Do you have Manifesting Blocks? Two main blocks and how to remove them

Do you have manifesting Blocks?

Two main blocks and how to remove them

Blocks are never what we think, and at the same time, we know exactly what they are(AND…There are NO SUCH thing as blocks…)

Hidden from view from us, and that is why we call them blocks! There are two main types of blocks to manifesting our dreams, and this is how to easily identify them.

It is a fascinating human behavior to, try to avoid learning exactly where we need to learn! 

The reason why we are lacking in some areas is obviously because we have been neglecting that area, or we have been avoiding dealing with it. It shouldn’t be that strange then that there needs to be a little work in a particular area of our life, but we still try to avoid the work instead. It’s pretty normal. But this creates blocks…

This behavior is much easier to observe in another person, than in ourselves, but just because we can’t see it in ourselves doesn’t mean that we are not doing it. This is why it is called a block.

We see reality through a very distorted lens, all of us do. Imagine reality as a large vast universe, and our view of it is basically what you can see  in front of you right now and not a whole lot more. Whatever we have experienced, and whatever is within our consciousness is basically all of our view of reality, but there is an unimaginable amount of MORE reality that we never think about. Our view of other people is equally distorted, we see a tiny fraction of who they truly are, and the same truth is true for ourselves. We view ourselves through a tiny lens, and we are often afraid to see a bigger picture than that. In our tiny view of reality, we sometimes add in blocks, without realizing it.

People so often ask what their blocks are, in manifesting, and they can’t for the life of them figure out what it is!

The first block:

Sometimes we know for certain that we are avoiding an area of our own development. It is a paradox, but it is a paradox that we are creating and we are free to stop creating this block any time. 

This type of block is a nagging voice in the back of your mind, even in the back of your mind, that says “I should”. Bring the spotlight to that voice, and shine it brightly. Take a good look at that voice. Is it true that you should, is it just a handed down voice from someone else and there is no need to do it, or is it something that you want but are afraid to try? The voice in the back of your mind will stay there nagging you until you get a good look at it, it is like a monster under the bed, and just like the monster under the bed there is a chance that it has no truth to it. Like I said, after you get a good look at it, it is possible that it is something important that you actually should do, but as it relates to manifesting, the only thing that matters is that you look at it, recognize it for what it actually is, and then either start working on what you should, or recategorized it as something that you don’t need to do, or as something that you actually want to do but are afraid to do. From there on, it is no longer a block. Blocks are subconscious, and now it has been brought to the conscious mind, and that is enough to release it.

The second type of block:

The second type of block is what is called messing with the middle, and in psychology it can be related to a double bind, and this is where you have falsey qualified two mental messages on each other, that is two conflicting messages, so there is no possible way forward. Let’s say that you are manifesting a happy relationship, but you believe that you have to lose 20 pounds first. This is your own creation, and you have to either lose that weight before you can manifest a relationship, or you can realize that there are a lot of people in all shapes and sizes that are in happy relationships right now. 

Neville Goddard says to not worry about the how, and this is what he is talking about. To remove this block the only thing that is needed is to realize that you have been creating a double bind, and then decide what you want to do about the obstacle that you had created. Do you want to lose 20 pounds? If yes, then make that its own goal, unrelated to relationships, and if not, then reinforce your new concept that many couples are happy regardless of size and shape.

“Accept the facts of life and you are stepping down on stone. Change the facts in your imagination, and you have turned them into psychological truth, which then becomes a spiritual experience. When you live by this principle, you are walking on water” – Neville Goddard. Basically, what this means is that YOU are creating those unwanted facts, and by your belief you are turning those conflicting messages into fact. In other words: We create the blocks!

The most important part of either one of these types of blocks is to see it. This is all you really need to do. If there is a process that truly needs to be done, from there on you just need to get started on that, it doesn’t have to be finished, because it is now a conscious process and no longer a block. ” I used to think that I had to lose weight to be loved, but now I have realized that lots of people are loved in any size and shape”

Usually, when the block is made conscious, both desires are feed up from this double bind, and both relationships AND weight loss becomes easy!

If you need help identifying blocks, sign up for coaching! 

Photo by Jonathan Borba

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