there. Creation is already finished.

Imagination becomes reality, and you might not have any clue of how to get to that endpoint, but the divine architect makes blueprints all day every day, and every blueprint follows your imagination.  

There is a difference between daydreams, and wishful thinking ofcourse, that is not the same as “feeling it real. Feeling it real invites the senses, your hands are invited to feel the touch and so on. Bring in every sense until you feel as if it is real.

If instead of every time that you had a thought of “oh I wish it was like this”, if instead of letting your mind ruminate on the backstory that went wrong, why you can’t have it, and instead of arguing in your mind with your specific person, if instead of accepting yet another day of defeat, or heartbreak, if instead, you applied the tools and felt it real, revised, and invited your specific person into a loving inner conversation within your mind, then you would allow the divine architect to work from just one idea. Your dream.  And no matter how many obstacles there are, it wouldn’t matter because this divine architect is greater than any obstacle.  

If you just let the divine architect come up with all the solutions, and make the crooked places straight, then he would soon be able to hand you the keys to your dream mansion. Your heart’s desire. 

Feeling it real is: This is my place this is where I belong is this where we belong we belong together, if you can feel it in your heart, that is because the endpoint of that manifestation is already made manifest, and you do not have to do a single thing for them to manifest in your reality, and the way there is none of your concern, so you can relax and put down all your weapons, and put down all your tactics, your manipulations, and you can put down all of your questions because they do not need any answers. 

Your questions do not need answers, you only need to dwell in the house of the Lord. He has prepared a table before you. He can make rivers in the desert. 

Question mode exists as an opposition to answer mode.

Abraham Hicks calls it allowing vs resistance

Neville Goddard talks about states.

I can talk about it and talk about it, but you have to allow yourself to rest in your own fulfilled heart, this is the only way that you will learn how to live in the end.

Rumi says: ““Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” 

There are two endpoints:

The point of desire in your heart.

The fulfilled desire. 

That is it. 

In between there is only surrender to the divine architect. 

Even if you were manifesting something so lofty as enlightenment, it doesn’t matter how many methods you do, how much you meditate or chant your mantras, or pray,  it is when you finally surrender that enlightenment comes. You ARE enlightenment. We chase after God, but God created us to experience the world….

Rumi says:

“I am so close, I may look distant.
So completely mixed with you, I may look separate.
So out in the open, I appear hidden.
So silent, because I am constantly talking with you.”

You do not have to find your blocks, the moment you surrender to the bridge of incidents your blocks that previously seemed to rushing towards you suddenly dissolve. You are home free. Now. 

So you see, You don’t have to clear a single block, if you will just live in the end. 

Neville Goddard says:

“If you tell them it came to pass because you simply imagined it – no, they will point to the series of events that led up to it, and they will give credit to the bridge of incidents, across which you walked towards the fulfillment of that state, and they will point out some physical thing that was the cause. No, the cause is invisible, for the cause is God, and God is invisible to mortal eye.”

We think that there is a sequence of events that has to happen in a certain way, and we try to devise the sequence, but this is God’s work. You will not in a million years be able to figure out how things happen.

God made the world “in 6 days, on the 7th he rested,” and ever since he is busy making matches and creating sequences of events, and you can’t do a better job than him. Don’t forget the resting on the 7th day. The sabbath.

Let’s do an exercise to help you understand living in the end, feeling into living in the end:

For a moment think about your dream home. Imagine what a dream home might look like. Now, this home can be anything at all, we are just playing around in our mind, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what your dream home would look like, it doesn’t matter, but try to imagine a few things that you would absolutely love, maybe a really big and spacious kitchen, maybe a master bath that is like a spa, with natural stone and heated floors. Maybe you would like a mansion, with many rooms, and maybe you even want it staffed with people. A butler to open the door, and a maid to keep it clean, and a cook to make healthy foods.

Or maybe you want more of a cozy woodsy cottage setting, something like a cottage in the hobbits land.

Maybe you want a castle, and the whole village is just part of your extended property. Maybe you want a New York city penthouse. Whatever it is, give yourself this house now. Give it some details. 

Now, imagine that you are giving this over to an architect. He is going to create the blueprint, and he will take care of all the little details. This is work that you don’t know how to do. The drawings and blueprints and all that, you just have no idea what goes into drawing all that up, but it’s okay, you have dreamed up your ideal home, and you have handed over the responsibility now to a trusted architect, and you feel happy, because you trust him.

The next thing is that you just go on with life, and you feel a little tingle of excitement everytime that you think about your dream home that is being created. Then one day you get the keys.

You have the keys in your hand, and you just walk into the completed home. It is finished and ready. You didn’t do anything but imagine what you wanted, and  the architect took care of it.

God is the divine architect of your life, you dream your dream, you give it all the vividness of reality, and you imagine. All day long you imagine things in detail, and The Divine Architect creates sequences of events, and you just walk around in the reality that you have dreamed. 

When you imagine you are ginning a blueprint to the divine architect

That is all you need to do.

How do you get into answer mode, (receiving mode, the state of the wish fulfilled) that feeling of anticipation, of knowing that whatever you walk into, it is perfectly made for you?

The imaginal scene is just one way, and revision is another. Inner conversations and affirmations is another.  People have so many ways, and I have mine. I pray the rosary every morning, and it fills me with love. Other people chant mantras. You can go for a walk and smell the roses. You can go to the gym and get pumped up. You can practice opening your heart and surrendering. You can record your soothing inner conversations on your phone and play them on repeat while you sleep.  Taking care to do self care is another way. Or you can love yourself in action by making time for yoga, or find a day spa and make a commitment to yourself that you will use it at least once a month. If you can, use it once a week. You deserve it, and the space of relaxation, of feeling pampered, is you being in answer mode. Remember there is either you being in the state or out of the state. Answer mode or endless questions. What are my blocks? The answer is that you don’t have any. We all have blocks, and if we were to take over God’s divine architect job, we would manifest only obstacles and problems, and reasons for why this can’t work, and nothing else.  We are obstacle makers, and the divine architect is a solution maker. Hand it over to him. Be in the state of the wish fulfilled.

In Neville Goddard’s book, The Law and The Promise he explains it to us by telling a story: 

For many years a doctor and his wife “dreamed” about their “stately habitation”, but not until they imaginatively lived in it, did they manifest it. Here is their story:

“Some fifteen years ago, Mrs. M. and I purchased a lot on which we built a two-story building housing our office and living area. We left ample space on the lot for an apartment building — if and when our finances would permit. All those years we were busy paying off our mortgage, and at the end of that time had no money for the additional building we still desired so much. It was true that we had an ample savings account which meant security for our business, but to use any part of it for a new building would be to jeopardize that security.

“But now your teaching awakened a new concept, boldly telling us we could have what we most desired through the controlled use of our imagination and that realizing a desire was made more convincing ‘without money’. We decided to put it to a test to forget about ‘money’ and concentrate our attention on the thing we desired most in this world — the new apartment building.

“With this principle in mind, we mentally constructed the new building as we wanted it, actually drawing physical plans so we could better formulate our mental picture of the completed structure. Never forgetting to think from the end (in our case, the completed, occupied building), we took many imaginative trips through our apartment house, renting the units to imaginary tenants, examining in detail every room and enjoying the feeling of pride as friends offered congratulations on the unique planning. We brought into our imaginal scene one friend in particular (I shall call her Mrs. X), a lady we had not seen for some time as she had ‘given us up’ socially, believing us a bit peculiar in our new way of thinking. In our imaginal scene, we took her through the building and asked how she liked it. Hearing her voice distinctly, we had her reply, ‘Doctor, I think it is beautiful’.

“One day, while talking together of our building, my wife mentioned a contractor who had constructed several apartment houses in our neighborhood. We knew of him only by the name that appeared on signs adjacent to buildings under construction. But realizing that if we were living in the end, we would not be looking for a contractor, we promptly forgot this angle. Continuing these periods of daily imagining for several weeks, we both felt we were now ‘fused’ with our desire and had successfully been living in the end.

“One day a stranger entered our office and identified himself as the contractor whose name my wife had mentioned weeks before. In an apologetic manner, he said, ‘I don’t know why I stopped here. I normally don’t go to see people, but rather, people come to see me’. He explained that he passed our office often and had wondered why there wasn’t an apartment building on the corner lot. We assured him we would like very much to have such a building there but that we had no money to put into the project, not even the few hundred dollars it would take for plans.

“Our negative response did not faze him and seemingly compelled, he began to figure and devise ways and means to carry out the job, unasked and unencouraged by us. Forgetting the incident, we were quite startled when a few days later this man called, informing us that plans were completed and that the proposed building would cost us thirty thousand dollars! We thanked him politely and did absolutely nothing. We knew we had been ‘living imaginatively in the end’ of a completed building and that Imagination would assemble that building perfectly without any ‘outside’ assistance from us. So, we were not surprised when the contractor called again the next day to say he had found a set of blueprints in his files that fitted our needs perfectly with few alterations. This, we were informed, would save us the architect’s fee for new plans. We thanked him again and still did nothing.

“Logical thinkers would insist that such negative response from prospective customers would completely end the matter. Instead, two days later, the contractor again called with the news that he had located a finance company willing to cover the necessary loan with the exception of a few thousand dollars. It sounds incredible, but we still did nothing.

For — remember — to us this building was completed and rented, and in our imagination we had not put one penny into its construction.

“The balance of this tale reads like a sequel to ‘Alice In Wonderland’, for the contractor came to our office the next day and said, as though presenting us with a gift, ‘You people are going to have that new building anyway. I’ve decided to finance the balance of the loan myself. If this is agreeable, I’ll have my lawyer draw up the papers, and you can pay me back out of net profits from rentals’.

“This time we did do something! We signed the papers, and construction began immediately. Most of the apartment units were rented before final completion, and all but one occupied the day of completion. We were so thrilled by the seemingly miraculous events of the past few months that for a while we didn’t understand this seeming ‘flaw’ in our imaginal picture. But knowing what we had already accomplished through the power of imagining, we immediately conceived another imaginal scene and in it, this time, instead of showing the party through the unit and hearing the words ‘we’ll take it’, we ourselves in imagination visited tenants who had already moved in that apartment. We allowed them to show us through the rooms and heard their pleased and satisfied comments. Three days later that apartment was rented.

“Our original imaginary drama had objectified itself in every detail save one, and that one became a reality when, one month later, our friend, Mrs. X, surprised us with a long overdue visit, expressing her desire to see our new building. Gladly we took her through, and at the end of the tour heard her speak the line we had heard in our imagination so many weeks before, as with emphasis on each word, she said, ‘Doctor, I think it is beautiful’.

“Our dream of fifteen years was realized. And we know, now, that it could have been realized any time within those fifteen years if we had known the secret of imagining and how to ‘live in the end’ of desire.

But now it was realized — our one big desire was objectified. And we did not put one penny of our own money into it.” — Dr. M.”

That is why you give up doership!  

And instead of wondering how, and instead of asking  what your blocks are because remember they don’t matter,  just stick to focusing on your daily tasks. That is all you are expected to do. 

Imagine your heart opening up to your sp. 

Imagine feeling comfortable, imagine how you feel like you have come home. Imagine your conversations of love. Imagine connection, tenderness, laughter and silliness, imagine romance. Imagine the heat between you, and how easy it is to just be. How it feels when you see them looking at you with love. Imagine how they tell you that they understand now, and that they get you, and they open up to you, and you just get them. Imagine how playful you feel together, like little children, boundless and exploring. Imagine how easy this is. 

Skip imagining how they need to apologize, that is the work of the divine architect, it is not your job so let it go. 

Neville Goddard says:

Who knows what you are imagining? No one knows, but you can sit down and imagine, and no one can stop you from doing it, but can you give reality to the imagined state? If you do, yes, a bridge of incidents will appear in your world, and you’ll walk across some series of events leading up to the fulfillment of the imaginal state. But don’t give causation to any physical step that you took towards the fulfillment of it.” 

You ARE a soulmate:

When God created humans on the sixth day,  he made an androgynous being of light, that was both male and female, and this being, this soul, is two lovers reunited, or two lovers never divided. 

The two of you made one flesh, it is you and your sp reunited. 

You are meant to be one, you and your sp is this reconnected soul, and this is why you have the longing and desire to be loved by them and only them. 

Remember that your heart’s desire is only one of the two endpoints and both MUST be in existence. One does not exist without the other. 

You are fine and complete on your own of course, but this piece of the puzzle is just how our souls are created, we are one, literally, alive inside of one another.  Your sp is alive in your heart, is one with your heart, and your soul connection is inside your own heart. You are alive in their heart. 

Your block is only what you refuse to open up to inside of your own heart, it is only the fear of letting your heart say that it is NOT satisfied with hookup culture, it is NOT satisfied with sharing your sp with real or imagined third parties. Now, get comfortable designing your “dream home” or rather your soulmate, by designing your love from inside and out and simply giving the blueprint over  to the divine architect. Give your sp the loving role that they too desire. 

Matchmaker matchmaker, make me a match…

There is nothing you can do to change the sequence of events. The first time you met, it was a meeting designed by God, it was a match made in heaven and you just stumbled into it. 

You don’t have to worry about what blocks are in your way, they will be wiped away for you, and the crooked path will be made straight for you.

We can learn from a Bible story, the story  of Isaac and Rebecca, that being specific, committed to the dream, and being one with your soulmate is ours if we want it. Their love was so sweet and so perfect that they represented romantic love and soulmates in the Bible. In all of the Bible this is the one marriage when romantic love and monogamy is represented, and the union of soulmates leads to all other good things just falling into place because of it.  They were so powerful precisely because they came together in a monogamous marriage,  and just like that, you and your soulmate are also more powerful together. 

Better together.  

You are MORE THAN  coming together and being “as great as the sum of its parts”,  your greatness is exponentially enhanced when you’re together, precisely because you love each other exactly the way you are,  precisely because that love supports and nurtures each one of your souls to grow into exactly what you should be. Because love covers all transgressions. Because love makes all things new.

Rumi says:

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” 

You know the saying that behind every great man there is a great wife, this is true for every  couple that loves each other, and how do you know your soulmates, well God brought you together, you are soulmates. All day, God makes matches, business matches, financial matches, love matches, you name it. The bridge of events is happening for billions of people and situations every moment. How is the match made? Based on your imagination.

(Now, there is not JUST one single person out there for you, don’t limit God like that.

If you don’t like the match that the divine architect brought you, he will bring another so there is no need to worry if you are let’s say married to the wrong person, you will be brought to the right one.  Don’t figure out how. )

Neville says: 

“Nothing is more continuously wonderful than the things that happen every day to the man with imagination sufficiently awake to realize their wonder.

Observe your imaginal activities. Imagine better than the best you know, and create a better world for yourself and others.

Live as though the wish had come, even though it is yet to come, and you will shorten the period of waiting.

The world is imaginal, not mechanistic.

Imaginal acts — not blind fate — determine the course of history.”

Your sp is alive inside you, and you have been given free will to awaken that love, or to disbelieve that love. 

Rumi says:

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” 


“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”

 “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.” 

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The Making Of Miracles | You do not have to manifest commitment, it is already done

The Making Of Miracles | You do not have to manifest commitment, it is already done

There is NO soul here, who is without a mate. Not one. Certainly not you.


I have created this word, to symbolize “who does what” in terms of manifesting.

The very idea of the Law of assumption, of “manifesting” , taps into a universal law. The law that says that: “imagination creates, or “ your assumption cretates”.

It is by far the hardest of all to grasp, I struggled  SO MUCH with this, and I recognize the same struggle in others.

Who is supposed to do what?

The YouTube viewer called Eternal abundance recently pointed out that Neville said that we don’t have to “lift a finger”, it will come to pass, and this is correct.

This means that we have to recognize that God/Universe/ Consciousness does the arranging behind the scene, and puts people in the right place at the right time and so on. God puts the oxygen next to the hydrogen and binds them so that we can have water. 

This means that our intention is enough. Our assumption is enough. Our imagination is enough.

When you wonder if you should “affirm for commitment” you have forgotten to give over doership.

This wondering, can be felt like a tension inside, a resistance in the chest, or a tightness of the shoulders. Carrying the world on the shoulders. 

Doership means that you recognize WHAT you are supposed to do, i.e., should you wash the dishes so that your family can eat off of clean plates? Yes. Should you “affirm for the water molecule formation” so that you can wash the dishes? No.

Understanding Doership means that you understand that going beyond your duty or manipulating the turn of events, is you micromanaging God. 

Who created relationships, who created male and female, who created our soul and the split of the primordial soul into two souls that fit perfectly into two human bodies at the same time in this dimension, perfectly together like puzzle pieces? God.

There is NO soul here, who is without a mate. Not one. Certainly not you.

What do you have to do to create this person? Nothing. It is already done.

Can you be open hearted enough to notice when you might have met them? If you meet them do you have to “manifest commitment” from them? No. That is ALREADY BUILT INTO THE CREATION. It is already done.

This part is already done, and when you meet someone and there is a spark of recognition, and an interest on both parts, that means that this already has the potential of marriage manifested. Everything is already made manifest. You do NOT have to create this. 

You never have to manifest all the moving parts, you never have to worry about getting commitment, this is part and parcel of your love, of the relationship, it is completely safe to assume that commitment is part of meeting this person in the first place. There is no need to work on more self love, (especially if you can’t get a handle on what that even means) There is no need to worry about a single thing. God is the doer, and this is already done. If you have met your person, then the commitment is done, but just let things take their time, let yourself get to know this person without creating tension. AT least try to wait to create tension until you are in a relationship and you know each other better….

When we meet someone who God has lined up as a potential life partner, he didn’t just FORGET the part about commitment. It is already part of the plan.

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The mirroring that we see in our love relationships begins when we begin to micromanage, and worry, and resist the natural flow. The longer we have been together, the more the relationship has become a mirror, and it can easily be a phenomenal, good, juicy, and amazing mirror. BUT if it isn’t that is FINE. This is part of what enlightenment calls “chop wood and carry water”. Just treat whatever comes up in the relationship down the line as something that is meant for you, as a stepping stone, to get you two to be closer, and for you to know yourself better, know yourself as soul, and as God. 

That is all that any of it means. 

If the tension and resistance happens within you so fast, that you are barely out of the initial dating stages yet,  and you think that you have to “manifest commitment”, then you just got a hint from yourself to work on boundaries, on self respect, on self validation, and general self care. It could be that you need to address some remnants of codependency or love addiction, or it could be something else. Are you from a divorced home and need to work on understanding what is expected of you and a partner because you didn’t naturally get that, then go ahead and find some couples who you can use as a model for a good relationship.

Everything is already created, so all you have to do is intend. All you have to do is assume that you are the person who you want to be. Who is that person? Happy, relaxed, and at easy in your relationship.

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Photo by Eugene Lisyuk

Lifting a finger?


You DO actually have to lift a finger still though, but not in terms of taking over doership from God, he has already created this for you remember, it is done.

What you have to do is to be a GOOD partner. Obviously.  Be that as soon as possible, so if you still have a few rough spots still, like codependency, or  manipulative behavior or control issues, then work on those for the time being. There is nothing that is going to happen faster by “affirming for commitment”  THAT is God’s work, and he already did that. It is done.   The commitment is done. You can go ahead and focus on something else, like thinking about how amazing you feel when you are together.

Not lifting a finger refers to the fact that you will not have to fuse the water molecules together in order to get the water into your sink to wash the dishes so that your family has clean plates. But you still have to wash the dishes. In other words, you still have to live a normal life, so try to learn how to enjoy the journey.  

And for the specific person who prompted this video, if you have an addiction to sex, this is what you have to focus on fist. I bring this up in my free codependency course on my website. Drug and alcohol addiction, gambling addiction and sex addictions should be treated like emergencies. Dive into a twelve step group, let your prospective partners know about this when the time is right. The moment you take yourself seriously, the world will too. The moment you admit to having this problem, and that it seriously destroys your life, that is the moment your life turns around. An emergency is something that takes priority right now, in the moment. For example, if a monastery full of zen monks smell smoke and see flames coming from the monastery, they still have to run outside and call 911 no matter how zen they are. An emergency has to be handled NOW. Sex addictions should be treated like an emergency, it will destroy your life hard and fast otherwise.

So, in short, you do not ever have to manifest a commitment.

God is not waiting for you to affirm for commitment, he is waiting for you to be an okay partner for your specific person. 

Get that handled and things will move forward. 

Addicts really do have a hard time getting to the point of seeing how much it hampers your life, but if you want to become more and more like the image of God, then you have to understand that everything that you give your power away to, like an addiction,  reduces your likeness with God.

Miracles happen by following this recipe. Know who the doer really is, understand that your surroundings are mirroring what you should overcome by showing indifference and by being mindful of the correction that happens when you rise above, and when you get out of the way of God’s actions by focusing on your own actions.


Doership means that you recognize that everything is already made manifest, and you don’t have to create anything. It is done. Just do your normal human living life part. All you have to do is to INTEND.

Mirroring happens in all relationships after a while, but if you have a lot of resistance it happens faster.

Lifting a finger. You still have to chop wood and carry water. The normal stuff.

This is how miracles happen

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STATES of Infinite Potential | Manifest Mystery | Becoming YOU

STATES of Infinite Potential | Manifest Mystery | Becoming YOU

If I ask you a question…

Where are you?

At home

At work?

In front of your computer? 

Or a smartphone?

In your body?

In a city?

Are you on a planet?

Are you in love?

In pain?

In yearning?

Where are you and why are you there?

The way you perceive reality depends on “where” you are.

Let’s start with the WHOLE of reality. All of it.

The future, the ast, outer space, all the things you don’t know yet, that you can’t know, and the things that you want to know. The Big Bang, and before the big bang.  Let’s start with ALL.

What is this? This ALL.

It is unbounded pleasures, known as bliss. 

It is connection and oneness.

It is all knowing 

It is all loving.

If you can see reality as it is you would know where you are and where you are going, and who you are. But it’s hidden from us, we have no sense of the ALL, so it is AS IF it doesn’t exist.

Complete perception and total  connection with the force that builds the universe; THAT is you.

The ALL exists in totality. Your future self,  your past, right now, all the states of potential it is all part of the ALL that we can not perceive.

We are like a closed little box with five openings, one for each sense, and we only experience what we can perceive in that little box. 

Our state.

What are you experiencing in there?

Limited perception?

Fleeting pleasures?


All kinds of problems that cause you suffering?

This is your state.

This is “where you are”

Why don’t we experience something “from out there”, from the total of reality? From The ALL?

When we notice something from “out there” from outside of the box, we never really know what it is that we are sensing. Imagine yourself in the box, and your hand blindly reaching out though its box hole, touching and sensing “something’, we think that we know what it is but we never get it right, we never really know the totality of what is out there. Another dimension that we can not perceive.

We determine what we experience, by interpreting it, and giving it an identity, and of course, a meaning.  

The meaning we gave it is entirely dependent on our program.

Our program never tells us what the outer reality is, it simply reduces it to the smallest meaning that our own individual program can perceive. 

Many people want LOA to be as simple as possible, a good sign that our program is pretty small.  LOA has become a children’s version of what manifesting actually is.Many people live inside their box, and never understand that manifesting includes the ALL. All of the states that exist in potential, and not just the experience from within the box.

Everything that you perceive through the five box holes, your senses, is processed by a program called “ego”, and I mean the ego the way it is defined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra’s. The “I-Maker”. The definition of ego can vary depending on again…your programming, but here I mean it as the tool for identification.

The input of the box comes through the five box openings, and the meaning creation of the input is handled by the program called the Ego, and the output of the interpretation is called “the world around us”, or our circumstance.

But THIS isn’t REAL reality. It is just the way it appears to us.

Out there, The ALL, the total reality operates on an entirely different program. The ALL builds and guides the entire universe. 

The senses aren’t really openings, they are a screen, a retina, and eardrum, a taste bud, that interprets what’s out there, with limited perception.The ego program asks, “What does this have to do with ME, how does it relate to me”? The ALL is so completely opposite to this limited function and interpretation, it only gives, and creates, it is unbounded and complete. 

All states exist in potential, and if the mind can perceive it,it appears in the box reality.

So, you see it isn’t the Law of Attraction, it is the law of Assumption. The appearance of a perception makes a whole new potential reality available to you.

So if I ask, “Where are you?”

The answer you give me, is equal to your state, the state that you are in, and that is how your world is created. If you become aware of another state, another reality materializes. All states exist in potential. If your mind can perceive it, it can materialize in your reality.

What is it that you want to become, who is it that you want to be?

If I ask the question, “Where are you”? Try instead to answer it from the state of potential that you want to embody, and you have shifted state. Now a new reality will begin to materialize for you.


Where are you?

In comfort?

In love?

At home?

In a nurturing state of mind?

Create the place where you are the person that you want to be in your mind, and live there. Ask yourself throughout the day, “where am I right now”? And consciously shift yourself back to your desired state.

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One more for the becoming indifferent to CIRCUMSTANCE!

One more for the becoming indifferent to CIRCUMSTANCE!

The number one, biggest obstacle that people believe stands between them and their fulfilled life is still circumstances.

The most asked question is ALWAYS about circumstances, as if one circumstance was different and was the one circumstance that actually mattered.

Your head and your heart needs to be in agreement when you manifest, the feeling of confidence, of KNOWING that this is what you are going for can only come when mind and emotions have agreed. This is why people ask “but should I manifest this sp or the divine selection”

There is no divine selection that someone else can advise you on, there is only you, and the true and genuine connection that your heart has with another soul, and your mind that agrees that this is a good person for you.

There is no outer force that decides for you  what fulfills you. Your heart knows, and your mind agrees that this is good. That is it. If the two are in agreement you become unstoppable.

Circumstances might always show you opposition, but your task is to show the opposition indifference.

You know what you want right?

Now end the arguments in your mind, and tear down the walls around your heart, this is not a time for false modesty.

This is a time to say YES! THIS is me, this is who I am, and THIS is who I am becoming.

Unconditional indifference  to opposition, and unconditional commitment to the person you want to be.

Commit and detach.

  1. Commit to yourself, to who you want to be
  2. Detach from the fear of circumstances.

TRAIN yourself in to serenity and stability, instead of the roller-coaster knee-jerk reactions

This is FAITH IN ACTION, you have to practice this daily. It doesn’t matter how many times you read something if you don’t put it to practice.

  1. You create based on who you want to be
  2. Stay the course no matter how many naysayers there are, their opinion has nothing to do with you
  3. You must want this to the extent that you are willing to forget everything that shows you the opposite.
  4. Reinforce the state of your future self in the NOW, this is the appointed hour
  5. Become this desired you today, buy the pearl.

You don’t ever need to ask anyone if you “can” manifest this or that, ONLY ask your own head and your own heart and make sure the two are in agreement.

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There is no mountain to climb

There is no opposition that is stronger than the divine in you

Show indifference to everything except your future self

Commit wholeheartedly to the you that you want to be

There is NO WAY that THAT what you desire, does not exist, simply because, if you desire it it is because it exists for you. It is universal law, it exists, and it is waiting for you.

So how do you become one with this?

According to the transformation that you make to become the “New Man

That thing that you desire, you desire it because it exists. Because it exists, it is causing you to desire it.

It exists in a state of potential.

This applies to everything that you desire.

Now you have to remove the space between you and that thing.

You have to buy the pearl, and buy into your dream of who you want to be, and NOT buy into the obstacles that suddenly appeared in your path. Those obstacles are not meant for you to cave into, you now must transform into the new you, by being indifferent to circumstances.

Are you manifesting your love? You can’t just show up to the party with a long list of demands, you also have TO BECOME that which you want to be.

Does this person or this SP awaken your fears and your insecurities? Overcome them, and overcome every challenge, transform that negativity, and you will become your long list of demands. We manifest what we are, not what we want.

If you have it to give, that means that you are now what you wanted to become. Give freely.

Stop breadcrumbing behavior | Manifest sp

Stop breadcrumbing behavior | Manifest sp

Should I manifest a breadcrumbing specific person? Or should I manifest new and healthy love?

Your questions answered in this video:

Manifesting deeper love by USING OPPOSITE circumstances | Specific Person |

Ignore 3D like THIS! Manifest your specific person | You put your obstacles there by yourself

Let’s get serious about this specific person LOA stuff, there are so many different ideas floating around, but everything boils down to the simple law of assumption. 

If you have been practicing a vibration of irritation, or boredom, or jealousy, or or heart ache, or anything other than love, then this is what is showing up for you, not the other way around.

It is like Wayne Dyer said, “You’ll see it when you believe it” sort of, but the truth is that you don’t even have to believe, you just have to stop practicing the vibration of disbelief! But when this is applied toward love then there is ONLY one thing that is complete love, and that is unconditional love. We don’t love that way, at least it is extremely rare, nor do we have to. But because we don’t  know how to love, we create obstacles.

We experience the opposite of love here in this physical body because this an experience of duality, and without opposites there is no duality, there is unity, oneness.  There is no way to experience life without duality so without the opposite of love there is no love it is natural.  

Life is also natural, that is, it is of the natural world, consciousness in unity and it is undivided. Oneness. But natural life builds towards unity by using duality, and this is also how you can practice devotion to one God and still gain closeness to consciousness-god-I-Am.  There are increasing steps of getting a little closer and a little closer to oneness, and understanding that the obstacles that you face are not a problem will help you manifest greater love everytime there is a problem.

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I have said before that we place our own obstacles in our own way for our own benefit, but not so that we can learn a lesson, but rather so that we get closer to ourselves. This is more true in love than most other areas, because we go into relationships absolutely unequipped for love. We are not ready for the criticism, the anger, the fights, the rejections and all these areas where we are not set up to handle love we ruin it. Everything negative is meant to be overcome with love, but we don’t know how to practice this. We truly hardly know how to choose the right partner, so it is not surprising that once we are in a relationship we destroy what was originally a wonderful romance. 

We also think that our problems are caused by the faults of the other person, but actually the faults of the other person is our manifestation and it is also our own call for ourselves to generate love from within rather than demanding it from our shadow world, or mirror world.  If you have picked a partner who is able to work through difficulties with you, great, but if you have not, then you can manifest greater love just by your own understanding of how to transcend circumstances and overcome fights. 

Circumstances are not bad, and fights are not bad. This belief that something has gone wrong just because something seems opposite is just causing unnecessary anxiety, or even panic if you ask me because this is how I  have felt in the past. Panic, because there was a fight, panic because they did something that i couldn’t predict, or that  made me feel insecure, or even jealous.  This is just an indication that we are, obviously not, practicing unconditional love yet, and why would we be, it takes a great deal of understanding of the law of assumption to even begin to understand the REASON for practicing unconditional love. If you are new to LOA it might sound like I am telling you to be a doormat, and I am not, I am showing you the path to practicing the corrected vibration.  If you experience any negativity, it is because you have practiced feeling a vibration that is its match, and so somehow, this shows up in life, and very commonly in our relationships. Congratulations because now you can see it, and now you can practice what real love feels like. Does it feel scary?  Don’t worry, this practice can’t hurt you.

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The goal in love can not be to not have any issues, if it is then you are preventing your partner from being themselves, and vice versa. So loving each other through fights is just perfect practice to becoming more loving.  

Even after you have a stabilized relationship without much fighting, you still need to continue to use the growth of the relationship to hone in on your unconditional love skill, and this is a  practice of scheduling in the planned fights and this is what keeps the spark alive.

You know how great make up sex is, well, you don’t have to have a fight or a break up to have great make up sex, but you do have to keep rising above your irritation, or your jealousy,  your criticism, your anger and so on. Remember NOTHING has gone wrong just because you hit a snag, rather, everything has gone right soo rejoice instead of laying on the couch crying! You have all the manifestational power in your life, so don’t suddenly fall for the reflection, and start believing that the reflection has the power. 

Remember again, this is not the same as being a doormat.

 To continue to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your sp, your differences can’t just go fully ignored, like all  peace, love and happiness, in fact the most spiritually evolved couples on the planet might not even be fully able to do that without suppressing their emotions. Suppressing emotions creates enormous resistance and resistance  creates excess energy that causes chaos, but scheduling in your disagreements for a specific time every week creates stability and a peaceful playing field for both people to grow. Suppressing emotions is basically just a way to gaslight yourself, and you might be prone to doing that already, a lot of people are, but don’t misunderstand the basic goal of transcending circumstances. You are not going to  do this with an ulterior motive, and you are not doing this to keep the peace, this is the exact opposite. You will actually address every problem that you perceive as a problem, but in a very different way, the way that nobody taught us. The way that generates more and more closeness, and a greater and greater capacity for real love.

Keep all fights on a schedule, and don’t indulge in spontaneous spur of the moment arguments, that leads to chaos and resentment, and when you do have your scheduled fight, it is a reasonable civil fight, and when time is up, then time is up, and you have to go back to being peacekeepers again. If you don’t do this and you try to force that immense infatuation feeling to be the only feeling that is fostered in the relationship, you will eventually have swung that pendulum as far as it can go, and it will swing back by itself, without you being prepared for it. You will see people who teach or coach this kind of love relationship, often experience some backsliding. The backsliding is fine, it is not an indication that anything has gone wrong, like I already said, everything has gone right but it is an unnecessary instability. Most people don’t want that level of instability in their relationships, so schedule your fights even if you believe that you are perfect at unconditional love, because I bet you, unless you are the Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda or Guru Ma or someone, you are not loving as unconditionally as you think, and that is normal. That is nature’s way. 

Some people kill off their emotions and live utterly apathetic, in order to keep the peace, but this is definitely not what is meant by transcending circumstances. I think that it is an easy misconception to make, but you know in your heart if you have built a wall around it to keep it safe. The scheduled fights would help an apathetic person to come out of their safe shell again.

We are utterly unprepared for the feelings that come up in love, because we believe that it is SUPPOSED to be only love and nothing else, but now you know, it is supposed to be everything else too. If it came up, it was meant to be for you.

Some day, we will all be Buddhas, and at that point we will have learned to transcend even the worst of the worst, just like Buddha, just like Jesus, but for now, let’s focus on the smaller offenses that we are currently capable of transcending. Oh and don’t let people on the spiritual path guilt trip you into peace, love and understanding without giving space to your emotions. This is spiritual gaslighting, and that is not equal to manifesting love. 

Your vibrational alignment happens when you stop fighting within yourself, when you stop denying yourself and when you release resistance that comes from not accepting the emotions that you have. 

The magic is  to keep a balanced opposite in the world of manifestation, or it will swing back on its own. People who experience a happy relationship for life all know how to do this innately, but everyone else thinks that everything has gone wrong when you suddenly come upon a natural feeling of all the opposites of love. 

Let’s look at what some couples who were married for decades had to say about the secret ingredient, but before we get into what you should do in your relationship, let’s take a look at what people who are serial divorcers  all say not to do:

Don’t ever be with someone because someone else pressured you to. I got married the first time because I was raised Catholic and that’s what you were supposed to do. Wrong. I got married the second time because I was miserable and lonely and thought having a loving wife would fix everything for me. Also wrong. Took me three tries to figure out what should have been obvious from the beginning, the only reason you should ever be with the person you’re with is because you simply love being around them. It really is that simple.

man hugging woman while holding umbrella
Photo by Shukhrat Umarov

Basically the most common reason for why someone felt that they were with the wrong person and their marriage failed was  “being with the person for the wrong reasons.”

Some of these wrong reasons included:

  1. Pressure from friends and family
  2. Feeling like a “loser” because they were single and settling for the first person that came along 
  3. Being together for image—because the relationship looked good on paper (or in photos), not because the two people actually admired each other. (shallow)
  4. Being young and naive and hopelessly in love and thinking that love would solve everything.
  5.  Being in a relationship to “fix” yourself. This desire to use the love of someone else to soothe your own emotional problems inevitably leads to codependency

So what do people say who were happily married for a long time:

You are absolutely not going to be gaga over each other every single day for the rest of your lives, and all this ‘happily ever after’ bullshit is just setting people up for failure. They go into relationships with these unrealistic expectations. Then, the instant they realize they aren’t ‘gaga’ anymore, they think the relationship is broken and over, and they need to get out. No! There will be days, or weeks, or maybe even longer, when you aren’t all mushy-gushy in-love. You’re even going to wake up some morning and think, “Ugh, you’re still here….” That’s normal! And more importantly, sticking it out is totally worth it, because  . . . in a day, or a week, or maybe even longer, you’ll look at that person and a giant wave of love will inundate you, and you’ll love them so much you think your heart can’t possibly hold it all and is going to burst. Because a love that’s alive is also constantly evolving. It expands and contracts and mellows and deepens. It’s not going to be the way it used to be, or the way it will be, and it shouldn’t be. I think if more couples understood that, they’d be less inclined to panic and rush to break up or divorce.

Your vibrational alignment happens when you stop fighting within yourself, when you stop denying yourself and when you release resistance that comes from not accepting the emotions that you have. 

Another happily married person says:

Happily Ever After doesn’t exist. Every day you wake up and decide to love your partner and your life—the good, the bad and the ugly. Some days it’s a struggle and some days you feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Most people will never experience deep and utterly  unconditional love precisely because they think that the “in love” emotions, the infatuation is the love and inevitably, that runs out, and when “it” runs out, so do they. The unconditional love that you long for is waiting for you, on the other side of the negative feelings you were taught do not belong in a relationship. How do you get there?

You schedule your fights, and that way you remove the chaos of the swing of the energy structure, or pendulum, as reality transurfing calls it. You fight on Thursdays, between 5 and 6, and the rest of the time you practice rising above.  For example, But do fight fair, no abuse and no low blows. Fight the way adults should fight, bring up your expectations of them, and hear them out on their expectations. Make your demand, and accept their demands. 

Why do you have to tell them your demands and expectations and listen to theirs? Because it teaches you both respect. One person who is succeeding at marriage says:

My husband and I have been together 15 years. I’ve thought a lot about what seems to be keeping us together, while marriages around us crumble (seriously, it’s everywhere . . . we seem to be at that age). The one word that I keep coming back to is “respect.” Of course, this means showing respect, but that is too superficial. Just showing it isn’t enough. You have to feel it deep within you. I deeply and genuinely respect [my husband] for his work ethic, his patience, his creativity, his intelligence, and his core values. From this respect comes everything else—trust, patience, perseverance (because sometimes life is really hard and you both just have to persevere). I want to hear what he has to say (even if I don’t agree with him) because I respect his opinion. I want to enable him to have some free time within our insanely busy lives because I respect how he spends his time and who he spends time with. And, really, what this mutual respect means is that we feel safe sharing our deepest, most intimate selves with each other.

How do you suppose you ever get to this level of respect if you are afraid to tell them what you want, and if you are afraid to hear them out about what they want?

Another man who has been happily married for decades says:

Respect yourself and your wife. Never talk badly to or about her. If you don’t respect your wife, you don’t respect yourself. You chose her—live up to that choice.

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Now, for everyone who have lost themselves in the circumstances, and simply can’t find the way to rise above:

Let’s recreate the first moment you fell in love, or create for the first time, if you have never fallen in love, and let’s create love at first sight.

This is the magic, but REMEMBER,  it has to keep a balanced opposite in the world of manifestation, or it will swing back on its own.

 You find excuses to be together all the time,

You finish each other’s sentences, you  feel so  safe, so grounded and secure.

You think of your sp often and you think things like “Oh, he would love this” or “I think I’ll get this for her“.

You feel like warm sunshine on bare skin, you feel like the freshness of the air is enlivening, you notice birds when they chirp, people seem so happy to you and when you see a couple holding hands you get warm inside and think of your sp,

Being in love is emboldening, and you know how to express your feelings of adoration with confidence.

Being in love feels like you want to give all of yourself to your specific person.

It feels like you’re a more whole version of yourself, not because you weren’t whole before, but because now you’ve met someone who reminds you, constantly, through their actions, words, and energy, that you are worthy of love, this is your person and you know it. 

Being  in love feels like you have a better understanding of yourself and of the world. 

You know that your specific person will guide you closer to your purpose, and  support you in your endeavors.

Being in love is  equal giving and receiving of acts of kindness, of generosity, of your very best self, you don’t hold back your respect or admiration or adoration, and you receive the same in full measure. 

Being in love is calming and satisfying it is thrilling, a little scary, and exciting.

It is unknown and  you feel  vulnerable.

You can’t wait to see the person, and they are  feeling the same thing back.

You can see that their eyes light up with joy from seeing you.

When you meet them the first time there is an instant stirring in your soul, it is an instant knowing on a  soul level, and you think to yourself, “Here he is!“, or “here she is”.

It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s sensual, it is sexual and it’s a magical, it is sweet and it is tender, and it is a  sacred connection no other soul can ignite within you.

You know that everything could go wrong, but here you are, being vulnerable and falling in love anyway. Loving in spite of it all. You are brave and take steps you wouldn’t do for anyone else.

Falling in love feels like  a bubble around you, and it protects you from the regularness of life, inside the bubble, magic takes place.