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“Writing a letter method” to bring someone back into your life

This story if from Neville’s lecture called “AWAKENED IMAGINATION”.

Every single love story has a possible happy ending, you are the only operant power, so if you make the circumstance too difficult, then that is what you will continue to create.

If you can brush your situation off as more or less equal in drama as a toddlers tantrum, then you will know that it wasn’t that serious. In hindsight, you can know this, but to be a brilliant manifester, you will know it in the moment too. Manifesting your specific person comes down to your own ability to maintain a calm state.

This story is from a Neville lecture, and it is a specific person’s story.

This method is really the revision method, used in a clever way.  This is a story of a woman had a  two year estrangement from a child and grandchild, a situation beyond hope or repair, or so she thought, but after learning about how she is one consciousness and how she projects all things out from within she decided to try and mend this relationship.

Now I know that when you are in the middle of a fight, or a no contact, it is easy to think that our situation is worse, or harder than everybody elses, but you have to move out of your story, because there is no such thing as too difficult, or too broken. There is ONLY what we project out.  The repair has to happen within, because we are the first cause, and the circumstances are a mirror, or a mirage.

This past May in New York City, there sat a lady who had been coming for years and I made a simple observation that people must become doers of the word and not mere hearers only. For if a man only hears it and never applies what he hears he will never really prove or disprove what he has heard; and then I told the story of a lady who had only heard me three or four times and how she transformed the life of another, and this lady hearing what one who came only three times and this miracle took place in her life, she went home determined that she would really apply what she had heard over the years, and this is what she did.

Two years before, after a violent quarrel, she was ordered out of her son’s home by her daughter-in-law. Her son said “Mother, you need no proof from me that I love you: it’s obvious: I think I have proven that every day of my life, but if that is Mary’s decision, and I regret it, it must be my decision, for I love Mary and we live in the same house and it is our house: it is our little family, and I am sorry she feels this way about it, but you know these little things that culminate in an explosion as took place today. If that is her decision, it is mine”. That was two years ago. She went home and she realized that night after night for over two years she had allowed the sun to descend upon her wrath. She thought of this wonderful family that she loved and felt herself ostracized from it, expelled from the home of her son. She did nothing about revising it and yet I had been talking revision to my New York audience for the past year.

This is what she did now. She knew the morning’s mail brought nothing. This was a Wednesday night. There had been no correspondence in two years. She had sent her grandson at least a dozen gifts in the two years. Not one was ever acknowledged. She knew they had been received for she had insured many of them; so she sat down that night and mentally wrote herself two letters–one from her daughter-in-law, expressing a great kindness for her, saying that she had been missed in the home and asking her when she was coming to see them; then she wrote one from her grandson in which he said “Grandmother, I love you”. Then came a little expression of thanks for the last birthday present, which was in April, and then came a feeling of sadness rather because he hadn’t seen her and begging her to come and see him soon.” -Neville Goddard 1954 -AWAKENED IMAGINATION

You can use this method to repair a broken relationship,  to heal a damaged relationship, to change the dynamics of any relationship, the possibilities are endless.

You can also use this method to “segment intend”, that is to manifest the next step, and then the next, and then the next. Use it in a way that you would feel comfortable with, manifest the step that you feel able to handle, if it happened, or you can use it to go straight to the end of a big desire. 

A meditation to bring them back:

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