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Drawing water from the well of God-song

Where is God?


-Oh my lord what is God? What is the self? What are fruit of activities? What is this material manifestation? What are the demigods? Who is the Lord of the supreme sacrifice, how does he live in the body? How can we know you at the time of death?


⭐ The indestructible transcendental living entity is called God and his eternal nature is called the self.

⭐ Action pertaining to the development of the material bodies of the living entities is called fruit of activities, Karma.

⭐ The physical nature that is constantly changing is called the material manifestation.

⭐ The universal form of God includes all the demigods like the sun and the moon.

⭐ And I, the supreme lord , as I am represented as the supersoul in the heart of every embodied being, is called the the supreme sacrifice.

⭐ And whoever at the end of his life remembers me, at once attains my nature.

This expert is from Bhagavad Gita, chapter 8. (shortened for ease of reading, please explore the real text)

For our purposes we’ll only focus on WHO and WHERE is God.

This verse is all that we truly need to know about God, the great I AM, and about Godself. Nothing is clearer than this. God is self, God is manifestation, God is action.. (God are all the little deities as well.) God is me, and you, and our actions, and our bodies and our consciousness, (and by sacrifice is meant that devotional bestowal that we feel when our compassion overtakes our ego, and and such God is our hearts.)

When the concept of EIPO or everything is yourself pushed out, is brought up in LOA massive confusion immediately begins, it is such a hard concept for a beginner to grasp, and it doesn’t hep that the blind are leading the blind.

As hard as this is to grasp, just know that your journey towards embodying this, and living and breathing oneness has begun. Everything that you are trying to manifest is you, is already yours, and is part of yourself. There is nothing that isn’t self, but notice that God states in the above paragraph that there is a difference between God the manifest material bodies and that difference is that Godself is the eternal transcendental entity, in other words, the body is not everything at once, but consciousness is and consciousness is within all manifest bodies.

The best way to start to understand this is to call everything out as self, and to immerse yourself a little bit everyday in texts or podcasts that explain this. Listen to the Bhagavad Gita or the Ashtavakra Gita or other texts that thoroughly explain it, read Neville Goddard everyday, and one day it will dawn on you, and this is called awakening. You will see it with your own mind, and then it is much easier to grasp.

Awakening isn’t something difficult, boring or unattainable, it is a bliss state, nothing feels better, and it is easily available for everyone. Learn from the original texts, spend some time with the methods, for example meditation or chanting, practice seeing yourself inside of another human, or practice seeing god in another human, or inside of yourself. Practice makes perfect.

Awakening has been made out to be so difficult but it is not, it is easy, but you have to start calling yourself out when negative beliefs pop up, beliefs in the illusion of separation for example. The other one that is evil, is God, and is self. Call it out as often as you are able to, by saying -No! That is not evil, that is love, that is God and that is myself. It will feel unnatural at first, but the day will come when you have a flash of insight into your vastness, and you will even if briefly see yourself as everything. Then you will understand, everything is yourself pushed out, and you will understand the golden rule of treating others as yourself because obviously it is yourself.

One way to get to this awakening is to bring yourself to a state of alignment everyday, because alignment contains the same feelings as awakening, that is blissful feelings. Leaning closer to feeling blissful to the best of your ability will get you there eventually. In the ancient texts this alignment is called “devotion”, and it is a state of great love. Fix your attention of the love of the heart, and bring in light from the top of the head.

You are now, the beginning of time, the current moment, the end of time, and all the living creatures within it, and yet this body causes us to se time as linear, and bodies as separate. This iss merely an illusion or a mirage. Everything arises from within, not from without. This is how EIYPO works. All is within consciousness, and our focus brings somethings to the front row seat of our manifest world, and our lack of focus cause other things to recede into the background.

To cause something to come into your material manifestation, merely allow your consciousness to dwell on the state of its fulfillment. All manifestations come and go, but consciousness remains unchanged, make attaining Godstate part of your manifesting journey. Mastery comes from mastering our minds.

Reality is the real backdrop

The Bhagavad Gita, or Gods song, as it translates to, is set to the backdrop of war and far too much emphasis is often put on the specific backdrop but it could have been anything. Any real life circumstance. It helps to remember that his is an extraordinarily old story, and that warring tribes was their reality.

The backdrop could have been anything.

It seems like it is a story about war. And it is.

And then it seems like it is a story about spirituality. And it is.

Then you realize that it is a story about how to face reality, and that the lesson is that real spirituality is what happens in your current life, and it not something that happens while meditating in a cave. It is a story that everyone needs, because we all have a backdrop of our own circumstances, and we all face a crisis now and then.

a man in yellow kasaya

The backdrop of your own story is your own circumstances.

If you look at any person who is successful in their area of life, be it career or marriage, the success came from facing their circumstances boldly, not from hiding in a cave mediating.

The western mindset has created a separation between practicing spirituality and living real life, but that separation is false as Krishna explains, the real test comes in real life.

How well can you control your mind, and be still, and know that I AM God when the sh*t hits the fan? Spirituality seems to be what happens deep in concentration on the yoga mat, but the truth is that it happens in the midst of your greatest challenge of all. Do you remember then, how to control your mind or do you forget? Arjuna wants to get out of his circumstance, he is standing at the frontline of a war that is about to start and he wants to leave and go home. He isn’t afraid as much as he is disturbed that he ha has to kill people whom he actually love. The circumstance is so extreme that it is hard to find a more extreme circumstance. Yet, Krishna (God, and also self in form of eternal transcendent consciousness) tells him that circumstances don’t matter. Arjuna will win, the war is already won, weather Arjuna battles or not those other men will die. The interpretations to this story are so deep, and what we have to understand here is that time begins and ends in our consciousness, this circumstance was a mere intention, and as an intention it must take place and your actions are immaterial to it, but you are better of going than being dragged through your circumstances. What you have intended in consciousness is so. Can you think purely? Until then, you will face every intention, until then you will be dragged through your circumstances, and until then there will be “wars” or breakups, or divorce, or any other struggle. God (eternal transcendent consciousness) tells Arjuna to stay calm, the battle is won, do his duties as expected of him as a soldier, and that circumstances do not matter.

No matter how many times we are told that separation is an illusion, and that oneness is the real truth that permeates all of existence we STILL want to create a division between some lofty and holier spirituality, and a sinful problematic “real” world. Krishna is clear, literal, and no nonsense. There is NO such division, YOUR life is YOUR spirituality. YOUR spiritual practice happens on the floor of YOUR life. You don’t need to leave and go meditate anywhere to be “good”, your battles are already won, and your very basic job is to be still and know.

When our spiritual strengths are realized inside they are also materialized outside. Is it starting to sound like Law Of Assumption yet, because it should.

God is Brahman is the “limitless vast always expanding and all pervading.”

The words that we use to express oneness are only necessary after we have accepted duality. We only talk about how time does not exist after we have accepted the untruth that time does in fact exist. We only talk about oneness after we have accepted the untruth of separation. This is what is meant by the unstruck sound (anahata) which is likened to the reverberating sound of a heartbeat. This oneness does not in fact need to be expressed in relation to duality, it is for our understanding only. This is Brahman.

Brahman means God for us, but the word Brahman translates to:

That which expands without limit, ie:


In the west God means something in heaven, outside of ourselves. In India it always meant expanded transcendental consciousness. The concept of EIYPO is only relevant if you have accepted duality and separation as reality, as a way to explain that we are actually one consciousness only, and this consciousness gives rise to the entire universe including other people. It is a consequence of eternal transcendent consciousness. Your consciousness.

Placing God in our hearts

This small sentence, God is the bestower in the heart, deviates from solipsism in a significant way, in that not just our minds are involved in experiencing consciousness. This aligns with other ancient teachings such as Kabbalah. God is the bestower, and the quality of bestowal is found in the heart. The mind as such, is a tool, and should be used as such, but the mind is not God. Consciousness and mind have clear differences, and notice that it is never said that God is our mind, God is the indestructible transcendental living entity but the mind is born with the body and dies with the body.

Using this wisdom for MANIFESTING:

  1. Set clear Goals (using your mind as a tool to do this.)

2. Intend, (using your mind as a tool to do this.)

3. Be still, (cease your mind to do this.)


God (self as limitless and ever expanding consciousness, not self as in the body or the mind) is the DOER.

The battle is won weather you fight or not.

You are merely the intender, using your mind as a tool, to intend.

Experience Gratitude that it is already done, this is equal to being still.

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