Breaking the Myth: You’re Already Enough to Start Manifesting!

Breaking the Myth: You’re Already Enough to Start Manifesting!

In life, we often hold ourselves back, convinced we’re not “healed enough” to pursue our desires. But here’s the truth: this belief is a myth, not a reality. A belief is just an opinion that we developed without noticing, usually in childhood, either way. It is false!

Imagine thinking you have to be in perfect shape to step into a gym. It’s like saying you need to be flawlessly healed to start living your dreams. That’s simply not true. Feeling not “healed enough” is a common belief, especially for those with trauma backgrounds, but it’s holding you back. If you have asked “Do I have to heal to manifest my SP”, please try to understand that healing is done for yourself, not to catch someone.

The myth of being “healed enough” implies a specific way of being, as if you’re inadequate until you reach a certain point. But life doesn’t work in such neat compartments. Healing is a journey, not a destination.

So, ask yourself: What are you dreaming about that you’re not pursuing because you think you’re not “healed enough”? Challenge these beliefs. Are they helpful or harmful? Are they holding you back or pushing you forward? That is all you need to know.

The truth is, starting before you feel “healed enough” can be the most healing thing you do! It’s about changing states and taking bold steps, following Neville Goddard’s approach. You’re already enough to begin today.


  • Belief that you need to be completely healed to pursue desires is a common myth.
  • Trauma survivors may feel inadequate, believing they need complete healing before pursuing goals.
  • Feeling “not healed enough” can deter people from pursuing relationships, career goals, or personal aspirations.
  • The belief in being “healed enough” is like thinking you need to be perfectly fit to start working out.
  • Empirically, there’s no defined level of healing needed to pursue desires or take action.
  • “Healed enough” implies a specific way of being, discouraging other valid paths.
  • It suggests there’s an endpoint to healing, after which good and fulfilling things become possible.
  • Starting before feeling “healed enough” can actually be a healing process in itself.
  • Asking oneself critical questions about desires, beliefs, and possible outcomes is crucial to move forward.
  • Emulating those who’ve “started before they were ready” and had positive outcomes can provide motivation to take bold steps.

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